Saturday 30 October 2021

CIA Admit Geller is Real

The US Central Intelligence Agency has apparently confirmed that the celebrity stage psychic Uri Geller did in fact pass the tests assigned to him by their research project in 1972. Geller himself has always claimed this and in 2013 told the world he had been a remote viewer for the CIA and Mossad, see: The experiments were conducted by Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff... yes, the same Hal Puthoff who is now in the TTSA; and their results have since been contested by believers and skeptics alike. Despite this news story I can find no reference to Uri Geller on the CIA's official website, see: (I am familiar with its search function because I've looked for "Roswell" and "UFO" etc many times.) Others have examined the CIA and SRI project and I am inclined to believe Geller has real abilities; however I can find no reference of confirmation with the CIA itself. Geller has made other claims I find dubious; for example, that he manipulated the movement of footballs with his mind to win England their success in the Euro '96 and '21 tournaments. If so then why did they lose in the final? He also claims to have helped Boris Johnson win the last general election. I personally don't think Boris needed any paranormal assistance to do that. Source: The CIA claims to have abandoned its remote viewing programme despite Geller being proven real. They said: "The phenomenon is too unreliable, inconsistent and sporadic to be useful for intelligence purposes and the Agency has shelved the operation." Pull the other one! I recommend this film: and this book: if you want proof that this is not the case.
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Friday 29 October 2021

Spiritualist Vaccine Passport

I had an upsetting experience last Wednesday. Over the years I have attended a spiritualist church, on and off. It was a way for me to build a non-internet based social life for myself post-hospital portering. I've had hands-on healing there which has been very effective, see: I met a number of people there whom I really liked. I've been away from the place for many months, but on Wednesday I felt the sudden urge to go to the place and see when their service times were. When I got to the church and saw the notice board I could hardly believe my eyes. Pinned onto it along with all the usual agendas and the names of speakers was a handwritten notice in black ink that explained how everybody who attended the church would have to produce an up-to-date Covid 19 vaccination certificate or they would not be admitted. The church congregation was also limited to a maximum of forty people. I walked away with a heavy heart. I knew that spiritualists have a very open-minded awareness of the afterlife, but in other ways most of them are quite conventional in their beliefs. They are not really much more likely to be conspiratorially aware or interested in UFO's than the average normie. Why have they decided on this rule? It is not currently law in England, despite many drives by government to make it so. Is it a directive from head office? Spiritualist churches usually fall under a number of governing bodies. The largest of these is the SNU, the Spiritualists' National Union. The church I've been going to is a Greater World church; the so-called "Christian spiritualists". It could be this is a national rule now for all the Greater World churches; there are over fifty in the country. Despite my disappointment, I have to accept that the people at the church never made any commitment to any principle beyond the pledges and objectives of their revelation from the angel "Zodiac". What right do I have to expect more from them? I think I just wrongly assumed that their one nonconformist belief would automatically lead to others, as it has done in my own life. Obviously these people are not the companions I hoped they would and I will not be returning to the church.
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Wednesday 27 October 2021

UAP and Nuclear Weapons Press Conference

There has been another major UFO press conference at the National Press Club, one of the most prestigious journalism venues in the world. It ran from 9 AM to 11 AM last Tuesday EST. Because of the difference in time zones it meant I got home from work just in time to watch the second hour. This is the third such event of its kind. The first was the May 2001 Disclosure Project witness testimony conference, see:; and the second was the 2013 Citizen Hearing Initiative, see: Both events had moderate success. The first was hampered by 9/11 a few months later and the second was sadly treated a joke by much of the legacy media, although it launched the way to a possible new congressional hearing and United Nations resolution in the future. However, this new event comes at a time when the entire conventional culture surrounding UFO's has changed considerably. It covers the UAP issue as it relates to one of the gravest and most hazardous things in the world, nuclear weapons. If there's one thing we can glean from observing UFO behaviour it is that they have an interest in our nuclear armament capability. The conference was organized by Capt. Robert Salas USAF (retired). In 1967 he was in a missile launch bunker near Malstrom Air Force Base when a bright red light appeared and shut down all his missiles. Another witness was Dr Bob Jacobs who filmed a flying saucer destroying a missile in flight. Source: The livestream has been recorded, see: It could be either worrying or reassuring that extraterrestrial intelligences are monitoring nuclear weapons on earth. It might be that if the worst happened and we started launching missiles at each other the UFO's would intervene and disable our nuclear deterrent before we blew the earth to pieces. I certainly hope so, as does everybody I'm sure! However this happy assumption might not be true. If, for example, the aliens were planning to invade the earth and wipe us all out, they would probably do the exact same thing. Whatever the reason, the fact that these beings can infiltrate and interfere with such sensitive and potentially destructive technology is an extremely serious matter and it is imperative that we find a way to understand why it's happening. Hopefully this hearing, with its experienced and expert witnesses and the implications of what it reveals, will pave the way to a proper official investigation. I ask the skeptics to bear one thing in mind before they open their mouths and make fools of themselves yet again. It's easy to call somebody like me crazy, or Miles Johnston, or Richard D Hall or Win Keech or Colin Woolford. It's another thing entirely to call the witnesses at this event crazy. These men were vetted and screened at the highest level. Their mental health was continuously monitored for their entire careers. Why? Because if they ever got a screw loose it would be the end of the world!
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Tuesday 26 October 2021

