Saturday 4 February 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon

What is it with UFOlogists and balloons? We're obsessed with them; and our detractors are even more so. Now once again the enigmatic Inflatèd Ones come back to possess us once more. On Thursday it was announced by NORAD that they were tracking an unknown object in American airspace. They asked China and got the immediate response that the object was a weather balloon... I'm not kidding. They said it had gone off course and apologized, adding that it was harmless. However, they did use the word "airship" which implies it has some propulsion capability; or that might just be a translation error. Some photographs of the balloon were taken by amateur astronomers in Montana. The balloon is very high, about 60,000 feet, way above commercial airways so there is no risk of collision with aircraft. Despite this the US administration accused China of lying and that the object was in fact a spy balloon. The balloon did pass over the right spot if it wanted photographs of American nuclear missile launch facilities. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, cancelled a visit to Beijing, saying that the balloon's presence was "an irresponsible act". The government considered shooting it down, but ruled that out because they were concerned about the damage that might be done by the falling debris. The balloon is enormous. Its payload is the size of two double-decker buses so you can work out that its envelope is going to be gigantic. A second balloon has allegedly been detected above Costa Rica. The US... ahem! "president" Joe Biden says he is going to "take care of it!" After what happened to the Nord Stream pipelines, those words fill me with dread. Source:
Several people have asked me if this spy balloon story is some kind of cover-up for UFO activity. I did wonder for a while, but now I have to conclude it is unlikely. There has been no uptick in UFO reports from the location where the balloon is said to be. Only in a situation where there were mass public sightings of a distinctly non-manmade object would the government initiate a cover story, like they did in Phoenix in 1997. To do so in this case would backfire by drawing even more attention to the phenomenon. So far all the witnesses on the ground have reported pretty much what we should expect to see if the balloon story were true. Styxhexenhammer666 thinks the government is being over-cautious about the risks of shooting it down. It also serves as a good opportunity to bury the news of a massive exchequer grab by the FBI, see: and: Will there be a third balloon? Obviously if two balloons have gone astray over the American continents simultaneously, it's not just a one-off. Maybe somebody will pick up the skeppers' hat and call "coincidence!"
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