Saturday 28 July 2012

BNP Mad Dogs

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, has recently made a speech in Blackpool that scared me. See: . It isn't what Griffin says here that bothers me, it's the reaction of the audience. They growl and bay like angry hunting hounds; even Griffin himself ends up having to tell them to be quiet. I've written before about the BNP and my suspicions that Nick Griffin could be an MI5 asset. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge, just like Aleister Crowley and the Cambridge Spies, and could have been recruited there, see: . Ironically... and so predictably... the principle adversary of the British Far Right, Anjem Choudary has also been nominated as an UK Intelligence agent, and this time there's some considerable evidence supporting that, see: Hatred and fear of Muslims appears to be the bait that the Government is currently using in its trap. Brian Gerrish calls Muslims "the new Jews" in reference to how Adolf Hitler used the same trick with Jews on the German people to create the Nazi regime. Of course with Hitler it was a different group of people but the methods were identical. Next time it could be Norwegians or Hottentots! It doesn't matter; the ruse works just as well in every case... until we, the people, get wise to it.

This issue with "grooming" does exist and of course it does need to be stopped, but "groomers" come from all races and religions. My own cousin's daughter was targeted by groomers, but these groomers were all white Englishmen; I said this one to somebody manning a BNP street stall in London and they just turned away from me. White English groomers are currently operating under the radar thanks to this Muslim obsession of the current campaign. What's more some of this grooming, like all other forms of child abuse, is institutional and organized by the Government itself! Why don't the BNP address this? Because they're not trying to stop grooming, they're simply acting out their part of the "Hate Muslims" propaganda show, just like Anjem Choudary.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Cash-in-Hand Traders under Attack

The Treasury Minister David Gauke has said that businessmen who ask, or allow, their customers to pay them cash-in-hand are "immoral"; this is because cash-in-hand payments are hard to prove taxable. He says that they're "robbing the nation" of revenue. This buffoon obviously feels very differently about the countless billions the Government have given the banks! The video in the BBC news story above is happily critical, and it even includes a backlash by The Philosophers' Magazine editor and author of a great book: What's it All About?, Julian Baggini.

The real motive for Gauke's outburst is that a cash-in-hand economy is an independent economy. The Government don't like that kind of thing! See: I like the concept of an economic transaction being a personal and private affair between a tradesman and client, or employer and employee; it's one of the most vital definitions of human freedom there is. If Gauke had his way we'd no doubt be in the cashless economy, which I've warned about many times, see: and:

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Nurse Suspended for Facebook Posts

An NHS nurse has been suspended and now faces an investigation for posting supposed "laughable" accusations against the cottage hospital where she serves, see: . Keep an eye on this story; I bet Biggleswade Hospital will end up closing just as this nurse predicted.

I can sympathize with her quandary; it's different from my own only because they're being more honest with her in their motives, as they were with Tony Farrell, and not making up excuses, see: . The rights of free speech are being removed from society very slowly and stealthily. The authorities never openly admit that's what they're doing, they just bring in a set of "social networking" rules for the sake of "professional standards". These rules start off as basic and minor, but then are added to bit by bit. The penalties for breaching these rules become more and more severe; people are made examples of and discharged or imprisoned. In the end the authorities can still state that free speech still exists and be literally correct, but it becomes such an effort, with so many pitfalls to tiptoe around, that most people just give up altogether.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Charlie Veitch's Armed Resistance

Background article:
Charlie Veitch has just uploaded a video in which he makes a very forthright and dispassionate call to arms. In his beard and furrowed brow he addresses the audience like Che Guevara; see: Charlie has recently begun sounding more and more bitter and despondent in his films; he comes across as disappointed, dejected and drained of all energy and hope. He has been targeted by the harshest and most widespread trolling campaign in the history of the Internet; one which I vehemently opposed. Now he has decided to give up entirely in his attempt to resist using his former methods of peaceful protest and street theatre, and take a more direct approach. "I'm tired... We've tried and we've failed" he says very bluntly.  

This gun-toting guerilla shpiel sounds all very romantic, but it's not practical. When it comes to violent human slaughter the Elite are unbeatble; they're simply too good at it! They have all the weapons, the technology, the experience... and they lack a conscience. This is why the Elite do not fear armed resistence; they even encourage it in their funding of anti-Government militias because they know those they can't corrupt and control they can easily exterminate. The Elite have far more hatred and dread for a man who buys a houseboat and paints it in an original style, and grows vegetables on its the decks, than some poser in a beret and sunglasses brandishing an AK47; See: If Charlie is serious and he truly intends to grab a gun and rain bullets down on the Palace of Westminster then he and his band of Merry Men would be instantly vapourized by any one of the demonic devices weilded by the Elite, some of which our most horror-stricken minds have yet to guess exist. I'm not a pacifist and if I knew who the thirteen Illuminati Primi were and I really thought that shooting them would help I'd go out and do it now, but it won't help. It's futile.   

The solution instead is to keep pushing for that Hundredth Monkey point, as I've said before, see: Don't give up like Charlie has. Imagine how terrible it would be if we quit the very moment before we hit that monkey!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

G4S Olympic Security "Fiasco"

Nick Buckles, the chief executive of G4S has been the subject of a Parliamentary enquiry today. This is because his company has "failed in its duty" to provide adequate security for the forthcoming London Olympics. See:

Personally I'd like to get the Academy on the phone! This looks to me like a staged charade. Buckles didn't fail, he threw it! What's more I imagine he was given some incentive to throw it, like a big cash back-hander. Why? So that the Government now has the excuse to militarize London even more than it has done already. See here for background:

Now it looks as if spectators at the tournament will have their bags searched by military personnel, rather than a G4S security guard, and this is deliberate. It means that even if the entire Olympics goes according to plan the people will have been conditioned even further into thinking that dealing with soldiers in domestic security and law enforcement situations is normal. What I call "The Military Religion" has a big role to play in this too, see:

Sunday 15 July 2012

BBC Horizon- Why Most of us Need to Die

I recently came across a TV show from the BBC's Horizon flagship science series. It was made in 2009 and its official current title is: How many People can live on Planet Earth. However one of the YouTube copies is entitled: Why Most of us Need to Die, see: Was this a former official title? I noticed that the comments box is closed! This is for reasons that will become apparent. The presenter of this programme is probably the most illustrious and prestigious one Horizon ever uses: Sir David Attenborough. This gives it a high level of perceived credibility and makes it even more chilling to watch than it would be otherwise.

The programme ends with what Attenbourough describes as a "positive note" explaining how some small regional and local areas are tackling the problem effectively by using environmentally sound water management techniques and by empowering and educating their women; but what is sinister about this programme is not what he says, but what he omits. I can hear some viewers, especially the Green pessimists among them muttering: "It's too little too late!" And the homicidal message is rammed home the very same evening this programme was first broadcast because if you watch the full length YouTube version: , you'll hear an advert for a second TV show that's on later; this one: Hot Planet.

My own views on this matter are described in detail here:  and here: . But basically, the environmental problems of Planet Earth are not being caused by the subjects these two programmes talk about. The reason these subjects are being nominated as causes is so that people will support the New World Order: as a desperate attempt to save life of Earth!

Friday 13 July 2012

UFO's back in the News

UFO's are back in the news! See:

This has been triggered by a new release of UK Ministry of Defence UFO files. This is an ongoing programme that has been running for some time, see: Somewhere in this latest batch will hopefully my own reported sighting, see: .

