Wednesday 26 February 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 390

I have been featured on Programme 390 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Elena Freeland on chemtrails, travel restriction by car design, targeted individuals and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 23 February 2020

Bigfoot Body Taken

The presence of an elusive large unknown primate living in North America is, I think, proven beyond reasonable doubt. Bigfoot is described as being a type of ape that is very large, about twenty to forty percent bigger than a human. It has long fur over its whole skin and, most interestingly of all, it stands upright and walks on two legs just like a human does. Reports of the creature date back to before the arrival of European settlers on the continent and even today it is often known by its Amerindian name Sasquatch. Of course there are many skeptics who doubt the existence of Bigfoot and until now the question has been fairly one-dimensional. It's a dispute over evidence or or alleged lack of it. This makes Bigfoot very different to the UFO issue because with UFO's there is a distinct political angle; by that I mean government suppression through media propaganda and crash-retrievals etc. However, a story has emerged that throws the Bigfoot subject into a completely new light. If it is true then it means Bigfoot has to be dealt with more like the way we address UFO's. In 2013 a man in Pennsylvania USA called the emergency services number, 911, and made an astonishing report. He had been out in the woods hunting wild turkeys and had shot a Bigfoot. He left the beast lying dead in the forest. He also found numerous unknown footprints in the area. What followed was extraordinary. People in the area saw military helicopters and a massive police presence moving in on where the creature was. The story of a dead Bigfoot then went quiet and the police dismissed the footprints as those of a bear. Source:

This is a sinister development. What I describe is exactly what happens during a UFO crash-retrieval like Roswell, Aztec and Pentyrch etc. Why would this happen? Why would the Deep State suppress the existence of Bigfoot? Surely from their point of view it is neither here nor there whether the existence of a big upright simian is real or not. It's not as if Bigfoots (or Bigfeet) have the key to free energy or antigravity. The answer could lie in the field of strategic psychological warfare. It could be detrimental, from the Cabal's position, for humans to know we share this planet with such creatures. Upright locomotion is rare in the animal kingdom. Humans are the only known living primate which walks like that. Our closest known relatives, the chimpanzee and gorilla, walk on all fours because they are primarily tree dwellers. There are many extinct apes which walk upright and it could be Bigfoot is one wrongly listed as extinct when it is not, like the coelacanth. Its description matches a very big upright walking ape known through the fossil records as Gigantopithecus blacki which supposedly died out a hundred thousand years ago. Maybe it didn't. The mass psychological and cultural effect of Bigfoot, Yowie or the Yeti etc being real could cause people to think and feel in a way the Illuminati do not want us to. It might give us a subversive affinity with the natural world. Therefore Bigfoot hunters may need to take the same precautions that UFOlogists do. Be prepared for a cover-up the moment you make your report. Collect evidence and keep it secret; photos, DNA samples, spoor plaster-casts etc.

Saturday 22 February 2020

Will the TV Licence Abolished?

The British TV licence is a special tax paid by everybody who owns a television set in the United Kingdom and its dependencies, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. The revenue from this tax is used to fund BBC television and radio services. Every TV set owner must pay by law regardless of whether the viewer ever watches the BBC. There have even been cases of people in remote regions where they cannot receive the BBC signal being forced to pay nonetheless. The current fee is £154.50 per annum. For a long time there have been calls to take a second look at this funding model and finally there is a serious plan to do so. This has, I'm sure, been spurred on by the practical as well as the ethical issues at stake, like that fact that there is a backlog of licence evasion cases in the courts stretching for years. At one point, up to ten percent of magistrate hearings were concerning TV licences that were unpaid or in gross arrears. In 2014 it was announced that TV licence non-payment would be reduced from a criminal to a civil offence, which was probably simply because the courts can't cope with it, see: Last year it was announced that people aged over seventy-five would no longer be eligible for the licence and part of Boris Johnson's election campaign was to decriminalize evasion. The government have gone further since the election by announcing that they are going to review the very existence of the TV licence. Source:

I would be delighted if the licence fee were axed. It is morally questionable even if the BBC were producing quality material, and they are not. The BBC's programming includes some of the most boring, disgusting, depressing, frightening and confusing publications I've ever seen. I hardly ever watch it because some of it is unbearably toxic. As far as I am concerned, the TV licence is the people being made to forge our own shackles. Some people are scared that without the licence the BBC will cease to exist, such as the former news reporter Martin Bell, see: He shouldn't worry; the BBC will still endure. For me, that's a bad thing and I would much prefer it to be destroyed, but it will not. It will continue under a different system. This could mean total privatization in which case it would earn money by advertizing in the same way ITV does. Alternatively it could become semi-private and apply for government subsidies or a National Lottery grant. It will be able to keep its name "BBC". This will probably be a trademark. It might end up being a subscription service like Sky or Netflix. People therefore choose whether they want to put their hands in their pockets to be propagandized or not. The BBC themselves are obviously terrified of this because they know very well that very few people would subscribe. It would mean that for the first time ever they would be forced to produce programmes that people actually want to watch. For too long the BBC have been arrogantly wallowing in their lemonade stand ivory tower, knowing that they can do whatever they like because the viewer was forced to fork out whether they wanted to or not, or even whether they watched or not. This could be the impetus for a huge improvement at the corporation, however I find that unlikely. I'm not even going to bring up the sex abuse allegations and Jimmy Savile etc. I hope the un-British Brainwashing Cartel falls apart and we never see or hear anything from it again.

Thursday 20 February 2020

Brexit Negotiations

For anybody who thought I would shut up about Brexit now it has actually happened, sorry to disappoint you. Actually the real fun is just beginning. Everything that has happened between June the 23rd 2016 and January the 31st 2020 was simply about delivering the referendum. As I explain in my HPANWO TV coverage, see:, on that 11 PM moment everything did not automatically change. At 11.01 PM most of the laws that were in force at 10.59 PM remained in force. To dismantle the federal infrastructure into which Britain has been hogtied over the last seventy years cannot be done overnight. As I've said before, this is a big test of the sincerity of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Is he a fake Brexiteer? Will he now turn into another Theresa May now he has "got Brexit done!"? Well, so far so good. Michel Barnier's negotiating team in Brussels have been taking a very obstinate and vacillating position. They want to continue exploiting British fisheries for up to twenty-five years. They also insist on the continuing supremacy of the European Court of Justice on British soil and several trade demands that look like they're intended to cause economic sabotage. They describe this as "maintaining a level playing field". For example, if Britain does not submit to the European Union's fishing demands they have threatened to impose extra duty on the UK's fish exports to the continent. This is after just two years ago they themselves suggested a "Canada-style" free trade agreement. Boris' response is so far hopeful. He has refused to fall into Barnier's trap, and has called the EU's attitude "ridiculous and unreasonable", and he is right. Source: Even Nigel Farage has congratulated Boris as a result.

These negotiations are scheduled to take eleven months, so by the end of the year the whole process should be complete. Some people, especially in the EU, are asking for this transitional period to be extended for varying lengths of time. We know all about the EU's love of extensions, see: and the background links below. Boris Johnson has so far insisted that the current pace is maintained. Best of all, he has not ruled out simply walking out of the negotiations and going back to the World Trade Organization rules, the "Bali Package". This is a perfect response because Brussels' entire position is based on Britain wanting to arrange a deal more than they do. Boris' judgement is that they need us more than we need them. You may have heard the phrase "Singapore on Thames" which is the prospect of the UK becoming a huge enterprise zone; a deregulated financial relationship on the borders of a monetized empire. My own view was that we should have gone for the WTO option as the primary strategy to begin with. Before Brexit I was concerned that we would not even have made the progress we have. It was quite likely we would end up with a "half-Brexit" or "Brexit lite" in which we would remain indefinitely... ie: permanently, in the EU customs zone or Common Market. This has not happened so far. We won't know for sure how this will develop, but hopefully in a few weeks or months the situation will become clearer. One thing is for sure, the globalists are looking for ways to give Britain a punishment beating and Brussels seems to be trying to arrange that. Everything bad that happens in the next decade is going to be blamed on Brexit. If a rare species of beetle in the Solomon Islands goes extinct... that's because of Brexit! And Guy Verhofstadt has told us that the door is always open to go back. Don't be surprised if a "rejoin alliance" emerges before the next general election consisting of the political parties who tried to bully Boris last year. We will have to make sure that in the event of any post-Brexit strife the true culprits are exposed.

Tuesday 18 February 2020

UFO's- Something's Brewing

There have been some odd occurrences in the world of UFO's lately, and by lately in this case I mean the last two weeks or so. Obviously there have been odd occurrences related to UFO's throughout the last three or four years, as I explain in the background links below; but the last fortnight has been especially interesting. Nothing overt has happened, but a subtext has emerged that makes me sense something is going on in the background that will shortly become manifest. I get the inkling that a few people know it is coming, like Richard Dolan. He has made three videos on his YouTube channel that have a bit of a "back to basics" feel about them. Two are an introduction to the Roswell incident and his own analysis of it, see: and: He has also, at the time of writing, just uploaded a new one about Area 51, see: He says this is all about covering aspects of the new series of Project Blue Book (Damn! I knew there was something I'd forgotten!) Has somebody tipped Dolan off about a development we're about to see? At the same time there have been several publications that I would describe as preventative propaganda. A few days ago The Guardian revealed that there was going to be another major push in the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence- SETI. Source: This is being done by the original SETI Institute and it comes soon after Breakthrough Listen was suspended after no success, see: However, the whole question of SETI is meaningless when you accept the fact that the extraterrestrials are not "out there", they are down here. In fact I suspect that the whole SETI movement was established as an act of public distraction; see here for details: Along the same lines, but far less subtle, is a programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4, a live audience episode of the science show The Infinite Monkey Cage. It was presented by the repugnant Prof. Brian Cox and was about UFO's. There was only one person on the show who professed any belief in UFO's, the comedienne Lucy Beaumont. The programme took on a bit of a vaudeville tone and was very much a debunker, but it was no more original than any other skeptic programme on UFO's presented since home entertainment media began. All the talking points were ones uttered decades ago by the likes of Philip J Klass and Carl Sagan and they were comprehensively discredited back then. Why are they being repeated once more to the listening public? Perhaps something is about to happen for which the keepers of UFO secrecy want the populace already in a particular frame of mind beforehand.

Sunday 16 February 2020

Bird Death Update

The Department of Food and Rural Affairs- DEFRA has published its post-mortem report on the mysterious death of over three hundred starlings on Anglesey, Wales two months ago, see here for essential background: The toxicology reports came back as negative; the birds were not infected by any unusual bacteria, virus or chemical. They were killed by blunt force trauma. Many of them had broken bones and internal bleeding. The veterinary pathologists on the case think that the birds crashed into the ground while taking evasive action to avoid an airborne predator, possibly a hawk. Starlings often gather together in enormous flocks called "murmurations" that can include thousands of birds flying together in tight formation. Source: Murmurations are a spectacular sight. The individual birds fly so close and react so quickly that they act like a single object. No human aerobatics pilot could ever come close to such a performance, for example see: This murmuration phenomenon is so tight and unified that for a long time psychical researchers thought that it was evidence for telepathy; that the birds literally form a collective mind when flying like this. However, when films of murmurations are slowed down enough, it's possible to see that the birds do act as individuals, following the one in front. Their reactions are incredibly fast, but they are finite and so not telepathic. This still leaves the question of why such proficient flyers would flee from a hungry bird of prey by diving headlong onto the ground. The manoeuvrability and quick thinking that starlings obviously enjoy in abundance would surely prevent that. Obviously they are not perfect and accidents happen, but why did it happen in this case three hundred times?

Friday 14 February 2020

Jet Fuel Hoax

I've recently been sent a large amount of correspondence about a strange new story concerning aviation. The claim goes that jet aircraft need no fuel to fly and they really run off compressed air. Some of the air is added to pressurized chambers aboard the aircraft in places roughly corresponding with the location of what is believed to be the fuel tanks. This is used for taxiing, takeoff and landing; but when the plane is cruising the air comes from the atmosphere and is converted to a useable pressure by the jet engines themselves. The original source videos were removed from YouTube, but I've found them elsewhere plus additional documents. The hypothesis comes from several ideas. One says that aircraft could never store the fuel load designated as their capacity, either in terms of weight or volume. For example, the world's largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, when filled up contains 83,291 gallons of kerosene. This weighs altogether about 315 tons. The theorists illustrate this by showing the equivalent weight in elephants, London buses and tanker lorries perched on the wings. They also claim that there is not enough spare space available on the plane to store all that fuel. The workings of a modern turbofan jet aircraft engine also provide a source for their suspicions. The presence of a large amount of liquid on board a plane would cause an inertia problem because the fuel would slosh around during tight manoeuvres, like beer in a glass when somebody jostles you in a pub. It only takes about forty-five minutes to refuel an A380 which means the hosepipe used must be capable of about twice the flow rate of a fireman's hose; such a spray would break the wing apart and endanger the refuelling workers should it break loose. Source: and:

