Monday 9 February 2015

Monster Rats

Is the rat-o-pocalypse upon us? Perhaps that old cruise liner I mentioned last year really did crash into the rocks of the west coast, see: Rats are a perennial problem for mankind; they are our eternal parasites and that will never change. There are very few places we have ever lived where they have not lived with us. Recently though people in several locations across Britain have been reporting the presence of very different rats to those we're familiar with. An adult sewer or brown rat is on average ten inches long from nose to tail. It can be killed by a wide variety of industrial poisons. These new kinds of rats are very different; in several very frightening ways. Firstly they're up to twice the size, a specimen was found that was twenty inches long. Also they seem to be immune to normal rodenticides. Standard rat poison is odourless and tasteless so when mixed in with bait the rat will consume a lethal dose before it realizes anything is amiss. The poison works by containing an anticoagulant, in other words is makes the blood very thin and watery so that it leaks out of the blood vessels and kills its victim through internal bleeding. However, along with the giant rats other rats have appeared where these poisons are useless. What's more attempts to eradicate them could make the problem worse by eliminating the ordinary rats and leaving the super-rats alone to breed with themselves, thus accelerating natural selection. According to biologists, the rats with poison immunity and the giant rats are both caused by a genetic mutation, and both kinds have emerged at the same time, see: The immune rats are currently clustered in a wide area around Hampshire and the southern Midlands; unfortunately this includes Oxford where I live. This could indicate that they arrived from abroad on a ship which called at Southampton harbour. The giant rats are much more widespread; they've been seen in Wiltshire, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bradford and County Durham. Does this mean they've been around longer? There's a traditional song from Great War which contains the lyrics: "There were rats, rats as big as bloody cats in the quartermaster's stores". Whoever composed that song was probably exaggerating, but these new giant rats really are as big as small cats, and a cat may not be enough to take one on; hence the plummer terrier the rat-catcher is using in the video embedded in the article. I question the coincidence of two types of rat appearing at the same time in the same country. I wasn't really serious when I suggested that the Lyubov Orlova had actually crashed ashore in the British Isles as I'd feared; I'm certain that the unfortunate vessel is now lying at the bottom of the Atlantic, probably never to be seen again, and that all the rats on board have perished. But were these new rats introduced deliberately? If so, by whom, and for what purpose? As I explain the article about the ship, there are plenty of other ways to go about the mission the globalists have set themselves in relation to things like pseudolife, population reduction and geoengineering; who needs pestilential rodents? The news story talks about one of the first twenty-inch rats found in Swindon; that's not far from Porton Down, the UK's "former" biological warfare facility. The biologist in the article talks about how the rats have a mutant gene, a "strain". It's interesting how experts use the same terminology with rats as they do with microbes; this is not how they talk about other animal species. They speculate that these rats are going to become a bigger problem unless all the bloodlines with this genetic mutation can be eliminated. These rats can cause serious hygiene problems in kitchens and larders, restaurants and public buildings. They also knaw water pipes and electric cables causing billions of pounds-worth of damage. Pest controllers recommend disposing of rubbish correctly and keeping food storage and service area clean.


Martino Catalano said...

"fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats" - David Bowie, Diamond Dogs 1974

Neil Austin said...

I may be accused of having a one track mind but I can handle it...I'm thinking 20 minutes per pound plus 20 minutes over...Or remove the legs, toss in seasoned flower, bread crumbs and deep fry serve with sour cream and salsa...curry...the list is endless

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Neil, that reminds me of Baldrick's recipes for rats in Blackadder. "Rat-au-Vin", a rat that's been run over by a van