Thursday 26 July 2018

Heatwave Horror

The illustration above is a photograph of a newspaper headline from yesterday. If I had seen this as a child I would have been mortified. In Britain the weather is a national obsession. Every extreme weather event generates front page headlines for days on end and it's become normal journalism to have a TV reporter broadcast from a beach with their trousers rolled up wading in the sea, or trudging through snow up to their knees. At the moment, late July, the northern hemisphere is in the apex of summer and heatwaves have broken out in multiple places; Europe, Japan, North America, Scandinavia and almost everywhere else. Wildfires have destroyed entire towns in Greece and the home counties farmland in the UK has been dubbed "the Surrey savannah". Democracy Now! have warned that hot weather has been linked to a rise in suicides, see:, although this could be the result of the kind of heatwave porn in the media, like that I photographed above. There have been portents of doom involving the Lake District being plundered for fresh water, failed harvests, livestock being given winter feed now and every other kind of biblical catastrophe imaginable. As somebody whose job involves being outdoors, I have noticed dry gardens and parks, dead grass, lowering river levels and effects on my own health. I have had sunburn a few times and also fainted yesterday while digging a vegetable patch. Luckily I recovered after going indoors and having a glass of water, but I had to stop work and go straight home. The vlogger "Slaxxxer" lives in rural Oxfordshire and has recorded the effects of the heatwave on the countryside, see: It looks likely that this weather might surpass the great drought of 1976. All this has made me wonder if man-made climate change is real after all... Bear with me.

When the weather gets like this for as long as it has I sometimes find it hard to imagine that it will ever change. I know intellectually that it cannot last forever, no heatwave ever can in a dynamic weather system; however it feels as if it is eternal. I can see it going on forever, and maybe it will even get hotter and hotter until we simply burn up. This was the plot of the science fiction film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, where the Van Allen radiation belts around the earth catch fire and threaten to roast the planet alive, see: This film frightened me when I saw it as a small boy, and combine it with the media coverage of the heatwave and you have the perfect ingredients for childhood nightmares. The heatwave has distracted people from other things, such as Brexit, see: It has given the media the pretext they need to bury it. So what did I mean when I said man-made climate change might be real after all? I've been saying for years that climate change caused by human carbon dioxide emissions is a hoax concocted for the New World Order, for example see: Am I now admitting that I was wrong?... No. However there are other ways to warm up the planet. HAARP for example; and also selective chemtrailing, more at night and less in the day. This provides more daytime sunlight exposure and less of a nighttime heat-sink. Heatwaves are caused by wind direction and levels of atmospheric pressure; well, both those things can be generated and controlled using existing and patented weather warfare technology. This is also technically man-made climate change; and I believe in it. We should have guessed they would try something like this. With the rise in people doubting anthropogenic global warming and the failure of earlier predictions to come true, combined with the importance of the AGW theory for geopolitical goals of authoritarianism and internationalism; at some point somebody was bound to suggest artificially raising the earth's temperature by means of covert geoengineering in order to blame AGW and deceptively prove the "climate change deniers!" wrong. An environmental false-flag. I suggested this a few years ago, see background links below. Also Kev Baker has independently come to this realization, see: Just look at this chilling article from the BBC: It's difficult to think straight when there is so much heat in the environment; it makes ordinary life a struggle. Combine this with fear and it makes a cocktail of compliance. In these conditions we become more suggestible and easier to persuade. As tough as it is, we need to be on our guard. We must keep our thoughts in order. We need to expose this racket for what it is and thereby save the earth from destruction by the real threat that faces it.


Anonymous said...

Where I live in the UK, it has been extremely noticeable that since this hot weather started and then for every single day throughout, there have been NO chemtrails (more accurately SAIs - Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) in the sky whatsoever. Zero. None. And this is a heavily sprayed area where until the hot weather came, the sky was always full of these things and we never saw the sun because of the silver haze permanently blocking it out from late morning to dusk. Just seems something of a 'coincidence' that the SAI has stopped completely at the same time as we have got this very hot weather.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I've noticed that where I am too, Anon. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

no contrails in a massive high pressure system is not strange IMO.

here's some very similar headlines from 1934, when it was much warmer, and went on much longer.

were they chemtrailing in 1934? or is it something to do with the longer a data set gets, the more likely you will break records/get outliers, I think so, situation normal, weather happens, climate changes - it always did.

The likely explination for meridional jet stream (which is responsible for the current weather and 'blocking highs') is to do with the activity of the sun, here's a new scientist piece from 1979 discussing it:

and here's a more fleshed out hypothesis along the same lines:

Note that a meridional jet stream causes blocking highs in summer and winter, so warmer summers (more heatwaves as the weather systems get stuck in a loop of the jetstream), and colder winters (cold waves or stuck weather systems), it'll return to the general mean when the sun picks up it's activity again (although this cycle is showing anomilously low activity so nobody knows quite when the activity will pick up).


Anonymous said...


But we're not talking about contrails.

And yes, geo-engineering was taking place in 1934 - check out Matt Landman on the Kev Baker show a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon, contrails/chemtrails are both 'Stratospheric Aerosol Injection' whatever squirts out condenses in the air forming a trail (or it wouldn't be visible) but under a massive high pressure system the adiabiatic lapse rate is too high for condensates to form, which is why I do not consider a lack of trails under such a system to be strage.

Matt Landman aknowledges the global warming thing is a hoax in the first 10 mins of the show, then goes on to talk about chemtrailing as 'solar radiation manegement' so what's the point of trying to modify the how much sun reaches the Earth, if it's not to reduce global temps because global warming is a hoax?

If the heatwave was caused by a lack of chemtrailing, why would they stop in 1934, 1976, and 2018 specifically?

what's it really all about?