Friday 12 August 2022

Brazil Alien Video

If you search for videos and photographs of aliens online you will find literally hundreds. Obviously most of these are going to be fake. In this day and age it is so easy to fake alien videos; ditto ghosts, Nessie and Bigfoot etc. You can walk down a high street in Nairobi and pick up a software package for a reasonable price that can run on a basic PC and will give you the same image generation capabilities as a Hollywood special effects designer of just two decades ago. Little wonder that such visuals have proliferated exponentially and therefore photographic evidence generally just does not carry the same weight that it used to. There is a terrible signal-to-noise ratio problem. Let me ask you: if you filmed an alien or somehow came into possession of some secret government footage of an alien, what would you do? If you wanted to make people aware of it then the simplest thing to do would be to publish it online. Herein lies the true irony; some of the images we're seeing may well be real. But how many people will believe it? How do you discern reality from fiction? This is why I urge people who have made fake photos and videos of paranormal phenomena to state clearly what they have done. There's nothing wrong with creating these images per se; it's actually an art form. It's only wrong to pretend they are the real McCoy; that's when your work becomes a hoax. As for which ones I think are real, I wrote this article a few years ago about the general issue, see:
It's difficult to know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the world of anonymous alien video uploads. I tend to trust my instincts; intuition is an underrated skill. Also, there are sometimes details that make a publication more interesting than it should otherwise be. This is why I am writing a dedicated article about something that was sent to me just two days ago. It is a fifteen second video that was posted to Facebook on the 4th of August at 11:59 AM in a group called "Alien and UFO's Report". It is called UFO Dish operation Brazil. It has a soundtrack consisting entirely of creepy synthesizer music, which I suspect was either added to score a silent video for dramatic effect, or to cover up an existing soundtrack that the uploader doesn't want published. Audio can sometimes reveal too much information; people's names, voices etc. The video was made by a handheld camera that pans around a pathology specimen jar. There is only a single shot which is a close-up; and the cinematographer seems keen to show us the entire object without pulling back for a wide angle view. This could be because the person is filming secretly and is concerned they might be spotted. This could also explain the short duration of the video. The jar contains a complete dead biological entity submerged in preserving fluid. It looks very small, about the size of a newborn infant. At first I wondered if it could be that, but it appears to have a fully developed face and skull, unlike those of a human baby; that also resembles many witnesses' descriptions of extraterrestrial fauna. I thought it might be a commercially produced toy, like Boyd Bushman's alien, see: I checked on Google Images and can find nothing that looks like this creature. There is a paper label attached to the jar and this is the most interesting part. The label looks quite old, slightly faded and with some printed text in a slightly dated style, as if it came from a printer from several decades ago. The language of the text is Portuguese, one I can't speak; but I've managed to translate the text: "EVIDENCE- Type A. Class 22/7- 1978. OPERATION DISH- COLARES- PA. Item number 446-929. DANGER- CONTAMINANTS. OPENING FORBIDDEN UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF NORMATIVE ORDER 12/21-58." There is also a rubber stamp that is very tenuous, but I can make out the word "CLASSIFIED." The background is also interesting. It is clearly not somebody's home or office. We see multiple rows of black uneven lines on a wall and an open doorway. The door is coloured white and is quite thick, more so than an average domestic internal door. The object is resting on a table of some kind. Source: (I have downloaded and mirrored it just in case the original one disappears:
I find it fascinating that the label on the jar says "Colares", "Operation Dish" and "1978". This sounds like it refers to a very dramatic UFO flap in the city of Colares in 1977 to 78. The letters "PA" may mean Pará, the national subdivision Colares is in. During this flap numerous people reported strange lights and objects in the sky, encounters on the ground with alien beings and grotesque injuries caused by beams of light; these sometimes involved blood loss. The Brazilian government carried out a full investigation that was called "Operation Dish", although some translate that as the more appropriate "Operation Saucer"... as in flying ones. This Black Vault document contains the details, see: If this video is a fake then it's a very good fake. It includes details way beyond what would be necessary to convince most people who consume alien videos. Could it be real? Could this be somebody's attempt to blow the whistle? They may be a person working in a government laboratory somewhere in Brazil who dislikes the secrecy he or she is forced to work under and believes the public should know the truth. So they sneakily shot a brief recording on a hidden camera, or their mobile phone, and smuggled it out to post online. I suspect a mobile is more likely because the shot has a portrait frame. They were careful to remove the soundtrack and any other details that might identify them. I don't know what the penalties for breaking official secrets is in Brazil, but I know in my own country and many others it means years in prison and a lifelong criminal record; and this could even escalate to extrajudicial "silencing", Jeffrey Epstein style. I hope this person's courage is not in vain.
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