Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Heroism of "Ken and Karen"

The internet is ablaze right now because a house is not. The house in question is the home of a middle-aged couple from St Louis, Missouri USA who have been nicknamed "Ken and Karen". Yesterday Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters invaded a gated community in the city where the mayor lives. They wanted the mayor to resign after she publicly revealed the identities of some of the alleged perpetrators of last week's riots. On their way to the mayor's house they congregated outside the home of one of her neighbours, the aforementioned couple. Ken and Karen, real names Mark and Patty McClosky, promptly appeared on their doorstep armed with an assault rifle and a pistol, something which is perfectly legal in their location. This has been portrayed by the mainstream media in the predictable way with headlines like: "Upper Class WHITE people threaten Peaceful Protesters with Guns!" Actually Mr and Mrs McClosky were not threatening anybody. They were announcing their intention to use lawful force should any intruder put them or their property at risk. The location was not a public street, but a private condominium; so the protesters were already trespassers just for being on the road outside. Based on the recent actions of BLM and Antifa it was perfectly reasonable for the McCloskys to be concerned. They are clearly wealthy and live in a big house, obviously a symbol of "white privilege!" which is why so little sympathy is being shown towards them by the mainstream. Their house is actually a Grade 2 listed building. It's a classic Midwestern Palazzo style mansion built in 1888 and was in bad condition when they moved in. The McCloskys have spent a lot of money over thirty-two years restoring it, and I dare say an awful lot of love. It is an architectural work of art. The couple would surely have seen the footage of burning buildings across the country and were determined not to let their precious home suffer the same fate. No shots were fired in the incident and nobody was hurt. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-53226495/couple-stands-in-front-yard-to-point-guns-at-protesters.

Some brilliant memes have emerged as a result of this incident, see: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ken-and-karen-st-louis-missouri-gun-couple. It's odd that in the insanity of the post-modern world, "Clown World", sometimes acting in accordance with that insanity is necessary for survival. In classic socio-economic terms, from Marx to Keynes to Rand, Ken and Karen are rich and upper class, the exact opposite to me. Yet nowadays they and I are both considered equally privileged members of the ruling elite. I see this as ludicrous, but when the new class war resorts to widespread racial hatred, violence and destruction then I might be forced to regard the McCloskys with a sense of class solidarity, whether I want to or not. Unless we can find a way to calm down this tsunami of fanaticism and reintroduce a bit of healthy logic and ethics, then the alternative for us all might be our demise. I can only hope that things don't get quite that bad. One thing's for sure. The saga of Ken and Karen ends the debate about gun rights, in my opinion. If the Missouri couple had not been armed then we may well have seen a pile of smoking rubble where their beautiful home once stood.

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