Friday 31 October 2014

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 9

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 9 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see: Issue 9 includes the fourth article in my column, entitled Multi-coloured Luminosities over Pewsey Vale.

Also you will find in Issue 9 articles by Richard D Hall and Francisco Correa about manipulation of UFO facts by the media, UFO conference culture by Peter Robbins, new information from Malcolm Robinson on the 1979 Livingston Incident and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme on Critical Mass Radio I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
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Thursday 30 October 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Cry Freedom Radio

I have been interviewed on Cry Freedom Show on Cry Freedom Radio, it’s the first live show, the 29th of October, on the podcast page, see:
See here for CFR’s homepage where the live stream is available:
Lisa is a friend and former colleague from Critical Mass Radio, see links column, who has recently established her own station, Cry Freedom Radio. I wish her all the best in this new project and I’m honoured to take part in her first ever show. I appear after the 1 hour 36 minute mark. Subjects discussed include: a brief bio, UFO’s, the Voynich Manuscript, the magic of water and a tribute to Masaru Emoto.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Coxxer on Alien Life

Sometimes the mainstream media will initiate an aggressive preemptive attack, and we all know way too much about that, but at other times their actions are retaliatory strikes, or damage control operations. A recent case in point has emerged. A few weeks ago, on the 8th of October 2014, a video was uploaded to YouTube featuring an explosive interview with Boyd Bushman; a few days after he recorded this he died, so this was a kind of deathbed confession. At the time of writing this video has received over a million views, see:  Born in 1936, Boyd Bushman was a senior research engineer at Lockheed Martin, one of the largest companies in the furtive world of defence contractors which operates at Area 51. In this interview Bushman discusses UFO’s; a friend of his took some photographs of the city of Tucson in Arizona USA and UFO’s appear in the shots. Bushman reveals how during his work in the black budget military-industrial complex he carried out projects involving UFO research. He claims that he had physical contact with aliens and they took photographs themselves of the planets of the solar system and the interior of their spacecraft. He also showed more photos displaying the alleged aliens themselves; however some people have said that these photos are fake. The aliens have long fingers and are friendly; they come from a planet 60 light-years away. According to Bushman, American scientists are working on UFO and alien research every day at secret military establishments; this includes programmes developing free energy and anti-gravity. Also he describes how US military personal had encounters with UFO's and their occupants, up to and including being taken on board the craft. I watched this with interest soon after it was posted. I was familiar with Boyd Bushman from Nick Cook’s documentary Billion Dollar Secret; according to the narrator, Bushman “talks in riddles”, see: I didn’t expect the story to go any further, but then a few days ago, almost unbelievably, it was featured in the Metro, see: This is a free British newspaper distributed on buses, trains, railway stations and other public places related to transport; it has an average estimated daily readership of 3.5 million. Suddenly Boyd Bushman’s final testimony became headlines. I should really have predicted what came next, but my Facebook friend and conspiratorial researcher Ryan Carr was the first to realize the coincidental timing of another article that was flooding the social media conspirasphere, this one: That smiling Simeon of the small screen, Prof. Brian Cox is in the papers… again!... this time announcing how unlikely it is that there is intelligent life out in space. He considers the Earth extremely lucky to have had all the right combinations of organic chemistry and astronomical alignment to build the biological world of complex animal life around us. Frankly I’m tempted to wonder how much intelligent life there is behind his front door. This is not the first time Cox has been used by the media for propaganda, here’s another example: As I’ve said before, I think Prof. Brian Cox has been established to play a very unique and highly sinister role in the world of psychological warfare, especially in the area of scientific suppression, see: The key point is: check the dates! The Cox story came out the same day as Bushman’s. Is that a coincidence? Or was it a desperate attempt by whoever is trying to keep Bushman’s disclosure under wraps to confuse and discourage curiosity among the readers? Even if some of what Bushman showed is indeed fake, such a high profile witness talking about something so extraordinary could cause people to ask too many serious questions about subjects they’re not supposed to take seriously.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Housing Association Credit Database

I live in a private house and rent my home privately, but a friend of mine lives in a property owned by a housing association called Friendship Care and Housing, see: He has just received a circular announcing that they have begun a partnership with a company called Experian, see: This is a “global information services” operation based in the UK, in other words it gathers information on people, businesses and property etc, and creates databases which can be used for commercial purposes. This includes lifestyle data based on internet use; “Big Spammer” in other words, see: What Friendship want to do is help their customers, according to the letter, “build a good credit history and improve their financial situation. Many social housing residents are excluded from affordable credit and other services due to a lack of a credit history”. How they want to go about this is divulge their residents’ rent payment records to Experian in order to create a credit rating for them, allowing them access to loans, financial services and payment plans they wouldn’t be eligible for otherwise; it will also provide an online proof of identity. In the same way mortgage payers can use their repayment history as the basis for their credit score. Friendship are calling this the Rental Exchange and have many reassuring platitudes in the letter about how they have developed the plan with advice from regulators and consumer groups. The project complies with the Data Protection Act and all other UK and EU laws. There is a third partner in the Rental Exchange- Big Issue Invest, part of the Big Issue Group which publishes The Big Issue, the famous magazine sold on the street by homeless people. This gives the Rental Exchange an ethical facade. This might all sound very soft and cuddly, but we’re talking here about people having their personal data shared involuntarily to a company that specializes in secretly monitoring people, sometimes without their knowledge or consent. This is very similar to organizations like GCHQ and MI5, although Experian motives are different, they’re commercial and financial instead of political. Nevertheless when it comes to Big Brother we have to deal with capabilities rather than professed intents; a database is a database and it can be adapted for any purpose the database owners want whenever the situation demands it. This kind of human registry is becoming more and more common and it increasingly dictates our function in society. In fact as I was writing this article my friend contacted me to tell me he’d just phoned his gas supplier asking to change his tariff to something cheaper and they informed him that they’d need to do a credit profile on him before they agreed. A gas bill, they state, is technically a form of credit because bills are always sent for payment in arrears; this is splitting hairs beyond belief in my view. It could be that Friendship home residents in fact do need to be registered with Experian because the surveillance state agenda is slowly and steadily corralling people into a society where it is accepted practice; this is my main reason for opposing school fingerprinting, see: The letter describes Experian as a “a highly respected and trusted custodian of personal data”; actually there was a scandal in October 2013 in which a subsidiary of theirs sold the personal data of hundreds of thousands of Americans to an individual in Vietnam who was part of a massive worldwide identity fraud gang. Friendship Care and Housing customers are not literally obliged to join the Rental Exchange, however the choice is an opt-out, not an opt-in. A non-response will be considered tacit granting of permission. The letter states: “We will shortly be sharing your tenancy information with Experian, including your rent and service charge payment history” (my emphasis). The housing association provides a postal address, no email, for residents to write to in which they must include their tenancy reference and signature. They have twenty-eight days in which to do so from the… wait a minute! The letter sent from Friendship is not dated. This is starting to sound very manipulative and underhand, exactly like my daughter’s school was over the use of fingerprinting. What’s to prevent them claiming that all the opt-out letters were sent in after the twenty-eight day option period expired? My friend called the Rental Exchange “helpline” and they told him that the time of his phone call would be registered as the start of this period; they did not answer his question about why there was no date on the letter. This means if you don’t call the helpline then there is no way you can prove that you opted out of the project in time. It is quite likely that many Friendship customers will end up as part of the Rental Exchange unwittingly, either because they were away at the time, for example on holiday or in hospital, or through simple apathy and inattention. My friend is going to send his opt-out letter tomorrow, via registered mail just in case it gets “lost in the post”. If any HPANWO-readers have been involved in similar situations, could they please let me know?

Monday 27 October 2014

David Icke Live- 2014

Most people in Britain have heard of David Icke. For all my life before the year 2000 he was a TV presenter I’d watched on sport and children’s programmes who became an environmentalist in the 1980’s and then went crazy in the early 1990’s. “He thinks he’s the son of God!” chuckled one of the porters at my hospital; I had missed his notorious appearance on Wogan myself. That was all I ever heard about David Icke for eight whole years until 2000. During those eight years I had changed so much I was almost unrecognizable compared to the man I’d been, and that was when I saw him featured in Jon Ronson’s Secret Rulers of the World- The Lizards and the Jews, see: I now consider this a very substandard documentary, but at the time it immediately inspired me to read his book The Biggest Secret, from there followed …And the Truth shall Set you Free, The Robots Rebellion and others. Within a year I had devoured his entire bibliography and started going to see his live shows. I don’t think I’ve missed a single one he’s done in this country; his 2014 show London was to be the first ever, but it seemed I was destined to attend. The SSE Arena in Wembley was originally an Olympic swimming pool when it was opened in 1934, but today it’s one of the nation’s top event venues. It lies in the shadow of the new Wembley Stadium, whose Masonic rising sun arch support has replaced the Masonic twin towers of the old stadium. As I approached the Arena’s elegant triangular entrance I was accompanied by my lovely Ustane and my good friend Tiberius Kirk. I managed to see a few other people I knew, like Heidi King and Colin Woolford, although there were a good five thousand attendees and there were people around I wanted to get in touch with but didn’t get the chance because I never found them. Some HPANWO-readers and viewers I’d not met before came up and introduced themselves which was nice. The security was not quite as stringent as it had been in 2012, see background link at the bottom, and we were not body-searched. The foyer of the Arena was full of food kiosks and bars which sold overpriced sweets, snacks, bottled water and other refreshments, but I was surprised to see that David himself had no merchandise stall; unlike 2012 when he had all his books, T-shirts and other products there to pick up. The cavernous auditorium was a lot warmer this time, as was the weather outside and we quickly found our seats in the upper gallery on the right hand side. The venue’s previous existence as the Empire Pool was manifest as the terraces were at right angles to the stage lining the oblong stalls, which was there the pool itself must have been. This meant that David was to our immediate right. The stage was as well decorated as ever and the show began with Gareth Icke and his band again playing, along with what looked like the same troupe doing the “noncompli-dance” which I and many of the audience members joined in with. Moving, multi-coloured spotlights and stencils illuminated the stage around David. The man himself looked small from where we were sitting, dressed in his trademark dark trousers and open-collar shirt. All his live shows, like his books, are designed to be self-contained and comprehensible to the newcomer, therefore he always repeats some information which regular fans of his will be familiar with; but he’s very skilled at presenting everything in intelligent new ways. The lecture was billed at ten hours, split into four two-hour periods with three breaks, one for an hour and two for half an hour; but anybody who knows David’s style would realize there was no way he was ever going to finish on time. He began by talking about the nature of reality, how it’s all an illusion. He uses a lot of his own terminology, like the “cosmic internet” and how we’re all “droplets in the ocean”; he had a healthy dig at Richard Dawkins again and paid tribute to Dr Masaru Emoto who passed away a few days earlier, see: In part two he talked about the “Archons”, a term that I’ve heard several other researchers use recently, like Graham Hancock and John Lash. They appear to be some kind of extra-dimensional malevolence, similar to what Muslims call the “Djinn”. In part three he brought in the physical and practical conspiracy in the form of think tanks like the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxism and political correctness. The way the education system messes with the heads of children and the media does the same to us all, young and old. He also spoke about the planet Saturn and how a lot of what was previously thought of as sun worship was really worshipping Saturn. This is very interesting, and worrying; David never brought up the “Lucifer Project”, but I think it may be connected, see: The latest news is that this operation is planned to be carried out on the summer solstice 2017. The third part left this audience-member a little downhearted, to say the least. How can we possibly win against such a massive and powerful super-conspiracy? But David is an optimist and in the last segment he didn’t disappoint; bringing on the dancers again and with a narrative about how we can set ourselves free of this monstrous evil. This segment included more music. David brought over a rock band from Canada called The Ancient Order, a London based calypso group called Rebel Control and, satisfying David’s appreciation for female soloists, a singer called Louisa Love. The gig ended at 9.30 PM, an hour and a half late, and we made a beeline for the nearest pub. I was exhausted; I felt like I’d spent the day climbing up a mountain when all I’d been doing was sitting down the whole time. It’s simply the energy of a live David Icke show that does this. This event was informally billed as “David Icke’s last major UK show”, but that’s been said about his previous last three or four and David keeps coming back. He’s sixty-two years old now and still suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, but he is unstoppable. He was sweating and panting again as he spoke on stage and an audience member in the front row got up and gave him a tissue to wipe his face, but he didn’t falter. I don’t think anything will truly stop him. He cried at one point and said that he would not leave this reality, ie “die”, until the job was done and we were living in the kind of world that we could truly build, beautiful and free.
As I said, this was an event I had previously decided to skip, for the usual reasons- a lack of time and money. Then the same thing happened as did with Probe two weeks back, see:, somebody offered by buy me a ticket. This was a different person to the individual who funded my trip to Probe, but again, I felt a bit embarrassed; a part of me wondered if it was ethical to accept. However I did, yet again, and my benefactor was very pleased. Once I knew I was going I fervently looked forward to it; beforehand I’d been indifferent. David Icke has probably been the most influential man on my life, being the lighthouse in the fog of my emerging conspiratorial awareness. However I feel in a way that I’ve moved on from him. Can I make that statement without it sounding like I’m knocking Icke? Truly I’m not. I’m still just as much a supporter of his ideas as I was back in 2000; I still have just as much respect for him now as I did then. I simply feel like I’ve gone far enough out to sea now that I don’t need his lighthouse as much as I used to; I’ve cleared the fog bank and can now set my sails for the open ocean. I don’t feel the need to catch every radio and TV spot he’s on and listen to it over and over; it’s just something I like doing occasionally. Therefore I was watching David’s 2014 Wembley appearance from a very different vantage point as I did his 2002 gig at Stoke-on-Trent, the first time I saw him live on stage. I think almost everybody who gets to know Icke at some point changes their mind about him, but with most people it’s a very different experience to my own. In 2007 to 2009 I went to a series of four or five “meet-ups” in places like Glastonbury, the Peak District and Avebury. These were organized by members of the Official David Icke Forum on which I used to be a regular poster, see: However the forum has badly declined and our community is fragmented; there was a highly controversial incident in which a number of innocent members were banned and that was when I lost interest in it. I still log in occasionally, but spend very little time there. In June 2014 I attended a new meet-up at The Barge Inn, Wiltshire to celebrate the summer solstice; the weather was perfect and we all got on very well and had a great time. Interestingly most of the people I met there were the same faces that used to go to the meet-ups in the grand old days of the DIF; however this time there was not a kind word for David Icke from any of them, and some people expressed open hostility for him. How did this happen? A lot of it definitely comes from the DIF scandal, an issue I sympathize with along with them. “Haitigate”, too; this was when we discovered that David Icke’s T-shirts were made by a company called Gildan Activewear which is a notorious third world sweatshop manufacturer; it employs a workforce of low-paid slave labour in Haiti and other poor countries, see: We wondered why David didn’t use a Fairtrade business for his merchandise, seeing as this would be in line with what he preaches; a just criticism I think, and David has some explaining to do. From what I’ve seen, David’s personal blame lies more in oversight than deception; he set up an account with Cafepress who are the ones who directly buy Gildan products under their own policy and sell them on to their clients. I hope David listens to what people have said regarding this matter and makes the necessary changes to his business. There are also numerous conspiratorial researchers who accuse David of being a shill. This is hardly original; I myself have been labelled thus many times. Altogether this has resulted in a mutual back-slapping culture in which it’s very trendy to be anti-Icke; it’s almost seen as a badge of honour, see: However, the biggest blow to David’s reputation was The People’s Voice. This was a multimedia organization set up around an internet TV station that was launched in November 2013, yet within a year it was in terminal decline. The reasons for this are complicated and contentious and lie beyond the scope of this article, yet it’s sad because TPV was such a great idea; I contributed myself through Planet X Live. A highly divisive situation has arisen from the ashes of TPV and some very shrill pundits are proclaiming that David is to blame for all this and he won’t accept responsibility. One constant criticism that has followed David since the earliest days is that everything he’s doing is a “money-making scam”. Amazingly people claimed this even when he left his job as a famous TV journalist to do what he’s doing now. Some people reckon that he’s making a pile of cash off his Wembley gig for charging forty pounds a ticket. Perhaps these people don’t realize how much it costs to hire the SSE Arena; it’s not like booking a room above a pub. Actually forty quid is very good value when you consider that this was a twelve hour show. In a few weeks’ time my daughter is going to the same SSE Arena to see the band Slipknot performing live and she had to pay over a hundred pounds for her ticket, and it’s only a three hour concert. As is always the case when the self-appointed armchair Truth policemen pick up the scent on one of their little hobby horses, you have to agree with them… or else! There are many other examples, eg: and: So how should we regard David Icke? I regard him as a man, and like all men, including me and you too, dear HPANWO-reader, he is fallible and flawed. David Icke makes mistakes, suffers from failures of nerve and imagination, and he makes moral compromises. Every single one of those who sit in judgement and pontificate over his character are guilty of the very same offences; I’d be amused to hear them try and deny it. I think maybe the problem some of David’s erstwhile admirers have is that they put him on a pedestal he did not deserve. They saw him as so wonderful that when he turned out to have the same imperfections that all human beings share, they felt betrayed. My advantage was that I don’t think I ever saw him as anything more than human, even in the early days. Therefore the question I have, and the one I recommend asking, is: can you accept David warts and all? Do his various misdemeanours, whether perceived or factual, mean that all the other good things he’s ever said and done are therefore worthless? Or can you listen, think about, and take what you need from his message while withholding condemnation. Can you understand the value of his labours while accepting his errors? I reckon I can manage that.
See here for a HPANWO TV reportage of the event: (Coming soon)
An article by Ustane about David Icke:

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Proof of Life-After-Death?

An explosive article has appeared in The Daily Telegraph claiming that researchers have possibly found hard evidence that there is a life-after-death, see: It's been known for a long time that some people who have recovered after being close to death report remarkable experiences; typically these begin with seeing your own body from above. You feel a sense of peace and love and find yourself travelling down a tunnel towards a bright light, visiting a beautiful otherworldly land populated by people who have died, including your departed friends and relatives, and even encounters with God. The experience varies from person to person and there are a vast number of reports with many unique disparities. Because we live in an age where scientific medicine and technology has given us the ability to resuscitate patients much closer to death than ever before, sometimes even when their heartbeat and breathing have completely stopped for a number of minutes, these reports are becoming more and more common. The earliest investigations into this subject go back to the late 19th century, but it was in 1975, when Dr Raymond Moody published his book Life After Life, that the term "near-death experience" entered the popular English lexicon. The completed study the newspaper article discusses is the latest, biggest and most thorough scientific experiment into this phenomenon ever conducted; it also included some brand new experiments. It is called the AWARE Study- AWAreness during REsuscitation, and it involved over two thousand test subjects; it was led by Dr Sam Parnia of Southampton University. Here are the full published results, see: This makes fascinating reading; the references include names like Pim van Lommel and Dr Peter Fenwick whose work I'm familiar with, see:

Predictably, the AWARE project has been criticized by Skeptics, notably by Dr Steven Novella (a suitable name because he tells a tall story) the academic neurologist, host of the radio show Skeptics Guide to the Universe and author of the Neurologica blog, see: Novella correctly points out a serious omission in the experiment's conclusion. One of the tests that NDE researchers have suggested carrying out since the early days is to place an object or image that would not normally be found in a hospital resuscitation bay or intensive care ward somewhere where it can only be seen from above. This is because NDE patients often describe being "close to the ceiling looking down"; and if they can see one of these visual tags it would be important evidence to support that their viewpoint is real. Popular experimental models recommend the method of sticking a picture on top of the spotlamps facing the ceiling. AWARE is the first test which seriously included this protocol: To assess the accuracy of claims of visual awareness during cardiac arrest, each hospital installed between 50 and 100 shelves in areas where resuscitation was deemed likely to occur; for example, emergency departments and acute medical wards. Each shelf contained one image only visible from above the shelf. These were different and included a combination of nationalistic and religious symbols, people, animals, and major newspaper headlines. These images were installed to permit evaluation of visual awareness claims described in prior accounts. These include the perception of being able to observe their resuscitation procedure from a vantage point above. It was postulated that should a large proportion of patients describe visual awareness combined with the perception of being able to observe events from a vantage point above, the shelves could be used to potentially test the validity of such claims, as the images were only visible if looking down from the ceiling. Some researchers have proposed such recollections and perceptions are likely illusory. This method was proposed as a tool to test this particular hypothesis. We considered this to be important as, despite widespread interest, no studies had objectively tested this claim. It was considered that should a large group of patients with visual awareness and the ability to observe events from above consistently fail to identify the images, this could support the hypothesis that the experiences had occurred through a different mechanism, such as illusions, to that perceived by the patients themselves. This is a good idea, although I disagree with the last sentence because it's effectively enticing somebody to try and prove a negative, which is fallacious. Unfortunately Dr Parnia's paper does not mention that any of his subjects report seeing these hidden images; in fact over three quarters of the respondents suffered their resuscitation in a place where the hidden images were not even present. My first thought was to demand that Parnia explain why did he not use more of these hidden images than the fifty to a hundred that he actually did. The answer lies in the practical hurdles of doing so. As an ex-hospital porter I'm somebody familiar with hospitals, and indeed one of my duties was to clean and maintain resuscitation bays and vehicles (not a task for the squeamish!), I know that it's very unlikely that an object placed for that purpose in the area would stay put for long. To make the experiment watertight the designers would have to include "double-blinding", in other words the hidden image would need to be installed without telling the emergency department staff it was there; otherwise it's possible that the patient being resuscitated might learn of the hidden image from an everyday source. Maybe something a member of staff said: "Doctor, why is there a newspaper clipping stuck on top of the O2 manifold?" Skeptics would definitely not hesitate to poke their finger through that hole. Indeed they have criticized a recent anecdote using exactly that same argument. In a book I read about NDE's a patient reports a view of a piece of surgical equipment that would not normally be visible from somebody lying on the operating table, and a Skeptic claimed that he could have seen the instrument through a reflection in the doctor's spectacles! In fact Novella brings that point up in his analysis of AWARE himself: My major concern was that the study had been criticized for not having tight protocols; for example, some have charged that the “hidden” images were visible to emergency department staff and this could provide a mundane conduit for knowledge of the images to get to cardiac arrest survivors. Perhaps these working obstacles make this outwardly attractive methodology less feasible than it initially appears. I also sense that Novella is anticipating a potential positive outcome for one of these studies in the future and is getting his rebuttal in first.
What Dr Parnia has achieved is an excellent assessment of the NDE phenomenon in the modern world; the best database ever created to gauge the level of NDE incidence in resuscitation survivors. He and his team have also gathered an invaluable overview of what it's like to have a near-death experience that can educate people who have never had the good fortune... or rather bad fortune... to enjoy this experience for themselves. After all, you can't exactly take photographs of the Spiritworld to bring home and show people. The Telegraph article also addresses a point I hadn't heard of before, the issues with interviewing people recollecting events after being given drugs like painkillers and sedatives. These medications are standard procedure in the care of somebody who is resuscitated, but will cause other inevitable impediments in near-death experience research. This adds to all the other challenges that the AWARE team have taken on as well as anybody possibly could. This is where I think Dr Novella is being very unfair to the AWARE team; he dismisses the entire project as "essentially a bust" and he harshly chides the Telegraph story for claiming that it indicates evidence of life-after-death. However I think that the AWARE project does indeed provide evidence of life-after-death. It failed to achieve all its mission objectives, but what it did achieve is definitely accomplished. The near-death experience is a very real phenomenon. Back in 1975 Dr Raymond Moody postulated that NDE's were going on all the time in hospitals all over the world; they've even happened spontaneously during non-medical recoveries from illness or injury. Scientifically proving beyond any doubt at all that NDE's are not just a product of electrical activity inside the cranial neuropile is fundamentally difficult, but in my view there's easily enough smoke around to make it highly likely that a real fire is burning. I've looked at both sides of the story, like I try to do every subject, and I'm not convinced by the Skeptic explanation, that this entire phenomenon is just the wildcard firing of the human brain in its death throes. I've spoken before about how denial of NDE's is not necessarily science-based and has powerful cultural, ideological and psychological roots; therefore I question the objectivity of Dr Novella and other atheo-Skeptico-materialist debunkers of the near-death experience. Are they being intellectually honest in their denigration of near-death experience research, or are they just scared that they might lose their "MBA", see:

Monday 20 October 2014

Wales on Sunday covers UFO's

When I returned from the Probe Conference last Monday, see: I went through all my voicemails; most of them were my work clients wanting to organize jobs, but one was from James McCarthy, a journalist on the Wales on Sunday newspaper. I think it was he who wrote the story that cost me my portering career, although I don't blame him for that. Those I blame are whoever was behind getting me sacked for the "crime" of simply appearing in the media; that's a long story, see: He was calling me to ask for my comment on a news feature he was putting together about UFO's in Wales. As regular readers will know, I am extremely dubious about getting involved with the mainstream media, especially television, see: However, with newspapers it's sometimes worth going for it; the article McCarthy wrote about me was reasonably factual and respectful. I called him back, but he was out of the office; I left a voicemail telling him we'd talk and he could quote me. However he then emailed me and told me that it was OK, it was done and dusted, the story was ready for press. Afterwards the article was uploaded to the online version of the newspaper, and here it is: It covers an alleged hundred and nineteen sightings across the principality since 2000. The cases Mr McCarthy chose to discuss include an object that appeared above Neath, West Glamorgan that resembled a Malteser chocolate; it lists a number of other encounters from all over Wales. It also features an interview with Heather Dixon of BUFORA and a link to the remarkable story of Hilary Porter.

Having read through the article I'm relieved that I never managed to help Mr McCarthy write it and will definitely decline to do so in future. I don't question the article on a factual level, I just wonder whether the cases discussed were chosen for their scientific merit or for their novelty value. Some of the analysis is very tongue-in-cheek, for example: In January 2001 there was a report over Ogwen Valley, Gwynedd, which is more commonly home to military aircraft. The ship was “like a shooting star, but with a burning tail”. The witness told investigators it was “about the size of a military aircraft”; the innuendo is obvious. I don't know how many people were contacted in order to research the article, but when it comes to Wales specifically then Scott Felton or Margaret Fry would be far better pundits than Heather Dixon. Also I have issues with BUFORA's general approach; they tend to be excessively cautious and they overemphasize solved cases, see: I strongly criticize the article's style; it is very jocular and dismissive in true tabloid fashion. I don't like to see a subject that I consider so important and so serious being portrayed as the music hall farce that Mr McCarthy seems to think it is. I'm frankly suspicious; I've said many times that the true nature of UFO's is being suppressed, not only by cover-ups but by organized ridicule and trivialization of the phenomenon. Any journalistic investigation into the UFO phenomenon in Wales should be conducted in an adult and professional manner. The Berwyn Mountains Incident, the "Welsh Roswell" remains unsolved after forty years. More and more sheep and other animals turn up dead with mysterious injuries and mutilations. Most sobering of all, Homo sapiens is not exempt from the animal species targeted. Human bodies have turned up in Wales with these same mysterious and horrific disfigurements, see: I have written to James McCarthy challenging him to write an honest and newsworthy report of UFO activity in Wales. If he does so then it will be an exclusive on his part and will earn him the respect of everybody in the UFO community. Here's a copy of my open letter to him:

Hi James.
The UFO phenomenon in Wales is a very serious and urgent matter and needs to treated as such. Your article did not do so. I don't criticize its factual nature, just its style.
Have you thought of writing a follow-up article related to the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident which still remains unsolved after forty years? Also the many Welsh farmers who have found their livestock dead with strange injuries and mutilations. Most frightening of all, humans bodies have also turned up in that state. See here for more details:
If you do then it will be an exclusive on your part and you will earn the respect of everybody in the UFO research community.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Dolores Cannon Dies

Dolores Cannon
15th April 1931 - 18th October 2014

This is the second obituary I've had to write in as many days, see here for yesterday's: I'm sorry to announce that Dolores Cannon has died. Dolores was born in Missouri USA in 1931 and was a prolific author, researcher and hypnotherapist. Over fifty years ago she began hypnotizing people for the purposes of healing, breaking addictions and losing weight etc. However when in trance her clients began talking about incredible things: living past lives, encountering creatures from other worlds, even being those creatures; also much much more. Her husband was almost killed in a car accident and he lost part of his limbs, so she took her family to a small house in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and she named her publishing company after her homeland, see: (See here for her personal website: Dolores brought out more than twenty books under the Ozark imprint including her Convoluted Universe series, which I couldn't put down, and The Custodians. In these books she brought back messages from other worlds like a psychic medium does. However, unlike most mediums, she didn't go into trance herself; she put her sitter into a trance and they revealed the psychic information themselves. Once a young man travelled all the way from England with hardly a penny to spare, rode on a bicycle all the way to her home from New York and camped in her garden, just so he could experience a hypnotherapy session with Dolores. I recall one of her clients saying how she had once lived a life as a robot on another planet. I saw Dolores live on stage at Probe a few years ago, see: Because of the interest her clients gave her Dolores entered the world of UFO's when that wasn't her original intention. She worked tirelessly, travelling the world and dealing with patients, long after most people would have retired. Wherever she is now, I hope she is well. She will be sadly missed. RIP

Saturday 18 October 2014

Masaru Emoto Dies

Dr Masaru Emoto
22nd July 1943 - 17th October 2014

I'm sorry to report that Dr Masaru Emoto has died. Dr Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1943 and graduated in international relations. He set up the IHM General Research Institute in 1986. In 1999 he published his first book- The Message from Water which was a New York Times bestseller. It generated a lot of interest and a storm of criticism; of course Skeptics called it pseudoscience. However a lot of other people who read the book found it fascinating. Dr Emoto took part in the 2005 film What the Bleep do We Know!? in which he is interviewed in the extended version. In the feature cut, one of my favourite scenes is where the heroine, Amanda, is on a railway station and has just missed her train, much to her chagrin. But it turns out it's just as well she did because there is an exhibition on the platform to do with Dr Emoto's work. He carried out some experiments involving the freezing of water and examining the ice crystals that formed. Amazingly, he discovered that different kinds of crystals appeared depending on what the people around it were thinking. He found that the crystals were more regular and elegant when thoughts of love and happiness were directed towards it. He created what he considered his most beautiful crystal after the water had been blessed by a Zen monk before being put into the freezer. Dr Emoto then found out that it was not just direct thought that influenced water this mysterious way. He did an experiment in which he put stickers on the sides of the bottles he put the water in to be frozen which had words written on them. Unbelievably the result was that the kind of things written on the bottles affected the kind of ice crystals that formed. Statements like "Thank you" and "love" caused the crystals to take on regular, intricate and exquisite shapes. Statements like "You make me sick, I will kill you" generated misshapen, malformed and chaotic crystals. He could only conclude that water is intelligent and conscious. It detects the environment it's in, even to the extent of the state of human minds and written language surrounding it. This is a remarkable and enigmatic discovery, see: As it says in the film What the Bleep, this has implications for healthcare, see: Our bodies are mostly made up of water, not quite the 90% as is quoted in the film, but about 70%. If we are thinking unpleasant thoughts, or even if we're wearing clothes or, worse still, have tattoos with cruel and violent epithets, this could have a significant effect on the quality of the water in our bodies and therefore could damage our health. Conversely happy thoughts and happy language should improve our general health. This could cast light on how homeopathy works; the Skeptics love to point out that homeopathic medicine is diluted to the point where it has no active ingredient in it at all; it's just water. That's a fair criticism, but then again, maybe it's not "just water" in another sense even if it is in the literal one. I think Mr Emoto's work is a continuation of that done by Victor Schauberger many years earlier; I've spoken about this before, see: Dr Emoto's contribution to the advancement of human knowledge, not to mention sheer hope and inspiration, has been invaluable and he will be sorely missed. RIP.

Friday 17 October 2014

Back to the Bailout

All through the week there has been major trouble on the stock market. On Monday share prices plummeted by many percent all over Asia and this spread to the rest of the world. Since then some stability has been regained, but forecasts are being revised to a lower level of growth and prosperity. The current volatility is being blamed on the Ebola crisis, and also the feeble growth in the Eurozone, see: What is already being called "The Great Recession" following the crash of 2008, is thought by many to be over. In fact a few days ago the government proudly announced that unemployment has dropped below 2 million, see: (although no doubt these figures have had a session with the employed Parliamentary masseur!). We're always hearing the word "recovery" in the news, but is it correct to use it? Has the economy stalled again and are we about to descend once more into chaos and deprivation. This happened after the Great Depression following the stock market crash of 1929. By 1934 there was hope that we were coming up out of it, but in the late 1930's the economy dipped again for a couple of years and there was no real rise in the figures again until after the devastation of World War II. The Great Recession of 2008 onwards has changed the financial landscape of the world in every way. We've seen unemployed people drafted into slave labour schemes, see:, mass mortgage default and homelessness among the American middle classes, youth unemployment so high that it's become less common than not in some countries for a young adult to have a job, banking bailouts on a scale beyond the imagination of anything previous, and currency wars between the superpowers, see: It has also been announced that China is suffering an economic slowdown, just when it was assumed that it was the only nation on Earth with any real capital, see:

So what's going to happen now? Who knows, but one thing is certain- if we drop down back into the darkness of a slump then once again it will be the common folk who will have to pay for it. There will be more of what's been labelled with that wonderful Orwellianism- austerity, more job cuts, more benefits cuts, more pay freezes, more rising food and energy prices, more youth slavery. There will also be a whole new array of bailouts for the banks. Like the Great Depression, this one could end in global war. The powers-that-be are desperately assembling any fuel they can to stoke the fire for world war. In fact the oil prices right now are very low and even the BBC are openly speculating that this might be an attempt to lever Russia and Iran, see: I have said several times that recessions like these don't just happen by accident, they are a form of economic terrorism which are introduced to serve a political agenda. As we've seen, the gold of the world is being redistributed in suspicious circumstances, see: I think this could lead to a restructuring of the entire world economy. There could be a currency reset, which I'll be writing more about presently. The solution to this is not to just sit around and wait for the good times to return, to trust the chancellor when he says he has things "under control". Human beings can take control of our own economic activity by introducing small cooperative businesses and local financial systems, LETS and community currencies, see links below. Also if you want to keep up with what's going on in the world of global finance then forget the BBC, watch The Keiser Report instead:

Conspiracy Theorists more Sane than Average

Dr Karen Douglas is a research psychologist whom I've come across before; she's been studying "conspiracy theories in society", see: (I shall use the term "conspiracy theorist" for convenience in this article; I know not everybody likes it. I don't mind it, even though it is of course a term that could be applied to me). In 2013, she and her team put together a new study which showed, from her own perspective, surprising results- that conspiracy theorists tend to be more vocal and also more reasonable than non-conspiracy theorists. She used a case study of the comments of 9/11 news articles. It turns out that a significant majority of comments were pro-conspiracy meaning that no matter what the opinion polls say, the social media dialogue on the subject has overwhelmingly turned to the idea of an inside job. What's more the pro-conspiracy commenters were calmer, more rational and less inclined to descend into rhetoric, personal hostility and bluster. Indeed the supporters of the official story are the ones who have begun to sound like a group of angry outcasts. Even more interesting, the conspiracy theorist commenters were more likely to meta-analyze 9/11, to place it into a larger context by including parallels with the JFK Assassination and other world-changing events. Official story-believers tended to avoid that and focused purely on 9/11 as a singular and unconnected crime, see: This is great news. I gave Dr Douglas some stick at the BHA conference, but I have to praise her intellectual honesty this time. I must say that in my own experience of dealing with anti-conspiracy detractors this news is welcome, but not unexpected.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Chemtrail Hoaxer Threatened

Chris Bovey is a conspiratorial activist from Devon whom I've met several times; I've come to like and respect him. He has helped organize Ian R Crane's AV conferences, see: Unusually though, he doesn't believe chemtrails are real. I've looked into both sides of the subject and I disagree with him completely; I think chemtrails are very real indeed. However I don't have a problem with him over that. If I rejected everybody who disagreed with my views I'd be a pretty lonely person, in fact I'd virtually be a hermit. A few weeks ago Chris was on a plane flying from Buenos Aires in Argentina to London, England when the aircraft had to make an emergency landing. It came down at an airport in Brazil, but before it did it had to jettison some of its fuel. I only recently found this out when talking to an aviation engineer; when aeroplanes take off sometimes they're too heavy to land straight away because of the weight of all the fuel on board. This is not a problem on a longhaul flight, like the one Chris was taking, because by the time they reach their destination most of their fuel load will have been used up and the aircraft will be light enough to land. However if the aircraft has to land short due to unforeseen circumstances then the pilots have to dump some of their fuel; it's a waste, but there's no other way. Chris was in a seat where he had a good view of this operation and he filmed it. The plane landed safely and nobody was hurt. While waiting for the replacement flight Chris decided to post the film he'd shot online see: He pretended not to know what it was and asked for an opinion from the conspiratorial community. He says his motivations were innocent and light-hearted, and he didn't intend the trick to go as far as it did. Within a few hours his post had gone viral and it had half a million views with comments claiming that this was "proof of chemtrails!" Chris was very amused and decided to write another post claiming that he'd been arrested at London's Heathrow Airport and that they'd confiscated his mobile phone, so it was just as well he'd uploaded it to the net beforehand. According to Chris a lot of people believed this too. Chris was then invited onto the Richie Allen Show on Volcania Radio where he confessed, see: Chris was essentially pulling a "Carlos", a bit like this one that was luckily exposed before it began, see:

It's true unfortunately that a lot of people did believe Chris Bovey's hoax without question, but not everybody. I saw the video on Facebook before Chris came clean and liked it because it was interesting to see, but I didn't comment. Maybe I should have because I honestly tell you that I did wonder if it was just a fuel dump. I did see a few comments along those lines too. Unlike James Randi and his Carlos hoax, I don't think Chris made the video with malicious intentions. It does us no harm at all to think more critically and maybe Chris has done us a favour, whether or not you think chemtrails are real. As Richie says in the radio show above, this has no bearing at all over whether chemtrails are real or not, despite what Chris says. Chris is not completely alone; in fact the late great Jerry E Smith also denied the existence of chemtrails. The only really objectionable part of this story was the way Chris was treated in the aftermath of his confession. He received "vulgar abuse" including threats to rape him. He was called a shill and a government informer; not terribly original that one. This kind of behaviour is extremely counter-productive and those who engage in cowardly cyberbullying should be ashamed of themselves. I know that the conspiratorial community does have a thug element; I remember Charlie Veitch changing his mind about 9/11 after his foolish decision to take part in a BBC documentary about the attacks. He received a mountain of hateful abuse as a result. I was one of voices appealing for calm. As much as I disagree with Charlie, I don't think he deserved that, see: I hope that the tide turns for Chris as well and the trolls find another hole to crawl into very soon.


A medical technician is South Africa has invented a device called the Rape-aXe which is intended to protect women from being raped. It is a hard plastic sheath that a woman can insert into her vagina like a tampon. During sex when a man pushes his penis into her vagina he will also push it into the sheath, and that's where the fun begins. The inside of the device has barbs that tear the flesh of his penis; it's designed to cling on painfully and it cannot be removed without medical assistance, see: A good idea you might think, "the Rape-aXe defends women from rape!" Not necessarily. The Rape-aXe is just a weapon, and like most weapons it is morally neutral. It can be used for the perfectly legitimate purpose of self-defence, or it can be used to initiate an attack, including an unprovoked attack, against a man who is doing no harm at all. However when I made this point on the social media where I discovered the Rape-aXe I was responded to with scorn and disdain. The supporters of the Rape-aXe showed no concern at all for my misgivings, and sadly some people seemed quite gleeful about them. I explained to a friend of mine, a woman I'll call "Nancy", that this meant that all men could be targeted by the Rape-aXe, including me, regardless of whether or not we personally had hurt a woman. She replied "Good! Now YOU know how it feels!" She gave a litany of the risks and adversity women have to face in life, and at the end of this she said: "But this is not about you personally, Ben. I know you're a good guy." I was dumbfounded and dismayed. Nancy was actually happy that I might be in danger, even though at the end she paradoxically admitted that I am innocent and didn't deserve to be harmed. Harmed very badly perhaps because any injury to the penis is very serious because of its high blood flow. It bleeds more than other organs and could even cause death from exsanguination. What's wrong with women protecting themselves in other ways by learning self defence or using pepper spray? I'm all in favour of the US Constitutional right to bear arms; why not let women carry guns in their handbags? How effective is the Rape-aXe as a defensive weapon compared to those others? I can't help but sense that the attraction for this device is primarily symbolic- it attacks the male genitals and so is an attack against manhood. No wonder it appeals to feminists.

It was very strange and very upsetting because I've known Nancy a long time; we live close to each other and have met on several occasions. We're good friends and she always treats me with warmth and respect... except now. Her hostility towards me comes from the abuse of women by men in society; for this reason my own abuse had to be celebrated because I am a man, and it doesn't matter whether I'm personally guilty or not. Women are being harmed by men, and this justifies her harming me, albeit just socially. I think that this is mind-control, a kind I have written about before, see: The way Nancy behaved is a perfect example. She transformed in front of my eyes with the abruptness of the killer in The Manchurian Candidate. One moment she was normal, my good buddy; and then, in an instant, there was a battle line between us and I was her sworn enemy. After a moment she snapped back to normal again. Even more alarming was that in a way I felt myself change too. I ceased to be me, as I sense my own personal identity; I became a nameless faceless man who was all men, a microcosm of half the human beings on Earth, a component in a purely political dynamic. An cipher of hatred for all women. This is how feminism has messed with our minds. Somebody very observantly called feminism "racism for the rich" and this is true because it tends to be a vice of middle class liberals. These are people who have rejected racial, religious and ethnic bigotry, yet the rhetoric of some feminists is indistinguishable from that of the Nazi's or Ku Klux Klan; you just substitute "men" for "Jews" or "blacks". Women's rights is sometimes a very reasonable and urgent cause, but I don't think modern feminism has anything to do with women's rights. Its true purpose is to mess with our heads, to generate malice and unnecessary conflict, to divide-and-rule by turning one half of humanity against the other. It engenders hatred and irrationality in women; and also guilt self-hatred and thoughtcrime among men. I've lost friends before for saying that and I'll probably lose a few more now, see: But there is hope, the female conscience is growing and a new group called Women Against Feminism has been founded, see:

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 14

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Tommy Woodgate, see:

I appear throughout the entire programme. Later on we were joined by a man from the USA called Willy. Subjects discussed include: the Ebola crisis, free energy, the origins and workings of the universe, coincidence and synchronicity, and much much more. See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Don Philips and Steve Mera Hangout 2

I have hosted a second hangout with the paranormal investigators Don Philips and Steve Mera about the new TV programme they're working on together, see:
Don and Steve provide a report on their first session of production for their new TV show Phenomena. Steve talks about how he is supervising Don's research, observing his use of electronic sound recorders to capture EVP- the electronic voice phenomenon (Don terms this AVP- actual voice phenomenon). Steve is trained in scientific parapsychology and will say so without hesitation if he suspects that there is any sign of error or deception on Don's part. Watch this space for further hangouts with me, Don and Steve.

Friday 10 October 2014

God Particle Doomsday

That wheelchair-bound Cassandra, Stephen Hawking, has yet again foretold the end of the world; in fact this time it's not only the world that's on the block, but the entire universe. In the foreword to a new book by the astronomer and rock star Brian May, Prof. Hawking writes about a new and unsettling discovery to do with the Higgs Boson, the so-called "God particle". The research done into the Higgs Boson has revealed that the cosmos is in an unstable equilibrium, a bit like a pencil balanced on its point, and that if one of them lost that balance it would instantly topple down into a new energy level; this could happen, theoretically, if the particle were subjected to a powerful nuclear force. Unfortunately, because the energy level of the Higgs is one of the foundation stones of the universe's physical structure, this would cause a chain reaction that would spread to all the other particle and it could end up in "vacuum decay". A huge bubble of void would immediately form around the location of the first Higgs Boson to collapse and this bubble would expand outwards at the speed of light until the entire universe was engulfed. This catastrophe to end all catastrophes could happen at any time, anywhere, we could do absolutely nothing to stop it, and we would have no advanced warning of the edge of the bubble approaching the Earth, see: There's a newly diagnosed psychological condition called "Cosmophobia", the irrational fear that the universe is dangerous and will destroy you. It's not irrational at all, there are many natural forces in outer space that could kill all life on Earth and crush the entire planet with the ease and impunity of a boot on a beetle- comets, supernovae, gamma ray bursts, solar flares etc. But should we really be concerned? Well, yes and no.

All this inevitably leads me to consider what I've said before about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, see background links at the bottom. Since it was first designed and built in the 1980's questions have been raised concerning its safety. The nuclear physicist Walter L Wagner has been speaking out about the supposed dangers of particle accelerators for many years. He believes that the high energy collisions of protons will inevitably produce mini black holes which could coalesce into a full size black hole that would engulf the Earth; Alternatively the collisions could produce "strangelets", a different kind of matter that has the power to convert normal matter it comes into contact with into a copy of itself; thus starting a downward spiral that could result in the Earth mutating into a "strange star", see: CERN denies all this and its defenders naturally include another rock star-scientist, that smiling Simeon of the small screen, Prof. Brian Cox, see: I believe that Cox is being groomed to play a completely new and unique role in the media, see: If the LHC is indeed dangerous then could it be possible that there are people behind the creation of it, and other particle accelerators, who know this and are still building them? If so why? Do they not care, or is it possible that they want to destroy the Earth? In the background articles below I pose the possibility that there are elements of the Illuminati that know that they've lost the battle to build the New World Order. They are acutely aware that free humanity is going to prevent them completing their "Great Work of Ages" and the "sheeple" that they've looked down upon with such contempt for millennia are going to defeat them. The spiritual energies in the world and rising conspiratorial awareness are going to make their goal unattainable. Because of the extremely arrogant and spiteful mindset of these entities I can well imagine that at some point they might decide to pull what I call a "Götterdammerung manoeuvre"; this is a kind of dog-in-the-manger, scorched earth policy, writ large. If they know that they can't have the Earth then they'll drag it down with them into Hades rather than let free people have it. How do I know this? I don't for sure, but I know the reptilian consciousness, I've heard how a crocodile cornered by others with its captured prey will toss it away into a river to be lost to them all, because it knows that its rivals are about to steal it. Also CERN has a very unusual statue in its forecourt, that of the Hindu God Shiva; isn't that a bit of an odd emblem to put outside a scientific institution, see background links below? As for the dangers of destabilizing the Higgs Boson, could the LHC, and its proposed follow up colliders, the Very Large Hadron Collider and the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider, be a doomsday weapon, a detonator to trigger the unbalancing the Higgs and begin the vacuum decay? Stephen Hawking says that to do this artificially would require a proton beam with the power of a hundred billion giga electron volts- GeV. The LHC at full throttle can yield 14 GeV. Hawking says that a collider big enough would need to be over the size of the Earth and he quips that "such a project would not be funded in the present economic climate". But could the Illuminati be constructing such a massive instrument on another planet, maybe below the clouds of Jupiter, or in space near a star light-years away? If so, what can we do about it? Well I don't want to give you sleepless nights, dear HPANWO-readers. Like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I believe there are forces for good as well as evil at work in this world. I know there's no such thing as a messiah to sit around waiting for and that we humans are masters of our own destiny; it is up to ourselves to create a better world. Nevertheless, if there is some horrible atrocity awaiting us that is beyond our control, somebody will step in and lend a hand. Indeed, could this by why the LHC suffered from mysterious technical problems a few years ago?

Thursday 9 October 2014

Ebola hits the West

The current outbreak of Ebola is the worst in history, officially it's no longer just an outbreak; because of the levels of infection and the way it's settled into the area it has hit, it has been officially designated an epidemic. With the ease and volume of international travel these days sooner or later it was bound to escape from its heartland in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and a few other parts of western Africa, and make its way around the world. So far foreign nationals who caught the disease in Africa have been taken home for treatment in their homelands, like the USA and Britain, but now we have the first case of an actual infection in the West, a nurse on a containment ward at Madrid in Spain, see: Teresa Romero somehow contracted the virus while treating a pair of missionaries who caught the illness. She now has the full blown disease and people she has been in contact with are being quarantined. The authorities want to destroy her dog and there's a campaign to save him. The hospitals in Africa treating Ebola patients have been given over £100 million by the World Health Organization, but they still lack methods and experience in the field of containment. Hospitals in the West are better equipped. I myself took part in quarentine drills when I was a hospital porter. I've never had to deal with a real situation like an Ebola outbreak, but I'm trained in the use of the personal protective clothing like these suits, see: It turns out that Nurse Romero might have accidentally touched the bare skin of her face with her gloves while removing her protective suit. This could be the reason why she caught the illness. Actually we can only hope it's that simple because there are a few stories going round claiming that this new Ebola epidemic might be far worse than the previous ones because this is a brand new strain of the virus which transmits itself far more easily than previous ones; for example see: This is a revision on what I wrote in the background article below and it's extremely worrying because we've been told so far by the experts that Ebola can only be caught contagiously by direct contact with body fluids. For the virus to go airborne would put it in the same infection league as influenza and colds, but far more serious of course. As I've said in the background article below, I suspect that Ebola might be a biological warfare weapon, in which case, if a new more virulent breed of Ebola virus exists, did it originate in the deep forests of darkest Africa, or was it bred in a laboratory at Porton Down and Fort Detrick?
It feels a bit like we're entering a scenario that resembles that of the 1995 film Outbreak, see: This film reveals that one of the consequences of a major spreading of a deadly disease would be that the government would have to call a national emergency which could involve martial law. In fact it's just been announced that David Cameron is sending a naval auxiliary hospital ship and 750 British troops to the Ebola ridden nations of western Africa to assist in containing the illness, see: It is the perfect situation for anybody in government who might be plotting to overthrow free, democratic rule and replace it with a police state. At present the only treatment for Ebola is to keep the patient well hydrated and fed, and hope that the disease passes. With the best care they have roughly a 50% chance of survival; without it the death toll can be as high as 80 to 90%. There is no vaccine available, but guess what? The pharmaceutical companies are working on one, see: At the moment the government is having trouble promoting vaccines like MMR and the flu jab. As I relate in the background link below, I agree with Dr Len Horowitz that vaccines would make the perfect delivery system for a biological weapon. The uptake might be questionable for something that could keep you in bed for a few days, but who's going to say no to the prospect of safety from a haemorrhagic fever that kills you from internal bleeding and organ failure? We must be on our guard in case this is the ultimate agenda behind the Ebola epidemic.