If this theory is true then it is a massive hoax. The implications are enormous. Everybody who has ever travelled by air has the right to sue the carrier for about half of their air fare, because that is the average proportion which covers fuel costs. This appears to be the principle concern of the video uploader; but in fact that is one of the more trivial eventualities, because it also would mean that the airlines are operating free energy devices without telling anybody. However, there are major problems with this whole assertion. An aircraft's fuel tanks are not just in the wings; they are in the centre of the fuselage too. In fact the pilots have to be very careful to expend each tank evenly to keep the plane balanced. The problem of inertia is solved by having baffles to prevent sloshing. This video explains comprehensively how an aircraft's fuel tanks work: What's more, if jet fuel hoax theorists are right then why have there been so many instances of planes crashing because they ran out of fuel; seventeen since 1953, according to this database: The uploader shows us a video from the famous beach next to the airport on St Maarten island where tourists like to play with the exhaust stream of aircraft taking off. The reason they are not burned to death by the exhaust is because at that distance from the engines the thermal energy is very low. A jet engine produces about as much heat as a back garden bonfire, but you would have actually to climb inside the engine combustion chamber to get close enough to the heat source to suffer burns. The same goes for the kerosene soot in the exhaust. At the distance from the tailpipe the tourists are standing, the concentration of soot particles is far too low to cause any acute toxicity (Incidentally, this is a reason why chemtrails have to be real, but that's something I cover in other publications, for example see: Therefore all that those tourists experience is a blast of strong wind. This is also why there are no scorch marks from the exhaust on the underside of the wings. The reason the engine pylons place the engine ahead of the leading edge of the wings is to keep an undisturbed direct flow of air into the engines. While ascending or at some angles of attack, if the engines sit right beneath the wings, then the wings might block some percentage of air from getting into the engine. I would also ask, why does the auxiliary power unit need a small turbojet and fuel to run it? Wouldn't a set of batteries charged by the primary compressed air engines be good enough? Of course, you'd have to keep the batteries secret from all the flight engineers, but that would be no more difficult than any of the other covert elements of this supposed conspiracy. And this brings us onto the central flaw in the jet fuel hoax theory. How many people would be needed to keep the secret? Of course I am well aware of the psychological factor in conspiracy theories, the tendency towards tacit collaboration. This is why I disagree so much with Dr David Grimes and his famous formula, see here for details: However, even the most extreme examples of subconscious compliance have their limits. For the jet fuel hoax to be correct, almost everybody involved in the aviation industry would have to be in collusion. This would include every engineer from Frank Whittle onwards. The builders in the factories, the draughtsmen and technicians. The maintenance crews of not only the aircraft themselves, but the pressurized fuel delivery piping systems at airports. The inspectors measuring consumption of fuel stores, the fitters of gauges and pumps, the pilots and in-flight engineers who have to measure fuel expenditure while in the air, the auditors in the oil refineries... the list goes on. Such a conspiracy would be impossibly top-heavy. What the producers of the second source videos say about Viktor Schauberger and Viktor Grebennikov is totally correct, as I detail myself in the background links below; but a conventional turbofan engine does not use anything like the kinds of technology those two men invented. Indeed why would a covert power-plant and propulsion system be both classified under the black budget and at the same time distributed across the globe for everyday use? Why don't the oil companies kick up about it? The "90% of the thrust!" figure in a turbofan engine is true, but this is because the jet is driven by a large fan which is the second stage of the system; and the first stage is a turbojet that turns a crankshaft for the fan. The turbojet itself does not provide much of the thrust because its primary output goes into driving the fan. The reason airline passengers hear the jets make a buzzing noise like a bee is because that is how the vibrations sound when they are transmitted through the airframe to the cabin. It is true that the jets throttle down when the plane is cruising; this is because it takes a lot less thrust to keep a speeding aircraft at a level altitude in thin air going than it does to make an aircraft go from a standstill at ground level to three hundred knots at thirty-five thousand feet, but at no time is the kerosene powered jet engine switched off. The refuelling operation does not involve any local pumps because the kerosene is already kept at high pressure inside the fuel lines under the apron. Also if the wings contain a pressurized air bunker than it must be made of a solid metal shell. Why is this not too heavy to put into a flying plane? I don't want to make an ad hominem point here, but the jet fuel hoax seems to be very popular with flat earthers. I notice there's quite a flat earth overlap with the fake moon landing community as well and sometimes the jet fuel conspiracy pops up in it, for example see: (Bill Kaysing has now passed away and I don't think he would approve of all the material on his tribute site, see: This is not why any of the flat earthers' ideas are wrong per se. I don't get angry with flatheads just for being flatheads. I know somebody who immediately blocks all flatties on social media the moment he sees them. I never do that, in fact I have friends who believe the earth is flat. I even debate them, see:; but one of the reasons that I am cautious of their various adjacent theories is because I do question their ability to assess the evidence. Free energy definitely does exist and many forgotten or underrated geniuses developed it, but their discoveries were appropriated by the government and are today only used in secret. I'm always open to new notions and emergent facts. If somebody can demonstrate successfully that commercial airliners really do run off compressed air than please go ahead. However, right now I would say that free energy is certainly not being used in everyday air travel right under our noses.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 55

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: Strange signals from outer space, astronauts seeing UFO's, head of the US Space Force takes his oath and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 11 February 2020

HS2 Going Ahead

After its suspension and review, the government have announced that work on the High Speed 2 railway network will continue. The network is due to be built in two phases over the next fifteen years. It will be modelled on the London to Channel Tunnel route and consist of two lines carrying trains at speeds of up to 225 miles per hour. The original budget for the project was fifty-six billion pounds, but so far it has cost about double that, even with only the work so far done; just the stations at London and Birmingham half built. The effect on the environment will be similar to the building of a large motorway with over two hundred homes being lost. The people unlucky enough to be living on the route of HS2 will be forced out of their houses with the bare minimum of compensation. Even the people who live close to the route and keep their homes will witness their world transformed. You can see by the illustration above that the phase one route runs very direct between London and Birmingham, cutting a laceration through the green heart of England. Small villages that are mentioned in the Domesday Book will be ruined. Woodland of ancient oaks will be torn to the ground. The noise pollution caused by the speeding trains will disturb wildlife and farm animals, and will spoil the atmosphere of rural communities. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the village is the fortress of a nation's culture. Well, it looks like the plan is to sack that fortress. And for what benefit? It is estimated that the current average journey time by rail between London and Birmingham will be reduced from one hour twenty-four minutes to fifty minutes. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "It has been a controversial and difficult decision" and he has added to the budget by appointing a full-time minister to oversee the project. Source: and: He claims that it will create jobs and boost the economy. Unlikely seeing as the increasing trend towards automation in the next few years means that the trains may well be driverless and the stations full of automatic turnstiles and ticket vending machines. It is a pity because this is a big black mark against a Prime Minister who has done a lot of good in other areas, see: And how much will the tickets cost? Even the existing railway network is so expensive to travel on these days that many people, including myself, hardly ever use it. I prefer instead to use coaches. HS2 will probably be far more pricy that the existing network. It will be nothing more than a rich man's plaything like the Concorde supersonic airliner. (Caroline Stephens has covered HS2 as well, for example: I often hear people complain that their taxes are rising, but services are becoming scarcer. "Where is all that money going?" they ask. The answer is: on destructive white elephants like HS2. I just hope common sense returns and we can put a stop to HS2 before they start laying the track. The terminuses can then be turned into ice rinks or something.

Monday 10 February 2020

New Exopol Videos

Exopolitics Great Britain have uploaded recordings from the Exopolitics Leeds Expo, an outstanding series of conferences that I loved going to; see background links for my HPANWO TV reportages. They unfortunately finished in 2015 and many of these recordings have never been seen before. Some of them briefly feature myself because I was the master-of-ceremonies for two of the conferences. Rosemary Ellen Guiley's lecture is a true exclusive because the speaker sadly passed away recently, see: I hope you enjoy them and, who knows, one day the Expo might resume.
The best way to watch the new recordings is to follow them on the playlist:

Saturday 8 February 2020

Good Omens

I spend a lot of time writing hate-reviews of TV programmes and films that I can't stand, for example:, so wouldn't it be nice for a change for me to write about a programme I do like? There's not much on TV that I can stomach these days, so little in fact that I've basically given up watching it except on those odd occasions when somebody else who knows my tastes makes me aware of a jewel in the dung-heap. In this instance it was a Facebook friend of mine who told me about Good Omens. This is a comedy miniseries that has just been released onto the BBC and Amazon Prime and is based on a book co-authored by the late Terry Pratchett. Because it is a joint BBC production, my hopes weren't high; but they were dispelled the moment I started watching it. Good Omens is a six-part comedy serial about a very unusual friendship between an angel and a demon. It is both incredibly witty and very well produced; it is also deeply thought-provoking. Aziraphale is an angel played by Michael Sheen. He's a rather effete and goody-two-shoes kind of person, as you'd expect an angel to be. Because of a mishap during the process of Creation he ends up having to collude with a demon called Crowley. Crowley was the snake in the Garden of Eden who then takes on human form as David Tennant, of Doctor Who fame. Crowley is a wise-cracking man-about-town who reminds me of that other very charismatic Hornèd One played by Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate. He drives recklessly around London in an old Bentley Derby, playing Queen at full volume on the stereo; although he always has to wear sunglasses to conceal his serpentine eyes. He and Aziraphale have a strange and fascinating love-hate relationship. The blunders continue in the run-up to Armageddon when the Antichrist is born and is handed to the wrong parents. This results in a very abortive and botched apocalypse.

There are numerous skits on the film The Omen as the Devil Child grows older, along with the burgeoning errors in the plan for Judgement Day because he is with the wrong mother and father. By the time the denizens of Hell realize their mistake, it is too late. Another player in the game is the descendent of a prophet. Her name is Anathema Device and her ancestor is called Agnes Nutter. The naming of the characters in this series is superb and reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove. Anathema is fixated on Agnes' legend and uses her mystical book of predictions to find the Antichrist herself. Good Omens is clearly a satire of Judeo-Christian eschatology. What makes it fascinating is that the moral of the story is far less black-and-white than the mythology it lampoons. Aziraphale is not pure lilywhite goodness. Beneath his squeaky clean exterior he can be deceptive, manipulative and very passive-aggressive. Conversely Crowley is not pure evil. He feels very fond of his angelic friend and has a sense of fair play and justice. It is as if these two agents become more like the other as a result of their companionship. This gets both of them into serious trouble with their overlords, or rather underlords in Crowley's case. The idea that earthy experience breaks down the duality of Heaven and Hell is a very prevalent one in Gnosticism. In the process of Crowley and Aziraphale's friendship, you could say that the two poles of Yin and Yang are blended in the perfection of the Tao, all energies in balance. As the angel says to the eleven-year-old Antichrist: "Some hoped there would be a God incarnate. Crowley hoped you were the Devil incarnate. But you're better than both of those; you are human incarnate!" Oddly enough there is no actual Messiah or Second Coming in this story. It is interesting that the problem Aziraphale causes in the Garden of Eden is all to do with a flaming sword. In Genesis 3:24 it reads that: "The Lord God drove out the man and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden cherubim with flaming swords which turned every way to keep the man distant from the tree of life." In this revised scripture Aziraphale gives the flaming sword to Adam because: "There are vicious animals! It's going to be cold out there and she's expecting already." Indeed in the same scene we see Adam using the flaming sword to drive away a lion. Later on, the same sword is used by the school friends of the Antichrist to kill the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It is astonishing that in this version of the perennial tale, the weapon of Promethean divinity is put into the hand of man which allows him to destroy the forces of darkness without the help of God. In the final scene, Crowley says to Aziraphale: "Doesn't it make you wonder if the Almighty planned it this way all along." I also wonder if He did. In fact both the demons and angels join forces and stand side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder in unison to punish Crowley and Aziraphale for their treason; for spoiling the fun they were expecting in the final battle of the End Times. Despite it being a joint BBC production, in Good Omens there is a refreshing lack of political correctness. There are some elements that could be interpreted as culturally Marxist, such as God being female; also the fact that Adam and Eve are black people, but this didn't particularly bother me. Besides, from a theological point of view it is a valid quandary; what colour would Adam and Eve be anyway? Why do we think of God as male when He is not a mortal being? Am I imagining that there is even a very daring attempted spoof of feminism in some of the dialogue coming from the Antichrist's friend Pepper? There are some other very intriguing features such as the fact that the demons are all portrayed as having small animals attached to their heads or backs; usually these are reptilians or toads. Where did the programme makers get that idea from? It reminds me of stories of possession by archons or the "scuttlers" Miles Johnston talks about. This series is extremely well-scripted. A classic line is when Crowley accuses Aziraphale of being "holier than thou" and the angel replies: "But I am holier than thou! That's the whole point!" This six-part saga is painfully funny, mentally inspiring and utterly absorbing. It is very like Gone To Seed, see the background links below, with its style and originality. There's also a Tim Burtonesque feel to it; in fact Good Omens is easily as hilarious as Mars Attacks; and that it really saying something. It can be watched now on Amazon Prime, see: I highly recommend it.

Friday 7 February 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Raconteurs News 6

I have been interviewed again on the Raconteurs News show with Jason Holmes, see:
Subjects discussed include: Brexit celebrations, the scandal of taxation, crop circles and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Raconteurs News:

Thursday 6 February 2020

Trump Impeachment Ends

President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his trial by the United States Senate following his impeachment. He was found not guilty on all charges. It was obvious this was going to be the outcome. Of the hundred Senators, fifty-two are Republicans, a small majority. As it happened they voted along party lines with two exceptions, one Democrat and one Republican; so the results were the same as a pure partisan vote. In order to remove Trump from office there needs to be two-thirds in favour of it; completely impossible. The accusation was that President Trump abused his position and also obstructed Congress over an incident in which he conferred with the president of Ukraine about Hunter Biden, the son of his main political rival, Joe Biden. Biden Jr was involved with a local oil company called Burisma. I discuss it in more detail in this Third Rail Radio programme: Impeachments of US Presidents are very rare. They have only happened three times in the nation's history. In 1998 Bill Clinton was impeached and also acquitted. You have to go all the way back to 1868 for the previous example in which the seventeenth US President, Andrew Johnson (not the 9/11 researcher), was impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanours". He was also acquitted just like the incumbent. The whole story is very complicated, and I go into more detail in the Third Rail show, but from what I've seen there was no cause to find Trump guilty. It is obvious that this was a trick pulled by Trump's opponents for ulterior motives. Said opponents have displayed their dishonesty and malice for the whole country to see. In this way they are very similar to the Remoaner movement in the UK. It gets even worse for them because one of their ringleaders, Nancy Pelosi, was given her copy of Trump's State of the Union Address and she tore it to shreds. This was a speech that has been well-received by the American people. It indicates that life in the USA is improving. The nation is growing stronger in its economy and the wellbeing of its citizens. America has indeed been made great again! Trump refused to shake Pelosi's hand, which is a breach of protocol because she is the Speaker of the House; but who can blame him after what she has done, see: For Pelosi to tear it up in bitterness over her failed attempt to depose the President could be interpreted as her tearing up the goodness of her country; this is political suicide for herself and for the Democratic Party. In fact Trump's approval ratings have risen significantly over this impeachment. The Democrats do not have a credible candidate to challenge Trump in the November Presidential Election, so things are looking rosy for the God Emperor. The bad guys' plans have backfired on them; an increasingly common occurrence in the post-2016 world. I'm glad this impeachment is over and we can move on from it. It has ended the way everybody knew it would. How much time, energy and taxpayers' money have been wasted on this music hall farce?

Sunday 2 February 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 387

I have been featured on Programme 387 of the Mind Set Podcast.
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Saturday 1 February 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 25

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