Monday 4 October 2021

Facebook Outage

At the time of writing Facebook is down and has been for about four hours. The problem is global. This is clearly not an everyday technical glitch. Along with the main site, its subsidiaries Instagram and Whatsapp are also offline. It is strange that this failure of one of the world's biggest the social media platforms took place just after the whistleblower Frances Haugen went public. Ms Haugen left FB in January, but took proof that Zuckerberg was playing favouritism with several famous people, which is against the platform's own rules. Source: There could be even more extreme things going on. I suspect that a social media outage is exactly what we would see just before something really big was about to happen. By "something really big" I mean many possible things; for example: a move by Trump against the Deep State; UFO Disclosure; a false flag violent attack of some kind, anything from a large bombing to a staged alien invasion. This list is not exhaustive. However, seeing as it's a big-tech giant that's affected, I'm pleased to say it's more likely than not to be good news for us; the work of Trump and the "white hats". A number of unconfirmed reports are circulating on alt-tech that Facebook has been removed from the domain naming system routing, essentially abolishing the website. Another states that the offices are all locked up and staff cannot get in to work. Facebook shares are crashing on the stock market. Zuck the Cuck is nowhere to be seen. Has he been arrested?... This is breaking news and an interim report. It might turn out to be nothing or it might turn out to be monumental. As a result of the outage I have done an emergency HPANWO TV livestream, see:
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