Monday 11 October 2021

Prince Andrew NFA'ed

The Metropolitan Police Service have ended their investigation against Prince Andrew by taking no further action. Up until now he has been under investigation for an allegation that he hired the underage prostitute, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who was supplied to him by his friend Jeffrey Epstein. The BBC know that most people do not read more than a couple of lines below the title and so 90% of listeners will miss the last sentence. Source: The point is partly skipped over in this article, but Andrew is not yet in the clear. The only reason the Met have abandoned the case is because it is outside their jurisdiction. They have promised to continue to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies abroad who might continue to take an interest in Andrew. The prince is facing a civil lawsuit by Guiffre in the USA and is wanted by the FBI for questioning. The FBI's interest in him is currently just as a witness, not a suspect; but despite this, Andrew has refused to attend any of their interviews. Why? Pretty soon, hopefully, he will be issued with a subpoena or even a warrant for his extradition. The incriminating photo above remains viral, with Ghislaine Maxwell standing in the background. Maxwell is still awaiting trial in the USA. I assure you that she will not kill herself, die of the coof or get struck by a falling gargoyle while swimming off Beachy Head.
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