Monday 23 July 2018

TR3B to be Declassified?

Some friends have informed me that a document has been released by the government of the United States of America which may be a sign that they are declassifying the TR3B. The TR3B is an alleged air and spacecraft with a revolutionary propulsion system developed in secret at Area 51. Insider witnesses such as Edgar Fouche claim to have been involved with the project, see: Many unidentified flying object sightings involve black flying triangular shaped artefacts and some of these fit the descriptions of the TR3B's structure and performance. This possibility is based on an announcement that appeared on Twitter, on an account called "United States Space Force", see: It is designed in the style of official government Twitter pages. It was created quite recently, only a month ago, at the time President Trump announced the creation of a "US space force", see: The Tweet includes a link to a Patents.Google page which details the spacecraft. Again, this has an authentic feel; it includes citations and footnotes, see: However this Patents.Google page doesn't appear to be a declassified document; it was published openly by the US Patent Office in 2006. There are many existing discussions about it in the conspirasphere dating from quite a long time ago, for example: Whether this Tweet, direct link:, is a genuine prelude to Disclosure will depend on the authenticity of the account from which it came and, if so, whether the Trump administration is willing to tell us more. Watch this space for updates (pun intended).

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