Debating with Welsh Nationalists

Just after I published this article:, I got into a debate with some Welsh "nationalists"; and amazingly it was not in any location connected to the social media spots for the article. Below are some screenshots:
*The Tylwyth Teg are Welsh fairies.
This conversation took place in a Facebook group about Welsh history. Its about-tab reads: "Welsh history is not taught in school, Welsh historic sites, buildings and figures forgotten or consigned to the footnotes of history books, and nothing is done to educate the nation... I say that we educate ourselves." Very admirable I'm sure and I wholeheartedly agree. However, the group is also very political. There are many deeply patriotic Welshmen and women who sincerely love their country. However, that instinct seems to have been used to mislead the Welsh people. As you can see, many of the group's members have fallen into the trap I describe in the above background article. They want separation for the United Kingdom along with absorption into the European Union and they cannot see the contradiction. They have somehow concluded that this is freedom. It seems to me that Welsh politics and culture, generally speaking, is disarmed by the same misconception as Irish and Scottish politics and culture. Because of our history, many Welsh people believe that it is physically impossible for the country to have any other foreign enemy than England. We've got to get out of this "We're suffering victims of the bloody English!" mentality. Which is not easy because it is a national obsession. That was really the theme of my novel Evan's Land, see: These people are rather like feminists and their attitude to white straight men. This could be why many people in Wales are reluctant to discard the Anglo-Saxon invasion hypothesis. The dominant explanation for the history of Anglo-Saxons is that they migrated to the east coast of Britain from the continent in the early Middle Ages. As a member of my family who is a Welsh nationalist put it: "The Celts were here first!"; but the truth it, the Celts today are not a racial demographic. They are none of us and all of us. It is understandable that past historians explained the Anglo-Saxons as an influx of a population. After all, suddenly people appeared in the east of the island who had a very different way of life. They spoke a different language related to the Germanic tongues of mainland Europe. However this theory came about before it was possible to test the DNA of bones in graves. There was almost no immigration during the period in question. The Anglo-Saxons were completely native Britons who shared a genetic ancestery with the rest of the British people. They had simply undergone a cultural revolution. These two documentaries are worth seeing for more detail: and: The myth of universal English victimhood is a dangerous delusion and I believe it is the reason why many of the people I spoke to in this group cannot comprehend the paradox of Wales leaving the UK and EU membership for Wales. However, there are some who can as well, which makes me pleased. Hopefully their ideas and mine will prevail.

Monday 25 October 2021

NASA Head Talks UAP's

The administrator of NASA, Bill Nelson, has said some remarkable things in a recent interview. He held an hour-long conference with Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia's Centre for Politics in which he commented on the recent UAPTF report. Mr Nelson is not only head of America's space programme, he is a career politician and is currently sitting in the US Senate, like his colleague Harry Reid who was behind AATIP. Along with all the other members of Congress, he will have been given the classified annexe of the report which far exceeds in size and, I dare say, importance of the little shopping list the rest of us got, see: Whether accidentally or on purpose, he let slip a few details about what lies in that annexe. He was talking about extraterrestrial life in the universe and leads on to the UFO issue. He mentions "some three hundred sightings!" from the Navy alone, far more than we've previously been told about. He also reveals that there is telemetry from radar, electronic support measures and other sensors confirming the presence of these UAP's. He then describes the extreme speed and manoeuvrability of UAP's, one of the indicators listed by Lue Elizondo. He then says: "I hope it's not an adversary on earth that has that kind of technology." He doesn't add the obvious; that there is no evidence that any nation or territory in the world has achieved that. He then says: "This is a mission, we are constantly looking." (sic) which means NASA must be involved in some way with UFO studies; it's not just the Department of Defence. Source: I don't know whether this is a verbal blunder on Nelson's part. That is unlikely seeing as he would not have been picked as NASA administrator if he wasn't compos mentis, even though he is a Biden appointee. It's possible he wanted to let people know enough to get us thinking along the right track without revealing anything that would get him into trouble. Obviously he'd be in far worse legal excrement if he divulged classified information than whoever it was who leaked the public summary a couple of weeks early, see: Alternatively this could be a controlled and predetermined prelude to the publication of more from the UAPTF report. In which case it was probably not authorized by the Biden administration. Does this mean Nelson is planting his flag with the "white hats"? I don't have any firm answers to this remarkable statement by such a high profile figure; however, the fact that the head of NASA has said what he did, as a fact alone, is unprecedented and must mean something very significant is going on somewhere.
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Sunday 24 October 2021

The Handmaid's Tale

In one of the last conversations I had with the late Gareth Davies, he assigned me a task, watch a TV series and then come onto the Mind Set Podcast and help him review it. The series was The Handmaid's Tale on Amazon. Seeing as Gareth's previous tip had turned out to be a winner, Utopia, see:, I was keen to follow it up. The Handmaid's Tale is based on a famous book of that name by Margaret Atwood and premiered in 2017. I watched the first episode of the programme and then reported back on the Mind Set Podcast: The series begins with a young woman with the strange name of "Offred" fleeing for her life from mean looking policemen with guns and fierce dogs. She has to abandon her husband and daughter in her rout. Her husband is killed and her daughter kidnapped by the police. She is captured and taken to a facility called the "Red Centre" where she is trained to be a "handmaid" by a horrible old lady known as "Aunt Lydia". The term comes from the bible story in Genesis 29:29 in which Rachel, the wife of Jacob, can bear no children so a fertile woman is brought into their relationship simply for that purpose. Offred has become a prisoner of Gilead. This is an imaginary country in a dystopian futuristic North America that has been established in the midst of a brutal civil war which is being fought against what is left of the USA and Canada. She is installed in a rich family and has to go through a grotesque ritual where the husband has sexual intercourse with her in a very meaningless dispassionate way while his wife sits on the bed with them. Yes, very weird! The problem is that an environmental disaster from some kind of pollution has made most women barren and so handmaids are in common use among Gilead's ruling class. Gilead is a very male chauvinistic society and is a Christian theocracy based on an extreme form of American Puritanism. Homosexuals, doctors who terminate pregnancies and religious apostates are publicly executed. Everybody wears colour-coordinated uniforms like in Brave New World and the handmaids wear a red cape with a peculiar white bonnet that resembles a lampshade. I've noticed that real feminists have started wearing this outfit at protests. Women are not permitted to handle money and so when Offred goes grocery shopping she has to pay with special coupons. At the end of the episode it is revealed that Offred's real name is June.
As you'll hear in the above Mind Set episode, I took a very dim view of episode one of The Handmaid's Tale, especially when I researched the origins of the story. I do not criticize the production design, acting or script. These are all very well done. The budget is obviously quite big. My concern is purely conceptual. The Handmaid's Tale has a deeply sinister theme, that white straight men are evil. As if that theme is particularly original or controversial these days. In the first episode there are literally no good white men at all. Every single one is an antagonist; even June's husband is black and her daughter mixed race. There is only one bad non-white male depicted, a policeman; and even he is just an extra, out of focus in the background. Margaret Atwood's book was a bestseller and won numerous awards, including the Arthur C Clarke, which is strange because it is not science fiction. It has gained a cult following and Atwood has been showered with praise. Words used to describe her work regularly include: "brave!", "edgy!" and "daring!" Absolutely not. Attacking white Christian men in this day and age is the safest, most mainstream, most hackneyed act in all fiction. Including such themes in the right way guarantees the success of the most amateurish and lazy writer, as with Get Out, see: I don't consider Margaret Atwood quite as much of an opportunist as some of her successors, possibly like Naomi Alderman, see: I think Atwood put a lot of thought and consideration into her work; however she is clearly heavily influenced by radical feminism. Leaving aside the story's racism, sexism and anti-Christian propaganda; I do find the setting's depictions of surveillance, mental tyranny and police brutality neatly achieved. The story is similar to 1984. At the end of the Mind Set programme I was reluctant to watch any more of the series, but Gareth persuaded me to stick with it, at least for a few more episodes. If I agree I will only do so as a tribute to my departed friend and co-host.
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Friday 22 October 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 75

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the video version:
And: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: my missing time experience, Space Force kits out, a monolith at Area 51 and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Welsh Independence Commission

The Labour Party in Wales... who else?... has set up a special commission to examine the principality's future relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom. The chairwoman said that "everything is on the table" including total independence from the UK. If this is decided then no doubt Scotland will follow. This break-up of the Union is a herald of troubled times because, as I explain the background links, it's a trick to suck those countries into the European Union. I predict there will also be an attempt to unite Ireland as well. You might think this will reignite the Troubles, but politics has changed so much since then that most people see nation states differently. What's more, even if I'm wrong about that, do you think the government will really care if a few thousand people get blown up or shot? Source: The article includes a video clip and I find it ironic that mixed with the vox populi featured we see clips of Welsh independence protesters in Cardiff. The caption states: "Independence protests attracted large crowds before the pandemic" (my emphasis). Y Senedd Cymru, the Parliament of Wales, has voted to introduce vaccine passports, as has the Scottish Parliament. This is after Westminster backed down on bringing them into England. The UK's devolved governments really do seem to be attracting the worst kind of statesmen, and that is quite an achievement. Mark Drakeford, Wales' first minister said he thought there should be a curfew for white men, see: The Senedd vote on the vaccine passports appears to have been passed via an engineered technicality, see: The recent extension to the Covid 19 act by Westminster will no doubt embolden the crooks who play these sneaky tricks. The likes of Drakeford and that big fish Nicola Sturgeon have had their taste of power and they don't want to give it up. On a recent interview, I described myself as a unionist, see: After reflection I would qualify that; I am not a permanent unionist in principle, but I am a tactical unionist in the current state of British and international politics.
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Tuesday 19 October 2021

Area 51 Monolith

The dedicated community of researchers who use Google Earth to study Area 51 have spotted something remarkable, although in a way it is fitting. It is a monolith, very similar to the others that have appeared in the last year or so; see the background links below. This monolith is the classic shape, a triangular prism and is black in colour. It is far larger than any other monolith so far erected, with an estimated height of 190 feet. It stands to the northwest of Homey Airport, the main base campus, right beside the Groom Lake Road, the road that connects the base to the outside world via the "Extraterrestrial" Highway 375 and the famous warning signs before the hill pass. Thanks to the regular photographs supplied to the Dreamland Resort website, we know the monolith was built sometime between September 2005 and January 2006. Its purpose is unknown, but its location, near the other communications facilities by the main runway, could indicate it is a type of antenna. It has been compared to the towers built above the underground nuclear test shafts at the neighbouring Nevada National Security Site to house instrumentation. However, there's no way they're doing nuclear underground detonations at Area 51; so if it is one of those, what is it being used for? Unlike the other monoliths, this one has an external structure of holes or ridges, so it resembles a cheese grater. Source: This is one more enigma to add to the many associated with that dark and mysterious place.
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Sunday 17 October 2021

Ammanford Untouchables

See here for the film:
Alan Tait's new documentary is now available. It features a short interview with me. In 2019 Alan and his wife Christine were forced to flee their home because of a series of bizarre and frightening incidents. Alan recorded sounds from his basement that seemed to reveal some kind of active underground facility below his next-door neighbour's house. The sounds included screams, weeping and other noises from people clearly in distress, including children.
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Wednesday 13 October 2021

I've had Missing Time

Something very strange happened to me on Monday, something that has never happened before. I was at work and one of my jobs is grocery shopping for an elderly lady who is not able to walk properly herself. Twice a week, I head for a large suburban supermarket and buy whatever she writes on a shopping list with money that she gives me. I then carry the shopping to her home in another part of the city where we live, Oxford. This task is very easy to time because I begin it the moment I finish another job that I do the same two days of the week, one that always ends at 3.15 PM on the dot. It takes me about twenty minutes to walk to the supermarket, ten minutes to find the items and pay for them, and then quarter of an hour to transport them to the old lady's house. There are some variables; such as how long I have to wait for a bus or how many people in the supermarket are in the queue for the till, but almost always I finish the job at 4.00 PM, give or take five minutes. On Monday this task was totally routine. The checkout queue had one person in front of me and the bus turned up only about two minutes after I arrived at the bus stop. The longest anybody has to wait on that route is about seven or eight minutes anyway and there were no traffic jams. I carried the goods from the bus stop to the old lady's house. I let myself in with a front door key because she was out at the time, and stowed the items in her refrigerator and cupboards. You can imagine my shock when I left her house and looked at my phone clock... it read 4.43 PM. I was baffled. This should not be possible. I had not seen any clock since I finished my 3.15 PM job so hadn't been checking the time, but I had no cause to. There is no reason I can think of that my activities since then should have taken an extra three quarters of an hour, but it really did take that much longer.
How did this happen? When and where did I lose those forty-five minutes; and more importantly, how and why? I have no memory of any incident during my trip to the shops that would lead me to think that anything was amiss. No curb-crawling black cars with tinted windows, no lights in the sky, no pale-skinned men with sunglasses and lipstick waiting on street corners. It was broad daylight the whole time and the city around me was packed with other people. There was only one slightly odd occurrence that I thought nothing of at the time. I access the shop via a wide cycle track that runs alongside Oxford's southern bypass. There is a green reservation between the bypass and the track about thirty feet wide full of think trees and bushes, and sadly an awful lot of litter. I briefly left the path and entered the woods because I needed the toilet. At the time the stretch of path I was on was almost deserted; there was just one person in the distance approaching me. I assumed that when I'd finished with the toilet and came back out, the person would be a little closer; but when I did, the person was gone. I thought that I'd made a mistake due to the distance and the person was walking away from me instead of approaching me. I think in those bushes was the only time during those ninety minutes that I was out of sight from others. What I experienced is called "missing time" and it has caused me concern. It can be a symptom of serious mental illness and/or brain damage; schizophrenia, a tumour, aneurysm or stroke. The patient suffers a seizure in which they fall unconscious for a period and time and when they come round they do not remember anything that happened or even fainting in the first place. Time has simply moved on. However, if I had such a disease I ought to be suffering other symptoms. It is also a well known part of the alien abduction experience. It's even the title of a book on the subject by Budd Hopkins, see: It is also associated with "MilAb"- military abductions and mind control. I've not had any other symptoms of "post-alien abduction syndrome" though; not like Betty and Barney Hill had, see: The same goes for my implant though, see: I contacted an expert in alien contact experiences and he advised me to cheek my body for unusual marks. I can't see any, though I'm waiting for somebody to check my back properly. Since this missing time episode everything in my life has been normal. It's my birthday today and I intend to relax. If anything else strange takes place I will post about it immediately on HPANWO Voice.
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Tuesday 12 October 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Thomas Baden-Riess 2

I have been featured on another livestream with Thomas Baden-Riess, see:
Subjects discussed include: has petrol really run out?, The slaying of the white hart, Sarah Everard's killer and much much more. We were joined on this programme by "Unwashed" who has uploaded his own version of it:,-Cyber-Attack,-Fuel-Shortages-:1.
See here for my previous appearance on Thomas' channel:

Monday 11 October 2021

Prince Andrew NFA'ed

The Metropolitan Police Service have ended their investigation against Prince Andrew by taking no further action. Up until now he has been under investigation for an allegation that he hired the underage prostitute, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who was supplied to him by his friend Jeffrey Epstein. The BBC know that most people do not read more than a couple of lines below the title and so 90% of listeners will miss the last sentence. Source: The point is partly skipped over in this article, but Andrew is not yet in the clear. The only reason the Met have abandoned the case is because it is outside their jurisdiction. They have promised to continue to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies abroad who might continue to take an interest in Andrew. The prince is facing a civil lawsuit by Guiffre in the USA and is wanted by the FBI for questioning. The FBI's interest in him is currently just as a witness, not a suspect; but despite this, Andrew has refused to attend any of their interviews. Why? Pretty soon, hopefully, he will be issued with a subpoena or even a warrant for his extradition. The incriminating photo above remains viral, with Ghislaine Maxwell standing in the background. Maxwell is still awaiting trial in the USA. I assure you that she will not kill herself, die of the coof or get struck by a falling gargoyle while swimming off Beachy Head.
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Saturday 9 October 2021

Submarine Collision

The American submarine USS Connecticut has had an accident while on routine operations in the South China Sea. The sub is one of the Seawolf-class nuclear powered hunter-killer kind. The class only has three vessels; it had been originally intended to be the principle attack sub for the US Navy, but the Cold War ended and the line was reduced. It's an ageing design, but very powerful. What kind of accident could such a submarine have? Very little information has been published. The incident happened in international waters and the damage is not severe. Eleven crewmembers were injured, but not seriously. The boat is heading to the island of Guam in the South Pacific for repairs, but its powerplant and pressure hull were not damaged. The most likely answer is it struck another submarine. The South China Sea is a regular theatre of conflict because of the rising tensions between China and Taiwan; also other territorial disputes. China will no doubt be deploying submarines to the region and when foreign subs turn up they attempt to stalk each other. This activity went on throughout the Cold War and continues today. Occasionally submarines can get so close they do bump each other. These collisions are often not reported in the media. If USS Connecticut did crash into a Chinese submarine during one of these pursuit manoeuvres then neither nation has made a formal protest. At the same time it is unlikely that the sub collided with a neutral or friendly vessel. Considering the vastness of the ocean one would have to be extremely unlucky to be in the same place at the same time as another ship or submarine randomly. The same goes for large marine organisms like whales. What's more a whale would get out of the way of an approaching sub. This YouTuber, a former US Navy submariner, believes Connecticut simply ran aground. The South China Sea is notoriously difficult to navigate for submarines because it is a maze of shoals, islands and abysses. Source: On the other hand, could this be a USO encounter? USO, Unidentified Submerged Object, are the same as UFO's except they are underwater instead of being in the air. However, they are basically the same phenomenon; indeed one can become the other when they leave or enter the water. The "Tic-Tac" UFO was seen in connection to a USO in 2004. See here for more information: The YouTuber "Sub Brief" has put out an appeal for anybody living on Guam to try and get a photograph of USS Connecticut when she puts into the harbour. Any visible damage to the hull might give us a clue; and I repeat that appeal.

Friday 8 October 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on MSP First Series and The Poker

I have posted 160 programmes from Mind Set Central on, the same account where I post old HPANWO Radio programmes. These are all the shows in which I appear. As a long-term habit I always download a show when I'm on it and keep it in my own collection. It's a habit I'm glad I have because these programmes are not available anywhere else. Since Gareth took down the original website in 2017 everything on it has been lost forever. Sadly we were not able to access his computer files after he died. If I had not practiced my habit these shows would have been lost forever. I cannot believe that a few months ago, when Gareth was alive, I was considering deleting this collection to save disk space. These old shows have suddenly become very precious. I have been creating Facebook videos of them too and will continue with that; but the outage the other day, see: and:, made me wary of not arranging a second platform for them.
See here for the Mind Set Podcast shows:
See here for The Poker shows:
This collection includes all 150 Mind Set Podcast first series programmes which feature me and also the ten programmes of The Poker, my own monologue project. The files are all easy and free to listen to and download. I consider them excellent audio material and I'm very proud and joyous that they will endure for listeners' enjoyment and inspiration, both old and new.
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Monday 4 October 2021

Facebook Outage

At the time of writing Facebook is down and has been for about four hours. The problem is global. This is clearly not an everyday technical glitch. Along with the main site, its subsidiaries Instagram and Whatsapp are also offline. It is strange that this failure of one of the world's biggest the social media platforms took place just after the whistleblower Frances Haugen went public. Ms Haugen left FB in January, but took proof that Zuckerberg was playing favouritism with several famous people, which is against the platform's own rules. Source: There could be even more extreme things going on. I suspect that a social media outage is exactly what we would see just before something really big was about to happen. By "something really big" I mean many possible things; for example: a move by Trump against the Deep State; UFO Disclosure; a false flag violent attack of some kind, anything from a large bombing to a staged alien invasion. This list is not exhaustive. However, seeing as it's a big-tech giant that's affected, I'm pleased to say it's more likely than not to be good news for us; the work of Trump and the "white hats". A number of unconfirmed reports are circulating on alt-tech that Facebook has been removed from the domain naming system routing, essentially abolishing the website. Another states that the offices are all locked up and staff cannot get in to work. Facebook shares are crashing on the stock market. Zuck the Cuck is nowhere to be seen. Has he been arrested?... This is breaking news and an interim report. It might turn out to be nothing or it might turn out to be monumental. As a result of the outage I have done an emergency HPANWO TV livestream, see:
See here for background: