Saturday 28 February 2015

Will Russia be blamed for Jihadists?

The ex-MI6 chief Sir John Sawers has made a statement that Russia is a serious threat to national security. On BBC Radio 4's Today programme he says he hoped that after the end of the Cold War and the defeat of communism, Russia would eventually transform into a peaceful nation which would be friendly to Europe. It has not, and instead has diverged away from its western neighbours. It has expanded and modernized its military, including its nuclear arsenal, and has been behaving in a threatening manner to other countries, especially Ukraine and others which border it, but also Britain. He warns that Britain needs to increase its military focus on Russia, see: This is nonsense, and these lies are something I easily predicted a short while ago. The USA and Europe want to smear Russia for very different reasons to what they declare publicly, see: The Bullshit and Bollocks Corporation has made a news report on Sawers' interview which is very interesting because if you scroll down you will see a paragraph on the Jihadist threat. It's interesting that Mr Sawers decided to discuss both subjects together. Why not? you might think; Jihadism is another major national security threat which he had to deal with in his job, didn't he? But I wonder if something more isn't going on here, something also very predictable, see:

After the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 a lot of speculation was made over the identify of a man reportedly seen with the two named and apprehended perpetrators Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols; he became known as "John Doe #2". He was described as having a swarthy appearance. Of course many people do so in the United States because of the huge proportion of the population who have Mexican roots, but just after 9/11 a Neoconservative magazine claimed that John Doe #2 was an Arab from the Middle East and that the far right militia movement in the United States had formed an alliance with radical Islamists to bring down America. There was zero evidence for this, yet the yarn was still spun because it suited the Neocon political agenda at the time. (In truth the Oklahoma City Bombing was a false flag government operation carried out to fuel public support for greater state surveillance and legal powers, see: Times have changed since then and the gun-sights of the Western political elite have shifted north. Yet they might use the same tactic again by trying to link Vladimir Putin with radical Muslim Jihadists. We might see planted evidence in ISIS bunkers, documents "proving" Putin sent them funds and armaments, etc etc. At the present time Russia is mourning the death of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition leader who was gunned down in the streets this morning. The West say they want a "transparent probe" into the murder, see: I've a feeling fingers will be pointed at Putin pretty soon, with or without evidence; supposed "evidence" can be found to fit the story they want to tell. For his own part Putin has condemned the assassination and has said: "Everything will be done so that the organisers and perpetrators of a vile and cynical murder are punished... deepest condolences on the irreparable loss... (Mr Nemtsov) left his mark on the history of Russia... (he) always openly and honestly stated his position and defended his point of view". Who do you believe? Whom should we trust? One thing to remember is that the Neocon Western rulers have tried to link falsely two disparate enemies into one through lies and subterfuge before. If a trick keeps working, then they will keep on using it. 

Friday 27 February 2015

Secret Nazi Laboratory Discovered

A historian in Austria has discovered a secret underground complex that was built by the Nazis to develop experimental weapons including their atomic bomb programme (a recent article in Nexus claims that they succeeded, see: At the end of World War II, the defeated Nazis successfully hid the complex from the advancing Soviet forces by sealing it with huge granite blocks. It was not until 2014 that it was eventually rediscovered by the film maker and historian Andreas Sulzer after he followed the clues in the diary of a German physicist involved in secret Nazi technology and discovered a location in the village of Sankt Georgen an der Gusen where radiation levels were higher than normal indicating radioactive material had been stored there. The subterranean laboratory covers seventy-five acres and is believed to be connected to the already-known B8 Bergkristall aviation factory where the first Messerschmitt jet warplanes were built. These facilities were partly manned by inmates from the notorious Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp; these people, mostly Jews and prisoners-of-war, were deliberately worked to death in order to eliminate witnesses and keep the complex more secret. Sulzer wants to turn the site into a memorial for those forced labourers, see: Excavation of the site was stopped by the police, apparently because of a technicality over archaeological licenses, but Sulzer hopes to begin again soon. However there has been no more news on the matter for almost two months. There could be another reason why public research into this newly-revealed Nazi base might have been thwarted, something more furtive and sinister than mere red tape.

The Nazis were extremely technically advanced in all of the sciences; this was partly because, as I said above, they had an infinite supply of human guinea pigs and slave labour to exploit without any ethical concern for their wellbeing. During World War II they not only developed the first jet aircraft, but also the first cruise missile, the V1 or "doodlebug", and the first ballistic missile, the V2, which was the forerunner of NASA's space rockets. But it turned out after the war that this was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact even if the alleged successful atom bomb tests at Thuringia were real, see:, that's small potatoes compared to what else they were up to. Towards the end of the war the Nazi's began a series of huge construction programmes, some of which still have an unknown purpose. One of them, Projekt Riese- "Project Giant" was a tunnel system in Lower Silesia. It was a scheme on a similar scale to the Channel Tunnel and was left unfinished after the fall of Hitler's regime. It is today sealed from public access because most of the half-dug chambers are unsafe... supposedly. However the most interesting area is in southern Poland called the Wenceslaus Mine. Here the Nazis were said to be working on a "wonder weapon" known as Die Glocke- "the Bell" or Die Bienenstock- "the beehive". According to researchers like Nick Cook, Igor Witkowski and Joseph Farrell, this was an antigravity device which used mercury in its mechanism. It was said to give off a powerful electromagnetic field, ionizing radiation and even had the effect of altering spacetime around it. UFO's are often reported to have the same properties. Many of the scientists working on the Bell were taken ill and died. Oddly enough a few weeks after the end of the war a German U-boat was captured by the British in the Far East carrying a cargo of mercury; bound for where and for what purpose? The underground facility where the Bell laboratory was said to be was sealed by the retreating Nazis; the entrances were blown up with explosives filling them with rubble. Rumour has it that many of the personnel were not evacuated first. A key figure in the story is SS-Obergruppenfuher Hans Kammler, the Nazis' top engineer. This is because he was involved with the programme to build the Bell. For whatever reason, Nazi Germany had broken away from the tacit global collusion to keep free energy and antigravity technology under wraps. Maybe this was the real motive for World War II; since when have the West ever really waged war over human rights abuses? See: and: I can well imagine that the authorities in Austria today would like to investigate the newly-discovered Nazi facility at Sankt Georgen an der Gusen themselves privately before allowing Andreas Sulzer anywhere near it; just in case it contains incriminating evidence of knowledge that ordinary people are not permitted access to. Hans Kammler disappeared during the last few months of the war and nobody knows what became of him. Perhaps he ended up as part of Project Paperclip. In the aftermath of the war the victorious allies divided the spoils, this included picking the brains of the Nazi scientists. Some went to the USSR, others to western Europe, but the United States got the lion's share, most notably Werner von Braun the rocket scientist, but many more came along with him too, including some who are reckoned to have been brought into the country under false identities; they had their war-crime records wiped clean and were given jobs in the American scientific establishment. Was Hans Kammler one of these? He would have had a motive because if he were officially listed as captured he would have ended up at Nuremburg and probably the gallows. The Americans had a motive too because of what he knew about the Bell. It's conceivable that Hans Kammler and other members of his team continued to work at building the Bell for the United States under assumed identities in secret locations like the Lockheed Skunkworks. On the 9th of December 1965 a strange object crashed in the woods near the little Pennsylvania village of Kecksburg. The police and army sealed off the area and a Roswell-style crash-retrieval team moved in to salvage it, but before they did a few local eyewitnesses saw the object. It resembled an acorn and was about the size of a small car. UFOlogists have wondered if the object was an extraterrestrial craft and have called the case the "Pennsylvania Roswell"; others think it might be a crashed Russian space probe. However the descriptions given by the people who saw it match quite closely those who saw the Nazi Bell. Was this a new all-American Bell, developed and constructed in secret in the USA by former Nazi scientists? 

