Friday 28 February 2014


Subjects I’ve always tried to avoid on HPANWO are those David Icke categorizes as “little gaming”, the almost continuous and endemic falling-outs, hostility and internecine suspicion that infects the conspiratorial/UFO community, however there are occasions when words need to be said and this is one of them. My character has been impugned and the record needs to be set straight. Believe it or not, it’s all to do with a single YouTube link. A few days ago the film Mirage Men by John Lundberg and Mark Pilkington appeared on YouTube; I watched it and wrote a review of it, see:, naturally I included the YouTube page where I’d watched it. Soon afterwards the video of the film was removed for reasons of copyright violation. I suspected from the start that this might happen and that the vid was an unauthorized upload, but I proceeded on the assumption that it wasn’t. It’s not possible to check the copyright status of every video I watch. As it happens, as you see, it was indeed unauthorized and YouTube have correctly removed it. The producers clearly do not want the film to be available on YouTube yet. Naturally I respected their wishes and haven’t posted any replacement links; I haven’t even looked to see if any exist. I thought that was the end of the matter, however, in one Facebook group, I was immediately lambasted for video piracy. This is insulting and ridiculous; all I did was post a single link to one measly YouTube video that turned out to be dodgy. It wasn’t a link to a page on “” or somewhere similar, and of course I’d never upload the film myself.
The person who initiated this attack against me is a lady known online as “Xpose UFOTruth”; here’s her website: She is currently investigating the erstwhile UFOlogist Darren Perks whom she believes is engaged in fraudulent and deceptive activity. Fans of Planet X Live will know that he used to be a fellow host on the station with me; in a nutshell this is what triggered her animosity towards myself. I have refused to assist her in her operation because I feel I have been badly misrepresented in this situation. I did originally agree to assist her and I wish I hadn’t. She may well have a legitimate gripe about Perks, but her campaign has been very shrill and self-righteous. As the line from the film Ben-Hur goes: “You’re either with me, or against me!” As is often the case, if somebody resents you for one reason they tend to be far harsher with you for other reasons, even if they’re entirely unrelated. Nevertheless I enjoyed being part of that Facebook group we were both in and wanted to continue interacting with other members on different subjects; so I just avoided discussing Darren Perks there. I even tried to extricate myself from the conversation when she launched her assault against me for the YouTube link. However she has since made references to an offence she alleges Darren Perks has committed, that he deliberately broadcast and published information on how to obtain illicit copies of Dr Steven Greer’s Sirius movie. “Xpose UFOTruth” has compared my actions to Perks’ directly. This cannot go unanswered, and it shall not. The comparison is grossly unfair and defamatory. I have quit that Facebook group and blocked “Xpose UFOTruth”, something I should have done at the beginning of this debacle. I hope this statement makes it clear: I have never attempted to breach the copyright of the Mirage Men producers. I mistakenly posted one YouTube link. I apologize for that and I will not post any more now I know that it is unauthorized to do so. My mistake was reasonable, after all YouTube is a public video sharing site with internal protocols preventing copyright theft. I appeal to HPANWO-readers, if you come across any declarations by “Xpose UFOTruth”, or anybody else, accusing me of being a “copyright criminal!”, “video pirate!” or anything else along those lines, could you please let me know.

By the time you read this article there may well be a tirade in the comments box by “Xpose UFOTruth” disputing everything I’ve said above. I won’t delete that comment; I don’t practice censorship on HPANWO and I allow readers to make up their own minds. However I will not be reading her comment myself because if I do that I might be tempted to post a counter-rebuttal; then she and I will be trapped in an infinite loop of ego-driven tit-for-tat personal argument, a distressing and time-wasting situation that is already far too everyday in the conspiratorial/UFO community.You will also hear that am guilty because I was shown evidence against Darren Perks and ignored it; actually this alleged "evidence" was a package hurled contemptuously into my face with a wrapping paper of rhetoric, threats, insults and moral blackmail. There is only one response I ever give to such treatment: I returned it to sender with a note enclosed containing a raised middle finger and a strident "fuck you!" I shall reply by saying only this to “Xpose UFOTruth”, a completion of the quote from the script of Ben-Hur: “If that is my choice… then I am against you!”

