Wednesday 31 August 2022

Bryan Adams Mandela Update

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Well, that was quick! The mystery is solved and it didn't take very long; in fact literally within an hour of the background article being posted a comment was left underneath by a reader called "Yellowbentine" suggesting that the song and video existed, but it was by Rod Stewart and not Bryan Adams. The song was released in 1988, roughly the era I remember it, and it is entitled Lost in You. I was dubious at first, but as soon as I saw the video my doubt vanished. The shot at 1.27 to 1.30 is exactly the time-lapse effect I recall, see: So this is a repeat of my previous experiment, see: All I did was confuse Rod Stewart with Bryan Adams. This is understandable. Rod is much older than Bryan and is really part of the previous generation of rock artists, but he has a similar husky voice. His late 80's style also reminded me of Bryan's; and I can hear it clearly in that track. I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if the two had influenced each other. Case closed, this is another Mandela Effect false alarm.
It is not my intention in this article to disprove the Mandela Effect, in fact I am certain it is real. I merely wanted to verify if my false memories were the genuine article or not. Despite that, I bet some skepper will chide me for even writing this! Hypothetically, if I had been unable to locate the truth behind my memory; and, this is crucial, I found many other people who also independently remembered a song by Bryan Adams called Lost in You, it would be a different matter. Interestingly, "Yellowbentine" has a false memory from the James Bond film Casino Royale (the 2006 one with Daniel Craig, not the 1967 spoof with Peter Sellers). He/she says: "Bond checks into a hotel and poses as a valet in order to create a distraction. Once he has got the information he needs, Bond tears off the epaulettes on his white shirt, to look less like he is wearing a uniform, before checking in as a guest. I'd rewatched this movie several times over the years but upon my last viewing of this scene, the epaulettes remain intact. I checked two different sources and it appears that the detail of the scene that I remember just doesn't exist anymore." I've not seen this film so I must once again ask readers to help me out. There are other Mandelas in the James Bond series. The best known is a scene from Moonraker (1979 Roger Moore). It involves the popular anonymous antagonist known as "Jaws", so called because he has a very strong cybernetic jaw and metal teeth. His favourite assassination method is simply to bite people to death. He meets a young woman and they immediately fall in love. It's a humourous scene and Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture plays on the soundtrack. The woman recoils slightly the first time Jaws smiles and she sees his teeth, but she then recovers and smiles back. Millions of people all over the world say that when she smiles the viewer immediately sees that she has dental braces. She does not, see: Personally I think it would have been a good idea to give her braces. It would have added a lot of pathos to the scene giving the two of them an affinity which would have been very touching. People remember the braces very clearly. They even recall other viewers in the cinema laughing at the joke. Millions of people all over the world cannot conflate the same false memory.
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Tuesday 30 August 2022

Bryan Adams- Possible Mandela

I've always liked Bryan Adams, the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been active since the 1980's. I consider his early work the best he's ever done, especially his albums Waking Up the Neighbours and Reckless. There's a track on one of those two I remember really enjoying. It is called Lost in You and was released as a single. It has a very interesting video involving time-lapse shots. I remember watching it on TV. It's many years since I heard it and watched the video, so thought I'd look it up on YouTube... only to find that it doesn't exist! This could possibly be a new Mandela Effect. I predicted last month that we may well see more people with the Mandela Effect and even some new emergent ones, see: I need help, readers. Do any of you remember that song and video? I know I may have made a mistake, like I did previously. I confused a video by Madness with one from The Human League. Yes, memory is not perfect and errors inevitably affect it, especially over long periods of time, see: and: I might have made a similar mistake this time, but that's why I'm asking for help. If many of you also remember that song and it truly cannot be identified, it becomes very interesting indeed. Get in touch.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Hot or Cold?

This coming winter is going to be something of dilemma for the powers-that-were. On the one hand, they're pushing the climate change narrative and in order to ram home the terror that the world is dying in a global warming catastrophe and it's all the fault of white Western civilization. In that case the ideal winter will be an over-typical southern English one; lots of wind and heavy rain with mild temperatures and no ice or snow. On the other hand they are also pushing the cost-of-living crisis including food, water and energy shortages. To generate a state of dependency they will need conditions in which a scarcity emergency will hit hardest. They will need freezing conditions, blizzards and icy pipes etc. So which will they choose? You might ask: "What do you mean 'choose'? They can't control the weather?" Well, maybe they can, see: Even if I'm wrong about that, the point still stands because the weather has to be one thing or the other by chance. It's amusing to see that the Deep State hasn't thought the situation out very well beforehand. The conditions coming up in the next few months will mean they will have to abandon one strategy and continue with the other alone. Ideally they would want to keep their options open and leave the door open for both. That is unless they're going to drop everything else and wheel in the aliens! We'll soon see. Personally I wouldn't offer odds, but as the late year develops the situation will become more certain.
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Monday 22 August 2022

I've Finally Met Slaxxxer!

One of the closest relationships I've had since I entered the online world over eighteen years ago is somebody known as "Slaxxxer", real name Dave. Despite the fact that we live very close to each other, for some strange reason we have never met... until now! We bumped into each other by chance.
See here for Slaxxxer's video of our meeting:
Dave looked and sounded very different to how I thought he would be. He was shorter and had a different style of speech. Maybe that's normal when comparing internet to real life meetings. I've done my own HPANWO TV spot as well of course, see:

Sunday 21 August 2022

Sam Harris- the First Shot in the War

I've written about Sam Harris before and generally considered him a clever and wise individual. He has some interesting insights and is probably the most reasonable and open-minded of the new atheists. Yet, his steady and analytic continuum is interrupted in a few places. Certain subjects cause him to flip onto a reciprocal course of madness, and the biggest of these is Donald Trump. He recently appeared on Triggernometry, an excellent YouTube conversation and interview channel. It didn't take long for his Trump Derangement Syndrome to kick in. From about the twenty-five minute mark, Sam praises the decision to ban the president from Twitter; and it would be bad enough if he stopped there, but he doesn't. He calls Trump a "black hole of selfishness" and adds: "We can't afford to have four more years with this guy. What should well-intentioned people... conspire to do?" He says it was justified to suppress the story of Hunter Biden's laptop. He then utters some words I can hardly believe I heard: "I don't care what's on Hunter Biden's laptop. At that point Hunter Biden could literally have had the corpses of children in his basement and I would not have cared... Is it a leftwing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump? Absolutely it was, but I think it was warranted." Source: The hosts are staunch libertarians and dispute him strongly. Sam Harris has stated publicly what many people are clearly thinking. The democratic political system is not sacred. It is morally and practically legitimate to subvert it under certain circumstances. I don't know if Sam or the hosts realize this, but that is the most accurate definition of war. Wars do not begin when people start shooting each other; that is merely the final stage in a war (one that I sincerely hope to avert, especially in the nuclear age!). The threshold of war is where one or both sides stop attaching their own desired agenda to a higher principle; be it a law, a moral consensus, a decision in a parliament or a court order etc. At this point they simply pursue what they want by any means necessary; and the moment one side makes that decision their opponents have no choice but to follow suit. As Sam spoke I suddenly realized the United States has now crossed that line and probably did so several years ago. We in Britain also did when the Remoaner phenomenon began. In a way, it is a relief. The battle lines are drawn. We know where we stand now and there is no more pretence. I know that I am partisan in this war and so will inevitably have to get involved. I just hope very much that a state of peace and justice can be restored without anybody getting hurt.
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Wednesday 17 August 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones at BUFOG 2022

I will be speaking at the Birmingham UFO Group on Thursday the 6th of October. The event begins at 7.30 PM and will be held at the Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B68-8HH. It costs £5.00 to get in. My talk will be entitled: SETI and UFO's. The James Webb space telescope has revealed new and incredible information about the universe, but will it find aliens? "SETI", the "Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence", is a scientific project to find intelligent life beyond the earth. So is UFOlogy. Then why are the two so divided from each other? See here for more details:
See here for a HPANWO TV recording of my previous appearance at BUFOG:

