Monday 24 January 2022

WWD in the MSM

See here for essential background:
The Oxford Mail has written a brief report on yesterday's World Wide Demonstration event. An article was posted by their "digital" reporter, Sophie Perry... Do they have analogue ones? (Oddly enough another journalist, Miranda Norris, also posted a photo of one of our promotional stickers in the paper a few days ago, giving us free publicity. Thanks, Miranda!) The article's title gets off to the usual start with a typically aggressive and misleading tone: "Protestors take over Bonn Square in Oxford". We didn't "take it over"; it was a properly organized and authorized street assembly of a kind that happens regularly in Oxford. It was completely peaceful; I would add exceptionally good-natured. The newsbite also claims only about a hundred people took part. Nonsense! It was three to four times that many when everybody had arrived. My own video coverage proves this. Obviously this fake figure is an attempt to downplay the popularity of the demonstration and make readers think that if they oppose the lockdown they are few and isolated. The article ends with these chilling words: "Reports from the scene suggest a woman is making a speech saying how 'happy she is to see children at the protest'." That sounds like something criminal and underhand is going on. Of course it refers to Lucy Davies' statement, but there is no attempt to place it into its genuine benign context. Source: This deceptive and manipulative article will not have its intended effect. More and more people are getting their information from honest reporters like Joe Rogan, GB News and myself. The comments under the article are a mixed bag. Sadly, you'll always get the idiots, but there are plenty of positive ones too. Interestingly one refers to "300" people being there as if the article had originally stated that number. Was the 300 edited to 100 afterwards?
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