Sunday 30 November 2014

Another Mysterious Explosion

On Saturday morning, the day before the time of writing and less than five days after the mysterious explosion in Manchester, see:, another very similar event has happened. This took place at around 3 AM at the Catterick Garrison, a huge military complex near Richmond, North Yorkshire. The police were alerted when members of the public called to say they’d heard a large explosion coming from the direction of the base. The emergency services and army guard posts were put on full alert; the A1 main road, which runs beside the base, was closed. As with the event in Manchester, the emergency services could find no evidence of any explosion when a blast able to make that much noise should have an instantly manifest cause. The search of the area revealed a cache of old discarded detonators in the Marne Barracks area of the compound; but the authorities were keen to stress that this was not the cause of the strange noise that had alarmed the public. The road remained closed and the area sealed off until the evening, causing a lot of disruption to travel, including fans attending major football matches. The main concerns had been related to terrorism, but this was ruled out very quickly, see: The similarity to the Manchester incident, its proximity in time and the lack of a perceived cause, leads me to think the two explosions might be connected. As I say in the background article, there could me many actual causes that the government might want to keep quiet, a UFO crash, an embarrassing accident, something related to fracking. There have been a lot of sinkholes in the region lately and many people have been wondering why when fracking companies have begun taking over large areas at the same time, see: Or perhaps the incident is genuinely inexplicable to all. In the Manchester report I talk about what I once read in Nexus magazine concerning mysterious explosive noises breaking out and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. The Nexus article was penned by a German researcher called Olaf Thomas Raabe; he posits that the high energy collisions of particles in the LHC cause time-delayed and spatially-shifted explosions with a yield of about a megaton, that’s larger than most nuclear bombs. These blasts would appear out of nowhere and have no obvious physical cause but could be traced directly to the LHC operations by calculating where and when they break out. I’m also concerned that the government is engaged is a psychological warfare test on the general public. Maybe they want to know how we react to loud bangs when we first hear them, in case they’re preparing for something to happen very soon, something else explosive and something that is very real indeed, see:

Friday 28 November 2014

Something’s Brewing…

All the time I hear predictions of some new move by the masters of this world, often portents of a disaster of various kinds. Most of these do not come true, yet so many are made that when a major incident does take place then somebody is bound to have predicted it by chance alone. For this reason I avoid making such prophesies myself, or repeat those made by others, unless I think there’s good reason to. There was a time when I did; back in the summer of 2012 during the run-up to the London Olympics; I wasn’t the only one, and indeed they were nicknamed the “Apocalympics” by the conspiratorial community. I was shamelessly relieved when the Games of the XXX Olympiad passed without a hitch, see: and: Mixed with my relief was ambivalent sense of frustration; a part of me wanted them to play their last card and engage us in the final battle, yet they held off. And of course I felt guilty for that feeling. However for the first time since those days I sense we’re entering another similar period. We’re building up to an event, probably some kind of false flag attack. It might be something simple and “low-budget” like another street murder with the modus operandi of the Lee Rigby killing, see: Then again it could be something on the scale of 9/11 or even bigger. I’m pretty certain the usual suspect will again be presented again as the indisputable culprit- international Islamic terror. The reason I predict this is because there has been a lot of talk about terrorism in the news lately. First of all, the news for the week just gone has been full of stories about the terror threat, see: and: and: The emphasis has been much focused on increasing human and electronic intelligence, not least more monitoring and control of the internet and using the public to report on friends, family members and acquaintances whom they suspect of being involved in secret terrorist plots. We have just had two brothers from London arrested for terrorism offences, see: David Cameron is feigning embarrassment over the runaway immigration the UK is suffering, see: Also we’ve had the Lee Rigby case back in the news again, see:; in this instance a lack of social media surveillance has been blamed for facilitating the supposed murder in Woolwich… I can definitely feel it in the air, they’re planning something.

The fear of attack by radical Muslims is inextricably linked to the issue of immigration. The United Kingdom, along with most other western nations, is undergoing a level of immigration unseen at any time in our history. This has caused worry that the huge number of newcomers from all over the world will displace the native cultures of those nations. I share that worry, but I’m convinced that this is part of the plan and I go into details here: It’s vital that native westerners don’t take the bait that’s currently being dangled. Most of the immigrants themselves are just ordinary people who are only doing exactly what we would do in their shoes; we must not get angry with them personally. The true solution to the immigration problem can only involve exposure of the New World Order and the introduction of economics, technology and social systems that improve the quality of life all over the world. Until then the prospect of the “new Iron Curtain” will be enormously tempting. Any false flag attack blamed on Muslims in the upcoming weeks and months will be a prime opportunity for the elite to accelerate their agenda. In the USA, President Barack Obama is going through a similar experience to Cameron, is that a coincidence? He has infuriated many people by offering a partial amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. What’s more he did it via executive order and not by passing an act of Congress, which is seen as dictatorial and undemocratic, see: On both sides of the Atlantic we are presented with an image of a weak and incompetent government unable to prevent foreign invaders slipping through its borders. As David Icke would say: “Something must be done! This can't go on! What are they going to do about it!?” What they are going to do about it is throw up their hands in mock indignation and moan: “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing for it except the new Iron Curtain.” and much of the public will sadly support that. However, I’ve been wondering if something more complicated is going on. At the moment Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group and organizer of last year’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, is in Washington DC taking part in the Congressional Hearing Initiative, a follow up move to the Citizen Hearing, see here for my recent HPANWO Radio interview with Steve: At one point in the interview Steve said something that made my skin crawl; he wants to get the CHI done and dusted as soon as possible in case “something happens” to ruin the process, like a major terrorist incident… After the show I made a HPANWO TV video about my feelings over what we talked about in the programme. I recalled the Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club, in the same place as the Citizen Hearing twelve years later, in May 2001, see: Of course we all know what happened four months afterwards. Some people have speculated that this was the motive for 9/11; possibly. Either way the fact that 9/11 happened did throw a spanner in Dr Steven Greer’s works big time. If the power-that-should-not-be are so desperate to stop UFO truth from coming out that they would stage the biggest terrorist incident in history, then they might decide to pull off the same trick again. In which case, as I say in my film, the solution is the same as it was for the Olympic; we need to talk about it as much as possible, to the point that the perpetrators will not dare carry out their plan because too many people will be expecting it, see:

Thursday 27 November 2014

Mysterious Explosion in Manchester

On the evening of Monday the 24th of November 2014, just two days before the time of writing, the city of Manchester, England was rocked by the noise of a huge explosion. There was a storm of social media reports and the emergency services were put on alert, yet no cause could be found for the noise. This is highly strange because the sound could be heard for miles around, all over Greater Manchester and beyond. It appears to have been loudest over the Salford area, immediately to the west of the city of Manchester, but somebody I know who lives seven miles away has contacted me to tell me she and her husband both heard it. Any event capable of generating a noise that loud should be immediately apparent. The local media is investigating. There’s no evidence except a column of smoke near the epicentre; it’s an industrial estate at Hessel Street in Salford. The fire brigade have attended the scene and say there’s no sign of any adverse occurrence. However is this true? I’ve put out an appeal for anybody in the local area to take a trip to the location and see if there is any furtive activity going on there, like police roadblocks or military vehicles etc. Readers of the Manchester Evening News have speculated that a meteorite, a UFO or even a homemade bomb was the cause; one commenter said: "UFOs. The same bangs were heard across Arizona a few years ago, believed to be spacecraft crashing. If it was our own Roswell, expect top secrecy. Thus no reports of anything.", see: I’m glad people are thinking along those lines. If a UFO has come down in that area then prompt and thorough research is essential; the operation in the area by the security services must be monitored and exposed. I’m reminded of the Berwyn Mountains incident of January 1974; that began with a loud bang too. Other possible causes could be an aircraft crash, an industrial accident, a crashed satellite, the list goes on. However the real answer could lie with what the authorities and media are not telling us, rather than what we can imagine. If it was an aircraft or an accident then why not just let the public know? What reason could they have for keeping it under wraps? If it was a meteorite then why did nobody see it? The recent impact at Chelyabinsk in Russia lit up the sky for miles around. Or if this is the “Manchester Roswell”, then we must not lose the opportunity to obtain the evidence; this is why we need local people to head there and check it out. Enigmatic explosions are not uncommon; in fact they have been reported in Cornwall, Arizona and China. We’ve also recently experienced an opposite incident in Russia in which the sky was lit up by light, but with no sound, see: There was an article in Nexus a few years ago that claimed there was a connection between these events and the Large Hardon Collider, that the particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland was creating fluctuations in spacetime that caused these blasts in other places at other points in time. Who knows? All the more reason to find out as much as possible, so if any HPANWO-reader is close enough to the incident to get there could they take a trip to Hessel Street, Salford, Greater Manchester and let me know the score. Thank you.

Tuesday 25 November 2014

TTIP Gunpowder Plot

I'm not normally a fan of George Monbiot, in fact I've given him a lot of stick over the years, for example see: However I am forced to respect him for the latest entry of his column in The Guardian. He has alerted his readers to the danger of the TTIP- the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Interestingly it confirms a prediction I made a few months ago when I wrote about the TTP- Trans-Pacific Partnership. I said that before long there would be equivalent policies implemented in other areas of the world and I was right, see: This is not because I'm clairvoyant; it's because I have a basic understanding of conspiratorial geopolitics. Both the TTIP and the TPP are essentially the same thing; they're treaties intended to allow international corporations the power to do whatever they like, wherever they like, whenever they like, and disregard completely national laws and sovereignty. If at any time a legislature in any country decides to obstruct the will of a global corporation then that government could be sued, not through the existing international judiciary, but via a tribunal of commercial lawyers. These "investor-state dispute settlements" would be a secret court without any public access or accountability. Monbiot provides previous examples of this kind of infamy; a tobacco company winning compensation off Uruguay and Australia because of their public health campaigns encouraging people to give up smoking. A lot of these cases involve threats to environmental protection, which is Monbiot's specialist concern; and oil companies and goldmines have taken legal action against several Central American states because their governments have halted their operations for breaching the national laws in the area which stop the destruction of the rainforests and the poisoning of water supplies. So far over two and a half billion dollars has been won by mega-rich corporations from some of the poorest sovereign states in the world because of these secret commercial courts, no doubt reducing the living standards of millions of people who are already living in abject poverty. If the TTIP is introduced, incidents like these will become far more commonplace, see: Monbiot speculates that the privatization of the NHS could be among the first targets; I'm not normally a pessimist, but I have to admit that's a fait accompli, see: However when it comes to other public utilities, like the railways and Royal Mail, we still have a chance to save them from being completely ruined. As Monbiot says, there has been a backlash against the TTIP, not a victory yet, but people are aware and taking action. That's the biggest hurdle to overcome; once people are simply awakened from apathy then the job is more than half done. He uses the term "gunpowder plot"; those are words with very progressive connotations nowadays because of V for Vendetta, Anonymous and the Occupy movements. However the metaphor of somebody planting a bomb in a national legislature and blowing it sky high is rather ambiguous when it comes to the contemporary world stage. In some cases patriotic indignation can be a very positive and creative force. Monbiot regards the behaviour of the countries who have signed up to the TTIP as contradictory because they're essentially voting for their own emasculation. However he needs to look beneath the surface and understand that national leaders don't always represent the interests they claim to, not just in terms of a nation's people, but even the nation itself. This would hardly be the first time a British government has committed treason. There is no paradox in David Cameron wanting the opponent of the TTIP, Jean-Claude Juncker, off the European Commission and at the same time is publicly preaching that he's considering the UK's exit from the European Union. Cameron knows very well that there is an undercurrent at work here and his duties are connected to that. But it's generally a good article by Monbiot, far better than his usual Carbonistic, Club of Rome, Agenda 21 sludge. Its primary theme is that an informed, politically-aware and rebellious public is a superpower that will never have a rival.

Monday 24 November 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 15

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Tommy Woodgate, see:

I appear through the whole the programme, which is shorter than usual. Subjects discussed include: the arrest and imprisonment of anti-NWO activist Carla Buckle, see here for more details: We also talked about zombies, Ebola, biological warfare and much much more. There were a few technical problems, but most of the podcast is intact.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Sunday 23 November 2014

Randi in Crisis

Looks like there's more trouble at the mill for James Randi. On the first of September he suddenly announced that the Los Angeles office of his organization was closing down; all operations have been shifted to its national headquarters at Falls Church, Virginia. This change was effective immediately. The James Randi Educational Foundation was established in 1996 to administer the works of James Randi, one of the world's oldest and most prominent Skeptics. It manages applications for the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge and holds an annual conference in the USA, as well as abroad sometimes as well, called The Amazing Meeting!. I've been to the 2010 TAM London myself, see: Then the announcement was made very unceremoniously that the JREF was radically downsizing; its LA office was axed and all the staff there were being laid off. The notice also mentioned in an equally casual tone that its president DJ Grothe was no longer associated with the Foundation and that James Randi was coming out of retirement to be temporary acting president, just like that. It didn't say whether Grothe was being sacked or resigned of his own accord, although he was always a controversial character on the Skeptic circuit and few will mourn his dismissal, if that's what it was, see: Soon afterwards, the JREF Forum was disaffiliated and it continues today under the name of the International Skeptics Forum, see: The reaction on the Skeptic scene has been shock and confusion. Nothing in any previous pronouncements by the JREF had suggested anything like that was about to take place; in fact just two months before in July over a thousand people from all over the world had enjoyed the highly successful TAM 2014 at the Southpoint Casino in Las Vegas; such Skeptic luminaries as Daniel Dennett, Eugenie Scott, Bill Nye and Banachek had taken to the stage. (None of the videos are available yet on the JREF's YouTube channel; maybe they never will be now. Will there ever be a TAM 2015?) What's more An Honest Liar, a feature-length biographical documentary about James Randi by Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein had just been released; it was shown last week on the BBC as part of the Storyville series under the title Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds, see: The feelings of the Skeptic masses are illustrated well in this video by the Skeptic film-maker John Rael:, and this blogpost by the Skeptic journalist Shane Brady: As you can see in Rael's vid, the old JREF offices in Los Angeles are already being converted into a hair salon.

Why has this happened? Nobody knows. A lot must have been going on behind the scenes privately which then came to a public showdown very abruptly after being well concealed. As I say in the links below, Skeptics maintain their confident and polished public persona with the determination of politicians. There has been no talk of this matter outside the "independent" Skeptic media; SGU has not referred to it once, see: The brief post on the JREF website mentions "cost savings and greater efficiency"; these are sinister words that my hospital used to use, and I know very well that they're a euphemism that translates into regular speech as: "oh shit, we're broke!". If the reason for the partial collapse of the JREF is financial then what could have caused it? TAM 2014 tickets were snapped up, there are new books coming out all the time that must generate some revenue. Perhaps it is the recent legal actions by at least one person over the Million Dollar Challenge, see:, but there's no way of knowing because, again, everybody's lips are sealed. Another possibility could be that the covert intelligence community and military industrial complex which are surreptitiously connected to the JREF are behind whatever changes are going on with it, see: The Skeptic movement has expanded rapidly since its emergence over forty years ago, but it is primarily in the last decade that it has truly become a global phenomenon involving millions of people in every country on Earth. Yet in the very moment of its self-styled triumph the Skeptisphere has entered a terrible crisis that manifests in many ways. It's always been well known that Skeptics can be extremely cruel to their enemies, but in recent years astonishingly bitter and venomous internal conflicts have broken out as well, causing them to split into sparring factions over issues such as how closely the Skeptic and atheist world should be. Also the role of women in the Skeptic community, their rights and obligations. These battles have at times become criminally violent in their intensity, see: What's more, Skeptics have totally abandoned all of the rationality that they claim to be the ultimate arbiters of and hysterically blurted out accusations against Sally Morgan, without any evidence against her, resulting in a successful lawsuit and a number of red faces and empty wallets, see: They have committed outrageous and disgraceful acts of censorship against Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake, see: And to crown it all, one of their shock troops, Brian Dunning, has been jailed for fraud. Some commentators have concluded that the entire Skeptic movement is in terminal decline; it is certainly in a huge upheaval, transforming beyond all recognition. At the end of his video linked above, John Rael speculates on the future of chez Skeptic without the JREF; his optimistic vision is that other groups will rise to fill the hole left by the JREF and will hopefully learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. On the ISF, formerly the JREF Forum, one of the members proposes: "the JREF will make a deal with Michael Shermer. Shermer will organize TAM next year 'for' the JREF and take half of any money raised for the Skeptics Society. Eventually it will be a joint event and when the inevitable happens with The Amazing One (Randi dying) TAM will become a 100% Skeptics Society event." One slight problem... Michael Shermer himself.
Michael Shermer became interested in the paranormal when he had a mystical experience while taking part in a bicycle race. This led him into the study of anomalous psychology, and in 1992 he founded the Skeptics Society, an international organization which today has over 55,000 members across the world. It publishes the quarterly journal Skeptic which Shermer edits and it has featured columns by Richard Dawkins, James Randi and many other heroes of Skepticism. Shermer has organized conferences, outings and activism. He has written seventeen books, including Why People Believe Weird Things, The Skeptic Encyclopaedia of Pseudoscience and The Believing Brain. He's one of the most regular lecturers at Skeptic events and is a sought after media pundit on all Skeptic matters. He is among the last people on Earth I thought would ever question the House of Skeptic. However, it appears he has. There are a minority of people who get involved with the Skeptic movement for a short time who will eventually drop out of it for various reasons; often because they decide that the Skeptic paradigm doesn't really reflect the real world we live in and the real people that we are. But what happens when the convert was not just any old Skeptic, but is instead one of the world's principle Skeptic spokesmen? A few weeks ago Michael Shermer posted an article on his website subtitled: I just witnessed an event so mysterious that it shook my Skepticism. In the article he explains how on June the 25th when he got married something out-of-this-world happened. Shermer says that if he'd heard it from somebody else he'd never have believed it, and he has heard it from other people and hasn't believed it, many many times. More than anybody else, he knows the implications of questioning a "rational explanation" for an anomalous event. His wife is as much a Skeptic as he is (how could she put up with him otherwise?), but she feels the same way he does about what happened. Shermer goes on to say: "I have to admit, it rocked me back on my heels and shook my Skepticism to its core... The emotional interpretations of such anomalous events grant them significance regardless of their causal account. And if we are to take seriously the scientific credo to keep an open mind and remain agnostic when the evidence is indecisive or the riddle unsolved, we should not shut the doors of perception when they may be opened to us to marvel in the mysterious". This is an extraordinary statement for a Skeptic to make. What if Shermer actually ceases to be a Skeptic? How will his peers react to the defection of such an admired and high-profile member of their community? Could he become the Skeptic Charlie Veitch? It must be said that Shermer had previous cause for complaint. He had been accused of rape by two JREF staff members and TAM conference organizers, Alison Smith and Jeff Wagg. I say "accused", but they did not call the police, they just posted their indictment on the JREF Forum and Twitter, see: In the event of a Shermer betrayal it's possible the Skeptic loyalists will opt for many different kinds of damage control methods. Maybe they'll just ignore him. They could just stop talking about him and let him slip out of people's thoughts; throw him down the memory hole. Or will their thug element burst out to brutalize him like they did Rebecca Watson and Sally Morgan? Has Shermer got the courage to go there, if he really is having second thoughts? It's too soon to tell. Very rarely do people change their minds overnight about something very fundamental to their worldview. Shermer is probably not going to have a road to Damascus conversion; he has had an amazing experience at his wedding that might begin a process in his mind. If so then the process could be a long one, with fits and starts, doubts and wrong turns. It may be several years before he comes out of the closet as a "buh-leeva", but if he does it might inspire other Skeptics to express any doubts they have hitherto kept private, see here for more details: Nevertheless the defection of one of their top superstars will be a massive blow to the already punch-drunk Skeptic establishment. Will it pick itself up from that one? At the end of the day, all the problems the Skeptisphere is suffering are secondary products of what I consider to be the same underlying cause. It's a crisis of confidence because the Skeptic movement has got it wrong, about everything. It's that simple. It's also not wrong by accident, it is a social phenomenon partly created by psychological warfare experts to counter public interest in the growing paranormal presence in our universe. It will not succeed.

Saturday 22 November 2014

The TV Licence is Dead

... and may it burn in Hell. This uniquely British form of stupidity is happily on its last legs. A few months ago I reported that the government had been forced to decriminalize TV licence evasion because the courts simply didn't have the capacity to deal with the massive level of disobedience, see: As I explain in the link, the Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris scandals were the last nail in the coffin, but questions over the TV licence go back right to its introduction in 1946. As I said, as far as I know, this system is unique to the United Kingdom and its territories; the state demanding that people pay for a licence simply in order to own a television set; this is despite the increasing level of commercialization in TV services. Until 2014 TV licence refusal or evasion was a criminal offence; the government agencies responsible produced frightening adverts to scare people into compliance, like this one: The revenue from the TV licence is almost four billion pounds a year and it is used to fund the BBC covering most of its budget. I suppose there might possibly be a vaguely justifiable case for it if the BBC produced any half-decent material. A lot of people, especially older ones, say all the time that the quality of television programmes has plummeted in recent years and I totally agree. The sad irony is that during that same time period the advancement in communications and entertainment technology has been inversely proportional. Today TV sets can have flat screens and be big enough to cover an entire wall; or they can be miniaturized to fit into your mobile phone. They can bring you thousands of TV channels in HD picture quality, interactive services and even 3D. Far more resources than ever before are spent on TV productions, yet nearly all of it is boring, puerile bullcrap... and that's being polite. I hope I don't sound old myself, but when I was a child our family TV set was a big black box with a fifteen inch glass screen; it had an aerial on top of it that we had to move at odd intervals to improve the signal. There were only a handful of channels with no cable or local services at all. Yet there were some programmes back then that lick today's drivel hollow. Dramas like Jewel in the Crown and Blakes 7. Comedies like Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers. Nothing even approaching that quality has come out for many years. Another big difference between modern TV and that of yesteryear is that today there is far more propaganda involved. This can sometimes be very subtle and take the form of cultural Marxist themes in fiction and an adherence to political correctness. At other times it can be as blatant as a news story of one hundred percent concocted lies. The idea that we should pay for our own brainwashing is ridiculous and obscene; I wish I could refuse to buy the TV licence a hundred times over! Fortunately the system is completely imploding and it's only a matter of time before it will be officially axed. There is an unbeatable level of mass disobedience and any claims to the contrary from the authorities are nothing but empty bravado, and they know it, see:

Friday 21 November 2014

"Sexist" Comet Shirt

The recent TV coverage of the Philae probe's historical landing on Comet 67P Churyumov–Gerasimenko has been marred by controversy. This has led to yet another tedious hashtag war. One of the mission leaders is Dr Matt Taylor and during the live TV coverage of the lander's final descent onto the comet's surface he wore a loudly colourful bowling shirt which featured a collage of mildly erotic images of young women. This very soon led to the trending of #shirtgate and #shirtstorm on Twitter. The claim was that his shirt was "sexist" and inappropriate for such a serious occasion. There were worries that it was offensive to women and might put women off from careers in "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) a field which is supposedly "dominated by men!" Regular HPANWO-readers will know my views on feminism and there are some background links at the foot of the article. The common solutions proposed to social injustice against women, whether real or imaginary, is usually injustice against men. This is a major concern of mine. You can't fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another injustice; all you get is a double-dose of injustice. However that is what is always tabled in these circumstances, in one form or another, which I think is deliberate psychological warfare. Dr Taylor has apologized for the "offence" he caused; he has done so very humbly and sincerely. As you can see, he even bursts into tears, see: His manifest upset has given some of his would-be antagonists a moment of pause. Even the feminist community has become split over this issue and Gia Milinovich (wife of Prof. Brian Cox) Tweeted: "I wish just half the people angry about "that shirt" actually did some practical work supporting women in science..." I watched the live stream of the Philae mission as it happened, and I knew there would be trouble as soon as I saw Dr Taylor's shirt. But I warmed to him very much. He seems a down-to-Earth chap; and he's had a tattoo made on his leg showing a picture of the Rosetta and Philae spacecraft he's so carefully helped to design and build; the tattoo was done by the husband of the woman who designed the shirt. I like the fact that he seems oblivious to the Orwellian shackles that too many other people live their lives under, and those petty, juvenile little tyrants who gave him such a hard time are the unpaid politically correct, Fabian Society, Common Purpose Thought Police of the real Big Brother. However there's a very big silver lining to this cloud. Dr Taylor's infamous shirt was made for him by an artist friend called Elly Prizeman, yes a female designer; and she is about to become very rich indeed because her small graphics company has been inundated with orders, see: I want my own "sexist" comet shirt! I've made enquiries at her studio, see:

Thursday 20 November 2014

2015- Year of Disclosure?

Yes I know, you've heard this all before... but bear with me. If willing governmental Disclosure- with a capital D, is feasible, which I'm personally in two minds over, then could it happen next year, perhaps even soon after the new year? It's been an exciting decade in the world of exopolitics. There have been a myriad of conferences popping up all over the place including the Leeds Expoes which I'm involved with, see: There's also organizations being formed like the Disclosure Project and the Paradigm Research Group. Last year we had the PRG's Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, see: And now of course the follow-up Congressional Hearing Initiative is in progress, see: What effect is all this pressure having on the power structures keeping the truth about UFO's under wraps? What processes are going on under the surface? Will they eventually lead to them going public? At the time of writing tomorrow is Friday, the day of the week it's supposed to happen, early evening US Eastern Standard Time, close to midnight UK time. Could this be the day? If so then this article will be of enormous historical significance. If it doesn't happen tomorrow though does this mean that it can never happen? Maybe not; hopefully not. There are recent signs that could be interpreted as some kind of feedback from the realms of the truth embargo. Last August an article appeared in Veterans Today by Preston James which discusses alleged treaties between extraterrestrial civilizations and various human governments. Nazi Germany signed a deal with the "Nordic" aliens, China and the "Reptoids" came to an agreement, the Tall Greys and the US military also did; there are many more. What's interesting is that the island nation of Grenada comes up. In 1978 the prime minister of Grenada Sir Eric Gairy became the first and only, so far, national leader to initiate official political action on UFO's. In July 1978 he organized the United Nations Hearing on UFO Matters, an achievement Steve Bassett is currently trying to repeat, see link above. Along with himself the UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim attended, along with the astronaut Gordon Cooper and the official US govt UFOlogist J Allen Hynek. Interestingly Gairy was deposed from office in a coup d'etat a few months later; is there a connection? According to the article one of the treaties with the aliens has a sunset clause. The "secret shadow government" signed a deal with the Tall Greys that states the human party must bring in full Disclosure by the year 2015 or the TG's will disclose themselves with dazzling sky displays, which I assume means flying saucers hovering over every city etc, see: Of course the question is, can this information be verified? This is not the first time VT has written in an almost carefree manner and with enormous confidence about an extraordinary subject, see: They are not alone; on the 24th of June this year the Chinese language newspaper Epoch Times claimed that UFO's came up a few times in Wikileaks, see: It's hard to know if these stories are true or lies. If they're lies, why are they being told in such a blatant and elaborate manner?

The same could be said for another piece of information that I must thank my friend and fellow researcher Colin Woolford for finding. The UFOlogist and Roswell researcher Thomas Carey made an earth-shattering announcement during a live lecture on the 13th of November. He said that he had come into possession of a series of photographic slides which depict the dead body of an extraterrestrial being. He describes it as being smaller than an average human with a partly insect-like head. This matches the descriptions given by the mortician Glenn Dennis and other witnesses of the creatures inside the spacecraft which crashed at Roswell, New Mexico USA in 1947. Now, we hear a lot about alien autopsy pictures these days thanks to the success of the Santilli hoax, see: However, unlike Santilli, Carey says he has the original photographs, not just modern copies. He has taken these to the Kodak laboratory and they've been certified as coming from genuine 1947 film stock. Carey obtained the photographs from a woman who lives in Midland, Texas; she's a lawyer, a private pilot and wife of an oil company geologist. He doesn't name his source, but the amount of information he gave about her would hardly protect her anonymity. How many flying female lawyers in Midland, Texas have husbands who work for oil companies? Yes, we have on the line Domingo in Little Oakley! Carey says his informant was an intelligence agent in World War II; in that case she must be pretty old. Carey calls this "the smoking gun" of the Roswell Incident and says he plans to publish his findings in full early next year, see: Why doesn't he just publish them now? If they're that important as evidence why make the world wait? Also they need to be released for reasons of security. What if they get stolen by whoever wants to keep the truth about Roswell from getting out? They could stage a "burglary" at his home and take the only copies of the photographs known to be in existence. However if Carey released them this afternoon they'd be on Google Images by tea time and therefore indestructible. One distinct possibility is that any evidence that Carey is being given could be the planting of falsehoods. I hope not; the experience of former UFO researchers, like William L Moore, who made that Faustian bargain with US Government plc leads me to expect Carey to regret it bitterly, see: Will Thomas Carey's bombshell ever happen? If it happens will it be legitimate? Time will tell. I must say I'm confused and dubious about these latest news stories; I think it's too soon to dismiss them completely as hoaxes and/or disinformation, but we should be on our guard against that eventuality. What makes them interesting is the recurring timing they indicate: early 2015. Why are different reports of different subjects pointing to that time period? This is also just after the aforementioned Congressional Hearing Initiative; could it be possible that Steve Bassett is about to make a breakthrough? HPANWO-readers can decide for themselves by listening to him; he will be my guest on the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio next Tuesday, at the time of writing, the 25th. In fact by the time you read this article the show might have already hit the air and the podcast will be available.
See here for my interview with Stephen Bassett on HPANWO Radio:

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Carla Buckle Jailed

I'm sorry to report that my good friend and anti-NWO comrade Carla Buckle has been arrested and jailed. She was dragged out of her flat at 6 AM this morning without being allowed to dress properly. She was taken straight to Reading magistrate's court and sentenced to eight weeks in prison. She is being held at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey. This is a women's prison for adults and young offenders under "Category A"; this is defined as: Those whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security. Offences may include: Attempted murder, Manslaughter, Wounding with intent, Rape, Indecent assault, Robbery or conspiracy to rob (with firearms), Firearms offences, Importing or supplying Class A controlled drugs, Possessing or supplying explosives, Offences connected with terrorism and Offences under the Official Secrets Act. Is Carla guilty of any of those crimes? Er... no. Her alleged crime is actually refusal to pay an unlawful tax, the Council Tax, and a fine, a speeding ticket, neither of which she is contracted to under common law. The prison is run by a private contractor, Sodexo Justice Services (yuck!). HPANWO-readers can help by calling the prison and asking after Carla's wellbeing. Be polite but firm. The number is: 01784 425 690 ext 3579 and Carla's inmate number is: AO743DJ. You can also write to her at the jail: HMP YOI Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Surrey. TW15 3JZ. I have known Carla for a year or two and we're both founder members of Berkshire & Oxfordshire Seeking Peaceful Solutions against Injustices (formerly Berkshire & Oxfordshire Seeking Solutions to the New World Order). She's a brave and dedicated woman who deserves better than what's happened to her. Another member of our group tried to act as a McKenzie friend for her in court, but the judge didn't allow it. She also assisted me on my investigation of Greenham Common, a former American military airbase which is alleged to house one of the entrances to the deep underground military base (DUMB) that supposedly lies somwhere beneath the village of Peasemore, known as AL/499, see: The latest news I've heard is that Carla feels cold in the jail and her bedclothes are dirty. I'll keep you posted with any further updates as they happen.

Monday 17 November 2014

Hitler escaped to Brazil

A new report has emerged from a Brazilian author and researcher claiming that Adolf Hitler used to live in Brazil for many years after he is supposed to have been killed at the end of World War II. I've written before about my doubts that the Nazi leader, der Fuhrer, really did shoot himself in his command bunker just before Berlin fell to the Red Army at the end of World War II. What's more, about a year ago a man called Rochus Misch, the last witness to Hitler's alleged suicide, died, see: I've also studied the work of Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan also claiming that Hitler travelled to South America after the war and lived there until his death the early 1960's, see: This new book, Hitler in Brazil - His Life and His Death by Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, pinpoints the Nazi leader very precisely to a small town near the city of Cuiaba in the state of Mato Grosso in central Brazil. Here he lived until much later under the pseudonym of Adolf Leipzig; Hitler was a big fan of the classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach who came from the city of Leipzig in Germany, hence this is a clue. He escaped from Berlin in April 1945 and fled to South America where he went off grid, desperate to flee from the forces of law and order. The region is rural and isolated, one of the few places on Earth that the world's most wanted man could hide. He made a home there under his false identity and was nicknamed "the old German" by the local people who had no idea who he really was. He found a lover there called Cutinga. She was a black woman, which might sound strange considering Hitler's political views on racial matters; however I've found that racists tend to be quite confused people in this way. Hitler definitely wouldn't be the first white supremacist whose public pronouncements and private life totally contradict each other. According to Guerreiro Dias' book, Adolf Hitler died in 1984 at the ripe old age of ninety five. Guerreiro Dias is Jewish and must feel very strongly about the way her people suffered and died under the Nazi regime; she has worked for over two years on her research and is currently seeking a court injunction to exhume "Adolf Leipzig"'s body and have it subjected to DNA tests which would prove or disprove her case once and for all. Her lead came from a nun who worked at a hospital in Cuiaba who recognized the old man when he came there for an operation shortly before his death. Guerreiro Dias has evidence in the form of a grainy and badly-lit photo supposedly showing the renegade Fuhrer posing with his girlfriend Cutinga, see:

There are several very plausible factors that support this theory. The municipality where the suspect lived is called Nossa Senhora do Livramento; Nossa Senhora is Portuguese for "Our Lady", a common title for any place or institution connected to the Vatican, and indeed the central town is seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Livramento de Nossa Senhora. The nun who alerted Guerreiro Dias became suspicious when she voiced her misgivings to the hospital manager. She was reprimanded and told that the enigmatic old man was there on "Vatican orders". There is talk of a hoard of treasure in the area belonging to the Jesuits, which is now Guerreiro Dias got involved in the mystery. Did the Catholic Church have something to do with Hitler's escape from Germany? Did they provide sanctuary for him in Brazil for all those years? Or is there more to this story? Indeed Guerreiro Dias has failed to convince many people and one mainstream historian called her ideas "two thousand percent rubbish". Despite my own belief that Hitler did escape from Berlin, I'm not convinced that he lived in Brazil; I suspect he went somewhere even more remote and inaccessible. A few years ago I met a man who claimed to be a former soldier who had taken part in a secret war in Antarctica. According to him, Adolf Hitler was living at a Nazi base on the frozen continent until at least 1948, see: Some HPANWO-readers might question why I'm bothering to discuss this case? What's the point if Hitler did succeed in escaping and did manage to hide from justice for the rest of his life? Why reopen old wounds? I think it does matter very much, and it's highly relevant for the future and for all people if the Catholics really did collude with leading Hitler to safety, faking evidence of his death and hiding him till the end of his days, which were disturbingly recent. If they're capable of doing such a thing then they need to be exposed. What's to stop them doing the same with some other undesirables? Seriously, are we sure they're not currently secreting Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden in some luxury retreat on Tahiti or somewhere?

Sunday 16 November 2014

Cosmic Trigger Play

Without a doubt the best novel I've ever read is The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. I won't say too much about it in this article because I've written a full-length review of the book here: (coming soon). After I'd finished reading it I was surprised to find that is had been adapted into a stage play. This I found incredible because the surreal settings and grotesque structure of the story must be very difficult to adapt. Nevertheless it was done and it was very successful. It starred some actors who are now household names like Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy. It premiered on the 23rd of November 1976... it had to be the 23rd didn't it!... at the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream & Pun. The production was nine hours long and divided into five separate plays; from the Law of Fives in the Principia Discordia, each with, or course, twenty-three acts timed at twenty-three minutes long. The play then moved to the National Theatre, London and the cast was joined by Shea and Wilson themselves, the Trilogy's authors, as extras. The set design was done by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty was one of the play's biggest fans. It doesn't surprise me to learn that because both men went on to form The KLF, a band manifestly inspired by Illuminatus!. The director of the play was a most remarkable man, Ken Campbell; he is so interesting that he's even been the subject of discussion at the Probe conferences, see: I can understand Campbell's passion for the Trilogy completely and it doesn't surprise me to find out that he was connected to the alternative community at Damanhur. Campbell died in 2008 but in 2014 his daughter Daisy Eris Campbell will be presenting a brand new stage production of The Cosmic Trigger, based on Wilson's biographical trilogy. It premiers on the 23rd of November, exactly thirty-eight years after Illuminatus! hit the stage. The Cosmic Trigger play covers the Illuminatus! play production history too; Ms Campbell jr has not only written and directed the play, but she stars in it as her own mother. There is a personal link in her life to the show that goes beyond the mere professional. Her parents revealed to her that she was conceived in the dressing rooms backstage at the Illuminatus! premier. Her mother is the actress Prunella Gee who is best known today for playing Doreen Heavey in Coronation Street. In 1976 she joined the cast of The Illuminatus! Trilogy and fell in love with Ken Campbell. They gave their daughter the middle name Eris after the Discordian goddess from the Trilogy. My regret is that I will not be able to see the play myself because it's only showing on three nights in Liverpool and five nights in London when I'll be unavailable. If any HPANWO-readers go, please tell me what it's like. With any luck it will tour again in the near future. Tickets can be bought here:

Saturday 15 November 2014

Michael Buerk on I'm a Celeb

I don't have to remind regular HPANWO-readers of my low opinions of popular entertainment television, especially Reality TV, therefore it shames me to say that I am going to be following this year's I'm a Celebrity- Get Me out of Here!... bear with me... The reason is that Michael Buerk is one of the contestants. Obviously I think he's making a huge mistake taking part in this voyeuristic corporate humiliation-fest, but now that he has made that gross error I can only wish him luck because he is somebody I admire greatly. He is a veteran journalist whose coverage of the Ethiopian famine of the early 1980's inspired Live Aid; he also covered the release of Nelson Mandela from jail in South Africa. However the main reason I respect him is his brave, and virtually single-handed, stance against feminism in the media. For this he was very much maligned and unfairly branded an "old-fashioned male chauvinist" by his colleague Anna Ford for daring to complain about how male members of staff were being turned down for jobs and promotion based on their gender; if it had been the other way round and women were being treated that way there would have been uproar. He quite rightly raised concerns about how men are being mistreated in society in general and how men now face a serious attack on our civil rights, something that feminists deny exists; either that or they accept it exists and celebrate it. Most people consider it a non-issue or even justified. Michael Buerk wrote an essay called What are Men For? The answer to this rhetorical question is of course: nothing, except, as he says himself: "sperm donors". I have covered this subject extensively in the background links below. Buerk is also a very cultured man who dislikes the popular trash we see these days on TV... so why he is going on I'm a Celebrity...? Beats me! He also believes in quality news broadcasting and since he retired from the BBC, he has started disparaging contemporary newsreaders for being "overpaid autocue-reading lame brains!" Well said, Michael! So therefore I'll be supporting Michael Buerk wholeheartedly during his rumble in the jungle when it begins tomorrow, see here for details: Naturally, my advice to him is to quit before he gets there, but short of that I hope he copes alright with the bush-tucker challenge and doesn't end up in an arranged marriage with a glamour model.

Friday 14 November 2014

ET Disclosure- Make it Rain!

The Congressional Hearing Initiative has begun. For many years now Stephen Bassett, the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, has been campaigning to persuade the government of the USA to disclose all the information it has about UFO's and aliens, which is an incredible amount. Last year, from April the 29th to May the 3rd at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he hosted the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. This was a private reproduction of a US Congressional hearing with six real former congressmen and over forty witnesses. The subject was UFO's and ET's; see background links below for more details. The event was an unequivocal success and the next step is twofold: petition the United Nations for a world discussion on ET Disclosure and also push for an official US Congressional investigation into UFO's, the first one since 1968. To achieve the latter Steve has sent a DVD copy of the recording of the Citizen Hearing to every single member of the US House of Representatives and the Senate. He has then called for all of us to "make it rain!" This means we should email, fax, Tweet and text all the recipients of that recording to check that they've watched it and to get them to act on it. If you're American you can write to your own congressman and senator; if not then you can still Twitterstorm them. This mass communication must last for at least a month, but the first ten days are the most crucial; from November the 5th to the 15th. Instructions on how to take part in this are here: I'm not American so I can't email anybody in Congress, but I have been sending them Tweets. This takes a long time because there are four hundred and thirty five representatives and a hundred senators. Twitter has a spam filter to prevent you sending too many Tweets at once; but stick with it. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I feel very split over whether Steve's mission is practically feasible. Can the authorities really reveal willingly a secret of such enormous proportions, and even bigger implications? A part of me doubts it, but I find the possibility irresistible. It's definitely worth a try and I support what Steve's doing completely. Keep an eye on the HPANWO Radio blog too because Stephen Bassett will be my guest on the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio on the 25th of November. On the 12th of November, The Week reported on ET Disclosure. It doesn't actually refer to the Congressional Hearing Initiative, but it must have been inspired by it. The tone and content of the article are both extremely unprofessional and obtuse. I'd like to see the look on their face when the CHI works! See:
See here for Stephen Bassett's new interview on HPANWO Radio: (coming soon)

Thursday 13 November 2014

Oxford Anti-Fracking Meeting

Following the demonstration outside the discussion at Oxfordshire County Council last week, see:, a meeting was organized by Oxford Friends of the Earth or "foe" as it is known to its members colloquially. This took place on Wednesday the 12th of November 2014 at the Friends Meeting House on St Giles, one of the world's oldest Quaker centres; I've discussed the Quakers before, see: The event was called Fracking and its Alternatives and the speaker was Brenda Pollack, a slim and softly-spoken young woman who is the southeast regional campaigner for Friends of the Earth, see: About thirty people showed up, which is not bad considering there has been almost no media attention paid to the fracking issue so far and no formal plans to frack in Oxfordshire have been announced. We know that the council discussed it and that the chairman at the meeting told us what he gathered sitting in the public gallery in the council chamber. Luckily most councillors are currently against fracking. The Labour and Liberal Democrat members were strongly opposed to it, as of course were the Green Party, which are highly successful in Oxford. The Conservatives were split; predictably when house-prices were brought to the table, the Tories balked. However this was not a formal debate and there was no vote; it was just a preliminary discussion. Nevertheless it turns out that central government have issued applications for PEDL's (pronounced "pedals")- Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences, to several fracking companies. The bids had to be in by the 28th of October and nothing has been published since. Three quarters of England and ten percent of Wales are currently up for grabs; this includes a vast swathe of northern Oxfordshire between the towns of Kidlington and Bunbury, and part of south Oxfordshire around Abingdon and the Vale of the White Horse. The subject of property rights on the subterranean world came up, and this is a vital point. The split estate laws in Australia have allowed fracking companies to do whatever they want underneath anybody's land so long as they can find a little patch big enough for a nearby drilling rig. In the UK the legal situation is luckily different, see: There's good news here because the people in Balcombe, where the first major fracking protest erupted, are now working with Friends of the Earth to make the town a renewable heartland. People power can beat this, says Brenda and I agree.

The David Cameron Government plc is currently going full speed ahead for shale extraction, seeing it as our future and the answer to all our energy problems. Brenda addressed each of the pro-fracking lobby's arguments one at a time and debunked them. We don't need fracking, it's that simple. Brenda says that renewable energy sources like wind, solar, wave and tidal can produce enough energy for all our needs. My own view is that even those methods are obsolete if the truth ever comes out about Tesla technology and the Hutchison Effect etc, see: What's more fracking will not cut our energy bills. At the moment the government is making a big deal about how Britain is dependent on coal and gas imports from abroad which cost the consumer more, and that domestic fracking will free us all up. Cameron is portraying it as a new North Sea oil boom. This is false. Firstly there's far less shale gas available than the prospectors claim, as Ian R Crane and Richard D Hall have both explained, see here at 3.40: Also Deutschebank has exposed this and explained how there are still massive debts connected to the existing experimental rigs in the UK. Another myth is that fracking will cut Carbon™ emissions because it's more efficient than coal. As you know, I don't go along with the idea of man-made climate change at all; but even if I did, fracking will not reduce those emissions. The government claims it's a "bridging fuel" to cover our needs until the renewable infrastructure is developed, but Brenda thinks this is a lie. Fracking is not intended to replace coal at all. The coal we use will just be exported elsewhere; this is what has happened in the USA. Brenda is also concerned about methane leaking from the fracking wells and she believes methane is also harmful to the climate, and it's even worse than CO2. The concern is that fracking is displacing renewables instead of coal. FOE has allies in government, like John Ashton MP who has fought against fracking in Parliament. Brenda then said something extremely interesting, probably more interesting than she realizes: "UK energy policy is focused on the maximum use of minerals for economic reasons." This, in a nutshell, is why there is a cover-up of Tesla technology and all other kinds of free energy, see link above to my BUFOG lecture. What applies to those technologies applies in a different form on a more conventional level to fracking and the government's opposition to wind and solar power etc. Fracking is not safe; in fact there have been blowouts at fracking plants that have destroyed lorries. How long will it be before somebody dies? Noise from the drilling is very loud at Balcombe and on the Fylde Peninsula. The impacts on the environment in the USA and Australia, where the fracking agenda is very advanced, prove that. Brenda sees the real solution as using renewables and increasing efficiency, loft insulation, thriftier car engines and better wiring etc. Ian R Crane thinks fracking should be continued, but moved offshore; I think an entire revolution in energy production is needed. My own solutions are the ones I talked about at BUFOG. I'm very glad I attended this meeting. I've not had the means to travel to Balcombe and Barton Moss to join Ian R Crane and the others in taking on the "motherfrackers" face-to-face; but now fracking has come to my own backyard and I'm in a perfect position to take action myself.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Somerton Man

A while ago I reported on the mysterious death of a man in Oxford, see here from 35.48: I've come across a very similar incident from Australia that has been far more widely publicized and researched, the case of the Somerton Man or the Taman Shud Case. It took place some years before in 1948, but as with "Oxford Man" the victim was well dressed and had some unusual articles in his possession. The body was first reported at 6.30 AM on Wednesday the 1st of December 1948 by an early morning rambler. It was that of a man lying on the beach at Adelaide, Australia. His head was resting on the sea wall facing the sea as if he'd fallen asleep there; indeed some witnesses reported seeing him during the night and went on their way assuming he was a drunk who had taken a nap. He was wearing a brand new clean suit of which all the labels had been removed. He had also shaved a few hours before his death. He carried on him a number of ordinary items you'd expect a man to have- cigarettes and matches, train and bus tickets for local services, some chewing gum, a comb; but strangely no money at all. He carried no identification and nobody was able to confirm seeing him in the area alive, even though the evidence suggests that he had a used local transport. His post-mortem reported that he was aged about forty to forty-five. He had hazel eyes and light ginger hair. He was 5 feet 11 in height and was very fit, like an athlete or dancer; his hands were soft-skinned and therefore not those of a manual worker. His internal organs showed signs that he had been poisoned yet no toxins could be traced in his system. His last meal had been a Cornish pasty that he'd eaten about four hours before yet this was definitely not the source of the poison. It was only more than thirty years later in 1980 that a review of the pathology report led to speculation that the man had maybe been poisoned by an overdose of digitalis and ouabain; the problem is that in 1948 those drugs were still under trial and not available from clinical pharmacies, another connection with "Oxford Man" in 1975. The mystery deepened as the police discovered that his fingerprints and dental records didn't match any known person in Australia. A photograph of his face was widely published yet nobody came forward to say that they recognized him. The investigators were stumped, but six weeks later, on the 14th of January 1949, it was revealed that somebody had deposited a suitcase in the luggage lockers at Adelaide's central railway station and had never come back to retrieve it. It contained more clothing, some underwear and toiletries, but also some strange sharp tools that had been adapted from eating utensils. Again, all identifying marks had been carefully removed from the items and from the suitcase itself. Some of the items were of a strange or foreign type not available anywhere in Australia. There was a jacket known to be made only in the United States of America, but the makes of the other objects were never traced even though the police contacted other forces all over the world to help them; this is highly unusual. There were no further leads and there was nothing more to be done except hold a coroner's inquest which took place on the 17th of June 1949. However, in the meantime there had been a couple more strange developments. One was that the man was wearing shoes that were completely clean with no sand or dust on them at all; which is strange if he'd been travelling round the city on a bus and walking along the beach. It was as if they'd been taken off the shelf of Clarks and put on his feet by somebody else after his death. Secondly, there was a new discovery that threw the mystery up into a whole new league. Somerton Man's trousers had been searched again and it turned out that somebody had sewn a small pouch into the lining of one of the pockets, and inside that was a small scrap of paper with the words Taman Shud printed on them in the normal Latin Script but using a very unusual font. The words are actually mediaeval Persian and mean "finished" or "the end". They are the concluding line to a poem in a book called The Rubaiyat by the 10th century poet Omar Khayyam. This was a vital clue. The unusual font made it possible to work out exactly where that scrap of paper had come from. As the police suspected and hoped, it was torn from the page of a book and they found out exactly what book. They expected it to be a modern book in print of Omar Khayyam's poems, but to their astonishment the scrap of paper had come from an original 1859 first edition translation of The Rubaiyat, a very valuable antique from New Zealand that costs a lot of money. There are only a few copies of this book left in the world so it wasn't hard to find out which copy of the edition the paper scrap had come from. When they did though, the already impenetrable mystery deepened even more; the copy of the book from which the scrap had been torn had been discovered lying on the back seat of a car in Adelaide two weeks before the body was found. The car had been parked on Jetty Road in Glenelg, about a mile from where the man turned up dead. The owner of the car had no idea why the book had been put in his car; he had left the car unlocked so somebody must have opened the door and dropped it onto the back seat; again no witnesses to this action ever came forward, even though Jetty Road is a busy shopping street. There were some pencil markings on the verso of the last page; these turned out to be letters written by somebody recently. They read as follow:


These are not words in any known language and are therefore assumed to be either random or some kind of code. The second line is struck through possibly because it was a mistake; it's similarity to the third line supports that notion, and also therefore the code hypothesis. The initial W's on the first and third lines might be M's; the handwriting style doesn't distinguish the two letters very well. There is a double line or tight chevron between the third and fourth line with an X close to its apex; however the X could also be an accent above the O in the fourth line. The theme of Khayyam's The Rubaiyat is that life is there to be enjoyed and lived to the full and one should have no regrets on their deathbed; it is from where the commonly-used metaphor of a glass being half-full or half-empty, representative of optimism and pessimism, comes. This led to the idea that the Somerton Man had left a clue to say that he'd committed suicide. There was a vague connection between the book and a local woman who called herself "Jestyn", but who refused to formally identify herself to the police or the media. A theory emerged that the dead man was an ex-lover of Jestyn who had killed himself near where she lived due to a broken heart after she was marrying another man; this became a semi-accepted explanation for a few months until Jestyn's alleged ex-boyfriend was traced and found to be alive and well. It was suspected that Jestyn's real name might be the key to cracking the code written in the book, but there was no way to force her by law to cooperate. The Australian Department of Defence brought in their best cryptographers including men who had broken Japanese military ciphers in World War II, but they could do nothing. Today the best modern computers still cannot break the dead man's code in the book, if it even is a code, see:
The Somerton Man was buried in Adelaide's West Terrace Cemetery; the service was conducted by the Salvation Army and attended by members of the local police who had investigated the event. A bookmakers firm paid for the funeral, although it's not known if any bets were made relating to the incident. The epitaph reads: "Here lies the unknown man who was found at Somerton Beach- 1st of December 1948". There have been attempts to reopen the investigation in recent years, including a legal request to exhume the body for DNA tests, something which was impossible at the time of the original investigation. Unconfirmed reports claim that "Jestyn's" son, who was born in 1948, might be a love-child of hers by the Somerton Man because they have the same shaped ears, but this has yet to be proven; the woman who might be his granddaughter is supporting the bid. So far the courts have not ruled in favour; the verdict is that there is no public interest at stake and that the rights of sepulchre cannot be overturned to satisfy personal curiosity. Flowers appear on the grave at odd intervals and the police approached a woman seen leaving the cemetery who refused to answer any questions, but she was suspected of being Jestyn. Why is Jestyn being so coy? Does she really hold the key to solving this mystery or is she just a red herring? Her motives for her interest in the case could be irrelevant or even purely trivial. If so then who was this man and why did he live and die in such enigmatic circumstances? Weirdly, there were several other incidents that were similar in Australia in the post-war period, including a man who was found dead in a park in Sydney in 1945 holding a copy of The Rubaiyat, a modern edition this time. Was all this related to some kind of secret intelligence operation? If so by which agency? Domestic or foreign? Ally or enemy? And on what mission? What strikes me about the Somerton Man is the tantalizing similarities to an incident that took place in Oxford, England many years later in 1975. This man was found dead on the ground below the West Botley flyover; he had been killed by the trauma of falling from the flyover above. Like Somerton Man he had on him no driving licence, passport or other identity papers of any kind and all the labels had been cut from his clothes. He was also well-dressed in a new pinstriped suit and had a written clue in his pockets- five handkerchiefs with the letter M embroidered on them. He had in his possession tablets of Vivalan, an experimental medication, in a similar way that Somerton Man's death was also linked to an experimental new drug. However, unlike Somerton Man, the mystery of the "Oxford Man" was not so widely publicized. Do the similarities between the two incidents indicate that they are connected? If these are both spies up to some kind of furtive espionage then is it a skulduggery that spanned the world and lasted for twenty-seven years? Or is there an esoteric element to these events? Were these symbolic Illuminati sacrifices, perhaps representing the death of medicine and the triumph of the pharmaceutical sickness industry? Or does it get even more grotesque than that; did Somerton Man, the 1945 man in Sydney and "Oxford Man" all emerge into our world through some interdimensional intrusion, a stargate or portal? In this case we delve into the strange world of researchers like John Keel who investigated the men-in-black and the Point Pleasant Mothman? Either way, the legacy lives on. When Stanley Kubick made his last film Eyes Wide Shut he set one of the scenes in a stately home in which an outsider gatecrashes a bizarre ritual Illuminati orgy. It is not divulged in the film's content, but the name of this fictional country mansion is Somerton. Was that a coincidence or deliberate; maybe it was a subconscious choice? I don't know if we'll ever find out the answer, but you'll be sure to read it first on HPANWO if we do.