Friday 30 September 2022

The Italian Trump

Italy now has its own version of Donald Trump, Giorgia Meloni. She is the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of Italy, although you won't hear that refrain half as often as you did with Hilary Clinton; in fact I'm surprised they even said it at all. Her election has caused pandemonium to break out in the European Union because Meloni is known to be Euroskeptic, saying: "No to the bureaucrats in Brussels!". Is Italiexit now inevitable? If so what will it mean for the federation to lose yet another major member? The Commission has issued its usual veiled but empty threats, like they did to us over Brexit. Meloni is determined to tackle Italy's horrific mass immigration problem and, unlike the others, I believe her. She is very opposed to Big Brother surveillance and the loss of identity caused by individualistic consumerism. She has a very low opinion of feminism and sees many of the pathologies in it that I also can. She has been described as a "fascist", something she denies. I cannot take that accusation seriously anyway; these days everybody to the right of Josef Stalin is regarded as a fascist. She's a big fan of JRR Tolkien, which is another good sign; and I bet she doesn't like the new Amazon adaptation. It would be fair to say she is a populist. That's not an easy word to define, but it could be described as somebody who says things no other politicians say, but the populace always wish they would say. This is why I call her Italy's Trump. Even without looking at the details of her policies, her speeches are incredibly refreshing. She talks favourably about demographics which in most other countries are almost dehumanized; heterosexual families, cis-gender people, men and white people. She represents an inspiring backlash against the very sinister and dangerous propaganda against those demographics that is all too acceptable in the West. I hope her victory will encourage populists in other nations. In fact populists in Sweden have made huge gains in their own current election. It is not only the Eurocrats in the Tower of Babel parliament building that are throwing their toys out of the pram. Predictably, the Western wokeists are reacting exactly as they did to Trump's election. However, in this case their ire can be focused on a particular nationality. We've seen this lately with expat Russians, see: Are we now going to see Italian restaurants boycotted and vandalized? I hope not.
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Thursday 29 September 2022

Queen Death Mini-Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of Queen Elizabeth II dying into a mini-portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. This subject does not need a main site full portal because there are only a handful of posts about it and I don't expect to add any more of them.
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Revolution Radio 2:
St Helena Royal Proclamation:
Queen Death Livestream:
Programme 478 Podcast- The Queen Dies:
Third Rail Radio- Programme 124:
Cry Freedom Show- Programme 49 (New Show 36):

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Nord Stream- USA Prime Suspect

See here for essential background:
Less than twenty-four hours after the last news, there have been major updates. This has led me to believe that the prime suspect is the United States; or to be precise, the criminals illegally occupying the US government. Indeed, those criminals and their accomplices have all but confessed. I had already worked out as much before I saw the information below. I thought it ridiculous that Russia could be to blame. It would be an act of insanity by President Putin, a man who has shown himself to be one of the most skilful statesmen the world has seen this century. It would essentially be the scuttling of all diplomatic efforts to ease the conflict and rebuild a trade relationship with the US-EU bloc. Putin would be turning his back on everybody except his new customers in the east. He's not that daft. Also, Nord Stream 2 was at the time non-operational. There was actually a protest in Germany a few days before the explosions demanding it be switched on so that their heating bills could be reduced, see: Today I came across a Tweet by Radoslaw Sikorski, a former Polish minister and current MEP. He Tweeted a picture of the gas bubbles and the words "Thank you, USA." I quote-Tweeted him thus: "If you have information about a terrorist attack, you are obliged to call the police." Source: How does he know? Could it be because he is such good friends with Joe Biden that he reportedly has a photo on his office wall of the two of them together? Now, Biden said something back in February that chills my blood. At a press conference he said: "If Russia invades... again... there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it." One of the press corps asked him how they can do such a thing when Russia and Germany control it. He replied: "I promise you we'll be able to do it." This is outrageous. The US attacking an asset partly controlled by an allied nation which will harm the ally's economy and entire population as collateral damage. Source: (RT is currently banned on all Western official media and social media platforms.) The EU have vowed to bring to justice whoever committed this sabotage. Who will they accuse? Your starter for ten.
The situation in Ukraine is not being covered truthfully by any of the mainstream media. President Putin has been accused of "war mongering". He has initiated a partial conscription to strengthen the military. This has not happened in Russia since World War II. 300,000 fighting age men have been mobilized, mostly military veterans. Putin has also allegedly threatened the West with nuclear bombardment, or at least that's how the mainstream media are reporting it. As usual, the truth is very different. He actually said that he feared NATO officials wanted to subject Russia to "nuclear blackmail". He added "If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all means at our disposal. This is not a bluff." Well, does that in any way breach the Kellogg-Briand pact? No. That is what the armed forces and weapons, including nuclear weapons, are legitimately for. All Putin did was declare his intentions to defend his country in accordance with international law. There have been referendums in the disputed states of the Donbass. These have been called "annexation" referendums of "occupied territories", and a "sham"; but as I explain in the background link below, those terms are unfair. It is not just Donetsk and Lugansk that have been polled, so have the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia coastal regions in the southeast. (Kherson is especially significant to this conflict for reasons explained here: All four have voted to join the Russian Federation almost unanimously. Whoever is behind the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, this represents a major escalation of this conflict with global implications. I have guessed correctly what the official story is going to be. It will be no different to every official story about this war since it began: Ukraine good, Russia bad. People willing to look behind the veneer of lurid headlines and "fact-checkers" have a responsibility not to cooperate with the propaganda and insist that everybody has access to both sides of the story.
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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Nord Stream Pipelines Leaking

The Nord Stream pipelines have been at the centre of the current conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation from the outset. They run together along the bed of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Threats have been dished out in both directions regarding the flow of gas along the pipelines, on which Europe is dependent, and sanctions against its delivery. It seems an odd coincidence to me that they have both come down with major malfunctions in recent days. Strangely it was just after President Putin's supposed escalation of the war in Ukraine. On Monday morning a leak was detected in Nord Stream 2 just south of the Danish island of Bornholm. Literally a few hours later it was announced that Nord Stream 1 has also ruptured just to the north of that same island. The latter actually has two leaks. The response from the stock market was instantly to raise the price of Russian gas by 12% less than a month after it had stabilized. This will be bad news for everybody affected by the energy crisis. The Danish navy has shown a film of the bubbles rising to the surface from the pipes, which are at a depth of about three hundred feet. There is a patch of foam over six hundred feet across. Ships have been warned to avoid the area. There is the risk of fire from the gas igniting, but also vessels could flounder because the gas bubbles reduce water density, therefore buoyancy. (Gas bubbles escaping naturally from the seabed in the Atlantic Ocean could be the cause of some Bermuda Triangle ship disappearances.) Source:
Accusations of sabotage began immediately. Noises were detected by underwater sensors that sound artificial and not natural, like explosives rather than an earthquake. Predictably, the Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak said the damage was "an act of aggression" towards the EU by Russia. This was to cause more energy disruption during the winter. I suspect that this will become the official story. It is perfectly possible that Russians could do this. A torpedo from a submarine or charges planted by divers would do the trick. However, if Russia wanted to stop gas supplies to Europe, it could do so more easily simply by switching off the flow, as it has already done when the Nord Streams sprung their leaks. The pipelines belong to Gazprom, a company owned by the Russian state. It would be cutting off their nose to spite their face that they would destroy their own property. Repairs will be very difficult, dangerous and expensive. They may involve divers and seawater will need to be drained out. I think this is more likely a false flag by NATO; but more details will hopefully emerge to clarify the situation. I will report on them when they do.
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Monday 26 September 2022

St Helena Royal Proclamation

King Charles III acceded to the Throne of England the moment his mother Queen Elizabeth II died two weeks ago. However it is still traditional for there to be an official proclamation that he has become king is all of the nations of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and overseas territories. This has happened and St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha are no exception. A brief ceremony was carried out in Jamestown where the governor Nigel Philips read out the proclamation: "Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call to His mercy our late sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second of blessed and glorious memory, by whose decease the Crown is solely and rightfully come to The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George; We, Nigel James Phillips and the citizens of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha do now hereby with one voice and consent of tongue and heart publish and proclaim that The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, by the death of our late sovereign of happy memory, become our only lawful and rightful and Liege Lord Charles the Third, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of His other Realms and Territories, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to whom we do acknowledge all faith and obedience with humble affection; beseeching God by whom Kings and Queens do reign to bless His Majesty with long and happy years to reign over us. Given under my hand at Jamestown, St Helena, this 11th day of September 2022. GOD SAVE THE KING." Source: That is a very grand and longwinded way of saying that Charles is now king of the territory.
A similar ceremony has taken place in all of the king's dominions. I find the illustration amusing, and I reproduce it above, because the clergyman on the right is wearing a covid mask. I think that is Revd. Dale Bowers, the island's bishop. I thought St Helena was supposed to be one of the few places on earth that had the pandemic under control. If there is one place on earth you should be able to lose the mask, St Helena should be it. The Queen did visit St Helena once in April 1947 (I know, three months before you-know-what!). She was Princess Elizabeth at the time and she accompanied her parents King George VI and the Queen Mother on a tour of the island. At one point they stop to feed a banana to Jonathan. Luckily it was filmed. The last couple of minutes show the royal family at Ascension see: King Charles will be visiting St Helena very soon. Now the Queen's funeral is over, one of the first things that will probably happen is that he will be sent on a tour of the Commonwealth and overseas territories. He has already done a UK tour. The airport will of course make his journey far easier.
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Saturday 24 September 2022

ASSAP- The Non Reportage Reportage

The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have produced another video featuring me:
This video was shot at the University of Bath in September. We were delegates at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena Seriously Strange Conference 2022. Here is my own longer but technically less intricate coverage: It was great to see the Crafties there, along with many other friends. Thanks to Mark and Liz for producing this video.
See here for the previous video about me by The Crafty Nihilist:

Friday 23 September 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Revolution Radio 2


I have been interviewed again on Revolution Radio with Christine Joanna Hart and Tajinder Gill, see:
We discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth II and related subjects.
See here for my previous appearance on Revolution Radio:
See here for a HPANWO TV video I made with Tajinder:

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Hunt for Alien Artefact

Prof. Avi Loeb has shown himself to be an extraordinary man. The Harvard astronomer is behind the discovery of the supposedly first ever interstellar object detected, 'Oumuamua. He then did not hold back from saying so when the evidence led him to conclude that this object was of artificial construction; in other words, built by aliens. I'm sure many other astronomers have had thoughts like that, but none of them have had the guts to say so. Since them Prof. Loeb thinks he has found another interstellar object and that it is far closer to home; it is here on the earth! It has a much less catchy name than Loeb's first discovery: "CNEOS 2014-01-08", although he calls it "IM1- Interstellar Meteor Number 1" for short. IM1 was discovered in 2014 and analysis of its motion shows that it is, like 'Oumuamua, from an interstellar source. It formed in a separate solar system and flew into ours after a long interstellar journey. However, in this case it impacted the earth. It struck the ocean surface somewhere in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2019. Prof. Loeb has organized an expedition to try and find it. He asserts that it is a very important research project because this interstellar object appears to be made of a highly unusual material that cannot be properly identified from its observations before its impact. Loeb thinks IM1 might be artificial like 'Oumuamua. The expedition will involve sending a ship to a location closest to where he thinks the object landed and drop down a robot submersible armed with detection equipment that will scan the seabed. He has raised the budget required. I wish him and his team luck. However, I do wonder how feasible the task is. The sea at the impact site is five to six thousand feet deep. The object, or pieces of it, could be lying some distance from the best estimate of where it entered the earth's atmosphere. It is unfortunately far smaller than 'Oumuamua, about one and a half feet in diameter; the size of a beach ball. Finding anything in the deep ocean is extremely difficult. It took seventy-three years to find the wreck of the Titanic, even though its sinking location was pinpointed more precisely and it is far bigger than IM1, almost nine hundred feet long. Still, if Prof. Loeb succeeds I'll be deeply interested in what comes up. Source: At the same time a mission has been proposed to visit 'Oumuamua. This is almost as difficult as finding a sunken meteorite because 'Oumuamua is a long way away, almost as distant as the planet Neptune and it is getting further away every day by almost fifteen hundred thousand miles. It can no longer be detected from the earth. It will take years to catch it up even if a spacecraft was launched today. It's still worth a try; and you never know, 'Oumuamua might turn around and come back! Source: I'll be pretty old by the time Project Lyra is likely to reach 'Oumuamua, but if I'm still in this world I promise to make a report on HPANWO Voice.
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Sunday 18 September 2022

Somerton Man Update

See here for essential background:
After so many years of being a cold case, the mystery of the Somerton Man has been reignited. Amazingly, the clues which has led to its reopening were there for the very beginning. Flowers were left on the grave of the unknown man as soon as he was buried and this continued for many years. Local people were seen visiting the grave in a manner suggests more than mere curiosity. In 2007 "Jestyn", real name Jessica Thompson, died and her family did an interview with the press. Kate, Jessica's daughter, said that her mother had told her she lied to the police and that she knew the identity of the Somerton Man. Jessica was an English teacher who worked with many Russian immigrants; she could speak Russian herself. This is a profile that makes it likely that she was a Soviet spy and that so was the unknown man. Not only that, but possibly she had had a relationship with this man and that he was the father of her son Robin. Robin's widow, Roma Egan, and their daughter Rachel lodged permission to have the Somerton Man's body exhumed and DNA testing carried out, a technology that did not exist in 1948. If the family are correct then Rachel is the mystery man's granddaughter. Kate Thompson has opposed this. I expect the secrets it might unveil would cause a lot of family strife, even though it is connected to something so long ago. I know from experience that time is not always a healer in family matters, and even the passing of generations sometimes fails to bury conflicts. Kate also claims that the man's identity is already know secretly to higher-ups in government, which would be consistent with many espionage practices. In May 2021 the body was exhumed. A fresh coffin was brought in and it was carried respectfully by police pallbearers to a van and driven off to be tested by forensic pathologists.
At the same time an independent investigation has been running since 2009 led by Prof. Derek Abbott at the University of Adelaide. He has gathered the Somerton Man's DNA from the death mask made of him when his body was found. A few tiny hairs from his skin were left embedded in the plaster. It showed that the man's ancestry came primarily from Iberia and the Caucasus, the south-western and south-eastern extremes of Europe. It is a rare DNA signature among white people in general and more common in the Middle East, even though the man is clearly white. Then, just a couple of months ago in July 2022, Abbott made an astonishing announcement. He knew who the Somerton Man was. His name was Carl "Charles" Webb, a man who had been born in 1905 in Melbourne. Abbott has found this out by doing DNA tests on Webb's living relatives and matching them with those from the death mask. There are no known photographs of Carl Webb when he was alive, but there are some of his brother Roy who does resemble the mystery man. There is also a link to the name "T Keane" which is on some of the man's belongings. Carl's brother-in-law was called Thomas Keane and lived a short distance from him in Melbourne. He might have sold or given Carl some of his things. Interestingly there is no record of what happened to Webb after April 1947 when he was divorced from his wife. We don't know why the divorce happened; maybe because he was in a relationship with Jessica Thompson. After that he just seems to have vanished. He would be extremely old if he were still alive today, a hundred and seventeen plus, which alone would make him a celebrity; but he has never been issued a death certificate. The police have yet to publish their own analysis of the exhumed body. After the forensic study is done, the Somerton Man will be returned to the cemetery and reburied in the same grave, possibly with a name on the tombstone this time. Source: Along with no death certificate, there was no missing person's report ever filed for Carl Webb. He just seems to have dropped off every paper trail just under two years before the body was found. None of his living relatives ever met him and everything they know about him is second-hand from the intermediate generation. I agree with Kate Thompson; probably Carl Webb was some kind of secret agent. The mission he was on when he died may well one day be revealed to the public, but I suspect the government already know about it and want to keep it quiet, which may be the reason why the police have not yet published their own results. My guess is that his job was something to do with the Cold War which dominated the political world at that time. Nothing in his profile indicates which side he was spying for, apart from his connection to Jessica Thompson, although any real spy worth his salt would never carry around the phone numbers of his contacts unencrypted. His link to her is more likely to be simply personal. He may have been inserted by the KGB, but alternatively he may have been a counterintelligence officer for MI6, the CIA or Australia's own undercover network. His task may have been related to the Emu Field nuclear tests which, unknown to the public at the time, were being planned by the UK and Australia at a site close to Adelaide. The first detonation took place five years later in 1953. Even today, some secrets of the Cold War remain classified, especially those relating to human intelligence. This could be because the methodology and personnel is still relevant to modern operations; but it also could be because of the legal or political ramifications of anybody's cover being blown, as happened with Anthony Blunt, see: It could be we'll find out more information in the future, in which case I will immediately report on it.
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Friday 16 September 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones Live at Encounters

I will be speaking at the Encounters conference, a new event organized by the author and experiencer Tina A Bird. My fellow speakers are: Dave Hodrien of the Birmingham UFO Group; Gary Heseltine, vice-president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research; LaRae Wilkins, long-term conference vendor and advocate for the author Marshall Vian Summers; Maria Wheatley the ancient mysteries investigator; Andy Thomas the author and Tina A Bird herself. The venue is The Jubilee Hall, Little Shore Lane, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire SO31-1ED. The event is on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of April 2023. It starts at 8.30 AM on the Saturday. Tickets cost £30 per day, see:
Update 28/3/23 CANCELLED
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Tina A Bird:

Thursday 15 September 2022

Wokery Always Backfires

(I've seen ill for a few days so that's why there have been no articles. Apologies.)
See here for essential background:
Something happened last Monday that was of such meagre importance that I didn't bother to report on it. We got a new Prime Minister. Yes, that is of no importance. Seeing as it had been the Coke or Pepsi duo for the previous month I had totally lost interest in the process. I was travelling to Lincolnshire that day to do my presentation at the Mablethorpe Group, see: I could have checked at any time to see who had won during my journey, but I simply was not interested. It was only after I arrived that I casually enquired with one of my hosts and she told me. I shrugged my shoulders and thought no more about it. Liz Truss is, after all, infinitely forgettable. It was no surprise that she has accelerated the programme the Tories have been on for years now. During the '80's under Kinnock and Smith, the Labour Party tried to become "more Tory than Tory", and now the Conservative Party is trying to be more Labour than Labour. This Sargon of Akkad video gives a good summery:’s-way-worse-than-you-imagine:7. I am not really shocked that Liz Truss' senior cabinet is specifically geared towards eliminating white men from government because the political classes have been calling for such a move for years. Obviously I'm opposed to that and think it is dangerous and sinister. However, I'm pleased to say that the comforting trend I have seen emerge lately is also very much alive and well. Liz Truss has appointed her former leadership rival Kemi Badenoch to the cabinet. Does she know what she's doing? Kemi may be a "Black! Woman!", but she is a very different one to the kind currently favoured by the elite, see the background article above. For every Hegelian thesis there is an antithesis; for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. To put it in more simple terms: wokery always backfires.
Kemi Badenoch has been appointed to her first ever cabinet post. The young backbencher is now International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade. Her duties will include forming the country's new trade agreements with the rest of the world and helping British businesses who operate internationally, a very important job in this post-Brexit world; and for such a staunch Brexiteer to be given it is very healthy. She will refuse to take part in the economic sabotage we have seen from previous administrations. Is it really possible Liz Truss was blind to everything but Kemi's skin colour and sex? I know some doom-and-gloomers will accuse me of failing to realize that Truss is playing a four-D chess game, but is she? It was not such a game that led to the 2016 Effect after all? Perhaps it's even better than that! I'm really only joking that Liz Truss could be a Trumpian infiltrator, but for some reason she has brought Jacob Rees-Mogg back indoors, as Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary. This is a man who has spoken out against "climate alarmism". Why did she do that? The reaction from the establishment commentariat has been predictably enjoyable, see: and: It's not as bleak as Sargon thinks. It is important to follow where this all leads because the who-the-hell-is-she Prime Minister may well not last very long. The expiry dates on PM's do seem to be moving forward lately and it might not be long before she goes the same way as Boris Johnson, in which case Kemi Badenoch will once again be in a position to run for leader. This time she will be higher up the starting grid and will probably receive a stronger backing from the Parliamentary party because of her new experience. It was impressive she got as far as she did last time unseeded. Just when I thought British politics had gone back to being boring again...
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Friday 9 September 2022

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 56

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 56 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 56 includes an article in my column entitled Do Aliens have a Sense
of Humour?.
Also you will find in Issue 56: a news article by Ross Coulthart, the Calvine UFO photo, new analysis of the Lago de Cote case and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 55:

Thursday 8 September 2022

Mablethorpe Presentation Videos

And see here for the complete video:
These videos were originally streamed live on Facebook. The lecture is entitled Energy Politics and UFO's. See here for background:
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Wednesday 7 September 2022

An Unpleasant Railway Journey

King's Cross Station in London has a mystical aura. The origin of its name is contested and might refer to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The station has become even more of a tourist attraction in recent years because in the Harry Potter universe there is a gateway to the magic world on Platform 9 that leads to "Platform 9 3/4". I arrived at the station to catch a train because I was speaking that evening at the Mablethorpe Group in Lincolnshire, see: Because of a mess-up on my part, I had to abandon my outward coach journey and make last minute arrangements to travel via the Oxford Tube to London and catch a train from there. I don't often use railways, much preferring the coach; which is slower, but is far more comfortable and relaxing. King's Cross is like its twin station, St Pancras, in that it has been built in several phases between the mid 19th century and today. There is a new concourse that is lined with inviting shops, pubs and cafes, but most passengers were not in them. They were assembled shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowd of hundreds underneath the notice board. They were staring intently as if not daring to look away. I wondered why until I saw the notice for my own journey, the 14.30 to Peterborough, was not displaying a platform number. The clock ticked down and no number appeared. What's more the same was happening to all the other departures on the board. I went up to the help desk and I was not the only one. Dozens of people were milling there with the same thing on their minds. The person behind the desk reassured us that everything was fine and that the platform number would appear shortly before the train was ready for boarding. She wasn't kidding about the "shortly"; it was literally five minutes before departure. That's why people were crowded round the board staring at it. If you miss an announcement you miss your train. Everybody bolted for the correct platform, some were actually running. A group of station staff stood in two lines goading us in the correct direction like sheepdogs. They clearly were trained to do that and I realized that this procedure was completely normal. There was literally five minutes to get hundreds of people into a nine carriage train. We squeezed in through the doors. When there was too big a crowd outside one door staff instantly directed us to another one. Once inside the train I headed for my designated seat; an announcement told us only to sit in that seat. The problem was that most of the people in the cabin were standing in the aisles, manoeuvring large suitcases and trying to find their own seats; which were often at the opposite end of the cabin. The aisles are only wide enough for one person so everybody was leaning into seat spaces, in some cases almost having to sit on somebody's lap, while another person lumbered past with a fifty pound trunk. We had still not all sat down when the train pulled away from the platform.
The train was a brand new one, the famous LNER Hitachi, which is much faster than any other train except the Eurostar. I was impressed by its speed. It made the journey to Peterborough in just forty-six minutes. However, most of those forty-six minutes were needed simply to de-stress from the boarding process. (There is a cafeteria on board which is, of course, cashless.) In the olden days, and even still today on some stations like Swansea, see:, passengers are told which train is theirs a good half an hour before departure. They are usually allowed to board a good twenty minutes before, so they can take a slow stroll up to the platform. There are usually benches they can sit on and wait if necessary. People not travelling used to be allowed to follow you onto the platform to wave you off. That way you won't get a massive throng of passengers all desperately trying to get onto the train at once. There is something intensely romantic about a traditional train departure which is why they so often feature in classic movies, for example: That romance has been destroyed by modern railway practices. Even the word "railway" is hardly ever used nowadays. It is almost always shortened to "rail" or substituted by "train". Can you really imagine Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman waving to each other across the contactless turnstiles? My experience at King's Cross Station is typical of the increasing speed of living. Every moment of every day, we are urged to get somewhere as quickly as possible. Transport is exclusively geared to speed. Enjoyment of the travelling experience is now considered irrelevant. Passenger ships at sea are the same. In my childhood I regularly crossed the North Sea on car ferries from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, which took about eight hours; but it was eight hours of great fun. I used to make entire condensed friendships with other children in the playroom or onboard cinema. Many lines have now replaced their old fleets with "sea-cats"; giant catamarans and trimarans that are fast enough to do the same voyage in three or four hours... but are far less enjoyable, see: What benefits do we get for being delivered to our destinations so speedily? Well, usually none. Most of the time there is just another place to get to next, again as quickly as possible! Alan Watts was right in his "music and life" lecture, see: I would really have been much happier to have been able to stroll gently to my train at King's Cross; and as for the train itself, does it need to be so fast? I would be happy for it to take an hour and a half or longer to reach Peterborough. I would have time to sit back and read a book, or pay for cash to eat a full meal. Of course, the point of my trip was that I had somewhere I needed to be in order to do something at a certain time; well, couldn't I just leave home a bit earlier? Duh. That's why I prefer the coach (as well as it being much cheaper). I can do all the journeying things I like on National Express or Megabus.
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