Saturday 6 June 2020

Rebel Masks

The British government has just announced that from the 15th of this month all people must wear coronavirus face masks on public transport; buses, trams, coaches, aircraft, ferryboats and trains. This is supposed to prevent a resurgence of infection as the lockdown is eased. Source: Critics of the lockdown, like myself, are obviously very much opposed to this measure. Somebody the other day called them "COVID hijabs". My first instinct is simply to refuse. After all, refusing would not really a problem for me because I hardly ever use short distance public transport anyway. Most of my workplaces are less than a mile from where I live; I simply walk there and back. The penalty the government wish to impose on passengers who refuse to don the mask is a hefty fine and/or being ejected from the vehicle. Some people who are opposed to the lockdown are dependent on public transport because of disabilities or the need to travel to and from work, and to have contact with family; therefore I don't pass judgement on those people if they comply. Nevertheless, there is a way of doing so under protest that can actually have a positive effect: rebel masks. Coronavirus masks can be either purchased or homemade, see: and: The government is not issuing proper medical virus protection masks to the citizens in the same way it did chemical warfare masks during World War II. Therefore your mask can simply be a piece of cloth. Choose a light coloured textile and then write on it with a dark felt-tip pen a subversive slogan or reference such as, or Covid19= NWO or #HPANWO etc; or one of your own choosing. Make sure the text is in large lettering and clear so it can be read quickly or at a distance. This will educate and alert your fellow travelers into full red pill awareness. You will need more than one mask because they have to be washed regularly, so you can choose a different slogan for each one. Also if the ink is washed out in the laundry you can write something different next time. If you choose to buy a packet of disposable surgical masks, bear in mind that they are flat-packed and concertinaed which means if you write on them before unfolding them, the text will be distorted afterwards. I wore such masks all the time when I was a hospital porter. No driver, policeman or conductor can order you to take off a rebel mask because doing so breaks the law and can expose you to the danger of infection. This way the draconian law gives you the means to resist it by its very nature. Have fun!

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