Monday 27 February 2023

Apollo Detectives 12- Steve Mumbling Edition

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According to many viewers of Neil's video, we the Detectives "had our asses handed to us on a plate!" In my view, all Steve Mumbling did was expose himself as an ignorant belligerent. His gibbering fans didn't have the intelligence to realize that the loudest voice does not equal the correct argument. Perhaps that doesn't matter to most people these days and I'm just some kind of naive reactionary. I've always said when being sarcastic that the best chess player in the world is a pigeon. It just stomps across the board kicking over the pieces and leaving droppings everywhere, and then it flies away victorious. Get out of that one, Kasparov! You'll notice, and I'm glad I pointed this out, that in a diatribe that lasts a full twenty minutes, Steve makes only two axioms: a claim about the transparency of the earth's atmosphere to microwaves and the altitude of geosynchronous satellites; that's it! The rest is just him interrupting Scott with insults, ad hominem attacks and other fallacies. Steve didn't win that debate. He didn't win any debate. He lost hands down to us all. He's nothing but a triumphant pigeon. Obviously it was controversial even inviting Steve Mumbling onto panel. He was somebody I debate continuously with on social media, but a platform with the Detectives is another matter. I was firmly against it, but I know in the end it was up to Colin Sougrin, he being the target of "Woodchippergate"; and he didn't raise any objection. Steve originally wanted to do a livestream debate, accusing us in advance of editing him unfairly. However, we recorded the interview on Skype and when you do that, the recording appears automatically in the text chat box; therefore it was easy for him to download his own copy of the raw file and have a lot of satisfaction exposing how we edited him unfairly. Did we edit Steve unfairly? Well, Steve has posted the raw file to his own channel, see: Readers can therefore make their own minds up about that...
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Saturday 25 February 2023

Apollo Detectives 12

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward. A conversation between regular contributors and a new critic.
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This twelfth Apollo Detectives film brings more new and original information that casts doubt over the official story of the first moon landings. In this show we are joined by a harsh debunker of fake moon landing theories and a believer in NASA's official story, Steve Mumbling. See here for background:
HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus Allen:
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I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Substack Exclusive Notice 21/2/23

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:
This article was originally posted in 2013 and was unpublished due to the claim that it violates Blogger's community guidelines. Once again, I am baffled as to why. No details have been provided. Therefore I am posting it to HPANWO Free. This is despite the fact that I have completely changed my opinion on the article's subject matter since I first wrote it.

Monday 20 February 2023

Greene King Goes Cashless

On Saturday I attended the Oxford Freedom Protest, see:, and afterwards went for a drink with my friends. We chose The Port Mahon, a traditional urban pub on St Clements owned by Greene King, one of Britain's biggest and oldest breweries, founded in 1799. It has over three thousand pubs across the land. I was dismayed to learn from the staff that all Greene King pubs are phasing out cash payment. If you search for "Greene King cashless" your first hit will be this page: I'm not sure what Chef and Brewer's relationship is to Greene King; maybe they're a merger or acquisition. Either way it is maddening to see the pride and enthusiasm with which they announce: "We're going cashless!" This will effect some of the loveliest pubs in the country, the little old village ones with stone walls, horse brass and wood fires. It's heartbreaking! One pub in Bath, the Hall and Woodhouse (est 1777) accepts cash as payment but gives out no change. This caused some understandable tension, see: It reminds me of what the barman in The Port Mahon said to me: "It's such a fuss to get float from the bank and keep it clogging up the till!" But retailers have been doing that since money was invented back in prehistoric times! Why is something that has always been a simple and routine practice suddenly become so burdensome? (A bit like the Northern Ireland protocol, see: To cheer ourselves up afterwards we went to The Swan and Castle in town. That is a JD Wetherspoon pub. I honestly cannot believe there will ever come a day when 'Spoons goes cashless. One of my friends said that "Tim isn't really based, he just says and does these things to make money." I replied that didn't matter. Even if Tim Martin's motive for Wetherspoon's philosophy is not sincere, it proves that there is a big enough market for it. Dissident drinkers are a fertile sector of clientele and that is a healthy sign. If there wasn't he would just make 'Spoons all boring and normie-friendly like so many other pubs. It will be very difficult indeed for government to coerce private companies into abandoning a good customer base.
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Sunday 19 February 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Bitter and Sweet

I have been interviewed on The Bitter and Sweet with Jules of the Jury, see:
Subjects discussed include: the recent "Objects" shootdown, disinformation in the media, the 1973 UFOlogical year and much much more.

Friday 17 February 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 16

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes-Ward. In this programme: Apollo Detectives debate debrief, a UFO landing in World War II and mysterious balloons.
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And here for the video:
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Sargon on UFO's Again

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Carl Benjamin, aka "Sargon of Akkad", has been venturing outside his personal Overton window more and more in recent years. He has explored the existence of Bigfoot (I'll write a separate article about that) so it was inevitable that he would comment on the recent appearance in North American airspace of "objects". His reaction is disappointing. There's no doubt Carl is a very intelligent and generally analytical man, but his immediate response is a simple: "Don't believe it. It's a psyop... Aliens are not real, simple as... Bull!" He adds: "If it were aliens they wouldn't be reporting on it." Actually they might if the white hats had taken over the Truth Embargo. He then makes a claim many others have, on both sides of the skeptic-woo divide: it's all a distraction. As I say in my own coverage, that can't be ruled out; but a distraction from what? There are a hundred things in the queue right now. Epstein's list, the Ohio train crash, the missing British woman etc. If it's true then it does beg the question: why something so elaborate? I made the same point about the "Strayed Away message", see: Sargon's position is therefore: "aliens don't exist therefore it's not aliens. I know it's not aliens because aliens don't exist." Fallacy City! Sargon can do better than that. Source: He brings up Red Dwarf which is not only an outstanding science fiction sitcom, but is full of interesting philosophical themes. One of the characters is a believer in aliens and the other is a skeptic. The latter says in one scene: "There are no aliens, Rimmer. Just you, me, Holly, the cat and a pile of smegging rocks!" What's unusual about Red Dwarf is that although it is set in the distant future and out in deep space, there is no extraterrestrial biology in it at all. The only life is the remains of exploration from the earth. There is actually something about the disbelief in aliens that is very similar to MBA (explanation for new readers: Perhaps I should call it the "We Are Alone Bravery Award- WAABA". Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, the creators of the series, exhibit symptoms of WAABA. Interestingly there are some MBA themes in Red Dwarf too, especially in the episodes: "The Last Day" and "The Inquisitor". As for Sargon of Akkad, I think that a man who has forgotten what the F stands for in TERF is in no position to lecture the rest of us on psyops.
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Monday 13 February 2023

Sam Harris on UFO's

In the debate over whether or not UFO's exist, like the one over whether the paranormal and conspiracy theories are real, both sides make converts from the other. There are those who used to believe and now no longer do. I know some of them, like Neil Sanders, see: Conversely, there are skeptics who change their minds. Some of them do it in a sneaky way to avoid a meal of humble pie, like Prof, Simon Holland, see: Others do so more openly. I've come across what could be the most significant and, I have to say, most unexpected conversion of all, Sam Harris. I've dealt with Sam Harris many times before, see the background links below; and I've had to be fairly critical of him, but in a recent interview with Russell Brand he shows a lot of rationality and intellectual honesty. He makes a lot of the same points we in the UFO world had long before. In a way, I think this is partly because he has been given a pass to address these points because of the radical and sudden change in the way mainstream media portrays UFO's. He expresses his own personal discord with coming to this conclusion while being embedded in the society of the skeptic movement. He ends thus: "We're faced with the prospect of having to apologize to the people we've been laughing at for the last fifty years." Source: You certainly are, Sam, but I forgive you! This was not just a moment of foolishness that Sam later regretted and backtracked. He reiterates the same points on another show with Lex Fridman, see: His fellow skeppers have been surprisingly mute over Sam's betrayal. Maybe six years ago or earlier they would have been more vocal. How many more disciples of Philip Klass are going to jump into the lifeboats of their sinking ship? Whoever they are, I will accept their change of mind with goodwill. The last few days have seen an unprecedented surge in the presence of UFO's in media and government pronouncements. What effect will this have on those who have assumed their whole lives that there simply are no aliens?
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Sunday 12 February 2023

Another Thingamajig!?

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At the end of last night's livestream I checked the news and there had been no developments on the "object" shot down over Alaska. Literally minutes after I ended the video, somebody informed me of a breaking update, one breaking almost exactly twenty-four hours after the last one. A second "object" had been shot down, in the same general region, sub-arctic North America. This time it had been brought down on land in Canada, within the territory of Yukon. This is another very isolated area most of which is uninhabited; and at this time of year it is extremely cold, so there will probably be no independent witnesses to this incident. The Canadian Minister of Defence, Anita Anand, did a press conference about it. This is almost a carbon copy of what happened on Friday night. NORAD ordered both the USAF and the RCAF to scramble fighter jets. The attack was carried out by one of the American aircraft. This time the official is more candid. She says that the object is cylindrical, like the unnamed ABC contact said about the Alaskan one. It is smaller than the Chinese balloon, but she did not specify its size, unlike in the US briefing. Apart from that, the state stubbornly continues to insist on referring to both items as "objects". One reporter asks outright whether the object is extraterrestrial. Anand answers in a very cryptic manner, but she hints it is similar to the Chinese balloon; however everything else she says contradicts that. Source: Something very strange indeed is going on. It does feel as if the officials are hinting that they are dealing with artefacts of an extraterrestrial intelligence. We don't know that for sure. They might not be, but if they are not alien then what on earth are they, that the government can't even reveal thieir basic designation?
See here for a HPANWO TV livestream about this matter:
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Saturday 11 February 2023

Thingamajig Over Alaska

Late last night, UK time, a very curious news story appeared out of the United States. The Biden administration reported that there had been another incursion into US airspace, just a few days after the mysterious balloon, see: In this case though, they stated that the incursion was caused by something that they referred to as an "object". This is very irregular language for a government to use in this context. The object was moving slowly, sometimes no more than 20 miles-per-hour, northwards off the coast of northern Alaska. It was at about 40,000 feet in altitude, which is around the height commercial air traffic flies at, so posing a collision risk. A fighter jet was deployed from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. "President" Biden then ordered that the object be brought down and it was. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said: "We do not know who owns it, whether it's state owned or corporate owned or privately owned," Source: However, they would not have attacked it they did not have some idea of what it was; they just don't want to tell us. I find it unusual nonetheless that they won't even give the object a designation; such aeroplane, balloon, satellite, drone etc. That indicates to me that there is something different about this operation. Also, why not just slap a D-notice on the whole story and not even mention it in the media? The region this happened is sparsely populated and there will be few if any witnesses. Mr Kirby makes some comments as to the object's physical nature; saying that it is about the size of a small car, far smaller than the Chinese balloon. According to ABC news, an unnamed US official told them that it was "cylindrical and silver-ish grey." Why don't they just call it a "flying disk"? Anyway, debris has fallen into the Beaufort Sea which, luckily, is frozen over at this time of year, so recovering it should be easy, no different to a land salvage operation. This is breaking news; we'll see where the story goes next, if it doesn't simply go silent.
See here for a HPANWO TV livestream about this matter:
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Friday 10 February 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Raconteurs News 10

I have been interviewed again on the Raconteurs News show with Jason Holmes and Jimmy, see:
Subjects discussed include: a Chinese balloon invades the USA, Richard D Hall's BBC infamy, return of the Calvine photo and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Raconteurs News:
See here for Jason's interview on HPANWO Radio:

Monday 6 February 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones Live at the Cry Freedom Radio Conference 2023

I will be speaking at the first ever Cry Freedom Radio Conference 2023, an event organized by my good friend and comrade Lisa Phillips of Cry Freedom Radio. The event will take place on Saturday the 24th of June. My fellow speakers will be George Sandhu, somebody from Public Child Protection Wales, Jeff Moran, a local freedom fighter, Michael Feeley, Mark Attwood and Lisa herself. It will take place on Saturday 24th June from 12pm. The venue is: the Three Bellends or James Atherton pub in New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside, tickets will be on sale in the next month or so and will be £25, venue is small so limited to forty tickets, advance notice of the actual day they become available will be given. I will edit these in and also see:
Edit: I have cancelled my appearance at this event.

Sunday 5 February 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Destroyed

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The airborne object from China described by the Americans as a "spy balloon" has been shot down. By yesterday afternoon it had been blown by the powerful high altitude winds all the way across the United States and headed out into the Atlantic Ocean over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As soon as it was "feet wet", meaning over the sea, a notice was issued closing the airspace in the area. This was obviously a safety preparation to down the balloon and so the media headed to the location and managed to capture the destruction on live TV. A F22 Raptor fighter plane fired an air-to-air missile at the balloon with a fragmentation warhead, designed to perforate the entire envelope and lead to a rapid crash, rather than just a few holes to give the balloon a slower descent. Source: The reason for this is obvious. The Americans don't want the balloon to come down too far out to sea because they want to salvage the debris for analysis. Much of the remains will surely sink when they hit the water and so the recovery team will not want the water to be too deep. The Chinese authorities have called the shootdown an "overreaction", despite the fact that they admitted that the balloon had wrongfully entered US airspace and they never requested that the balloon should be returned to them. Styx thinks the contrary, that the US administration has been far too restrained, see:!-chinese-spy-balloon:f. I think that spells the end of this particular story. The government is currently gathering what is left of the balloon's payload from the ocean bed. They will then take it to a secret laboratory, maybe the one at Wright-Pat, and study it as carefully as they did the Roswell saucer. Any intelligence they learn from that study they will keep under their hats in case it is useful in any upcoming conflict with China... that is of course until some spy leaks it.
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Saturday 4 February 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon

What is it with UFOlogists and balloons? We're obsessed with them; and our detractors are even more so. Now once again the enigmatic Inflat├Ęd Ones come back to possess us once more. On Thursday it was announced by NORAD that they were tracking an unknown object in American airspace. They asked China and got the immediate response that the object was a weather balloon... I'm not kidding. They said it had gone off course and apologized, adding that it was harmless. However, they did use the word "airship" which implies it has some propulsion capability; or that might just be a translation error. Some photographs of the balloon were taken by amateur astronomers in Montana. The balloon is very high, about 60,000 feet, way above commercial airways so there is no risk of collision with aircraft. Despite this the US administration accused China of lying and that the object was in fact a spy balloon. The balloon did pass over the right spot if it wanted photographs of American nuclear missile launch facilities. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, cancelled a visit to Beijing, saying that the balloon's presence was "an irresponsible act". The government considered shooting it down, but ruled that out because they were concerned about the damage that might be done by the falling debris. The balloon is enormous. Its payload is the size of two double-decker buses so you can work out that its envelope is going to be gigantic. A second balloon has allegedly been detected above Costa Rica. The US... ahem! "president" Joe Biden says he is going to "take care of it!" After what happened to the Nord Stream pipelines, those words fill me with dread. Source:
Several people have asked me if this spy balloon story is some kind of cover-up for UFO activity. I did wonder for a while, but now I have to conclude it is unlikely. There has been no uptick in UFO reports from the location where the balloon is said to be. Only in a situation where there were mass public sightings of a distinctly non-manmade object would the government initiate a cover story, like they did in Phoenix in 1997. To do so in this case would backfire by drawing even more attention to the phenomenon. So far all the witnesses on the ground have reported pretty much what we should expect to see if the balloon story were true. Styxhexenhammer666 thinks the government is being over-cautious about the risks of shooting it down. It also serves as a good opportunity to bury the news of a massive exchequer grab by the FBI, see: and: Will there be a third balloon? Obviously if two balloons have gone astray over the American continents simultaneously, it's not just a one-off. Maybe somebody will pick up the skeppers' hat and call "coincidence!"
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Friday 3 February 2023

Would the Real RC Christian Please Stand Up?

See here for essential background:
Just five months after an heroic individual destroyed the Georgia Guidestones, a new documentary has been released claiming to have solved the mystery of its mysterious creator, a man who goes under the pseudonym "RC Christian". There has been much speculation about his real identity, that it was Klaus Schwab, that it is meant to sound like "Rosicrucian"; he was Ted Turner or L Ron Hubbard etc. All we previously knew was that the enigmatic one arranged the construction of the monument via a few contacts in Elbert County. The person he dealt with the most was the president of the Granite City Bank, Wyatt Martin. It was through this bank that the project was funded. RC Christian was obviously a wealthy man, or was authorized to handle a lot of money from other patrons because the masons who built the Guidestones deliberately overcharged him, but he didn't care. The site was unveiled at a ceremony in March 1980 and if Christian were there he was strictly incognito, mixed in with the general audience. Six years later he wrote a book, also under his alias, called Common Sense Renewed. In it he said: "I am the originator of the Georgia Guidestones and the sole author of its inscriptions. I have had the assistance of a number of other American citizens in bringing the monument into being. We have no mysterious purposes or ulterior motives. We seek common sense pathways to a peaceful world, without bias for particular creeds or philosophies."  Today Wyatt Martin is the only person left alive who knows who RC Christian really is and has sworn never to divulge his identity. He is interviewed for the documentary and stands by that principle, but he unwittingly provides a vital clue. He shows the filmmakers a formerly secret box of documents, including letters between himself and Christian. None of this correspondence includes the stranger's real name, but the camera does capture images of a postmark on one of the envelopes and an address which turned out to be Christian's assistant and book publisher. With some more investigative journalism they soon build up a significant circumstantial case pointing towards a particular individual. It is something of an anticlimax because the man in question died in 2005. The opportunity to solve this mystery in a truly satisfying manner was lost at that moment. Source:
I can't help feeling that the resolution of this mystery presents a bit of a moral dilemma. Wasn't it rather unfair to exploit the information gained from filming Wyatt Martin's document box? Were the filmmakers taking advantage of a genial and slightly naive old man? I would have been tempted to warn Mr Martin in advance that he had accidentally let slip the key to blowing RC Christian's cover. I can guess Mr Martin was not pleased when this film was published. Whatever the answer, the Georgia Guidestones are gone and I'm glad. However, the Elberton Granite Association, the stonemason that originally built the Guidestones, has offered to rebuild a facsimile monument based faithfully on the original plans, for no charge at all. This must be motivated by the blow to the tourist industry Elbert County has suffered as a result of the Stones' loss. For legal reasons I will not say what I hope will happen next...
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Wednesday 1 February 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Unwashed

I have been featured on a livestream with Nick Cotton, aka "Unwashed", see:
This is a special interview which also includes Alan Tait, a man from Ammanford, Wales who discovered horrifying noises coming from his neighbour's cellar. This programme includes alarming content and subject matter. See here for Alan's YouTube channel:
See here for my previous interview with Alan:
See here for my previous interview with Nick: