Monday 25 October 2021

NASA Head Talks UAP's

The administrator of NASA, Bill Nelson, has said some remarkable things in a recent interview. He held an hour-long conference with Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia's Centre for Politics in which he commented on the recent UAPTF report. Mr Nelson is not only head of America's space programme, he is a career politician and is currently sitting in the US Senate, like his colleague Harry Reid who was behind AATIP. Along with all the other members of Congress, he will have been given the classified annexe of the report which far exceeds in size and, I dare say, importance of the little shopping list the rest of us got, see: Whether accidentally or on purpose, he let slip a few details about what lies in that annexe. He was talking about extraterrestrial life in the universe and leads on to the UFO issue. He mentions "some three hundred sightings!" from the Navy alone, far more than we've previously been told about. He also reveals that there is telemetry from radar, electronic support measures and other sensors confirming the presence of these UAP's. He then describes the extreme speed and manoeuvrability of UAP's, one of the indicators listed by Lue Elizondo. He then says: "I hope it's not an adversary on earth that has that kind of technology." He doesn't add the obvious; that there is no evidence that any nation or territory in the world has achieved that. He then says: "This is a mission, we are constantly looking." (sic) which means NASA must be involved in some way with UFO studies; it's not just the Department of Defence. Source: I don't know whether this is a verbal blunder on Nelson's part. That is unlikely seeing as he would not have been picked as NASA administrator if he wasn't compos mentis, even though he is a Biden appointee. It's possible he wanted to let people know enough to get us thinking along the right track without revealing anything that would get him into trouble. Obviously he'd be in far worse legal excrement if he divulged classified information than whoever it was who leaked the public summary a couple of weeks early, see: Alternatively this could be a controlled and predetermined prelude to the publication of more from the UAPTF report. In which case it was probably not authorized by the Biden administration. Does this mean Nelson is planting his flag with the "white hats"? I don't have any firm answers to this remarkable statement by such a high profile figure; however, the fact that the head of NASA has said what he did, as a fact alone, is unprecedented and must mean something very significant is going on somewhere.
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