Sunday 19 October 2014

Dolores Cannon Dies

Dolores Cannon
15th April 1931 - 18th October 2014

This is the second obituary I've had to write in as many days, see here for yesterday's: I'm sorry to announce that Dolores Cannon has died. Dolores was born in Missouri USA in 1931 and was a prolific author, researcher and hypnotherapist. Over fifty years ago she began hypnotizing people for the purposes of healing, breaking addictions and losing weight etc. However when in trance her clients began talking about incredible things: living past lives, encountering creatures from other worlds, even being those creatures; also much much more. Her husband was almost killed in a car accident and he lost part of his limbs, so she took her family to a small house in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and she named her publishing company after her homeland, see: (See here for her personal website: Dolores brought out more than twenty books under the Ozark imprint including her Convoluted Universe series, which I couldn't put down, and The Custodians. In these books she brought back messages from other worlds like a psychic medium does. However, unlike most mediums, she didn't go into trance herself; she put her sitter into a trance and they revealed the psychic information themselves. Once a young man travelled all the way from England with hardly a penny to spare, rode on a bicycle all the way to her home from New York and camped in her garden, just so he could experience a hypnotherapy session with Dolores. I recall one of her clients saying how she had once lived a life as a robot on another planet. I saw Dolores live on stage at Probe a few years ago, see: Because of the interest her clients gave her Dolores entered the world of UFO's when that wasn't her original intention. She worked tirelessly, travelling the world and dealing with patients, long after most people would have retired. Wherever she is now, I hope she is well. She will be sadly missed. RIP


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben. Thank you for all your recent posts, as always working hard to provide interesting and relevant information. I particularly would like to thank you for the recent obituaries including this one. Hope all is well.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, X. I just hope I don't have to write any more obituaries for a while