Wednesday 30 January 2013

Police "Outside Recruitment"

The police forces of England and Wales are facing a recruitment revolution which will allow people to enter commanding ranks without any experience of being a policeman. "Business leaders" and "Army officers" have been specifically named as suitable candidates. This is the kind of thing that has been going on in many professions over the last few years: management being regarded as a completely separate profession in itself, rather than the culmination of the specific profession you manage. The first two Head Porters I served under were both men who had originally been basic grades and promoted via their Senior Porter tour. This has now changed and very few Head Porters have any hands-on Portering experience at all; rather they were people who have had extensive "management training and qualifications". This is seen as acceptable, and the idea of the old hand rising up through the ranks regarded as a quaint and outmoded concept. This is a big subject that requires its own article, so I'll come back to it in more detail another day.

Most people will not object to Army officers being made senior police officers because of the Military Religion; see here for essential background: I'm not a believer in the Military Religion and see no reason why an Army officer would be more likely to make a better copper than anybody else. It also stinks terribly of the agenda to militarize the police, a necessity for any fascist state. I'm glad to see that there is a backlash against this: The use of foreign personnel in the British police has obvious implications; it is another step along the road towards a centralized European state and a destruction of national home rule and self-determination.

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