Friday 20 February 2015

You REALLY Don't like Russia do you?

The UK defence secretary has just announced that Russia is threatening to "destabilize" the Baltic States, whatever that means: the three countries of the Baltic States are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. He said "I'm worried about Putin." He certainly is worried, but why? Since the crisis broke out in Ukraine last year the Russian president Vladimir Putin has been constantly blamed for it and has equally constantly protested his innocence. The conflict is purely internal, he says, and Russia itself has not been funding and arming the ethnic pro-Russian separatists in the region. The West has accused him of lying and has supposedly presented evidence that proves that Putin is behind a lot of the terrible bloodshed going on in Ukraine right now. The cherry on the cake was the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight 17. The weapon used was allegedly a Buk surface-to-air missile that is produced by the Russian military although the forensic investigation was such a shambles that I wonder how any narrative could be retrieved from it; but that hasn't stopped the media before so why should it now? Some researchers have also claimed that a Ukrainian fighter jet was near the airliner at the time. We've also been told that Russia is "anti-gay". During the Sochi Winter Olympics there were huge organized protests involving celebrities like Elton John and Lady Gaga. To his discredit, the former contributor to The People's Voice Peter Tatchell has added his penny's worth, see: However homosexuality is not a crime in post-Soviet Russia and no consenting adults have been persecuted by the state for it. Sometimes LGBT people are attacked violently on the street by thugs and that is a terrible crime, I agree, but this violence is not sanctioned by the state. Homosexuals can serve in the armed forces and gay couples can adopt children. The age of consent is the same for both gay and straight people. The laws which are said to be "homophobic" simply prevent distasteful activity during street events and protect small children from being exposed to the reality of sex at too young an age. This is a good move in my view; children are sexualized younger and younger these days, not just about gay people, but generally. This ties in with what Common Purpose are doing in the UK and it deeply concerns me. A former Canadian Winter Olympic skater, who lives in Russia and is a homosexual himself, has gone public saying that Russia is "a great place to be gay!" Russia in the modern world is rather like an individual in a group who none of the other members like, but for a reason they don't want to declare openly. So they keep coming up with excuses and find fault with him in other extraneous ways. Why?

I think that the real reason the rest of the world doesn't like Russia is because Vladimir Putin is not doing what he's told by the rulers of the rest of the world. Since 2008 the International Monetary Fund has been "kindly lending a helping hand" to nations all over the world. It's been loaning them lots of money at a high rate of interest and then reeling them in afterwards when they can't pay up. They've been aided and abetted by traitors within the governments of those countries. This is what has ruined nations like Ireland, Greece and Spain. They have now been effectively repossessed by the banking system that plans to financially enslave and dissolve all sovereign states under the New World Order. Russia, along with Iceland, is one of the few states who've refused to get involved in these schemes. Russia has also avoided the economically suicidal practice of selling off its gold stocks at discount prices. In 2002 the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown did this and condemned Britain to financial devastation as a result... on purpose I think, see: Russia is also very possessive over its natural resources, which are highly abundant and potentially lucrative. Its territory, by far the biggest in the world, contains oil fields, gas fields, fertile farmland and huge lodes of all kinds of minerals. The Russian oil industry is also tacitly aware that oil is not really a fossil fuel and naturally replenishes itself over time. Russian oil companies have found that if depleted wells are left alone for ten or twenty years, when somebody comes back to them they'll find viable pressure has returned. The globalised oil industry is terrified that this information will leak out because if it did the price of oil would fall through the floor never to rise again, see here for more details: Russia is also sitting on a cornucopia of UFO secrets as Putin's Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev has accidentally let slip, see: Russia could end up being the "nation of Disclosure" and this puts them at a huge advantage on the world stage, see: This is why the United States, Europe and its allies are always in Russia's face with one criticism or another. Not content with blaming Putin for the crisis in Ukraine they now want to pin problems in the Baltic on his arse, ones that haven't even emerged in full yet. No doubt at some point Putin will be accused of killing off the dinosaurs. In the current edition of Nexus magazine there is an article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya entitled From Energy War to Currency War which claims the West is in practice waging a multi-spectrum war on Russia by trying to sabotage its economy. (The article can be bought individually here, but I recommend reading the whole magazine: These are the real reasons behind the sanctions imposed by the neoconservative hawks in Washington DC who hold Obama's puppet strings. This takes the form of financial terrorism, but also propaganda in the media; in fact yesterday's Daily Mail headline was the hysterical: "BRITAIN AT THE MERCY OF PUTIN'S PLANES!" Another method has been to undermine Russia's industry and smear its technological speculations. The sudden crash in the value of the rouble, Russia's currency, is not accidental; it was engineered by these anti-Russian political aggressors. The same goes for the worldwide drop in the price of oil. This was done on purpose, solely in order to give Russia a hard time. Russia is under siege and is feeling it badly, see: This is a video from the Henry Jackson Society which also has the deeply Orwellian name of the "Centre for Social Cohesion". It is a British neoconservative think tank and of course its Ukraine pundit Dr Andrew Foxall, demonizes Russia, see: However Russia is striking back. This is why we are seeing its bombers and fighters exercising off the coast of Cornwall and its ships passing back and forth through the English Channel. Russian submarines have also been detected off the coast of Scotland and Sweden, see: Putin is a tough and wily statesman; he's working hard to free himself from these onslaughts. He is developing alliances with the countries not currently in league with the United States and Europe, like Turkey and China. He's made a deal to build a natural gas pipeline to Turkey replacing the one originally planned for Bulgaria that was scuppered by the neocons. Putin has also reopened negotiations with the "sleeping superpower", China. He's hoping to work out his differences with them and become a trading partner. With China onboard we could be dealing with what looks like an entire pole opposed to the machinations of the New World Order. This has led some people in the Truth movement to begin lauding Putin as an anti-NWO hero. Dave Starbuck calls him a "white hat", see: However, the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. We don't know exactly what Putin's motives are, except that he seems sincere and clearly wants what's best for his country. This does not mean he would support a complete demolition of world Illuminati occupation. The full spectrum of the West's war on Putin might one day include shooting; it's a very volatile situation. Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia is perfectly capable of shooting back and this could lead to many other nations being sucked in and end up in World War III which could destroy the entire planet... Maybe that's the idea; it pays not to underestimate NWO craftiness. Also China is controlled by the Li Illuminati bloodline, as it was during the communist era and how it was in the days of the emperors; and China is the hired muscle that Russia is hoping will fight its corner. So I'm not convinced at all that Putin is any kind of Truth movement activist. However compared to most other politicians in the world at the moment he's a veritable angel, and one of the few I'd trust to tell me the time of day; another being Johanna Sigarthardottir the Prime Minister of Iceland. I don't know how this matter will pan out, but I feel confident that so long as we all remain on the ball and thinking independently, we'll manage alright. I do not embrace Vladimir Putin as a comrade-in-arms, but I do sense he can do some good for the world, even if he doesn't know it or even genuinely intend it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Great Insight.
Keep on the good work!
Putin is a Judo Black Belt.
This is a quote from 2008. USA today
"In a bout, compromises and concessions are permissible, but only in one case: if it is for victory," Putin says at one point in the video, as Asian-style music plays on the soundtrack.--"
from darkness to LIGHT

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon. There's no doubt the world is very worried about Putin right now. Good, let them shake in their shoes!