Thursday 28 February 2013

Bank of Dave

Episode 1 of Bank of Dave can be watched here:
Here's the official website for Burnley Savings and Loan:
There's a follow up being broadcast tonight on Channel 4. It can be watched here on 4OD: (Coming soon. I'll edit and post a link when it's up)

This TV programme is really entertaining and interesting, and gives me hope that there are people out there who will not put up with the greedy and deceitful banksters and are willing to go to great lengths to thwart them! I see there are some more episodes and a follow-up programme on TV tonight; see above. David Fishwick is a non-Conformist, creative and imaginative man, and we need more of him. He's right when he says: "It's no good asking permission; just go out and do it!" Seeing this kind of thing on TV is like a breath of fresh air amidst all the doom and gloom we normally get. The name of his company reminds me of George Bailey's Building and Loan from the film It's a Wonderful Life. In the movie a local credit union has to battle against a ruthless black businessman. Fishwick is on the right track, but the long term solution to the economy will have to be much more drastic and far reaching. Setting up a bank is an excellent idea and I'm glad Dave plans to make his bank independent of the High Street, but unfortunately so far (after only watching the first episode) Dave's bank still deals with the existing pounds and pence, Bank of England promissory notes. In order to become completely free of financial control it will need to create a new currency, like the Lawful Bank which has a currency called the Sovereignty, see: This currency will mean an entirely new independent economy. I attended a lecture by Roger Hayes at the weekend and he talked about how he managed to get round the Financial Services Authority that have given David Fishwick so many problems; he simply changed the word "money" to "monie". I've written a lot about the subject of local free economies; see here for example: and: I'm keen to see where this enterprise goes and so will watch the follow-up episodes avidly.

Monday 25 February 2013

Hollie Greig Hoax Group at Inspired by Icke

The Hollie Greig Hoax Group have spoken at the Inspired by David Icke discussion group, formerly known as the London David Icke Discussion Group, see: (I myself have spoken there too, see: This event was the brainchild of my friend and fellow researcher Heidi King and I'm glad her idea was endorsed; I was there, and I think this event will go down in the history of the group as one of their classics.

See here for important background: Belinda McKenzie and the other members of Hollie Demands Justice were invited to attend, but declined. She agreed to meet up with some friends of mine before the event at another location, but she failed to turn up. This did not surprise me, as I have made similar requests to HDJ in attempt to clear up this issue with an open debate and I was snidely and sarcastically pushed aside, as you'll see in the background link. Instead I arranged to host a round table interview with the Hollie Greig Hoax group on HPANWO Radio and this went ahead in January: Since then the HDJ people have still refused to agree to a proper debate and have only replied in unilateral publications which include a lot of rhetoric and the same kind of personal nastiness I myself experienced; only it often got far worse: "paedophile protector" and "MI5 agent" are some of the epithets hurled at their opponents. Also a few days before, a number of emails were sent to people, including myself, laced with ludicrous legal threats, moral blackmail and third party insinuations aimed at dissuading anybody thinking of attending the event. Luckily it didn't seem to work; the function room above The George pub on The Strand in London was packed out. But while we were waiting for the event to begin, a woman sneaked in furtively and handed out fliers to the audience before hurriedly leaving. These fliers were a list of questions for the speakers; most of them concern Sylvia Major's private life, alleged marital strife and her relationship to various children's charities; how are these relevant to the subject at hand? If they are relevant then why doesn't HDJ come to the event and explain why? One of the questions asked why the Hoax Group accepted an invitation to speak at a meeting in which people believed in "the New World Order", "shape-shifting lizards" and that "9/11 was an inside job". I'm surprised to hear this coming from HDJ when they themselves profess to be a part of the Truth Movement and endorsed a lot of these ideas themselves. I remember that Belinda McKenzie herself regularly attended the Inspired by David Icke group a couple of years ago when it was just an informal gathering in the public bar downstairs. It's a shame because I used to admire Belinda deeply; I considered her a heroine of the Truth Movement and a saviour of all the millions of children living lives of Hell on Earth in this world, see:

I can't say too much about the proceedings of the event because the organizer, Cathy, asked us not to record or film, and to keep any notes we made confidential. But basically it consisted of a question-and-answer session from the audience. Of the four members of the group I interviewed on HPANWO Radio, three of them were there in person, Rachel, Sarah and Sylvia; Rachel and Sarah did almost all the talking. It immediately became apparent that many people there were still sympathetic to HDJ and very suspicious of the Hoax Group's case. There were some well-versed points put forward for the speakers which Rachel and Sarah answered cogently and in detail. It wasn't long before the Q and A became a debate between audience members too, and this escalated into a fairly heated argument. Occasionally the tone became vitriolic. One female audience-member, enraged to the point of tears, derided Rachel and Sarah for "betraying their fellow women" by daring to question a rape allegation. I've spoken before about the political incorrectness of this subject, see: In this case however one of the speakers answered by explaining how she herself had been sexually abused and knew exactly how Hollie would have felt had she really been a true victim in this way. At one point the debate descended into the realms of absurdity. A questioner mispronounced Brian Gerrish's surname "Garish" and somebody very indignantly challenged them and demanded that they pronounce it properly. Why? What difference does it make to her point? I found it strange that such a fuss would be made over the length of a single vowel. For me, this discussion was the final nail in the coffin for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign's argument: the use of ad hominem accusations, personal criticism and appeal to the emotions, together with substituting angry comments about irrelevant trivia in place of logical persuasion, is a sure sign that their theory has no foundation to stand on. And I repeat: HDJ will not sit down and address the Hoax Group's questions openly and rationally in a public debate.

The speakers said right at the start: "The Hollie Greig case is dead", and they're right. Rachel and Sarah are not Skeptics either; they explained that they are Truthers themselves who agree that 9/11 was an inside job and understand that the institutional mass-abuse of children does indeed go on. What the Hollie Greig case has done is give us a big wake-up call to our own failings and weaknesses. We've wasted an incalculable amount of time and energy chasing a mirage. It's painful to imagine what we might have achieved if we hadn't been so distracted by this delusion and focused on the genuine victims of abuse. Could we have had the satisfaction of seeing Jimmy Savile apprehended and disgraced during his lifetime, instead of being rescued by the grave as he was? And what harm have we done to the reputations of innocent people!? I've publicly apologized to Sylvia and Wyn, as have the Hoax Group of course, and those ladies have been very gracious and forgiving. I also apologize to Sheriff Buchanan and everybody else we've smeared. But there is material permanently preserved in the caches of the Internet containing these attacks against their characters. And what about the central figure in this escapade of folly: Hollie Greig herself? She's a vulnerable young woman with learning difficulties; how has this affected her? We must not make this mistake again!

I'm very glad to see that the Hollie Greig case does seem to be slipping away now. Most people in the Truth community just don't talk about it any more, and a growing number of people are now out of the closet in agreeing that is was a hoax. As far as HDJ goes, there are today just a small band of loyalists left, centred around Belinda. At a recent protest Belinda carried out at the BBC, to mark Hollie's thirtieth birthday, she had eight people with her; two years ago she'd have rustled up hundreds. The question is now: how long will it be before it makes its final exit? And what can we do to protect Sylvia and Wyn while the remnants of the HDJ campaign continue to publish their propaganda? I think the answer is what we're doing right now; holding events like the one yesterday. I admired Sarah and Rachel very much for their brave and dignified stance at this very belligerent and confrontational meeting; Sylvia too, a relative of Hollie and one of the accused, for travelling all the way from Scotland to address the group and clear her name. Thanks also to Cathy and everybody else who organized the event. As I write these words I'm also preparing to interview Kevin Annett for HPANWO Radio; and that's another thing we can do: get on with our work in freeing children by exposing the real truth!

Friday 22 February 2013

Good Mural is Gone

Last year I published a photograph of a lovely seditious and non-Conformist mural painted on the side of a house in Oxford, see: Sadly, as you can see in the photo above that I took today, that mural has been obliterated. Of course that house is a private residence and the owners who live there have the right to decorate their home any way they choose; but I can't hold back a pang of regret at the loss of such an insubordinate and spirited work of art. I think it deserves to go down in history as a great piece of political graffiti, on a par with the famous murals of South America and Northern Ireland. At least you can still look at the photo I took of it. It makes me all the more pleased with myself for preserving it on HPANWO; it's not the first time I've had to do that kind of thing, see:

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on We The People- Recorded

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that a recording of my excellent interview on the We The People show has been put up on YouTube:

We The People is one of the programmes on the English language Spanish radio station ITalk FM. The presenter is Venerina Conti, who will be already well-known to fans of The Mind Set Podcast. (See here for Venerina's website: It was a round table interview with two other guests and the subject of the discussion was food, the horsemeat scandal, GMO's and Monsanto.
The programme will also be repeated tomorrow at 11 AM Greenwich Mean Time (10 AM local time). See:; click "listen live". 

Monday 18 February 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 10

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include The Pope quits, meteors over Russia, Islam and immigration, and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 140:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Saturday 16 February 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on We The People

I have been interviewed live on the We The People show on the English language Spanish radio station ITalk FM, see:; click "listen live". The presenter is Venerina Conti, who will be already well-known to fans of The Mind Set Podcast. (See here for Venerina's website: It was a round table interview with two other guests and the subject of the discussion was food, the horsemeat scandal, GMO's and Monsanto. I'm not sure yet if the programme will be podcasted so I recommend catching the repeat of it tomorrow afternoon, Sunday the 17th, at 2pm Greenwich Mean Time (3pm local time).

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14

Every week on HPANWO Radio I do a space weather report; space weather is anything that happens in space which affects the Earth's atmosphere or surface, see Links column. The big news this week is that Friday the 15th of February is the day when asteroid 2012 DA14 passes by the Earth.

There are so many asteroids that it's impossible to invent names for all of them so the vast majority have what is called a Minor Planet Designation based on the year they were first spotted and the place the astronomer was who spotted it. 2012 DA14 was discovered by an observatory in Spain on January the 23rd last year. I've been talking about it a lot on HPANWO Radio, and now it's here! 160 feet across! 130,000 tons! It will pass by the Earth this Friday. At 7.25 in the evening, Greenwich Mean Time, it will be at its closest point of approach, 17,000 miles. This sounds like a long way, but in cosmic terms it's scraping the paint off. It's inside the orbit of many satellites; this is a record for an object of this size and closeness. It's also moving very fast. Just four hours before it passes the Earth it will come within the orbital track of the moon. It takes days or weeks to send spacecraft that distance. If it struck the Earth it would produce an explosion of 2 to 4 megatons; that's bigger than most nuclear bombs. If this occurred over a populated area it would be devastating. But it will not strike the Earth. There's a zero percent chance of impact. There's a very small, a 0.033%, 1/3 of a percent, risk of impact in 2046, but that's not for 33 years. I was disappointed to find asteroid will not be visible to naked eye. But I'm going to go out and look for it anyway. I'm sure I've got some binoculars somewhere in the house. The best viewing location in Indonesia, but Eastern Europe and Australia are also good places. Sadly I can't get there, but I'll have a go from Oxford.

Monday 11 February 2013

The Pope Quits

In a surprise statement from the Vatican today "His Holiness" Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation on the 28th of this month. See: Papal abdications are very rare indeed. Popes almost always die in office; in fact this is the first time a Pope has willingly stepped down while alive in over six hundred years. I wonder if St Malachi's prophesy is about to come true. St Malachi was an Irish bishop who had a vision while on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1140. He said that the church would not last for ever and there would only be one hundred and eleven popes after the current one. Well, the hundred and tenth was Benedict XVI.

I wonder if his resignation is really down to old age and his health. I can't help but hope that it might have something to do with Kevin Annett's lawsuit, see: Benedict, or to give him his usual name: the former Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, wants to get out of the way before the net closes! I can also only hope that St Malachi was right; as Ben Hur said in the classic movie: "The day Rome falls there will be a shout of freedom like the world has never heard!" The down side of all this is that it has helped to have a Pope that actually looks are vicious and deceitful as Popes invariably are. See the picture above; I noticed myself, although I was not the first to notice, his resemblance to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. I hope the next one is not a sweet old grandfatherly figure like John Paul II, the one before Benedict.

Friday 8 February 2013

Reg Presley Dies

Reg Presley- 12th June 1941 to 4th February 2013

I’m sorry to report that Reg Presley has died at the age of 71. He passed away peacefully with his family around him. The famous singer-songwriter who became a noted crop circle and paranormal enthusiast was diagnosed with cancer while on tour in Germany in January 2012. Reg was a 1960’s pop icon and lead vocalist for his band The Troggs; the band was best known for their hit singles Wild Thing and Love is all Around. The Troggs has enjoyed significant “post hit-parade” success which continues to the present day. However Reg’s life changed forever at the age of 50 when he walked into a crop circle near his home in Hampshire. The phenomenon enthralled him, along with all the associated areas of research like UFO’s, conspiratorial matters, ancient stone monuments, hidden history and Spiritualism. As good fortune… or the Law of Attraction… would have it, his awakening occurred at the same time that one of his songs, Love is All Around, was covered by Wet Wet Wet and became a Number 1 smash hit providing Reg with a considerable amount of money to spend on his research. He wrote a book called Wild Things… They don’t Tell Us. Here’s my HPANWO review of it: The book is full of information and amazing narratives from Reg’s life. For instance, even long before he became interested in crop circles, he once had a precognitive experience. He was watching TV news at lunchtime on the 1st of June 1974 when he saw a story about an explosion at the Flixborough chemical plant in Lincolnshire killing 28 people and burning down the entire village. This disaster did indeed happen… but it didn’t take place until 5pm that afternoon. Reg is one of a number of people who had this psychic premonition that day. Reg relates these subjects in his book with detailed and intelligent analysis, but also with an ingenuous, wide-eyed almost child-like tone. I only met Reg briefly at a conference and never got to know him, but those who did say he was a very sweet and down-to-Earth character. Not that he couldn’t be fiery when he wanted to be! Here he is arguing with his fellow band-members (WARNING- strong language):

When somebody in their adult life suddenly becomes aware of the subjects Reg did, it can cause a great deal of friction with family and friends who do not share these insights. However when that person is a celebrity, and so is continually in the public eye and known to many strangers as well, it can generate additional difficulties that non-celebrities do not have to face. The best example of this is David Icke; and David has described in great detail how he would walk down a street and people would point and jeer at him. It takes an enormous amount of courage and dedication to resist that kind of abuse. Reg doesn’t mention suffering in that way, but he must have done so. Sometimes these attacks don’t stop when the person has died; take this very tongue-in-cheek obituary from The Daily Telegraph: I’m not shocked by it; it’s the kind of snide pillory sentence I’d expect from the Telegraph actually. This one from the BBC is more staid, but it focuses on his music career and only mentions his esoteric investigations as an afterthought: In his book Reg describes how he managed to blend his new life with his old one for the various tours and recordings he did with his fellow members of The Troggs. He finds a balance which shows he regarded his own life holistically. He is somebody I would have like to have met and would probably have got along well with. It’s sad he never got to write any more books. Rest in peace, Reg.

The death of Reg Presley is the latest in a whole series of bereavements that seem to have struck very close together, both in my personal life and in the wider conspiracy/paranormal community in general. Regular HPANWO-readers will recall how both my girlfriend’s mother and my daughter’s grandmother passed away within a few months of each other, see: and: Just five days before Reg passed away, the psychical researcher and pioneer of remote viewing, Ingo Swann, also died. Just before New Year the researcher Philip Coppens passed away at a very young age, see: Not to mention the recent passing of CMR host Revd George, see: It has also just been announced that a lady who is well known in the UFO research community has just lost her father. I hope this succession of continual departures from this Earthly universe ends soon.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 9

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include the Pet Shop Boys, Illuminati architecture, Sandy Hook fake reports, Catholic child abuse and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 138:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Saturday 2 February 2013


It's funny the things that you remember as a kid. I remember once being heart-broken to the point of tears by a segment on the BBC children's news programme John Craven's Newsround. The story was about the death of a dog, a pet Labrador. The dog had died after eating poisonous dog biscuits that had been deliberately dropped in the street. The police arrested the man who had left them. He said that he had done it because a dog had killed his cat. Long ago at that time, aged about five or six, I first asked a question that I'm still asking to this day. It was a question about revenge.

Revenge is a harmful action against another motivated by that other's own harmful action, perceived or real. It goes by many other names: retribution, vengeance, payback, vendetta, retaliation. It appears to a natural instinct common among humans and even some animals. There are some philosophies which resist the whole concept of revenge, most notably Christian forgiveness: "Jesus said... forgive those who do bad against you." (Luke 11.4) This resistance can also be found in secular philosophy. There is a proverb that goes: "If you set out on a quest for revenge, dig two graves" implying that revenge is often a self-destructive act. This was certain true for the Ahab character in Herman Melville's classic 1851 novel Moby Dick. Ahab is a whaling ship captain who had his leg bitten off by a whale on a previous voyage, and since then he has thought of nothing except killing the whale in revenge. The climax of the story depicts Ahab, consumed with hatred, trapped in the same harpoon line being used to try to kill the whale, being dragged down into the depths of the ocean to his own death. The theme of the novel is that obsession with revenge is pathological and will bring about your own downfall. But in reality, is it possible to completely lose the desire for any revenge at all? And if it's even possible, is it healthy? There are people in my life who have caused me great harm, and to whom I feel a lot of resentment and always will. This doesn't mean I want to chase them with a harpoon if they go swimming in the sea, but I would be unable to feel comfortable in their presence and if one of them approached me, or a loved one, I might take violent steps to repel them. But to forgive them I would need to completely turn off all my emotions, to become totally detached and cold. To forget would require me to develop total and permanent amnesia. I consider the desire for revenge to be an inevitable and normal part of the mental formula of a human being. It doesn't have to be pathological or self-destructive so long as it is processed and integrated. It can even be creative and a source of positive inspiration; some of the characters I invent in my fictional writings are based on my personal enemies. Revenge only becomes detrimental when it takes over your life or becomes misplaced.

Misplaced revenge is one of the biggest hazards currently facing human society and it is encouraged and incited by the psychological manipulators in the media, education, military and other areas. It is the problem that I became suddenly and acutely aware of as a little child watching John Craven's Newsround all those years ago. As I said, the will to seek revenge is a natural instinct, but the goal of achieving revenge is not always attainable. What can then happen, if we're not careful, is that we are unable to assimilate the experience of this failure and descend into mania; this is what I call misplaced revenge. It is a state in which we will target innocent people for revenge simply because they bear a coincidental resemblance to the natural target; they may be of the same nationality, the same colour, the same religion, or even the same gender. The last example is the most dangerous because it makes half of all humanity a potential objective for your malice! You will end up doing serious harm to people who do not deserve it. You may find yourself making cop-outs and half-hearted attempts to rationalize your actions, for example: "Niggers are all the same!" or "Women? Bitches every one of 'em!" In the case of the Newsround story, the dog which died did nothing wrong to any cat, yet the cat-owner gained some catharsis by killing a dog, any dog because a particular dog had killed his cat. Even at a very young age, I understood this concept and what was wrong with it. The message was reinforced during another childhood experience. I had the misfortune to be in the Netherlands during the Heysel Stadium Disaster, see: As we drove along in our family car along Dutch streets, passing motorists horn-lashed us and hurled abuse at us on several occasions. The motive? Whatever the factual rights and wrongs of the riot which led to the disaster, the initial blame fell completely on the British Liverpool supporters... and our car had a UK numberplate and bumper sticker. Of course my family and I had nothing to do with what happened at Heysel Stadium because we weren't there, but we happened, by pure coincidence, to come from the same country as those who did; therefore we were the target of revenge.

Amazingly, even to bring up this question can lead to accusations of naivete. "What do you mean 'we didn't do it?' That's no excuse! You're from the same country, ain't you?" News programmes, criminologists and politicians refuse to even consider this problem. Misplaced revenge is causally and thoughtlessly accepted and categorized along with natural revenge instincts. This has given the Illuminati-occupied powers-the-be a field day when it comes to starting and maintaining wars. There are even cases of one group of people going to war against another because of a perceived motive that took place centuries ago! This is why it is so important that we don't fall into the trap of carrying out acts of misplaced revenge. No person must be held accountable for any action, except those which they have personally performed. It is only through becoming aware of this fact and by refusing to indulge ourselves in misplaced revenge that we can break through one of the most effective manipulation tools the New World Order can wield against us.