Monday 31 January 2022

Happy Brexit Day!

Today is the second anniversary of Brexit. I'd like to wish all readers a very happy Brexit Day and I encourage you to celebrate it as merrily as you can, lockdown or no lockdown. Brexit is one of the most important parts of the 2016 Effect, see here for background: At 11 PM on the 31st of January 2020, Britain left the European Union. I was there in London to witness it; see background links below. After that, the deal negotiations began and were completed within the original eleven month schedule, despite the Covid 19 lockdown and calls from Remoaners to extend the period. The much needed modification of the deal has so far not happened. This is obviously because of the lockdown, like most other things. In fact I have realized that the entire coronavirus crisis is probably a retaliatory strike against the 2016 Effect. 2016 scared the hell out of the globalist elite. I predicted at the time that there would be a massive backlash against 2016 and I have feeling that it is far from over yet. It may well take a different form in 2022, as I cogitate in this livestream: This has been a bad year for Boris Johnson. Sadly, he has failed us and that is a huge disappointment, see: At the same time, the devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are hammering on the gates of Brussels, see: The Deep State obviously plan to use the Celtic nations as handholds to tug Britain back into the tyrannical federation. But looking on the bright side, President Trump is still standing tall and fighting back. He shows every sign of returning to the White House very soon, see: What will happen between now and the next Brexit Day? We will see, but no matter what happens I will continue to celebrate it.
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Sunday 30 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Billy Ray Valentine

I have been interviewed on The Infinite Fringe with Billy Ray Valentine, see:
Subjects discussed include: The nature of UFO Disclosure, interdimensional aliens, the legacy of Kev Baker and much much more.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Trevor's Trucker Footage

Trevor Murray is my co-host on Third Rail Radio, for example see:, and the host of the Social Dilemma show on which I have been a guest, see: The Canadian truckers' protest has turned into one of the biggest the world has ever seen. Right now over 70,000 heavy goods vehicles are converging on the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. Some of them passed through London, Ontario where Trevor lives and he went out into the freezing Canadian winter to film them. Such support has been mirrored right across that gigantic land. This is an invincible movement. Source:
The globalist puppet Justine Castro, known as the "Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau", is apparently in self-isolation because of a positive LFT, although I know what he is really hiding from. Canadian lorry drivers are some of the toughest men who ever lived. They are mostly self-employed sole traders who face enormous financial challenges as well as a job with numerous health and safety risks. They have been ruthlessly attacked by Castro's government, being forced to show vaccination passports to cross the border with the USA. No doubt this would eventually be expanded to entering another province too. Road haulage trade with the United States is essential to the Canadian economy. As one of the drivers put it: "If you've got it, a trucker brought it." And that's true. Without lorries (and to a smaller extent rail freight), you would literally have nothing; food, machinery, medicines, clothing, other than that which would not need to be imported. In Oxford, where I live, that is almost nothing except the Mini car. Most hardware is made abroad, mostly in the Far East, and is brought thousands of miles across the oceans on ships. From there it is put onto a lorry for inland transport. Castro keeps insisting that vaccines are purely voluntary and nobody is forced to take them. At what point will he accept that this increasing "encouragement" constitutes coercion? Forcing people to take a medical treatment is violence and it is against the law. For more details listen to the Third Rail Radio show linked above. I consider it one of the finest Trevor and I have ever done.
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Friday 28 January 2022

Ethel on the Checkout's Big Day Out

The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have published their own reportage of the World Wide Demonstration for freedom. It has the unusual title of Ethel on the Checkout's Big Day Out. It presents that wonderful day from the Crafties' unique perspective. It also includes coverage of the speeches, although Mark's framing cuts off our heads more than a FEMA camp guillotine.
It was great to see Mark and Liz again and I'm really grateful to them for making the journey to Oxford to see me. They live in Wiltshire so the Bristol event would have been much closer.
See here for the HPANWO TV reportage:
See here for one of the previous Crafty Nihilist videos:

Thursday 27 January 2022

Tribunal Update- Linda Moulton Howe Interview

How many readers have ever been the targets of an internet lynch mob? It tends to affect people mostly who have a large public presence, but it can be suffered by anybody; sometimes it breaks out among a circle of friends for example. In the background links below I describe my own experiences of it; the frustration, the sense of unfairness, the people you thought were your friends abandoning you without a word. It happens far too often. Case in point, Curt Jaimungal recently interviewed the veteran UFOlogist and mysteries investigator Linda Moulton Howe on his Theory of Everything programme. She has just celebrated her eightieth birthday, but shows no signs of slowing down. The interview goes well until the last twenty minutes, then it takes a nasty turn. Curt reads out a viewer's question concerning a picture Linda put on her Earthfiles website which she used to claim was a photograph of a grey alien taken on the moon by an Apollo astronaut. Linda recoils from the question. She becomes defensive and recriminatory towards Curt. Curt is clearly upset and embarrassed by this. He apologizes to Linda and then the interview ends. He received a lot of congratulatory comments for "asking a tough question!" Source: The person posing the question was Steven Cambian who is a popular UFO social media maven, see: and: He is also a mutual collaborator of my late friend Kev Baker, see: As you can see, he has made several rather vainglorious videos on his YouTube channel about Linda's interview and the discord that he sowed in it. He claims that the alien image is not one of a real extraterrestrial, in fact it was from the cover of a computer game; and the picture certainly does appear there, see: However, Linda did engage in an email exchange with Steven and admits that there is a chain of custody problem with the image. She changed the picture's description on her website to take account of that. Steven hit back saying that he had spoken to the artist who painted it and therefore was totally certain it was from the computer game. Linda said that this in itself might be a cover story to hide the image's real origins. And this is how the internet lynch mob was roused.
Steven Cambian accuses Linda of being a grifter, deliberately promoting the moon alien image, even though she knows it is not a real alien, to make money; along with other things. However, Linda Moulton Howe did attempt to reason with him, exchanging letters, adjusting her position. If she were really a fraud, why did she not just block him and ignore him? She has presented an alternative thesis relating to the phenomenon. To be honest, I think it's unlikely, but she does at least deserve to have her testimony heard. Such backfilling does occur in disinformation psyops, for example see: and: Why is it disreputable for her to have a paywall? She's earning a living from her work; is that bad? Did the communist party take power in the night? Steven himself takes superchats and there are ads on his videos. I don't understand why this issue cannot be resolved in a civilized manner. Linda does not fit the profile of a scam artist. She makes errors, as we all do, but I think she sincerely believes in the moral virtue of what she is doing. She does try to maintain open lines of communication with her critics; scammers never do that. However, these points were lost on Steven's subscribers. Almost immediately, the usual rigmarole began in the comments sections; a lot of mutual backslapping and unthinking condemnation of Linda. This is how guilt and innocence is decided these days, a handful of videos or Tweets and a well-timed Steven Cambian cackle. Who appointed that babbling beatnik judge, jury and executioner of the UFOlogical community? He's not a UFOlogist. He contributes nothing to the subject at all. All he does is pontificate over the characters of other people in UFOlogy. In this way he is very like Royce Myers, "UFO Watchdog". I'm sick and tired of all these "consciences of UFOlogy" who keep popping up like this and courting attention by slagging everybody else off. What makes me sad is that their posts are a hundred times more popular than any of mine suggesting the introduction of some kind of tribunal system, for example see: and: Leaving aside UFO's and thinking more generally, we are going to need something like this more than ever in the next few years as the rule of the Deep State on earth weakens. As I've said many times, we are going to need to keep cool heads on our shoulders as we suffer the cold turkey of the post-Illuminati transitional period. What chance do we have to maintain any kind of human civilization if nobody understands the need for due process of law? What is today a Twitterstorm about an alien photo in the future could be a torch-and-pitchforks mob hanging people in the street. Sadly, most people are so dependent on the Illuminati that they can't imagine life without them. Our journey to freedom is going to be long and perilous.
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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Social Dilemma

I have been featured on the Social Dilemma podcast, see:
This programme is hosted by Trevor Murray, my co-host on Third Rail Radio, see HPANWO Radio in the Links column. This is the debut Social Dilemma show and I am honoured to be Trevor's first guest. Subjects discussed include: What happens after the lockdown?, What's wrong with socialism?, the return of California train robbers and much much more.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 8

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: Satanism, compassion for transpeople without conventional acceptance, laws about obscene animation and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Rin's channel:
See here for Rin's channel:
And her Twitter:

Monday 24 January 2022

WWD in the MSM

See here for essential background:
The Oxford Mail has written a brief report on yesterday's World Wide Demonstration event. An article was posted by their "digital" reporter, Sophie Perry... Do they have analogue ones? (Oddly enough another journalist, Miranda Norris, also posted a photo of one of our promotional stickers in the paper a few days ago, giving us free publicity. Thanks, Miranda!) The article's title gets off to the usual start with a typically aggressive and misleading tone: "Protestors take over Bonn Square in Oxford". We didn't "take it over"; it was a properly organized and authorized street assembly of a kind that happens regularly in Oxford. It was completely peaceful; I would add exceptionally good-natured. The newsbite also claims only about a hundred people took part. Nonsense! It was three to four times that many when everybody had arrived. My own video coverage proves this. Obviously this fake figure is an attempt to downplay the popularity of the demonstration and make readers think that if they oppose the lockdown they are few and isolated. The article ends with these chilling words: "Reports from the scene suggest a woman is making a speech saying how 'happy she is to see children at the protest'." That sounds like something criminal and underhand is going on. Of course it refers to Lucy Davies' statement, but there is no attempt to place it into its genuine benign context. Source: This deceptive and manipulative article will not have its intended effect. More and more people are getting their information from honest reporters like Joe Rogan, GB News and myself. The comments under the article are a mixed bag. Sadly, you'll always get the idiots, but there are plenty of positive ones too. Interestingly one refers to "300" people being there as if the article had originally stated that number. Was the 300 edited to 100 afterwards?
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Sunday 23 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 13

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. The principle feature is with the UFOlogists and ghost hunter Kieran Woodhouse. I appear in a mini-feature afterwards in which I pay tribute to the late Kev Baker.
See here for the audio version:
And here for the video:
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Friday 21 January 2022

Dr Jekyll and Mr Jones

The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have produced another video about me:
It's called Dr Jekyll and Mr Jones and is based on my "transformation into a skeptic!" in this HPANWO TV film, about two hours and seven minutes in: Many thanks to the Crafties for their imagination and endeavour in producing this.
See here for the previous video about me by The Crafty Nihilist:

Thursday 20 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Into the MicroCosm 2

I have been featured again on the Into the MicroCosm show with Jimmy Gene. See here for the podcast:
And the extended video YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: the shaming of Prince Andrew, Occult symbolism in architecture, was San Francisco built or dug up? and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Into the MicroCosm show:

Wednesday 19 January 2022

NATO Tugs the Russian Beard

The international community has gone to enormous lengths to provoke Russia over the last few years. For example, see here for essential background: and: It is even worse than the engineered oil price crash that was designed to sabotage the Russian economy, see background links below. The dispute with Ukraine has been running for so long that most people have forgotten how it started. It basically comes down to whether the country should join the European Union, a tyrannical federation that Britain has just escaped from, or develop closer ties to Russia, a strategy the political philosopher Alexander Dugin calls "Eurasianism". As a result of this there have been riots, an airliner has been shot down and the Ukrainian president almost assassinated. The Western press have been portraying Russians as a bunch of computer hackers, poisoners and dangerous pilots. After the Cold War, the Illuminati failed in their plan to change Russia de-facto and instead have had to endure one de-jure. This new Russia is not obeying orders from head office. As a result globalist powers have pushed eastwards under the flags of NATO and the EU. Ukraine is Europe's biggest country (excluding Russia which is not just in Europe) and an important strategic node, sitting as it does between the two blocs. The military build-up of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border is being demonized as an act of unprovoked aggression, exactly as it happened with the conflict in Georgia a few years ago; but really isn't it just defensive? President Putin says he has no intention to invade Ukraine, but nobody believes him. That's understandable seeing as he has a huge force on standby that could be used for invasion, and a new flank has just opened up on the northern border with Belarus, which is allowing Putin's troops to assemble there too. Source: Yesterday I saw a very frightening newspaper headline: "BRITISH TROOPS SENT TO UKRAINE!" Obviously this is highly sensationalized to persuade you to buy the paper, but it is factually true. Britain is supplying the Ukrainian army with NLAW anti-tank missiles. About a hundred military specialists are going with them just for training purposes. In fact other NATO members have done the same. The USA sold Ukraine hundreds of Javelin anti-tank missiles in 2018. It must seem to Putin that even if Ukraine never joins NATO, it has picked up much NATO hardware that it might as well do. I do hope this sticky situation calms down soon. At the same time I respect Putin for standing his ground; indeed, he must. He is wise enough to show restraint and not do what NATO really wants, lash out with some kind of excessive use of force. In fact, maybe we should be wary of possible false-flags; a building "bombed by Russian agents" in Kiev for example? The reason I am learning the Russian language is because a time might come when Russia could be the only country in which it will be safe for me to live, see:
See here for background:

Sunday 16 January 2022

Another S4 Entrance?

See here for essential background:
The dual but opposite quests to prove or disprove the testimony of Bob Lazar carry on. Now another researcher has come forward with some completely new information. The YouTuber "UFO Proof" claims to have found the real S4 entrance that Bob Lazar describes. This entrance, oddly enough, has the label "S4 research facility" on Google Earth. How that happened I'm not sure. If it really was S4 then I imagine Google would not cooperate with any plan to expose that. However can Google Earth be edited by users? Certainly anybody used to be able to upload photographs to it. The location is not by Papoose Lake. The researcher says that the shoreline of the lake has been a red herring all along. The location under discussion is in a range of hills called Cockeyed Ridge that lies about five miles to the northwest of Papoose. The site UFO Proof believes is an entrance consists of a pair of white square structures a hundred feet along each side. It is approached by a road that ends in a circular driveway. Inside the circle is another white block about forty feet long and ten wide. As with the lakeside site, there is a road that terminates at the location. The road twists northwards through the rocky terrain and eventually joins a major junction on the western segment of the Groom Lake Road. The site lies at the coordinates: 37 degrees 09 minutes 33.4 seconds north and 115 degrees 55 minutes 39.2 seconds west. Source: Unfortunately it's not possible to see with the resolution of Google Earth exactly what this facility is. The white structures could be low buildings, although they cast no shadows. They could be the foundations of buildings yet to be built. Alternatively they could be helipads; or something else. Either way, the access road is wider than the one leading to the lakeside entrance candidate and appears to be better constructed. It could probably handle two-way traffic, indicating it is regularly visited by vehicles. That would fit with Lazar's statement that S4 was a very large underground facility. However the landscape of the surrounding area does not support his description. He distinctly mentions the doors being at the shore of Papoose Lake. This would explain Jerry Freeman's report too. At the moment, I can't tell you what the Google earth nominated "S4 research facility" is; but at the same time, I cannot see a serious reason to think this is the long sought after Bob Lazar smoking gun.
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Friday 14 January 2022

Is Boris Finished?

"Partygate"; it would inevitably be called that. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in big trouble; in fact his political career is hanging by a thread. It has been revealed that during the Christmas of 2020 when families were forced to stay apart and grandparents had to kiss their grandchildren by pressing their lips to a closed window pane, Boris and his chums organized wild revelries at Number 10 and the Conservative Party headquarters that grossly contravened the lockdown regulations. The Prime Minister originally made some lame excuses which didn't work and is now forced into a corner where he is being officially investigated. Within the next few days he will be forced to confess and apologize. I'm sure Boris is not the only statesman in the world who has hypocritically broken the rules he imposed on others. Do you think Emanuel Macron, Kamala Harris and Angela Merkel sang carols with their parents over Skype? However Boris is the only one being taken to task for it. The thing is, if you are a statesman whom your superiors want to get rid of, this is the way they do it. This is why you have to be whiter than white. You must resist the endless temptations for corruption and the abuse of authority poured at your feet. I wonder if Boris Johnson understands the irony of his position. He sold his soul to join the establishment and now that establishment is disposing of him regardless. Did he expect gratitude from them? Source:
I can't imagine Boris Johnson does not feel some regret over the decisions he's made. The glorious opportunity he has squandered. As regular readers will know, I used to like and respect him. His heroic stance over Brexit was one of the greatest things a British statesman has ever done, see: and: He could have carried on that noble quest. He could truly have been Britain's Trump. However, since then he has changed beyond all recognition. His radical populist policies and irreverent attitude have totally evaporated and he has merged seamlessly into the globalist political edifice. Why? How did this happen? Some, like Caroline Stephens, believe he has always been such a figure secretly and people like me have been fooled by a confidence trick, see: and: I disagree with that, however there's no doubt Boris now and the Boris of pre-2020 are like chalk and cheese in the same body. I don't know what's going to happen to Boris now. He may well resign or be removed from office. He has shown himself unfit for leadership and deserves that. However the truly galling reality of this situation is that the only people lined up to replace him are far far worse. I saw an op-ed in a tabloid newspaper a few weeks ago that broke my heart. It was called Bring Back Boris! It made a metric pun of the "build back better" slogan from the Davos set that premiers across the globe are parroting. It went on to echo the same sentiments as myself: "We loved Boris the way he used to be. It's so sad he's changed. Let's bring back the old Boris." Well, I'm afraid that's not our decision to make. Only Boris himself can do that. Is it too late for him to turn back from the Dark Side?
See here for background:

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Nocturnal Frequency Radio 3

I have been featured on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio show:
Subjects discussed include: the legacy of Mind Set Central, timeslips, who makes crop circles? and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Nocturnal Frequency Radio:

Sunday 9 January 2022

Millennials Believe in the Reps

An interesting story has appeared in the most unlikely of places, the Daily Star online edition. It cites a survey by "Topp Casino Bonus". I'm not sure when gambling websites got into the opinion polling business, but never mind that for now. It suggests that a significant proportion of young people, when asked to comment privately at least, accept many of the ideas that I discuss on the HPANWO outlets, even the most outlandish ones. The article refers specifically to the idea that some people, especially the famous and powerful, are really reptilian aliens in disguise. Although it says that David Icke "championed" the notion, it does not claim he invented it. That is correct. The theory has been suggested before, even in ancient mythology. The results were that 12% of British people aged twenty-four to thirty-five believe alien lizards rule the world. Older people are less likely to believe in it, which is an inversion of previous studies and could indicate that the age one tends to get "red pilled" is coming down. Source: If true, this is highly significant. The proportion who believe in other theories, such as the UFO cover-up or the lies about Covid 19, are probably even higher. I know this is obviously just a novelty piece, but other more serious studies back it up. For example: The genuine level of conspiratorial awareness in the population is encouragingly high and is growing. It is clear that people like me are a small vocal tip of a huge silent iceberg. As for own opinions about whether lizards really do control the world; well, in a word: it's true. If you think that is insane then you need to look deeper. I'm pleased to say a lecture recording from REPCON in 2017 that I thought was lost forever has just been reuploaded by Ellis Taylor. You might recognize the MC: This video is a good place to start.
See here for background:

Friday 7 January 2022

Into The Microcosm Kev Baker Tribute

Jimmy Gene has hosted a marathon twelve-hour radio tribute to Kev Baker, see:
I appear in the first hour and a half. I would have stayed on for all of it, but in my time zone that would have lasted until 5 AM. Michael Sherwin has launched an appeal to try and raise money for Kev's family, see: At the moment it has raised over seven thousand dollars US. This should help Kev's family support themselves and pay for Kev's funeral etc. Many thanks to Jimmy, Michael, Nanogirl and everybody else who has rallied round to pay homage to Kev and protect his family.
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Wednesday 5 January 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones Live at the WWD

I will be speaking live at the World Wide Demonstration on the 22nd of January at approximately midday. This is a global protest against the extreme government tyranny that has plagued our world for the last two years and it will consist of gatherings in at least a hundred and twenty-one cities across the earth. The exact time and venue are not yet known; and because of the threat of disruption by officialdom and self-styled "anti-fascists" these details might only be released very shortly before the Demonstration. It is important to follow the relevant Telegram groups for the one you intend to take part in. Mainstream social media, Facebook, Twitter etc, is not reliable. The event may well be outdoors. I will be at the Oxford one. It is four blocks down and four across on the poster: Mark Devlin will also be speaking at the Oxford one, see: I have attended one of these protests before and it was a magnificent experience, see: Come along and make your voice heard. It's payback time for all the Orwellian dictatorship we have been suffering!

Tuesday 4 January 2022

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 52

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 52 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 52 includes an article in my column entitled Life on Mars- Discovery or Declassification?.
Also you will find in Issue 52: a tribute to the late Senator Harry Reid, a review of the new book Trinity, the impact of UFO's on the stock market and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 51:

Monday 3 January 2022

Kev Baker Dies

I'm very sorry to report that my good friend, comrade and space brother Kev Baker has died. Kev was a dedicated radio broadcaster who produced a huge amount of material. Barely a night went past without one of his shows going out live. He had a passionate interest in the paranormal, UFOlogy, cryptozoology and cover-ups, what he called "serious woo". He came from Inverness in Scotland, right next to Loch Ness and he took the idea of the monster very seriously. See here for his page on Truth Frequency Radio: He later moved to Glasgow where he lived with his family. He first invited me onto his show as a guest seven years ago and very soon I became a regular fixture on the Kev Baker Show. All in all we produced seventy-eight programmes together. I very much enjoyed being on the air with Kev and always looked forward to every third Tuesday of the month when I was on. This is the last show we did: In fact he had already booked me to be on his show again on the eighteenth of this month, which will now sadly not happen. Usually the day before each show I used to send him a list of topics to give him ideas and sometimes he would add some himself. I'm pleased to say I once had the honour of returning the favour, see: I also met Kev once, at the 2016 Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference in Glasgow, see Losing Kev has hit me very badly. I'm still in shock and I will miss him very much. His passing is the latest in what feels like a run of bereavements, see background links below. My heart goes out to his wife, children and the rest of his family. As Kev would say, see ya, Bro. Here is a moving tribute by another of Kev's colleagues, Revd. Bill Bean: Many of Kev's guests and listeners, who he called "wookies", were in the live chat.
See here for background:

Saturday 1 January 2022

Crafty Nihilist New Year Interview

The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have produced a New Year video:
It's called A Surprise Interview with Ben and I watched it in a fit of hilarity from start to finish. Many thanks to the Crafties for their imagination and endeavour in producing this.
See here for another video by The Crafty Nihilist: