Friday 31 December 2021

Happy New Year 2022

I'd like to wish all HPANWO readers, HPANWO TV viewers and HPANWO Radio listeners a very happy New Year. I have made several New Year publications.
HPANWO Show New Year 2022:
Cry Freedom Show New Year Special:
HPANWO TV New Year video: (coming soon).

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Another Russian Pipeline Blocked

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There has been another attempt to sabotage Russia's gas exports. This time the attack is centred on the Yamal-Europe pipeline, an older pipeline that dates back to the 1990's. It runs overland from the gas fields of Siberia through Belarus and Poland to Germany. It is managed by Gazprom, a Russian state owned operator that is one of the oldest and biggest gas corporations in the world. The Yamal-Europe pipeline is much longer than the Nord Streams and so its transport overheads are higher, but it is still a major supplier of gas and therefore an essential artery for the economic blood of the Russian Federation. Source: Germany enjoys a discount on sales and has been exploiting that relationship. It has been touting the gas it buys from Russia and sending it back along the same pipeline to Poland where it costs less than direct sales from Russia. However this situation has been badly misrepresented by similar characters to the ones attacking the other pipelines. The growing tension between Russia and Ukraine is an obvious source. Vladimir Putin has also been accused of trying to inflate the price of gas artificially. This is not true, as I explain in the background article. It is because of cold weather on the continent and the continuing stock market fallout from COP 26.
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Sunday 26 December 2021

Don't Look Up

What better way to spend your Boxing Day than helping the Christmas dinner go down by relaxing and watching a movie. One you might consider is Don't Look Up. It is a satirical black comedy about the end of the world... and that's an intriguing summary! It is also highly misanthropic. At the end one gets a distinct impression that justice has been done. A pair of astronomers make an alarming discovery; a comet bigger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs is heading towards the earth. They immediately try to alert the authorities and the media, but are met with a baffling indifference. The whole doomsday situation is turned into another piece of light entertainment, alongside the political scandals and celebrity gossip. Social media treats it all as a giant meme factory. Spoilt and arrogant pop music starlets sing cringy songs about it. The main point of contact in the authorities is the President of the United States, played brilliantly by Meryl Streep, a role she excels at. Her name is Janie Orlean and she is a thinly disguised parody of Hillary Clinton. She is eventually only persuaded to react because she sees it as advantageous for victory in the mid-term elections. Finally, after a lot of persuasion and dithering, NASA begins to plan a near-earth object deflection operation. This can be done with unmanned vehicles, but Orlean insists she sends up an astronaut, a hard-bitten old war dog called Benedict Drask, another excellent characterization and performance by Ron Perlman. She has decided the mission needs a "hero!" for publicity purposes. However it is aborted at the last minute when valuable minerals are detected inside the comet. Instead an elderly computer nerd with a touch of dementia called Sir Peter Isherwell is brought in with a harebrained and reckless scheme to break the asteroid up into smaller pieces and land them gently on the earth. The lack of privacy in a Big Brother society is illustrated well when he says to one of the other characters: "I know what you are! My algorithms have identified forty million data points on every decision you have made since 1994. I know when you have colon polyps before your doctor does. You are a lifestyle idealist in my eight different consumer profile types." It is somewhat reminiscent of Adam Curtis' documentaries. The plan that forfeits the safety of the earth to access the commodity wealth of the comet, of course, fails abysmally; as it could not otherwise do with such incompetent executors. In the final scene, when a survivor crawls out from under the burning rubble of the world's cities, he takes a selfie with his mobile phone and cries out in delight. "I'm the last man left on earth. Like, share and subscribe!" The president and a few of her underlings manage to flee the doomed earth, but I'm pleased to say she also comes to a gruesome and utterly hilarious demise; and it was one predicted by Isherwood's algorithms. See here for the trailer:
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Saturday 25 December 2021

Happy Christmas 2021

I'd like to wish all HPANWO readers, HPANWO TV viewers and HPANWO Radio listeners a very merry Christmas. I have made a series of festive publications.
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And the HPANWO TV Christmas movies video:
Have a Happy New Year. Lots more to come in 2022!

Friday 24 December 2021

Kaaper and Me

A photograph has been doing the rounds for a while of a statue from the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt; and a number of people contacted me to remark on how familiar it looked. I must say, there is an uncanny likeness. I do get a strange looking-in-the-mirror sensation when I see it. The statue is not of me though. It is of somebody called Kaaper who has been described as an "army priest scribe of the pharaoh" in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, round about 2500 BC; right in the middle of the Pyramid age. The statue is about two thirds life-size and was found in the Saqqara complex in the 1850's. It is made of sycamore wood and archaeologists have been impressed by its naturalism, which is quite rare in ancient Egyptian art. The eyes are made of coloured quartz segments fitted together by copper plates in a remarkable work of craftsmanship. So could I be descended from Kaaper? Quite possibly; but that isn't saying much, considering he lived five and a half thousand years ago. Assuming he had children and that in the succeeding offspring since of every generation contributed one or two individuals, which is average, then Kaaper's descendents increase exponentially via an array of pyramid numbers (aptly for an Egyptian). I don't know the exact figure, but it's likely there are millions of people across the world with Kaaper as an ancestor. If I am one of them then my own resemblance to him cannot be familial. It might be coincidence, and I don't often say that. Nevertheless, could I have been him in a past life? I cannot tell because I have no conscious past life memories. Some psychical researchers claim that an individual can carry physical factors of past lives into a current incarnation, Dr Michael Newton for example; but these tend to be birthmarks rather than facial physiognomy. For instance, somebody who is shot in wartime might come back as somebody with a mole where their bullet wound was. Source: Either way, it's an appropriately light-hearted story for Christmas Eve.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

This Island Earth

One of the classic science fiction films from the golden age of Hollywood is This Island Earth. It was critically acclaimed in all categories, including special effects, which are way ahead of its time, considering the film was released in 1955. The most celebrated part of the film is the last half hour. This rushes through, rather too concisely in my view, the background to the beginning. That a race of aliens on the planet Metaluna are at war with the planet Zagon and that they need the help of terrestrial scientists to protect themselves. There are numerous scenes of spaceships, bug-eyed aliens with crab claws etc etc and then it ends. However, I find the first two acts of the film the most interesting. They introduce the two main characters, Cal Meacham and Ruth Adams. They are scientists summoned to a secret location where somebody called "Exeter" has set up a laboratory. They are enticed to go there because Exeter sends them electronic components that are far in advance of anything humanity can produce. They can endure very high currents and voltages, even though they just look like beads. They are sent a book with pages that are not paper, but a material more like a kind of metal. When they try to drill through one of the beads they can't even scratch it. The transport that takes them to the laboratory is a Douglas DC3 airliner that is pilotless and passengers don't need to wear seatbelts, as if the aircraft can control gravity. Indeed at the start of the film there's an incident where Cal almost crashes a plane he is flying and he is saved by some kind of antigravity ray. Exeter himself and his assistant look strange. They both have large upper heads. To conspiratorial UFOlogists, all the above will sound very familiar. It is reminiscent of the descriptions of debris from the Roswell incident, the idea that aliens are on earth living among us, and that free energy technology that could transform the world for the better is being developed in secret. I wonder where the screenwriters Franklin Coen and Edward G O'Callaghan; and the novelist who inspired them, Raymond F Jones, got their ideas. Were rumours of such exopolitical hot potatoes already circulating in the early 1950's? This Island Earth is well worth watching. It is currently available on YouTube:
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Sunday 19 December 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 12

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. In this programme, a Christmas special with Unite Planet.
See here for the audio version:
And here for the video:
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Saturday 18 December 2021