Thursday 26 February 2015

Slender Man on Cannock Chase

Slender Man is one of these strange cultural spectacles that occupy the no-man's land between fact and fiction. Officially it is an imaginary character created on a good old pre-Facebook forum on June the 10th 2009 (I feel nostalgic!) A person with the username "Victor Surge" posted some photographs featuring children at play. These were monochrome prints, and the hairstyles and clothing date them to around the late 1970's to early 80's. These were allegedly taken in Stirling City, California USA and were "lost and found". Victor Surge claimed to have electronically altered the images himself; this is reasonable to assume because the thread is entitled Create Paranormal Images. In the background you can see a tall, thin humanoid figure dressed in a black suit and tie. It has paper-white skin and no face or hair. Strangest of all it has a number of tentacles resembling those of an octopus or squid emerging from its back or shoulders. The back-story to the photos explained that the phantom had come to abduct the children. The forum user, real name Eric Knudsen, has always maintained that the photographs were ones he'd faked, and this is probably true; Knudsen owns a loose franchise on Slender Man. What's interesting is that he had been inspired to create the tale, illustrated with his photos, by established horror and fantasy writers like William S Burroughs, HP Lovecraft and Stephen King. He was also interested in legends of the "shadow people", which is a very real and serious field of paranormal research; I myself have witnessed them. Shadow people are spectral entities that are often witnessed by people, usually while they're experiencing sleep paralysis. They appear in one form or another in almost every culture in the world and encounters are often a terrifying ordeal. Shadow people can behave in a very unpleasant manner; they might attack you violently, sit on top of you making it difficult to breathe and even sexually assault you, see: The prevailing view in the scientific and Skeptic community is that this is caused by the fact that during sleep paralysis, your muscles are all paralyzed to stop you sleepwalking, but you're emerging from REM sleep, the brain state when you dream. So you're effectively dreaming while awake, and the things you perceive are therefore hallucinations, see: I'm not so sure; I think it's very possible that the brain is in an altered state that allows it to experience worlds beyond the universe that we're normally aware of. Sleep paralysis is related to other altered states of consciousness such as those induced by drugs or sleep deprivation, see: However we're in a confusing situation because reports have come in of some people really seeing Slender Man.

These stories began in America, but have recently emerged in the UK. People in England have reported encountering Slender Man in, of all places, Cannock Chase, see: For some reason that wooded beauty spot in Staffordshire has been the focus of paranormal activity for as long as anybody can remember. It is also said to be where black-eyed kids first popped up on this side of the Atlantic, see: My friends Don Philips and Steve Mera have also carried out field studies in that area, see: How is this possible when the figure these people are seeing is just a fictional character they found out about online? One obvious explanation is that the Skeptics are right and that people are hallucinating; it would make sense that our minds would delve into our memory to populate our waking nightmares. They might also be lying, fabricating a whimsy just to get their name in the newspapers. But is it really that simple? Could another possibility be the opposite going on; Slender Man is real and that Eric Knudsen based his fictional character on his unconscious memories of real events or information he'd discovered? After all, he had an existing interest in the subject of astral entities. This makes Slender Man very similar in nature to "This Man", see: What interests me about the Cannock Chase sightings is that despite the media referring to Slender Man in their spots on the subject, the actual witness statements do not match those of Knudsen's character at all. They report that the being has "blood red eyes", "a hat" and "razor sharp fangs"; Slender man has a completely featureless head. They also relate that the creature wears a "Victorian" costume; in those days fashions were very different to the modern black suits Slender Man wears. Therefore I suspect that the Slender Man angle is one purely concocted by the journalist, see: live in a mysterious universe in which what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell in ordinary wide-awake consciousness is not all that exists. With adult and sensible investigation we might find ways to explore the gulfs between our own world and others, but media sensationalism and the distorting of narratives are not steps in the right direction. 

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Skeptocracy 2015

The Rt. Hon. David Tredinnick MP has always been a controversial character in Parliament because of his "alternative beliefs"; he is a champion of homeopathy and chiropractors, and he has recently stated that the use of astrology in healthcare would be of benefit to patients, see: His seat on both the Health Select Committee and the Science and Technology Select Committee has enraged Skeptics and he has become a recurrent hate figure on Skeptic radio shows like The Pod Delusion, for example see: The Huff Po article is very jocular and the comments and Tweets are predictably snide and scathing, but it took me a while to find the magic bullet, somebody possibly calling for Tredinnick's forced deselection because of his views. As coincidence, or synchronicity, would have it, a very similar scandal has broken out in the USA, again concerning an elected government representative and her views on "quackery". Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore is the CEO of a health company and is a supporter of the controversial Simoncini cancer treatment; a procedure not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is regarded by Skeptics as "snake oil". The problem is that Ms Fiore is also a member of the Nevada Legislature and has presented a bill to the House which if passed would permit Simoncini's treatment to be used in public hospitals and by licensed physicians all over the state of Nevada, see: The response from her critics has been the same as Tredinnick's. Again, will we see that magic bullet?

It's an awkward situation for the Skeppers; they're so sure of themselves about everything. They use phrases like "no evidence!", "comprehensively discredited!" and "a shameful disgrace to science!" but they're talking about professional politicians who have been democratically chosen by the people to represent them in government. If any action is taken against Tredinnick or Ms Fiore then the Skeptics will effectively be saying that democracy doesn't matter and the normal process of government should be overruled because the elected representative is so dangerous, in other words they contradict the Skeptic view of reality, a view that some Skeptics think should be enforced on everybody whether they like it or not. I've not checked all the comments yet and so far I've not seen the magic bullet, yet I might have on the HPANWO Forum.
Skeptic member "Beetzart" posted yesterday: "Look at this fucking idiot (Tredinnick) Ooh, what a woo, get the fuck out of government!".
I responded: "If you want him to 'get the fuck out of government!' then you're going to have to persuade his constituents not to vote for him. Presumably at the moment they're perfectly satisfied with his representation... you can't remove somebody from government just because he's not a Skepper..."
Beetzart replied: "What do you think, Hag? Do you think someone who holds a place in public office should keep their views like this to themselves? Astrology is a crock of crap." (Source:
So does this mean Beetzart is calling for a forced dismissal of an elected representative because of his beliefs, or not? I'm not sure. I'll ask him to clarify. However if he is, he wouldn't be the first. James Randi has objected to nurses being trained in hands-on-healing by saying: "I don't want my tax money spent on that!" But not all taxpayers are Skeptics. Are Skeptics allowed to dictate how the entire exchequer is spent, even though it is meant to be there for the needs of everybody? Skeptics, as I've said before, are extremely bad at introspection; they'll use slogans about "educating the public" and "promoting the scientific method", but never hesitate in breaking out the jackboots when the public listens to them and dares to disagree. One Skeptic I spoke to on the old James Randi Educational Foundation forum was unequivocal and unapologetic: "Government is there to represent people's interests, not their dysfunctions!" I've covered other examples before such as TEDgate, see:, and the attempt to force the privatization of Steiner schools, see: (I've made a HPANWO TV film about both these issues: Some, including Prof. Richard Wiseman, are calling for the "regulation" of Spiritualist mediums, see: Similar incitements to oppression have been yelled before, see: An American doctor and Skeptic, Dr Paul Offit, is poking his nose into the British NHS and advising them to make vaccines compulsory, see: I swear I would be first on the picket line if anybody ever tried to prevent a Skeptic from speaking freely or holding a Skeptic event, yet many Skeptics would refuse to stand up in the same way for me. Skeptics always claim they do believe in freedom and tolerance, but as I've said before, they are very bad at listening, most of all to themselves. Therefore if they can't understand their own temptations of totalitarianism, then we will have to make them aware when they step out of line, in no uncertain terms.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones at the UFO Academy

I will be speaking at the UFO Academy Watford on the 18th of April. This is part of their Into the Unknown event. Doors open at midday and tickets cost £15 on the door. Please email at the address on the website if you wish to reserve tickets. The venue is High Elms Manor, a beautiful Georgian stately home surrounded by fine gardens and lush Hertfordshire countryside. See here for details about the event:
My lecture will be entitled: "The Nottinghamshire Roswell". The Roswell Incident is not the only one of its kind; in fact events like it happen regularly all over the world. In the UK a strange occurrence took place in Nottinghamshire in November 1987. Could we be looking at the “Nottinghamshire Roswell”? See here for background:
There are two other interesting speakers, Philip Kinsella and Gary Heseltine; the latter will be familiar to HPANWO-readers as the editor of UFO Truth magazine.

Monday 23 February 2015

New Roswell in Canada?

This post refers to a breaking news story that has just gone viral, but the event under discussion happened last Wednesday in Canada. Reports state that a UFO has crash-landed onto the frozen surface of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba; this was accompanied by the noise of loud explosions. The region where this happened is sparsely populated; the only settlements in the area are those of the nearby Jackhead Indian reservation. After the object supposedly came to grief, it is suggested that a typical military crash-retrieval operation immediately followed which is still underway at the present time. A number of people have visited the area and taken photos, two of which are shown above. We see a convoy of military vehicles and a police roadblock. Some visitors have reported that they have been harassed by the security forces, forbidden from taking film and photographs and there have even been reports of arrests. There is a copy-protected image of a pyramidal object sitting in the snow on the frozen lake which is reputed to be "smuggled out", but this might not be real; it looks to me like a sculptured mound of snow. What's more witnesses report seeing a disc-shaped object in the sky earlier in the day. The mainstream media have said very little except to announce that there is no UFO crash and the soldiers operating in the area are simply taking part in an exercise called Arctic Bison, see: However people living nearby dispute this. They say that there were no troops around before the crash, also the Canadian army is not permitted to exercise on Indian land anyway so they could only be there on serious business. The chief of the local Kinonjeoshtegon tribe has contacted Third Phase of the Moon to report that he is under house arrest. Also a lot of the phone lines in the area are down. The area where this has happened is quite inaccessible and it has a limited communications network; at this time of year the weather is usually extremely cold and transport is difficult. The few roads accessing the place are closed. There is a big city called Winnipeg, but its name is misleading because it's almost forty miles away from the southern shore of the lake and several hundred miles from the Jackhead reservation. Lake Winnipeg is huge at over 250 miles across and the army have been using snowmobiles to traverse the frozen surface to where this alleged object came down. I'm interested to see how this story develops. So far Third Phase are the primary source of information and their track record is not always reliable.
Here is their series of video reports:
However as more and more people are travelling to the area and the pool of witnesses grows this case should hopefully be confirmed or denied before long. If this is a new Canadian Roswell then could this be one in which the cover-up fails at the outset? If so then it would be perfectly timed because of Steve Bassett's Congressional Hearing Initiative and the Roswell Slides, see:

Sunday 22 February 2015

Embedded Subliminal in Advert

The above picture comes from a spam email sent to me from Groupon, a deal-of-the-day website. I can't remember what the product was, but whatever it was, in order to sell it the marketing team have decided to use the most devious persuasion tactic of all: subliminal perception. In this picture the woman's chin looks very like her bottom and the tulip in her hand resembles her vagina; this is very real and, despite what some might claim, I don't think it's just the way my mind works. Subliminals like this are very commonly used in advertizing and tend to be of a graphic sexual nature because sex is a short cut to our subconscious mind, as Sigmund Freud discovered. It might surprise you, but this ad is probably intended to target female customers; it is homoerotic. This is because for most people homosexual urges are buried in the very deepest parts of our subconscious minds. Most people who see this image will not notice the sexual subliminal, but they will still be influenced by it. Experiments have proven that the presence of subliminal stimuli does influence human behaviour. This has been known for a long time. When the film Ben Hur was released in 1959 some of the reels sent out to the cinemas had subliminal images of Coca Cola bottles which are not consciously visible to the viewers; yet sales of Coke in the foyers were significantly higher in the cinemas where the subliminally-loaded reels were sent than they were in the control group. Whatever methods can be used to persuade you to buy an aspartame-laced soft drink can manipulate your behaviour in many other ways. There's a very interesting novel by John Brunner called The Squares of the City which was marketed as a sci-fi story, but is actually more of a political mystery thriller. The book was published in 1965 and was very influential because it struck a chord with readers. People sensed that it was truth disguised as fiction. Part of the plot was the use of subliminal perception in the media to influence the characters, see: Why not? Subliminals have indeed been used by politicians, see: We need to be on our guard against subliminals. Using them to make a man buy a hotdog though making it look like a penis is morally questionable, but using it to get him to take up arms in a fake war is another matter.

Saturday 21 February 2015

Grow some Balls, Greece!

A few weeks ago I reported on the plight on Tom Crawford, a Nottingham homeowner who had been threatened with repossession by bailiffs; over five hundred people blockaded his house making it impossible for the debt collectors to enter, see: What happened to Tom is happening all the time all over the world on different scales. Not just to individuals but entire communities and nations are often targeted by the weapon of unlawful fiat debt. Greece is the country that has suffered the most in this way in recent years. Following the bail-out and International Monetary Fund loans that pillaged the world in the wake the 2008 economic crash Greece was devastated, treated as the footstool of the Eurozone. It's always been a culture naturally prone to political chaos and it didn't take long for the state and financial infrastructure to virtually collapse. Public employees stopped getting paid, unemployment soared and schools closed; half of people under-twenty-five ended up out of work. This led to a radical swing in the political views of the populace and on the 26th of January they elected Alexis Tsipras as prime minister on a staunch anti-austerity manifesto. He's the leader of Syriza, a left-wing populist coalition of political parties of all spots and stripes, united on an economic eurosceptic platform. When I first read the headlines about Syriza's victory I was delighted; finally a brand new political movement detached from the middle-of-the-road liberal moderate europhile norm had taken power. This apparently "sent shockwaves through the EU!" I had images in my mind of a Tom Crawford writ large... I really should have known better.

I think most people outside Greece who are less knowledgeable of her internal politics, including myself, expected an immediate "Grexit", the Greek exist from the Eurozone. Instead all Tsipras' government has done is arrange a renegotiation of the original Greek debt "obligations". One of Tsipras' ministers and an MEP, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, has stated very clearly that Greece wishes to remain a "respectable member of the European Union and the eurozone" and that "there is absolutely no case for a 'Grexit'." Only a few days ago Tsipras went cap-in-hand to Germany asking to borrow 240 billion Euroes; Germany said "no way", see: Greece also wanted to trade its own government bonds with the European Central Bank in return for raw cash, but the bank refused, probably because it has already seized so many of them! Every Eurocent the Greeks gain from these negotiations will be spent on repayments of the various ECB and IMF loans. They took a seat at the diplomacy table and yesterday it was announced that they'd been granted a new bailout deal, see: I'm sure many Greeks are wishing now that their country had "done an Iceland" and fixed their own economy by refusing the "offers" of the IMF and ECB, and putting the bankers in jail. However, it's not too late. Greece now has an opportunity to willingly default on their Eurozone bailout repayments. They can tell their creditors to get stuffed because the loans of billions paid to nation states are equally fraudulent as those of thousands paid to individuals mortgage-borrowers like Tom Crawford. Of course this will mean an instant dismissal from the Eurozone and EU... well good! It will be an opportunity to reintroduce their old Drachma currency, dispensed directly from their treasury in greenback form. And if the IMF and ECB decide to send any bailiffs their way, Tsipras can stations his army at all the ports to "greet" them. You might think this is unrealistic; the consequences would be too terrible. The international community would denounce Greece and impose sanctions or even a full trade embargo, try and starve it into submission. The best way to deal with playground bullies is to make friends with other targets and fight back with a united front. Fortune favours the bold! Tsipras could tell them once again to get on their bike and approach other nations to arrange independent bilateral economic agreements. One name obviously springs to mind and it will probably also spring to regular HPANWO-readers: Russia. As I said recently, Russia is currently resisting the globalist thugs very calmly and shrewdly. It has formed alliances with Turkey, China and other outcasts from the dysfunctional New World Order family. I hope Greece will see sense and join the growing club of happy exiles, see: In fact there are already signs that this has occurred to them. President Putin's envoy was one of the first to visit Tsipras when he was elected last month. I've said in the above link how Vladimir Putin is probably the closest any world leader gets to being somebody I can respect. He is certainly a breath of fresh air in comparison to his loathsome peers. The extremes of cruelty, dishonesty, weakness and stupidity of the average politician these days absolutely disgusts me. It would be nice if somebody more like Putin could take power in Greece. Over two thousand years ago Greece was home to the great Classical civilization that shaped the history of Europe. In Athens, where the modern government of Greece sits, the Parthenon, the great stone monument of that civilization still dominates the city's skyline. If Zeus, Aphrodite and the other ancient gods of Olympus exist then they are probably right now shaking their heads and folding their arms. Wouldn't it be a shame if the Greek people missed a chance to once more make their gods proud?

Friday 20 February 2015

You REALLY Don't like Russia do you?

The UK defence secretary has just announced that Russia is threatening to "destabilize" the Baltic States, whatever that means: the three countries of the Baltic States are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. He said "I'm worried about Putin." He certainly is worried, but why? Since the crisis broke out in Ukraine last year the Russian president Vladimir Putin has been constantly blamed for it and has equally constantly protested his innocence. The conflict is purely internal, he says, and Russia itself has not been funding and arming the ethnic pro-Russian separatists in the region. The West has accused him of lying and has supposedly presented evidence that proves that Putin is behind a lot of the terrible bloodshed going on in Ukraine right now. The cherry on the cake was the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight 17. The weapon used was allegedly a Buk surface-to-air missile that is produced by the Russian military although the forensic investigation was such a shambles that I wonder how any narrative could be retrieved from it; but that hasn't stopped the media before so why should it now? Some researchers have also claimed that a Ukrainian fighter jet was near the airliner at the time. We've also been told that Russia is "anti-gay". During the Sochi Winter Olympics there were huge organized protests involving celebrities like Elton John and Lady Gaga. To his discredit, the former contributor to The People's Voice Peter Tatchell has added his penny's worth, see: However homosexuality is not a crime in post-Soviet Russia and no consenting adults have been persecuted by the state for it. Sometimes LGBT people are attacked violently on the street by thugs and that is a terrible crime, I agree, but this violence is not sanctioned by the state. Homosexuals can serve in the armed forces and gay couples can adopt children. The age of consent is the same for both gay and straight people. The laws which are said to be "homophobic" simply prevent distasteful activity during street events and protect small children from being exposed to the reality of sex at too young an age. This is a good move in my view; children are sexualized younger and younger these days, not just about gay people, but generally. This ties in with what Common Purpose are doing in the UK and it deeply concerns me. A former Canadian Winter Olympic skater, who lives in Russia and is a homosexual himself, has gone public saying that Russia is "a great place to be gay!" Russia in the modern world is rather like an individual in a group who none of the other members like, but for a reason they don't want to declare openly. So they keep coming up with excuses and find fault with him in other extraneous ways. Why?

I think that the real reason the rest of the world doesn't like Russia is because Vladimir Putin is not doing what he's told by the rulers of the rest of the world. Since 2008 the International Monetary Fund has been "kindly lending a helping hand" to nations all over the world. It's been loaning them lots of money at a high rate of interest and then reeling them in afterwards when they can't pay up. They've been aided and abetted by traitors within the governments of those countries. This is what has ruined nations like Ireland, Greece and Spain. They have now been effectively repossessed by the banking system that plans to financially enslave and dissolve all sovereign states under the New World Order. Russia, along with Iceland, is one of the few states who've refused to get involved in these schemes. Russia has also avoided the economically suicidal practice of selling off its gold stocks at discount prices. In 2002 the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown did this and condemned Britain to financial devastation as a result... on purpose I think, see: Russia is also very possessive over its natural resources, which are highly abundant and potentially lucrative. Its territory, by far the biggest in the world, contains oil fields, gas fields, fertile farmland and huge lodes of all kinds of minerals. The Russian oil industry is also tacitly aware that oil is not really a fossil fuel and naturally replenishes itself over time. Russian oil companies have found that if depleted wells are left alone for ten or twenty years, when somebody comes back to them they'll find viable pressure has returned. The globalised oil industry is terrified that this information will leak out because if it did the price of oil would fall through the floor never to rise again, see here for more details: Russia is also sitting on a cornucopia of UFO secrets as Putin's Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev has accidentally let slip, see: Russia could end up being the "nation of Disclosure" and this puts them at a huge advantage on the world stage, see: This is why the United States, Europe and its allies are always in Russia's face with one criticism or another. Not content with blaming Putin for the crisis in Ukraine they now want to pin problems in the Baltic on his arse, ones that haven't even emerged in full yet. No doubt at some point Putin will be accused of killing off the dinosaurs. In the current edition of Nexus magazine there is an article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya entitled From Energy War to Currency War which claims the West is in practice waging a multi-spectrum war on Russia by trying to sabotage its economy. (The article can be bought individually here, but I recommend reading the whole magazine: These are the real reasons behind the sanctions imposed by the neoconservative hawks in Washington DC who hold Obama's puppet strings. This takes the form of financial terrorism, but also propaganda in the media; in fact yesterday's Daily Mail headline was the hysterical: "BRITAIN AT THE MERCY OF PUTIN'S PLANES!" Another method has been to undermine Russia's industry and smear its technological speculations. The sudden crash in the value of the rouble, Russia's currency, is not accidental; it was engineered by these anti-Russian political aggressors. The same goes for the worldwide drop in the price of oil. This was done on purpose, solely in order to give Russia a hard time. Russia is under siege and is feeling it badly, see: This is a video from the Henry Jackson Society which also has the deeply Orwellian name of the "Centre for Social Cohesion". It is a British neoconservative think tank and of course its Ukraine pundit Dr Andrew Foxall, demonizes Russia, see: However Russia is striking back. This is why we are seeing its bombers and fighters exercising off the coast of Cornwall and its ships passing back and forth through the English Channel. Russian submarines have also been detected off the coast of Scotland and Sweden, see: Putin is a tough and wily statesman; he's working hard to free himself from these onslaughts. He is developing alliances with the countries not currently in league with the United States and Europe, like Turkey and China. He's made a deal to build a natural gas pipeline to Turkey replacing the one originally planned for Bulgaria that was scuppered by the neocons. Putin has also reopened negotiations with the "sleeping superpower", China. He's hoping to work out his differences with them and become a trading partner. With China onboard we could be dealing with what looks like an entire pole opposed to the machinations of the New World Order. This has led some people in the Truth movement to begin lauding Putin as an anti-NWO hero. Dave Starbuck calls him a "white hat", see: However, the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. We don't know exactly what Putin's motives are, except that he seems sincere and clearly wants what's best for his country. This does not mean he would support a complete demolition of world Illuminati occupation. The full spectrum of the West's war on Putin might one day include shooting; it's a very volatile situation. Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia is perfectly capable of shooting back and this could lead to many other nations being sucked in and end up in World War III which could destroy the entire planet... Maybe that's the idea; it pays not to underestimate NWO craftiness. Also China is controlled by the Li Illuminati bloodline, as it was during the communist era and how it was in the days of the emperors; and China is the hired muscle that Russia is hoping will fight its corner. So I'm not convinced at all that Putin is any kind of Truth movement activist. However compared to most other politicians in the world at the moment he's a veritable angel, and one of the few I'd trust to tell me the time of day; another being Johanna Sigarthardottir the Prime Minister of Iceland. I don't know how this matter will pan out, but I feel confident that so long as we all remain on the ball and thinking independently, we'll manage alright. I do not embrace Vladimir Putin as a comrade-in-arms, but I do sense he can do some good for the world, even if he doesn't know it or even genuinely intend it.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Cameron Pushes Workfare

Our "fearless leader" has once again confirmed his party's commitment to forcing young people who are out of work to do unpaid civic labour. This is one of the subjects I've written about the most on HPANWO and I hardly need to reiterate to regular HPANWO-readers the enormous practical and moral hurdles I've identified therein; please see the background links below for more details. At a speech on Tuesday the Prime Minister David Cameron discussed the Conservative Party's welfare and benefits manifesto for May's General Election. The content of his address is not as significant as its style. Look at the kind of language he uses: He begins by stating that he wishes to abolish youth unemployment which he then goes on to describe as if it's some kind of bad habit, like smoking or dangerous driving, that a cultural change will alleviate. The current benefits protocol will be replaced with a "youth allowance" which will force young unemployed people to do daily "community service". He doesn't want young people to be "sucked into a life on welfare!" and a "life of inactivity!". Cameron has said this before and suggested every solution imaginable... except creating real jobs. He thinks young people need more "order and discipline!" as if this alone is the sole reason they're out of work at all, see: We don't need "work experience"; we need work! You might think: "Right, if that's the Tories' attitude I'm going to vote Labour instead!" But that would be pointless. The Labour Party under Ed "Fabian Society" Miliband claim to oppose Cameron's workfare scheme, but they will have something very similar lined up. Most of the reforms that led to unwaged dole claimants pushing pallets at Poundland were cooked up during Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's premiership. Sadly the vox populi video further down on the BBC article features only people who support the idea too; and they demonstrate, very inarticulately, that they're totally unaware of the drawbacks of workfare that I've realized. The government has also revealed that it would like to sanction benefits for overweight people who refuse treatment, whatever that "treatment" might entail, see: More and more being out of work leads your lives being effectively owned by the authorities. We are seeing of a return to debtors bonding and workhouses. As has happened before, another news story has emerged at around the same time to try and balance out the impact of the original one. According to Office of National Statistics, unemployment has fallen to 1.86 million, see: The optimistic headline is not qualified in any detail, indicating that the figures could have once more been massaged. How many of this "fall in unemployment" involves jobs paid above the minimum wage? Are people on JSA work placements counted? The work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has boasted that the new Universal Credit is "under budget"; yes, because so many are being sanctioned! Here he is being grilled by John Snow, one of the few decent TV current affairs presenters left: IDS makes my blood boil. I sometimes wonder what he would look like being made to stack shelves in Tesco after having both his legs broken. Would be able to carry the boxes on his lap in his wheelchair? Then he can work! I couldn't give ATOS about him if he dies quite frankly. I myself have been approached by somebody working in the employment and benefits system who describes terrible institutional corruption that means many people's benefits are cut unjustly, see:

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Man on Mars in this Decade?

In 1961 US President John F Kennedy set NASA the task of landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade and returning him safely to Earth. In July 1969 the world saw this achievement on live TV... or the supposed achievement, see: If the Apollo 11 moon landing was real, then the round trip to the moon took just over eight days. The problem with the layout of our solar system is that after the moon there's no other major landing place close by. The nearest next ones are hundreds of times further away. Venus is the closest planet to the Earth and it is far too hot to land on; Mars is the next closest. Travelling to Mars by rocket is perfectly possible and this has been done many times with unmanned craft like Viking, Phoenix and Curiosity. However, sending humans there is another matter; the complexities of manned spaceflight compared to a probe mission aren't doubled, they're squared. There would need to be an independent life support system on board the craft which would need to be far more sophisticated than any on an orbiting space station, which is supplied by rockets from the ground. There would need to be a miniature farm onboard the spacecraft to grow food, and all air and water would need to be recycled. The crew could suffer health risks from cosmic radiation (not a problem during the moon landings we're told); solar flares are powerful enough to kill even as far away as Mars. Low gravity for long periods of time is also not good for human health as astronauts on Mir and the International Space Station have found out. Going to Mars would be a round trip of at least two to three years and nobody knows what psychological effects this could have on the crew; but we know sailors on board ships cut off from the outside world can lose their minds if their voyage is too long. Also a manned mission to Mars will have to do what no unmanned one ever has: include a return journey. The spacecraft must carry with it the means for the first landers to get back to Earth, so they would need the fuel, resources and hardware to do so. The concept of a manned mission to Mars has been the basis of many science fiction stories over the years, yet the first practical plans only date back to the 1950's. America, the Soviet Union, and more recently China and post-Soviet Russia all have produced proposals for landing people on the Red Planet. However these proposed missions are only just beginning to be taken seriously. The most recent propositions though have an added twist of controversy because a lot of them are "Mars to Stay".

"Mars to Stay" is a mission concept of a manned landing on Mars with no return journey included. Astronauts on a Mars to Stay mission would be heading to Mars to live there indefinitely, to build a permanent human settlement on the planet and make it their home, possibly for the rest of their lives. The advantages are that the difficulty and costs would be greatly reduced by not having to bring the astronauts back to Earth. Nevertheless they would have to be willing to leave everything they know and love behind them, including never seeing friends or family again. It's always possible that in the future a fully-developed transport infrastructure could be built serving Mars and Earth before the end of a natural human lifetime, so allowing the first generation settlers to return home if they wish, but that is of course definitely not guaranteed. There have been many eager volunteers though; plenty of people love the idea of being a Martian pioneer so much so that they'd be willing to make that sacrifice. This kind of pioneer spirit has been seen before; some of the first European explorers of the Americas and Australia were also on a one-way ticket. The Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is one of the loudest advocates for this kind of adventure, although he has not applied to join up personally. There's a very good fictional story about a Mars to Stay mission called the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, see: One of the characters in the story changes his mind once he gets to Mars and becomes very homesick for Earth, specifically where he lived in the south of France; but by then it's too late. According to the marketing literature, a lot of Mars to Stay projects claim to be in the advance planning stage, particularly Mars One. This is a privately-funded enterprise based in the Netherlands that proposes to send four people to Mars by 2025 to live there permanently. The organization wants to launch the first rockets in 2018, just unmanned craft carrying equipment and supplies for the future Mars colony; and then the actual humans departing on a manned rocket in 2024, see: Almost three thousand people initially applied; these have now been whittled down through interviews and assessment to one hundred, the number who eventually travelled in Robinson's fictional books. However in this case there will be just four winners and they will be chosen out of that pool of one hundred. The Mars One project is planning a reality TV extravaganza following the training and competition of the selection process; eventually the series is intended to be filmed on the spaceflight and in the colony itself on Mars. Among the one hundred on the shortlist are five Britons including Hannah Earnshaw, a student at Durham University. She says she is doing it for the good of humanity; it's our next evolutionary step, see: She is one of those who would agree to leave her home planet forever before she reaches the age of forty. She might be the new Neil Armstrong, climbing down the ladder, obviously with a new rehearsed "one small step..." slogan to proclaim when she plants her foot on the ground (In Robinson's books this was simply "Well, here we are."). There's just one small problem, could the issues which led to the faking of the moon landings recur, or other issues crop up?
These problems are diverse and many-fold, but I can arrange them into four main categories. Firstly there are the matters that were paramount in the decision to fake the Apollo missions, the hazards and uncertainties of the endeavour: radiation risks, rocket malfunctions, other unforeseen accidents, see: These will all be increased by a massive factor on a space voyage to Mars. Secondly there are secrets relating to Mars that the government know about and don't want the rest of us to. We have already seen evidence of this in anomalous and suspicious data that have emerged from the unmanned landings on Mars; this has recently been discussed on the new series of Richplanet TV, see: Mars probably has indigenous life and NASA have already been sued for attempting to suppress this revelation, see: There is a precedent for this because in 1959, at the dawn of the space age, the Brookings Institute published a paper warning NASA that the discovery of life out in space could have major psychological and cultural impacts on human society. In the eventuality of life being found Brookings all but recommended a cover-up. Whether or not life exists on Mars today is not the only quandary; if it does exist then it's probably just simple single-cell organisms. However there's evidence to suggest that Mars was once home to far more advanced life-forms in the distant past. Structures have been photographed on Mars that appear to be artificial, most famously the Face on Mars; this is just one object of interest in an entire complex called Cydonia, see: There are many others that have emerged since. This is not as implausible as the Skeptics will tell you. It's been known since the first probes went to Mars that the planet was not always as dry and cold as it is today; long ago water flowed on its surface. There were rivers, lakes and even oceans. This means that back then Mars must have had a denser atmosphere and it must have been an awful lot warmer; very similar to what Earth like today. Could life have evolved on Mars that was as complex as that on Earth? Maybe an intelligent animal species emerged that was capable of building such structures as Cydonia. At some point a terrible cataclysm befell the planet, about four billion years ago scientists reckon, maybe the emergence of Olympus Mons and the enormous Tharsis volcanoes. This killed off almost all the life and turned Mars into what it is today: dry, airless and freezing cold. But the constructions remained and we can still see them today. For whatever reason, the authorities are very keen to keep this a secret from the general public.

There are also Martian conspiracies of a more contemporary kind, particularly the reality of intelligences present that are native to neither Earth nor Mars. This is connected to the cagey attitude space programmes have always had relating to the sightings of UFO's by astronauts in space. From the first rockets to the Space Shuttle and ISS, astronauts have seen things in space that simply should not be there and there has been both official secrecy and a tacit cultural climate preventing them telling the general public about it. In fact just a couple of months ago the Italian ISS astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti saw an unidentified object while on a spacewalk which made her exclaim aloud. A live TV feed was in progress and she immediately was hushed into silence by her Russian colleague, see: She was new on the space station at the time and clearly nobody had yet had the chance to take her to one side and have a quiet word: "Samantha... erm... there's a few things you need to know..." On a mission to Mars this cover-up scam will be increasingly difficult to maintain, especially if the Mars One reality TV show is transmitting. Also just a few days ago a mysterious haze was spotted by astronomers in the Martian atmosphere; is this connected to UFO activity? Could aliens have a base on Mars as some claim they do on Earth, see: If there are bases on Mars, are they all alien? And this brings us to the fourth problem: the secret space programme. There's distinct evidence to suggest that while the Cold War powers were building lumbering chemical rockets to haul tiny capsules into low Earth orbit and send electronic monitors to the planets, a secret space programme was underway in parallel that was far more innovative and successful. Away from public scrutiny this did not waste time with obsolete and dangerous rocket technology; it used free energy and antigravity devices that had been developed in Nazi Germany and had also been back engineered from the salvaged wreckage of crashed flying saucers. Several witnesses involved in the covert space projects have spoken out, like Edgar Fouche, see: Others have claimed that there are already human habitations on Mars and other planets, see: This might sound like a far-fetched whimsy, but we must take into account the volume of reports from the very credible whistleblowers who say NASA has edited the presence of artificial structures out of its photographs taken of the dark side of the moon, see: If you have the abilities alleged by the secret space programme then why not use them? If bases have been built on the moon then why not Mars too? Why not elsewhere? These are the predicaments faced by those who wish to keep this knowledge confidential while a private organization is preparing to send a group of people to Mars, a planet that they assume nobody has ever set foot on before, using existing rocket technology that will take a year or more to make the trip and could easily kill them before they arrive. How do they think they can keep up the pretence? It would be like sending the 16th century pilgrims across the Atlantic in the Mayflower to the modern USA and try to keep them convinced that they're in the North America of five hundred years ago. What are you to say to the Mars One astronauts? "When you get to Mars do you mind not looking at that bit?" For this reason I suspect that Mars One will never get off the ground, nor will any of its governmental, quasi-governmental or corporate sister projects. Either that or the gatekeepers will pull another fake mission. The Apollo moon landings happened before I was born, but now I'm alive and I'm ready for action if we're shown any supposed "mission to Mars" on our TV sets during the next few years. If there is any hint of fraud in progress depend on me to find out and let you HPANWO-readers know.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

John Podesta on UFO Disclosure

During his outstanding lecture at the Fourth Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo Stephen Bassett spoke highly of John Podesta, an American statesman who has been an adviser to Presidents Clinton and Obama. He's also a prominent liberal lobbyist and is president of the liberal think tank the Centre for American Progress. Steve said we should Google Podesta's name regularly, see: If you do so today you'll come across some remarkable news stories. Podesta has quit his White House job to work full time for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. When he announced his resignation he made an almost unbelievable Tweet: "1. Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files." This Tweet included the now famous hashtags #disclosure and #thetruthisstilloutthere. So a mainstream politician in the Executive branch of the US Government's biggest regret on the year is not failing to meet targets on employment and economic growth, not the increase of immigration levels, not the broken peace deals in Ukraine and Gaza... but the lack of UFO Disclosure from his own government!? This is the man who is about to help run the campaign for who will almost certainly... nay certainly... be the next President of the United States, see: UFO's are a strange subject. As Robbie Graham has pointed out, they are paradoxically so normal and so abnormal at the same time. Everybody knows what they are and a good proportion of the population has seen them up close. Hollywood movies with a UFO theme are among the most popular of all time. Yet simultaneously they project this extreme sense of the lunatic, the outlandish and the arcane, see:

Presumably Hillary doesn't mind the man behind getting her that seat in the Oval Office going onto social media and talking to the world about flying saucers and little green men; at least she hasn't made any response herself to John Podesta's twittering. Podesta must also have felt secure in the knowledge that there will no professional reprisals over what he said. This is in a world of censorship and self-censorship in which a wayward online posting can lose you a job or an election (unless you're Diane Abbott of course). Everybody on Capitol Hill seems to have accepted Podesta, alien warts and all. Even when he wrote the foreword to Leslie Kean's groundbreaking book UFOs- Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record it didn't damage him career-wise. In 2002 he spoke at the National Press Club during an event organized by the Coalition for the Freedom of Information in which he stated: "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark about government investigations of UFO's. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. We ought to do it because it's right; we ought to do because the American people quite frankly can handle the truth (paraphrasing Jack Nicholson in the film A Few Good Men). And we ought to do it because it's the law." John Podesta is fairly typical of the lone voice crying in the wilderness. He's similar in that respect to Admiral Peter Lord Hill-Norton, a British military official who fought the Kriegsmarine during World War II, was once Chief of the Defence Staff, chairman of the NATO military committee and who worked on the Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missile strategic nuclear deterrent programme. As with Podesta, this is not the average career path for a New Age conspiratorial fantasist. Lord Hill-Norton bravely spoke out about UFO's in official Parliamentary debates amid much laughter from his peers and the media. No doubt Podesta gets his fair share of jibes too. I've noted before that the left hand side of the political spectrum is far less tolerant of UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory than the right. Indeed in some countries it can lead to default accusations of fascism, see: It takes a lot of courage to maintain a UFO stance under these conditions and I can only hope Podesta's endeavour is not in vain; perhaps others in positions of responsibility will be inspired to join him. We're going through an exciting time in UFOlogy, see background links for more information. In my view, if willing Disclosure could ever happen at all, then it's likely to happen now.

The sad fact though is that John Podesta is probably the last man on Earth who would ever be told anything about what real secrets abound. He will have acquired almost all his information from the same sources that I have: books, the Internet and UFOlogical public meetings. His position in high office means nothing in the world of "need-to-know". This point is well illustrated by a conversation Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project had with Lord Hill-Norton. Greer visited the Admiral at his Hampshire home shortly before his death and Hill-Norton said that he was frustrated over his failure to gain information on secret government research into UFO's. Despite the fact that he was Britain's most senior and longest served military officer nobody told him anything. Greer answered him with a question. What would Lord Hill-Norton do if he found out that the government had salvaged the wreckage of crashed flying saucers, had back-engineered their powerplants and propulsion systems and had kept this knowledge secret from the British public? The Admiral shouted: "I wouldn't stand for it for a bloody moment!" And Greer responded: "That, Sir, is the reason why they never told you anything." The keepers of UFO secrecy, or the breakaway civilization, as Richard Dolan calls it, have no national allegiances and they operate independently of overt authority structures. A junior lieutenant might be put in command of a crash-retrieval unit and receive a higher security briefing than the President of the United States. It's unlikely that Barrack Obama knows any more than he needs to in order to do his job. Hillary might be further into the loop, judging by her and her husband's involvement with Lawrence Rockefeller; if indeed the Rockefeller initiative is the real deal, which it may not be. Does this mean Hillary Clinton will be the long awaited "Disclosure President"? I'm not sure. What happens now? It will all depend on the success of Steve Bassett's Congressional Hearing Initiative and the Roswell Slides revelation on the 5th of May, see background links. Is Podesta aware of what's going on? Almost certainly on the level we are, but he's unlikely to have been briefed into anything behind the scenes. It could be that his Tweet about UFO's was his tacit hint to the secrecy keepers that he is now placing his bets. If Disclosure does happen before the end of the year then he may well become renowned as a prophet for the post-Disclosure world; does he know this? If not then he'll just be forgotten and a new fancy will emerge in the media to eclipse it. Time will tell, but Steve has just been on Coast to Coast AM talking about Podesta's bombshell, see:

Monday 16 February 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones in Fortean Times

I used to read Fortean Times every month, but stopped a few years ago, mostly due to the fact that I was already subscribed to several magazines and had to drop one for financial reasons, see: Also the journal had changed its style during the period I read it, and this definitely influenced my decision. It became far more cynical and I thought tended to focus too much on the weakest cases, or exploits of successful debunking and exposing fraud. It sought to occupy that strange demimonde between the world of the Skeptic and "buh-leeva" which is today known as "fortean", probably as a result; in that sense it's similar to BUFORA, see: Even today it still features some reasonable material and if it wasn't for budgetary reasons I'd probably still read it. FT is one of the world's principle anomalous phenomena periodicals. It was inspired by the research of Charles Fort, an American paranormal researcher from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been in circulation since the 1960's, in one form or another and with many different publishers. It is based in the UK, but has readers across the globe. It can be found on many a magazine stall in high street newsagents and corner shops. It was from one of those that I bought a copy of the latest issue, number 324- February 2015. The reason was that my friend and fellow researcher, and regular FT-reader, Colin Woolford informed me that your humble servant had been featured in one of the current issue's articles.

That article is part of a regular column called The UFO Files and the authors are the Lighthouse Twins themselves, Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke. It's a short piece, only a couple of hundred words, and it is their take on my own HPANWO Voice post about the death of Boyd Bushman, see: Clarke and Roberts also table their own concerns over Bushman's story. Just as I was writing the post somebody claimed that the aliens in the photo shown by Bushman in his interview are toy ET's that can be bought at Walmart. The question is which came first? I've recently written in detail about how the gatekeepers of UFO secrets sometimes preempt a forthcoming inevitable revelation by cluttering up its path with confusing and diversionary disinformation, see: In this case I postulate in my report that they also used a second newspaper article as a damage limitation scheme, the Daily Mail one with Prof. Brian Cox. Clarke and Roberts analyze my ideas in a very tongue-in-cheek tone, obviously dubious about my doubts that the timing of the Cox interview and the Metro piece on Bushman could be coincidental, even though they appeared the same day. I don't think it's sensible to dismiss this possibility, but once again we're getting into the realms of trying to falsify a coincidence claim; as I've said before, that is virtually impossible, see: They end the article with the words "Welcome to the club, Brian," in response to my concerns about the unique and sinister role Prof. Brian Cox is playing in the media right now, which I discuss in more detail here: The "club" being the group of people who have been accused by those in the UFO and conspiratorial community of being used to spread disinformation. Clarke and Roberts have been nominated as such by many commentators, including this one. They have both retorted to this with scorn, and obviously I'm included in that. To be fair, I've given Dr Folklore and Mr Bolide Meteor some harsh criticism myself over the years, see: and:, so you could say they're paying me back in kind. There is a source link to my article which is correct, but in the text of the article they get my name wrong; they call me "Ben Emlyn-Hughes". Yes, that was a great goal, Jimmy. Anyway, the readers of Fortean Times will be able to work out for themselves who's right and who's wrong here. I'm not concerned at all by people disagreeing with me publicly so long as both sides of the story get told. I have confidence in the truth and the evidence relating to it. Anyway, thanks for the free publicity, guys!