Sunday 30 October 2016

Susan Blackmore confirms MBA

Dr Susan Blackmore is one of the world's top skeptics and she has had a productive career fulfilling that role in the media. As a result she was decorated with the Materialist Bravery Award in 2011, see background links at the bottom. I did dispatch her MBA to her in the post but I never knew if she'd received it. However, I've just found out that she has (Thanks to Sophie the Porters' Poet for the information). Not only has she received it, but she has formally recognized it by adding it to the research topics page on her website, see: She said: "Award: MBA May 2011.  I received in the post a delightful hand-made badge for the Gold standard Materialist Bravery Award, from Mr Dai Andthatsit in Dawkinshire. Apparently I'm so brave that I don't need to believe in life after death. (My opinion has nothing to do with the evidence of course!)" Wear it with pride, Dr Blackmore. You've earned it!

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Laurence said...

There ain't no atheists in the trenches Ben.