Thursday 20 January 2011

Nisa Local Shops

The official Nisa site:

I’ve seen several ads on TV for Nisa Local stores. And now one has just opened in Oxford! See photo.

The TV adverts are very interesting because they mention the unique way the stores work. Each one is part of a franchise but they are owned by the individual shopkeepers, so this is a kind of decentralized workers cooperative of the kind I’ve often advocated, see: . What delights me is the way that they are promoting this fact as part of their advertizing pitch which can mean only one thing: customers want it! There is a market for shops run on ethical employment and business principles. So are shoppers turning away from the big corporate Tesco’s Local and Londis shops? Looks like it! This gives me hope; it's evidence that the human population is waking up and resisting the New World Order. Luckily this Nisa Local store is a short walk from my home so I know where I’ll be doing my shopping from now on.

Saturday 8 January 2011

BMJ Wakefield Article


This article in the British Medical Journal shows that Dr Andrew Wakefield is still in the pillory! He’s being left to hang there as a warning, like a crucified slave, to any other minions who are considering mutiny! The venomous estalishment seems to never tire of persecuting this man. The Medical Establishment’s very own Thomas de Torquemada, Dr Brian Deer, will not remove his teeth from the body of his prey, see: . Wasn’t “erasing” him enough, Brian!?

Strangely the Goldster has been very quiet about this recently and hasn’t mentioned Wakefield on his blog (Background: )