Wednesday 28 September 2022

Nord Stream- USA Prime Suspect

See here for essential background:
Less than twenty-four hours after the last news, there have been major updates. This has led me to believe that the prime suspect is the United States; or to be precise, the criminals illegally occupying the US government. Indeed, those criminals and their accomplices have all but confessed. I had already worked out as much before I saw the information below. I thought it ridiculous that Russia could be to blame. It would be an act of insanity by President Putin, a man who has shown himself to be one of the most skilful statesmen the world has seen this century. It would essentially be the scuttling of all diplomatic efforts to ease the conflict and rebuild a trade relationship with the US-EU bloc. Putin would be turning his back on everybody except his new customers in the east. He's not that daft. Also, Nord Stream 2 was at the time non-operational. There was actually a protest in Germany a few days before the explosions demanding it be switched on so that their heating bills could be reduced, see: Today I came across a Tweet by Radoslaw Sikorski, a former Polish minister and current MEP. He Tweeted a picture of the gas bubbles and the words "Thank you, USA." I quote-Tweeted him thus: "If you have information about a terrorist attack, you are obliged to call the police." Source: How does he know? Could it be because he is such good friends with Joe Biden that he reportedly has a photo on his office wall of the two of them together? Now, Biden said something back in February that chills my blood. At a press conference he said: "If Russia invades... again... there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it." One of the press corps asked him how they can do such a thing when Russia and Germany control it. He replied: "I promise you we'll be able to do it." This is outrageous. The US attacking an asset partly controlled by an allied nation which will harm the ally's economy and entire population as collateral damage. Source: (RT is currently banned on all Western official media and social media platforms.) The EU have vowed to bring to justice whoever committed this sabotage. Who will they accuse? Your starter for ten.
The situation in Ukraine is not being covered truthfully by any of the mainstream media. President Putin has been accused of "war mongering". He has initiated a partial conscription to strengthen the military. This has not happened in Russia since World War II. 300,000 fighting age men have been mobilized, mostly military veterans. Putin has also allegedly threatened the West with nuclear bombardment, or at least that's how the mainstream media are reporting it. As usual, the truth is very different. He actually said that he feared NATO officials wanted to subject Russia to "nuclear blackmail". He added "If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all means at our disposal. This is not a bluff." Well, does that in any way breach the Kellogg-Briand pact? No. That is what the armed forces and weapons, including nuclear weapons, are legitimately for. All Putin did was declare his intentions to defend his country in accordance with international law. There have been referendums in the disputed states of the Donbass. These have been called "annexation" referendums of "occupied territories", and a "sham"; but as I explain in the background link below, those terms are unfair. It is not just Donetsk and Lugansk that have been polled, so have the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia coastal regions in the southeast. (Kherson is especially significant to this conflict for reasons explained here: All four have voted to join the Russian Federation almost unanimously. Whoever is behind the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, this represents a major escalation of this conflict with global implications. I have guessed correctly what the official story is going to be. It will be no different to every official story about this war since it began: Ukraine good, Russia bad. People willing to look behind the veneer of lurid headlines and "fact-checkers" have a responsibility not to cooperate with the propaganda and insist that everybody has access to both sides of the story.
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Anonymous said...

No evidence of any nation being the culprit yet, pure speculation. It is still a great 'who dunnit' that is intriguing for those that study geopolitical moves and hybrid warfare.

Many nations had motives including the UK and a host of European countries and despite your assertions even Russia as Gazprom is 50% owned by private investors still paying fines for not supplying gas which gives a good deal of motivation to cripple their own pipeline (aka force majeure in contract law).

However it should be noted that this wouldn't be easy to do and very likely be a military operation with the US, France (remember the rainbow warrior), UK and Russia all having the most skilled divers with technology to achieve the operation.

I would rule out some countries such as Ukraine despite having the motivation unlikely to be able to.

The final consideration is it was one massive mistake and the wrong pipelines were hit as it was in the area of the Baltic pipe line rather than a different area of the sea. Additionally the pipes were hit on separate days. Almost as if they hit the wrong one, tried to correct the mistake and potentially hit the wrong one again (first NS2 then NS1), that sort of implies a non-state actor or country with less expertise trying to 'stir the pot' or a country that thought it had the skill and technology but failed ( Russia in the Ukraine conflict is a good example...)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Well, state actors are far from perfect as well. However, it's true that as of yet there is no smoking gun leading to any nation. But smoking guns can be invented; have you seen the hilarious meme of a Russian passport being found floating in the bubbles? There WILL be an official story, evidence or no evidence; and anything that deviates from it will be labeled a "baseless" conspiracy theory. Just you wait and see.

Anonymous said...

One very interesting development is that Norway and Denmark have both reported today unidentified drones flying over their oil and gas fields and are now on a heightened state of alert militarily with increased security in those areas.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Oh dear, I hope there's not going to be more attacks.