Monday 31 October 2016

Helen Duncan Pardon Breakthrough

At Halloween everybody's thoughts automatically move closer to matters of the supernatural. It is apt therefore that a new avenue of progress has opened out in the campaign to pardon Helen Duncan, a Scottish woman convicted of witchcraft in 1944, one of the last people in Britain to be so condemned. See links at the bottom for essential background. Activists such as Margaret Hahn, Helen's granddaughter, hope to use an emerging legal reform to reopen the ill-fated wartime medium's case. "Turing's Law" is a nickname for a proposed piece of legislation that allows criminals to be pardoned when convicted of an offence under a law that is repealed at a later date. It already exists as a common law precedent following the posthumous Royal pardon awarded to Alan Turing in 2013, not to mention the official government apology to him in 2008. Since then thousands of similar lawsuits have begun. The story of Alan Turing is tragic and shameful. Turing was a brilliant pioneer of electronics and artificial intelligence who developed a computer that could decode the famous "ENIGMA" encryption system used by Nazi Germany in World War II. He should have been treated as a hero, but instead he was jailed for "gross indecency". His crime was something considered today to be totally acceptable, even trendy; he was an out-of-the-closet homosexual. He was freed from prison on condition he received "medical procedures" supposedly in an attempt to "turn him straight". The treatment ruined his physical and mental health and he committed suicide in 1954. Thirteen years later in 1967 the "Labouchere Amendment" was repealed and since then Turing's lifestyle would no longer be considered criminal. Turning was just one of many thousands of people who were convicted under Labouchere and the other archaic "sodomy laws", and some are still alive today. The question is, could this same process apply for the Witchcraft Act of 1735? Why not? The passing of the Witchcraft Act by Parliament is considered to be a sign of the rise of Enlightenment thinking in Britain. Following the ordeals and burnings of the superstitious mediaeval millennium, it was by the 18th century politically acceptable to suppose that there were no such things as real witches and therefore what they were doing was a form of fraud. A line taken by today's skeptic movement. So supposedly in order to protect the public, the government took action "...whereby ignorant persons are frequently deluded and defrauded; be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person shall, from and after the said twenty-fourth day of June in this year of Our Lord 1735, pretend to exercise or use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, or conjuration, or undertake to tell fortunes, or pretend, from his or her skill or knowledge in any occult or crafty science..." 

Helen Duncan was given a nine month prison sentence in a modern Britain, in a world in which Alan Turing was building computers and you could fly around the world in an aircraft or sail deep beneath the sea in a submarine and we were little more than a decade from rockets into space. Yet the text above was the legal ruling used to prosecute her; written in a Britain where the horse and cart was the pinnacle of technology and you could be hanged for urinating off Westminster Bridge. The Witchcraft Act of 1735 was finally repealed in 1951 and replaced with the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951, which was itself repealed in 2008. All previous attempts to pardon Helen have failed, yet with this new change in the law, we have a golden opportunity to try again. Graham Hewitt is helping Margaret and the rest of Helen's family on this quest. He said: "The 'Turing law' has set a precedent for Helen’s pardon to come, and it’s one her family will welcome. The circumstances are almost identical. Like Alan Turing, Helen was convicted under legislation now long repealed. There is a precedent and we are writing to the Scottish Government demanding they do the same... Justice has been a long time coming for Helen." A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government has issued a statement: "Scottish ministers have a power to consider a posthumous pardon under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy. In the event that an application was received on behalf of Helen Duncan, they would give it due consideration." Source: I really hope they do. If they fail to grant Helen Duncan a pardon this time then they will have to explain why not when the legal conditions are exactly the same for others granted pardons under this precedent. What's more "Turing's Law" will almost certainly be passed in the near future. Then Helen's family will hopefully be able to sue if the government decline to pardon her. See here for more details about the campaign:

Sunday 30 October 2016

Susan Blackmore confirms MBA

Dr Susan Blackmore is one of the world's top skeptics and she has had a productive career fulfilling that role in the media. As a result she was decorated with the Materialist Bravery Award in 2011, see background links at the bottom. I did dispatch her MBA to her in the post but I never knew if she'd received it. However, I've just found out that she has (Thanks to Sophie the Porters' Poet for the information). Not only has she received it, but she has formally recognized it by adding it to the research topics page on her website, see: She said: "Award: MBA May 2011.  I received in the post a delightful hand-made badge for the Gold standard Materialist Bravery Award, from Mr Dai Andthatsit in Dawkinshire. Apparently I'm so brave that I don't need to believe in life after death. (My opinion has nothing to do with the evidence of course!)" Wear it with pride, Dr Blackmore. You've earned it!

Friday 28 October 2016

Monster in a Sewer

In 2011 a remarkable piece of footage was released onto LiveLeak. It is made up of clips taken from a remote camera being used by engineers inspecting sewers underneath the streets of Manchester, England. The frames have location stamps of Reyner Street and St James Street in the city centre. The first clip shows an animal of some kind leap across a junction ahead. It's too fast to be examined closely, but it looks too big to be a rat. It is probably bipedal and has a long tail. The camera stops moving, as if the operator is shocked by what he's seen. The second clip is in a different kind of sewer, a more modern one with a circular cross-section, but the same thing happens. The third clip looks normal so I don't know why it has been added to the footage; nevertheless some strange white vapour is blowing through the pipe, a bit like fog. It is the last clip that is the most interesting. It is shot in a 19th century sewer with old brickwork up the walls and a flat top. The camera is stationary on a smooth left bend; then a tall upright being of some kind peeks round. It has two brightly glowing eyes which appear to have internal luminescence; they're not just reflecting the camera's headlight as a cat's eyes would. The camera moves towards the entity and it shrinks back out of sight. The camera stops, as if the operator doesn't want to alarm the beast. A few seconds later the creature returns. This time it stands and stares, exposing more of its body. It is definitely bipedal and has long forelimbs. It appears slightly stooped. It then turns round and vanishes permanently and you can just see its long thin tail before it's gone. Source: The water company for the region around Manchester is called United Utilities and their wastewater network manager Mike Woods issued a statement: "Several of our employees have reported sightings of some kind of animal. We've reviewed the CCTV footage, and it certainly doesn't look like a typical sewer rat. We are hoping that the public can help us. The animal could possibly be a domestic pet or feasibly, an animal which has escaped from the zoo. It seems to be feeding on fat deposits which have built up on the inside of pipes. We're asking the public to look at the footage, and to contact us if they can shed any light on what the creature is, and where it might have come from." The CCTV operator, Ian Appleton, said: "We survey the sewers using hi-tech cameras mounted on small mobile vehicles, like very expensive remote control cars. I was sat in the van looking at the live sewer images on a monitor. I physically jumped when I saw the thing. My first reaction was: 'That's the biggest rat I've ever seen!' Then it stood up on two legs and looked almost simian. I was a bit freaked out. I've been in the business twenty-five years, and it's the most unusual thing I've ever seen down there. All the lads have seen the footage now, and it gets the same reaction every time. You're just waiting for them to jump." The animal has apparently been nicknamed "Messie" by the engineers; presumably this is a play on the words "Nessie" and "mess", because it's a cryptid like the Loch Ness Monster found in a messy sewer. The statement by United Utilities can no longer be found on their website and the only record of it is a handful of media spots like this one, see:

