Monday 26 February 2018

Anti-Semitic Entrapment

Last week I received the following email:

Hi Ben
Just watched the vid of your BBC gig. Wish I could have been in the audience. We would have had a good old chatter. I noticed you were clever enough not to say out loud what I'm 99% sure you were thinking. This whole debarkle (sic) is caused by these fucking commie Jews. They RUN the BBC don't they? The NWO is THEIR work. You know that don't you? You'll be interested in this (they provide a link to a far-right website). Between you and me, it's true eh? You can talk to me about it. It's OK.
Keep up the good work.

I replied thus:

Feel free to attend any of my future live events and we can have a discussion. I'm willing to talk openly about any subject. I don't agree though. The NWO is not the work of the Jews. I explain why this is in this HPANWO TV show: and this HPANWO Radio show:
Best regards.

I received no reply. It was only some time after this that I realized that the email sent to me may well have been an attempted entrapment. The person sending the email was one of my trolls. During the last fortnight I have experienced a massive full-spectrum multi-pronged troll attack. Three independent groups of trolls who previously were separate and who didn't even know each other have now come together and united into an alliance of hatred; hatred of me. The attacks of the last two weeks have been coordinated; see background links below for more details. The person who wrote that email was hoping that I would divulge privately to them that I really did think that Jews were the culprits behind the New World Order. They wanted me to reply: "Yeah, mate. Absolutely true. I wouldn't say this publicly but it is the fuckin' Jews! Hitler had the right idea..." or something along those lines. If I had done that my correspondent would have copied and screen-capped my email, and it would have been all over social media like the plague. Either that or they would have threatened me with it unless I did them "favours". This is a tactic Team Droike have used before. Unfortunately for them, it didn't work for two reasons. Firstly, I do not think the Jews are behind the NWO. Secondly, if I did I would have already said it publicly and so therefore the trolls would have had nothing to blackmail me with. Beware the trolls! They are cunning, venomous and ruthless.

Sunday 25 February 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Angela Power-Disney

A video version is now available of my HPANWO Show interview with Angela Power-Disney on Angela's YouTube channels, see: and:
See here for the full show: Angela Power-Disney is a survivor of MK-Ultra mind control and organized child abuse. She is an activist and researcher, see:

Saturday 24 February 2018

Abandoned Aeroplane Update

Yesterday I posted an article about an abandoned aeroplane on Bali.
Shortly afterwards somebody on Facebook contacted me with some additional information. In one of the photographs taken by the travel bloggers Katja and Mic, see:, the registration number of the aircraft can be clearly seen on one of the wings; it is "PK-RII". I really should have spotted that myself. My contact, who wishes to remain anonymous, then went to an aviation enthusiasts' website and looked it up on their database; and, lo and behold, the details of the aircraft were there, including its origins, ownership and service record. It is a Boeing 737-200 and is a very old model, being delivered from its factory in Renton USA in 1983. It then was used by the London based Dan-Air and was twice leased to the Israeli Arkia airline. Its final operator was Mandala Airlines, a low-budget carrier based locally in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you look closely you can just see the logo on the tailfin, although it has considerably faded, or been painted over. Mandala was declared bankrupt in December 2014, which could explain how some of its fleet were acquired by private individuals, and PK-RII would have been difficult to sell to another airline because of its age. According to the website "the airframe is preserved in Nusa Dua, Bali". Source: The mystery is solved... partly. I still question how the airliner could have been placed where it is. Another odd factor is a report found on a professional pilots' forum by the same researcher. It talks about a plane crash that happened at Malang airport in Java, Indonesia in 2006. A Mandala Airlines 737-200 skidded off the runway in heavy rain. It doesn't state whether there were any casualties, but the plane was retired from the fleet soon afterwards. What's interesting is that the forum members mention that Mandala is a front for the military, see: Mandala operated more than one 737 so we don't know for sure, but could this be the same aeroplane that somehow found its way onto the bed of a quarry on Bali?

Friday 23 February 2018

Mysterious Abandoned Aeroplane

I've covered the presence of mysterious objects many times on HPANWO and it turns out that I'm not the only blogger who does so. Katja and Mic are a couple from Slovenia who run the blog We Just Travel and, as its name suggests, they are seasoned globetrotters who have toured the world from Austria to Zimbabwe. One of their entries covers a subject which converges with my own interests. While backpacking on the Indonesian island of Bali they came across a mysterious aeroplane whose presence defies all explanation. They'd heard rumours about it from local people and other holidaymakers and so set out to find it. The aeroplane is a Boeing 737 airliner and it can be found on the Bukit Peninsula in the far south of the island. It is just a mile inland of Pandawa Beach and is difficult to spot from ground level. It sits at the bottom of an oblong quarry on the north side of the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Road. It is hidden from view by a row of shipping containers and the quarry's owner does not allow access; however it can be easily seen from nearby public land. Katja and Mic have taken many photographs for their website and Instagram page. Source: and: It has become a notable tourist attraction and many of Bali's three million annual visitors are seeking it out for selfies.

There is very little information available about the enigmatic abandoned aircraft. I should point out immediately, before somebody inevitably asks, that this is not the missing Malaysia Airlines MH-370, see: That was a Boeing 777-200ER; this aircraft is a Boeing 737. Interestingly it is the same model used by the "Janet" airline that provides access to Area 51, see:, not that there is definitely a connection. The rumour is that the landowner originally planned to convert the aircraft into an unusual themed restaurant, but the business plan failed. The plane has obviously been at the location for some considerable time. It is covered in cracks and rust, and it has weeds growing around its undercarriage. It is certainly in no condition to fly. The faded paintwork is plain white while the Janet planes have a red cheatline. There is no livery on it and no markings at all except some graffiti. If it ever had a registration number on its tailfin then this has been obliterated. Any positive identification of the aircraft will be difficult unless it can be examined closely. The biggest question is: how did it get there? It cannot possibly have flown because it would have had to land in the quarry which, as you can see from the photographs, is surrounded by steep walls and tall trees on all sides. If it were put there some other way, then how? It would need to be transported by road, probably in several separate pieces, then manoeuvred by a large crane or a helicopter into the quarry and then reassembled. Such a major transportation and construction project would have shut down half the island. The Balinese natives would definitely remember it and would have made records; photographs, documents etc. There is a piece of another aircraft in the quarry too, but this is a far smaller model and it is only a nosecone. Could the mystery involve a more esoteric element perhaps relating to UFO's or secret technology? This must be considered. The situation actually reminds me of the scene in Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind where a ship that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle is left in the middle of the Gobi Desert in central Asia. Did this 737 airliner go missing at all? I've looked at Wikipedia's list of missing aircraft and there is not a single recorded case involving a Boeing 737. UFO's have often been associated with other missing aircraft though; most famously the disappearance of Frederick Valentich, an Australian pilot who was flying a Cessna light aircraft in 1978. He was traversing the sea between the Australian mainland and Tasmania when he reported a UFO to air traffic control just before he vanished. The presence of the UFO could have caused him to crash into the sea and sink without trace; or was he and his aircraft "taken" by the UFO? Was this 737 airliner in Bali "taken" in the same way, but never reported for some reason; perhaps because it was part of the Janet fleet? Alternatively this aircraft could be a large example of an apport, an object that appears out of thin air by supernatural means. This matter is further complicated by the presence of yet another abandoned aircraft on Bali. This is also a Boeing 737 airliner and it sits by the side of a busy road in Kedonganan, just a few miles away from the first plane, in the grounds of a branch of Dunkin' Donuts. This aircraft is far easier to visit, see: There is some mystery surrounding this aeroplane too and it also clearly could not have landed there. If UFO's are behind these unusual aviation reappearances then what are they planning to return next?

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Deborah Hatswell and Ben Emlyn-Jones

A video version is now available of my HPANWO Show interview with Deborah Hatswell on Deborah's channel, see: See here for the full show: Deborah will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Dreaming Saucers event in Oxford, see:

Sunday 18 February 2018

Shill Tribunal

A few days ago I had a long telephone conversation with somebody I know in the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory movement, a man I like and respect. Somebody who is doing a lot of good for many people and whom I have endeavoured to support; and I will continue to do so. However the bulk of our discussion was about his dislike for another prominent member of the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory community and his suspicions that this person is a disinformation agent. As I talked on the phone it struck me that the target of his accusations had no recourse. There was no due process by which he could defend himself, nor was there any way I would even hear his side of the story unless I knew him well enough to ask him privately. It is an all too familiar situation, one which is breaking out in one form or another all over our community and I've addressed it many times before, see the background links below. Recent developments have made me more acutely aware and more frustrated, see: and: This problem has even recently entered the realm of the Bigfoot research community, see: We're in a predicament similar to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, however instead of red hot iron and ducking stools we now have ordeal-by-hashtag. A person's shillhood is determined by whoever has the loudest voice, or is with the largest YouTube following, simply declaring that they are shills. Sadly a significant proportion of those within the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory community will embrace these indictments without question. These masses will split into a pair of factions, clustering around their chosen ayatollah and so begins another tedious Facebook-like-button war. In the above links you will sense my outrage at this perverse situation. It's time for us to search for a way out if the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory movement is not to implode through infighting, leaving the fortress defenceless against occupation by the omnicidal tyranny of the Illuminati.

It was soon after the phonecall to my friend that the idea came to me: why not establish some kind of tribunal? I posted the idea as a short sentence on Facebook: "Thought experiment: a tribunal to decide who is or is not a SHILL..." and it had a mixed response. It seems nonsensical on the surface; after all how could we petition the existing state legal systems to get involved in the squabbles of "a bunch of tin foil hat-wearing loonies!"? Well, of course we couldn't; we'd have to arrange it independently, but it is feasible. You might be surprised how many independent non-state legal systems there are in the world, ones that are run privately and have zero legislative power, but they function through the willing cooperation of those involved. The majority of these are organized by close-knit religious communities such as the Beth Din network of Jewish courts and the qadi or the councils of the Shari'a, the orthodox law of Islam. The people who cooperate with these courts often do so because they believe their legal system is divine, a gift to humanity from God. However there is no way the ruling of these courts can ever be enforced by the law of the land; with the exception of those in theocracies like Saudi Arabia. We in the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory movement have mixed religious beliefs yet can we not all agree that philosophical justice is something divine even if we don't believe in God? What would happen in this hypothetical situation is that any member of the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory movement who believed that somebody else in the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory movement was a shill, or indeed had committed any other offence against the mission of the movement and the people within it, could present their case to the tribunal in the form of a prosecution. The accused could defend themselves in the same way and a verdict could be reached. It would all be very civilized and formal. The details of how the system would work fairly and effectively will have to be hashed out by a long and difficult process involving many people, and I will not suggest anymore notions at this juncture; I just want to consider the principle of the basic idea. Would it not be preferable to the kind of violent summary condemnation and disorganized and manipulative hysterical screeching that I discuss in the background links above and below? A formal tribunal system would mean that Eddie Boyce or Sacha Christie or Marie K etc could prove their allegations in a calm, professional atmosphere where actually real evidence could be tabled and debated rationally; as opposed to insults, lies and threats being tossed around on social media. I might ask the advice of Kevin Annett because he is the one member of the Truth community who has established a tribunal, albeit for another purpose, see: Of course, I am well aware that what I have suggested is nothing more than what I said it was when I first voiced my idea: a thought experiment. The establishment of our own system of "Truth law" will need everybody in our community to respect it and cooperate with it willingly; and that would be an extraordinarily difficult task. The age of the Truth mob will continue for some time to come. However a need might arise in the immediate post-Illuminati period when we will desperately require some method of preventing total societal collapse, and we in the Truth movement might be expected to take a lead by designing some form of organized judiciary and law enforcement process. It could be a choice between that or lynch mobs on the streets. When that time comes nobody will be quibbling in blog comments boxes about whether Larry Warren is a real UFO witness; our priorities will be about acquiring enough food, water and shelter to stay alive. As I've said before, when the Illuminati are gone, we won't all wake up suddenly one morning as priests of High Atlantis. We've become addicted to the Illuminati, like a drug or an abusive partner. There are no rehab clinics for us to check into, no domestic violence helplines; we'll have to do cold turkey. So why not start experimenting with ways of maintaining law-and-order now with ourselves, within our own community? See it as practice if you like; a trial run for when it will be needed on a larger scale. Think it over.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Hellyer Slams the Illuminati

The Rt. Hon. Paul Hellyer MP is the former Minister of Defence for Canada. He is one of the nation's longest serving officials and before that he was a pilot and an engineer. He is the highest level politician to speak out on the UFO issue; apart from Sir Eric Gairy, the Prime Minister of Grenada, see: At the age of ninety-four he is still very active in the exopolitical community. He regularly tours the conference circuit and is writing a book about UFO's. He first came to prominence when he uttered the classic quote: "UFO's are as real as their aircraft that fly above our heads." Later on he endorsed Dr July Wood's book Where Did the Towers Go? which is a scientific study of the 9/11 attacks, see: He has now come to the same logical conclusion that I and many others have been inevitably led. He was recently featured on the Lazarus Effect podcast, see: On it he explains how the world is run secretly by a malevolent shadow government; Illuminati, Deep State, whatever you want to call it. He brings up many of the same points I do on HPANWO, that there is free energy technology that has been invented and developed, but it is kept secret from the public to protect the power of the elite cabal and because of the petroleum industry's greed. He says that the declassification of this technology could save the world from climate change. Source: I disagree with him there, see:, however there is no doubt that the dependence of civilization on fossil fuels is extremely damaging; it's the principle cause of poverty and environmental destruction. Many wars are fought over fossil fuel resources and it generates enormous social problems. I have not looked at what the skeptic media have to say on this matter, but I could almost write their statements for them. They will say Hellyer is, basically, old and losing his marbles, or words to that effect, see: I can only praise Mr Hellyer enormously for what he has done. For a man in his position to say what he did takes great courage and can do an enormous amount of good.

Friday 16 February 2018

Missing Skier

Constantinos Filippidis, known to his friends as "Danny", is a keen amateur skier. He travelled all the way from his home in Toronto in Canada to the slopes of Whiteface Mountain in New York USA to have some fun. However during the holiday his friends suddenly found that he had disappeared. They assumed he had accidentally skied off-piste and maybe had an accident, but they couldn't find him. They reported him missing and there followed a massive manhunt involving the mountain rescue services, police, Department of Homeland Security and over six thousand volunteers, including his friends. After six days with no trace of the missing skier, they feared the worst. Then news came through that a man had been found wandering the streets in a confused state wearing winter clothing, a skiing helmet and goggles. He was taken into care and quickly identified as Mr Filippidis. He called his wife and children, and there was much relief all round as the story ended happily... Well, not quite ended. The problem is that Mr Filippidis was not found in the vicinity of Whiteface Mountain. He was found in Sacramento, California; that is almost three thousand miles away. Nobody knows how the missing man travelled so far and what had happened to him during those intervening six days. He is suffering from amnesia and later related only very vague memories of riding in a large lorry and sleeping a lot. He was taken to hospital and given tests, but he shows no signs of having experienced a head injury; his fuzzy state of mind was literally his only symptom. He has never suffered a major head trauma in the past and has no history of mental illness. The mystery remains unsolved; the authorities have stated that the circumstances of Filippidis' disappearance remain under investigation. However, there are several clues that have surfaced indicating that what happened to the skier has similarities to the disappearance of Travis Walton; SecureTeam10 have hot hesitated to point this out, see: Travis Walton is a lumberjack who went missing for five days after encountering an unidentified flying object in 1975, see: Source:

There's no immediate reason to suspect a UFO-related conclusion; no UFO's were seen by the witnesses to the disappearance. However after the elimination of other possibilities more unusual ones must be considered. How did Constantinos Filippidis vanish and reappear in these circumstances? He could not have flown because he had no money or travel documentation on him; these items were all locked in the hotel safe. Even if he had them how would he have reached the nearest airport? His car was where he had left it in the hotel carpark. He could not have walked any great distance at that time of year because the conditions were far too cold. If his ragged memories about being given a lift in a lorry are real then how did he reach the nearest road to be picked up by said lorry, and why? If he had no head injury why would he have ended up in the state of mind that would make him do such a thing? Why did the lorry driver not alert the authorities and take the skier to hospital? Was this some kind of kidnapping? I looked up more information about Whiteface Mountain and did not find that it had any reputation for creepy goings on. Other places do; like Dyatlov Pass for instance, where a number of winter adventurers were killed in mysterious and gruesome circumstances in 1959, see: Whiteface Mountain is renowned as one of the most challenging skiing locations in the world. It was used during the 1980 Winter Olympics. David Paulides is a former policeman who has researched the worrying trend of people going missing in the remote areas of North America, see: Sometimes these people do indeed reappear later with no memory of what happened to them; could Mr Filippidis be one of them? Others are never seen again. There are additional strange factors in this story. Among the mountain rescue officers and volunteers who combed Whiteface Mountain for the missing skier were agents from the Department of Homeland Security. Is finding missing people on skiing holidays normally part of their remit? If not then why were they involved this time? It has also been reported that Mr Filippidis had been given a haircut during his hiatus. He also had a new mobile phone in his pocket. If this is true then for some reason whoever cut his hair put his skiing helmet back on afterwards. Also wouldn't the phone be a useful source of evidence? These days, mobile phones can just about tell the police what you ate for breakfast. We shall see; I may post an update in more information come to light.

Thursday 15 February 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 30

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: Hellyer mentions the Illuminati, mind control and the BBC, the Chinese database state and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Philip and Ronald Kinsella at Dreaming Saucers

Unfortunately Sandra Daroy has had to cancel her appearance at Dreaming Saucers and subsequently her film Awakening of 12 Strands will not be screened. However I'm delighted to announce we have an excellent session to replace her. Philip and Ronald Kinsella are twin brothers who write and illustrate books on the paranormal, UFO's, reptilians, clairvoyant mediumship, the afterlife and many other subjects, see: They will be discussing the UFO abduction hypothesis, using their theory of alien soul-extraction and the revelation of what the Greys (or a faction of them) really represent. Their talk will include a display of their artwork and an opportunity to buy signed copies of their books.

Dreaming Saucers will take place on the 12th and 13th of May. Doors open 10 AM both days. The venue is: The White House (not a joke!), 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1-4PD. There is a car park at the venue, but if it's full you can always drop your vehicle at Redbridge Park and Ride a mile down the road. From there you can walk or catch the number 300 bus to the venue. The venue is also less than a mile from Oxford railway station and Oxford coach station.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Big Mandarin is Watching You

China is known as the "sleeping superpower", yet in the last few decades it has risen and is now wide awake. It is still nominally run under the principles of Maoist socialism, yet it has embraced the global corporatist economy to become the world's leading industrial power, surpassing the ailing twentieth century dominance of the United States of America. Like all nations with the appearance of overt power, it is still merely a puppet colony of hidden globalist rulers. Both in its modern era and in the pre-revolutionary imperial days, China has been controlled by the "Li" Illuminati bloodline. Recently the government has published a document with a title typical of Chinese Newspeak: "Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System". The objective is to assess every one of China's one-point-three billion people, almost a quarter of the world's population, and find out what "kind of citizen" they are. China has a long history of state intrusiveness into people's personal lives; yet modern technology has allowed it vastly to increase its indulgence for this penchant. Criteria for calculating a person's "social credit score" are what you buy in shops, what you buy online, where you spend your free time, who your friends are, how many hours a week you spend watching TV, gaming or surfing the net; and much much more. The Social Credit System will use a gargantuan electronic database and will be up and running by 2020 according to the director of the scheme Li Yingyun. "Someone who plays video games for ten hours a day, for example, would be considered an idle person." he said. That's obviously true, yet why is it the government's concern if that is the case? Why is it the government's job to force them to change their ways when such idleness tends to bring its own punishments; difficulty finding work, annoying your family etc? Source:

Such power to poke their noses into people's lives will inevitably lead to methods of enforcement that would be unthinkable in earlier generations. We may have a situation in which, for example, if somebody fails a fitness test they could be charged extra to buy cigarettes or unhealthy food. There could even be a set of weighing scales underneath the doormat of fast food outlets that will calculate surcharges for obese customers. I'm sure many people will see the sense in this and that it's only out of concern for people's health and the cost of their medical treatment to the state; however this very patriarchal attitude by the government towards the people tends to end in tyranny. If you let "big daddy government" sort everything out for you excesses are inevitable. As Benjamin Franklin said: "Those who would trade in freedom for stability will lose both and deserve neither." You might argue that all this would be very difficult, or even impossible, because people will just simply return to using cash wherever they go; but what about when there is no cash? There are many experiments into cashless economies going on right now, see the background links below. Naturally this new policy will not stop at the borders of China either. China will just be a first stage towards a worldwide electronic control grid in which the lives of individual citizens will be nothing more than lines of code in a machine. The country's vast population will make it far easier to expand to the rest of the globe. Therefore it is essential that we resist. We must refuse to submit to the first stages of the control system, no matter how "convenient" it might appear to make our lives.

Sunday 11 February 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Unite Planet

I have been interviewed by the Unite Planet film-makers:
Subjects discussed include free energy, Nikola Tesla, the Apollo moon landings and much much more.

Thursday 8 February 2018

Soros the Remoaner

George Soros is a billionaire powerbroker and strategic bankroller of authoritarian leftist and pro-globalist political movements. Like all these powers behind the throne-type individuals he is very old and will probably live for a long time to come; cases in point: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Prince Philip etc. This particular Grima Wormtongue has been very active as of late, funding Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign; thankfully it was unsuccessful. He also holds the purse strings of several groups that have been designated domestic terrorist organizations in the United States of America, at least with some of their factions, most notably Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Therefore it came as no surprise at all when I found out that he has made a donation to the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign group. The chairman of the campaign, Lord Malloch-Brown, described Soros as a "valued supporter". Best for Britain was co-founded by Malloch-Brown and Mzzzzzzzz Gina Miller as an attempt to thwart Brexit by forcing Parliament to vote on the deal negotiated with the European Commission. Another tactic they may try would come after Brexit when they will try to make Britain rejoin the European Union. See here for their website: Source: Remoaners see themselves as the underdogs, the champions of the common folk of Europe against the conservative old boy network of the British establishment, the real power in this nation. If the involvement of George Soros in their cause does not shatter that delusion then nothing else will.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Rendlesham Forest 2018

I have been reporting on HPANWO Radio that Nigel Mortimer has been planning an event sometime during the summer of 2018 in which I would be taking part. He has just announced what that is. Rendlesham Forest 2018 is being organized by Nigel in association with the East Anglia UFO Group. It is a week-long meet-up at the campsite in the Rendlesham Forest that involves activities as well as information. We will be exploring, hiking, skywatching and camping out together. It sounds like fantastic fun and I'm really looking forward to it. As I've said before, I've now got osteoarthritis, see:; this means I might be limited somewhat in how much I can take part, but nothing is going to stop me going. Larry Warren and Tino Megaro will be there and I'm really happy to be returning to the forest with Larry and Tino again after our previous visit, see: Also Nigel's wife Helen will be there along with the researchers, Tony Buck, Jay Matthews, Rob Buckle and Steve Martin (not the comedian). Dot Street, one of the first RFI researchers, will be joining us. Cherry Arnold is a trance medium and I've seen her perform at the Probe conference, see:

Sadly the Larry Warren Hate Cult has tried to sabotage Rendlesham Forest 2018. David Young is now the effective joint grand mufti of the LWHC along with Sacha Christie; and he has dedicated virtually every moment of his time to the destruction of Larry Warren and everybody else who has dared to defend Larry. David's methods have been extremely cowardly and underhand. He wrote to the Forestry Commission to "warn them!" that some people were coming to do an event at Rendlesham Forest including Larry whom Dave alleges "defaced!" the UFO monument. I've discussed this matter before and the fact that it has come up again is more proof that the LWHC have run out of original points to make and so now just recycle their own fake news. Firstly the defacement of the monument was done with lipstick, something that will probably wash off the next time it rains. Secondly, Larry denies he did it; and there is no evidence to suggest that he did it. Still, we know the LWHC's meagre track record of respect for evidence and rationality, see: Dave has also foolishly included what he calls Nigel's "alien detector" in his warning letter to the Commission. This "alien detector" is actually an FCD box, sometimes called a "spirit box", a device to detect paranormal entities using a form of EVP- electronic voice phenomenon. It is no more hazardous to the environment than a transistor radio. When Nigel heard what Dave had done, he immediately wrote to the Commission himself to explain, and also to warn them about the spiteful subversive tricks the LWHC tend to play. The Commission's response to Nigel is that they are not concerned at all. We are perfectly at liberty to use the forest for what we plan to do. Only events involving monetary charges, or potentially dangerous activities, such as motorcycling or dog sledging, need special permission... Egg on the face of the LWHC yet again! When will they learn? I know that they will never give up, but perhaps the embarrassing way David Young's nasty disruption attempt has backfired will make other people think twice before supporting them.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Dreaming Saucers- Trailer 2

A second trailer has been produced for the upcoming Dreaming Saucers conference in Oxford. This time it is by Neil Geddes-Ward, one of the speakers; a friend and regular collaborator, see: Many thanks to Neil for making this video.

Saturday 3 February 2018

Quest for the Invisibles with Ben Emlyn-Jones and Nik Hayes

Quest for the Invisibles, Infrared UFO's with Ben Emlyn-Jones and Nik Hayes is an independent short film by Neil Geddes-Ward featuring Nik Hayes and myself. See here for the film:
Nik Hayes is a UFOlogist specializing in objects that do not radiate or reflect visible light. They can only be seen with special cameras that can pick up infrared or ultraviolet radiation. He believes that many UFO's might be living creatures of some kind rather than mechanical devices. See:
And here for his interview on Neil's Paranormal Peep Show:

Thursday 1 February 2018

Ian Ridpath at Fortean London

When I heard that Dr Ian Ridpath was speaking at the London Fortean Society I did not feel any objection because I'm totally against all censorship, see: However I felt it was necessary for somebody sensible to attend the event just to "show the flag" so to speak. I was accompanied by my good friends Tiberius Kirk and Colin Woolford. Dr Ian Ridpath is an astronomer who spoke out in public after the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident in 1980. He came up with a remarkable explanation for the experiences reported by the witnesses: they had mistaken the Orfordness Lighthouse for an alien spacecraft. The Orfordness Lighthouse is a decommissioned lighthouse situated on the Orfordness peninsula by the North Sea some five miles east of Rendlesham Forest. In the flat landscape of the Suffolk coast it stands out as a major landmark. It is easily recognisable with its conical shape, and red and white striped paintwork. Its lamp, which used to flash every five seconds, was visible for a long distance inland. Ridpath was aided by a forester called Vince Thurkettle and together the two men have been saying essentially the same thing for over thirty years. There is a massive amount of material to deconstruct on their website, see: All of it can be assessed and successfully contradicted; and it has been over the years. It's a bit pointless for me to do it again. Ridpath sticks by his story to this day. He asked at one point: "Put your hands up if you think the RFI can be explained?" I did so and added: "Yes, it was aliens!" He looked at me and scolded: "I meant rationally!"

When I stood up at the question and answer session afterwards to challenge him, I knew I had only limited time because there were about fifty people in the room and others wanted to have their say. Also, as I said, it is all water under the bridge. I decided to focus on his comments about the reliability of the witnesses; I began: "Dr Ridpath, have you heard of an upcoming film called Capel Green?" He replied: "No." I said: "Well, it is a documentary that includes major new evidence, including witness testimony that has never been heard before. I have the assistant director, Tino Megaro, right here in the audience." That is TK's real name and he is indeed the film's assistant director, see: I continued: "I think it calls into question your entire theoretical model. I think your selection of witness statements is selective to say the least. I hope you when you watch the film you will reconsider your hypothesis." I sat down; the chairman chuckled and said: "That was very polite I must say." I responded: "What did you expect?" and the audience all laughed. Of course I was polite. I can't exactly say at such an event: "Ridpath, you're an idiot and you're talking a pile of crap!" To be honest, that is what I was thinking, but it would be highly unprofessional to say it in those terms. I was half-expecting him to echo unquestioningly the lies of the Larry Warren Hate Cult, like so many others have done, but luckily he didn't stoop that low. He may have heard their online smears, but he had the good sense not to voice them. Tino also challenged him and so did several other people. One man asked a particularly good question: "How come you've never reconstructed the incident as an experiment in the forest itself? You could have done it any time before the lighthouse closed down in 2013." Ridpath was stumped by that one. It's true; there never has been a serious attempt to test the astronomer's and the forester's theory via a full and detailed field study. It's too late now because the lighthouse never shines. There's not a lot more I can add except to say I'm glad I went along with Tino and Colin. Somebody who understands the proper evidence needed to be there so that Ridpath didn't have a clear run at any fresh new minds who happened to be there. Also, as luck would have it, we got talking to a group of students doing a project at university on UFO's. We fixed up an interview for them with Gary Heseltine, so their assignment is going to be far more interesting than it otherwise would have been.