Sunday 30 April 2023

Does Brexit cause Pub Closures?

An article has just been published in The Independent... ironic name... that reveals the terrible blow taken to the hospitality industry in the last few years. About 4,600 outlets have shut down since March last year, a twelve percent contraction in the industry. Apparently no other major economy is suffering this much during the Covid lockdown recovery period. I have often seen pubs, nightclubs and restaurants boarded up as I walk through the streets, some of them very old and long-lasting. The blame, the article says, is primarily Brexit. Owners cannot recruit enough staff to keep their establishments open and this is because workers from the continent can no longer cross the border into Britain for jobs. Source: However, is it fair to put this disaster at the feet of Brexit and, of course, all those stupid people who voted Leave? The UK's current immigration policy is a confused and ineffectual joke. If anybody wants to enter the country and stay, all they have to do is land at Dover in a rubber dinghy; yet at the same time others cannot legally enter the country when they have all the necessary qualifications and licenses. However, this doesn't only affect the UK. Many EU countries... sorry, member states... are in exactly the same predicament and sometimes even more so. Italy also has a major migration crisis and it is a fully conquered province of the empire. Travel between Britain and continental Europe has been a widespread and consistent phenomenon since prehistoric times. Archaeologists have discovered money, jewellery and tools brought onto Great Britain from all over the known world in those days. There are four bodies buried at Sutton Hoo, an early Anglo-Saxon village, whose DNA has identified them as foreign born, source: Why has international labour exchange suddenly become so difficult? Can we not solve this conundrum ourselves, creatively, with a bi-lateral deal? How about creating high quality professional jobs paying more than the minimum wage that will appeal to the native workforce? This is a common contradiction when it comes to the EU and all other kinds of NWO reforms like cashlessness etc. Something that people have always done and always found very easy suddenly becomes impossible to do without a supranational bureaucratic coordinator. It's as if that coordinator has always existed since Stonehenge was built and now, shock horror!, it's been stripped away from us leaving us naked and vulnerable for the first time in history. I think this is a Remoaner psyop. The crisis in the pubs and clubs industry is an artificial obstacle intended to tarnish Brexit, just like the Northern Ireland border non-problem. I just hope enough of The Dependent's readers can see through it. Other abominations have done far more damage to the hospitality industry, long before Brexit, like the smoking ban.
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Friday 28 April 2023

Conspiracy Theorist Conversion Therapy

I have undergone a course of conspiracy theorists' deprogramming. Now, before anybody starts worrying, I'm not about to hang up my tin foil hat; I was simply curious what it would be like. I also like to test my own beliefs against dissent. The course is not an A Clockwork Orange eyelid holding torture session; it is actually just a six-part series of videos by a YouTuber called "Skeptic of the North", probably because he comes from Northern Ireland.
Here is where to watch the course... if you dare!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
There is actually very little factual information in this series that I'm not already familiar with because it has been circling the skeptisphere for a number of years; the studies on JFK and 9/11 etc. However, the presentation is far better than what you get from an average skepper. This could be because the YouTuber is a former conspiracy theorist. He knows how we think and so how to try and persuade us. Despite this, he does fall short on an evidential basis and he has not convinced me at all. The part which I think was the most penetrating was the segment where he asks: "How do you know what you know?" This is a valid question. How do I know I'm not caught in what Stephen Law calls an intellectual black hole, see: Really, I can't prove I'm not, but I doubt it simply because I have always made such an effort to examine the skeptic side of every story. On his channel there is also an interview with another ex-conspiracy theorist, Brent Lee. This is somebody I remember from the original David Icke forum. He was radicalized soon after 9/11, but in the 20-teens began to have doubts. In the last couple of years he has rejected all his previous views, see: Will I one day follow in his footsteps? I have to admit that I cannot rule it out. I might indeed possibly one day become a skeptic. However, I think with me it's unlikely because I know the skeptic worldview; I'm familiar with their arguments. In the interview at one point Brent says: "When I was a conspiracy theorist I hated the debunkers!" Ironically, and paradoxically from a superficial perspective, it is the biggest zealot who is least tolerant of those who disagree who is by far the most likely to cross the aisle and join them. This point was made by Richard Seymour in his biography of Christopher Hitchens, see: Seymour thinks this is because they so easily feel betrayed. I feel no hostility to skeptics, even those who are former woo-woos like me; except those I've spoken of before who are rude and antisocial towards me. At one point Skeptic of the North asks another very well thought out question: Why do we conspiracists feel such distrust for mainstream experts and yet champion every word alternative experts say as gospel truth? Are alternative experts not capable of lying? He shows a series of pie charts illustrating the proportion of climate scientists and architects and engineers who believe the official stories of climate change and 9/11 compared to those who don't. It is true that the mainstream side vastly outnumbers us. But is this really just a simple election? I had to think for a while how to answer this point and I still am mulling it over. I'm well aware that human beings are very varied and people of all kinds have weaknesses and vices. However, I must say that there is something inherently and especially dishonest about Illuminati occupied institutions; or to be more precise, the way people behave when they are under the influence of those institutions. I have the perfect example, my own discharge from the NHS. Not one single person within the management system deviated in the tiniest way from the objective of removing me, even though all of them must have known that the case against me was a false one and that they valued me as a porter, see: Naturally there are liars, charlatans and fools inside the conspirasphere and I have been targeted by them myself, for example see: However, at no time during these troll drama outrages was there the unity of purpose that you see in the mainstream world, the robotic mindlessness, the conformist copycat behaviour. Skeptic of the North started out from a similar position to myself, like Brent Lee did; but for whatever reason, he has moved on to a very different place and now sees the world in another way. I think he's made a mistake, but I bear him no ill will for it. We do not choose our beliefs. I wish him all the best for the future, wherever it takes him.
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Thursday 27 April 2023