However, the water company later issued a second press release claiming that the whole matter was a hoax. It was a piece of viral marketing for their campaign to persuade customers to be careful what they flush down drains and toilets. A lot of damage is done to sewers by inappropriate objects being disposed of in them, everything from baby wipes and nappies, cotton buds and many other kinds of household rubbish. These things need to be put in the dustbin, not down the drain. This statement is also unavailable on their house site and can only be found in the media, see: This is a distinct possibility, probably the most likely explanation. It doesn't help that the news broke on April 1st, so if this is really not a hoax then its incredibly bad luck for the witness; personally I'd have waited twenty-four hours before saying a word for that reason alone. On the other hand, could this be another example of a "CTCS- Conveniently Told Confession Story"? See here for background details: and: Also, if the creature is a piece of computer generated animation, the company does not attribute the artist who rendered it. Don't they want this work on their CV? If there is some kind of mutant or hybrid living beneath the streets of Manchester then there are many reasons why the authorities might not want the public to know about it. In the event of an information leak, concocting a false hoax story could be a way of dissolving any interest the story could generate. If there is some strange critter making its home in Mancunian effluent, then what is it? The sewer network in large British cities is often very old, being installed mostly during the Victorian era to prevent cholera, see: Until modern remote CCTV came along, a lot of these passageways have not been seen by human eyes since their construction well over a century ago. It's not inconceivable that this artificial environment has become an unintentional evolutionary hothouse, causing new species to emerge far more radically and quickly than they would in nature. If so then the beast is probably a descendent of the brown rat, the principle large predator in the habitat. It's also highly adaptive and a fast breeder. I've studied other examples of extreme rat mutation in the background links at the bottom. Alternatively it could be an escapee, as the water company suggested; but not from a zoo, from a secret government laboratory like Porton Down or Peasemore. Of course this is a long shot; why shouldn't the water company create a hoax to hammer home the hazards of incorrect use of drains? However, can we trust their word? What is the reputation United Utilities has for honesty? In this lecture:, and this film:, Richard D Hall claims that United Utilities lied to cover up their own criminal negligence that led to the death of a policeman, many injuries, the loss of hundreds of homes and billions of pounds worth of damage in the 2005 Cumbrian flood. They might even have staged a mass-murder using a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate-style killer. In my view, it is far too soon to decide for certain that United Utilities' response to the presence of this strange LiveLeak film is sincere. We must also consider the fact that "Messie" is not the only example of weird fauna existing in the dark channels below the city streets. A large mollusc-like organism was spotted by a construction team in Raleigh, North Carolina USA in 2009. This time the company involved maintains that the footage is real. Staff biologists, unnamed of course, claim that it is merely a colony of worms, yet the engineers say they've never seen anything like it in their experience, see: A few years ago I read a bloodcurdling pulp horror novel called Slither by John Halkin about a colony of green serpentine creatures, whose origins are never explained, appearing in London's sewers and spreading out across the world. I know it was only a work of fiction, but life imitates art so much that I can't help wondering where authors get their ideas from.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Milky Way Blowout

One of the biggest mysteries in cosmology is the "missing mass problem". When everything in the visible universe was totted up during the 20th century, it became clear that something was amiss. There simply wasn't enough matter in creation to explain how the structure of everything was maintained, seeing as it was theorized to be held together by the mutual gravitation fields of all objects. This was long after Albert Einstein had rejected his "cosmological constant- lambda", an unobserved force he originally believed formed the foundations of the universe before changing his mind, see: Assuming gravity was still involved in the process, cosmologists then theorized that the universe was filled with "dark matter", a form of matter very different to that we are familiar with, but it makes up almost a full quarter of the entire cosmos. It does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation in any way, making it completely invisible; yet it does have mass and a gravitational field like ordinary matter. However a new discovery has called that into question. Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is about a hundred thousand light-years across and contains almost half a trillion stars; and at its centre is a huge black hole called "Sagittarius A". Black holes are believed to be stars that have collapsed after a supernova to the point where their gravity rips a hole in space-time and becomes a singularity, an indefinable point of zero volume and infinite mass. Everything that comes close enough to a black hole gets sucked in and destroyed, even light itself. This is why it looks completely black. Scientists like John Taylor regard black holes as the most destructive force in the universe and even claim one day the entire cosmos might be devoured by them. Yet for something that has such a huge force of attraction, it's amazing how much black holes radiate and repel. Sagittarius A itself has one of the biggest radio signatures in the sky. This is thought to be the explosion of matter being crushed out of existence as it enters the black hole, but is it? Stephen Hawking has also postulated that black holes radiate energy to the point where it eventually dissolves them; he immodestly named this energy "Hawking radiation". Now an astronomer called Prof. Fabrizio Nicastro says he and his team have found another source to explain the missing mass problem, at least as far as the Milky Way goes. At the centre of our galaxy is a huge bubble of gaseous fog. It is very hot, a million degrees and very big, about 40,000 light-years in diameter. It emerged from the black hole about six million years ago. That sounds like a long time, indeed it is when the first proto-human apes evolved on Earth; but in cosmological timescales that's just yesterday. It must be growing fast to have reached such a gigantic size in such a short time, flowing outward at a third of a percent the speed of light, that's three thousand miles per second. It must be fueled by a vast amount of energy. The scientists say that all this energy came entirely from the black hole "feeding", but did it? Source: Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton used to present the Hidden Science show on The People's Voice and she's been a guest on HPANWO Radio, see: and: Her theory on the nature of black holes is radically different. She believes that they are a creative force, not a destructive one. They add matter and energy to the universe instead of removing it. The pattern made by spiral galaxies, like the Milky Way, is caused by the rotating super-massive black hole spewing material out into space; solids, water and gas. This is what generates the shape. The spiral galaxy looks like a Catherine wheel firework which spins round spraying out burning gunpowder in the very same way, although obviously on a vastly smaller scale. Prof. Chocolate Chip Cornetto, or whatever his name is, should take a look at Manjir's ideas before publishing his paper. He might learn a thing or two that would make his work even more groundbreaking.

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Kenneth Clarke admits No Brexit

It is now four months since the British people went to the polls and chose to leave the European Union. Yet still absolutely nothing has been done to begin the process of taking Britain out of that dictatorial federation. Article 50, the rules governing how an EU "member state" can gain independence, has yet to be initiated. (Although judging by this video I'd say that "triggering Article 50" has more than one meaning:!) Kenneth Clarke is a long standing government minister who is one of the most senior and dedicated pro-EU Tories. In a leaked email to The Guardian he admits that the whole referendum ideal was just "lip service". It's amazing how candid politicians are when talking amongst themselves. How they must laugh at us after they've just given a media interview. This is something I've warned against and have long suspected. The government are dragging their heels and kicking the can along the road for as long as they can. They're hoping that if they just dither for long enough we'll all simply forget about it; or that other matters will supersede it, real or contrived. They're doing exactly the same thing when it comes to the child abuse scandal, see: There's also now talk of "mitigating" Brexit and even Kenneth Clarke himself has used that term. Once the heat went down there were calls for a second referendum and even a House of Lords inquiry to decide. There is inevitably going to be a Commons bill about having a parliamentary vote of some kind or another to decide whether Brexit really should go ahead. So what was the point of the referendum in the first place? Nobody said anything like this at the time, "If the Leave vote win then the UK will exit the EU, but..." We, the people must not forget what happened last June and we must hold elected officials to their word. Source: Mr Clarke, who is also a long-term member of the Bilderberg Group, needs to read the laws about treason and get himself a good lawyer.  

Tuesday 25 October 2016

The American Jo Cox

During the summer's EU referendum I covered the desperate mass political manipulation that attempted to subvert the will of the people, see: and: and: and: By far the most suspicious incident in this dirty campaign was the murder of the pro-EU Rt. Hon. Jo Cox MP. Its perfect timing and emotional overkill probably knocked two or three percent off the Leave vote total. There are two main strands of theory for those, like me, who question the official story; I call them "hard" and "soft". The soft theory is the one I find more probable and it says that the murder of Jo Cox was a planned psychological operation carried out by a trained assassin and that a fabricated story was implanted into the media when reporting on it; with Thomas Mair playing the role of the Lee Harvey Oswald-style patsy. The hard theory states that Jo Cox is still alive and the entire event never happened. She's presumably living under a false identity a long way from her previous home. Mark Devlin subscribes to this in my recent interview on his show, see at 6.26: To be honest, I can't rule it out. A very similar situation to Brexit has emerged in the United States of America that has caused me to disagree with the bulk of the conspirasphere. The prevailing view among the conspiratorial media is that the current US presidential election is no different to any other, in that we see two establishment puppets being put up against each other in a charade so we can vote for one or the other; and we have another strike chalked up for the fraud of democracy. I don't think that's the case this time. There was certainly an agenda to propose two controlled clones, but this failed. Some spanner or other has been thrown into the works of their schemes and an unintended candidate reached the final match, one Donald J Trump. In the background links below I charted Trump's progression through the primaries and caucuses; and at every stage I predicted the engineered downfall of Trump... but it never happened. There are many reasons to suspect that the current success of Donald Trump is an aberration. His campaign is mostly self-financed, as opposed to the massive donations Hillary Clinton has received from various high level interested parties such as George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Saudi royal family. This is of course because Trump is very rich through private means. His propaganda machine is also mostly independent and decentralized. It relies a lot on internet social media and word-of-mouth. Clinton, on the other hand, has the entire mainstream press behind her with such obvious bias that it is palpable. Hillary is the new darling of the neoconservative movement and the Israel lobby... if those are not merely synonyms, whereas Trump has been angrily rejected by all of them, from heads of Zionist think tanks to bloggers. This has put me at odds with many other NWO researchers who have cried out that everything I've just said is just another deeper layer of the mind control operation to convince me that Trump is our saviour; and that I'm a "shill" and/or a "sheeple" for swallowing it. Firstly, I'd like to ask those people: what would an anti-establishment candidate look like if the existing evidence for Trump being one is not enough? Secondly I don't believe that Trump is our saviour. I'm not saying he's a "good guy" or any kind of "white hat". Nothing he has said indicates that he is planning to expose the real New World Order agenda in full. I'm not telling anybody to go out and vote for him. I'm just saying that he is not owned by the globalists and has still become a presidential candidate; and this indicates that something has gone badly wrong with their machinations. That is encouraging no matter who that candidate is and no matter what he stands for. In a fair election there's no doubt Trump would wipe the floor with the Wicked Witch of the White House. The mainstream polls blare continuously about how Hillary is ahead, but as Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell point out here, all the real-world signs are there that Trump will win a fair election, see: but the American people are not going to have a fair election. The powers-that-shouldn't-be are going to commit electoral fraud. The polls will be rigged, and I'll be saying more about that in a future article. However before the scales are unbalanced in that more brazen and direct way, there's going to be a massive amount of the most ruthless and daring propaganda; and this will become more and more frenzied as the date of the election draws closer. This, I believe, will include the American equivalent of the Jo Cox murder. It might take the form of a Trump supporter, complete with a Pepe the frog T-shirt, Confederate flag tattoos and crew-cut hair, running into a school full of black children and shooting them all dead yelling "Trump for president!" over and over again as he is arrested and dragged away by the police. Alternatively a low-level politician might get assassinated by a similar character; probably the victim will be female and from an ethnic minority; some backwater state assemblywoman or senator. Then again, more extreme measures might be in order.

Recently Wikileaks has published a huge number of emails belonging to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager; I discuss some of them here: One of the haul, which emerged after that video was made, includes a PDF of a highly confidential report of a survey carried out for the Clinton Foundation by the Benenson Strategy Group. This appears to be some kind of psychological think tank, a bit like the Tavistock Institute. Michael Salla thinks it's possibly a hoax, but if so then it's incredibly elaborate and done by somebody on the inside. A read-through of its mission statement reveals a lot: "The Benenson Strategy Group is a strategic research consultancy that marries language expertise with innovative research to frame choices so that your brand is the only answer. We advise global corporations, political leaders, and institutions in dynamic, competitive scenarios. We understand the rhythm and nuances of language and words. We give you the right words to use and much more. We map the competitive landscape so you know where to play and how to win. We give you the messaging framework and strategic roadmap so that everyone in your organization knows 'why' the messaging is powerful and how it will help you achieve the outcomes you want." No, that doesn't make any sense to me either. The most sinister organizations always have about-pages that are as meaningless as that. Anyway the report is entitled Salvage Problem and every page is footnoted with: "Do not distribute- Do not copy". It admits that the official polls published on TV and in the newspapers are inaccurate and are misleading the electorate; also that they are intended to do so as a mass psychological weapon. The true situation is that Trump is well ahead. More sinisterly, the document laments that so many people have become aware of the Democratic Party's vote-rigging operations that I'll discuss in the future article. Even the minority of voters who support Hillary do not admire her as an inspiring leader and are only doing so out of a distrust of Trump or sheer habit. The survey also indicates that the possibility of electoral fraud being carried out has broken through the glass ceiling of the alternative community and that the general public are aware of it. Over a quarter of people said that the election rules should be changed to take account of the risk. 22% even said that officials from Russia should monitor the process! On the next page comes the really creepy stuff; the document hints that the election itself should be interfered with to discourage the Trump-supporting demographic from voting at all. They asked the people they surveyed what would stop them going out and voting, and the answers were everything from long queues to a Biblical apocalypse. The most likely scenario that would keep them at home and away from the polling stations would be an attack by extraterrestrials at 38 %. Therefore the Benenson Strategy Group recommends a solution they call "FIRESIGN" which is something I've never heard before, but it looks similar to Project Bluebeam. It creates holographic images in the sky. It has been developed by NASA and the US Department of Defence and has apparently been tested "in the Levant" (Iraq) by displaying 3D religious icons on a layer of sodium vapour in the upper atmosphere and its imaging can cover hundreds, or even thousands, of square miles. The recommended use in this case is for a fake alien invasion to be staged in order to scupper the election and allow President Obama to "hand over the torch to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state."; meaning a state of emergency... temporary of course. The article then discusses the aftermath of the fake invasion stating the need for "the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur. The induced trauma of FIRESIGN will provide ample cover to government and NGOs who will be 'providing aid' (psychotropic to induce docility) and counselling services which will ensure further domestication." I can guess what these "counselling services" involve. (Source: In 2012 I believe there was a plan to stage a fake alien invasion during the London Olympics, either at the opening or closing ceremonies, see: and: This attack was aborted because too many people were expecting it. False flag terrorism has to come out of the blue and "shock and awe" the populous. I hope that by getting the word out about this new conspiracy I can help put a stop to it again.

Monday 24 October 2016

Ustane Possessed

Paraforce UK 2016 has turned out to be a very successful conference. My speech on UFO’s went down well and the other speakers were excellent, see: The event included two live paranormal investigations on the Friday and Saturday evenings. The venue for Paraforce is very appropriate; it is the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. This is a location with a long reputation for supernatural activity. The Galleries of Justice is a partly underground complex that includes a Victorian courthouse and police station built at ground level, on top of a much older subterranean prison. The courthouse was in use until the 1980’s and the prison dates back to the fourteenth century. During the time the courthouse was operating the prison was used exclusively for capital punishment. Below the courts are a row of macabre cells for death row convicts awaiting execution. The cells are connected to a corridor at the end of which is a gallows where prisoners would be killed by hanging. Beneath the gallows are some far older prison cells and torture chambers, and below them are ancient dungeons hewn from the rock, making them part of Nottingham’s mysterious cave network, see: The deepest and darkest of these is called the “oubliette” where a prisoner sentenced to death would be locked in the cave and simply left to die, which would be from thirst and would only take a few days. After that the body would be devoured by rats and the warders just cleared out the bones every so often. The entire facility has been carefully restored and preserved as a museum, see: Because of the centuries of human death, fear, pain and despair within its walls and tunnels, the Galleries of Justice is reported to be crawling with ghosts. It is a popular place for ghost hunts and paranormal investigations. Therefore I was very keen to take part in one of these, along with my partner Ustane. The trip down into the cells on Friday night had started late and was interrupted by the fire alarm (started by whom I wonder?) so it wasn’t very successful. The Saturday night’s investigation began at around 7.30 PM. Ustane and I joined a team led by a group of physical mediums from Liverpool. We began by sitting silently inside one of the medieval prison cells and switching off the light. We had with us a special meter that reacted to the presence of an electromagnetic field. One of the mediums asked yes-no questions and the meter lit up immediately afterwards in response, indicating the presence of a spirit. We worked out this way that there were several female spirits there and a small boy called William. After that we moved down to the oubliette and tall people like me had to bow our heads to get down the tunnel leading to it. We sat in the cold and dusty dugout and got a few more responses. Some of the team members set up cameras and audio recorders in the hope of capturing images and electronic voice phenomena. Later in the evening we climbed back up the staircases to the criminal courtroom which was wood paneled and full of green leather benches. Ustane and I sat and watched the others at work, not taking part ourselves, but once in the courtroom we became more involved.

The group split up and we were left with just four other people, including some of the mediums. We switched off the lights in the courtroom and got to work. The previous evening I had experienced the feeling of gossamer on my face, a sign of ghostly presence, while sitting at the front of the courtroom, said to be the most active part of that heavily haunted area. We tried several psychic tricks like table tipping, which worked very well. This is where participants place their fingertips lightly on a tabletop and ask the spirits to move the table. Then we tried divination with a glass on the table, but nothing happened. At the same time one of the investigators went and sat in the judge’s chair. This is said to be a place where people are seen to undergo facial transfiguration, their face transforms into that of a spirit. She said that there was a malevolent entity present. She held the EMF meter in her hand and it went wild. She reported that the entity was the ghost of a former judge of the court who had participated in witch trials and it was angrily putting a stop to our divination. She eventually recoiled and jumped up from the judge’s chair. Ustane volunteered to take her place and sat down with the EMF meter in one hand. The rest of us taunted the recalcitrant ghost. We then noticed that Ustane had a strange expression on her face. We called her name and she didn’t reply. I became concerned and ran up onto the judge’s podium. Ustane stood up. She moved differently to how she normally does, faster and without putting her hands on the arms of the chair to support herself. One of the investigators asked: “What’s your name?” She replied “Susan Black”. This is not her real name. I approached her and took her hand. She turned to stare at me and the look on her face was a wide-eyed evil grimace, an expression I’ve never seen her wear before. One of the others described her as looking like a waxwork. She cackled loudly. Then she quickly recovered and began responding to her name and talking normally. Far from being scared or upset by her experience she appeared euphoric. She continued laughing and smiling. We took her to the cafeteria and made her a cup of tea. One of the team took four group photographs of us and interestingly the first two were misted over and the last two completely normal. Ustane and I went home at around eleven PM. The others joked: “Is her head spinning around?”, “Hope she doesn’t stab you to death in the night!”, but I wasn’t concerned about that. By now Ustane was behaving completely normally. The next day she described her feelings in more detail. She literally felt she was another person and reports that she enjoyed that sensation. It made her feel powerful. It looks to me like Ustane was momentarily attacked by some kind of discarnate entity that attempted to “walk in” or possess her. This experience can be disastrous for the individual affected. It is the theme of many horror stories. These are, of course, fiction; but some are based on real events. Even the classic The Exorcist (Warner Bros 1973) is based on a true story, albeit the situation is highly exaggerated for dramatic licence I’m pleased to say. Ustane was very lucky. I was very unnerved by what happened, as were our companions. As her boyfriend, I naturally feel protective of her and felt I had failed in my duty. She had been exposed to danger by my negligence and also the irresponsible actions of myself and the others in the old courtroom. We had egged the ghost on while Ustane was sitting in the judge’s chair, a place which we had been warned on Friday night often caused sitters to transfigure. The only person who was not concerned with the incident is Ustane herself. She is, at the time of writing, still completely untouched by her attempted possession and, indeed, feels intrigued and amused by her experience. All’s well that ends well I suppose.

Thursday 20 October 2016

New Government UFO Files Censored

The last batch of reports from the UK Ministry of Defence's UFO desk have been rejected for declassification by state auditors. The documents, dubbed the "British X-Files", have been long anticipated by UFO researchers. It's been speculated that they might contain the smoking gun when it comes to the Rendlesham Forest Incident of 1980. The MoD has been releasing its UFO records in a series of phases since 2008 and this process is almost complete. For personal reasons I'm particularly interested to read the files pending publication at the moment because somewhere within them is my own sightings report, see: There is not necessarily anything sinister involved in file auditing and the censorship of some material. The reason for a lot of it might be due to the 1998 Data Projection Act because it includes personal details about the witness; their home addresses etc. Nick explained this at a live lecture of his I once attended, see: However in this case the government has given a specific reason why: "Unfortunately, following the transfer of files to the National Archives in June, additional information which is covered by FOI exemption was identified, resulting in the files being returned to MoD in August." "FOI" means the Freedom of Information Act. This could be almost anything from an old lady's mobile phone number to major evidence of UFO presence whose secrecy is deemed essential to national security. Source: The most interesting part of this news story is the comment by Nick Pope: "For the MoD to send these UFO files to The National Archives, only for them to be sent back to the MoD, is unprecedented. I worked on the MoD's UFO project, wrote many of the documents that have already been released, and made the official announcement that started the entire release project, and yet even I don't know what's going on here. Bear in mind that for years the MoD told Parliament, the media and the public that this subject was of very limited interest and of no defence significance, yet suddenly these files are being treated with the same sort of sensitivity that you'd expect to see if they contained Britain's nuclear secrets. All this is taking place in the run-up to the US Presidential election, with WikiLeaks revelations showing that discussions about UFOs have taken place at the highest political level in America. This whole situation is like something out of The X-Files." For Nick Pope to make a statement like this is frankly out of character. His attitude towards this matter is only slightly milder than my own (I would have used the word suspicious as well as unprecedented). He has always been very defensive of his former employers in the past. Could this be because he now lives in the United States of America where they can no longer "get at him"? I agree that the halting of the file release process comes at a very ground-breaking time period in UFOlogy, at least on the surface. We have the WikiLeaks revelations as well as the continuing drive by Stephen Bassett and the Paradigm Research Group for full UFO Disclosure, see here for details: Could this be a coincidence? If so then when... or if... the withdrawn files are ultimately released there will be no clues in them at all. It'll simply be more of the same, man-walking-dog-on-Cannock-Chase-sees-ball-of-light-in-sky, kind of thing. Either that or when you read them out loud they will sound something like this:

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Free Energy taking the P***!

I've covered the development of free energy and perpetual motion technology, and the political issues associated with it, for a long time now; see background links below. What surprises me is that obtaining free energy is not always a complicated business requiring billion dollar CERN-scale engineering and thousands of top scientists working day and night. It emerges from very simple systems and even exists in nature. Occasionally it turns up in the most unlikely situations. None are as unlikely as the most recent potential breakthrough. A possible source of free energy has been discovered by a group of schoolgirls in Nigeria. Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin and Bello Eniola are all fourteen years old and are studying chemistry at their school in Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city; like millions of other girls do. However these four ingenious young ladies have decided to put what they've learned in their lessons to practical use in order to improve people's quality of life in their own country and in the rest of the world by building an esoteric energy generator. The fuel for their generator is a very common substance that all people produce continuously in vast quantities; and then not only dispose of, but dispose of as urgently as possible: urine. The machine works by putting the urine into an electrolytic cell that breaks down the urea compound in the urine and extracts the hydrogen gas. Interestingly "cold fusion" was also invented during an electrolysis experiment, see: The hydrogen is then filtered to remove impurities; a simple water filter does the trick. Then it is stored in a gas cylinder, a quite ordinary one like those used for barbecues. Although I imagine it would need extra tight seals to prevent the hydrogen, a very thin gas, from leaking. The hydrogen cylinders at my hospital needed special seals. From the cylinder the hydrogen is desiccated by a borax filter, a soap-like chemical that removes all moisture, and then it ends up in a hydrogen-powered generator that spins a dynamo and you have electrical energy. Building a device like this must be done with great care and you must always use safety valves on all the lines in case the hydrogen leaks and ignites. That could cause a major explosion or fire. However once these hazards are overcome you'll find the system can work continuously for six hours on just a one litre of urine. Nigeria is undergoing a major power distribution crisis with over half the population of 160 million people not having access to a twenty-four hour supply. Many people, especially in rural areas, have no electricity at all. This machine could solve those problems and quite literally light up the nation. The crucial question is: Does the generator provide more power than that which is needed to run the electrolytic cell and any other inputs? A simple way to find out would be to feed the dynamo output back to the cell, unplug it from the mains and if the machine keeps running then it has achieved "overunity" or free energy. I would not discount this because the girls' invention is not unlike Stanley Meyer's fuel cell and that did work. The school chemistry teacher also was impressed by it. The machine was also displayed at the 2012 "Maker Faire Africa" exhibition, see:, and: More study needs to be done in order to find out if this device is a genuine free energy generator. Other people will need to build more prototypes and see if they work, otherwise the idea will simply be flushed down the toilet... excuse the pun. This very angry and rhetoric-loaded skeptic webpage claims that the invention is an elaborate hoax, see: What if it is a double-bluff though? If the machine does turn out to be the real deal then there's another problem to be overcome; suppression. The girls might be approached by men in dark suits with a lot of money in exchange for "exclusive development rights". Either that or threats against them and their families. In the case of Stanley Meyer, Eugene Mallove, Bruce de Palma and several others, this threat was carried out. I hope somebody the girls know understands this danger and is watching their backs. See the background links below for more detail.

Monday 17 October 2016


I first came across Adam Curtis through his classic and definitive work, The Power of Nightmares, a film that exposed the sham of the War on Terror. Since then I made sure to get hold of all his other films. As I result I now consider him to be one of the best political documentary producers in the world. He combines informative commentary with interesting interviews, dry humour, moving imagery, powerful scores and poetic vignettes. His masterpiece is without a doubt The Trap, which he released in 2007. Its iconic tableau is the heartrending expression of the woman sitting in a kitchen during the titles, see the illustration below. That face speaks a thousand words. The Trap is currently available online here: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: I was very excited when I heard that Adam Curtis was releasing a new film. Unusually this would not be launched on television in a series of episodes and would instead be posted straight to BBC I-Player in a single super-feature cut at 9 PM last night. At the time of writing it can still be watched there: Here's a version on YouTube: All Curtis' documentaries are connected thematically and HyperNormalisation is no exception. In a way it is a sequel to The Trap. Using some unique vintage footage it traces the history of the modern world and how it turned into what Curtis believes is an illusory reality. The tagline for the programme is: "We live in a world where the powerful deceive us. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. They don't care.", see: The story behind this is centred on the tale of two cities; New York and Damascus. It talks about how in New York City in 1975 the entire council went bankrupt and their assets were sold off to the banks. One of the men who redeveloped it was a young Donald Trump (This was strange to see. I always think of Trump as an old man with dyed hair, because he's only achieved international fame recently in his US Presidential campaign, so it was remarkable to see him looking so youthful). At the same time Syria was being tricked by Henry Kissinger into fighting wars they didn't want to fight and the Soviet Union was in a slow but unstoppable economic decline that would lead to its eventual collapse fifteen years later. The way the USSR coped with this was to give people an image through the media of false prosperity and mindless optimism called "hypernormalisation"; and the populace went along with it. They came to a tacit, almost subconscious agreement not to break their collective delusion. This got me thinking about the common skeptic objection to conspiracy theories: "But too many people would have to know about it! Somebody would inevitably speak out!" No, they wouldn't. As the 1980's dawned tensions rose in the Middle East and there were a multitude of wars, terrorist attacks and suicide bombing; the last of which was a new phenomenon. One of the pivotal figures in the faking of the Middle East situation for Western media consumption was Col. Muammar Gaddafi, president of Libya. He was a harsh but popular dictator in a nation which at the time had the highest standard of living in Africa. The media branded him a global terrorist mastermind who was behind various bomb attacks across Europe, including the Lockerbie plane bombing. The evidence pointed towards Syria rather than Libya, but the government didn't want to implicate Syria because it was an ally in the region so they used Libya as a scapegoat. The government call this "perception management". Amazingly... and this was new information for me, Gaddafi played along because it gave him a lot of credibility in the eyes of many people around the world. He was even an honoured guest at one of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam conferences. In the end, the western states joined in with Gaddafi's deception even deeper by lifting the economic sanctions against Libya provided he confessed to Lockerbie. He agreed and made a false confession. Then in more recent years the situation came full circle when Gaddafi was transformed back into an arch-villain by government propaganda. This was the last instalment in his career path. There was a western-engineered civil war in Libya which led to a coup in which Gaddafi was captured and beaten to death in the streets by a lynch mob. Unbelievably... but perhaps not quite so, the trick worked and the general public did not bat an eyelid. Oceania really is at war with Eastasia.
Then HyperNormalisation takes a very unexpected turn. It brings up the last subject I expected it to, that of UFO's. It gives a brief summary of Mark Pilkington's position as he relates it in his book Mirage Men. I saw the trailer for HyperNormalisation first on John Lundberg's Twitter feed so that would explain it. Lundberg is co-director of the documentary film based on the book. There is a clip from one of the interviews with Richard Doty included. I disagree with the premise therein totally and explain so in more detail in my review of Mirage Men, see: Through the 1980's and 90's technology increased at the same time people were becoming more and more despondent about politics. It seemed that no matter what we did, nothing changed. The rising sophistication of computers allowed us to enter virtual worlds, "cyberspace" as it was called. Artificial intelligence emerged and there was even a program called "ELIZA" that could hold conversations with you. There was a sense of nihilism and dread for the future. In the late 1990's a series of movies depicting global disaster became box office hits like Independence Day and Deep Impact. The story of HyperNormalisation ends in the early 2000's, which is one of the reasons why I suspect the film was heavily edited, probably quite late on in post-production. There is an obtrusive change of pace near the end; very different to Curtis' usual style which is quite good at the smooth and professional denouement. Did the film contain an additional section that was cut out? Maybe something about post-war Iraq and the creation of the Islamic State?... Hmm. HyperNormalisation really struck a chord with me. I've said for some time how people have given up asking for politicians to be truthful and instead just seek out those who tell the best lies. The goal is to allow oneself to be persuaded, not informed. As Curtis said, this is easier than analyzing the real complexities of reality. He says the internet has become the latest means of simply reflecting you back at yourself. I don't think this is invariably the case, but it is easy to get trapped inside what he calls "cyberspace bubbles" where internet search algorithms first show you what they expect you to want. Completely automatic systems are surprisingly good at getting a handle on you and I've noticed this myself, see: It is possible to search for other things outside your bubble, or course, but it takes additional effort. Most people have given up on striving for the new; a lot of them accept that their life has no purpose. Politicians have merely become maintainers and managers of a status quo, rather than visionaries and revolutionaries. Indeed, they are positively terrified of change; look at Brexit, see: One thing I think Curtis gets wrong is that all this is unintentional; merely a product of weakness and incompetence. No, I think it is deliberate. They have worked very hard, using the same psychological tricks Curtis describes in Century of the Self, see:, to build a society in which we do not care if we are lied to. As he says in his previous film Bitter Lake, see:, "Increasingly we live in a world where nothing makes sense. Events come and go like waves of a fever leaving us confused and uncertain. Those in power tell stories to help us make sense of the complexity of reality, but those stories are increasingly unconvincing and hollow... to which the only response is 'oh dear!'." This is not by accident; it is by cold and expert design. HyperNormalisation is a film that I feel was meant to say more than it does. It is informative, yet not as complete or original as Curtis' other works. It lacks the glossy, compact and all-encompassing logic of The Trap. It is well worth watching and I recommend it; but I think it makes sense only if you also watch Curtis' back catalogue; see the links I've provided. This may not be Curtis' fault; as I said, I suspect that some last minute holes were chopped in the product as part of his broadcast negotiations at the BBC. Hopefully a "director's cut" will emerge some day soon.  

Sunday 16 October 2016

ADX Files 38- Women in UFOlogy

A few months ago somebody added me to a group on Facebook called "Women in UFOlogy". She said it was open to men if they she considered them trustworthy. I soon left. The reason for this was an understanding that I must be beware of falling into double standards of my own while criticizing it in others. I had just had a rant about the Royal Troon Golf Club, see:, and could hardly moan about upholding the Universal Right to Free Association if I wasn't willing to do so myself. This issue came up again on a radio show last night by a fellow broadcaster Alyson Dunlop on her ADX Files 38 in conversation with her guest Sacha Christie, see here from 29.10:, (By the way, skip the opening song if you don't want to be humming it for days; it's very catchy). The points she makes about women in UFOlogy are ones I've discussed with her before privately. We disagreed, although Alyson is a good friend of mine and our debate was completely amicable and judicious. Funnily enough I had a similar discussion with Paola Harris a couple of years ago on an old Planet X show, see: Alyson complains that the women in UFOlogy are not having their voice heard because they're not given a place to speak and gives the example of the two UFO Truth magazine conferences of 2016 which platformed twelve male speakers, including myself, see:, and no female speakers. She uses the words "equality" and "balance" without specifically defining what they would entail. She makes it clear that she would never support a positive discrimination policy, and I believe she is being sincere; yet how realistic is that? I have never heard Alyson self-identify as a feminist, but her words are those of a feminist fellow traveller at least. Feminism is an ideology that vigorously goads its adherents into committing excesses; see the background links at the bottom for examples. "More women" can so easily be translated into "fewer men" and I caution Alyson to be wary of that. The UFO Truth magazine conferences were organized by Gary Heseltine and I don't know how many people he contacted to offer places as speakers before the final bill was complete. Alyson said Gary never replied to her when she asked him about it. However I know that when organizing a conference you'll probably have to write to at least two people for everybody who confirms and therefore I would put my money on Gary having invited a number of women who then simply couldn't make it. Indeed in previous events we did have female speakers, Suzanne Hanson and Pia Knudsen. Does that count as "equality" and "balance" or not? Without proper definitions it's impossible to know and this is why I consider words like that rather Orwellian.

Men considerably outnumber women in UFOlogy and they always will. I consider this to be one of the perfectly harmless natural inequalities in life. Some inequalities are harmless because no individual is held back by them. UFO's are simply a "blokey" subject that, when generalizing, for totally benign and organic reasons, are more likely to appeal to the male psyche than the female. It's part of what makes men and women essentially different. Natural inequality is the reason why nobody ever goes up to a basketball team and says: "Why are you all black? You should sign up some white guys! We need equality on this team!" There are many exceptions of course and there is absolutely nothing precluding a woman who wants to from getting involved in UFOlogy if she chooses. Women have made enormous contributions to UFOlogy; in fact would the scene even exist without them? Paola Harris herself is one of the biggest superstars in the field and Alyson has also made huge achievements considering she is quite a recent arrival on the scene. And who can forget Butler, Street, Randles and Bruni, the "four horsewomen of Rendlesham Forest"? It is not only in UFOlogy that this myth can be found. In fact in every institution where men outnumber women, from university science departments to computer game fan clubs, the pejorative phrase: "dominated by men" will be heard and the cry goes out: "Something is wrong here! Something needs to be fixed!" They invariably assume that there is some kind of cackling hand-rubbing cabal of male chauvinist pigs actively maintaining their male exclusivity, but evidence for this is rarely found. What's more, this is certainly not the case in UFO research; I'd be the first to object is it was. Nothing needs to be fixed because nothing is wrong. In fact, as I said to Paola on Planet X, attempting to force a false balance could be highly destructive. There is a bigger picture involved here that Alyson might not yet be aware of. There is a long-term strategic psychological warfare agenda behind this falsehood that is intended to mess up out thoughts and feelings in order to turn us into a new kind of creature. This agenda breeds animosity and conflict; hatred for others and hatred for ourselves. A breakdown of families, friendships, communities and cultures. we then become a mutant ready for a new kind of social globalist uniformity; see the background links for more detail. I have no doubt that Alyson is motivated by noble intentions. I like her as a person and respect what she does as a colleague and fellow researcher. I don't hold her to blame for any of the recent personal clashes that have blown up in UFOlogy and I think some people have badly misjudged her. However on this issue I ask her to take a step back and reconsider.
See here for my own most recent appearance on the ADX Files:
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Saturday 15 October 2016

Tristan da Cunha- St Helena Plus

The thing which gives St Helena its uniqueness is its small size and isolation. As I've discussed in the background links below, that isolation is now threatened by the imminent opening of the new airport, but even if my greatest dread is realized and the airport transforms the island into a globalist ghetto, St Helena is not the last untouched place on earth. There is another island which, to the outsider's eye, looks even more like St Helena than St Helena is. What's more, regular readers will already have heard its name because it is part of the same British Overseas Territory as St Helena. Tristan da Cunha is an archipelago of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean some 1,200 miles south of St Helena. Believe it or not, it is even more remote; in fact the nearest continental land is 1,500 miles away on the coast of South Africa. It is 2,260 miles from Ascension Island, almost the same distance as London to Jerusalem, making the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha one of the largest nations on earth; at least when it comes to internal distances. It was discovered in 1506 by the Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha, who named it after himself, and a permanent colony was established there in 1810. The island played a crucial role during the exported skirmishes of American wars; the one with Britain in 1812 and the American Civil War in which Confederate warships carried out strategic attacks against Union whalers in the vicinity. The islanders suffered from famine and disease and several times the authorities offered to evacuate them, in the same way St Kilda was, see:, yet most of the people, the Tristanians, bravely chose to remain. Like St Kilda, the islanders of Tristan da Cunha used no money for most of their history. A currency was introduced during World War II when the place was used by the Royal Navy as an electronic intelligence base. At the same time, the first formal government was also established there in the form of an official "administrator". During the mid-20th century the quality of life improved there, but several things still happened to demonstrate that living on Tristan da Cunha still had its dangers and hardships. In 1958 the Americans detonated a nuclear bomb in space just a hundred miles away from Tristan da Cunha. Both St Helena and Tristan are volcanic islands, except St Helena's volcano has not erupted for over ten million years. Tristan's erupted in 1961 and this time the islanders had no choice. They abandoned their homes and set sail in the community's fishing boats. Luckily they were quickly picked up by a passing ship and taken to South Africa. They then headed for the UK and were given accommodation in Calshot, Hampshire. The houses built for them are still there on a street named Tristan Close in their honour. It must have been a huge culture shock for them suddenly arriving in a huge country with millions of people after knowing only their small island and handful of fellow colonists. In 1963 when the volcano calmed down most of them returned to their home on Tristan da Cunha.
Most Tristanians live in the main settlement called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, named in honour of two visits by the Duke of Edinburgh. The first in 1867 by Prince Alfred and the second in 1957 by the present one, Prince Philip. The islanders farm potatoes on collectivized allotments in a place called The Patches. They also catch fish and shellfish. There are some livestock, but their population is strictly limited because of the small amount of pastureland available. Everybody helps grow the potatoes, but also usually has a second job supporting the island's community. They earn some money exporting handicraft goods to collectors by mail order; also their exclusive postage stamps. Tristan's currency at present is the UK pound sterling. The economy of Tristan da Cunha is remarkably similar to St Kilda's. Maybe small island communities naturally fall into that kind of lifestyle out of necessity. The only way to reach Tristan da Cunha is by sea. There is a regular service of fishing boats from Cape Town, South Africa that call in every few weeks to deliver and pick up goods, but the voyage takes eighteen days, see: Occasionally a cruise ship will call there and the RMS St Helena has paid a few visits; but generally the islands are left to their own devices. There are currently two hundred and seventy islanders and the society has been modernized in recent years. There is limited internet access at the moment, even though there is a fast development towards full access on St Helena. Tristan had a trial run with it that didn't work; but no doubt that will change soon and there is currently a working internet cafe in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. There is just one policeman. At the time of writing there are no plans to build an airport on Tristan da Cunha. My feelings about that are the same as they are for St Helena. At the end of the day, it's up to the people who live there what they do with their own island. However I myself have lived my whole life in the belly of global cultural uniformity. From the outside it can look magical. The bright lights of civilization are very alluring, as they were for the people of St Kilda and the myriad of other indigenous cultures around the world that have become extinct because the people couldn't resist the temptation of joining the party. It's ironic, but many people in my homeland yearn for the kind of lifestyle people enjoy on St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, as they say. I know now why I was inspired to write my novel Rockall, see: The objective of the planetary elite is to have the entire world's population... all five hundred million of us, barely ten percent of people presently alive, living in cities that are all the same in every way, from pole to pole, without exception; with every aspect of our short lives controlled by a single dictatorial state. They have succeeded with most of us. Gathering the remaining indigenous peoples left into the concentration camp is just a mopping up exercise. However, only when the last Saint and Tristanian has surrendered their uniqueness, has gone to work in their Job Seekers Allowance "work experience" placement at Starbucks, has bought their new I-phone, has settled down in front of the telescreen to watch The World hasn't got Talent, will the human species finally have accepted their rule... So the conquest isn't over yet.

Friday 14 October 2016

Tim Burton- "Waythitht!"

One of my favourite film directors is Tim Burton. His blend of the fairytale, macabre and black humour has brought about such delights as Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and the brilliant Mars Attacks! Obviously he has his critics who don't like his films; who doesn't? However the tone of his detractors has recently become more sinister, personal and spiteful. They point out that his films are afflicted by a "lack of diversity!" This is terminology that would sound very strange just a few years ago and even today those who use this term are reluctant to define it precisely. It is usually qualified by comments that most of his characters and cast are white; worse still, white heterosexual males. This is unfair for several reasons. Firstly, there are non-white people among his characters. How about Byron Williams in Mars Attacks!, played by Jim Brown? What's he, an albino? Secondly, I believe the demographics of Burton's on-screen worlds are a merely product of the setting and plot; in other words they're a sign of his literary professionalism. His latest film is called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and it's based on a 2014 novel of the same name by Ransom Biggs. The review of the film in Hitfix by Donna Dickens is one of the most juvenile and imperceptive pieces of movie criticism I've ever read. It's entitled: "Tim Burton offered a strange excuse for the lack of diversity in Miss Peregrine (Pinch bridge of nose, sigh heavily)". I can hardly believe that it is written by an adult woman. It doesn't go as far as to call Tim Burton a racist in as many words, but it definitely implies as much; and in this day and age, implication is all that is needed for a hate campaign and the destruction of a man's livelihood, see: Racism, according to the dictionary, means prejudicial hostility towards another person because they have a different skin colour. Accusing somebody of racism is a very serious matter. Under no circumstances must it be done without good cause. Tim Burton's motivation for having an entirely white cast for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is that the film is set in Wales in the year 1951. Very few black people lived in Wales in those days and it would be very unusual to encounter one. So an all-white cast in this case is perfectly justified for the sake of realism... But wait! Burton has cast a black actor in the movie; Samuel L Jackson plays the villain. Personally I'm delighted because Jackson is an excellent actor; in fact I even think he deserves a traditional Welsh nickname: "Sam the Stage"... However, that is not enough for the likes of Donna Dickens. There's a chilling and disturbing subtext to this situation.

When I posted news of this on social media I soon got into a debate with an online acquaintance of mine who, judging by her photo profile, is a black woman. Our dispute was polite and rational, but before long we found ourselves talking at cross purposes. I said that she was contradicting herself and I couldn't understand her; and she said the same about me. Our conversation ended after a couple of hours. I informed her of a similar story to the plight of Tim Burton; that of Brian True-May, the producer of the TV detective drama Midsomer Murders. True-May was sacked by the TV company that made it because he insisted that the series should have an all-white cast. His motivation was also realism. As its name suggests, the programme is set in the middle of Somerset where most people are white, that is simply a fact. Black people in Britain tend to be urban dwellers and few of them choose rural areas as homes, that is simply a fact. Yet True-May was treated almost as a heinous criminal for his stance. He even apologized if he'd caused any offence, but it was too late. He was branded EEEEEEEEEEvil! A monster! In my online debate I told my opponent that if I were writing a screenplay set in a location where most people were black, I would make all my characters black and would demand that only black people are cast to play them (I hope I could audition "Sam the Stage"). I asked her if she considered that racist. However, by that time our argument was in its endgame. I've noticed this kind of attitude only works in one direction; against white heterosexual males. This is why you never get anybody going up to a basketball team and saying: "Hey, you're all black! Don't you think you should sign up some white guys? Let's have some equality on this team!" As I explain in the background links below, I don't think this is because the powers-that-shouldn't-be particularly dislike white straight men. I think they hate us all equally; man or woman, black or white, gay or straight. These uproars are rather a manifestation of a psychological warfare agenda aimed at everybody. Who you are in terms of your race, sex or sexuality merely means it affects you differently. I do fear for Tim Burton because attacks like these can demolish a film maker's career, no matter how eminent he might be. A perfect example is an Oscar-winning actor and director who was one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the 1980's and 90's, but who is today virtually forgotten; Mel Gibson. Gibson was accused of racism and since then has not directed a single film nor stared in a single role. The accusation against him was completely false; even his black friend, the actress Whoopi Goldberg, publicly defended him, but who cares? As the so-called Canadian Human Rights Commission infamously put it: "The truth is no defence". I am furious by this smearing of the good name of a very talented, imaginative and creative film director. It is not only insulting to him; it is insulting to the readers' intelligence. Frankly, it is also patronizing to black people. I hope Tim Burton does not cave in to the pressure put upon him. Maybe enough people can see through this toxic nonsense to give him a sense of solidarity. It's time for armchair bitch-pundits like Donna Dickens to grow the fuck up, basically.