Sunday 30 June 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 22

The new episode of The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion, featuring myself, is now available. Subjects discussed this week include: disappearing photoes and appearing documents, Nelson Mandela, heatwaves and climate change, and much much more.
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Thursday 27 June 2013

Psychic Sally wins Lawsuit

Skeptics keep telling us that they are the absolute epitome of logic and reason and they, more than anybody else, know exactly how to apply evidence correctly. I’ve said many times before that the Skeptic Movement’s self-definition is not so much a description as a slogan, see: Case in point: A few months ago suspicions were first raised that the famous stage and TV medium “Psychic Sally” Morgan was cheating. The method she was using was identical to the one used by the former Christian tele-evangelist Peter Popoff at his “miraculous healing” sessions; he had on a spy radio earpiece and somebody backstage with some notes and a microphone was secretly telling him details about the people in his congregation as he performed in front of them. Popoff was caught red-handed when James Randi brought in a radio scanner which intercepted their communication, see: In September 2011 the very same accusation was laid against Sally Morgan when she did a show in Dublin, Ireland and some people called the local TV station to complain that they heard a voice from the theatre control room predicting the supposedly psychic readings Sally was giving. This hearsay was then instantly rebranded as “fact” by those who see themselves as the ultimate adjudicators of what fact is; it resulted in The Daily Mail being sued after the Skeptic magician Paul Zenon wrote an article accusing her of pulling a Popoff. Sally won a richly-deserved £125,000 in damages from the newspaper. This story was covered somewhat more cautiously at the time on Trystan Swale’s now defunct Skeptic radio show Righteous Indignation, see here for a cache of the shows (Sorry, I can’t recall which show it was; if I find out I’ll edit this article): I left a comment on the show’s webpage suggesting that somebody with a radio scanner should be employed to do to Sally what James Randi did to Popoff… I also warned against jumping to hasty conclusions; sadly it seemed that I “out-Skepticked” the Skeptics. To be frank, if I had my own radio scanner I’d have been happy to lend it to somebody and help them catch her out myself; and if she was indeed using a “hot reading” radio set, she should be arrested, banned and disgraced as Popoff was. But I was surprised at the eagerness of the Skeptics to denounce her without even attempting to gain such direct evidence of her misdeeds. Not only that, but Sally reports that she was sent death threats and other abuse; this I can well believe because it’s happened before, see: I’ve heard Skeptics try to mitigate their blunder over Sally Morgan with terms like “balance of probabilities”, “Occam’s Razor” and “Which is more likely, that she’s got a radio set on or she’s talking to the dead?” Leaving aside the logical fallacies in these statements which I cover in the HPANWO Radio show linked above, you simply can’t take that sort of thing to court! I know how strongly Skeptics feel about Sally and how much they suspect her of perpetrating fake psychic powers, but they just need to get a grip on themselves. Remember, the plural of strong feelings does not equal data! And ordinary claims require ordinary explanations!  

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Ben Enlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 21

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include: Channel 4 AMMACH show, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange’s yearlong sanctuary and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 155:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Egyptian Statue Moving

Something strange has been happening at the Manchester Museum, a three thousand eight hundred year old statue of the god Osiris is moving. See: The ten inch high Ancient Egyptian figurine, dedicated to the Pharaoh Neb-Senu, has been rotating slowly, just about a quarter of a circle every day. This is probably caused by sound vibration or heat imbalances generated by sunlight; I notice that the figurine only moves during daytime. It would be interesting to see if it moves faster on sunny days and slower when it's cloudy. As you’ll read in the article, Prof. Brian Cox has wasted no time getting down to his new job as Token Media Skeptic by publicly bringing up this point. However the reason I want to bring this matter to the attention of HPANWO is not because I’m particularly convinced that there’s something supernatural going on, but to applaud the courage of the museum’s curator, Anna Garnett, because she thinks there is indeed something supernatural involved, to do with Egyptian spiritual traditions and has stated this openly in a BBC interview, see: Don’t worry, despite my doubts I’m not about to turn Skepper myself; she might be right! Further research should be done to find out. The problem is that I know very well that Skeptics can be extremely cruel and aggressive to non-Skeptics, especially those in positions they feel only Skeptics should occupy; and they’ll be coming for her!

Monday 24 June 2013

BBC Horizon does Fracking

The BBC have produced a documentary, Fracking: the New Energy Rush, about the emerging new method of natural gas extraction for energy called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”. This involves drilling a well deep into solid rock and filling it with high pressure water, sand and special chemicals to fracture the gas-bearing mineral so that more of the gas will escape into the well and be collected. See here:

Ian R Crane, who regular HPANWO-readers will already be familiar with (see links column on main site), has been doing a lecture tour all over the British Isles to try and raise awareness of the dangers of fracking. Here he is talking about the subject on Red Ice Radio: And here is a video of one of his lectures: problems with fracking are manyfold; the destabilization of the ground under our feet can cause earthquakes, and indeed they have at the UK’s experimental fracking well near St Annes, Lancashire, home of the Probe conferences. The process requires massive amounts of fresh water in a world where there’s barely enough for everybody to drink as it is. The secret chemicals as well as some of the gas itself, which are both highly toxic, have been leaking out of the fractured rock deep underground and poisoning the land and people who live above. Fracking also maintains the continued political focus on natural hydrocarbon fuels and it distracts public attention away from the Free Energy cover-up, see: The above programme is typical of both the BBC generally and its science series Horizon in that it is a very clever and subtle piece of indoctrination. Firstly they highlight the case of a farmer from Louisiana who has made a sizeable fortune selling drilling rights to fracking companies on his land, but he is a rarity; the law doesn’t always allow landowners the protections it does him, see: Later in the programme, about two thirds of the way in, after thirty-five minutes of bumf, they finally address the concerns that Ian does. They are keen to film the details of the naysayers’ surroundings: derelict mobile homes, dirty farmyards and quaint, pastoral decorations and ornaments. At the same time the score changes to one of American country music. The overall insinuation is that these people are rustic, scientifically-illiterate hillbillies who are only concerned for “they steers and they hogs! Yee-hah!” This is not the first time the Beeb has used psychological rhetoric to try to distort and influence, for example see: and: I urge everybody who watches that Horizon programme to look at the other side of the story too.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Across the Pond with James Cox

I have been interviewed on Across the Pond with James Cox. This was my first ever time using Google Hangout; the session was recorded onto YouTube here:
We discussed Codex Alimentarius, Free Speech, the media, the Big Brother agenda, school fingerprinting, and much much more. See here for another relevant website:

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Demonic Moors Murderers

Over the last few years a lot has been written on the subject of ponerology, the study of evil. This website specializes in it: This field of study relates primarily to politics and the presence of psychopaths in government, but evil is not the exclusive domain of the Illuminati-occupied corporations and nation states; it is present in society at large, inside the hearts of some ordinary people. The Moors Murders are the perfect example of how evil can manifest in the most unlikely places, in this case a reasonably normal and respected young couple from Greater Manchester. Between 1963 and 1965 they committed a series of crimes which shocked the world. The worst part was that the couple took photographs and made audio recordings of what they did. There was a sadistic glorification of their deeds which is extreme even by the standards of serial killers.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were born into working class families in the 1930's and 40's, and, like most people at that time, grew up in what by today's standards was extreme poverty. Another feature of that historical period was that domestic violence was more common than it is today and was far more socially acceptable. This often led people to develop cold and resilient personalities, which both of them did. When Hindley met Brady she claims she fell so hopelessly in love with him that she was willing to do anything for him, even help him kill in the most horrific way imaginable. A lot of scorn has been poured on this statement and many see it as a lie by Hindley, who has long expressed a desire to be released from jail; probably it is mostly a lie. She must have had many of the same natural tendencies as Brady, but that these were facilitated by the hypnotic effect her lover had on her. As for Brady himself, there are definite signs that he was far more than just a hard-bitten youth of the Great Depression and World War II. From childhood he was haunted by visions of a green-faced being which terrified him. As he grew up he became fascinated by Adolf Hitler and Marquis de Sade, a figure who first spoke out about his sexuality being connected to inflicting pain and death. Brady had a reputation for being somewhat ghoulish and his friends nicknamed him "Dracula". He was also a follower of Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher whose modern proponents believe in social Darwinism and a dynamic dialectic of unsympathetic, merciless pragmatism; "might-is-right" and that "the strong have a moral right and duty to oppress the weak". (Hitler himself was constantly afflicted by apparitions of demonic beings too; he once told his secretary: "I tell you, Comrade, I have seen the Dark Man. He is cruel and intrepid; he frightened me".)

The first victim was Hindley's neighbour, Pauline Reade, aged just sixteen. Over the following two years the couple murdered two teenagers and three children aged ten to seventeen. They only finally confessed to all the crimes in 1985. Two of the bodies had been quickly found buried in shallow graves on Saddleworth Moor in the Pennines; one more was found at the murderers' home and a third one was unearthed in 1987 after the authorities investigated again, this time with the help of the killers. The location of the body of one of the victims, twelve year old Keith Bennett, remains unknown to this day, and Brady has refused to help any further despite personal pleas to him from Keith's family. Brady has recently expressed a wish to commit suicide and has asked to be allowed to stop eating: One suggestion I'd like to make is that the authorities make him a deal, he be granted his death wish if he reveals where Keith Bennett is buried. I can't think of any reason why else he should be denied his request; as I've said before, the only valid argument against capital punishment is the terrible consequences of getting the wrong man, see:

If you visit a Spiritualist church or attend various New Age events you'll often be told how there are spirits and angels, elves and pixies and various other sweet and cuddly aetheric beings interacting with this universe and human consciousness in a benign and helpful way. The aficionadoes of these spiritual practices reckon that love and light is the only thing in existence once you step outside this world, but they're wrong. I've no doubt that these loving entities do exist, but they are not the only ones out there. There are spiritual beings out there who are deeply hateful and destructive and they want to influence this universe and its inhabitants to their own will, as much as the angels and pixies do in a nice way. Is it possible that the actions some people commit is partly the result of supernatural influences? Yes. Were the Moors Murderers two of them? Possibly. There's no doubt they were very interested in philosophies and individuals who were themselves under the power of demonic entities. Brady seemed also to be highly intelligent and have extrasensory insights. In fact one of the detectives involved in the case said that Brady had a "forensic awareness" twenty years ahead of his time. In the beginning he took meticulous care to avoid getting caught, to the length of counting the buttons on his victims' clothes; how did he know all this? However later on he behaved more like the classic psychopath personality described by Andrew Lobaczewski and Laura Knight-Jadczyk, see link above to This personality lives in the permanent present and therefore has neither concept of regret for past events nor fear of the future. This character trait allows the police to capture many serial killers more easily because they do not make any serious attempts to evade detection. Some serial killers even leave deliberate clues, either consciously or subconsciously, that helps the police track them down, like Dr Harold Shipman. The Moors Murderers were finally apprehended just after they'd killed their fifth victim, but when the police arrived the killers exhibited a surreal composure. They behaved completely normally, even though they had a body, wrapped in a dustbin liner in one of the bedrooms, of a teenage boy they'd hacked to death with an axe the previous evening.

Some might say that the theory of demonic entities lets the physical humans who commit these crimes off the hook, but that is not the case at all. Also I don't want to give anybody nightmares; these demonic entities can't just do whatever they like with anybody they like. They target particular individuals with a certain kind of nature, people with a natural tendency for cruelty and violence; people like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The vast majority of humanity is immune to their persuasion, and there are very simple, safe and easy steps you can take to protect yourself if you feel you are at risk. Satanic rituals are not only organized by the Illuminati; there are people who get involved and form black magic covens independently. I know a few people who have a keen amateur interest in the dark occult; there's nothing wrong with that so long as one's interest doesn't develop into practical experimentation. The whole purpose behind black magick is to allow these dark entities into our universe and into our souls to raise havoc in their own fashion. You might say to me that what I've said is an irrelevant distraction and a trivialization of a vicious and tragic occurrence. I disagree completely. Maybe the inclusion of this element in criminology will improve the police's performance in dealing with serial killers and psychotic murderers, if so we can save lives! Maybe the acceptance of this theory can help reduce, and even prevent, serial killing in the first place by tackling the intrusion of negative aetheric beings into our universe.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Mark Devlin's Good Vibrations Podcast

I have been interviewed on the Good Vibrations Podcast with Mark Devlin:

Subjects discussed encompass such areas as Princess Diana's murder, the Boston Bombings, the Swine Flu scam, Big Pharma, vaccines and the Dr Andrew Wakefield story, and Jimmy Saville.
Mark Devlin has himself been a guest on HPANWO Radio too, see: 

Friday 14 June 2013


A week has gone by since the Bilderberg Group Fringe Festival, see here for my HPANWO TV reportage: Have there been any aftershocks from the amazing outcry against the secret meeting in Watford last week? Yes, both good and bad. Sadly the BBC set up Alex Jones to play the clown on The Politics Show, see: Poor Alex has never been on the BBC before and doesn't understand how devious they are; they're so different to American TV. On the plus side Michael Meacher MP, who spoke at Fringe, grilled Kenneth Clarke in the House of Commons, see: Clarke gave the textbook response that Bilderbergers have always done since they were first compelled to comment at all, just a few years ago: "It's just an informal, private talking-shop with no legislative powers at all." However if you try to get the minutes of their meetings disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act you will be told they're exempt due to reasons of national security!

On a personal note, I must say it was one of the happiest and most remarkable weekends of my life. I got to meet lots of friends I'd only ever known before on the Internet as well as make some new ones and meet up with some existing ones again. I was especially happy to finally meet up with Jackie Noise, see below, whose home I stayed at; thanks, Jackie! During the open-mic session before the main speakers came on I made a speech, see: (thanks to my YouTube friend Badriyah43 for filming this.) On Friday night we had a remarkable UFO sighting that defies all attempts at explanation, filmed by Jackie just a few miles from the Bilderberg venue, see: There were a large number of strange objects all over the sky; the strangest group consisted of about three luminosities near the zenith which traveled in various directions.

Confessions of an Alien Abductee

In April I was a delegate at the second AMMACH conference, during which I spoke to the location director from Off The Fence Productions, who was making a film about the Helpline, see: I was impressed by her, she seemed sincere and interested. I thought to myself: "Maybe this is it! Maybe we're finally going to get a proper, professional and factual representation of the alien contact subject on primetime television." The broadcast date was scheduled for the autumn but was brought forward to Thursday the 13th of June. It's available to watch on YouTube: 

What can I say? Well on the plus side it's better than the BBC's Conspiracy Road Trip- UFO's... slightly better, see: But that's about the only good thing I can say about it. Of all the fascinating information AMMACH has published they had to focus on the sensationalist stuff: "I've got an alien wife and child!" and "These are the human reproductive organs where they stick in the implants." They portrayed Chantelle Pyper as a crazy, fearful spinster suffering from delusions; why didn't they mention that she has a boyfriend? Why didn't they mention that she's been married and her ex-husband was there when filming? Because it's not the fictional image they want to paste onto her identity. There was no tribute at all to the enormous courage she showed appearing on stage at the first AMMACH conference, see: (part 6). At least they had the basic honesty to admit that Marie Kayali's polygraph test might not be 100% accurate, but you can bet the Skeptics will jump on it; of course if she'd passed the test the Skeptics would be the first to point out the potential inaccuracy of the method. (What's more, as I explained in my review of the BBC programme above, they stopped Brigitte Barclay having one possibly because they were scared she'd pass.) There was a scene in which Miles is shown leading Marie into his darkroom and saying: "Lift your top up". This is bordering on slanderous, in a very passive-aggressive unprovable way.

It was naive of me to feel the hope I did when I met the production team at the conference; I should have expected this. Actually I partly did, because a few days before it came on TV, I spoke to one of the cast members who had seen a preview of the programme, and she was absolutely livid. Perhaps the future for us is to stop hoping at all, to give up on the mainstream media altogether; if it won't do its job properly we should stop asking it to, and replace it instead. AMMACH has gone through some major changes since this documentary was made; Miles is no longer officially involved in the project. But alien contact is not going to go away. Contrary to what you might hear, the phenomenon did not begin in 1961 with the Hill Case (; the Hill's were merely the first experiencers to be widely publicized. Alien contact experience can be traced back through all of history, indeed there's every reason to suppose people had these encounters in prehistoric times. Therefore it's extremely likely that people will continue to have alien contact experiences for the foreseeable future. So the role AMMACH and similar organizations play will continue to be necessary, hopefully even more so as the subject inevitably emerges from the world of the fringe and taboo. Hopefully more and more people will switch off the ToiletVision and come over to the independent online media like AMMACH's website and video channels. TV companies like Off The Fence can then either join us, or be left behind among the soap operas and Reality TV. (Incidentally the launch of Channel 5's much anticipated new Big Brother series was scheduled parallel to Confessions of an Alien Abductee... or perhaps it's the other way around.)

