Sunday 5 February 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Destroyed

See here for essential background:
The airborne object from China described by the Americans as a "spy balloon" has been shot down. By yesterday afternoon it had been blown by the powerful high altitude winds all the way across the United States and headed out into the Atlantic Ocean over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As soon as it was "feet wet", meaning over the sea, a notice was issued closing the airspace in the area. This was obviously a safety preparation to down the balloon and so the media headed to the location and managed to capture the destruction on live TV. A F22 Raptor fighter plane fired an air-to-air missile at the balloon with a fragmentation warhead, designed to perforate the entire envelope and lead to a rapid crash, rather than just a few holes to give the balloon a slower descent. Source: The reason for this is obvious. The Americans don't want the balloon to come down too far out to sea because they want to salvage the debris for analysis. Much of the remains will surely sink when they hit the water and so the recovery team will not want the water to be too deep. The Chinese authorities have called the shootdown an "overreaction", despite the fact that they admitted that the balloon had wrongfully entered US airspace and they never requested that the balloon should be returned to them. Styx thinks the contrary, that the US administration has been far too restrained, see:!-chinese-spy-balloon:f. I think that spells the end of this particular story. The government is currently gathering what is left of the balloon's payload from the ocean bed. They will then take it to a secret laboratory, maybe the one at Wright-Pat, and study it as carefully as they did the Roswell saucer. Any intelligence they learn from that study they will keep under their hats in case it is useful in any upcoming conflict with China... that is of course until some spy leaks it.
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