Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Rendlesham Forest 2018

I have been reporting on HPANWO Radio that Nigel Mortimer has been planning an event sometime during the summer of 2018 in which I would be taking part. He has just announced what that is. Rendlesham Forest 2018 is being organized by Nigel in association with the East Anglia UFO Group. It is a week-long meet-up at the campsite in the Rendlesham Forest that involves activities as well as information. We will be exploring, hiking, skywatching and camping out together. It sounds like fantastic fun and I'm really looking forward to it. As I've said before, I've now got osteoarthritis, see:; this means I might be limited somewhat in how much I can take part, but nothing is going to stop me going. Larry Warren and Tino Megaro will be there and I'm really happy to be returning to the forest with Larry and Tino again after our previous visit, see: Also Nigel's wife Helen will be there along with the researchers, Tony Buck, Jay Matthews, Rob Buckle and Steve Martin (not the comedian). Dot Street, one of the first RFI researchers, will be joining us. Cherry Arnold is a trance medium and I've seen her perform at the Probe conference, see:

Sadly the Larry Warren Hate Cult has tried to sabotage Rendlesham Forest 2018. David Young is now the effective joint grand mufti of the LWHC along with Sacha Christie; and he has dedicated virtually every moment of his time to the destruction of Larry Warren and everybody else who has dared to defend Larry. David's methods have been extremely cowardly and underhand. He wrote to the Forestry Commission to "warn them!" that some people were coming to do an event at Rendlesham Forest including Larry whom Dave alleges "defaced!" the UFO monument. I've discussed this matter before and the fact that it has come up again is more proof that the LWHC have run out of original points to make and so now just recycle their own fake news. Firstly the defacement of the monument was done with lipstick, something that will probably wash off the next time it rains. Secondly, Larry denies he did it; and there is no evidence to suggest that he did it. Still, we know the LWHC's meagre track record of respect for evidence and rationality, see: Dave has also foolishly included what he calls Nigel's "alien detector" in his warning letter to the Commission. This "alien detector" is actually an FCD box, sometimes called a "spirit box", a device to detect paranormal entities using a form of EVP- electronic voice phenomenon. It is no more hazardous to the environment than a transistor radio. When Nigel heard what Dave had done, he immediately wrote to the Commission himself to explain, and also to warn them about the spiteful subversive tricks the LWHC tend to play. The Commission's response to Nigel is that they are not concerned at all. We are perfectly at liberty to use the forest for what we plan to do. Only events involving monetary charges, or potentially dangerous activities, such as motorcycling or dog sledging, need special permission... Egg on the face of the LWHC yet again! When will they learn? I know that they will never give up, but perhaps the embarrassing way David Young's nasty disruption attempt has backfired will make other people think twice before supporting them.


Nielsen said...

What do you think about Oxford City Council fining homeless people for sleeping rough on the streets? You have a platform, so why don't you use it for good instead of stuff that is a waste of time?


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Neilsen, I have...