Monday 30 October 2017

Content of the Kennedy Files

As I predicted here, see:, the new "top secret" files on the assassination of President John F Kennedy do not contain any information that significantly derails the official story, that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK of his own accord. He acted completely alone and he killed the president for purely personal motives. That being said, not every one of the three thousand-file batch has been published. President Trump has ordered that two hundred of them be kept back "pending review"... for reasons of national security of course. There are a few interesting details though, especially over suspicious elements of Oswald's life. The would-be assassin travelled to Mexico and had a meeting with a Russian who was a senior KGB official, one who was specialized in "wet work". This is what you would expect if the Soviets were somehow behind the killing of Kennedy. The CIA intercepted a phonecall made by Oswald in which the shooter-to-be spoke in Russian. This is proof that they were watching him as a potential security threat. Source: This is what one would expect, as I said in the background articles at the bottom. Oswald was a staunch Marxist who defected from the United States of America to the Soviet Union where he lived for several years before returning to the States and being welcomed home. You could not find a more suspicious profile of a possible secret agent, for either side. So was Oswald a mole planted by the USSR to kill the leader of their Cold War enemy, or was he actually a CIA asset planted in Russia to gather information for America? Whichever it was this just adds incredulity to the notion that US intelligence somehow just let him slip through their fingers and onto the sixth floor of the school book depository at the worst possible moment. There's a limit on how incompetent one can be by accident. The files currently available can be downloaded from here:

The reaction from the conspiraspherical media has been multitudinous, as expected. Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange has made a video pulling up President Trump on his last-minute backtracking. It appears that the CIA is the final arbiter and that Trump possibly overestimated his own authority (this is the central problem of his administration in general) in his previous announcements when he stated that all the files would be released without qualification. However, why has it taken the agency over half a century to sort this out? Talk about an eleventh hour effort! As Rudkowski rightly points out, it stinks of obfuscation. According to this article on David Icke's website, this is just about the data protection of living people, but I suspect this is just an excuse by Trump, see: It turns out that J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, understood the need for the public to believe Oswald acted alone, whether or not he actually did. Source: Linda Moulton Howe has spoken about the work of the late great Jim Marrs that provides evidence that the CIA decided to eliminate Kennedy because he had the wrong attitude to the UFO issue. JFK wanted to involve the USSR in a joint effort to deal with it. This would have put the entire Truth Embargo under threat, see: Alex Jones has gone back to his roots by covering the JFK issue from a refreshingly conspiratorial angle. Since he joined the Alt-right Jones has tried hard to recant the tin foil hat-wearing adventures of his youth, see: (There was an amusing moment a few months ago where his past caught up with him, see: What is clear is that the US government is still desperately maintaining the same stance it has since the Warren Commission. The best we can hope for is that they will fall back on the possibility that Oswald was influenced by Soviet intelligence. There may even be a new inquiry. The truth, the direction the real evidence leads, is that President Kennedy was killed by the deep state in a highly organized assassination using the typical methods of the CIA. This truth will be proven one day, but that proof will never be given up willingly.

Saturday 28 October 2017

Independence for Catalonia

The parliament of Catalonia has made a unilateral declaration of independence. Yesterday, in front of the world's media, the spokeswoman for the Catalan government read out the formal statement transforming Catalonia from a devo-max Spanish region into a sovereign republic, see: Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. Madrid is sticking by the same position it has held all month, that the independence referendum is unlawful. There is no way it will recognize Catalonia's independence. In response to Puigedemont's motion, the Spanish senate has held an emergency session and has invoked the dreaded Article 155. This enables Madrid to dissolve the Catalan devolved government altogether. In fact the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already appointed his own deputy, Soraya Saenz, as interim governor of what he sees as no more than one of Spain's regions gone renegade. However, as Simon Harris explains, Rajoy does not have as much clout as he is boasting. He faces potential rebellion from within his own government if he extends his reach too far. This weakness will not be lost on Puigedemont, see: According to Harris, the Catalan president made a last-minute attempt to escape 155 by calling elections in his parliament, but when he got no response from Madrid he stuck by his guns and brought in the proposal of UDI. It was passed 70 to 20, see:

What will happen now? If Rajoy has his way with Article 155 then he will arrest Puigedemont and all the members of the Catalan parliament involved. Already some of them are in jail and the devolved government has been fined. They could face up to thirty years in prison for various statues relating to sedition. If this happens then there will be massive protests from the pro-independence Catalans and maybe another general strike or riots etc. Rajoy will then declare martial law and send in the security services to put down the rebellion. We could also see economic sanctions of various kinds. Catalonia is Spain's richest region, but it relies of trade with the rest of Spain too. However, how popular will a trade embargo be with private industry in Spain on whose support Rajoy depends? If these extreme measures go ahead then the Catalan people will then respond the way people almost always respond in that situation; there will be an armed confrontation, probably involving guerrilla warfare. This will include internal conflict with Spanish unionists within Catalonia and this will no doubt continue even if Catalonia becomes fully independent, perhaps especially so. Lessons from India, Ireland and Cyprus etc shows that partitioning doesn't work because you can't just draw a line down a map and know that everybody from Population A will be one side and everybody from Population B will be on the other. There are always minorities left along the edges and if they have conflicting interests then they will inevitably come to blows. This could result in civil war. Alternatively Rajoy could be forced into a fall-back position, perhaps undoing the old order of Francoist unity and doing a deal that will turn Spain into some kind of federation. True independence might emerge from that. Catalonia might easily restructure its economy in the same way Britain can as a state independent from the European Union (despite defeatist Remoaner fearmongering to the contrary). The wider shockwaves of a successful Catalan secession will be that the Basques will demand the same and that drive might spread to other countries with regions driving for autonomy, not least here in Britain, as I've explained in the background link above. It's getting far more extreme than just Scottish and Welsh nationalism; Canvey Island in the Thames estuary is now calling for independence, see: Could we see the break-up of the national state order? Well, we are already seeing that with the sinister drive toward superstates and globalism; but I'm talking about a break-up in other opposite direction, towards a multitude of microstates, which is what used to exist in many places, such as Italy and Germany, in the Middle Ages. If so then I would welcome it, providing people are aware about how the globalists might take advantage of it. At the moment, with the exception of Venice, separatists in Europe have taken the paradoxical position of wanting independence via membership of the European Union. If you speak English then the best place I recommend to get updates on this situation is Simon Harris' YouTube channel:

Friday 27 October 2017

Bedroom Stargate

A peculiar video has emerged online which shows a man in his home carrying out an experiment that appears to open a portal. A portal, or wormhole, vortex or stargate, is a breakdown in the structure of the universe causing a hole to be formed in it through which a locale beyond it can be accessed; or a place within our own universe a long way from the location of the breakdown. Current knowledge of physics allows for the presence of portals and they are reported to have been created by both occult practice and heavy industrial methods. The man in the video places a single wireless speaker on his bed and plays a particular musical tone through it. The result is that a bright line of light appears in the air above his bed. By adjusting the tone the line opens out into a cloud of white light and through it eventually appears a clear image of a sunlit landscape of trees, red roofed buildings and red ochre hills in the distance. The man claims that this is Sedona, a town in Arizona USA often associated with counterculture, mysticism and supernatural interests. It does look rather like other images of Sedona, although I've never been there myself. I can't find an image online that is the exact match of the one we see through the hole in the air the video shows, perhaps supporting its authenticity, see: There are a number of other videos on the man's channel, see: In one of them he managed to generate a small black spherical object using the same method. He also reports that he has been in touch with a paranormal investigation team which he does not identify. He claims that his home is haunted anyway and that he experiences spontaneous paranormal apparitions on top of those he engenders with his tonal experiments. One of these involves what, if true, is the first live Mandela effect transition. The Mandela effect is a phenomenon in which a large number of people recall the same false memories, see: The video shows a "Berenstain Bears" book transform into "The Berenstein Bears" right there and then, as he moves from one room to the other. The man finds these strange phenomena disturbing. In one video he shows a car parked outside his house from his lounge window and then when he moves to his bedroom window the car has gone. This is just five seconds later; too short a time for the car to drive away.

Many viewers will say that these pieces of footage have been faked, and of course they could be. The car film is particularly suspicious because we see different sunlight effects in the two windows. However, should we automatically assume that what the man does has been faked? The notion of using sound to create rents in the spacetime continuum has been studied in detail by the researcher Brian Allan and he finds it very interesting. He believes the patterns encoded into the Knights Templar-built Rosslyn Chapel are a good example, see: He even goes as far as to say Rosslyn does not actually exist completely within our universe and overlaps into another. This is the claim the YouTuber makes for his home. With the current activities at CERN there might actually now be some kind of instability in the universe as a side effect (or perhaps I should drop the "side" bit) of the Large Hadron Collider, see: and: Added together with Illuminati occult rituals we might experience even more excessive warps of causality. There is a surreal Russian sci-fi novel called The Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky which describes such a situation, see: (This book was originally published outside Russia as a bootleg edition because of Soviet era censorship). It shows a remarkable predictive awareness of the kinds of effects many people are experiencing in today's world, if portrayed in a more extreme form. Could this explain the recent strange report from Brighton, see: There is no way to be sure because the man who releases these internet videos insists on remaining anonymous. He probably lives in the United States of America based on his accent, but we can be no more precise than that. Unless he is willing and able to submit the phenomena in his home to full paranormal investigation there will be no way to eliminate the possibility of deception. In this day and age, anything can be faked and a YouTube video alone is not enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Trump and the JFK Files

On the 26th of October 1992 in the United States of America a law was passed known as the "JFK Assassination Records Collection Act" that mandated the release of over three thousand US government files related to the assassination of President John F Kennedy (See the background links below for a complete and comprehensive analysis of the Kennedy assassination). This mandate was to be delivered within twenty-five years; that period expires today. President Trump has been a multifaceted and divisive individual within the conspirasphere, for example see:, yet he Tweeted the unequivocal message today:
This is a very decisive statement. As US President, he alone could block the release by executive order and he is not going to do it. So what will we find in these newly-released files? The media is bubbling with speculation, for example see: Firstly, it will take a long time to read them all. There are tens of thousands of pages within the files. A lot of it will be simply administrative and legal small print. So it will be some time before we have any complete commentary. However, we must be realistic here. Are we really going to see the publication of documents that contradict the findings of the Warren Commission? In my view, there is absolutely no question that Oswald was not the only shooter; in fact I doubt whether he took part in the murder at all. For the government to admit that would mean that they are also admitting that they lied about the killing of their own head of state. If they lied about it then it must mean they are complicit to a greater or lesser degree; I suspect the greater. Any hypothetical paperwork connected to such an operation would be completely exempt from the 1992 act and there is no way it would ever be willingly released to the public. I doubt if Trump knows anything about the full story; and if he asks too many questions about it he will very quickly end up the same way as his predecessor did on that November day in Dallas.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

REPCON 2016 Videos

The video recordings of last year's REPCON event are now online.
See here for Ellis Taylor and James Bartley:
See here for Simon Parkes and Frank Willis:
I was the master-of-ceremonies for this event, see:, and it was an excellent one-day conference. Hopefully there will be another one in the future. The conference was based on the documentary Don't Mention the Reptilians, see: See here for my HPANWO Radio interview with the director Chris Turner:

Thursday 19 October 2017

America's Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is a British politician who has gone public about his alien contact experience, see: To do this takes enormous courage and I'm pleased to say that an American stateswoman is doing the same thing. Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is the prospective Republican candidate for the 27th District seat of South Florida in the US House of Representatives. She is a former councillor in her hometown of Doral City, Florida USA and she wants to represent a wider array of constituents. She has taken the bold step of speaking honestly about her childhood alien abduction experiences. Her first memory of this is when she was seven years old and she was taken by two Nordic beings who communicated with her telepathically and gave her a tour of their spacecraft, which was round in shape. She has also commented on Coral Castle, alien skulls found on Malta and other esoteric subjects, see: Ms Aguilera has opened herself to potential ridicule and condemnation on an enormous scale and this might well affect her electoral chances, but she has chosen honesty over convenience. I hope there are enough voters in her constituency who will understand that and appreciate her for it. For any HPANWO-readers eligible in the election, all I can say is: VOTE BETTINA!

Wednesday 18 October 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 25

After a long lull, the pace is picking up again. It is literally just a few hours after I posted the above background article yet a lot has happened. Cosimo Books, the current publisher of Left At East Gate, posted an announcement that it was withdrawing Peter Robbins' and Larry Warren's title from sale, see: The only sentence that has any meaning in this screed of bureaucratic flannel is: " has been brought to our attention that some of the experiences described in this book may be inaccurate or embellished." This means Peter has told them about his misgivings, the ones I disagree with and explain why here: I know several people have been trying to put Cosimo straight with the information I and many others have gathered, but they don't want to know, which means when they add: "...until the situation surrounding it has been clarified to our satisfaction." they don't really mean it. They've made up their mind. Just a few days earlier Halt in Woodbridge was withdrawn too, see: This is a self-published title by Peter Robbins so it must have been his own decision. With the article in yesterday's Daily Record newspaper article as well, this is starting to feel like a coordinated offensive. When this happened Nigel Mortimer posted a photograph of himself holding his copy of LAEG as a statement of support and solidarity with Larry Warren and he encouraged others to do the same. The illustration above is my contribution. The backlash I've had for doing this is worse than I expected; far more than I usually get from the articles in this series. I've had an email from somebody I've never heard of before saying: "Shame on you!" It seems that "shame on you!" is a Truth Mob cliché. I've yet to come across an example where it is not repeated over and over again by Truth-mobbers at all those #BadPeople who refuse to join them in their obsession. This reveals something about the psychology of the Larry Warren Hate Cult along with their multitude of appeasers, fellow travellers and general hangers-on. When a visual image causes more of a reaction than a factual argument then it is a further sign of their inherent irrationality.

In response to these developments, Larry Warren has issued a public statement about his book:
"Statement regarding the suspension of the book Left At East Gate by its publisher Cosimo Books, New York, New York.
When I began the process of writing the book that would eventually be called Left At East Gate in 1986, my sole aim was to bring attention to the very real events of December 1980. I eventually brought in a coauthor by the name of Peter Robbins. After eleven hard years, and too much money to mention spent, I was and remain proud that: 1. I was able to get it published in the first place. 2. I am also proud that the book was and remains the TRUE story of how these very real events became public knowledge. I wish to thank Whitley Strieber for encouraging me as early as 1985 to write my own story in book form, because as early as 1985 my story had been misrepresented in numerous books and articles. I wished only to set my record straight with the best evidence I could possibly secure; I believe I did just that.
Over the last two and a half years I have been attacked by a minority of internet-based trolls who have twisted and turned fact into fiction in such a way that most SANE people viewing their activities would run for the hills of confusion, this is understood. My former coauthor Peter Robbins last year decided, for whatever reason, to jump into bed with the trolls I have mentioned; thus I group him with them in the underhanded actions that have led my publisher Cosimo Books, New York, New York to suspend the title. Over the last two weeks I and others have been in communication with said publisher, his respond to the overwhelming evidence to the contrary has been minimal to nil. For the record I, in response to my publisher's initial message to suspend the title, told him not to bother. The book has been in print for twenty years; it served its purpose, but with the passage of time is outdated as far as I am concerned. Further to that, I informed my publisher that I would rather him drop the title altogether as I am involved in contemporary projects that I believe will take these most serious events known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident forward. Also, I did not want my former coauthor Peter Robbins profiteering any longer on both mine, my family's, and honourable Rendlesham Forest Incident witnesses' blood, sweat, and tears. In closing I wish to thank everyone both known and unknown that supported my efforts and the book from the start.
Sincerely Larry Warren former 81st SPS RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge 1980/81 USAFE."
Source: (You might need to be logged into Facebook to access this page.)
The LWHC et al are greeting this news in the usual way, cheering on Cosimo for their decision and gloating all over social media about it. I would ask anybody with any remaining sense of logical and ethical standards to look at what these people are doing and think carefully about whether you really want to be a part of this, or even just stand by and let it happen without opposing it.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 24

One of the most ridiculous newspaper stories I've ever seen was published yesterday in the Daily Record, a Scottish tabloid that has a reputation for making The Sun look intellectual. The story was about how James Welsh had called the police because of alleged death threats sent to him from Larry Warren. Larry is supposed to have enrolled the help of Scottish motorcycle enthusiasts to hunt Welsh down. The published photograph of Welsh is of very poor quality which is strange because he posts plenty of others of himself on social media; is this the best one they could use? Source:
Once again I am lumbered with the task of providing a reality check. Everything I'm about to say is me repeating myself; there's no need even to post links this time for most of it. Firstly, Larry did not send anybody any death threats because if he did he would be in jail right now. The police take threats like this very seriously. However Larry has never been prosecuted for any such offence. He hasn't even been arrested and questioned over the matter. Secondly, the quote from Peter Robbins is merely Peter's opinion, one which I totally disagree with. Thirdly, Larry was available to comment; it's just that paper didn't try very hard to contact him, probably deliberately. Fourthly, James Welsh himself has posted aggressive and threatening statements online, and unlike him, I have the evidence for it, see: I have made Keith McLeod, the journalist behind the article, aware of these rebuttals; we'll see if the paper publishes an update.

Monday 16 October 2017

I Survived Ophelia!

The wind was roaring! All the houses around me were tearing apart. Crouched in the cellar I felt the roof above me disintegrate... No, not really. Of course, it wasn't like that at all where I am in Oxford which is in central England. The worst of Hurricane Ophelia has been focused on Ireland; that lies right in the middle of the storm's path. Tonight it will rush over Scotland. Where I am we just caught the edge of it. The wind was no worse than a mild gale, but I could see straight away that this was no ordinary weather event. When I left for work today the sky looked fairly normal; thin cloud cover, a gentle breeze. Within a few hours the wind had increased but with it rose the temperature. A sultry humidity descended and I stripped down to a T-shirt even though it is late October and the sun was not shining. The overcast changed to a colour I've never seen before in the sky, a light orangey brown. The light dimmed and altered to an eerie hue, in a similar way as the way it had done during the solar eclipse a few years ago, see: Below the high cloud, small low clouds were chasing swiftly with the wind; they were bluish grey. Then the sun appeared, but when I first saw it I thought for a moment that it might be a spherical UFO. It was an orange ball that looked as if it were below the overcast, not above it. Later on it turned crimson. Of course I've seen the sun this colour many times before, but this is only at sunrise or sunset. This time the sun was high in the sky and it looked very unearthly. See the photo below I took.
There is a strange coincidence associated with Hurricane Ophelia. The date it struck, the 16th of October 2017, is exactly thirty years to the day after the Great Storm. The Great Storm hit the British Isles in the early hours of the 16th of October 1987 and caused widespread devastation across the country. This was just after the BBC's weather forecaster Michael Fish dismissed public concerns about the approaching danger on live TV, something nobody has ever let the poor man forget. To this day, if you Google his name this recording comes up first every time: About fifteen million trees were blown down, including almost all of Rendlesham Forest of UFO renown. The forest we see today mostly consists of trees planted after the Great Storm, see: RFI researcher Peter Robbins has wondered if there is a connection, see: and: Peter has carefully studied the remarkable work of Wilhelm Reich and the weather modification technology he invented. As you'll see in the background links below, weather modification is a real thing and I believe that it has been developed into a terrible weapon. This weapon was tested on the seaside town of Lynmouth to see how effective it was. It is highly unusual for hurricane-force storms to strike the eastern Atlantic area; the Met Office reckons it's a freak event likely to happen only once every two hundred years or so. If it has happened twice in thirty years then no doubt climate change will be blamed. If Ophelia is a man-made hurricane, or even a natural one steered in a particular direction, then the shadow government who wield this weapon have a macabre sense of humour; to carry it out on the thirtieth anniversary of the Great Storm. Maybe they are testing us to see how many people cry "coincidence!".   

Saturday 14 October 2017

Fly to St Helena Now!

The BBC has reported that the "virgin" flight to the new airport on the island of St Helena has landed safely. This is also described as the "first commercial flight". This is not strictly true; there was an inaugural flight in August which I reported on at the time, see: However this is the first flight in which tickets were put onto the open market. One of the passengers was a Mr Ed Cropley and he Tweeted a photo of his boarding pass, see above (and Some of the other seventy-seven passengers were Saints returning home, for the first time skipping the six-day sea voyage from Cape Town on the RMS; that must feel strange. SA Airlink once again used their new Embraer E190 aircraft for this flight. It took off from OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa at nine AM and stopped to refuel at Windhoek, Namibia before setting out over the Atlantic Ocean towards St Helena. It landed safely at 1.59 PM local time (2.59 PM BST), see: The plane will return to South Africa tomorrow afternoon. I hope the tourists enjoy themselves and the Saints find this new way of accessing the outside world useful. However, the concerns I've raised in this series have not eased. Regular flights will now follow this one. If you want to go to St Helena it is not cheap; prices start at £804 and this does not include travelling to South Africa first. Probably that price will come down over time, as is often the case. See here for details: and:

Friday 13 October 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 27

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Chester. This show is part of the Truth Frequency Radio network, see:
I am featured for the whole programme and subjects discussed include: the Las Vegas massacre, official zombie apocalypse precautions, changes in the US gun laws and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Thursday 12 October 2017

Catalonia Independence Update

The President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont has made a long-anticipated public address following the independence referendum of October the 1st. It was a strange speech which was very equivocal, but he did say in as many words that the referendum does give Catalonia the right to be an independent country. This is not the same as an immediate declaration of independence; in fact this is a deferral of that. He calls on the Spanish government to begin negotiations. This could be interpreted negatively by hardliners on both sides. Extreme nationalists might accuse him of selling out while unionists will claim he is bullying the Madrid government. Simon Harris, a local journalist with British roots, has appealed for calm, see: What Puigdemont is doing is a standard Catalan political tactic. He is committed to independence and will not back down, but he knows that if he is too hasty he will merely escalate the situation and we'll have a repeat of the scenes on polling day where the Guardia Civil beats people and drags them off. Puigdemont is trying to avoid civil war, a war he knows he cannot win. He does not wish to provoke Madrid to the point where they invoke "Article 155" and suspend the Catalan parliament; the very fact Spain can do that proves that devolved government is as much a confidence trick in Catalonia as it is in Australia and Scotland. He has called on the United Nations and other countries to recognize Catalonia as a sovereign state. Unfortunately he has also asked the European Union to "intervene"; this is not wise. Never encourage the EU to support you in anything; they only do that when they want to take you over.

Saturday 7 October 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 26

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
The Kev Baker Show Subjects discussed include: mass-shooting in Las Vegas, the electronic voice phenomenon, giant lumps of ice falling from the sky and much much more. We are joined on the air for the last part of the show by the researcher James Swagger.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Thursday 5 October 2017

Nick Kollerstrom and Ben Emlyn-Jones in Dialogue

I will be doing a joint live show with my friend and fellow researcher Dr Nick Kollerstrom at the Conspiracy Cafe in Tyne and Wear.
We will discuss the many books Nick has written and the groundbreaking studies behind them into the politics of terrorism and historical controversies. See here for more details: and: See here for one of my HPANWO Radio interviews with Nick:

Wednesday 4 October 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 23

Dave Young has appeared as a guest on the "Enigmas n' Shit" radio show on an episode entitled Is Larry Warren Lying about Rendlesham Forest? The hosts have clearly heard about this rumour and were looking for a leading expert in the field to comment. See: In this radio show Dave makes a number of factual claims, none of which are original and all of which I have discredited in this series of articles; so have many others. He says that Larry Warren was banned from the 2016 Scottish conference because he threatened somebody with violence. No he didn't. If he had he would be in jail right now, see: Dave reckons that Larry purloined his story from Adrian Bustinza. No he didn't, see: Dave claims that Peter Robbins has completely disavowed Left at East Gate, however Peter's actions indicate some uncertainty in that respect, see: Larry traded fake rock and roll memorabilia, Dave alleges. Then, again, why has he not been attested by the police? See: Dave also says that Larry was a military failure who was discharged from the US Air Force after only completing the first phase of training. Then why was he kept in the service for eleven months and what was he doing on an active NATO base tending nuclear weapons? See: Dave reissues his "challenge!" for a "live debate!" between him and James Welsh, against Gary Heseltine. However, how can anybody have a civilized logical, rational debate with people who display the kind of conduct these two, and their friends, have done? I advise Gary to have nothing to do with it. See: Dave does absolutely nothing in this interview except regurgitate the same nonsensical drivel we have heard a hundred times already. I hope that the hosts of "Enigmas n' Shit" will be presenting the other side of the story at some point. I'd be happy to help them with that.

In other news, Sacha Christie has announced she is leaving UFOlogy, see: This article tells the sorrowful tale of a community too foolish and immoral to accept her divine governance. She will enjoy watching its ultimate failure in the knowledge that, at the last moment, we will all know that one hundred percent of the blame lies with all those who ever defied Sacha Christie... Personally I'm pretty sure she'll be back. Give her three months or so. This is not the first goodbye letter she has written and it won't be the last.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Dreaming Saucers

Following the success of the Roswell 70 event in July, this is a heads-up for a conference I will be organizing in Oxford sometime next summer. I have not made any formal plans except that it will be called Dreaming Saucers. This is a play on the popular nickname for Oxford: "city of dreaming spires". It will, naturally, be centred on UFO's, conspiracy theory, paranormal and spiritual subjects. I have also designed a basic logo, see above. I will publish the details as I arrange them. Watch this space.

Monday 2 October 2017

Catalonia Votes for Independence

The Catalan nationalist movement has won its biggest ever victory. It carried out a referendum on independence despite a Spanish court ruling that it was illegal. The modern map of the Iberian Peninsula shows only two nation states, Spain and Portugal, but it actually consists of four historic kingdoms; Portugal, Castile (Spain), Navarre (the Basque country) and Catalonia (called Aragon in the Middle Ages). Catalonia was made famous internationally by George Orwell's book Homage to Catalonia, see: Catalonia has its own culture and language. Most Catalans will fiercely deny that they are Spanish. Catalonia is officially a region of Spain with a limited devolved government, however there is a very powerful independence movement there. The Catalan language has a similar status to Welsh in Wales. Those who speak it are bilingual with Spanish, but it is a vital part of their identity. The regional government decided to go ahead with the referendum in violation of the ruling from Madrid. Farmers drove their tractors into Barcelona, Catalonia's biggest city. Luckily there is a local journalist there of British origins called Simon Harris who has provided on the ground live coverage in English, see: Polling stations have been occupied by protesters. There have been some ugly scenes where voting has been disrupted by riot police and many people have been injured, see:

The Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy said "Catalans have been fooled into taking part in an illegal vote. It is a mockery of democracy." However the passionate groundswell continues. If it carries on this could lead to terrorism or a new civil war. I hope the Catalans do get their independence. I am a former Welsh nationalist and there is a part of that still in me that will never die, so I sympathize with their plight. The question has to be though, what is their model for independence, should they achieve it? Will Catalonia jump out of the Spanish frying pan into the European Union fire and just become another "member state" of that evil continental empire? This is the idiotic route that Welsh nationalism has now taken, see: Catalonia must understand that if it wants freedom it must win independence from Spain and refuse to join the EU.