Sunday 24 January 2010

Deek Jackson's MBA Restored

You may recall that I saw Deek Jackson’s FKN NEWZ live at the AV3 Conference a few months ago: ( that I stripped Deek of MBA. Well now I am happy to announce that he has had it restored. I decided to restore his MBA Bronze after watching this video of his: .

But I wonder how committed the FKN NEWZ really is to their noble mission. They seem a bit half-hearted to me. It’s all very well to say: “I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in God and I‘ll fight religion wherever I see it”, but then they allow the religious scum to continue… well breathing! We must annihilate them! We must pulverize them! We must burn them at the stake! We must flog them to an inch of their life and nail them to a wooden cross the shape of Charles Darwin! Darwinifying them in other words. And the cowards and traitors who call themselves “agnostic” must hang there with them! There’s no room for uncertainty in this dirty war!

Then when the glorious purge is over the New Utopian Skeptical Scientific Atheist Republic will be born. Its Glorious Leader will rise above us bearing his Gold MBA proudly to his chest. He shall parade through Randiville, the capital of NUSSAR, and his route will be lined with Darwinnified bodies of religious believers and agnostics!

(Disclaimer: I'm not serious you know! Please don’t forget that the above is a piece of extremist satire, just like the kind Deek himself does. I don’t really think the above should happen. I’m not religious, but I wouldn’t call myself and atheist either. See here:

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Wildcat Bannings on the David Icke Forum

I don’t like to get involved in “little gaming” and forum politics, but I have to at the moment. Sean from the David Icke Forum has banned a dozen or more of the moderators, people I love and consider friends, and has given no substantial explanation for this act. He did make an announcement, but it didn’t explain the bannings. I’m afraid if this is not sorted out and my friends reinstated then I can no longer in good conscience continue to contribute to that forum.

Here’s Sean’s statement, rather unimpressive and evasive in my view: