Saturday 29 January 2022

Trevor's Trucker Footage

Trevor Murray is my co-host on Third Rail Radio, for example see:, and the host of the Social Dilemma show on which I have been a guest, see: The Canadian truckers' protest has turned into one of the biggest the world has ever seen. Right now over 70,000 heavy goods vehicles are converging on the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. Some of them passed through London, Ontario where Trevor lives and he went out into the freezing Canadian winter to film them. Such support has been mirrored right across that gigantic land. This is an invincible movement. Source:
The globalist puppet Justine Castro, known as the "Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau", is apparently in self-isolation because of a positive LFT, although I know what he is really hiding from. Canadian lorry drivers are some of the toughest men who ever lived. They are mostly self-employed sole traders who face enormous financial challenges as well as a job with numerous health and safety risks. They have been ruthlessly attacked by Castro's government, being forced to show vaccination passports to cross the border with the USA. No doubt this would eventually be expanded to entering another province too. Road haulage trade with the United States is essential to the Canadian economy. As one of the drivers put it: "If you've got it, a trucker brought it." And that's true. Without lorries (and to a smaller extent rail freight), you would literally have nothing; food, machinery, medicines, clothing, other than that which would not need to be imported. In Oxford, where I live, that is almost nothing except the Mini car. Most hardware is made abroad, mostly in the Far East, and is brought thousands of miles across the oceans on ships. From there it is put onto a lorry for inland transport. Castro keeps insisting that vaccines are purely voluntary and nobody is forced to take them. At what point will he accept that this increasing "encouragement" constitutes coercion? Forcing people to take a medical treatment is violence and it is against the law. For more details listen to the Third Rail Radio show linked above. I consider it one of the finest Trevor and I have ever done.
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