In Defence of Mask-Wearers

I've had a rather unpleasant comment posted under my Rebel Masks article, see: I did not approve it and will not repeat all its content, but the general gist was that I was a "cuck!" and was making excuses and copouts for not refusing to wear a mask full stop. This issue also came up on a recent HPANWO TV film: This is not only unfair, it is very sad. It appears that the anti-lockdown movement is suffering from the same affliction as many other factions of the Truth community, 9/11, UFO's etc; truth posers. These are people who are only involved in the conspirasphere in order to lord it over other people. For them it is a quick ego fix at the expense of people they consider easy to target for that purpose. Firstly, I'm not a "cuck", coward in other words; if I were wouldn't I have fled in this situation?: Secondly, I think my idea in the article was very creative and functions as a positive alternative to total refusal, not as a dodge. I know I am being heretical here, but there are many people, including some good people whom I like and respect, who have made mask-wearing an icon for the entire anti-lockdown position. In fact the phrase "Are you going to mask up?" has almost become a synonym for: "Do you oppose Covid 19 lockdowns and everything that goes with them?" I actually consider the wearing of masks as secondary importance to the most crucial issue: mass vaccination, vaccine passports and the whole identity database state. Yet despite this, refusing to wear a mask in any situation has become a kind of shibboleth, the heartwood gesture of the entire mission. Do it and your in, don't do it and you're out. No other activity matters. Is this fair? Should we completely write somebody off as a weakling turncoat, totally worthless to the cause, simply because they agree to put a piece of cloth over their face on private property because the owner asks them to? I personally do not reject people like that. What counts in this situation is not how many people refuse to wear a mask, it is how many refuse to be vaccinated or be entered onto the Big Brother app. How many of the loudmouths strutting like a peacock through supermarkets filming themselves yelling at shelf stackers will, when push comes to shove, roll up their sleeve and hold out their phone? In my experience, the most flamboyant and most conscious of their public image will sell out their principles the moment their ego detects a heartier meal across the aisle. Despite all this, I would always say to people not to wear one of the ordinary masks, just a "rebel" one; and don't wear it for any longer than you can before it makes you feel uncomfortable or damages your health. A man who wears the mask, but when it comes to real honest resistance, does his duty, is one I hold in far higher regard. If this article means I fail some kind of ideological purity test, so be it.
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Friday 17 December 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 77

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the video YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: a secret base on the moon?, ancient monuments nobody can explain, a future war in space and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Militarizing the Moon

I wrote two weeks ago about the new "space rush", see: Since then another document has come to light called A Primer on Cislunar Space. It is American and produced by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate. It is aimed at "military space professionals", Space Force guardians in other words, and provides a technical assessment of space navigation for future missions. "Cislunar space" means the space between the earth and the moon, which orbits at a distance of 238,000 miles. It has been assumed up till now that military strategy in space concerns low earth orbit, the region where nearly all satellites and space stations can be found. Most of these are well below the geosynchronous range of 22,236 miles where an orbital period is exactly twenty-four hours so that a satellite positioned at that altitude over the equator will remain static at the relative zenith. However it seems that operation planners are setting their sights on more distant targets, in the same way foreign colonies on earth were dragged in European conflicts during the imperial age of the 18th and 19th centuries. More countries than ever are launching rockets and many are establishing space forces. It is only a matter of time before there will be a multinational scramble for control of the moon. This concept is not new and has been considered from the very dawn of the space age in the 1950's. He who controls the moon has a very advantageous position over other countries. The moon is a source of useful materials independent of the earth. There are minerals and water there. It was recently discovered that he moon has small ice caps. It also exists on other parts of the moon in a form of chemical mud. Water can be used for sustaining a manned lunar base. It can be converted into rocket fuel and also air to breathe by separating the hydrogen and oxygen. It wouldn't surprise me if pretty soon we see a military facility on the moon that can operate at least partly independent of the earth. Weapons can be placed there, such as a directed energy gun or a missile launcher. Such a platform would be very difficult, if not impossible, to defend against. The cost of launching spacecraft has dropped in recent years and private companies have been established as state contractors. The private sector even recently carried out their own independent manned space mission, Inspriation4. In the United States there was even an insane plan in 1958 to detonate a giant hydrogen bomb on the moon, as a show of force to the USSR. As per usual, it turned out the Soviets had their own very similar project. The explosion would have been visible from the earth and big enough to excavate a new crater. I wonder what they would have called it. Source:
Perhaps some kind of outer space treaty is the solution, rather like the one governing Antarctica, see: The matter is complicated by the fact that this new space grab is not just a battle between nations on earth. Like the empire builders of old, human settlers will have to deal with troublesome natives; and unlike the olden days on earth, these natives will have a technological advantage. There is no doubt an extraterrestrial intelligence is taking a keen interest in our activity in space. Many spacecraft, ever since Sputnik, have been harassed by strange objects, for example see: and: They have also interfered directly with our attempts to access the celestial realms, see: These visitors will have the final word on what we humans access away from our home world, unless we are secretly finding ways to counteract them. This is a perilous situation because it could end up in conflict. It must be avoided at all costs, not just for moral reasons, but for practical ones. Any kind of warfare between humans and aliens will be enormously destructive and probably won't end well for the humans. And the ET threat may well be used as a lever of control down here on earth even if it isn't as bad, or doesn't exist. This was why Werner von Braun told Carol Rosin "You vill stop ze veaponization of space!", see: I suspect this situation is far more urgent than it looks because it could be moon bases already exist in secret, see:
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Monday 13 December 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Jamnoise72 2

I have taken part in a livestream on the YouTube channel of Jackie Noise, aka "Jamnoise72", see:
I join at the 6.40 mark. We discussed the scamdemic, the new scariant, the film Silent Night and many other issues. See here for my previous appearance on Jackie's channel:
See here for Jackie Noise's interview on the HPANWO Show:

Sunday 12 December 2021

Apollo Detectives 9

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward. A conversation between regular contributors Marcus Allen, Rasa Viharii, Neil, and myself.
See here for the film:
This ninth Apollo Detectives film brings more new and original information that casts doubt over the official story of the first moon landings. See here for background:
HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus:
HPANWO Radio interview with Rasa:
See here for Neil's channel:
See here for Neil and Andy Chaplin's radio show:
See here for Marcus' website:
See here for Rasa's websites: and:
I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Thursday 9 December 2021

Nervous Teeth- Progs 1 to 111

Somebody has done us the great service of keeping all the episodes of Nervous Teeth and uploading them all online.
See here for the page where the shows can be listened to or downloaded:
Nervous Teeth was the radio show co-hosted by Gareth Davies before he started the Mind Set Podcast. It started in August 2005 and ran for 111 episodes. Since Gareth died these old shows have become enormously valuable. So far most of his catalogues are available, but if you have any old downloads that have not already been posted, please let me know.
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Monday 6 December 2021

Silent Night

There are over two hundred Christmas films listed on movie databases and generally they tend to be light-hearted, happy, humorous, sentimental and uplifting. Silent Night (Camille Griffin 2021) is a massive exception to that rule. It is definitely seasonal in theme, but it is an extremely dark and grim production. It is supposed to be a black comedy; but, although it has a few droll moments, I didn't find it all that funny. It is actually very tragic. It seems to me to be loosely based on the book On the Beach by Nevil Shute, a novel written in the 1950's and inspired by the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests which poisoned the local area with radioactive fallout. The story is about a group of old friends meeting up to spend Christmas together in the country house of one of them, Nell, where she lives with her husband and three sons. At first everything seems normal, but then slowly a sinister anomaly emerges. For instance, one of the characters has a black eye and they talk about having to fight and steal Christmas presents. The Queen's speech took place in a bunker surrounded by canned food. The characters are trying to act cheerfully, but they do so in a very forced and bittersweet way. Something is obviously very wrong. Many thanks to my YouTube friend"Jamnoise72" for letting me know about this film on a recent livestream, see: (Warning- spoilers below!) It turns out that the earth has been struck down by a catastrophic global environmental disaster in which a cloud of toxic gas is filling the atmosphere causing most or all of life on earth to die. "Greta warned us!" shouts Art, one of the boys. As it happens there is no complete explanation of what this gas cloud is and certainly no explicit link to climate change. It is however implied that this is definitely a disaster caused by human abuse of the earth's biosphere. Death from inhaling the gas is very painful. It causes asphyxia and haemorrhaging. Like in On the Beach, the government has issued poisoned tablets to every citizen so that they have the option of a merciful suicide before the end. The Christmas party is therefore these people's last day on earth. They get drunk and dance and sing. They launch fireworks. Like the band playing on the Titanic, they are trying to maintain normality and enjoy what little time they have left. They speak frankly to each other, confessing things they would never say if they knew they had a future. They speculate about the afterlife. However, there is a strange twist in the final scene and the story is left very unresolved and open to interpretation. Art, the oldest boy, refuses to take the poisoned tablet and so collapses when he breathes the poisoned gas. His family all assume he is dead. They subsequently all take their tablets and die. During the night, the toxic cloud engulfs the house; yet in the morning everything looks normal. All that has happened is that snow has fallen and the sun rises on a white Boxing Day. In the very last shot, we see Art's eyes open. I'm not sure what this means. Was the cloud not really toxic and the government just said it was so that people would kill themselves, reducing the population? Is Art now a zombie, converted to the undead by the evil fumes? Are they all dead and we are seeing them arrive in Heaven or the Spiritworld? Who knows? The acting is very good, especially seeing as many of the central characters are young children. In the credit roll there is a "Covid safety expert"; never seen one of those before. I've noticed that dystopian fiction tends to emerge in times of hardship. The book and film The Road, which is referred to in the script, was published after the War on Terror and 2008 stock market crash. Silent Night is well worth seeing though, but don't watch if you want to inject a bit of Christmas goodwill into your family get together! Better to stick to The Muppets Christmas Carol. See here for the trailer:
See here for background:

Sunday 5 December 2021

Zulu Cancelled

Considered one of the greatest British films of all time, Cy Enfield's 1964 epic Zulu relates the Battle of Rorke's Drift during the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. A mere hundred and fifty British soldiers, many of whom where sick in a field hospital, held back a Zulu army of many thousands. This engagement came just hours after Zulus destroyed the British base at Isandlwana, as told in the 1979 prequel Zulu Dawn. The film is renowned for its smooth acting and expert chorography. It is also the big screen debut for Michael Caine who went on to become one of the world's most iconic actors; and also Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi who went on to become a successful politician. In the film he plays his own great-grandfather, King Cetshwayo kaMpande. I was astonished and disgusted, but then again maybe I shouldn't have been astonished, when I saw that this classic movie had been listed for disposal by the wokeist movement. Their objections are the kind that these days almost write themselves. They claim it has "racist overtones" which could have a "negative effect on relationships" within Britain's "changing and richly diverse communities". Source: Firstly, I couldn't give a damn even if that were true. People should still be allowed to watch it. Secondly, it's not true. The film portrays the Zulu warriors in a very respectful manner. They are brave, honourable and cunning tacticians. In the dramatic final scene of the battle, the Zulus line up to sing and dance. The British think this is a prelude to another attack, but in fact the Zulus have given up; and they are saluting their enemies for being great warriors. Zulu is a unique war film with no good guys and bad guys; just good guys. I don't care if it is historically inaccurate. The message of the story is that you can get into conflict with others, even very violent conflict; and yet not lose your humanity. It's a wonderfully positive theme. However wokeists are so anti-intellectual that they can only think in one dimension. They just see white people fighting black people and yell "racism!" almost as a reflex. Of all the excesses of wokeism, this is surely the most ridiculous. I'm pleased to say that the screening of the film in Folkestone was not cancelled. The local people and the charity stood up to those idiotic snowflakes. We need to see more of that kind of resistance.
See here for background:

Saturday 4 December 2021

Strange New Prisons

All human societies with a dense population have prisons. Prisons serve two purposes; firstly to act as punishment for wrongdoings. They provide the basics necessities of life, but no more, and the inmate can never leave until their sentence is complete; or their death, whichever comes first. A prison's second function is isolation, to keep the inmates separated from the rest of the population so that they can do no harm to others. This is especially important for violent crimes. For this reason I was surprised and worried to learn that the UK government is currently on a massive building spree of new prisons that appear to serve only one of those purposes. Four new multi-million pound gaols are currently under construction and are due to open between 2022 and 2026; HMP Five Wells in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, HMP Full Sutton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, HMP Glen Parva in Leicestershire and a fourth one in Chorley as yet unnamed. These so-called "mega-prisons" are very different to what you probably would expect a prison to be. There are no bars on the windows and the locations are selected to provide a nice view. The cell blocks have a cross-shaped plan instead of the traditional Victorian K-block. When complete, Five Wells will be able to house up to 1,650 inmates, making it the biggest gaol in Britain. Its cells have been described as "light and airy double rooms and single rooms, with brightly coloured walls and unobstructed views over the beautiful River Nene and fishing lake." There will also be a "central hub" area for "education, vocational training and social facilities". The yards will be landscaped and have lots of green spaces. Since when did a description of a clink sound like an entry on Trip Adviser? The prisons are being built under a public-private partnership by the Keir group and will be owned and run by G4S; yes, the same security contractor that messed up the 2012 Olympics and led to the total military lockdown of the whole of London, see: Source: If a prison is designed to be as comfortable as possible then it is designed to fulfil only one of a prisons' two purposes, isolation; in other words, internment.
Internment is the incarceration of citizens or visitors by a government for reasons other than criminal. It was first practiced in the Second Boer War in 1899 and has since then been employed multiple times. During World War II, 120,000 Americans with Japanese roots were locked up in internment camps, mostly in California where Japanese-Americans tend to live. This was supposedly for their "own safety" because of public anger over the attack on Pearl Harbour. These camps were not prisons; hardly any of the detainees were under suspicion of espionage or guerrilla activities. As a result they were intended to be as pleasant a location to live in as possible. Inside there were parks and sports grounds, post offices and schools, hospitals and theatres. However, nobody inside it could leave. There was a barbed wire fence, guard dogs and armed warders patrolling the perimeter. Reading the descriptions of these detention centres reminds me very much of the new British mega-prisons. Could it be that these new prisons are for internment? Why not? Australia has already started putting away "unruly" people, mostly aborigines, who are suspected of being infected with Covid 19 and refuse testing or the vaccines, see: The Australian government calls these internment camps "quarantine facilities". Why would the UK government need such measures and who would be put in them. The answer is anybody who refuses to cooperate with the changes in our country currently underway. People who refuse to be vaccinated, refuse to carry an ID card, refuse to shop without cash, refuse to use politically correct language; refuse to comply with any of the myriad Orwellian reforms the state wants to introduce. It could be that I will end up in one of these places. I hope not, but it can't be ruled out.
See here for more information:

Friday 3 December 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Thomas Baden-Riess 4

I have been featured on another livestream with Thomas Baden-Riess, see:
Subjects discussed include: Australian concentration camps, anti-Semitic entrapment, forced jabs or masks, and much much more. We were joined on this programme by "Unwashed", see:
See here for my previous appearance on Thomas' channel:

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Richplanet TV on AATIP

When the AATIP and TTSA revelations dropped in December 2017, it didn't take long for Richard D Hall to get on the case and his assessment was very predictable. No doubt his hypersensitive shill detector lit up like a Las Vegas casino almost the moment Luis Elizondo's name was first mentioned. In his latest programme, number 293 entitled Who Controls The Planet?, he denounces the former AATIP director, inevitably, as a disinformation agent. The answer to the question in the title is: whoever controls space. At the moment there is a "space rush" across the world with nations setting up space forces and launching military satellites. Like the oceans a few centuries ago, the enpire that rules space will have as much power as the empire that once ruled the waves. Richard brings on Andrew Johnson... again, and together they analyze the post-2017 change in the media's depiction of UFO's. They claim that what has happened with AATIP and the TTSA is fundamentally no different to previous UFO revealations over the years, such as the Condon Report of 1969. They are totally wrong. After December 2017, the media underwent a transformation in the way it addressed the UFO issue that decisively broke away from the "official ridicule and denial" strategy that they had been operating under continuously, across the globe, since the Cutler-Twining memo of 1947. Why this radical shift took place is an important question for which I do not have a complete answer, but in no way can anybody successfully state that it has "all been done in the past hasn't it?" No. What we see now is totally unprecedented. See here for details: and: I was astonished and dismayed to see that when it came to the AATIP videos, Richard and Andrew simply accept the skeptic debunking of Mick West and Philip Mason (Thunderf00t). This has been comprehensively discredited by so many people, including myself, that I don't know where to start. Richard and Andrew could have read my article in issue 47 of UFO Truth Magazine and spared themselves some embarrassment, but they haven't. Why? Because Gary Heseltine is yet another name on their enormously long blacklist, see: I'll come back to that point later. Richard and Andrew didn't even look at the primary source material. Their dismissal of the "Go fast" and "Gimbal" footage comes from what Richard calls "good analysis". It is not analysis; it is a video by the science vlogger Anton Petrov who does little more than repeat the original nonsense, see: Richard also calls Tucker Carlson's very courageous coverage of the UAP "crap!"
With this false conclusion taken as read, Richard and Andrew move onto the roles played by Senator Harry Reid and Bob Bigelow. Here they find a more secure footing in reality. It was actually Bigelow's influence on the US Senate Majority Leader that caused AATIP to be established in the first place. Reid might have been the brainchild behind it, but it was his friend's idea originally. Bigelow, as we know, was directly involved with AATIP as a contractor to examine physical evidence gathered from supposed UFO's. Reid wrote a letter in 2009 to the Deputy Secretaty of Defence, William Lynn, that did not refer to UAP investigation at all; but instead the development of advanced military technology. How strange. It appears Harry Reid and Bob Bigelow have an unterior motive for creating AATIP. John Greenewald of The Black Vault has noticed more suspicious elements, see: The fact that Bigelow's specialized role in AATIP was physical debris science means a picture starts to emerge. Even before the study was complete, the US government was considering practical applications for back-engineering unknown salvaged material with unusual properties. Another piece of that jigsaw is Anthony Bragalia's Freedom of Information Act request, see: It could be that this project is already well advanced; which is what might be in the 143 pages too hot for FOIA. When the subject of Luis Elizondo comes up, Richard falls back once again on statement analysis. As I've said before, for example:, statement analyisis should never be ignored, yet at the same time it should not be used as a substitute for other methods. Even though Richard controlled the analysis with two separate tests, I still question its objectivity. At one point Andrew says: "Anybody that gets promoted like that is promoted for a reason and it's not for good reasons." Richard agrees. This exposes both men's attitudes to a fallacy I have identifed before, that everything which seems to reduce a conspiracy or be against it has to be automatically rejected on the grounds that it is just another level of the cover-up. By this reasoning the conspiracy can never be seen to end. See here for more information: and: At the moment neither Richard nor Andrew are open to any other possibility. Funnily enough, apart from that, Richard and Andrew have no evidence at all that Elizondo is a shill. It is simply their assumption based on the other information they think they have. On the subject of the "five observables", Richard and Andrew state that all of them are also within the capabilities of secret government technology. They bring up Mark McCandlish, who died in mysterious circumstances a few months ago, just before he was about to brief the US Senate. That should be a solid ribbon on our corkboard leading to Bigelow and Reid's activities in the 2000's. That is all true, so why should we assume that the UAP's are extraterrestrial? I do not assume that all of them are, but at the same time I don't believe none of them are. This is partly due to the antiquity of the phenomenon. The images and descriptions of the AATIP footage have been reported by pilots since aeroplanes were invented; in fact there are some very convincing studies from World War II. I also doubt the secret space programme hypothesis for most cases because of the behaviour of the phenomena. There is one avenue of inquiry we should keep open though, the problem of the threat narrative. This is a legitimate sticking point and it might be a motive for government to use antigravity and free energy vehicles to impersonate alien invaders. I have covered that in detail many times, for example see: Some UFOlogists have adopted the paradigm of prevention and planted their flag on the 100% man made hypothesis; mostly, unlike Richard and Andrew, for political instead of intellectual reasons. After all if they're proven wrong, what do they lose? Actually, quite a lot. If there is information about real ET's being slowly released then it could be a prelude to willing Disclosure. That is an opportunity too important to miss. It's a narrow path we have to tread between the two sides of this dilemma, but tread it we must. Source:
On a personal note, people have often asked me why I am so critical of Richard. I have to think before replying; I am not so critical, I am merely critical. Should people not be critical of Richard D Hall? Is he above criticism? Why should he be; not least seeing as he himself does not hesitate to criticize others, sometiems very harshly, and usually unfairly? He once described Miles Johnston as a "clown!". Miles is a good friend and comrade of mine who I consider a dedicated workhorse in this movement. He was running an Irish UFO group in the early 1970's when Richard was still in primary school. The thing is, very few people do criticze Richard because he has a reputation for being very abrasive and intimidating; and, frankly, most people are scared of him. Well, I am not. I must admit I have a score to settle because I myself have been on Richard's hitlist. Many years ago on a public Facebook group he once called me a "fucking servant of the mainstream media!" I didn't react and maybe I should have. I have a habit of bearing grudges like this and reacting can often save me from endless brooding. I should have instantly replied to Richard and proposed an "Abingdon town centre" solution, like I did with Slaxxxer, see: If Richard is ever as rude to me like that again, believe me, I shall. It is telling that one of the few people in the entire conspirasphere to remain in Richard's good books is Andrew Johnson, who himself is capable of deeply antisocial behaviour, see: This doesn't reduce my respect for both men professionally. I have found I can keep those two worlds separate. I think Richard D Hall's current failures comes from the contempt and distrust he feels for almost all other Truthers. Why is that? Are we not all on the same side here? We differ in conclusions and methodology, but that does not make us all disinformation agents or dupes or shills. It doesn't mean we are deserving of the condemnation Richard so thoughtlessly heaps upon us. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need some kind of tribunal system to sort things like this out, see: and: is not the first time Richard has made such a monumental blunder. In the case of Rendlesham Forest it came from the fact that he did not consult with other researchers, because of his low opinion of us, and relied entirely on his magic wand, see: He is capable of doing better. He has done better. I hope he will lean a lesson from his errors and not, as The Who sung, get fooled again.