Sunday 15 July 2012

BBC Horizon- Why Most of us Need to Die

I recently came across a TV show from the BBC's Horizon flagship science series. It was made in 2009 and its official current title is: How many People can live on Planet Earth. However one of the YouTube copies is entitled: Why Most of us Need to Die, see: Was this a former official title? I noticed that the comments box is closed! This is for reasons that will become apparent. The presenter of this programme is probably the most illustrious and prestigious one Horizon ever uses: Sir David Attenborough. This gives it a high level of perceived credibility and makes it even more chilling to watch than it would be otherwise.

The programme ends with what Attenbourough describes as a "positive note" explaining how some small regional and local areas are tackling the problem effectively by using environmentally sound water management techniques and by empowering and educating their women; but what is sinister about this programme is not what he says, but what he omits. I can hear some viewers, especially the Green pessimists among them muttering: "It's too little too late!" And the homicidal message is rammed home the very same evening this programme was first broadcast because if you watch the full length YouTube version: , you'll hear an advert for a second TV show that's on later; this one: Hot Planet.

My own views on this matter are described in detail here:  and here: . But basically, the environmental problems of Planet Earth are not being caused by the subjects these two programmes talk about. The reason these subjects are being nominated as causes is so that people will support the New World Order: as a desperate attempt to save life of Earth!

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