Wednesday 30 January 2013

Mali Crisis- Lies about Al Qaida

I keep telling myself not to watch the BBC News at breakfast time because all the lies and propaganda of, what my friend Richard Wright calls, my "daily dose of bullshit", depress me badly. But my housemates insist on it and so I'm outvoted. But sometimes I'm glad I did watch it!

I've no link for this story because the BBC have not archived it, understandably! At about 8.30am this morning BBC News interviewed a man about the use of British soldiers in the Mali Crisis, see here for background: This man, a military analyst of some kind whose name I neglected to note down (apologies), said that if the United Kingdom got involved in events in Mali it may well face being trapped in another Afghanistan. This ongoing war has resulted in the killing of over four hundred British troops (as well as an uncounted number of local people... but nobody mentions that!) when it was originally planned as a one-year operation with the expected casualty list in single or low double figures. This interviewee told the reporter that the UK Defence resources simply couldn't cope with fighting both wars and that the British public would not tolerate yet more coffins coming home to be paraded in the streets. Then he said something incredible! He told the reporter that the insurgents in northern Mali were not really "Al Qaida Islamists"; despite the fact that the media has always called them such. He said that they were actually secular Touareg nationalists. Touareg in this case doesn't refer to a German four-by-four car, but to a unique culture of people that live in the centre of the Sahara Desert. They are stateless and nomadic population and can be found in the inland regions of Algeria, Niger, Mali, a small part of Libya and several other countries. Their lifestyle is sophisticated and perfectly adapted to their harsh habitat and is built on millennia of experience and tradition. It's true that they are predominantly Islamic in faith, but they practice a different denomination to most other Muslims. In their culture women have far more rights and status than they do among most Arabs. Also their language is non-Semitic; it is not related to Arabic at all.

The man didn't go as far as to say that "Al Qaida" was a complete myth, but he did hint this very strongly. He specifically stated that the name was being used in this particular crisis for the purposes of deliberate misinformation. In the light of all this I have to ask how much else we've been told about the Mali Crisis is phoney? Did the "Al Qaida Islamists" really deface and destroy much of the cultural treasures of Timbuktu; see: Or was this a false flag operation by Malian and French government forces? If any HPANWO-readers saw this interview too, please let me know; especially if you recorded it!
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Police "Outside Recruitment"

The police forces of England and Wales are facing a recruitment revolution which will allow people to enter commanding ranks without any experience of being a policeman. "Business leaders" and "Army officers" have been specifically named as suitable candidates. This is the kind of thing that has been going on in many professions over the last few years: management being regarded as a completely separate profession in itself, rather than the culmination of the specific profession you manage. The first two Head Porters I served under were both men who had originally been basic grades and promoted via their Senior Porter tour. This has now changed and very few Head Porters have any hands-on Portering experience at all; rather they were people who have had extensive "management training and qualifications". This is seen as acceptable, and the idea of the old hand rising up through the ranks regarded as a quaint and outmoded concept. This is a big subject that requires its own article, so I'll come back to it in more detail another day.

Most people will not object to Army officers being made senior police officers because of the Military Religion; see here for essential background: I'm not a believer in the Military Religion and see no reason why an Army officer would be more likely to make a better copper than anybody else. It also stinks terribly of the agenda to militarize the police, a necessity for any fascist state. I'm glad to see that there is a backlash against this: The use of foreign personnel in the British police has obvious implications; it is another step along the road towards a centralized European state and a destruction of national home rule and self-determination.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 8

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include Holocaust Memorial Day, spiritual-but-not-religious, revenge of Anonymous and much much more.
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Wednesday 23 January 2013

David Cameron's EU Referendum

The Prime Minister David Cameron has today announced that the British people will be allowed a referendum on membership of the European Union. The referendum will take place late in 2017… if there is a majority Conservative Party government at the time. See: It all sounds very dutiful and humble on Cameron’s part; I quote: “It is time for the British people to have their say!” But his promise is practically worthless. It’s comparable with paying a gardener to mow your lawn and then he says he’ll do it next year on May the 7th if the sun is shining that day and if his business doesn’t fold in the meantime… and if he doesn’t emigrate to Australia before then.

Personally I don’t think there should be a referendum on the Britain’s EU membership… You heard me right! As Albert Burgess has pointed out, the United Kingdom’s entry to the EU was effectively an act of treason, see: . There is no cause to hold a referendum on a treasonous act that breaches the country’s constitution. I disagree with an awful lot of what Albert talks about, but he’s absolutely right on this subject. The solution is that instead of being grateful to good old David for being so kind to us for giving us a choice, we prosecute the government for treason and simply rip up the UK’s membership card. However this is purely a theoretical exercise when one examined the bigger picture. So much more is going on in this world than Albert and the other Brit Con members fully understand. It will take far more than a simple “goodbye EU!” to solve the problems of this nation and the rest of the world.

Monday 21 January 2013

Football UFO in Florence

Several people have brought to my attention a brand new and highly significant UFO report. When I say "brand new" I don't mean it's about a recent incident, I mean it's just recently been reported in the main UFO literature. As per usual the recurring scourge of UFOlogy has raised its ugly head again: a long time passing between an incident and when that incident is first reported. (See: The event in question took place on October the 27th 1954 in Florence, Italy. It involved a mass sighting above the famous Stadio Artemio Franchi. The picture above is my own artist's impression of what took place based on the witnesses' statements. Of course I use the word "artist" in its broadest possible sense, I know I'm no Alex Grey; but it should give you a rough idea of what it was like for the people there at the time. The ground is the home of ACF Fiorentina and nowadays it doubles up as a Rugby ground for Italy's national team.

1954 was a big year for UFO's and there was a European flap in progress; in fact there were further reported sightings around Italy and the rest of Europe. At the world famous Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence, Italy a midweek reserve match was underway between Fiorentina and a neighbouring rival club, Pistoiese. It was a bright autumnal afternoon, a much more frequent occurrence in Italy than Britain; however what took place during the game was an extreme rarity in both countries. A cluster of unidentified flying objects moved in quickly and then stopped and hovered above the stadium. They were described as both ovoid, egg-shaped, and cigar shaped; these are common features related about UFO's. The players, referees and all ten thousand spectators in the crowd fell silent and gaped at the spectacle; it must have been an incredible moment. There are multiple witnesses including the president of Fiorentina's official fan club and the famous Fiorentina legend Ardico Magnini, the fifth most capped player in Italian history and star of the World Cup that same year. Other players from the away team have backed up his testimony. This is an extremely significant story. We have multiple reports from different people including celebrities like Magnini, who would have an awful lot to lose and nothing to gain by making up something like this. I wonder if there were any other witnesses from outside the ground. Florence is a big city with one and a half million residents, about the same size as Phoenix, Arizona USA which was the scene of another major urban sighting in 1997. The next step would be to check newspaper archives. Here's a major Florentine newspaper: I'll have a look through their online archives using Google Translate. But I can't speak Italian and for older archives it might be necessary to speak the language and also visit the local offices. I'll let you know if I find anything out. There were some reconstructed TV news spots that came out later. Sadly there are no known genuine photographs or footage of this event. If it had happened today then I suppose millions would have seen it. Television was around in Italy in those days but still most football matches were not televised at the time. I'm glad to say that this story was covered by BBC Sport: and: According to the local Florentine UFOlogist interviewed in the radio show linked, the sighting was accompanied by strange precipitation falling from the sky; what has become known as "Angel Hair"; this is a highly unusual addition to the tale that was not present in contemporary popular UFO belief and lends more credence to the case in my view.

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 7

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include Chemtrails and climate change, Obama's Inauguration, Satanic abuse and much much more.
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Saturday 19 January 2013

Alternative Funerals

As regular HPANWO-readers will know, the mother of a friend of mine died just before Christmas, see: Along with shuffling all the paperwork that I described in that background article, she had to organize the funeral. In doing so both she and I learned a lot about this subject. Funerals nowadays can come in many shapes, sizes and styles. The traditional funeral: varnished wooden coffin, hymns in church, the vicar giving a eulogy, is no longer obligatory. To begin with, not everybody wants to have a funeral in church because fewer people are Christians today than at any other time in British history. We have more people of other faiths than ever before and also more atheists. In fact in the last census, a full quarter of the UK, including a third of people in Wales, described themselves as having no religion, see: These people have become more organized and collective in recent years; the British Humanist Association and similar groups have grown in popularity. They regularly hold conferences and have a dedicated and sophisticated media, like The Pod Delusion radio show I link to above. These people don't wish to have religious funerals and demand, quite rightly, that they be allowed to end their lives in line with the same principles by which they lived them; therefore it is possible to have a Humanist funeral. Many people have had them including the famous TV cook Keith Floyd, see: (Not all this video is specifically about Humanistic ceremonies so you may need to flick around a bit). My friend, whom I'll call "Shelley", and I considered this option for her mother because her mother, whom I'll call "Jenny", was not religious, however we rejected that idea. The core facet of Humanist funerals, as you'll see if you watch the link above, is the fundamental belief that there is no form of Afterlife and that when you die that, as they say, is that. (This led the BHA to win the Materialist Bravery Award in 2011, see: Humanist funerals are really aimed at resolute Atheo-Skeptico-Materialists who think that the departed person has completely ceased to exist forever. Jenny did believe in an Afterlife, in fact in her youth she was a regular visitor at Spiritualist churches and here own mother had been a psychic medium. Shelley did some research into having a Spiritualist funeral, but she came up with some unexpected and disappointing results. She began by contacting the Spiritualist National Union, see:, and they gave her some phone numbers to call. These were surprisingly unhelpful; the Spiritualists who dealt with funerals were evasive and off-putting about the whole idea. The undertakers also seemed very nonplussed, phoning several numbers in the local area and receiving no replies. Shelley went to her local Spiritualist church and asked around. It appears that although it is possible to organize a Spiritualist funeral it seems to be a rare occurrence. This means nearly all Spiritualists, even though Spiritualism is officially registered as a specific religion, opt to have conventional funerals in ordinary churches. The style of a Spiritualist funeral is also very regimented, which may be what dissuades so many. They can only be conducted by a SNU-accredited minister who must be a member of the SNU for at least ten years; clairvoyance of any kind during a funeral is strictly prohibited. In the end Shelley abandoned that idea too.

This taught us something very interesting about the concept of death in our society. It's a strictly either-or situation. Either it's the full church works, or a Humanist no-Life After Death at all job. And this binary attitude is present in far more than just funerals. Just read this news article on people who are "spiritual but not religious", see: The most interesting and amusing part of this article is the comment by Andrew Copson of the BHA. You can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears and the words "Does not compute!... Does not compute!..." metallically issuing from his mouth like a Star Trek robot. And it's true, spiritual-but-not-religious-nor-atheist people exist completely outside the spectrum of beliefs that is commonly accepted as existent in our culture and society. This was my biggest criticism of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, see: Dawkins is effectively saying: "I've shown organized religions to be false, therefore there is no God and nothing spiritual; and Atheo-Skeptico-Materialism is therefore correct." But spiritual-but-not-religious-nor-atheist is what I am! This is what Shelley is and Jenny was too. This left us in a bit of an impasse. Then I recalled a conversation I'd had with my good friend Ellis Taylor when I met up with him; synchronisticly this was just three days before Jenny's death. Ellis Taylor is a spiritual researcher and numerologist and his website can be found in the links column of the main HPANWO site. He told me how he had acted as an officiant for the funeral of a friend of his; this was a spiritual-but-not-religious-nor-atheist person who wanted to be dispatched accordingly. We immediately contacted him and asked him if he'd do the same for Jenny. It would be a simple service compared to Ellis' friend, in which several hundred people turned up; we were expecting about seven. Also his expenses would be paid out with the general funeral bill; after all he's doing a job, playing the role that a Christian minister would perform in a religious service. We were delighted when he agreed. Another thing we thought Jenny would like was an alternative to the traditional coffin. We chose a casket from this company, see: It was made of cardboard instead of wood, which is very environmentally friendly because it doesn't require cutting down trees. It's also good for burials because it dissolves almost immediately allowing the body to decompose naturally in the soil. However it was very sturdy and looked shiny, not like a normal cardboard box at all. It was outwardly indistinguishable from a conventional coffin. The producers decorated the casket with colourful pictures of jewels interspersed with photoes of Jenny and her family which Shelley chose and sent to them. The result was affectionately designed and very respectful. All the ingredients were there for a truly nonConformist funeral.

The funeral was held at a crematorium chapel in the centre of a huge necropolis in the south of Nottingham. The weather was cold and dirty, uneven two-day-old snow was piled on the ground. We were driven in a normal cortege from Shelley's home, the hearse in front and ourselves behind in a black limousine. Jenny had expressed only two specific instructions for her funeral. She wanted no flowers, saying that "flowers are for the living". She also stipulated that nobody must wear black. I'm not sure exactly why she chose that; it goes contrary to funereal traditions, but it could be because black is often a very gloomy colour and she didn't wish to have a gloomy send-off. She had her wish. The chapel was an ancient stone building which smelled nice, as old churches tend to. There were about a dozen rows of pews, but we only needed two of them; Jenny had a mere handful of living relatives and nearly all of them were there. Ellis began the service by calling up on the "Great Spirit" to hold us all in its loving embrace. We all paused for a moment's meditation to allow her soul to commune with ours. Ellis then said a few words about Jenny, telling us the original meaning of her name and giving us a brief outline of her life. After that Shelley read out a poem she had written specially for the occasion and I then read the lovely poem by Charles Henry Brent called The Ship which is a perfect illustration of how we see the dying process. After that we all paid our last respects to Jenny and walked informally out of the chapel.

It was a deeply moving ceremony that only took about twenty minutes but we'll never forget it. I'm eternally grateful to Ellis for offering his services as officiant. Perhaps in years to come along with the paperwork of dying being greatly simplified or even eliminated, as I said in the previous article, more and more people will want to have spiritual-but-not-religious-nor-atheist funerals like the one Jenny has had. Two major factors will be the exposure of the corrupt and cruel nature of organized religious institutions like the Vatican and Church of England; coupled with more open-minded research, not to mention declassification, of the existence of an Afterlife. Obviously I hope my own funeral will not be taking place for a long time to come, but as I said to Ellis the day I met him just before Jenny died: "If I go before you, you can do mine."

Thursday 17 January 2013

Discrimination against Christians 2- the Verdict

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against all but one of the four claimants I mention in the background article. Nadia Eweida, the air stewardess, won; the others all lost. See: . Here's an interview with Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association on the subject: . As you can see in my first article on this matter, I support the claimants in their case and regret that they lost, even though I am not a Christian and consider homosexuality a completely benign and totally acceptable fact of life. Copson talks about "harm to others"; but a significant majority of the population, like me, have no problem at all with homosexual people, and the institutions in which the counsellor and the registrar worked should easily be able to accommodate those individuals within the institution without compromising the ability of the organization to perform its public duty. This is effectively a victimless crime; and I speculate that it's a thoughtcrime, as I said in the first article.

Also discrimination and the Right to Free Association are not illegal. They go on every hour of every day so much so that we hardly notice. It's considered perfectly acceptable, even admirable, for an employer to favour a member of staff for promotion because they are black or a woman (and therefore inevitably disfavour another employee because they are not of that race or gender). It's considered a worthy act for the purpose of "equality". There is a Black Police Officers' Association, a Black Lawyers' Association and many other such groups. There are taxi firms which refuse to take male passengers and Virgin Atlantic once tried to bring in a policy that a child travelling alone would not be seated next to a male passenger. Discrimination and the Right to Free Association are only illegal if you're a white, straight male. This is not fair. This gives the word "equality" a distinctly Orwellian overtone. I once asked somebody about this and they said it was "positive discrimination" designed to combat the "underlying disadvantages" non-WSM people have. We're now fifty years into the civil rights movement; when will these "underlying disadvantages" be gone, or be seen to be gone as deemed by proponents of "positive discrimination"; after all, they alone make that decision? I asked her if she could give me a timeline so that we WSM's could prepare for a celebratory party at the end of it! We'll be free at last!

The tendencies that introduced the concept of "positive discrimination" date back to the late 19th Century and are Cultural Marxist think tanks like the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. There is a definite link between those groups and mind control; and also the Skeptic Movement and, as a result, the Humanist associations. I recently interviewed Steve Trueblue on HPANWO Radio in which we discuss this link in greater detail, see: . Cultural Marxism appears to be a major tool that the Illuminati-controlled powers-that-be are using to bring in the New World Order. It's possible that it's a drive to create uniformity of culture and society. In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four it becomes clear that the aim of the IngSoc Party is to make people replace all existing senses of identity and relationships to others with a single identity and a single relationship: that between the individual and the State. So the State takes over the role of mother or father, friend, lover, compatriot etc etc. Therefore it is necessary to break down all those aforementioned sentiments in the hearts and minds of the people to create the Big Brother regime. Nineteen Eighty-Four was set futuristically in 1984, hence the title, and Orwell began writing it in 1948. The theory is that the author merely switched around the last two numbers so that 1948 becomes 1984. However, the truth is that he wanted to set the novel on the centenary of 1848, because that was the year the Fabian Society was founded. The Fabian Society uses two logoes: One is a wolf covered in a sheepskin, a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing; the other is two blacksmiths hammering something on an anvil, something which turns out to be the planet Earth! They are hammering the world into a specific shape for their own purposes! I also think this case is also about Divide-and-Rule; setting one group of people against the other and pulling the strings of both.

Ironically a very staunch Fabian Society-member would probably brand me a racist/male chauvinist/something else-ist for simply raising this subject. It is vital that we don't fall for that kind of propaganda. I am as non-racist/sexist etc-ist as it is possible to be! Only by examining this subject with a fresh mind, free from such cultural baggage and self-imposed guilt trips, will we expose this terrible trick and preventing this conspiracy from going any further. This is not the first time I've had a tussle with the British Humanist Association, see: and: . I am currently working on a new HPANWO TV film exploring this evidence in more detail. On a lighter note, I did award the BHA their MBA, see:

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Commonly-known-as Dom Radio Show

I have been interviewed by Commonly-known-as Dom on his radio show, which is part of the D-Ark City Radio network. Here's the YouTube podcast, see:
We discuss the Tavistock Institute and the psychological warfare it wages on the people, including my own personal encounter with one of the organization's founders.
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Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 6

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include Alex Jones and Piers Morgan, criminal DNA storage, flu vaccinations and much much more.
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Friday 11 January 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones to speak at New Horizons St Annes

On Monday the 4th of February I will be speaking at New Horizons St Annes, see (First entry down): The event begins at 7.30PM and costs just £3, including refreshments. The venue will be the Community Centre on St Albans Road in Lytham St Annes, (opposite the YMCA centre) Lancashire, see: . My lecture will be entitled Truth and Drugs don’t go together- How an interest in the Truth became reason to be sacked! I will be discussing my experience of being discharged from the NHS Hospital Portering Service in suspicious circumstances, see here for background: . However my lecture will be longer than previous ones I've done and so I'll have time to bring up plenty of other subjects, UFO's the paranormal and various cover-ups etc, and hopefully answer questions from the audience.

On a personal note I must say I'm overjoyed to be returning to St Annes again. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, it is the home of the Probe Conference and has a very special place in my heart, see: and:

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 5

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include Humanity and history, Coral Castle, magickal sigil symbolism, Sandy Hook shooting and much much more.
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Saturday 5 January 2013

The Fiscal Beach

Economics is a complicated subject, but it's not half as complicated as the governments and financial institutions like to portray it, so they can lead us wherever they like with platitudes like: "Trust us, we understand this and you don't!" Economics is fundamentally about the simplest of mathematical calculations, the ones you learned at school: adding and subtracting. Over the last few months we've heard a lot about the United States Government's "Fiscal Cliff"; this is a proposed policy which is similar to those which in other parts of the world has gone by the name "Austerity Measures" (I must admit as a writer I do amorally admire the creative genius of Orwellian linguistic invention!). The Fiscal Cliff was shelved in favour of the American Taxpayers Relief Act on New Years Day, the very last moment when the decision had to be made.
Here's a news story about the new act: . What no mainstream media coverage will tell you is that these reforms will only delay and prolong the disasters that the current economic system continually causes us. "Well what do you suggest instead then, Ben?" I hear you ask. To be honest I'm still looking into alternatives and am carefully considering the pro's and con's of them. I've suggested a few practical measures in several articles.
I strongly recommend the book Small is Beautiful by EF Schumacher; it will give you a lot of ideas. It has the wonderfully sardonic and poignant subtitle: Economics as if People Mattered. See: . One thing that has often been suggested is a return to using gold as the basis for the money supply; this is the traditional use for gold and it worked for thousands of years over most of the world. Perhaps the gold in bank vaults could be made into threads and inserted into plastic coverings, like maybe cards resembling today's credit cards (There's irony for you!). The denominations, instead of being pounds and pence could be the weight of the gold embedded in them. The only problem with that would be if capital generated by growth exceeded the amount of gold available... as I said I'm still carefully considering. Somebody suggested a system in which the money supply was directly regulated by labour. At the moment it is indirectly done so, but under the new system labour itself would automatically result in money generation; a worker could literally pluck new cash out of the bank for each hour of his toil. It's an interesting idea and I'd be keen to discuss it.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Death Duty

Recently somebody I know has experienced a bereavement; her mother died suddenly. It all happened so quickly. Late one evening just before Christmas the care home where she lives phoned her to ask her permission to send her mother to hospital. Just twenty-four hours later she was dead. My friend, her daughter and I were all at this lady’s bedside in hospital. What has followed since has started me thinking about the status and role of death in our society.
I’ve tackled this subject several times before, see:

As most HPANWO-readers will know, when somebody is born it is a legal requirement to register the birth; this action creates a statute law corporation of which the newly-born individual is the trustee/employee. It is via this state corporate entity that individual pays tax, operates within the legal system and other things like that. See here for more background: Also see the TPUC website on the main HPANWO site’s links column. The registration of birth is of course not the birth of the individual him or herself; if the birth were never registered then the individual would not somehow become magically “un-born”, however most people go through their entire lives behaving as if this were the case. When an individual dies their statute law corporate entity has to be closed down and this is a process I’ve witnessed these last few days. I’ve never had to deal with a death directly because nobody for whom I’m next-of-kin has ever died, but in this case my friend whose mother had just died was next-of-kin and so I travelled with her through this process to support her. It’s important to understand that the closing down procedure of a state law personal entity has to be administered by the next-of- kin and that the next-of-kin is usually the spouse or closest family relative, the child or parent of the deceased. This means that it is almost invariably one of the people who loved the deceased the most, and will therefore be the most shocked and saddened by their death. However, as you can see from this official Government document, the grief-stricken next-of-kin is expected to do their duty for Crown and Corporation. Just read the cold, matter-of-fact tone these pages:

In the case of my friend, her mother’s death was not unexpected as she was eighty-eight years old and had become very frail, but she was still very much loved, one of the most important people in my friend’s life. What’s more, if the deceased is much younger, or if a parent loses a child or a partner, the process is identical. The hospital staff were far more caring and sympathetic than the author of that Government publication, but they still had to goad my friend as gently as possible into dealing with the medical certification. We came back the next day to the hospital’s bereavement office where she was given more paperwork and more forms to sign. Then she had to register her mother’s death. The registrar was friendly and polite, but very sombre and blase; she scribbled away casually in her high-backed chair as my friend answered her questions. The death certificate needed a number of copies, each costing four pounds. This is remarkable when you consider that the average print shop usually charges mere pennies for copies. Imagine how bad for business it would be if a commercial printer demanded four pounds per copy! My friend was then given a list of various Government and local authority organizations to contact to inform them of her mother’s death: the Department of Work and Pensions, Council Tax and Housing Benefit office, Electoral Services, HM Revenue and Customs, her family GP, the Passports Office, even the library services. Some of these required a birth certificate copy sent by recorded post. This is even though she did choose to use the so-called “Tell us Once” service. I’m just glad that because my friend’s mum had some savings she will not have to go through applying for funeral expenses benefit like we did with Sheila, see link above. Death is the same as birth, in that registering a death doesn’t kill the individual; if the death were never registered then the deceased wouldn’t be magically resurrected. This process is merely what the legal system requires to dissolve the statue law corporation which was created when the birth was registered.

What I’ve learned from this experience, one that I may well have to perform myself at some point in the future (God, I hope not, especially not for those who should go after me!), is the extremely callous and unemotional nature of the Government. A dead person means no more to them than an empty milk carton, and it is discarded with as much dispassion. The next-of-kin is expected to emulate and imitate the Government’s own nonchalance when they sit around filling out forms and calling various helplines. My friend’s settee became a temporary office for this task. But one thing I thought, and she confirmed, was that it was obstructing her grieving process, and this was stripping her of her humanity. It couldn’t be more clear if they said it aloud: “A human resource is no longer functioning; it has been of no use for several decades and was actually an economic burden, consuming food, drink and energy while being incapable of hard labour. It’s just as well that we no longer need to carry it along.” It was Henry Kissinger who spoke about “useless eaters” and we've seen moves in recent years by the Government to force disabled people out of their wheelchairs and zimmers and into the same slave labour as everybody else, see: The distinct underlying message of all this is that if we are not of some practical economic use to the state then we are of no use at all and have no right to even live. So then perhaps we shouldn't expect them to get all sentimental when somebody dies. In fact everything associated with death in our society has a crown on it, including the death certificate and the web pages I link to above; modern death certificates even have a crown watermark. The Crown: the mark of ownership by the state. It’s like a cattle brand; and it says: “We own you. Your life is ours, but so is your dead body.”

So what ideally should the dying process be like? How will people end their lives in the post-Illuminati world? Firstly the next-of-kin and other close loved ones should not have to play any part in it except the emotional; isn’t that enough? Isn’t grief itself enough of a duty? Hopefully in the future there will no need for a statute law corporation at all, or at least it will greatly simplified, maybe to the point where it will be possible for undertakers to handle it along with the funeral. Death certificates could easily be issued by the doctor who certifies the death; it’s a process that could be done within five minutes, well and truly cutting out the middle man. As you can see from the list I made above, a lot of the paperwork could be eliminated simply by introducing Basic Income, as if it needed another advantage to justify itself, see: What happens then is of course up to the loved ones of the deceased and will depend on their religious beliefs, or lack on them. Humanist funerals may become more popular, but the declassification of the secrets about the Afterlife will cause them to change in structure. (Hopefully this declassification will also bring comfort to the deceased’s loved ones… Oops, there goes my MBA again! See: These simple changes will totally transform the dying and grieving process and hopefully prevent any additional anguish to what is already the most difficult and upsetting experience a person can have.