Supporting all the above are other related articles: There is a new angle on a famous 1977 sighting in Wales here: and Gary McKinnon is undergoing another crucial phase of his case to fight extradition to the USA, see:

Along with the news stories has been several videoes like this one by Nick Pope. Listen to the music in the background; the mainstream news is literally incapable of treating this subject seriously!: Another regular pundit is Dr David Clarke, see: who has also been speaking in the media about the latest files release. I often wonder why it seems always to be the same small circle of characters who are shuffled and recycled between the various major news outlets like it's a pass the parcel game. Every one of these characters either believe UFO's can all be explained as non-paranormal, or that even if some can't the Government don't know any more than the rest of us; they're as bemused and wide-eyed about these invulnerable invaders of our airspace... as anybody else! When are we going to see a BBC interview with Linda Moulton-Howe or Scott Felton or Richard D Hall or Stanton Friedman; or how about Nick Redfern, the man who briefed Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister. Or one of the hundreds of other dedicated people studying this subject and with a lot of interesting angles on this subject? It's bad journalism not to expand the informational and intellectual sphere of UFO stories. But this is because the media is not designed to inform and inspire investigation. It's designed to blinker and distort people's images of subjects like UFO's. To talk about UFO's is fine, so long as the role of the Government in the issue is defined a certain way: as innocent and unknowing. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I think this is not the case, eg: .

There is an occasional break in the clouds. I received an excited phonecall from a friend yesterday saying that Roy Lake was on Channel 5 News. Unfortunately this programme is not currently available online, but at least he was given airtime. Roy is a far more convincing UFOlogist than any of the usual UFO celebrities; here's his site: . How long this current UFO theme will last in the mainstream news is anybody's guess, but there's no way I'd advise anybody to think it's now OK to rely on  the BBC and ITV alone. Keep your eye on HPANWO and the other alternative sites you'll see in the Links column!

Thursday 12 July 2012

Marcus Allen at the BIS (Update)

A few weeks ago I posted an article about Marcus Allen attending a debate at the British Interplanetary Society at their headquarters near Vauxhall Bridge in London. The BIS was founded in 1933 as a think tank and advocacy group for space exploration. Its membership includes such illustrious figures as Arthur C Clarke and Sir Patrick Moore. Naturally they very passionately believe that the NASA Apollo Missions were real and that they really did land men on the moon between 1969 and 1972. Here's their website: I originally heard about the debate before it happened and, impressed by Marcus' guts for "taking the fight to the enemy", looked into the possibility of attending to support him. I quickly learned that this was out of the question; the debate was not open to the public, so I waited eagerly to hear the result. The first news to emerge was in the Skeptic internet media and this was the basis of my original article, see: .

As you can see the initial reports portrayed the event as a decisive victory for the Apollo-believer cause with Marcus being completely demolished in the debate, and eventually even becoming a "reformed character" and recanting his entire theoretical model of the Apollo Hoax Theory. My main objective in writing that article was to attempt to protect Marcus from the retaliation that would result if he had indeed swapped benches as the Skeptics claimed he had. The Charlie Veitch scandal has taught us that there are thug elements within the Conspiratorial community who react very unprofessionally and spitefully against turncoats. I find this behaviour immoral and extremely counter-productive so I wished to appeal for calm. However, as you can see, I also treated the reports themselves with caution and scepticism; I withheld judgment until more information had been released, and I'm very glad I did. This experience has taught us that we should always be sceptical of the Skeptics! (Notice how I spell the word in two different ways. I consider these words to have very different meanings, even though they are homophones, see: A couple of days later Mary Bennett, co-author of the book Dark Moon- Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, published her own report on the debate. Like me, she had been unable to attend and her report was based on a verbal interview with Marcus: . As you can see, this tells a very different story; it's strange how separate people can interpret the same events such diverging ways. Which was the most accurate report? I had to wait until the release of the film of the debate to find out. It's available on YouTube, posted by the BIS' YouTube account: "DeltaVeeMedia": . As soon as I watched it I realized that Mary's report on the proceedings was by far the most accurate.  

The very decision to hold this debate with Marcus caused a storm of controversy, with many people protesting that the possibility that the Moon Landings were faked is even being discussed, including the Skeptic forum, see: . As you can see, they believe that Marcus' very presence at the BIS gives him a prestige they feel he doesn't deserve; he's been brought "into the fold" of a distinguished scientific institution. They'd feel more comfortable with him just sticking to the UFO and conspiratorial conference circuit like he used to. As it happens there was a lot of internal barracking at the BIS too. This resulted in the title of the debate being changed at the last minute. I think Marcus originally planned to give the BIS his usual shpiel which I've seen many time before myself, eg: . Here's one recorded on YouTube: . In this he gives the audience a comprehensive and complete analysis of the whole lunar exploration mystery. However by the time the debate kicked off its title had been changed to Perceived Anomalies in the Apollo Lunar Surface Imagery, see: . Marcus' brief for the debate was that he and his opponent would discuss only the questions relating to the veracity of the photographic record, not the entire Hoax Theory, which of course is very holistic and covers many separate disciplines. (Here's one of my own articles on the subject: However, as you can see from both Mary's report and the film, Marcus' opponent, Jerry Stone, did not obey the new brief himself; he launched into a series of the very general comments on the Hoax Theory that he had told Marcus to omit. Why was this? If my mind worked in... certain ways, I might be suspicious about the way the brief was changed so close to the night. Jerry would have done just as well with his rebuttal if he'd just let Marcus do his usual multi-layered performance. When he finally got round to his photographic riposte I felt that he didn't so much respond to Marcus' points as make a series of his own different points. Therefore my impression of the event was not so much a debate as two men talking on entirely cross-purposes. As you can see, Mary has provided her own counter-argument to the points Jerry makes; she also mentions all the occasions he doesn't address one of Marcus' points. One discrepancy between the film and Mary's report is that according to her Jerry, proving Godwin's Law true immediately, brought up the subject of Hitler and Holocaust denial in relation to the Hoax Theory. This clearly is not present in the film. There are two possibilities that explain this: Firstly Marcus and Mary were simply mistaken and Marcus misremembered what actually happened that evening; or that they lied in their testimony. But there is another possibility we must consider: That this part of Jerry's speech was edited out of the film uploaded by "DeltaVeeMedia". As you can see if you watch this film, the section Mary and Marcus address is all a single shot; there is no cut to the view of the audience, which occasionally occurs elsewhere, during which the offending footage could be removed. Does this mean such a "director's cut" can't be done? No. Using modern electronic editing it's conceivable that a section of a single continuous shot could be edited out and a small amount of animation and morphing used to smooth over the break. Is there any evidence that this has been done? Well, I don't have the capabilities to analyze the video itself, but I am drawn to the part of Mary's report subtitled "Record of the Meeting": "But then again, given that when Marcus Allen asked for a video copy of the presentation (a normal courtesy to a guest speaker), the answer was not ‘Yes, of course,’ but ‘We’ll try’ does not augur well." The BIS may have needed a delay because they didn't want to hand over a copy of the proceedings' video record without snipping out that embarrassing gaff by Jerry. After all, wheeling out the Nazi's is the ultimate in the fallacy of getting personal usually nicknamed: Reductio ad Hitlerium. It's ironic indeed that the BIS couldn't imagine that NASA would be able or willing do the same with the Moon Landings photographic record! Then again, maybe the remark actually was made elsewhere. If you read Part 2 of Mary's article she refers again to the "Hitler/Holocaust" angle, but says Jerry introduced it at the end, not during his introduction. This would make editing it out far easier of course. I'm glad the BIS did, but it was disgraceful of Jerry to bring it up in the first place!

One thing's for sure: The celebrations on were very premature. Marcus definitely doesn't seem to have experienced a road-to-Damascus conversion at all. He wins the debate in my view simply because his case was not seriously challenged; there wasn't really any attempt to do so. As for myself: I'm very familiar with all the factors in the Moon Landing Hoax Theory and I have debated them many times with Apollo-believers. There was only one piece of information tabled that I'd never heard before; in the Q and A where somebody mentions the "sandblasting" of the moon by electrical discharge with the Earth. That's a new one on me!

The BIS contingent were very civil and professional with Marcus the whole time. They listened to his testimony in respectful silence and gave him a courteous round of applause afterwards etc. But you can just imagine what was going on inside their heads, and their animosity did poke out through their self-control occasionally, as Mary points out in her article. I'd like to pay tribute to Marcus' courage for standing on stage, completely on his own, and presenting this theory to what must be the most hostile audience imaginable.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Happy Disclosure Day!

Happy Disclosure Day everybody!

July the 8th is World UFO Disclosure Day, and was awarded that status by Steve Becklow and Geoffrey West of the Paradigm Research Group in 2010. This is because it was on July the 8th 1947 that General Roger Ramey held a press conference in his office in Fort Worth, Texas where he put on display some wooden sticks and some loose, crumpled pieces of aluminium foil and told the world's media that this is what Major Jesse Marcel of the Roswell Army Air Force Base had mistaken for a UFO. He was lying. Today, 65 years later, the Government are still lying. However many believe that this is the day that the decision was made to institute what Stephen Bassett calls the "Truth Embargo." Reporters were descending like locusts on Fort Worth and New Mexico and the Government was considering whether to continue with the original "Flying Disk" story, and so come clean that UFO's exist, or cover it up; they opted for the latter (See newspaper pictures above). Personally I suspect that this decision was made many years earlier when the Government had to deal with similar incidents to Roswell before July of 1947 and they had a contingency plan already in place that simply broke down to begin with, (See: but the day of the scene in Gen. Ramey's office is still a fitting and symbolic historic moment that illustrates the subject well.

I have my doubts about whether Disclosure, as it is conventionally defined, is possible, as I've said many times, like here: . But there's a part of me that wants so badly for it to be true. The whole concept is so utterly intoxicating that I can't discard it.

World UFO Disclosure Day will continue to be celebrated every July the 8th, but if... or when... Disclosure happens, it will instantly be moved to the day this occurs and celebrated on that day every succeeding year. HPANWO-Readers can personally endorse World Disclosure Day here:

Thursday 5 July 2012

Higgs Boson and the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider has apparently done its job! Scientists at CERN in Switzerland have announced that they have found evidence for the Higgs Boson. This is the particle of the Higgs Field which is known as “the God Particle” by physicists because it is what gives mass and solidity to matter (Physicists often use the word “God” as a metaphor, as with Stephen Hawking talking about “reading the mind of God”, but most physicists are Atheists and they don’t mean it literally). According to the Standard Model of Particles the Higgs Boson has no electrical charge and interacts with other particles via the weak nuclear force. Scotland is a country always at the forefront of all science and engineering invention and the Higgs Boson is named after Peter Higgs, the Scottish physicist who first postulated its existence. Here’s a new story covering the announcement of its discovery: (Hawking has lost a $100 bet as a result!)

I never heard about the Higgs Boson, or the Higgs Field from which it collapses, until I read some books by an amazing Italian lady called Giuliana Conforto. Giuliana is a physicist, but is also very spiritually and conspiratorially-aware and has merged her knowledge of physics with her esoteric studies in a way nobody has done since Fritjof Capra. Here’s her website: Her views are based on the discoveries of the 15th Century hermeticist Giordano Bruno, a man burned at the stake by the Vatican for his beliefs. Her own model of the spiritual universe has the Higgs Field at its centre. I can’t recall all the details, but the H in the title of her first book LUH- Man’s Cosmic Game, stands for “Higgs”.

But has the Large Hadron Collider really done its job yet? Or is it also intended to be used for… other things. I wrote an article several years ago when the LHC first opened: with a follow-up when it was first switched on: I’ve amended my viewpoints on more than one occasion since I wrote those articles. Today I'm more alarmed than ever before. The power of the LHC is still increasing, due to reach full steam in 2016. Oddly enough there’s a statue outside the CERN laboratory, and it’s not one of Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton; it’s the Indian god Shiva. Shiva is the oldest recorded deity on Earth; His image on cylinder seals can be found in the ruins, in Pakistan, of the Harappa civilization, right at the dawn of history. He is a supreme god in Hindu mythology, the most mighty of them all, and is charged with destruction and transformation; yes, a very strange figure to decorate a scientific institute with. As I’ve said before many times, the Illuminati love mythological and occult symbolism. The reference to the Hindu pantheon is not without precedent in scientific works to create means of great destruction. In 1945 a very perturbed and regretful Robert Oppenheimer was interviewed on film shortly after the Trinity Test, saying that his invention, the atomic bomb, brought to his mind the words of the Lord Vishnu in the Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”.

So should this worry us? Maybe. What’s going to happen next? Do the Powers-That-Be have other plans for the LHC? I’ve already vacillated over the theory in the articles linked above that the Illuminati might be planning a “Gotterdammerung” manoeuvre; destroying the world or universe because they know they’re going to lose it. They’d rather it all went down into Hell than let free people have it! An extremely spiteful kind of global scorched earth policy. Then again, could they be using the enormous power of the LHC for some positive mission, to do something that will achieve their New World Order? It’s not alternative to say that the LHC might have the power to mine the very fabric of the universe and expose all its Quantum Mechanical workings to scrutiny. This might cause all wave forms to collapse into particles, and who knows what effect this could have! It might make or break the New World Order; but, we are in that pivotal time period predicted by both the Mayans and Western mysticism. By now they must be getting desperate and be willing to take very big risks.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Kevin Annett's Historic Lawsuit

Legal history is about to be made in Canada. At 1pm Canadian Eastern Standard Time, (that's 6 PM British Summer Time) a Toronto courthouse will hear the case of the Association of Citizen Prosecutors versus the churches of Canada, the Crown of England and pharmaceutical cartel for crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy. This is the first time ever that these institutions have been charged with a criminal offence in this way, and the plaintiffs can be anybody who has suffered at the hands of these organizations. A live video stream of the proceedings can be watched here: I urge all HPANWO readers to witness this historic turning of the tables!
Here is the full notice on Kevin's website, the ITCCS:

Issued by Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS and others on July 1, 2012

The biggest criminal conspiracy in history is being confronted this week in a federal court house in Toronto.
On Wednesday July 4, our friend and ally, Jason Bowman of The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP), will be filing the first class action lawsuit in history against the Vatican, the Crown of England, the government and churches of Canada, and pharmaceutical corporations for crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.
Anyone who has suffered at the hands of these groups can come forward and join our action.
For instance, for a century doctors and clergy of both the Roman Catholic and United Church of Canada sterilized and experimented on countless aboriginal people – many of them children who died as a result – under agreements with the Crown of England and prominent pharmaceutical companies with ties to the military.
In 1995, when as a west coast United Church clergyman I began to uncover the grisly evidence of such practices as testing drugs for these companies on children at United Church facilities like the R.W. Large Hospital in Bella Bella, B.C., I was targeted for personal and professional destruction by that Church and its friends in government.
Across Canada, there are many such cases of criminal conspiracy to silence the truth and truth tellers. Now, for the first time, there’s a chance for these crimes to be brought to light and those responsible made to publicly account.
That opportunity commences Monday, July 9, when Jason Bowman will argue our application before a Federal Court judge.
Besides the historic “McLibel” lawsuit in England during the 1990’s when two people singlehandedly took on the McDonald’s Corporation, I can’t think of a bigger case of David confronting Goliath in the courts. For in our suit, we are naming the biggest actors in global genocide as having conspired to commit and conceal centuries of pillage, murder and corruption.
Our phones have been flooded already by dozens of people who want to support us and bring forward their own cases, and by media outlets wanting interviews. Clearly, we have struck a chord.
Let’s be clear about our purpose.
This lawsuit is not an end in itself but one step, albeit a big one, to unseat and disestablish self-governing corporations of church, state and business that have wreaked havoc on our world. For this unholy alliance has been behind the destruction of millions of people and poses an ever-growing threat to the welfare of our children, our liberties, and our planet.
So, we’re not out for a financial settlement or “compensation” from these oligarchies. Nothing can compensate for what they have done, and their lawyers will not buy themselves out of their responsibility for mass murder. This is not a “personal injury” lawsuit but a blow aimed at the power of business, church and state.
So, if justice is to come, it won’t happen through a court decision but by getting rid of these tyrannical institutions altogether and reinventing our world so that their crimes will never be repeated. We want the Vatican and profit-hungry drug companies gone altogether, not simply modified. We see this class action is a means to that end.
This fact makes today’s Kanata Day message all that more poignant.
Three years ago today, a group of patriots in Winnipeg announced the formation of The Republic of Kanata: a grassroots movement of those descended from aboriginal and European peoples who are determined not only to sever ties with the fictitious “Crown of England”, but to do so in order to return the land, wealth and power to all of our people from the few who presently monopolize it.
We who are embarked on this path of sovereignty and independence are total realists. We know that such a Republic of Equals will not come about by declarations and “cyber radicalism”, but by building on the ground a new society within the shell of the old. And the first practical action towards this aim is creating a moral framework through a new judicial system based on common law courts under the authority of our Republic of Kanata.
The first case brought in such a new court system will be against the so-called Crown of England and the Vatican for centuries of terror and theft against all the peoples of Canada.
The case that will be argued by Jason Bowman on July 9 in Federal Court is the opening volley in this campaign to dislocate Crown and Church in our land.
Personally, I feel many spirits and ancestors watching what we are doing this week. In many ways I feel like I am continuing the unfinished work of my great-great-great grandfather Philip Annett, an Upper Canada farmer who fought in the Patriot movement if 1837 to overthrow the oligarchy called The Family Compact that in many ways still rules Canada and our world.
We are fighting the same battle my grandfather and others waged two centuries ago because that movement was crushed, and Crown and Church and their wealthy friends became enthroned in Canada. The same year the Patriots were defeated, the first murderous “Indian residential school” was created by the Crown at the “Mohawk school” in Brantford, Ontario. That blow was aimed not only at indigenous people but at every European settler, to impose a mental and spiritual tyranny of Bishops and Bankers on our land from which we are struggling to emerge.
Over half of Canadians polled are with us, and want an end to our ties with the Crown. But we are not envisioning a mere changing of the political guard, with new elites running the show under a new flag. We must achieve mental liberation and spiritual reform before a new social reality is possible.
On July 9, we are beginning this emancipation. We need you to not only climb on board but use our effort to transform your own life and community from the bottom up.
Send us your story. Share our messages and you tube postings that will document our ongoing lawsuit. And resurrect the dreams of our earliest ancestors of the Two Row Wampum by which indigenous and settler shared all the land equally, and in peace.
It is a joy and an honour to stand with you all in this cause, and battle.
(Stay tuned for You Tube posting of our July 4 Toronto press conference) (Source: )

Here are two episodes of HPANWO Radio in which I interview Kevin:
Prog 2:
Prog 3:

(Addendum (5/7/21) The lawsuit has been initiated in Toronto. Jason Bowman and Kevin got even better results than he expected! See here:

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Roger Hayes Arrested

Breaking news! Roger Hayes the chariman of the British Constitution Group and director of the Lawful Bank, has been arrested. See: He is currently being held in Liverpool Prison without charge. He was interned there via a secret court. Apparently his "crime" is tax evasion, but there's no way to know for sure because of the covert nature of his prosecution. I encourage all HPANWO-readers to call the numbers listed in the article and do everything we can to make sure this unlawful legal travesty does not go unanswered.

First it was Robert Green, now it's Roger Hayes. Who's going to be next?
See here for my review of a recent British Constitution Group event: