Sunday 12 February 2023

Another Thingamajig!?

See here for essential background:
At the end of last night's livestream I checked the news and there had been no developments on the "object" shot down over Alaska. Literally minutes after I ended the video, somebody informed me of a breaking update, one breaking almost exactly twenty-four hours after the last one. A second "object" had been shot down, in the same general region, sub-arctic North America. This time it had been brought down on land in Canada, within the territory of Yukon. This is another very isolated area most of which is uninhabited; and at this time of year it is extremely cold, so there will probably be no independent witnesses to this incident. The Canadian Minister of Defence, Anita Anand, did a press conference about it. This is almost a carbon copy of what happened on Friday night. NORAD ordered both the USAF and the RCAF to scramble fighter jets. The attack was carried out by one of the American aircraft. This time the official is more candid. She says that the object is cylindrical, like the unnamed ABC contact said about the Alaskan one. It is smaller than the Chinese balloon, but she did not specify its size, unlike in the US briefing. Apart from that, the state stubbornly continues to insist on referring to both items as "objects". One reporter asks outright whether the object is extraterrestrial. Anand answers in a very cryptic manner, but she hints it is similar to the Chinese balloon; however everything else she says contradicts that. Source: Something very strange indeed is going on. It does feel as if the officials are hinting that they are dealing with artefacts of an extraterrestrial intelligence. We don't know that for sure. They might not be, but if they are not alien then what on earth are they, that the government can't even reveal thieir basic designation?
See here for a HPANWO TV livestream about this matter:
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