Andrew Bridgen Fired

Andrew Bridgen MP has been expelled from the Conservative Party. He had had the whip removed in January so was out of the parliamentary party anyway, but now is out of the whole party. The news was meant to be kept private for a while, but the party have leaked it. This came just a few weeks after the entire House of Commons walked out while Bridgen was speaking. What is very creepy indeed is that the Opposition does so too, but only after somebody on the government front bench (is it BoJo) walked over and tells them to, see: This expulsion news comes just after Bridgen spoke out again on a select committee about the WHO, see: His "crime"? Spreading C**** 19 "misinformation and conspiracy theories"... Based! I'm pleased to say he is unrepentant. He said: "If it saves one child's life it is worth it." He is, of course, still an elected member of the Commons and is sitting as an independent and plans to stand again, and I hope in the next election his constituents stick by him and return him to Parliament. Readers will guess that I totally support Mr Bridgen and he has my deepest respect. I wish all politicians were like him. Sadly, only a few are. The establishment are desperately suppressing anybody who speaks out against the official narrative of the V-word being "Safe and effective!" Here's another example, Russell Brand was on Real Time with Bill Maher and starts talking honestly; see how the Maher responds: I have no doubt Andrew Bridgen's defiance will continue and he has won the loyalty of a new community. In fact he is appeared on Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy, see:
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Wednesday 26 April 2023

Whose Street? MY Street!

I had a bit of a disagreeable experience at work today. I was walking a dog, one who belongs to a man who is very old and disabled. This dog likes to walk a particular route and a part of it is along a cul-de-sac. We walk up it and then back down it, which is of course all you can do in a cul-de-sac. We have done this numerous times over the past couple of years. Today a white van pulled over beside us, the driver stuck his head out and he said: "Oi, stop letting your dog piss in my garden!" I said: "I never have." He said: "Yes you have! You let your dog piss on my hedge! You do it every day!" Dogs have a habit of stopping every so often to deposit a few drops of urine at various locations, usually on a spot above the ground. This is to leave a scent trail. It's an instinct left over from pre-domestication. The patches of urine function as a pathway through woods or fields where there are no landmarks. It can also come from a desire to mark a location as their territory. When walking dogs I am always very careful not to let them urine mark in anybody's property. I again denied that I had done it this time. The man pointed to a hedge which was badly overgrown. It jutted out a good ten inches to a foot from the wall at the front of his home. I replied: "That's not your garden, it's a public highway." He answered in a raised voice: "It's my fuckin' hedge, you fuckin' idiot!" I shouted: "Don't swear at me! And it's not your property beyond your wall; it's a public highway!" He drove off, screeching his tyres. The "white van man" is a bit of a cliche. It means an independent skilled tradesman like a builder, electrician or plumber, usually self-employed, who has a tendency to be arrogant and a road hog. They drive in unmarked medium-sized windowless white vans. I think he hurled abuse at me because he knew I had just proven him wrong; which is what most people do in that situation. I think he simply objected to me walking the dog up and down his road, which is a cul-de-sac and so is normally only used for access. However there is no law preventing anybody walking up and down a cul-de-sac if they choose, so long as they do not stray onto any of the private gardens. That man regards the road as the residents' private property even though it isn't, just because it's a cul-de-sac. If the government passed a law restricting a citizen's freedom on the public highways, he would probably support it. This is the most common method for introducing state authoritarianism; present it to the people in wrapping paper that appeals to their petty irrational whims.
On the whole, today has been a major New World Order day. After work I went grocery shopping at a local supermarket. This supermarket has the usual auto-tills, which are all card only; when the old ones used to have slots for putting in cash. There are some human tills next to them, two card only and two cash or card; but none of them were manned. I put my shopping on one of them and waited; nothing happened. I then went over to one of the staff, a tall African youth, and told him: "Could somebody come and serve me at this till please? I need to pay with cash." He looked at me nonplussed, as if he didn't understand me; and then he turned away and began talking to his colleague in their own vernacular. I shrugged and returned to where I'd left my shopping, but after one more minute of being ignored I said: "To hell with this!" and walked out of the store, leaving my basket of shopping where I'd left it. I've also noticed that margarine now has the words "plant based" on all the packets. Why? Isn't that obvious? Everybody knows marge is made from plants. Welcome to the proposed future, right in the heart of the fifteen minute paradise of Oxford! You vil drive ze white van und pay with ze card und you vil be happy.

Monday 24 April 2023

The Fall of Diane Abbott

Gather round, dear readers, and hear the news! They say karma is a bitch, but sometimes she's a darling. It looks like she is about to deliver some thoroughly deserved comeuppance to the most obnoxious person in British politics. Diane Abbott was elected to the House of Commons in 1987 and was the "First! Black! Woman!" MP, and she has never let anybody forget it. Every time she is interviewed she simply has to say: "I'm a black woman!", as if we're all blind amnesiacs! Did you know Diane Abbott was not a skinny bearded Chinese man? Yup, it surprised me too. Actually, she has not done an interview for a long time. Corbyn and Starmer wouldn't let her because every time she opens her mouth she costs Labour a hundred thousand votes. Unfortunately she is not somebody you can just sack; partly for the obvious reason, but also because she has a lot of dirt on many of her colleagues, including Jeremy Corbyn whom she had an affair with in the early 80's. (I'd have credited him with better taste.) Despite the fact she is grossly unqualified, Abbott has achieved the high offices of Shadow Health Secretary, Home Secretary, Public Health Minister and International Development Secretary. The last one worries me the most; at least before, her incompetence and narcissism was limited to one country. Anyway, she has finally got herself into enough trouble that it might ruin her. I actually think much of the shadow cabinet have been longing for an opportunity to get rid of her, but this was previously impossible because she used to save her abuse solely for white people; and, as you know, blonde blue-eyed Finnish nurses are fair game. Not any more. She recently wrote a letter about racism... yes, another one... in which she stated that Jews do not experience racism as much as black people. She immediately had the whip removed and now faces a party board of inquiry. A few pundits have suggested the sixty-nine year old should retire. Believe me, millions of people across the land have been begging her to do so for years. Source:
The irony is so sweet it is almost unbearable. Diane Abbott has made racism the cornerstone of a very long and lucrative career. She has suckled and gorged on it for her whole adult life; and now it has suddenly turned sour on her own lips. Of course, I know why she did it; the Victimhood Olympics. She is used to getting the biggest slice of that lovely cheesecake every single day and resents some upstart Red Sea pedestrian pushing in front of her and snatching it from her plate. This was bound to happen eventually. Abbott has all the social awareness and self-discipline of a hermit princess. She just blurts out whatever she is thinking, or trying to think. She has withdrawn the comment and apologized, but that will not be enough. Keir Starmer and has condemned her, as have all the senior figures in the Jewish community. I don't know if this will be the complete end for her career, but we can live in hope. She may be able to survive as an independent back-bench MP. Personally, I'd like her to remain in politics just long enough to see Kemi Badenoch become prime minister, see: After that she can live out her retirement reflecting on her failures for which she only has herself to blame.
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Saturday 22 April 2023

St George's Day Alert

Tomorrow, Sunday the 23rd of April, an alarm will ring on every mobile phone in Britain, except for very old ones. This is supposedly not a big deal. It is just a test for Emergency Alerts, a new nationwide citizens' warning system that is designed to go off whenever danger threatens your area, such as a flood, toxic gas leak or anything similar. A loud siren sound will emerge from your phone and a text box will open with these words: "This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there's a life-threatening emergency nearby. In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe. Visit for more information. This is a test. You do not need to take any action." They also reassure us that such alerts are already in use in most countries and they're nothing to worry about. The alarm will ring for about ten seconds then will end. You can acknowledge the alert before then. Source: There is a lot of concern in conspiraspherical circles about what this all means. Some people are concerned that the alarm will contain subliminal messages. Some worry that it will include a signal that will activate something inside people's bodies, deposited there by the recent medical treatment most people have been given. Personally, I've seen no reason to think that is true, although I can't rule it out. Let us not forget the nightmare recently suffered by the people of Hawaii, see: and: However, as Niall Murphy recently said in a video, don't live in fear, see:'t-live-in-fear:3. My objection to this alert is that I consider it an invasion of my privacy, a hijacking of my personal communication system without my permission. The good news is you can disable Emergency Alerts even though it doesn't involve any installed app. Check your settings and you'll see emergency alerts; turn off severe alerts and extreme alerts. If you don't do this, I suspect turning off your phone will make no difference. As with Vault 7, they can switch your phone on secretly and remotely, see: To be sure, you could always drain the battery beforehand.
Tomorrow when the alert happens is of course St George's Day. The legend of St George is that he killed a dragon. I wonder if there is something symbolic in that. St George, a human, killed a reptilian; is this the reptilians getting their revenge on humanity? Lisa of the Cry Freedom Show does a good analysis in this HPANWO Radio programme, starting forty-three minutes in: As I say, I'm not deeply concerned by the Emergency Alerts test, but my general suspicion of the government leads me to distrust their motives for the test, whatever they claim they are. I will be taking steps to exclude myself.
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Friday 21 April 2023

Calvine Photographer Doxed

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Hotel kitchens are a bit infamous in the conspirasphere, thanks to whoever really killed Robert F Kennedy Sr, and their reputation appears well deserved considering the latest developments in the strange case of the Calvine UFO photograph. A good detective always looks on the back of every photo and in this case Craig Lindsay's print has on its reverse the words: Copyright Kevin Russell c/o Daily Record. Glasgow. Therefore it is almost certain this is the name of the enigmatic Cameraèd One. The good news is we know where he worked, the Pitlochry Hotel, what his job was, a chef, and when, 1990. The bad news is that Kevin Russell is a common name and there are over two hundred people called that currently alive in the UK today, let alone other countries. However, Dr David "Marlowe" Clarke has donned his trilby and raincoat and is on the case. He says "I think we are as close as it is possible for anyone to be." Clarke cites an unnamed contact who claims to be a former UK defence intelligence officer; I suspect the same one my own contact revealed to me at the conference I mentioned before. He told Clarke that the mysterious object was a "target designation companion" for the F117 Nighthawk stealth bomber, although he didn't give any further details about what that means. There are no images for target designation companions that resemble what we see in that photo. He said it was a "one-in-a-million chance" that Kevin Russell and his companion were at that location and time to witness the passage of the object and it caused a "stink" in Washington. The object was deployed from RAF Machrihanish which, as I've explained before, is in Argyll, a long way from where the sighting took place. Machrihanish is believed to have been used in the 1990's to test the secret American spyplane, Aurora. The officer also said the Belgian UFO flap that the same year was connected to the Calvine sighting. Clarke has found a connection in the Condign report which is where the term "UAP" comes from. He is convinced that the object in the photograph represents some kind of secret American aviation technology and indeed patents have been filed for projects with a distinct resemblence. Source: However, this outcome would be dependent on part of Kevin Russell's testimony being untrue, the bit about the object ascending vertically and silently; aeroplanes just can't do that, no matter how sophisticated. Clarke casually dismisses this element as a "second hand anecdote", but I don't think that is reason to reject it as worthless, and it is only second hand for as long as the originator remains mute. If you, reading this, are the Kevin Russell in question, then could you please contact me? Any information you give me will be held in the strictest of confidence until you decide otherwise. Dr Clarke has totally ruled out a possibility that I still consider quite likely, that the object is in fact an artefact of non-human construction. He is unclear about his reasons for this, but he is known to be a skeptic and also it's connected to what my friend at the conference showed me. I'll write another update as soon as more information is available. I've a feeling it will be soon.
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Wednesday 19 April 2023

RDH vs the BBC Update

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Marianna Spring, the self-styled "online conspiracy agony aunt", has just published some updates about her spiteful campaign against Richard D Hall. Her new article has been published on the BBC website and is filled with the usual manipulative rhetoric. It includes a police mug-shot like image of Richard's face and talks about the progress being made against Richard for alleged defamation and harassment. Obviously I assert that he is innocent of both, but the BBC's audience will, as usual, not be provided with a fair hearing. She has also released a follow-on episode in her Disaster Trolls series on Radio 4. Sources: and: The article directly distorts a quote by Neil Sanders from the earlier episodes and the Panorama TV show: "Hall had admitted to him several years ago that he didn't believe theories about staged attacks, saying 'this is all nonsense'." No, Neil said that this had been Richard's initial belief years before the Manchester incident when he was focusing exclusively on UFO's. If Neil does not regret his decision to be on the BBC after this, then he never will. There is a sinister addition to the motley crew assisting Spring, Andy Burham; who is the mayor of Manchester, former cabinet minister and candidate for Labour leader. He is calling for specific changes to the law as a result of this BBC project. He waters it down with platitudes about "the need to balance free speech..." etc, but it is obvious that his proposal is begging to be abused, and that is intentional. The objective is to make it legally impossible for us to disagree publicly with the official narrative about anything. However, as I said yesterday, this is just a symptom of their desperation, see: At the same time there has been some drama on the unofficial Richplanet Facebook group because somebody was spreading a rumour that Richard has been arrested. Andrew Johnson has countered with a video which makes it clear that is not the case. What's more, according to Andrew's legal source, Martin Hibbert has not yet filed his case against Richard. This does not mean he does not intend to, but that the BBC are once again being dishonest to say that the lawsuit is already underway and Richard has been "served papers!" I wonder what move the deceivers will make next... those who are not standing next to the Twitter censors in the dole queue that is. Source:
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Tuesday 18 April 2023

Elon vs the Beeb

Elon Musk has been interviewed by a BBC journalist and it is one of the most joyful things I have seen on TV for ages. The BBC hack, James Clayton, found himself utterly out of his depth. He can only recite the usual mainstream media talking points like a tape recorder in a voice that becomes increasingly haltering and aphasic, eventually falling into stunned silence. It reminds me very much of Dr Jordan Peterson's very satisfying demolition of Cathy Newman, see: Clayton's contribution is peppered with the usual buzzwords: "hate speech!", "hateful content!", "conspiracies!", "racist!", "sexist!", "misinformation!" etc. Musk calmly asks him for examples and explanations, and Clayton fails to provide any. Source: This interview totally exposes the BBC for what it is. It regards itself as unaccountable and the rightful arbiter of all information; with a contempt for the British public that is breathtaking. What Elon did is simply say what countless millions of other people would love to say to the Corporation, but they won't give us the chance. They refuse to speak to us and actively silence us at every opportunity. Sometimes they openly slander us, for example: They have also resumed their wicked and indefensible assault on Richard D Hall, see: and: But do not despair, the extreme lengths they are going to are becoming clearer to be futile damage limitation. The day of their reckoning will soon arrive.
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Sunday 16 April 2023

Third Rail EVP Update

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After writing the above and below articles I decided to do an accompanying HPANWO TV video, see: One of my regular viewers, called Gary, is a sound recording engineer, an Englishman living in Mexico; and he offered to carry out a full analysis. As I explain, the HPANWO TV one disappeared, but the original Third Rail one is still there, so he focused on that soundtrack. I sent him all the clips I had made of the segment and waited for him to get back to me. When he did, he told me he had discovered something remarkable, that there are two anomalies on the soundtrack instead of just one. The noise in question consists of two collections of sound. There is a series of unintelligible warbling consonants and vowels and then straight after a brief pause a "hmm" sound. It turns out the two were created very differently. Gary thinks the first sound is not significant; it is merely Trevor's words distorted and fed back through his Skype channel after a delay because my microphone was receiving. The "hmm" doesn't come from either of us. It is also higher pitched and different in tone, a feminine voice. It has a different readout on his frequency analyzer; its waveform makes it look like it's been processed in a totally separate manner. I'll post Gary's screengrabs below. As I said in the background article, there is no mundane explanation for this I can think of.
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Friday 14 April 2023

Pine Gap Alien Video

As I've said before, when a photo or video of an anomalous phenomenon appears in the present era, it is impossible to know whether it is real or not. Such data is essentially worthless unless backed up by other kinds of evidence. Despite this, I occasionally do highlight a standalone visual item if I get an intuitive sense of validity from it. I know that is not very scientific and I'm the first to admit that it does not constitute proof, yet I continue to do it. A good example is this one from a while ago: I have come across another. Actually I saw it on YouTube many years ago and downloaded it, which I'm glad I did because the upload has gone. I have recently posted it to my Facebook videos group. It is a video analysis of a still image which shows what the original YouTuber describes as an "Annunaki (sic) Nordic Female". They say they found it simply by Googling. If you try that today you will not find this image. The image is an overexposed photograph of a humanoid being with very pale skin and hair. Its eyes appear light in colour with a hint of red. Its nose is very flat, barely protruding from the rest of the face and, as a result, it has tiny nostrils. It has very humanlike ears which protrude significantly. Its brow is prominent and blends with the nose in an unnaturally straight and abrupt way, and the top of its nose is very wide. The creature is wearing what looks like a dark yellow shirt with a wide collar and a textured white jacket on top of that. The shot appears to have been taken indoors, possibly in a studio. You can see the creature's shadow cast against a solid surface immediately behind it to its left, the right of the frame. This would fit with the shading effects on the head, indicating the primary light source is above and to the left of the camera. The video creator goes on to create a negative of the original print and then reduces the brightness to negate the overexposure.
Most interesting of all is that the photo has a large caption box, although there's no reason to suppose this was a part of the original article. The text reads: "TS-SCI- SAM-422wxxy. Report prepared for S.A.A.L.M by XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. A-C-T-I-O-N_ACIO PINE GAP. Description. Extra-terrestrial (sic). Species: SAM_Nordics. Aliases: Swedes, Tall whites, Nordics. Height: 5- 6.5 feet. Weight: 120- 240 pounds (estimated). Eyes: Human. Hair: Blonde. Skin: Pale white. Sex: Male and Female. Communication: Telepathic. Location of Origin. Mt Ziel- Northern Australia. Distinguishing Characteristics. Share common physical features with human beings. (especially Scandinavians). Are taller than the average human. Have more of a muscular build than the average human." (I use a full stop to designate a new line. That punctuation is not on the caption.) Source: I can't help feeling that this text sounds a little contrived and has a very different tone to normal government documents, but let's go through it anyway. The first line is meaningless and appears to be an internal reference of some kind. I don't know what SAALM is. Google came up with "San Antonio Art League and Museum", but that doesn't fit somehow. The row of X's must be a redacted name or title. The third line is more interesting. It has two clues. ACIO and Pine Gap. The former might be a misspelling of ASIO, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. It is hardly likely that an official document would make such an obvious spelling mistake. The reason I think there's a connection to Australia is because Pine Gap is an infamous secret base in the Red Centre of the continent. It is an electronic intelligence hub, part of the global "Five Eyes" network run jointly by the ASIO, CIA and NSA. It must have a large underground section according to "Sauder's Law", judging by how many employees it has against its apparent size; and it might be used for other secretive projects as well. ACIO might also be a reference to what is probably a fictional concept, the "Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization". This is a covert government agency described in the Wingmakers novel Ancient Arrow Project which secretly investigates ET artefacts left on the earth. The Wingmakers first emerged in the 1990's and consisted of a series of documents, a story and some amazing artworks. Their attribution has always been strictly anonymous and many people have wondered if it might have emerged from something real. I doubt that. The rest of the text simply describes the entity physically. "Mount Ziel" refers to a mountain about fifty miles from Pine Gap. It is odd that the caption calls the region "Northern Australia"; why not use its proper name: "Northern Territory"? It is unlikely that the text caption is genuine, but does this mean the photograph is faked? Not necessarily. The caption might have been added later independently of the photo's production. That is where this investigation ends for the time being, but if the photo is real then I might be the only person in the world to have preserved it. That alone is reason enough to upload it and write this article.
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Tuesday 11 April 2023

Red Lights- a Skeptic Movie

Seeing as Hollywood has drawn so bountifully on the woo-woo scene, I asked myself one day if there are any big screen features inspired by the skeptic movement. It turns out that there is. Red Lights is a 2012 English language Spanish film directed by Rodrigo Cortés; and, unlike most Spanish films, it is not melancholy and depressing. It stars Sigourney Weaver as Margaret Matheson, a Susan Blackmore-like psychology professor, dedicated researcher, author and lecturer on the paranormal and related subjects. She is a staunch disbeliever in anything out-of-the-ordinary and spends all her time investigating ghosts and similar phenomena and coming to the conclusion every time that they are caused by nothing more than fraud, delusion and mistakes. She is accompanied everywhere by her trusty sidekick, Dr Tom Buckley, a much younger man played by Cillian Murphy, whom she seems to have informally adopted. She often gets into arguments with an open-minded parapsychologist at her university, Dr Shackleton,  played by the diminutive Toby Jones of Midsomer Murders fame. These debates are cringeworthy partly because they are laced with feminism, but also because they are so unrealistic. Jones' character is a favourite of the university and gobbles up all the funds while the skeppers only get the scraps. In reality, anybody who studies "anomalous psychology" from any perspective will find difficulties in getting subsidies. Certainly the dean's office would never prioritize "buh-leev-uhz!" over hard-headed rationalists. One very understated supporting role was the performance of Joely Richardson as Simon Silver's sinister tour manager.
Matheson and Buckley are fanatical field researchers who follow professional stage psychics wherever they go, desperate to expose their trickery. There is absolutely no doubt the films producers have studied the skeptic movement's history in detail. The first psychic the viewer sees them bust uses a radio earpiece just like Peter Popoff; and even some of the script copies the secret transmissions Popoff's wife used to deliver to him. However, when he is caught the fictional psychic is jailed whereas Popoff never has been, despite deserving it. A far greater challenge is another theatrical clairvoyant, Simon Silver, played by Robert de Niro. Despite their experience and knowing every trick in the book; Matheson and Buckley simply can't work out how Silver does his supposedly fake magic. There are other skeptic references, such as a psychic laboratory based on the descriptions of Project Alpha and an illusion technique identified long ago by Harry Houdini; using a clock to encode secret prompts in ESP experiments. Also paranormal hand surgery. We also learn about Matheson's personal life and the tragedy she suffered that inspired her to take up her crusade against what she considers cranks and charlatans. In one scene she gives a very MBA-esque monologue: "The reason people believe in ghosts is the same as the reason they believe in haunted houses or tunnels of light. Because it would mean there was something after death. I only wish there were; but I'm not prepared to let my beliefs be determined by my desires and my needs." The film has a radical and unexpected plot twist at the end which I will not spoil for you. Interestingly, there has been another review of this film from old Frenchie, see: Source:
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Monday 10 April 2023

Jason Holmes Dies

"The team on the other side is getting bigger and bigger," somebody recently said to me. That's true and I'm sad to report that it has a new member. Jason Holmes has passed away. I met Jason several times at conferences over the years and also appeared regularly on his programme, Raconteurs News. We did a show together barely a month ago, see: He was also a guest on the HPANWO Show along with his former co-host Andy Young, see: Deepest condolences to Jason's family. RIP Jason. Jason's loss is the latest in what feels to me like a run of mortality, for example: It's as if there is currently a mass exodus of human lives from this world, lives I cherish. When will it end?

Friday 7 April 2023

Area 51 Gets Stormed

The "Storm Area 51" movement was surrounded by so much hype. Nevada declared a state of emergency, social media put fact-checker tabs on posts and Area 51 itself placed a metal gate across the Groom Lake Road fenceline, for example see: In the end, all that happened was a few hundred people showed up to have a party and visit the local UFO museum. There was a music festival dubbed "Alienstock" and a pledge to make it an annual event in future. The police made only six arrests and nobody attempted to enter the secret base. According to the UFOlogist Jon Stewart, security at the base can sometimes be very lax, see: and: Perimeter guards, known as "Camo Dudes", are not military; instead the role is outsourced to a civilian contractor. They drive round in unmarked white trucks, but they are heavily armed, which is worrying considering that once inside the Groom Lake test site, an unauthorized intruder can legally be shot on sight.
Such is the backdrop to an alarming video that has just emerged. It consists of police bodycam footage released by the Lincoln County sheriff's office recorded last August, and has captions and narration added on. An officer is summoned to the Dreamland facility by base security to pick up a pair of trespassers. This is a regular problem at Area 51. Despite the warning signs and the place's reputation, a few reckless people will sometimes try to invade the compound out of curiosity, daring, for a bet or some other reason. I strongly advise against this. There is no way you will ever discover Area 51's secrets using this method and you might put yourself in danger. At best you will receive a hefty fine and possibly a prison sentence for repeat offences. The policeman attending the call must have assumed that it was just another routine pickup along those lines; but when he got to the boundary, he was surprised to find there was nobody there. Normally anybody attempting to enter the base never gets more than about a hundred yards. The Camo Dudes' van is usually parked on a side road at the top of a nearby hill to watch for people coming along the Groom Lake Road, which tourists regularly do. If a car crosses the fenceline or somebody on foot does, the security guards will swoop down the hill and apprehend them. The copper is instructed to drive further inside the base. In doing so he beholds a landscape few human eyes have ever seen since 1955; the forbidden world of Area 51's interior. He eventually comes across a parked car with a driver and passenger surrounded by Camo Dudes. What is astonishing is that they managed to travel 1.8 miles into the secure area before they were discovered and detained. Why were they not caught as soon as they passed the signs? The driver is a man who is tall at 6"2 and was armed with a gun, so security has him in handcuffs. He is accompanied by a woman of similar age, whom I assume is his wife. She has been allowed to wander free. The policeman does not arrest them, but does caution them. The man speaks to him and is very apologetic as he explains how they apparently got lost. Generally speaking, this is not a good idea when you don't have a lawyer present; and the narrator makes this point. The copper issues them with a penalty notice and escorts them back to public land. I'm curious to find out exactly where the car was on the Area 51 compound. 1.8 miles as the crow flies from the Groom Lake Road gate covers roughly a fifth of the distance to Homey Airport, the main Area 51 campus; however the roads are twisty as they negotiate the hills. There's no way the couple could have delved that far in. The fact that they are clearly on a dirt track and not the tarmac road that leads from the gate to Homey Airport indicates that they either left the Groom Lake Road or were never on it when they turned right off the Extraterrestrial Highway. Just before the officer leaves, he and one of the guards talk privately, sharing their bafflement at how an average car with no stealth capability managed to penetrate the base so far. The Camo Dude says: "There's a lot of folks who would love to get on the other side of those hills and take a look at what's going on." This proves that the couple in their car never crossed the hills between the free world and the active areas of Dreamland. Source: The Camo Dude's tone with the policeman is loaded with swagger and bravado, possibly wanting to undo the embarrassment he must be feeling. I imagine he had some explaining to do to his superiors afterwards. How tight is security really at Area 51? As I said, I recommend not experimenting on yourself to find out; however there are some intriguing clues from other infiltrators, especially Jerry Freeman, see: and: I'm amused to think that the US military may be learning the same lesson that the NHS has... or has not, that contracting out to parasitic tin pot corporations means a massive plunge in quality of service. If they continue on this path of inefficiency and squalor then UFO Disclosure might literally emerge from their own bureaucratic stupidity. How amusing that would be.
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Tuesday 4 April 2023

The Present by Stefan Molyneux- a Review

For some reason, I have spent a lot of time on HPANWO replying to Stefan Molyneux, for example: Most of my responses are to his audio and video work, but he is also an author, like me, and has written some non-fiction and fiction books. His latest novel is called The Present and he himself makes a note of his unimaginative titles; his previous one is The Future. This is only the second fictional work of Stefan's I've read; the other was his historical novel, Almost. The Present is, as its title suggests, set in the present day and leads into the near future. It starts off with a series of profiles of the two main character groups. Molyneux's style is very different to my own and I find it difficult to absorb. It consists of long narrative monologues as well as character thought monologues. There is no shortage of dialogue, but this tends to be interspersed with explanatory narration in a way that doesn't quite work for me. This is not to say Molyneux is a bad writer, just that his particular style is not one I, as a personal reader, enjoy. In the last couple of years, Stefan has become increasingly black-pilled. He ended a recent Freedomain show with a statement of failure. He believes we have lost our chance for freedom in this particular cycle of history and our only option now is to wait for the great collapse and hope people afterwards rediscover his work and it inspires them to do a better job than we did; with peaceful parenting, the non-aggression principle and universally preferable behaviour etc. As far as he can see, there are simply too many broken, dishonest humans in the world for the world ever to be free in the current era. Source:
The Present is a story about his predictions for the world. It begins in a society on the brink; although things seem very normal to begin with and the crash happens almost overnight, coming apparently out of nowhere. I'm not sure we wouldn't have a bit more warning than that. The only foreshocks the characters get is they notice fewer lorries on the roads and items missing from shop shelves, indicating that the supply infrastructure has broken down. Virtually the next page we see descriptions of shops being looted, electricity and water being cut off and dogs reverting to wild lupine packs. In one dramatic scene, the Rachel character is hunted by a pack of starving dogs desperate to make her their next meal. Rachel is the only character in whom I felt any depth. All the others are merely embodiments of Molyneusian concepts. Regular listeners of the author will recognize them immediately. Rachel is described in the opening scene as a shallow and spoilt young woman who is a fellow traveller of feminism without consciously being one or even understanding the movement. However by the end of the story she is transformed, even making wry jokes about her former attitudes. Her sister Cassie is a nurse and has a son called Ben who is about three years old and spends most of his days in a creche while his mother works. As a result Ben is suffering numerous behavioural problems. The curse of child daycare is a recurring issue in The Present and its supposed psychological harm to children is explored in detail. Cassie's husband Ian belongs to a men's rights organization. Antifeminism, or the men's rights movement, is another major plot thread in this novel. Rachel, as an investigative journalist, decides to study the MRM and through that meets Oliver, the pivotal character between the two families. I don't know about you, but when I'm reading a book I can imagine everything being described as a picture in my mind, almost as if I am constantly adapting it into a mental movie. However, occasionally and completely unintentionally, my own mind steps in and overrules the author. Oliver is depicted in the novel as some kind of Galtian supermensch with thick hair, a chin like a warship's prow and sculpted muscles from head to toe. However, the moment he entered, I imaged him as a short and chubby young man a bit like Blake Lemoine, the famous Google engineer in the illustration. Oliver's family are devout Christians who say grace over their meals and are making plans to escape the doomsday by fleeing the city to a remote agrarian community. Christianity is a major theme in The Present, but not as a religion in itself; there is nothing CS Lewis about the story. Molyneux merely analyzes Christianity as a socio-political phenomenon. In the last few years Molyneux has broken ties with organized atheism, both old and new, and has embraced cultural Christianity. (So far there is nothing in his output to indicate that Stef's conversion has caused him to develop a genuine faith, like Dave Cullen has, see:; but I am on the lookout for any hints.) Rachel's boyfriend Arlo has some interesting features. He is an incredibly handsome young man who works part-time as a model, but his other occupation is as a zookeeper. At first one sees him as a superficial and mindless "himbo", but as the tale progresses you are shown his private self which is deeply dissatisfied with being of no value to others except as an outward appearance. He loves the animals at the zoo because they see beyond that and get to know his inner self. Unlike his girlfriend, Arlo exits the narrative early on and we are led to assume he has perished in the collapse with so many other people. I enjoyed reading The Present, even though it is very dystopian and Stefan told his audience that it had taken a lot out of him emotionally. It does not end without hope. Oliver's survivalist community is very successful and as the novel draws to a close, the reader is left in no doubt that it has a good chance of persisting through this new Dark Age to a brighter distant future. I think that if such a collapse of civilization happens then it will be a terrifying and miserable experience for us all, but The Present has made me realize that in some ways it will also be a liberation. We will have a hell of a lot of be frightened about, but nothing at all be worried about. The poison of post-modernity, which is described in all the gruesome detail I expect from Stefan, will be no more. When we're out hunting and gathering, fighting off hungry dogs and gangs of nomadic thugs, nobody is going to bother posting the latest sex scandal about Simon Parkes. It will be a huge relief, I must admit; and, if the cause is what I hope it will be, despite everything we should rejoice. Stefan doesn't believe in the Illuminati and New World Order. His vision of the collapse is caused simply by the sickness of society eventually overloading it. I personally believe there are three possible causes for the collapse. Firstly, the ultimate fall of the Illuminati leading to what I call "the transitional period", which, as I've said, could be a very turbulent time indeed. I describe such a society in my own novel Roswell Revealed- a World After Disclosure, see: The second cause is a deliberate demolition of civilization out of whose ashes the Loomies plan to build their New World Order; or they just want to obliterate the world in a spiteful scorched earth policy in response to their own defeat. Obviously I hope that one never happens. The third is my own model closest to Stefan's, the socio-politico-economic engineering of the Illuminati leading to an unintentional collapse. Should that happen we will have some hope left because it is really very similar to the first scenario. We can still build a viable post-Illuminati civilization from that catastrophe. I do recommend The Present. It can be read for free here: Stefan is also working on an audio book which you can hear if you subscribe to him on Locals, see:
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