Sunday 9 January 2022

Millennials Believe in the Reps

An interesting story has appeared in the most unlikely of places, the Daily Star online edition. It cites a survey by "Topp Casino Bonus". I'm not sure when gambling websites got into the opinion polling business, but never mind that for now. It suggests that a significant proportion of young people, when asked to comment privately at least, accept many of the ideas that I discuss on the HPANWO outlets, even the most outlandish ones. The article refers specifically to the idea that some people, especially the famous and powerful, are really reptilian aliens in disguise. Although it says that David Icke "championed" the notion, it does not claim he invented it. That is correct. The theory has been suggested before, even in ancient mythology. The results were that 12% of British people aged twenty-four to thirty-five believe alien lizards rule the world. Older people are less likely to believe in it, which is an inversion of previous studies and could indicate that the age one tends to get "red pilled" is coming down. Source: If true, this is highly significant. The proportion who believe in other theories, such as the UFO cover-up or the lies about Covid 19, are probably even higher. I know this is obviously just a novelty piece, but other more serious studies back it up. For example: The genuine level of conspiratorial awareness in the population is encouragingly high and is growing. It is clear that people like me are a small vocal tip of a huge silent iceberg. As for own opinions about whether lizards really do control the world; well, in a word: it's true. If you think that is insane then you need to look deeper. I'm pleased to say a lecture recording from REPCON in 2017 that I thought was lost forever has just been reuploaded by Ellis Taylor. You might recognize the MC: This video is a good place to start.
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