Wednesday 30 April 2014

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 6

I am now a columnist for UFO Truth Magazine and my first article has been published in Issue 6, the first anniversary special edition. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read my column regularly: My article in this issue concerns the strange case of the "Nottinghamshire Roswell" from 1987; see here for background: Also in this HPANWO Show programme on Critical Mass Radio I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:

This fascinating journal also features an article by David Cayton on the most frightening and worrying aspect of UFO's, the mysterious animal mutilation phenomenon; and Richard D Hall explains how Homo sapiens is not absent from the long list of species thereof effected. There is also an obituary to the late great Dr Roger Leir who opened up the world to the presence of the strange implants that keep appearing in people's bodies via unknown circumstances. A flying triangle in Birmingham, a transcript of an aircrew's discussion during a UFO encounter in Mexico, a Nazi flying saucer appearing over Denmark in 1945, and much much more can be found in this bumper special edition of UFO Truth Magazine.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Uniforms for the Unemployed

During the last couple of days I have been consumed by a depraved fantasy; omitting details I shall merely say that it involves Katie Hopkins and a pineapple. The bumptious little commentator has done it again big time with her recent proposition that there should be a uniform for unemployed people. What she's suggested is in fact something I predicted long ago; I said there would be a return to chain gang-like service units who would wear a special uniform to identify them. Katie Hopkins stated on Twitter that it's because she wants the unemployed to "fit in at the Job Centre". This latest outburst is fairly typical of her career as a pundit; here she is debating with Sonia Poulton, a woman whose shoes she's not fit to clean in my view, see: She has also said that she would not let her children be friends with a child named Chardonnay or Tyler because of its connotation with the working classes and Essex culture. She is an unrepentant snob, an insular bigot and I consider her to be one of the most ignorant and obnoxious people in the media today; she is Britain's Ann Coulter. What's more, I get the feeling that she's well aware of this and rather enjoys her notoriety; she even cultivates it. Her path to fame was fairly textbook for a popular social polemicist too; she was a contestant on The Apprentice and then I'm a Celebrity- Get me Out of Here! Reality TV is a major part of the media's mind control agenda and I've discussed this before here: It's curious that her original career choice was that of an army intelligence officer. She was in the middle of training at the Sandhurst military academy when she was discharged because she suffers from epilepsy. I can't help wondering if she really was.

I've said many times now that the biggest bait in the trap for falsely justifying the New World Order conspiracy is the unemployed; in fact they've even overtaken the Muslims.
The rage being artificially embedded in the pubic conscience towards unemployed people is terrifying; and it's all being done by psychological experts who have almost a century's experience in manipulating the human mind, on an individual, cultural and collective level. These psychologists are working in our media today; in television, the cinema and in the newspapers, including those Katie Hopkins has written for. All kinds of fundamental changes are emerging in society that were unthinkable a few years ago; indeed, as I explain the background articles, some of them were tried out long ago and failed. They failed because of public rejection. At the end of the day, the governments can't force us to do anything, they can only make us think and feel a particular way so that we do their bidding willingly. Katie Hopkins and others like her are vital ingredients in this project. However, the project will never work if we, the people get to grips with the fact that we're being manipulated and fight back against it. Sadly some of Hopkins' Twitter followers agreed with her. One said that an unemployment uniform already exists, it's: "low-slung jeans, hoodie top, tattoos and fag and can of Stella." Another smirked: "You can't make the lazy unemployed leave their homes everyday, the local super booze will all go bankrupt! Think of the economy." However, as with On Benefits and Proud, see link above, plenty of people now see through the flannel and are not willing to let their consent be engineered.
("The engineering of consent" is a phrase coined by Edward L Bernays and I cannot recommended too highly this remarkable documentary about media mind control:

Friday 25 April 2014

An Old Trick Reused

Antisemitism is defined as a hatred or prejudice against Jews and Judaism and it has been used many times in history as a political tool to enforce reforms that would otherwise be very unpopular, to divert people's attention from the genuine causes of social problems and to justify speedy and extreme new policies. The best modern example was Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler instituted a draconian system of extreme security measures and the fundamental abolition of democracy that would probably have been vehemently and universally rebelled against by the entire country had he not presented his ideas as a solution to what he called Der Judenfrage- "The Jewish Question", in which he blamed all Germany's ills, defeat in the Great War, governmental corruption, economic chaos etc etc, on the Jews. Antisemitism has not been used on such a scale since then, however the deception system behind it seems to be perennial. The only difference these days is that Muslims have been pilloried as the Evil-Bad-Guys-We-Must-All-Hate-And-Fear. So much of the current landscape of national and international politics is born out of this dread of Islam; this is something I've explored in detail before, see: However, in recent weeks a new angle has emerged in the current crisis in Ukraine; a pamphlet has been distributed in the city of Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, which orders all Jews to register with the local ethnic Russian militia which is occupying the city's government buildings. A group of men dressed in balaclavas handed these out to Jews leaving a synagogue. It turns out that this pamphlet is probably not an official publication and was put together by a dissident tendency within the breakaway region; however it does raise concerns that the drive for a new war in Ukraine, maybe even a plan to make it spread further afield, could be dusting off the very old Antisemitism chestnut again.

I get sick and tired of hearing false accusations of Antisemitism being hurled at completely and blatantly innocent people simply because they're concerned about the New World Order. I myself have had this slanderous epithet slapped on me because I think there is an international conspiracy going on to create a global fascist/communist state. It matters not that I have written a long and detailed article which comprehensively and categorically exonerates Jews from being involved in it, see: Many people will immediately jump to the conclusion that anybody who talks about the New World Order conspiracy is automatically claiming that Jews are the conspirators behind it. If you deny it, then your denial will be interpreted as confirmation; you cannot win! I sometimes think these accusers would benefit from spending some time in Donetsk and other places like it where real Antisemitism is going on. Perhaps they could voice their concerns about nasty people like me to those who have been verbally abused or physically attacked in the streets and have had their homes firebombed because they're Jews. I can guess what reply they'd get! It's possible the call for Jews to register will be an abortive piece of tomfoolery which will cease soon; I hope so. However scapegoating, divide-and-rule and what David Icke calls "problem-reaction-solution" have proven themselves to be very effective methods of psychological warfare. If it doesn't work with the Jews then the authorities will probably go back to Muslims, or communists, or Asians or black people or... Norwegians! It's a trick they keep using because it keeps working. It's up to us to get wise and to stop being duped by it. When the trick stops working they will stop using it.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Pan Pareidolia

Pareidolia is a subject I recently covered in a controversial CMR interview I did with the Fortean researcher Trystan Swale, see: It is a human psychological phenomenon in which we see recognizable forms where there are none. An example could be seeing a cloud that appears to be the same shape as the British Isles or the face of an old man in the lines of the bark of a tree. Our brains seem to be geared towards perceiving recognizable shapes and we will often pick those shapes out of completely random patterns. The same goes for our other senses; when it comes to our ears we might hear recognizable sounds in white noise, like voices calling our name in the hissing of a badly tuned radio. I was recently walking through Oxford and I saw something that caught my eye, something stencilled on a window; I ended up photographing it, see at the top. My first thought was that this is a picture; it looks to me like the head of a monkey or ape. It's in profile facing right; you can see its snout, its right eye and thick fur on its head. This hair is streaming out behind its head as if blowing in the wind and the artist has captured this dynamic feature of the image very skilfully; you can just see the monkey's ear poking out through its hair. You can see its shoulders and arms in the picture and it seems to be wearing clothes as if it's an anthropomorphic simian from a science fiction story, maybe a "super-chimp" from a novella by Arthur C Clarke. It looks like its running; its right arm is pulled back and its left is forward. You can just see its left hand at the edge of the frame and it appears to be holding something in it that looks like a gardening trowel. All in all that snapshot-like energeticism is apparent in the entire tableau. It's a great work of art I think... But then is it? Could it be that I'm not seeing a picture at all; I'm just seeing a random pattern caused by the metal foil liner on the pane being torn? Therefore my brain has done its job well by interpreting the meaningless rips and scratches on the liner as a recognizable form. The big question, the one I wanted to discuss with Trystan, is: how can I know?

It's a question that you might think is easy to answer; a picture is obviously a picture, and a random pattern is obviously a random pattern, isn't it? Yes it is, if you have proof that what you're looking at is artificial, in that there is a known artist involved whom you're positive definitely produced that work, but what if there isn't? What evidence do you have to go on if you come across what looks distinctly like a painting or sculpture, but it is totally anonymous? If you decide that it is indeed a synthetic work of art then how do you make that judgement? If you think about it, the answer must be somehow to quantify the resemblance the alleged image has to the real object it supposedly represents; for instance, if you come across what looked like a painting of Mother Teresa on a wall (Or in a teacake; this actually happened, see:!), and it was totally anonymous. Then you'd have to ask yourself how closely the painted image resembles the real Mother Teresa; to do that scientifically you'd have to invent a practical mechanism with some kind of scale. Once that was designed there would have to be a discussion about what "level of closeness" would become the universally agreed cut-off point between what was to be considered a random pattern and an artificial image. a statistical ceiling. This so far has never been done and therefore pareidolia has become something of a trump card for Skeptics, an unfalsifiable wreaking ball that they can drive into any debate to end it forever. If you're ever in such a situation with a Skeptic then I recommend making this point. After all, if I wanted to be a truly obsessive curmudgeon I could claim that the Sistine Chapel murals are just random patterns. Michelangelo just got in a temper one day and kicked some cans of paint around the room; what resulted is a completely haphazard splash of flying paint drops and if you see any recognizable shapes there of cherubs, naked angels and Hands of God, then I'm afraid it's just your brain interpreting those splashes as organized imagery when there is none in fact there. If you think what I've said is ridiculous then you need to enter into this discussion to define exactly where we draw the line between the random and the intentional, otherwise I'm entitled to use that argument as heedlessly as you do. This is very important when it comes to anomalous phenomena because the pareidolia Joker is so often played to discredit cases like the Face on Mars or the Solway Firth Spaceman, see: and: One man, Mark J Carlotto, has attempted to clear the question up by writing a computer programme that "measures artificiality", see here for more detail:, but this is not a task to be undertaken by any one individual; there has to be a consensus formed so that any future discoveries of this nature can be calculated precisely and the studies can then skip over that tedious hurdle that's been holding them back for so long. What applies to the visual sense applies to many other things too, as I discuss with Trystan in the link above. It is very important when it comes to analyzing evidence collected for the electronic voice phenomenon- EVP. When is a voice a real voice and when is it just us mistaking white noise for a voice? After the interview I play some music and I joke about how good random noise can sound!

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Nisa to see you!

A while ago I made a HPANWO TV film about the opening of a new Tesco convenience store in Oxford just a few doors along from a branch of Nisa. I was worried that the mega-corporation of Tesco would put the small cooperative independent shop out of business, see: This came at a bad time too because The People's Supermarket had just shut down, as I explain in the film (Here's a news story about TPS from a few months earlier; you'll recognize the big bald bloke in the photo: However, I said that we should not give up hope and I'm glad I did because I've come across this episode of the BBC radio show Wake up to Money; the relevant part is at 18.30: It features an interview with Neil Turton, the chief executive of Nisa Retail Ltd, in which he announced a ten percent rise in sales profits. He was also interviewed on BBC TV's business news early this morning, but that programme was not recorded online. Turton credits his franchise's success to the fact that people are looking to shop locally more and more. Of course the corporate transnationals have tried to bust that market with their own chains of corner shops, hence my film New Tesco, but according to Turton they have failed to compete because the independently-owned Nisa stores with their self-employed empowered owners are far better at catering to the subtleties of their customers' desires. One thing he does not mention, but I wonder if he's thinking about it: could this also be because more and more consumers include ethics on their priority list when they choose a retailer? They already understand the issues I raised in the film and deliberately avoid the Sainsburys and Tesco convenience stores because they're concerned about the damage these institutions do to our human economic wellbeing. If so then this is excellent news that we should delight in and take a lot of heart from. Turton said: "The weekly family grocery haul at suburban superstores has declined. These days, people don't always plan what they'll be eating for dinner that same evening." Well I know what Nisa had for breakfast this morning... Tesco!  

Saturday 19 April 2014

Is Noah's Ark Real?

"The movie everybody's talking about!" at the moment is Noah, a Biblical epic by Darren Aronofsky starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson. I've not seen it and don't feel inclined to, and so will comment no further on the nature of movie itself until I do, for reasons I state here: The film is based on one of the oldest stories in the world. It appears most famously in the Book of Genesis, but that is actually only its most recent edition. The same basic plotline: Virtuous man living in a sinful world, God decides to destroy the world through a giant flood, God saves the good guy and his family by instructing him to build a boat to ride out the flood, good guy gets into boat taking animals with him, after flood good guy and his family repopulate the world with lots of little good guys; it's a constantly recurring theme. This is the basic story of Manu in the Indian Rig Veda and part of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. The tale was probably inspired by even older folk histories and oral traditions dating back to the people who witnessed the end of the last ice age in 12 to 10,000 BC. I can find no other source for the word ark referring to any kind of boat or ship; but it is clearly boat, one without sail, engine, oars, or any other kind of propulsion; it was designed merely to float. The Bible describes it in some detail; it was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high, putting it in the same size category as some modern ocean-going vessels. As the flood waters receded the Ark eventually grounded on Mount Ararat in what is now eastern Turkey. After that we don't know what happened to the Ark, whether Noah and his people broke it up or whether it deteriorated to nothing from the wear and tear of nature; or did Noah's people preserve it as a historical relic? Many people have travelled to the location to try and find the Ark, starting as long ago as the First Century with the Roman historian Josephus. Marco Polo and Sir Walter Raleigh also tried to find it. The best known of these "Ark-eologists" in modern times was the Apollo astronaut James Irwin, a devout Christian who also tried to locate the Exodus route and the footsteps of Moses on Mount Sinai. On June the 17th 1949 a US Air Force plane flying over Ararat took a photograph of a large black object sticking out of the snowy flank of the peak. It has been dismissed as nothing more than a rocky outcrop, but others say it is a part of the Ark. There are many unsubstantiated claims of people who reported that have found petrified wooden beams etc, but that is hearsay alone.
 There is only one expedition that has produced anything substantial in terms of evidence and that was the one led by Ron Wyatt which investigated the Durupinar anomaly. This is an oval shaped rocky structure lying on a piece of flat land near Mount Judi; this is eighteen miles away from Ararat, but I guess Noah must have made a mistake. It's only two miles from the border with Iran and has been inside a recurrent war zone for many decades, making study of the site difficult. The anomaly was discovered by the Turkish military in 1948 and was first visited by Ron Wyatt in 1977. It is roughly the size of the Ark as described in Genesis and has curved lenticular sides ending in a point at either end, which is an elementary feature of ship design. However it is heavily eroded and most geologists think it is nothing more than a curiously-shaped rock. A study with a metal detector revealed the remains of an iron framework in a regular pattern and nearby carved slabs were discovered that resemble drogue stones; these are flat stones with a hole bored through them that were used as ship anchors in ancient times. These are curious objects to turn up two hundred miles inland. However researchers soon lost interest in the place after nothing decisive came about from a full excavation. The drogue stones turned out to be grave stones from an early Christian cemetery and the iron grid is just minerals deposited from a volcanic eruption. I'm not surprised that the Durupinar anomaly has been explained as natural. The thing is, the story of Noah's Ark, as it is related, is impossible. There has been a global flood, as I said, when the last ice age ended, and this caused the sea level to rise three hundred feet. Vast areas of coastal land were taken by the oceans, but the survivors didn't need to build boats, they just moved to higher ground and got on with their lives. At no point in the geological history of the Earth has the entire planet been submerged by the ocean. If this did happen then all life on land would be wiped out and once the water receded, aquatic creatures would have to evolve legs again before things returned to normal. Noah could not possibly have saved life on land from the flood. His Ark was far too small for even a handful of animals, let alone the all food, fresh water and other supplies they would need. The movie Noah gets round this illogicality with a clever plot device: Noah puts the animals into a deep sleep with magical incense. But "two-by-two" wouldn't be enough; you'd need several hundred of each species to restart a breeding population from scratch. Even with the animals all in a God-decreed mystical coma you'd need a ship the size of London. And what about the plants, the fungi, the bacteria? It cannot be done. However, many of these ancient stories are symbolic; I don't think their authors ever intended them to be taken literally. Could they be a reference to some form of life preservation measure carried out either by a human mystery school or extraterrestrials? When serious UFOlogy began in the 1940's, for the first time those who have had contact with beings from another world were listened to and taken seriously, if only by a small community of supporters. One of the messages contactees are often given by their extraterrestrial friends is their concern for the Earth's environment. They are deeply worried that it is under threat due to human warfare, toxic waste, radiation etc. They say that they are harvesting DNA, or other kinds of life essence, from the Earth's biosphere to preserve it. In this way they're creating a non-genocidal and non-evil equivalent of Bill Gates' seed vault. It's also not unlike what Noah did with the animals and humans on the Ark. Could the story of Noah's Ark have been inspired by an archetypal or subconscious memory of contact with extraterrestrial beings?

Friday 18 April 2014

Flying Black Ring at Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is the birthplace of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley and that's quite appropriate because the place is full of esoteric symbolism, neoclassical architecture and has a lot of similarities to Bath, another place that I've travelled to several times, see: Not that I'm claiming what happened there last Friday is relevant to all that, but it does raise questions. What happened was that in the evening a sixteen year old girl called Georgina Heap was playing tennis when she noticed a black torus-shaped object in the sky above her; "It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen!" she said. She filmed it with her mobile phone and that video can be seen in the source link below. It's hard to tell the size of the black ring because we don't know its altitude, or vice versa. It appears very solid in structure, although it seems to have wisps of vapour or fumes surrounding it. It's clear from the stillness of the tree nearby that there was very little wind at the time. The Met Office are baffled and... of course... the press asked Nick Pope to comment. Nick speculated that it might be a smoke ring or a swarm of insects, but conceded that he could not explain it. I must admit it does look very like a smoke ring to me. A smoke ring forms when a puff of smoke is ejected quickly into clean air. Friction between the outer layers of the puff and the air it's propelled through cause it to curl back around itself; eventually it will start spinning until the whole puff collapses into a torus. Smoke rings can be created easily by blowing cigar smoke out of your mouth; sometimes smoke from a gun can form a ring around the muzzle. They can even form around volcanoes.

This subject came up in the Cognoscence Yahoo group and a member, Neil, was very helpful in researching it. A local newspaper reported that the black ring was "probably" produced by a pyrotechnics display at nearby Warwick Castle, part of its 1100th anniversary celebrations, see: This is almost identical to a case last year in Florida USA, see: This is a possibility, made more likely when Neil discovered that the place where the Leamington Courier photographed the black ring was not in Leamington Spa anyway, but in Warwick, in the car park of the racecourse just west of the castle; Georgina Heap was at some tennis courts just east, so it's possible to triangulate the ring's location in the sky, and it's just above the castle. The problem is that smoke rings cannot last for very long because air turbulence will inevitably disperse them, even in the still air of an indoor space; outdoors it would be far more difficult. Of course there was no strong wind that day, as I said above, but dead calm conditions comparable to indoors are almost unknown outdoors, especially at high altitude. This one maintained its form for three minutes then it "disappeared", although it doesn't say how that disappearance took place. I'd be interested to see if this Trebuchet fireball show creates any more smoke rings in the future that are as persistent as this one. Could we be looking at a cover-up similar to the "missile story" used to dismiss the Norway Spiral, see: If so, what are they covering up and why? Well, the effect in the sky could be connected to Aleister Crowley, because the famous magickian was fond of casting spells which opened up portals between our universe and others, like the Abramelin Working. He was very irresponsible in his actions though because he often used to open these portals without closing them behind him after he'd finished using them. Symptoms of an errant portal can be door or gate-like formations in the air; the film The Mist and also Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy of books are very much inspired by this concept, see: Why would there be a cover up? Because the authorities desperately try to suppress interest in any phenomena like that. I must say this is unlikely, and if further Trebuchet displays produce more smoke rings, then forget I suggested it. If it does then these features will become as normalized as birds for the people of Leamington Spa. Neil thinks that this is a purposeful non-story intended to discredit genuine UFOlogy and paranormal research even more. This is also quite likely.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Pope asks Forgiveness for Child Abuse

Pope Francis has issued a statement that the Vatican asks for forgiveness for children abused by members of the clergy. "Forgiveness" for Catholics can mean something very different to a secular apology; it is connected to the Sacrament of Confession and it refers to the unconditional divine dismissal of all sin. With God's forgiveness it therefore means that the emotional impact and consequences from malevolent action are annihilated. I did wonder whether that is what "His Holiness" meant at first; however it seems that this is an apology in the lay sense. He also defended the Roman Catholic Church's record on dealing with child abuse. This is preposterous in my view; and it calls into question the sincerity of his apology. It should never take two thousand years for anybody to react to something so blatantly obvious. This apology was issued reluctantly and is simply a testimony to the rising power of dissenting voices and the anger of ignored victims, and we should take heart from that. However there is a long way to go. The true crimes of the church are far more extensive even than the endemic acceptance of rape and paedophilia. There's the Vatican's aiding and abetting the Nazis and other oppressive regimes, its embezzlement of an incalculable amount of stolen wealth. Also its genocide, and attempted genocide, of many peoples, cultures and other religions around the world through various methods including killing children, as Kevin Annett has shown, see: We are hampered somewhat because we have recently been given a new pope. Pope Francis comes from a humble background in Argentina and is the first ever Jesuit pope... correction: the first openly Jesuit pope. The last pope, Benedict XVI looked like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars; it helps us to have a pope who actually looks as evil as popes invariably are, see: We must not let Francis' "nice guy image" put us off our guard. He would never have been selected for the throne of the Vatican unless he was completely loyal and would protect the Church at all costs. Also, if St Malachi is correct, Pope Francis will be the last one ever. Hope so!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Mike Ruppert Dies

I'm sorry to have to have to report that Mike Ruppert has died. I only ever saw a handful of lectures by Ruppert, this was one: He was a former police detective who became a very dedicated conspiracy researcher and activist; he spoke publicly and vocally about how 9/11 was an inside job. He discovered how the US Government was involved in the illegal drugs industry and that the CIA organized the smuggling and dealing of drugs on the streets. This idea is supported by the discoveries of others, such as Frank Willis. Ruppert was also a futurist and was deeply concerned by peak oil, overpopulation and climate change; these are controversial subjects within the Truth Movement. I'm personally undecided on peak oil, but reject climate change and overpopulation. Ian R Crane, who used to work in the oil industry, thinks peak oil is a scam; he says oil is not a fossil fuel at all and naturally replenishes itself within the Earth. The oil industry and governments keep this secret in order to prevent a price crash and maintain control of the energy supplies. Ruppert wrote several books including Crossing the Rubicon and made a film called Collapse, see: Unfortunately Mike Ruppert did not include the crucial topic of the free energy cover-up in his analysis of the economy, resources, the environment and technology, see:; despite his noble intentions, this was an elementary mistake. The sixty-three year old was killed on Sunday by a gunshot wound to his head that reports claim was self-inflicted. The coroner's verdict is likely to be suicide, but this does not mean we should necessarily believe them without question. When the news broke of Mike Ruppert's death somebody altered his Wikipedia page with this line: "Mike Ruppert shot himself on Sunday night while having sexual intercourse with Alex Jones. He will be remembered by nobody of importance." Luckily this spiteful and vainglorious jibe was swiftly removed; so much for the conduct of Skeptics. Mike Ruppert's death comes after a series of bereavements within the conspiratorial community, see: and: Let us hope that this run of mortality has now come to an end. Rest in peace, Mike Ruppert.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Gore Vidal- 9/11 Truther

Gore Vidal was one of America's most famous liberal intellectuals. The word "liberal" in the United States has a slightly different meaning to what it does on this side of the Atlantic. It tends to refer to anybody who is not a table-thumping redneck. Sixty years ago such Americans were even more erroneously called "communists". For many years Vidal was close friends with Christopher Hitchens, another major left wing public figure, but their friendship came to an abrupt and bitter end over the attacks of September the 11th 2001. Vidal, a much older man, had described Hitchens as his "Dauphin". Dauphin is a French idiom that literally means "dolphin", but it refers to a royal title, a prince of the realm or heir to the throne. What Vidal meant was that Hitchens was his young protege whom he wanted to take over his role of principle leftist academic in the USA after his own retirement. On the back cover of Hitchens' autobiography Hitch 22 a comment by Vidal has been published: I have been asked whether I wish to nominate a successor, a dauphin. I have decided to name Christopher Hitchens. However a big red cross has been printed over the text and handwritten beside it is: No. CH. This gimmick is fairly typical of Hitchens; his animosity towards others was always a very public affair.

Both men are now dead. They died within a few months of each other. I wrote an obituary to Christopher Hitchens at the time, see:; I think enough time has passed since Hitchens died to dispense with the excessively maudlin charity I think I granted him in that piece. I was being truthful when I said I became enthralled by Hitchens. I did read two of his books and watched hundreds of hours of his lectures and, especially, his debates. I read a book by Richard Seymour called Unhitched- The Trial of Christopher Hitchens, see: It is told from a Marxist perspective, but was still an interesting read. As I said in the obituary, I don't think Hitchens was always sincere about his beliefs, especially in his later life. He was a man who craved controversy at all costs. His professed viewpoints may not have come from his heart, but rather from whatever part of him needed to indulge in his chosen sport, and career. He was such an intelligent and articulate man that his underlying motive is very hard to spot. He'd have made a fantastic lawyer! One issue he always refused to debate was 9/11 conspiracies; in fact this was his response when somebody raised it in a Q&A: Whether he really feels that strongly about 9/11 conspiracies or not, I don't know; but one thing's for sure, he knows it's a debate he can't win. As he admitted himself: "I can't bear to lose an argument". Unfortunately Gore Vidal trod over that line when he spoke out about his own views on 9/11. The 9/11 Truth Movement has many different ideas and factions within it. One of the most obvious is the divide between those who think thermite was used to demolish the Twin Towers and those who think a secret directed energy weapon was wielded that day. I include myself in the latter (This division has caused many rifts, not least in my own personal life, see: However there is a more fundamental categorization. Both thermite theorists and no-planers are "MIHOP's"- Made It Happen On Purpose. There is another idea, "LIHOP"- Let It Happen On Purpose. This is a somewhat more conventionally acceptable viewpoint whose implications are not quite so explosive. LIHOP states that the official story is true, in that Osama bin Laden's henchmen did hijack the planes, the planes did hit the towers and Pentagon, and that the impact of the planes and subsequent fire really was what caused the Twin Towers to collapse; but elements within the US Government knew that Al Qaida were planning and orchestrating the attacks and deliberately turned a blind eye allowing the Muslim terrorists to carry out their operation unhindered. Gore Vidal wrote an article in which he hinted that he was a LIHOP; he already had similar views over the Pearl Harbour attack of 1941, that the US Government deliberately left the base undefended so that Japan could destroy it and therefore draw America into World War II. Vidal said about 9/11: "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a conspiracy analyst. Everything the Bushites touch is screwed up... They could step aside... or just go out to lunch while these terrible things were happening to the nation. I believe that of them." For Hitchens this was too much and he wrote an article of his own called Vidal Loco in which he denounced his former mentor as a crackpot. I applaud Vidal's courage and honesty and I feel sorry for him; anybody who has ever been "Hitch-slapped" knows how spiteful and self-righteous Christopher Hitchens could be. He had no mercy for his opponents, only an urge to inflict as much harm on them as he could. However, the LIHOP position makes no sense. The authorities, at whatever level they operate in this case, didn't just let Osama bin Laden get away with 9/11. There was no involvement of bin Laden at all. 9/11 was a black budget false flag attack orchestrated by the very authorities who then harnessed the public's reaction to their agenda. Source:

Monday 14 April 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 10

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Tommy Woodgate, see:

I appear in the first two hours. Subjects discussed include: a review of a previous EWR show featuring an interview with the Skeptic YouTuber "Bolerhatman". (See here for that programme:, and much much more. See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio: "Bolerhatman" has responded with a vlog video in which he expresses his disapproval for the programme; I respond in the comments box as "benthejrporter":

Saturday 12 April 2014

Gypsies on Benefits and Proud

Gypsies on Benefits and Proud can be watched online here:
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There are been a whole series of documentaries about Gypsies on TV recently, like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which are humourous profiles of native British travelling communities. They’re quite funny, sometimes educational and fairly harmless; I rather enjoyed them. At first I thought Gypsies on Benefits and Proud was one of these; I should have guessed better from just the second part of the title. Has my mind already blanked out my previous vitriolic bombardment of television producers? See here for important background: This programme is not about native Gypsies. Gypsy is actually a collective term in English for a whole series of different insular and nomadic cultures that exist in much of the world. The Gypsies under discussion here are ones from Eastern Europe where they are known as Roma and they constitute a disproportionate percentage of recent immigration into the United Kingdom. The programme follows the lives of several families and individuals who travel from their native countries to a new life, courtesy of the British taxpayer. In the opening scene the theme of the programme is set out in the statement from one of the Roma: “It’s very easy to get benefits in Britain… Thank you very much, England!” and another talking about her family of twenty-two people.

One of the new immigrants is Ion Lazar, a man with a wife and many children currently living in poverty in Romania, but he has a dream! He wants to spend a year or two in the UK and make £40,000 on benefits to give himself a better life back home. Another star of the show is Katerina Cisarova, a Slovakian Gypsy who is strangely similar in character to the indigenous matriarchs of On Benefits and Proud linked above. She has an unemployed husband called Peter who has an accent like a James Bond villain. I suspect that he can speak better English than he does in the show and has been coached to exaggerate his foreign twang. They have eleven children and eleven grandchildren, all living in a row of houses in Rotherham, “all paid for by the welfare state!” the narrator dutifully points out; just the four who live with their parents receives £24,000 a year in benefits. The others get a lot more. The camera pans round their lounge, taking in young mothers sharing packets of cigarettes, guzzling bottles of soft drinks and huge plates of food. Peter struts around talking about how “England very goot. Give me everytheenk! Benefeets, school, doctorrrr. I not go home, neverrrrrrr.” A third member of the cast is Viorel, a young man from Romania. However this welfare king was knocked off his throne at the age of seven when he was run over by a train and lost both his legs; since then he travels around by sitting on a skateboard and propelling himself along with his hands. He left his wife to come to the UK. He sometimes puts his disability to good use by getting work as a part-time actor for particular roles in the movies, but he can also earn £200 a day busking with his accordion… and claiming £750 a month in benefits of course. He reckons that this is not enough and he needs more, even though he has been given quite a large house in Nottingham, and his parents and nephew have been brought over from Romania specially to act as his carers. The amount of money they cost the nation is carefully included in the introduction of all the characters in the programme. Katerina speaks no English, but she doesn’t really need to because the council have employed a Roma language interpreter especially for her and she loses her temper at one point when her Job Seekers Allowance is sanctioned; her interpreter makes a few phone calls and gets it restored plus £500 of back-pay. All this is done at a community centre where the signs are in over a dozen different languages. She’s relieved because all her grandchildren are asking for luxury items and she wants to buy them. Ion travels all the way to Britain overland on a coach and claims child benefit for his children, even though they’re back home in Romania and he quite openly states that he intends to steal food and money as well as earn it. “If I am working alone in a house I will take money if it’s left there.” He’s already been deported once for working without a permit, but he just came straight back. He’s today trading scrap metal which he picks up wherever he can find it, whether legally or not. The council moves Peter and Katerina into a much bigger and more expensive house, but there the lino is cracked and it needs a new boiler so they agree to the improvements. A few hundred yards away an entire house has been given to their daughter Petra and her two year old son, “the next generation of immigrants living off the state!” Petra says: “I get tax credit, housing benefit and all. I never go home to Slovakia; living in the UK is very good.” 

The purpose of Gypsies on Benefits and Proud is to make the viewer’s blood boil. Its rhetoric is almost as palpable as that in On Benefits and Proud. As with the former, its theme is simple, monolithic and aimed to appeal to any viewer, no matter what their level of intelligence or education. On Benefits portrayed unemployed people as the public enemy on which to blame our country’s economic woes; Gypsies on does exactly the same with immigrants. This is something I’ve discussed many times, how anti-immigration hysteria is being deliberately provoked in order to justify all kinds of fundamental changes to society that would otherwise be very unwelcome and which the people would never accept. The only feature of the programme that surprised me was that none of the characters were Muslims. A clue to all this is even given to us in the programme itself, when Ion and his cronies go and register at their local GP surgery. The receptionist demands identity checks on all of them; and this is something the UK Government is currently trying to bring into the NHS, see: The ultimate goal is for there to be an electronic identity and entitlement system which everybody will have to be included on in order to function in any way within society, no matter whether you’re foreign or native. I can see a time when there will be no passports, no cash, no forms to fill out, and no licenses of any kind; instead we will all carry a single biometric tag connected to a national or international database that does all those jobs. Maybe it will be inserted directly into our body. This will give the authorities complete control over our entire lives; this is their objective… all they need is a reason to do it which the people will support. I wonder if Channel 5 are planning on making a programme called Bankers on Benefits and Proud; after all the bailout of 2008 cost the exchequer the equivalent of supporting every unemployed person and immigrant in Britain, based on the current rates, for almost a century. Somehow I doubt it. The good news is that many people are seeing through the flannel, based on some of the comments underneath on the video page. I know not everybody who watched Gypsies on will be reading this review, but if they are I’d like them to rein in their rage and look at the situation more rationally. I agree that mass-immigration is causing problems in all Western nations, but the reaction of “Send the bastards all back where they came from!” is a controlled response. This is how the governments want us to react. As I’ve said before, there is no frying pan so bad it warrants us jumping into a fire to escape from it. The genuine solution to mass-immigration has to address the cause. To be fair, Gypsies on does that, inadvertently I’m sure, while all the news coverage about this subject doesn’t. It is a very obvious question: Why do so many people want to come to Britain in the first place? And the answer is very simple: Life in this country is so much better than in many other parts of the world. Immigrants are not "lazy scroungers!", they are ordinary people just like you and me who are doing exactly what we would do if we were in their shoes. Most immigrants are not coming from wealthy Western nations; they are coming from Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other regions hit by extreme poverty, famine and war. In my view, the answer therefore is to improve the quality of life in those regions so that people won't want to leave their homelands; after all, who's going to come to England for the weather? Let nobody kid you into thinking that it’s not possible; it's actually very easy: we can start by releasing Third World countries from their economic bondage through the cancellation of debt and land occupation. End all the manipulated wars over the resources in these regions. That alone would probably do the trick, before we even begin delving into the more outlandish elements like UFO Disclosure, the declassification of Free Energy and natural farming methods like ORMUS and Terra Preta. See here for more details: All in all I give Gypsies on Benefits and Proud minus 5 stars. Utterly abysmal television. It’s almost as bad as On Benefits and Proud. I also suspect that, like the former, it’s been carefully edited to make a false point, and that the cast are exceptions rather than the norm. I recently read John Pilger’s book Heroes, which has a chapter about Pakistani immigrants in the early 1980’s and the decrepit penniless squalor they had to live in. I also live with three Sudanese men and have learnt a lot about the difficulties they face. Don’t believe the hype, guys. It’s time to get wise.  

Thursday 10 April 2014

Drinking Bird

The drinking bird is a popular toy or mobile ornament that has been around for about a century, but it exhibits an extraordinary characteristic; it appears to be a perpetual motion device. The drinking bird is a dumbbell-shaped glass chamber evacuated of air and half-filled with a volatile liquid like dicholoromethane or acetone; the rest of the space is filled by vapour from the liquid. The central column of the dumbbell forms a tube and in one of the ends, this tube extends down like a drinking straw so that it opens out beneath the surface of the liquid pool when the device is held with that end downwards; this will henceforth be called the bottom end, and the other the top end. The top end’s outer surface is covered by an absorbent textile, like felt; this is usually coloured and decorated with feathers so that it resembles a bird’s head. The chamber is then balanced on a pivot attached to a stand so that it can swing freely back and forth, and then the whole assembly is placed next to an open-topped container of water, like a drinking glass. When you tip the chamber over so that it is almost horizontal, the top end dips into the water and the textile absorbs some of the water. The weight of the liquid is slightly higher in the bottom end because the angle is not quite horizontal so the chamber tilts back to the vertical, dragged by the weight of the liquid in the bottom end. Once out of the water the textile dries, which draws heat out of the top end and makes the vapour inside cool down. This then condenses leaving behind a vacuum. The vacuum then sucks the liquid from the bottom end up the tube to the top. The top end becomes heavier this time and the chamber tilts back down into the water, and then the dry textile absorbs some again. This action raises the end of the tube in the bottom end above the level of the liquid and the entire tube drains. This breaks the vacuum and equalizes the vapour pressure between the two ends, the liquid held by suction in the top end flows back to the bottom, the bottom becomes heavy and the cycle begins again. Once you have started the drinking bird going it will theoretically continue forever. So long as you keep the water topped up and leaving aside practicalities such as wear and tear on the pivot. This is why the toy is sometimes referred to as a miniature chemistry demonstration or heat engine. The heat effects within the system produce work, the movement of the entire assembly. However the literature on the subject emphasizes that the drinking bird is not a perpetual motion device. Even though it will run infinitely, it cannot function without an external heat source within the ambient air to evapourate the water in the textile. In that way it’s similar to a wind turbine which is also not a perpetual motion device even though it too will spin forever, because it will only do so for as long as the wind keeps blowing.

A real perpetual motion device is something entirely different, it generates energy internally. If you search for images and designs for perpetual motion devices you’ll find all kinds. They’re usually a fairly simple mechanical engine in which the work they do is fed back to the input of the system through various means; water wheels, balls running on tracks, a network of cogs etc. According to the science you’ll learn at school and university this should be impossible because it violates the laws of entropy, conservation of energy and thermodynamics. This basically means you can’t get more energy out of something than you put into it. For example, my own design for a perpetual motion machine would be a dynamo that charges a circuit to run an electric light. That light shines onto a photovoltaic cell which powers a motor which both turns the dynamo and spins another shaft onto which I can attach a second generator for other purposes. The problem is obvious to anybody trained in no more than schoolboy science: Suppose the dynamo produced twenty watts of power, then at least twenty watts will be needed to spin it. That twenty watts will then be transferred to the light, which cannot emit more radiated energy than twenty watts onto the photovoltaic cell. That photovoltaic cell is the source for the spinning of the dynamo and that requires all twenty of those watts; there will be none spare for turning the second generator. In fact it gets worse, because in practice even the closed loop sans generator would be impossible because resistance in the circuits and other inevitable forms of inefficiency would mean a spiralling loss of power from the moment you started it. The whole set up would grind to a halt very quickly even without the second generator to deal with. This hasn’t stopped hundreds of inventors from trying to build one though, over many hundreds of years. Some men even became obsessed to the point of madness in their quest. There have sadly been many fakes, fraud and error, which always happens when so much is at stake and so much passion aroused. The motive is obvious; once a working perpetual motion machine is invented it will produce energy without any input of fuel, in other words: free energy. Here’s an interesting documentary about perpetual motion:
Should we be so swift to dismiss the possibility of perpetual motion? After all, I’ve been saying for a long time how I think free energy exists and that the authorities are covering it up, for example see: What’s the difference between my assertion and those of a perpetual motion inventor? In essence nothing; there’s merely an arbitrary intuitive barrier drawn between ideas involving emergent concepts like electrogravitics and the Hutchison Effect, and those which merely tinker with existing mechanical principles. It’s very much an assumption on our part that we’ll never find an answer through fiddling with cogs and springs. You may disagree and argue that if existing mechanical engineering had this latent ability waiting to be discovered it would already have been a long time ago. Would it? We hear all the time how oil companies are trying to suppress free energy inventions, however the free energy cover up goes back at least to the 19th century when coal was the world’s principle fossil fuel, not oil; and simple mechanics was the only technology. We also know that forces exist in nature that appear to have no energy source, like gravity, magnetism and the nuclear forces. It might be possible to harness those forces and direct them for our own use. The Brownian ratchet is an example of how somebody tried to use molecular motion to run a motor, see: The machine you see in the opening scene of the documentary A Machine to Die For linked above is probably powered by the magnets. Free energy does not always need Large Hadron Collider level technology to be created. It can emerge in surprisingly simple systems and even exists in nature. According to Viktor Schauberger the trout he saw swimming in cold Austrian rivers propelled themselves using a zero point energy source which they harvested directly from the water itself. He built watercourses and turbines that used this inherent energy in water that he discovered, see: Schauberger was pressured into working for the Nazis when they annexed Austria in 1938 and his work went underground, but others have been inspired by his contribution. Did you know that the water hammer effect might sometimes be a trigger for a zero point energy upwelling? So when you open a tap or flush a toilet and hear an annoying growling vibration coming from under the floorboards it’s time to call the plumber. But remember that might be, sometimes but not always, a free energy effect? One inventor has built a generator based on this, see here at the start of the programme: It’s still possible that some feature of known solids or liquids and how they interact inside an engine that was invented hundreds of years ago and is routinely used today, or is even obsolete, could be producing a zero point energy effect right under our noses; and it just takes some genius, thinking outside the box, to spot it. Also of course we shall need a political and economic landscape in which free energy already spotted can be used legally. So the laws of physics are not wrong. Working perpetual motion and free energy devices are not breaking them by producing more power then they consume; it’s just that the input power is coming from a source beyond what we currently know about, therefore we don’t see it and misunderstand. Going back to the drinking bird, I doubt if this little gift shop trinket is really exhibiting free energy potential in its usual form; I’m sure it really is just a heat engine run by thermal transfer. But seeing as the best potential free energy machines, at least those based on simple principles, involve water, would it be possible to design a drinking bird device using water for the fluid inside the chamber? Well, we’d need a far hotter ambient temperature, to vapourize the water inside and also the head end would need to be soaked in a very different substance, one with a far higher boiling point. If this were done though, would we see something new happening? Would we see a free energy drinking bird?

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Karen Hudes on who Really controls the World

A couple of months ago I discussed the illicit revelations of the former World Bank official Karen Hudes, see: Since then every time she opens her mouth her declarations become more and more explosive. From the start she said that there were “corrupt forces” in control of the world’s economy, a cabal which places its agents in all the major governments and corporations. Most recently she has announced that there was a botched false flag nuclear attack on October the 8th last year in Charleston, South Carolina USA. What’s more there are initiates of the Knights Templar high up in the White House administration. In a recent interview on Red Ice Radio she stunned even those closest to her hitherto when she explained how there is a group behind the Jesuits whom she accuses of the Kennedy Assassination and the manipulated dollar crash. They are “not human beings”. She cites a neurologist called Dr Edward Spencer, however many of us will already be familiar with this idea because it’s been widely written about by David Icke, Credo Mutwa, Brian Desborough and many others. The ruling elites of the world from Egypt and other ancient civilizations are descended from extraterrestrial intelligent beings and those bloodlines still control the world today. According to Hudes, aliens abductions are MilAbs, military abductions, staged by these beings; they are not from outer space but are a second intelligent species from right here on Earth. For some people this new development goes too far, and the question has inevitably emerged of whether Ms Hudes is a disinformer or a placewoman put out to discredit other financial whistleblowers (Ironically Hudes accuses Edward Snowden of being one of them). It’s always wise to be on our guard against that kind of thing, for example check this out:, but I advise against throwing Karen Hudes into that dustbin right now. I have other reasons to take seriously what David Icke and others have been saying for many years; if so why shouldn’t Karen Hudes have come across the same information? She only brings up the subject of the second species after the Henrik, the Red Ice presenter, pushes her. At first she doesn’t want to talk about it; she says: “There are still some groups behind them (the Jesuits) but we’re still working to understand who those groups are; and if I start telling you, you won’t listen to the rest of it.” Henrik says: “Why not? I think you should. Here’s your opportunity to get to the core of it.” See here from 21.40: What’s more she was right in her prediction about the strange continuing slump in the price of gold. In my view, it’s very premature to slap on the shill tag, at least not to the point where it becomes a permanent tattoo.

Monday 7 April 2014

Save the Stonehenge Sunrise

When I first brought this up on Facebook people told me it was an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t. The Ministry of Defence is expanding the Larkhill military installations on the Salisbury Plain; this development will include new barracks for hundreds of redeployed troops and their families. The problem is that the project might involve constructing buildings which breach the Stonehenge sun-gap. This is an area of land which makes up the horizon for somebody standing at the focal point of Stonehenge where on the Summer Solstice, the 21st of June, the sun rises in a line of sight specially designed by the builders of the monument. The sun gap was established over a century ago in the early history of the Larkhill garrison. A set of aircraft hangers was built there in 1910, but it was agreed upon by the land owner of Stonehenge, a long time before it was bought by English Heritage, and the Ministry of War that a gap should be left on the point the Solstice sunrise is visible where nothing could be built that would obstruct the view of the sunrise from Stonehenge; it’s only a hundred and fifty yards across. This new proposal might breach that agreement. The MoD established a consultation period which ended on April the 1st, hence the misplaced suspicion of April Foolery; however this is not a deadline. It’s still early days yet in the planning application process and the druids and other pagan leaders at Stonehenge are confident that the sun-gap agreement will be sustained. Respecting the sun-gap will probably be inconsequential for the Larkhill barracks expansion; however, it behoves us to monitor this situation carefully over the coming months and not become too complacent. Better remain alert than fail to act before it’s too late. Source: and:

Stonehenge is one of many hundreds of ancient megalithic sites in the British Isles, but it is by far the most famous; probably because it’s one of the most elaborate and complex. It was aligned with meticulous precision to denote the position of the sun throughout the year, some say the moon and constellations too. It represents a lost wisdom, a primeval halcyon age before the Illuminati took control of the world. The way that such a place might be so thoughtlessly overlooked in the modern world seems very appropriate. You might argue that the monument is not being overlooked; that’s the point of the sun-gap and how the Government has been very cooperative about the whole business for over a hundred years now. However I suspect that this agreeable attitude they have comes merely from the fact that in this situation it’s no big deal to them. They still have plenty of room on Salisbury Plain to plonk their barracks elsewhere if necessary. But if it came to a head and they wanted that land badly enough, they’d take it without a second thought. As the historian Michael Wood once said, we’ve seen the end of sacred times, the triumph of profane times. Nothing symbolizes that profanity for me more than modern mechanized warfare. So there is something eerily poignant about this issue. That being said however, I don’t think Stonehenge is the most symbolic example that could have occurred; we’re not in the Avatar movie yet. On my visits to Stonehenge I’ve felt the same as many other people have about the place: it has a bad psychic atmosphere, a sense of darkness. It’s as if terrible things have happened there. The archaeological evidence supports that because many bodies have been found around the area of people who died by violence. It could be that a huge battle was fought there, or a mass human sacrifice. These skeletons date back to the era that the monument was built which demonstrates what I’ve said before, that an absence of the Illuminati does not necessarily equal the presence of paradise, and I don’t think it ever will. There are also many witnesses who have gone on record stating that the site has been used for satanic ritual activity in historical times too, even shockingly close to the present day. The purpose of these rituals may be to poison the Earth’s aetheric grid with dark energy and many sacred sites are satanically abused for this reason. This is why churches are often built on ley lines. Maybe destroying the sun-gap with a military installation is simply the Satanic Elite’s new method in their omnicidal and ecocidal War on Terra. Either way, I’m glad that the spiritual guardians of Stonehenge seem to be nicely on the ball and I don’t think the authorities will get away with their plot. Nevertheless, watch them like a hawk!

Sunday 6 April 2014

Freedom for Venice

A strange story has appeared in The Daily Telegraph about a police raid on a house in Italy. They arrested the controversial politician Franco Rocchetta, one of twenty-four people taken into custody on charges of terrorism. They had allegedly been constructing explosives and weapons of war, including a tank-like armoured vehicle converted from a bulldozer. Source: These people are just one part of a full-spectrum political movement demanding independence for Venice. Somebody unfamiliar with Italian politics would find that notion hard to understand; Venice is just a city in Italy, isn’t it? A bit like Swindon is in England? No, Italy as the nation state we know today is actually a fairly recent construction that was born out of the unification of various autonomous kingdoms and republics during the 19th century. Venice was one of them. This animated map shows the entire process from beginning to end: At the time this was seen as a very progressive and assertive move because a united Italy hopefully would have the power to stand up to the domination of Europe by Austria and Napoleonic France, but it’s seen that way no longer. Venice is more than just a place with museums and pretty buildings where tourists can float down the canals in boats. It was capital to an entire country that lasted for over a thousand years before Italian unification. It has its own culture and its own language and was called the Venetian Republic. The language was banned for many years under Benito Mussolini’s regime, but it today it has over two million speakers and is regarded similarly to Welsh in Wales. Many people who live in Venice now wish to become independent from Italy and reestablish the old Venetian order. What’s more there are still rumours circulating that modern Italy itself was engineered into existence by a globalist conspiracy; Umberto Eco’s 2010 novel The Prague Cemetery fictionalizes this idea very perceptively: In the last couple of years Venetian nationalism has resurged, probably due to the economic crash and fears concerning the increasing domination of the European Union and its decrepit currency the Euro which replaced the Lira in 2002. Over the last two years a series of opinion polls appear to support the popular movement of secession from Rome. A well-developed provisional state has been in place for some time, as well as discussions on matters such as where the borders of the nation should be. This could cause problems as the old Venetian Republic’s territories were far more extensive than those of the modern Veneto region. It would include large chunks of the neighbouring regions of Lombardy and Trentino. Doubtless in the case of independence there would conflict between the Venetians and Italian unionists in those areas who would find themselves an ethnic minority all of a sudden. Wars have often broken out in such situations. The government in Rome (and I do mean all definitions of that term!) would be only too happy to inflame such a conflict, as the British did in Northern Ireland for many centuries. If bombs start exploding in Venice they will be blamed on separatists and/or their opponents; however don’t automatically assume that such blame is correctly placed. This book, The Nemesis File by Paul Bruce, was banned for a long time in the UK and it gives a startling insight into the background of false flag terrorist attacks, see:
I’ve written several times now about the Scottish independence movement. In a few months’ time the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum on whether or not they should stay in the United Kingdom, see: My chief concern if the Yes vote wins is that on leaving the UK Scotland would be immediately gobbled up by the European Union, something which being in the UK has so far protected it from. The independence movement in Venice seems to be much shrewder in that regard. They want out of Italy, but also understand that it’s no good jumping out of the frying pan unless you can also get away from the fire. I very much endorse that, and if only the Scots were aware of the danger too I would support their bid for independence. However this does not mean that Venetian independence would lead to a definitive backlash against the New World Order. The Venetians have come a long way on the path to conspiratorial awareness, but still they have further to go. There’s still a lot of conflict within Venice about what kind of political model they will follow. Some want complete autonomy, other want to join with other regions in northern Italy and form a new federation. The north of Italy is much richer and more developed than the south, and it has a higher standard of living. The people there often feel resentful that they are subsidizing the south. The Mafia are also much more powerful in the south, especially on the island of Sicily. The north has also been the area with the most Third World immigration, and that has been a major political football. I’ve warned before many times about how there’s a controlled response to immigration being engineered in the UK, see: No doubt they will try to do the same in Italy. The authorities will have a problem-reaction-solution, divide-and-rule field day in the Venetian independence campaign unless the people get wise to it. What goes for Venice goes for everywhere else. The New World Order doesn’t just simply fight their enemy, they try their hardest to become it. Then they can turn their enemy into an ally. It’s happened again and again throughout all history and it’s time to put a stop to it.