Saturday 13 August 2022

Calvine UFO Photo Released

One of the most tantalizing enigmas in British UFOlogy has always been the legendary Calvine photograph. When Nick Pope was at the MoD's UFO desk he proudly displayed a poster-sized enlargement of it on his office wall. As for the original photo, it was nowhere to be found. According to His Royal Popeness, it was part of a file that was to be classified for at least fifty years. All we had was Nick's picture which prioritized size over quality. When Nick quit the MoD and went freelance the picture was apparently "lost by the removal men" or some related yarn. I had actually begun to wonder if maybe it was a painting Nick Pope had commissioned to decorate his office and give him some prestige; after all, I don't consider him the most honest man in the world. Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, the original photograph has been published. The thirty-two year story which led to this moment has been written by none other than David Clarke. The photograph was taken in August 1990 by two chefs from a hotel in Pilochry, Scotland. They decided to go for a ramble in Calvine, a town a few miles away on the edge of the Cainrgorms National Park to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views. The view they got instead was something entirely different. They had a close encounter with a UFO they describe as diamond shaped and about a hundred feet across. It was completely silent and hovered above them. Understandably, they were afraid and hid in some bushes. A few minutes later they heard the sound of a jet aircraft and a Royal Air Force fighter plane approached and began circling the UFO. It's likely it had been scrambled to intercept it after it was detected by radar. Eventually one of the witnesses plucked up courage to get his camera out and take six photographs. Just after he had done so the UFO rose vertically into the zenith at tremendous speed and vanished. They reported their encounter to the media, but the story was silenced by the government and the photographs were confiscated. The government decided to keep this case secret indefinitely... until now. The publication of one of the photos hasn't come directly from the MoD, but from a retired official called Craig Lindsay. The eighty-three year old is a former RAF officer and civil servant who dealt with the original case when the newspapers contacted the authorities. He also interviewed the two witnesses. In the process of impounding the evidence he had inadvertently been left with a single high quality print of the original photograph. This sort of thing sometimes happens with UFO incidents. He kept it in his home for thirty-two years until he was finally approached by a researcher and revealed it. Dr David Clarke is not a man easily impressed and is generally considered a skeptic, but he calls it: "by far the best UFO photograph I have ever seen." Source:
The photo is definitely spectacular. It is lit and exposed perfectly, and the object is close and in sharp focus. In this new high definition image you can see the diamond shaped object appears metallic with features on its structure that look like tailfins on one corner, similar to those of a missile or space rocket. It has a some strange white and black marks along its edges and a white notch on its upper hull. The interceptor is in the frame and you can see that it is a Harrier V/STOL attack aircraft. The UFO's appearance and manoeuvres make it obvious that this is no ordinary aircraft. What is it instead? Some reckon it was the "Aurora", a theorized American reconnaissance aircraft operating out of RAF Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintyre. It is said to be the replacement for the U2 and SR71 Blackbird spyplanes that were themselves operated in total secret during their early history. However the Calvine UFO is not an aeroplane. It does not have aerofoil wings; it achieves lift by a very different method. It could be that somewhere people have developed an aircraft/spacecraft that has mastered the control of gravity. I think this is very likely and I've addressed it many times, see: and: and: The UFO could be one of those. Obviously not one from Britain or any of her allies or it wouldn't be hanging around at low altitude in central Scotland triggering the RAF. It might be from a foreign power. Russia and China are the ones most often nominated today, and they were back then too. However Russia had enough problems to deal with back in 1990 as the Soviet Union was collapsing. This is a possibility, but I don't consider it as conclusive as Dr Clarke does. The reasons to doubt the secret technology theory are partly its behaviour, and I've already dealt with that; but also the antiquity of reports extremely similar to that in 1990. They go back almost a century; indeed there are some very convincing cases from World War II and Sweden in the 1930's. If humans have achieved antigravity propulsion then presumably we didn't do so before we invented piston engine aeroplanes. So, could the UFO be the artefact of a non-human intelligence, an extraterrestrial civilization? Yes, absolutely. The big question though is: Why now? Why has this evidence, that was supposed to be locked away for fifty years, been released to the general public today? Sure, it was essentially leaked by Dr Clarke and Mr Lindsay, but this would not have happened if the bigwigs in Whitehall were determined to stop it. Why didn't they quash the story like they did in 1990? They have almost certainly given their implicit consent. Is this part of the "Disclosure process" that Steve Bassett mentions? See: Are we being tested to see how we respond to this story? Are we being softened up for more? If so then we should prepare ourselves for more similar UFO bombshells.
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Friday 12 August 2022

Brazil Alien Video

If you search for videos and photographs of aliens online you will find literally hundreds. Obviously most of these are going to be fake. In this day and age it is so easy to fake alien videos; ditto ghosts, Nessie and Bigfoot etc. You can walk down a high street in Nairobi and pick up a software package for a reasonable price that can run on a basic PC and will give you the same image generation capabilities as a Hollywood special effects designer of just two decades ago. Little wonder that such visuals have proliferated exponentially and therefore photographic evidence generally just does not carry the same weight that it used to. There is a terrible signal-to-noise ratio problem. Let me ask you: if you filmed an alien or somehow came into possession of some secret government footage of an alien, what would you do? If you wanted to make people aware of it then the simplest thing to do would be to publish it online. Herein lies the true irony; some of the images we're seeing may well be real. But how many people will believe it? How do you discern reality from fiction? This is why I urge people who have made fake photos and videos of paranormal phenomena to state clearly what they have done. There's nothing wrong with creating these images per se; it's actually an art form. It's only wrong to pretend they are the real McCoy; that's when your work becomes a hoax. As for which ones I think are real, I wrote this article a few years ago about the general issue, see:
It's difficult to know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the world of anonymous alien video uploads. I tend to trust my instincts; intuition is an underrated skill. Also, there are sometimes details that make a publication more interesting than it should otherwise be. This is why I am writing a dedicated article about something that was sent to me just two days ago. It is a fifteen second video that was posted to Facebook on the 4th of August at 11:59 AM in a group called "Alien and UFO's Report". It is called UFO Dish operation Brazil. It has a soundtrack consisting entirely of creepy synthesizer music, which I suspect was either added to score a silent video for dramatic effect, or to cover up an existing soundtrack that the uploader doesn't want published. Audio can sometimes reveal too much information; people's names, voices etc. The video was made by a handheld camera that pans around a pathology specimen jar. There is only a single shot which is a close-up; and the cinematographer seems keen to show us the entire object without pulling back for a wide angle view. This could be because the person is filming secretly and is concerned they might be spotted. This could also explain the short duration of the video. The jar contains a complete dead biological entity submerged in preserving fluid. It looks very small, about the size of a newborn infant. At first I wondered if it could be that, but it appears to have a fully developed face and skull, unlike those of a human baby; that also resembles many witnesses' descriptions of extraterrestrial fauna. I thought it might be a commercially produced toy, like Boyd Bushman's alien, see: I checked on Google Images and can find nothing that looks like this creature. There is a paper label attached to the jar and this is the most interesting part. The label looks quite old, slightly faded and with some printed text in a slightly dated style, as if it came from a printer from several decades ago. The language of the text is Portuguese, one I can't speak; but I've managed to translate the text: "EVIDENCE- Type A. Class 22/7- 1978. OPERATION DISH- COLARES- PA. Item number 446-929. DANGER- CONTAMINANTS. OPENING FORBIDDEN UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF NORMATIVE ORDER 12/21-58." There is also a rubber stamp that is very tenuous, but I can make out the word "CLASSIFIED." The background is also interesting. It is clearly not somebody's home or office. We see multiple rows of black uneven lines on a wall and an open doorway. The door is coloured white and is quite thick, more so than an average domestic internal door. The object is resting on a table of some kind. Source: (I have downloaded and mirrored it just in case the original one disappears:
I find it fascinating that the label on the jar says "Colares", "Operation Dish" and "1978". This sounds like it refers to a very dramatic UFO flap in the city of Colares in 1977 to 78. The letters "PA" may mean ParĂ¡, the national subdivision Colares is in. During this flap numerous people reported strange lights and objects in the sky, encounters on the ground with alien beings and grotesque injuries caused by beams of light; these sometimes involved blood loss. The Brazilian government carried out a full investigation that was called "Operation Dish", although some translate that as the more appropriate "Operation Saucer"... as in flying ones. This Black Vault document contains the details, see: If this video is a fake then it's a very good fake. It includes details way beyond what would be necessary to convince most people who consume alien videos. Could it be real? Could this be somebody's attempt to blow the whistle? They may be a person working in a government laboratory somewhere in Brazil who dislikes the secrecy he or she is forced to work under and believes the public should know the truth. So they sneakily shot a brief recording on a hidden camera, or their mobile phone, and smuggled it out to post online. I suspect a mobile is more likely because the shot has a portrait frame. They were careful to remove the soundtrack and any other details that might identify them. I don't know what the penalties for breaking official secrets is in Brazil, but I know in my own country and many others it means years in prison and a lifelong criminal record; and this could even escalate to extrajudicial "silencing", Jeffrey Epstein style. I hope this person's courage is not in vain.
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Thursday 11 August 2022

St Helena at the Commonwealth Games 2022

Team St Helena sent eleven athletes to Birmingham to compete in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, two more than went to the Gold Coast in 2018, see: They flew to Johannesburg from the airport and then caught a connecting flight to London. They then spent eighteen days in the Games' training camp in Cheltenham preparing for the tournament. Because of our heatwaves this summer, acclimatization probably wasn't an issue for a change. St Helena has actually been taking part in the Commonwealth Games since 1982. Before the airport, the athletes travelled the same way everybody used to, by sea on the RMS. On board there was little opportunity for them to work on their fitness. The Saints speciality is swimming and there was a swimming pool on board, but it was tiny; "one stroke and you were across it" as they said. There was also a gym, but it was only big enough for about three at a time. Sporting facilities on the island are very basic, but this hasn't stopped the team's determination to perform as well as they can. Source: You'll recognize some of the names from 2018. There were female athletes this time too, Poppy Davis-Coyle and Vivienne Ponsford. Unfortunately none of Team St Helena advanced from the heats, but the swimmers did get twelfth place in the men's 4 x 100 metre freestyle relay. So no medals yet, but the team are clearly maintaining their standards. The airport does help, it can't be denied. I wish them all the best for Victoria 2026.
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Wednesday 10 August 2022

(You Know What) Portal Banned!

Internet censorship has been the scourge of social media for over half a decade now. The biggest offenders are definitely Twitter and YouTube, with Facebook coming in a close third. What I have never experienced is Blogger doing the same... until now. I had come to believe that Blogger was different, much more easygoing about radical opinions, acting only against material that is specifically illegal. Not any more. Last week I posted the latest in my series of portals, lists of HPANWO posts on a particular subject. The portals make it easier for readers to find the articles they are looking for if they have a particular interest set. They also make it easier for me to source background links on other articles; just adding one instead of a series. My latest portal was about a subject to do with a theorized secret insider in the United States administration who is giving the public anonymous information about an attempt to remove the corrupt globalists from the country. The day after I published the portal I was shocked to find that it had disappeared from the main HPANWO site. When I checked my account I saw that it had been listed with the notice in red letters: "This post was unpublished because it violates Blogger's community guidelines. To republish, please update the content and adhere to the guidelines." This is a slightly better policy than the other platforms. They don't just mindlessly delete the post and leave behind a shadow of if-you-want-to-appeal-this-decision" buttons. Blogger merely reverts it to draft, allowing you to make changes and then submit it for review. However, just like the Zucks, Jacks and Susies, it doesn't tell you what you have done wrong and so you have to go by guesswork. In this case it was obvious, so I removed all reference to the offending handle. Conversely to the urgency with which they banned the portal, the review process takes about a week. The service seems to feel no need to prioritize the welfare of their content creators. My edit was turned down and the portal remains in the naughty corner.
However, about five days before that, I had posted an identical replacement with every example of the forbidden expletive written in code. I even warped the hyperlinks. I used the placeholder name "P*R". To crack the code, simply recite the English alphabet to yourself. The good thing about AI is that it is not very I. It is easy to outwit the algorithms with a little bit of lateral thought. Here's the new portal: It has all the necessary content the original post had. Despite feeling very pleased with myself I'm also disturbed and frustrated that Blogger has decided to join in with the banning fiesta, deleting material I'm posting, like the others have, see background links below. I'm a loyal and regular user of their platform and have been for eighteen years. I've never broken the law with anything I've posted. If this policy stays then I will probably lose other posts in the future. I am very active on alt-tech free speech platforms. There are well-developed alternatives to all the mainstream ones. You can't put all your eggs in the mainstream social media basket these days; that is unless you plan to post nothing but cat pictures and makeup tutorials. I'm sure there are alternatives to Blogger too. I'll set up an account on them, and have at least a provisional presence on them for now. Can readers recommend any? If things get any worse then those might be the only places I can maintain my online presence.
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Monday 8 August 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Nocturnal Frequency Radio 6

I have been featured on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio show:
Subjects discussed include: the first anniversary of Gareth Davies dying, mediumship with the afterlife, making alternative friends and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Nocturnal Frequency Radio:

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Bases 2022 Video

The recording of my recent talk at the Bases 2022 International Conference and Workshops is now available, see:
My lecture is entitled: Apocalype Soon- It's the end of the world, but NOT as we know it. See here for my own coverage:
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