Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 5

The campaign against Larry Warren has advanced into a new league. It has risen from the blogosphere and Facebook comments boxes into UFOlogy journalism. The latest issue of Outer Limits Magazine features four articles on the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and two on what I'm surprised no wise-cracker has yet christened "Warrengate". OLM is a fairly new publication, but it is holding a conference later in the year that I plan to attend. The first article is a simple editorial summary of the break up between Peter Robbins and Larry Warren that I talk about in Part 1 of this article series. It is illustrated dramatically with a ripped paper graphic between portraits of the two men. It doesn't speculate or judge the causes of this event. Peter still has not clarified his feelings and describes it as simply a personal issue. This is followed by an article by Philip Mantle entitled "The Rendlesham Rumpus" in which he assesses the contribution of Steve Longero. (See here for Philip's interview on HPANWO Radio: Then there's a piece called "Rendlesham Responses" in which various people give their opinion, including John Burroughs, Adrian Bustinza and Nick Pope; though not Larry Warren for some reason. The ace of the pack is kept till last. The magazine has published an article by Sacha Christie called "The UFO Truth- The Whole UFO Truth and Nothing but the Truth"; for some reason this time she has failed to come up with one of her usual puns. Sacha provides a précis of her project and pins the reader's hopes right on the mainmast of her six hundred pound so-called "analysis" of Larry's handwriting. I explain why this is unlikely to be successful in previous articles in this series. Source:

Sacha's article is calm and professionally written. Its tone is totally unlike that she often uses on her blog. She places the blame for all the bad feeling in the UFO community solely on the heads of those who do not accept her supposed evidence against Larry. She and her cohorts portray us as stubborn and dogmatic... when they're being polite to us. It's important to remind readers of Sacha's OLM piece that this is the person who carried out an unprovoked personal attack against me, hitting me where it hurts when she brought up my discharge from the NHS, see: She also grossly misrepresented me in a more recent discussion about a previous article in this series. She wrote: "...But conspiracy theories rage! As part of Ben Emlyn-Jones' special investigation he... demands to know who Barry Greenwood really is and calls for the internet to get a hold of him. Nice... Set the internet on a man in his seventies; way to go Ben." And she sent this to Barry... or rather she claims she did:
Source: Now, let's look at what I actually said that warranted accusations of incitement to harassment and gangstalking: "I urge anybody reading this who knows Barry Greenwood to get in touch with him and ask him to confirm or deny what Sacha has said." See: And now let's have a look at the threatening abusive poison pen letter I sent to Barry myself:
Barry has not answered my email, nor anybody else's. It appears he is hiding out in a cabin in the woods and only communicating with Sacha Christie.

One thing I've noticed about Sacha when she began her anti-Larry Warren operation is that all the allies she targeted for recruitment are relative newcomers to the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy scene. She didn't bother with people like me. I've known her for ten years and I've seen her do this kind of thing before. I believe her "time and motion study" explanation for the RFI was proposed simply to stir up controversy and get her attention. She is like a chameleon. She can be very complimentary and charming to people when she sees them as useful to her and turn immediately into a caustic antagonist against those who resist her. She knows that her indoctrination will not work on me. What I've just said is not intended to be a judgement of Sacha Christie's character, just a commentary on the effects of her behaviour. In her OLM article she insists that her "crusade" (her words) is not a "truth mob". Here she is signalling to me. This is a term I coined. Is Warrengate a Truth mob? Listen to this HPANWO Show from 105 minutes and make your own mind up:

The good news is that Sacha's pronouncements are not going unanswered. In fact here's an update from Gary:
In issue 10 of UFO Truth Magazine I highlighted an image allegedly found on one of Larry Warren’s FB albums that seemed to show one, if not two anomalies above the A10 aircraft shown in the picture.
On July 29th, 2014 one of Larry’s Facebook friends, Robert Martins, began a string conversation about the A10 photo. He told Larry that he had found an object in the sky just above the A10. He downloaded the image and then looked to enhance it with photo enhancing software.
To his surprise, he found that there was an unknown in the sky above the A10, what looked like a UFO, an unidentified flying object.
When he enlarged the anomalous object he was amazed to see that it appeared to be a structured like object.
Martins then placed his Photoshop enhancements onto Larry’s FB page and other people were then able to view and comment on them.
At 2219 hours Larry responded:
'No shit! Wow thanks Robert Martins………. who knew?????????????? Damn.'
When Larry looked at the object’s shape he was amazed to find that it was the same as the object he’d seen at Capel Green thirty-four years earlier on the third night of UFO activity of the Rendlesham Forest Incident.
Larry Warren: 'Its the same shape as what I saw in late December................Well blow me down.'
One of the people who saw Martin’s image was Rich Dimascio who decided to examine the unidentified object even further and posted his enhanced image on the same FB string conversation taking place with Larry and Robert Martins.
This unexpected development led Larry to telling me about what had happened and resulted in the article that I wrote in issue 10 of the magazine.
Note: At the end of the article I stated: 'I would stress at this stage that further investigation needs to be done i.e. an examination of the original photo and negative (if available) but nevertheless the early indications point to an amazing new development in the Rendlesham case thirty-four years on! GH.'
I have been informed by Sue McAllister, Larry’s ex-wife, that following a search of Larry’s home the original A10 printed photograph has been found.
As a result I have advised Larry and Sue to:
1: Get a 600 dpi resolution scan image of it.
2: Send that scan, if not the original photo, to Bruce Maccabee, the retired navy photographic image analyst for evaluation (Note - Maccabee had evaluated the photo seen on the FB string and had endorsed it as being genuine).
I await news of the results.
There is more information that I'm aware of that I cannot currently reveal, but rest assured Larry and his defenders, including myself, are striking back. Another researcher, Russ Kellett, has also stood up for Larry regarding Sacha's claim that Larry tried to trade fraudulent music memorabilia.
See here for the next part:

Tuesday 24 January 2017

At the Awakening of 12 Strands Premiere

Last Sunday evening was bitterly cold and I wrapped up warmly as I headed for the big screen London premiere of Sandra Daroy's film Awakening of 12 Strands. See here for essential background: This was an unusual situation because, for the first time, I was accompanied by my daughter Louisa. She is almost twenty-two years old and has never been to any of my conspiratorial/UFO/paranormal gatherings before. In fact as a teenager she scoffed at most of what I did, calling it "that David Icke stuff!" This was her generic moniker for everything HPANWO-esque, regardless of whether David Icke was associated with it or not. Maybe it was just a phase she was going through... being a teenage girl in other words. As she has matured her attitude has changed. I've had some remarkable conversations with her over the last couple of years and she's even started reading HPANWO occasionally. The cinema is a very Bohemian-looking Victorian conversion in Bloomsbury called the The Horse Hospital. London is full of these kinds of venues, specializing in arthouse flicks and independent cinema. It's not the first time I've been there. I previously went there to a showing of Mark Pilkington's Mirage Men, see: Its facilities are rudimentary, but it has a nice atmosphere. Louisa and I arrived an hour early and went to the pub next door; and, one by one, my friends arrived, including Colin Woolford, Miles Johnston and, of course, the director Sandra Daroy herself. As always it's wonderful to see them. As I said to one of them: "This is the only time I can have conversations like this!"

Along with my friends were some of the cast of Awakening of 12 Strands. Despite being very low budget, Sandra's film is richly complex and has a large number of characters. I recognized a few of them because I have seen a preview of the film. We all sat down with a glass of wine and the event began. Sandra had given me the job of introducing the film. I was a bit worried because I had not had time to prepare anything; this week has been a bit hectic. Luckily the premiere began late so my speech was cut down in length considerably. I had to ad-lib and hopefully channel my inner orator. It worked and I did a fairly good job. It's been filmed by Miles for the Bases Project, see: (coming soon). I introduced Sandra to the audience and then she came up and gave a speech; and then we rolled the movie. It was slightly updated from the preview I had seen. It had a few extra scenes and the sound quality was improved. Sandra is a perfectionist who has yet to be completely satisfied with the product she has created. If anything I would say that she is probably over-critical of her own work and her modesty is misplaced. Like all artists, she'll get quite enough denigration from the critics before her career is done, see:; and she should not add to it herself. I was very impressed by Awakening of 12 Strands. Sandra not only directed the film, but she edited it, and did all the production design herself. Although our styles are completely different, Sandra's film covers a lot of the same themes as my book Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure. After the showing was over everybody gave a big round of applause and we took a few photos to commemorate the occasion. Then it was back over to the pub and Sandra had a well-earned glass of wine. Louisa and I had to leave early because we had to get home to Oxford. As I walked away from the pub I said to her: "So you survived your first ever UFO/conspiracy/paranormal event. How was it?" She replied: "Good, and not a tin foil hat in sight." If you want to watch Awakening of 12 Strands you can stream it online for just £3.84, see: Sandra is currently looking into other distribution options.

Monday 23 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at High Wycombe Paranormal

I will be speaking at the High Wycombe Paranormal meet-up group on Wednesday the 22nd of February. The event starts around 7.30 PM and the venue is the Bricklayers Arms, High Street, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5XJ. Just £5 entry. See here for more details; you might need to log into a Facebook account: My lecture will be entitled... Skeptics- Who are they? Why are they wrong? And why does it matter? All people who look into paranormal, alternative or conspiratorial matters will, at some point, come across the skeptics; people who dismiss and deny everything that has been discovered. Turn your critical eyes on those who claim to be critical.
See here for a film of my previous appearance at High Wycombe Paranormal:

Saturday 21 January 2017

Coronation of the God Emperor

It has actually happened. I couldn't get it out of my head that somebody would somehow put a stop to it. President-elect Donald Trump really has now become Donald Trump, the Forty-Fifth President of the United States. In the days running up to the inauguration I felt increasingly tense. You can hear it when I talk about Trump on this radio show: Would he survive to his inauguration day without being shot, or having a plane crash or "heart attack"? A light aircraft crash is traditional for those who cross the Clintons. Of course that could well still happen and I can't remain tense for four to eight years. It makes little difference politically if Trump were assassinated before or after his inauguration; he had been elected by the people and that is what really matters. However I felt it was symbolically and emotionally significant for him to read the oath and formally become the new president. This really is the finish line of this long, hard race of multiple hurdles. We have Brexit and Trump rubber-stamped. It is done; nothing can take that away from us. Yesterday I got home from work and switched on the television. I had some beers in the fridge and chips in the oven and I settled down to watch. Trump had been in Washington DC since the previous evening where he had laid a wreath at the Arlington National Cemetery where President Kennedy is buried with the eternal flame of the Illuminati burning on his tomb. At the same time some of Trump's supporters led by Milo Yiannopoulos held an alt-right "Deplora-Ball" to celebrate. Yesterday morning when he woke up Trump went to church and then headed for the Capitol with his family to be sworn in. He read out the oath of office with his hand placed on George Washington's Masonic bible: "I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God." Then the band played Hail to the Chief for the first time, see: After that the new president made a speech, see: I breathed a sigh of relief. I immediately Tweeted: "ALL HAIL THE GOD EMPEROR TRUMP AND DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER! (I hope)" See below. After that the president and his family retired to the dining room for a top-class luncheon and then, as per tradition, walked to the White House as part of a parade. A huge number of well-wishers gathered in the Mall and along the streets to witness the inauguration. At the White House there was another pageant. Marchers from the armed forces, police and other organizations trooped past. The emergency services were among them... but no hospital porters unfortunately, or "orderlies" as they're called in America. There were even some farmers in their tractors, see:
The inauguration of President Trump has stolen the headlines all over the world, with a few exceptions such as on St Helena. Here is their local newspaper for the 20th of January: On an island so small and isolated, the goings on in the outside world must feel very distant and ephemeral. Along with the celebrations there has been an unprecedented level of protest. Last night the streets of Washington DC were occupied by rioters. This kind of disorder has been commonplace since Trump was elected, but it has never been this bad. A fire was started in the middle of a road and people wearing the famous red Trump hats were attacked. All across the world today there are so-called "women's marches" going on. Two hundred thousand people are protesting in Washington and they have been joined in solidarity by events in other countries. The women's march in London ended at the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square to express their concerns about Trump's alleged bad attitude to women's rights, gay rights, black people's rights, nuclear weapons, climate change and immigration. There were similar events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester. The Edinburgh one is picketing the US Consulate there at the time of writing. The singer Lily Allen joined the London one. It's ironic that if Hillary Clinton had beaten Trump to the Oval Office then all those matters, except climate change, would have been under far greater threat; as I've explained before, see background links below. Despite their name, "male allies" have been welcomed on the women's marches. However I wonder what the organizers really think of the men who support them; my criticism of feminism leads me to think, not a lot. Source: and: Now we shall find out who Donald J Trump really is. Already he is making very different noises to the ones he made on his campaign trail that make me fear he has been compromised. He has appointed people to his cabinet who he really shouldn't trust; including Mitt Romney, a man who previously denounced Trump as a "con man" in the primaries. John Bolton was nominated by Trump as his secretary of state, and might still get the job. However Bolton is a rabid neoconservative and was George W Bush's ambassador to the United Nations. He is one of the architects of the "War on Terror" and a member of the Project for a New American Century, see: Trump is not going to pursue any criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton; what happened to "lock her up!"? He has also made several contradictory statements about America's relationship with Israel. He spoke at an American Israel Public Affairs Committee- AIPAC meeting and said: "What's it like to talk to somebody you can't buy?" Yet at the same time he is acting all cosy with several American Zionist lobby groups, see: We'll have to watch Trump closely because there are worrying indicators that he is currently being absorbed into the establishment that he has never been a part of before. Unless this is another one of his tricks. It is wise never to underestimate Trump. He is extraordinarily intelligent, cunning and resourceful. His lifetime's experience as a hard-nosed businessman has made him a formidable opponent for anybody. This is why when I Tweeted what I did yesterday I put in brackets "I hope". Time will tell, but I think he deserves a chance. Will the presidency of Donald Trump become another confirmation of my "springtime in Narnia" theory? We'll have to wait and see.

Friday 20 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 15

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: Strange photographs of ghosts and winged humanoids, new UFO footage from Chile, SETI analysis of Tabby's Star and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Thursday 19 January 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 4

Sacha Christie is currently making a big song and dance about a conversation on my Facebook feed that was intended to be humourous. (Incidentally, I wonder who on my friends list is Sacha's sock-puppet. She always seems to know what I'm doing on Facebook even though I've blocked all her overt accounts.) The joke is that the face Andrew Burlington and I spotted is actually Nick Pope. Although there is something vaguely Papal about that reflected visage, it is far too indistinct to make a formal identification and I do not really accuse Nick Pope in any way of being the photographer. This was just a joke and I joined in with it for fun. Goodness knows, the Larry Warren controversy is such a grim subject that if I didn't have a laugh about it occasionally I'd end up crying. Sacha has taken this very obvious banter and twisted it into a serious suggestion (She does this kind of thing a lot and I'll be saying more about that later).

Sacha also reckons that Larry is the face behind the camera and gives other supposed examples of Larry making screenovers of his A10 photo, and others where he met famous people, although she does not give a reason for why this automatically makes them fraudulent. The A10 photo, in this case, is the close-up of the bottom UFO, see above. In this case the reflection is far less distinct than in the last photo I addressed. Despite this, Sacha claims to be able to identify the person taking the photo; she says it is Larry Warren. I don't know why she thinks that when she also claims that we could not nominate Nick Pope from the previous photo, even in jest. Larry's distinguishing features, apparently, are a chain on his wrist and the top of his head... No, I can't recognize Larry from that either. She mirrors the photograph, see below, and says you can see more easily that way; I don't know why. For some reason the forehead is clearer in the mirrored photo, but it still could be anyone as far as I can judge. What's more this image appears to have been tampered with. There is a large black blotch in the centre, just below the left side of the camera. This looks like airbrushing to me. I don't know why this has been done. There are no clear answers yet; only more questions. I will return to this subject later. Source: and:
Many thanks to a friend for the image analysis; somebody who wishes to remain anonymous.
See here for the next part:

Wednesday 18 January 2017

The End of Whistleblower Hunting?

The Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning has had her sentence commuted by the executive order of outgoing US president Barack Obama. She will be released in May this year. Originally she had been due for parole in 2045; it's unlikely she would have lived that long because of the deterioration in her mental and physical health. She is only "she" and not "he" because she went on hunger strike to force the government to give her sex change treatment. Bradley Manning had been a solider serving in Iraq and had approached Wikileaks to expose an attempted cover-up by the US government. In 2007 a helicopter crew had shot dead twelve journalists in Baghdad, mistaking them for terrorists. The government tried to suppress all information about their deadly blunder. Thanks to Manning they failed. However he was brutally punished for his disobedience by the vengeful authorities, being put in jail for what was in practice a life sentence. Murderers receive more leniency; let that be a warning to anybody else contemplating doing the same! I am suspicious that Obama waited until the very end of his presidency before issuing the commutation, no doubt motivated by political considerations. He will now be remembered as "the president who freed Chelsea Manning!"; he's not going to wait a few days and let Donald Trump get that accolade. This is not a pardon and Manning will still have this offence on her criminal record. However that can be quibbled over later; the main thing is she will soon be free... as she should have always been. Source: The White House deny it, but it's likely this decision was finalized after an announcement made by Julian Assange a few days earlier. Assange has been under siege in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since August 2012, see: Like Manning, his health is suffering as a result. He has little sunlight and fresh air and it's beginning to show in his appearance. He has always called for the release of Chelsea Manning and has offered to hand himself over to the law if the US government frees Manning. This is a calculated risk of course, but the original charges of sexual assault in Sweden that he was accused of have been legally discredited so his position is now much stronger. However, there's a bit of a "prisoner's dilemma" here. I hope Assange won't trust the US government at its word and hand himself over now. He should wait until Manning is physically outside the prison gates before stepping out of the embassy. Source: What will this mean for Edward Snowden and other insiders who have spoken out? Who knows, but if Trump lives up to what he's promised to be, the freeing of Chelsea Manning could just be the start of an ongoing process. If the heat is turned off them all then does this mean the end of the age of whistleblower persecution?

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Brexit will be Rock 'ard!

The Prime Minister Theresa May has broken all the doubts and speculations on Britain leaving the European Union in one fell swoop with a speech she gave this morning, see: Out means out. Not half-in-half-out, not "Brexit Lite", not "micro-Brexit", not "I Can't Believe It's Not Brexit"... Out. The United Kingdom will cease to be part of the European common market in any way. Instead we'll have to scrape along by doing what we used to do for centuries beforehand, including the period when we were the most prosperous and successful nation on earth; set up our own bilateral trade deals with individual states, absent some bureaucratic overarching third party regulator. The final deal will have to be passed by Parliament, but based on last year's little experiment this should not be a problem, see here for details: The Prime Minister's speech will dash the last hopes of the "Remoaners" and hopefully this means we will no longer have to endure their dictatorial whinging about "second referendums!" and "We're the 48%" and "people's challenges!" David Lammy and Gina Miller etc will have to find another hobby horse to occupy their very excessive free time. This speech means the path to Article 50 should now be a downhill run. Wouldn't it be great if it could be triggered before the 23rd of June, when we celebrate UK Independence Day for the first time?

Monday 16 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 25

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Chester. This show is part of the Truth Frequency Radio network, see:
I am featured for the whole programme and subjects discussed include: smart cities and the end of property and privacy, Trump and mainstream fake news, Obama's legacy and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Sunday 15 January 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 3

The saga of Larry Warren and his accusers is moving faster than I expected. We already have enough material for a new episode to peruse, and Part 3 began before Part 2 was even over. As soon as I posted Part 2 I was contacted by my good friend Andrew Burlington, known online as "Victor Nevada". He had noticed something about the photograph Sacha Christie posted on her last blog article; the one she says was on Larry's laptop, see: As I said in my previous article, Sacha explains this as coffee cup rings and I reply with my own assessment of that possibility. Andrew has a lot of experience in image analysis, in fact he has on ongoing project to examine the "Alien Interview" video, see here for details: and: I really should have approached him before I published Part 2! He says that the image is actually a screenover; it's made by somebody photographing a monitor display with a camera. The white marks are caused by ambient reflection coming off the monitor screen. He says that the reflection is actually that of the photographer. Once he'd pointed this out to me it clicked. In fact, as is often the case when your brain picks out a recognizable pattern, I can no longer perceive it as random. Compare the image above to the copy below with my annotations. You can clearly see a human face, a person wearing oval-shaped spectacles holding a camera close to the screen. Their hands are clenched as they hold the camera and the curve of their knuckles is plainly visible. You can even see the mouse cursor in the bottom right. The circular mark I noticed is the camera lens. Why would Sacha use an image of the photograph created in such a deficient way? If she has a file of the photo on Larry's laptop then simply copy and post it. If it doesn't have a compatible interface then a technician at a computer shop will do it for her in three minutes flat. There's no need to take a photo of the open file on the screen and then make a new file, full of reflections and of much poorer quality, and post that instead; making up excuses about "coffee cup rings". Why? It is especially bizarre because, as I say in Part 2, Sacha already has used another far better quality copy of the alleged "real original" that she obtained from Barry Greenwood. In fact the quality is so poor on her reproduction of the "second fake" on Larry's laptop, that it could instead be the one with the UFO's; the one Larry claims is the real original. The UFO's could merely be hidden by the low resolution.
See here for the next part:

Saturday 14 January 2017

Stonehenge Tunnel

The A303 is one of the main thoroughfares across the English West Country. It is a famous road because at West Amesbury it passes just three hundred feet from the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, the most famous Neolithic monument in the world. The A303 is also renowned for being very congested, and indeed it has been running at over-capacity for several decades. Over twenty thousand vehicles a day pass through the primeval hallowed landscape. This generates a lot of noise which disturbs the peace of the sacred site. The ground vibrations, especially from large vehicles like lorries and coaches, might cause damage in the long run. It also makes it less accessible for tourists. Several solutions have been suggested, including rerouting the A303 or making it wider; but in the late 1980's it was proposed that the road could be moved into a tunnel. Building tunnels is a major engineering challenge; to make a hole in the subterranean world where none exists naturally. It is difficult and extremely expensive. It is highly unusual for a tunnel to be constructed to overcome anything other than an insurmountable geographic obstacle like a wide river or a mountain range. There has been a long planning and consultation session and a few days ago the tunnel was finally approved. Source: The plan chosen was one of several originally tabled. The winner is, predictably, the cheapest and simplest model. A 1.8 mile long bored tunnel will roughly follow the existing route of the A303, passing in a straight line directly underneath the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stonehenge. I don't know exactly how deep it will be, but it is planned to be of standard depth for a tunnel of its size, about fifty feet in diameter. If it is the same depth as the Seattle dig, see background links below, then its roof will be about fifty feet below ground level. To visualize that; the central lintel stones of the monument are about seventeen feet high. The project will cost about 1.4 billion pounds. However there is a campaign group that wants a different plan, a 3.7 mile long tunnel that will be deeper than standard and will divert completely around the Stonehenge complex. This will, of course, be much more difficult and more expensive to build and run, but the campaigners say it is necessary. The two entrances to the tunnel, which interestingly are termed "portals", would be too close to the site and would have to be dug through subsoil containing an array of archaeological treasures from which we could learn a lot about the people who built Stonehenge and the even more primordial cultures who came before them and made Salisbury Plain their home. There are some springs in the area which drew in a large population during the millennia before Stonehenge and they would have to be drained and channelled away to build the tunnel. The western portal of the tunnel is intended to emerge exactly where the sun rises on the winter solstice and so the artificial mound created together the tunnel lighting would ruin the view of the rising sun on the 21st of December. Is that a coincidence I wonder? See:

This is not the only current threat to the environment around Stonehenge. As I've reported before, the Ministry of Defence's plan to expand the barracks at Larkhill threaten to breach the Stonehenge "sun gap" which will spoil the natural view of the rising sun of the summer solstice on the 21st of June, see: For us to accept that both the natural solstice views are in peril because of modern development pushes coincidence theory beyond its limits, in my view. See here for more information: I wonder if the rising moon will be obscured too by future "building proposals". As Maria Wheatley recently said on HPANWO Radio, Stonehenge may well have begun as a moon-worshiping temple before it became a sun-worshiping one, see: It's almost as if this kind of damage is being done on purpose; deliberately in order to disrupt human enjoyment of ancient sacred sites. It is spiritual vandalism. What's more, a tunnel impaling Mother Earth directly beneath this ancient spiritual centre could have a devastating effect on the ley lines and energy grid of the planet. Again, maybe this is precisely why it is being done. Maybe the Illuminati plan to use the tunnel for satanic rituals. Performing them in the tunnel might get down much deeper into the aetheric body of the planet than ones committed on the surface. Check to see if it's "closed for maintenance" at Halloween or Beltane. Work on the tunnel could begin as early as 2020. I hope that is enough time for us to appeal and stop it before then. I know, it feels as if everything is being thrown at us at once because the "HS2" railway is due to be built round about then and that is something very similar. I have not yet discussed that in detail and I must do so soon. We must stop these dark elitists from wrecking the natural, traditional and spiritual universe of Britain and the human heritage it has treasured from time immemorial.
(BTW Hope you like the new blog design. I've changed Ben's Bookcase too)

Friday 13 January 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 2

In my 2016 year-end wrap-up programme on HPANWO Radio I described the anti-Larry Warren campaign in detail. See here, the first part of the show from 105 minutes: Since then, Sacha Christie, the real name of the person I have previously called "Wilks" or "Miss Internet", has published more information in her quest to prove that Larry Warren is a fraud. To begin with, she and Alyson Dunlop have started a page to raise money to pay for samples of Larry's handwriting to be formally analyzed by an expert. The allegation is that Larry himself faked many of the documents found in the illustrations of his book Left at East Gate, and the proof of his con can be found in demonstrating that they are all filled out in his own handwriting. This project will cost £600. At the time of writing it is just a hundred pounds short of its goal, see: Sacha says: "Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. Every penny counts towards a genuine scientific investigation. We need the truth. The witnesses need the truth. Once we have the results, all this awful nonsense can be put to bed for good. This is about a better UFOlogy and is showing us all that we can take a stand and we can fight for the truth. You are doing a good thing for the community." Several people I know have given money to this cause, and I've tried to talk them out of it. You see, regardless of your opinion about Larry's innocence or guilt, this analysis is very unlikely to achieve a conclusive result. Handwriting comparison is not an exact forensic science; it's very different from DNA or fingerprints. It is basically an assessment of statistical evidence, and I've explained the obstacles surrounding that before; how individuals are free to set their own standards of odds about what they consider "coincidence", see: See here for additional information: Also the analyst will not even have access to the original documents; they will have to resort to the book's illustrations. In the end, the analyst will probably just conclude that the documents might have been written by Larry Warren, or they might not... but they will still expect their fee.
Another element of Sacha's critique of Larry Warren concerns the famous "A10 photograph". This was a photo Larry says he took while he was heading out of Bentwater's base for the day on the 28th of December 1980. This was just before the night shift during which he would have his experience. He was a passenger in a car being driven by one of his colleagues from the security police squadron and he saw an A10 Tank-buster aircraft coming into land at the base. He leaned out of the window and took a series of photos of it with a Keystone 110 ASA camera. He had a set of colour prints developed, but then forgot about them; they lay abandoned in his album. However in 2014 a researcher called Mick Sayer was looking at one of the shots when he noticed a pair of unusual blemishes on the picture. When he magnified these he noticed that the marks closely resembled Larry's description of the craft he saw in the early hours of the following morning, see above for the photo. Dr Bruce Maccabee, a US Navy physicist and UFO expert, examined the photograph and found it to be genuine. Remember that in 1980 it was much harder to manipulate images than it is today. Therefore it came as a great surprise for everybody when Sacha Christie made the extraordinary announcement: that the print Larry has is not really the original. The original belongs to an American UFO researcher and author called Barry Greenwood. He was only too pleased to share it with Sacha. This picture is identical to Larry's except that there are no unusual marks on it. However it is also of a much poorer quality. What we see instead is plain, cloudy sky. Sacha also claims there was a copy of this image on a laptop computer she has that used to belong to Larry. See below for the photo. Source:
However, there are some reasons to doubt Sacha's proclamation. Firstly Barry Greenwood himself has so far made no independent statement regarding this matter. We simply have a copy of what Sacha claims is his email to her. I urge anybody reading this who knows Barry Greenwood to get in touch with him and ask him to confirm or deny what Sacha has said. Secondly, Larry has had no contact with Greenwood since the late 1980's when he was appearing on TV, originally with his face in shadow and calling himself "Art Wallace". What is Greenwood doing in possession of what Larry thought was an insignificant amateur snap Larry took and then even dismissed from his mind himself? How did he find it in order to include it with the material he sent to Sacha? Thirdly, and most suspiciously, if you look closely at the photo you'll see that the sky is not completely blank. There are some white marks roughly in the same place where the two UFO's can be seen correspondingly in Larry's picture, the one he insists is the original. The bottom mark is arc-shaped with a short straight line below; and the top ones are a short dash and an irregular squiggle. It seems Sacha has decided to pre-empt those of us, like me, who have noticed this anomaly. She wrote: "Image found in files... by Larry Warren while living with us. A10 with anomalies and coffee cup ring... strange blobs and marks bottom right." (Let's leave aside the blobs on the bottom right for now). These don't look like a coffee cup ring to me. They're white when coffee stains are grey. Most are the wrong shape. Also how big was the print? If it was standard size then that's an awfully small coffee cup. Also why would somebody use a photo like that as a coffee mug coaster and then return it to a photo album? See below where I highlight the unusual marks. Sacha also reckons that only Greenwood's supposed original was in colour and Larry's print was black and white. Not true; Larry's is in colour too.
Strangely Sacha publishes this supposed original photo elsewhere on her blog and it is of better quality, but there are different white marks:
It's time to consider some serious questions regarding this information, and I'd like those who have so far believed Sacha Christie's side of the story to ponder them most of all. Could it be that the print Larry has, the one which has two UFO's on it, is the real original, as he maintains? If he's lying then he must have faked the photo long before 2014, assuming he had the means to do that properly, and then left it lying around for Mick Sayer to find; assuming he could be sure that Mick would even notice it. Could the photo Sacha has published be merely a copy? Also are the white marks I discovered on Sacha's photo signs of tampering? It's too early to be sure and I will not accuse any individuals without hard evidence against them. However I think it is correct of me to include this information in this second part of my article series Is Larry Warren a Fraud? This is an interim report and no doubt there will be more updates soon.
See here for the next part:

Trumping the Media

The "fake news" saga continues. I'm a bit disappointed that HPANWO still hasn't made the list. What am I doing wrong? See: It's now just one week until Donald Trump is inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. I'm beginning to believe he might actually make it. Perhaps the manipulators have given up stopping him being president and are now just looking for ways to contain his White House influence while he's there. Every time I switch on the news I expect to hear that Trump has been shot, or had a "heart attack" or plane crash or something similar. In fact I'm going to have that feeling every day for the next four to eight years. If Trump gets Kennedied I'll be very sad, but not surprised one bit. However, if they were going to take him out why didn't they do it months ago in the primaries, as I predicted? Yesterday the new president demonstrated once again how different he is from the political norm by castigating a reporter from CNN. This was following yet another alleged "revelation" from a "source" inside the "intelligence services" that Trump is a Russian agent or that he committed some foul deed or other in 1982 against some old lady... I know; they must have run out of original ideas. At a press conference on the matter he denounced CNN as "terrible" and "fake news" and refused to answer their reporter's questions. As I describe in this background link,, the term "fake news" is an invention of the mainstream media to discredit independent organizations that are doing a far better job than their headlined counterparts, and exposing them as corrupt and lying for all the world to see. Everything CNN, or the BBC, or Rupert Murdoch claims "fake news" outlets are doing, they themselves are guilty of. Now social media giants are cooperating with this agenda. Mark Bilderberg... sorry, Zuckerberg, has announced that Facebook will be fitted with "stronger detection and verification algorithms" when it comes to the placement of news stories on the platform. This will result in a filter giving frontline mainstream sources priority and "less reputable" links being tagged for the sidelines. It won't mean you will no longer be able to see Breitbart or Infowars posts on Facebook (for now), but it will make them harder to find, see: Of course the skeptics are lapping this up. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe radio show is completely behind Zuckerberg's measures, once again proving how selective and hypocritical skeptics are in their commitment to free speech and free thought. See here at 8.12: As is often the case, the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad has an excellent insight on this matter: The new social media fake news filter is another step along the road to internet censorship. This is why it's so important that we see these increments for what they are and tackle them while we still can.

Monday 9 January 2017

KLF Reunion

Metro has reported that The KLF might be making a come-back. I first came across my favourite band of all time in the 80's as a child. They originally had a few background hits that I recalled by sound if not by name, usually under alternative names like The Timelords and the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (furthermore known as "the JAM's"); and I always liked them. However it was in 1991, with the release of their "Stadium House Trilogy" singles and the accompanying album The White Room, that I truly fell in love with them. It was many years later that I read my favourite novel of all time, The Illuminatus! Trilogy and realized immediately that this book had inspired The KLF. The band consists of two principle members, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, but they are accompanied by numerous other musicians, most famously the classic soul singer PP Arnold. They were extremely imaginative and experimental, drawing on all kinds of styles; from techno-rock to hip hop, jazz, gospel, heavy metal, acid house, blues and, on a few occasions, Country and Western. Every track is unique and lovingly composed. Not one shows any signs of being rushed or made up half-heartedly just to fill an album; and every song is a non-conformist anthem. They were all released under The KLF's own independent label. Their videos are performed by a huge orchestra of The KLF's multiple associates in a fantasy sci-fi arena, making them the most spectacular musical optics I've ever seen, for example see: They have also created duets with other artists like the country singer Tammy Wynette and the now disgraced glam rocker Gary Glitter. In 1992 they shared the Brit Award for best group with Simply Red (Although I like the latter I obviously consider KLF my only number one). As always, The KLF had to surprise their audience. Totally unexpectedly, they came on stage with the death metal band Extreme Noise Terror and sung 3 AM Eternal with ENT's styled accompaniment. Then suddenly in May that year, at the very moment of their triumph, they announced that they were finished. They completely disbanded the group and took their entire discography off the press. It was only thanks to the emergent internet that their catalogue survived as easily accessible bootleg copies on sites like YouTube. Now in 2017 Drummond and Cauty have announced that they're getting back together for a new musical venture twenty-three years after their split (of course, the number 23!). I can't wait to hear it, but can they ever again be as good as they used to be? Source: It seems fitting that The KLF are going to return at the same time a new series of Blakes 7 is being produced, see: Is this further confirmation of my "springtime in Narnia" theory? See:

Sunday 8 January 2017

Is David Icke Dangerous?

The thing about jokes and witticisms is that they have a time limit on their power to amuse. There are only so many occasions you can use the hyperbole "couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery" to describe a person who lacks management skills before it becomes a cliche. What's more if you are very experienced at something, telling others that you've "been there, done that and got the T-shirt" doesn't make them smile and regard you as a skilled wag anymore. However some people don't understand that. Some people will repeat the same platitudes over and over again until they cross the line from maxim to monotony. Case in point: a blogger called Marlon Solomon whose website is called Half Chips- Half Rice. A few days ago he posted an article with the rather long-winded title: Forget the Lizards. David Icke is Dangerous and it’s Time We Started Taking Him Seriously. He gives a brief biography of David Icke and then describes David's philosophy as being modern neo-fascism mixed with that of the American Militia movement, conspiracy theories of the Middle East and Russian state propaganda. The fact that Solomon regards Veterans Today as "neo-Nazi" does make me wonder how much research he has done. VT is not so much neo-Nazi as neo-Crazy. Some of its stories make HPANWO sound like Take a Break. Then Solomon says: "Icke is on a mission to educate and free the subjugated masses; he offers hope and freedom from the grip of our Satanic blood-drinking rulers. He assures us that if we can tune into the 'Truth Vibrations' we can rise up as one against the reptilian overlords... The problem is that these overlords are Jewish... Well of course they are."

So, it looks like we're going to have to go through this rigmarole yet again. David is going to have to defend himself, once more, from the accusation of anti-Semitism that he first did in the 1990's. He's going to have to explain, like he's explained a thousand times already, that Jews are completely innocent when it comes to the New World Order conspiracy. He'll tell you that one of his books was sponsored by a Jewish friend of his. He'll tell you that Israel was set up by the Rothschild family for their own personal criminal use, not so that Jews could take over the world. He nominates as many gentiles as Jews of being reptilians. He'll repeat that the Protocols of Zion are not really Jewish and that's why he renamed them "the Illuminati Protocols" etc etc etc. Is this ever going to end? Will there ever come a time when the penny finally drops for everybody? But wait! Maybe our enthusiastic author Mr Solomon has some new evidence!... No. There is absolutely nothing factual in the article that has not been said before by others for the entire two decades that David has been warning people about the New World Order conspiracy: criticism of Israel= hatred of Jews, reptilians= Jews etc. What is exceptional in Solomon's piece is the rhetoric. He really is a very special snowflake who has been well-and-truly triggered. "David Icke is a Neo-Nazi pin-up... The David Icke Forum is a crucible for extreme conspiracy theorists to discuss evil plots and their machinates... ...cauldron of hatred whipped up by these frenzied maniacs who congregate in the cesspit of Icke's website..." He also links to the recent case of David losing in the lawsuit against him brought by Richard Warman, see: Solomon repeats a blatant lie by somebody called Ori Golan: "A person who writes such things and makes home videos titled The Lizards and the Jews... is not just a nut job; that person is anti-Semitic." The title refers not to any publication of David's, but instead to an insipid documentary about him by Jon Ronson, see: Mr Solomon claims to have researched David Icke in depth, in which case he would surely know this. In that case why does he cite this falsehood? To his credit, Solomon says near the end of his article: "I’ll defend Icke's right to say what he wants..." which is more than some others are willing to do. David is appearing on stage in Manchester next Saturday (I went to his live show in London last year; see background links below). Manchester has a large Jewish community that Marlon Solomon is a part of. He says that he "cannot defend Jewish community leaders and anti-racist organisations who remain passive in the face of overt anti-Semitic grandstanding in their community." Well perhaps these Jewish community leaders have looked at David's work in more detail and realized that David is innocent of the accusations Solomon levels at him. Source: The truth is very different and I'm the first to admit how bizarre it sounds. A non-human intelligence is currently operating on planet earth. This is what David is talking about. When he says lizards he literally means lizards.

Few conspiracy theorists these days avoid the charge of anti-Semitism and ninety percent of the time it is unwarranted. Anti-Semitism is very similar to racism, homophobia and misogyny in this new Orwellian world, in that you can "be" it even when you are "not it"... Nope, that doesn't make sense to me either. I can sympathize with David because Trystan Swale has just launched his new website in which your humble author is very much the focus of attention: He hasn't posted anything here that he hasn't said before. He is still carefully avoiding the direct legally-libellous statements that first caused me to warn him to cease and desist, see here for background:, but he does add that I'm betraying my commitment to free speech by threatening him with legal action. As if he doesn't know that the right to express any opinion does not include the right to defame somebody's character. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Trystan has some kind of bi-curious schoolboy crush on me... Sorry, Trystan, but I only like girls. I have placed a comment on Marlon Solomon's article: "This is utter drivel, and it's not even original. It first came up in the early 90's and was swiftly demolished, so why are you trying to reassemble it again? David Icke states very clearly and comprehensively that Jews are not to be blamed for any of the conspiracies he talks about." The comments box is moderated, but he published it without any fuss. Let's hope the readers of the article all see it.

Saturday 7 January 2017

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 22

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 22 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 22 includes an article in my column, entitled: UFO's of Transylvania. Transylvania is famous for its vampires, but it has more than its fair share of UFO's as well, and sometimes the two overlap. This article was inspired by the book UFO's over Romania by Dan Farcas, see here for a HPANWO Radio interview with him:

Also you will find in Issue 22: an update of some police UFO helicopter footage, Stanton Friedman's own view on SETI, an excerpt from Mary Rodwell's new book and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 21:

Friday 6 January 2017

Awakening of 12 Strands Premiere

A few weeks ago I interviewed the film maker Sandra Daroy on HPANWO Radio, see: She directed the Bases Project Film Festival Award™ nominated short The Walk-in Case and has now just completed her feature-length drama Awakening of 12 Strands. The film will hold its official premiere on Sunday the 22nd of January at 4.45 PM. The venue is The Horse Hospital, Colonade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD. £10 entry, includes complimentary drink. Formal dress please. Please do get there if you can. I've seen a preview and it's a very good film that discusses MilAbs, alien abduction, targeted individuals, UFO Disclosure, mind control, spirituality and all associated subjects. See you there! See here for the trailer: See here as well for more details:

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Vaccine Danger- Shoot the Messenger

Melinda Messenger is a former air stewardess who became famous for being a glamour model and Page 3 girl. She has three teenage children and has suffered many maternal medical problems as a result such as pre-eclampsia and post-natal depression that drove her close to suicide. I've not heard much about her since her days of fame which peaked in the late 90's, but it's clear she is very awake and open-minded. Her children all go to a Steiner-Waldorf school of the kind the skeptics want to ban, see: No doubt her nonconformist ideas have led her into refusing to give the HPV vaccine to her daughter Evie. This is a wise move in my opinion and I made sure my own daughter did not have it. The human papiloma virus is a sexually transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer. However protection is easy and nothing additional to a condom in necessary. Also the infection can be detected long before it forms into cancer by the existing "smear test" screening programme. This simple and painless procedure involves gathering a small specimen of cells from the cervix using a wooden spatula. As always though, simple and harmless solutions are never enough when there is a product to market and a population to mass-medicate.

The HPV vaccine schedule is a multi-billion dollar industry. It consists of not one injection, but three. The vaccine is given to girls in their early teens, an age well below when it is socially acceptable for them to become sexually active in most of the world's cultures. Many people report serious side effects. Some women even develop chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and irregular menstrual periods after being given the HPV vaccine. The media has always been an important tool when it comes to spreading propaganda about medicine and it recruits "celebrity docs" like Dr Ben Goldacre to appear on television and promote the official line. See background links below and also Dr Len Horowitz' film In Lies we Trust- Hollywood, the CIA and Bioterrorism: A recent debate on ITV's This Morning is an example. The regular medical hosts Dr Zoe Williams and Dr Chris Steele were brought in to comment on an interview with Melinda Messenger in which she explains her concerns about the HPV vaccine and her decision to withhold it from her child. "Dr Chris" attacks Melinda for speaking publicly, fearing that she'll set an example to others. "Dr Zoe" is more sympathetic and says: "I know it must be hard being a parent..." She's clearly the good cop. The presenter Philip Schofield does not question the establishment line the two doctors recite, but does challenge Melinda during her opening speech. He also tells the viewer proudly that his own two daughters have both had the HPV. He then reads out a statement from Public Health England in which they express their displeasure that the programme is even being broadcast. This looks to me like a set-up. However Melinda held her ground firmly and calmly and says at the end: "Do more research!" Well done, Melinda. I hope the viewers will.

Monday 2 January 2017

Cassini Mission End Date

Last year it was announced that the Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft that has been exploring Saturn and its moons since 2004 will be "de-orbited" in 2017. The craft had ordinarily been intended to operate until 2010, but then got a mission extension. The supposed reason is to crash the probe into the planet to prevent it contaminating the moons with any particularly hardy earth microbes. However, as I've reported on before, this could be an excuse for a covert plan nicknamed "the Lucifer Project". Its intention is to turn Saturn into a "second sun", perhaps as part of a "Götterdammerung" manoeuvre, see: This had originally been intended to take place on May the 17th which includes the planet's summer solstice; for occult reasons this would be apt. Now this date has been moved back to September the 15th. It looks like this time the decision is final because on November the 30th 2016 the craft was set on course for its final death spiral. Source: On its slow orbit down to oblivion Cassini will gather and transmit important data about Saturn's rings, atmosphere and gravitational field. At 1.07 PM, British Summer Time, the craft will enter Saturn's atmosphere and fall to its surface. It will disintegrate long before it gets there. What will happen? Will the Lucifer Project work? I hope not and remain optimistic. There are forces for good as well as evil in this universe and I feel the presence of the former very much at the moment.