Friday 8 October 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on MSP First Series and The Poker

I have posted 160 programmes from Mind Set Central on, the same account where I post old HPANWO Radio programmes. These are all the shows in which I appear. As a long-term habit I always download a show when I'm on it and keep it in my own collection. It's a habit I'm glad I have because these programmes are not available anywhere else. Since Gareth took down the original website in 2017 everything on it has been lost forever. Sadly we were not able to access his computer files after he died. If I had not practiced my habit these shows would have been lost forever. I cannot believe that a few months ago, when Gareth was alive, I was considering deleting this collection to save disk space. These old shows have suddenly become very precious. I have been creating Facebook videos of them too and will continue with that; but the outage the other day, see: and:, made me wary of not arranging a second platform for them.
See here for the Mind Set Podcast shows:
See here for The Poker shows:
This collection includes all 150 Mind Set Podcast first series programmes which feature me and also the ten programmes of The Poker, my own monologue project. The files are all easy and free to listen to and download. I consider them excellent audio material and I'm very proud and joyous that they will endure for listeners' enjoyment and inspiration, both old and new.
See here for background:

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