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 20

The new episode of The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion, featuring myself, is now available. Subjects discussed this week include strange terror drills and conferences, communications spying conspiracy, Bilderberg Group and much much more. (We had a few technical problems for this week's show. Oddly enough they began at the exact moment we began discussing communications spying).
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 154:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Thursday 6 June 2013

Profumo 50 Years On

In the rock-and-roll summer of 1963 the British media was rocked by the revelation that the respected cabinet minister, John Profumo, had been having an affair with the model, actress and high society call-girl Christine Keeler. His misdemeanour was aggravated by the fact that Keeler was also seeing Yevgeny Ivanov, an official from the Soviet Embassy and suspected KGB agent. The possibility was seriously considered that Keeler was a "honey trap" and that Ivanov was squeezing her for state secrets that she might have picked up from Profumo. This launched a new era in the history of journalism which we know all too well today, that of "political sleaze". The 50th anniversary of the Profumo Affair raises an important question because the BBC have devoted a story to mark the occasion, see: But when all's said and done Jack Profumo was having sex with a consenting adult. My question is: why was the Profumo Affair covered so thoroughly by the media, yet this is not: Which do you think most deserves to be called a "scandal"?

Wednesday 5 June 2013

World War Z

I was walking to work today, as I do regularly, and I kept passing poster adverts for a film called World War Z; at least three of them, I swear. In the end I decided to photograph it, see above. I guessed from the title and picture that this is some kind of zombie apocalypse horror movie. There have been many of these in the last few years, including the welcome return of George Romero to continue his outstanding Dead series, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. Along with classic horrors, there have been several zombie movies with a sci-fi element like Resident Evil: Retribution and I am Legend. The scenario usually involves some kind of infectious disease causing people to become zombies, as opposed to the supernatural or otherwise unexplained reanimation of corpses, the Romeroesque zombie. Based on the trailer and literature package World War Z appears to be one of the former, see: Based on how I was seeing advertising for it everywhere, I wondered if it were directed by Roland Emmerich, but was pleased to see that it is not; it's by somebody called Marc Forster. It therefore may well be worth watching. There are two elements that concern me here; the first is the sheer number of films coming out at the moment involving some kind of massive regional or global disaster or apocalypse, the destruction of human society and/or planet Earth. Good examples are Oblivion, see: and Olympus has Fallen, see: (The visual concept of the White House disintegrating and exploding has featured in several films before.) Both these movies came out this year. I know this is not a new idea, but I do feel a certain meme is being planted in the mass psyche of mankind, certainly in Euro-American society. There's an undercurrent of dread and pessimism, a feeling that we're on the brink of entering a living nightmare of one kind or another. Some might say that this undercurrent has inspired these films to be produced... but is it perhaps the other way round?

The other worrying factor involved here is the zombie theme of World War Z which is another meme that is becoming more and more common. Not only have we seen the return of George Romero after being off the scene for twenty years, but a large increase in other film-makers taking on this recurring plot. I don't think it would bother me so much if I hadn't come across some information concerning the possibility of real zombies! See here for more details: and: What's going on? Is World War Z another part of this promotion of the idea that zombies are real and about to get us? Is it more a metaphorical allegory, as some people have already suggested to me, that the zombies are a representation of Muslims, illegal immigrants or the unemployed? Then again, it could all just be a huge coincidence. A Hollywood producer just woke up one morning and thought: "Bingo" I've got a great idea for a new movie."

Monday 3 June 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 2

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio. In this show we discuss the sinister and furtive Bilderberg Group; this weekend it meets at a hotel near Watford, Hertfordshire.
See here for the YouTube video podcast:

See here for my previous interview on EWR:
Other EWR live shows and podcasts can be accessed here:

Sunday 2 June 2013

USA Conspiracy Theory Poll

There has been a national poll in the USA on conspiracy theories. The results are encouraging, see:
Over a quarter think that the New World Order agenda exists. 21% believe that Roswell Incident was indeed the crashing of an extraterrestrial vehicle, also that the government salvaged the craft in secret and have covered it up. Some other theories, like chemtrails and the fake moon landings, score far less, but this will hopefully change as new evidence comes to light. Most encouraging of all, as we approach its fiftieth anniversary, the majority of Americans still understand that President John F Kennedy was killed in an organized assassination by his own government.

The full survey results show an almost perfect demographic cross-section of young and old, black and white, rich and poor. There is a slight difference when it comes to voting habits; Republicans are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than Democrats. The exception being the lies told by the government to justify the Iraq War; 72% of Obama-supporters agree that Bush lied about WMD whereas only 13% think that who vote for the GOP. However I'd like to know how many realize that voting is a waste of time anyway because both parties are controlled by the same cabal. This is excellent news; it shows that Americans are far more conspiratorially-aware than I thought they were. Obviously most of the people who took part in this survey are not as vocal as me; they may hold these ideas secretly and privately, but it's only a matter of time before they start tuning their thoughts into action. The discovery that they are far more numerous than they might have previously thought will hopefully give them the strength to speak out.