Monday 16 July 2018

Apparently we ARE Alone!

Some very very clever people at Oxford University... and there are a lot of clever people there... have announced that humans are alone in the universe. Earth is the only planet with any intelligent life for as far as it is possible to see. This perfectly and extremely sensible claim was made by three scientists, Anders Sandberg, Eric Drexler and Toby Ord at the Future of Humanity Institute... Personally I think Sandberg Drexler and Ord sounds more like a firm of solicitors. The names also look German; I wonder what Michael Shrimpton would say. Their conclusion comes from Fermi's paradox, a proposal made by the famous physicist Enrico Fermi. In a lecture at the Los Alamos National Laboratory once, he asked why we have never been visited by extraterrestrials seeing as the universe is infinite in size and does definitely have the ability to develop intelligent life; the earth being a case in point. The Drake Equation, that I refer to in the background link above, was put together by some of the world's leading experts in astronomy, biology, cosmology and statistics. The SETI proponent Jill Tarter calls it: "a wonderful way to organize our ignorance", but is that fair now we know that most stars have planets and that a large proportion of those planets are in the "Goldilocks zone", the region of space where they could have an earth-like environment? This trio of Gerry mentalmen from Oxford say "yes". The problem is that biologists still are not sure how likely the process of life is to begin wherever the correct habitat occurs. It could be that every earth-like planet inexorably generates life in one form or another as a natural part of its evolution; or it could be a fluke. With only one example to work with, the earth, it's impossible to declare the odds. Based on this new study by Sandberg Drexler and Ord, the odds are between 39 and 85 percent that earth is either the only planet in the universe with life, or that life exists out there but it is so far away we will never be able to contact it. Source: And:

The odds proposed by Sandberg Drexler and Ord are very wide-ranged. The three scientists also fail to take into account the issues I myself raise in my SETI and UFO's talk, see above background link. The answer to the Fermi paradox is simple, extraterrestrials are visiting us. That's what UFO's are. It astonishes me when I listen to Carl Sagan waxing lyrical about the promises of SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence yet he completely dismissed the UFO phenomenon for his entire career. We humans only built the first aeroplane in 1903 yet by 1950 the British Interplanetary Society had finished a practical design for a spacecraft that could reach the nearest stars within a few years. It could be built today and it would work. It is a bizarre illogic that concludes that the universe is teaming with life, much of it far more technologically advanced than humanity, while humanity has designed basic interstellar space travel within just half a century, and could therefore go and visit the aliens... yet on no account can the aliens ever come to visit us! All evidence that suggests that they have is to be instantaneously dismissed without any consideration as the falsehoods of shysters and fools. There is a mental blindfold in academia when it comes to UFO's. Bryce Zabel suggests Carl Sagan's denial is far more than mere ignorance; he thinks Sagan was an insider who knew UFO's were real and was an active agent of the Truth Embargo, see: Either way, this cultural hurdle has to be overcome. In my lecture I also refer to the work of Dr Chandra Wickramasinghe and Prof. Fred Hoyle who have found out that space, far from being a cold inanimate vacuum, is actually filled with organic material. It's like a rainforest up there! I am convinced that our three Oxford German friends are talking nonsense. Thanks to the Russian oligarch Yuri Milner, there is more money and publicity being dedicated to SETI research than ever before. As I say in the East Anglia talk, the inevitable success of the project will have a good knock-on effect for UFOlogy and this will quickly bring Disclosure, I expect. In the links below you will see some of the recent hopeful developments.


Anonymous said...

Michael Shrimpton would say "those child abuse photographs of young boys found on my memory stick ain't mine Judge"

Let's see if you try to cover for him by not approving this post. If you do i will let everyone know you tried to help keep this quiet in the woo woo world.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I think you should check your facts, "Anon" (Funny how the angriest trolls never use their real name). Shrimpton was framed. I suggest you examine the case, why he was set up and jailed under a fabricated charge because of what he discovered about the 2012 Olympics. Shrimpton was one of a small group of people who saved thousands of lives.

Clint E. said...

This is interesting, so how did he save thousands of lives?

Clint, E.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Clint, for an answer put "2012 Olympics" into the search box on this blog and HPANWO TV.