Thursday 27 February 2014

Lee Rigby Patsies get Life

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the supposed murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, have been sentenced to Life imprisonment, see: This unfortunately means that Rigby's real killers are still walking the streets, possibly being trained for their next operation.
Initially undecided, I am now fairly certain of what I proposed in the above links; this whole case reeks of fabrication. This has divided the conspiratorial community like almost nothing else; I put an initial post on Facebook last night when the verdict was announced and it has cost me friends. Perhaps this is because of the Militarily Religious aspect to this event, and maybe in some ways Woolwich was a far more audacious scam that 9/11 and 7/7, simpler and with a far better-concocted official story. Along with his appearance on CMR, Nick Kollerstrom was also featured on Richplanet TV. After this interview was broadcast, Richard D Hall was served notice by the Showcase Channel that they were going to stop broadcasting his programme because of the "offensive nature of the content!", see: I personally find the murder of innocent people followed by lies about how and why they were murdered offensive; if saying that loses me friends, so be it. The intention behind the slaying of Lee Rigby was to trigger a backlash and counter-backlash of even greater bloodshed, possibly even an all-out civil war in Britain. I'm glad to say that this has not yet happened, but the manipulators will not give up. Sooner or later, they're going to try again. And we must be ready for them when they do.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Father raises Son to speak Klingon

d'Armond Speers, a man from Minnesota USA, has caused outrage by bringing up his son, Alec, to speak Klingon. For the first three years of his life Speers only conversed with his son in the constructed language from the TV series Star Trek, see: The Klingon language was designed by the actor James Doohan, who played "Scotty", with the help of linguist Dr Marc Okrand. It was introduced in the first Star Trek film, Star Trek- the Motion Picture, in 1979. This might have been a response to the criticism of the original Star Trek TV series that the Klingons, which were the programme's most commonly appearing extraterrestrial species, didn't look or sound alien enough; and the film also featured far better make-up and special effects to aid the Klingons' unearthly demeanour. Because the Klingons are an aggressive and militaristic species, initially hostile to humans and the Earth, their tongue was intended to be spoken in a raised voice and have harsh and guttural phonetics with explosive consonants and short vowels. The language originally only sported only a small lexicon and a basic semi-formed grammar that wasn't developed beyond what was necessary for its role in the script, but as the franchise continued it was expanded and refined into a complete language. Today it has numerous speakers including about thirty who are fluent and can converse to each other in it. It now serves a popular role similar to other constructed languages created for fiction like JRR Tolkien's "Elvish". Books like the Bible and William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, which features in one of the TV stories, have been translated into the "Warrior's Tongue". There is even a Klingon Language Institute, see: There are two writing systems, one adapted from the Latin script, that English uses, and the other is the native Klingon script which the Klingons in the programme write with.

The father of this young native Klingonophone from Minnesota claims that he is not a Trekkie and never attends Star Trek fan conventions etc; I find that very hard to believe. He said he wanted to bring his son up in this way as an "experiment". I first heard about this news story from a family friend who told me about it. He said very angrily that this was a form of child-abuse and that social services should take Alec away and put him into care. I vehemently disagreed, having been on the receiving end of attention from the "child protection" team myself. As Brian Gerrish and many other researchers have been pointing out for years, the Common Purpose-controlled authorities have an agenda to break up families and make as many children wards of the state as possible, for example see: They will find excuses to call almost anything "child abuse" to justify snatching away children and separating them from their parents. In no way does bringing a child up to speak Klingon constitute child abuse! That was my opinion even before I found out that Dr Speers was concerned for his son's well-being when it came to integration with others; after all Alec would be at a disadvantage only being able to talk to the world's thirty-or-so fluent Klingon language experts. Therefore he made sure Alec's mother, who supported her husband in the experiment, spoke to him always in English; this would make Alec bilingual. I grew up in a bilingual community myself, Lampeter in west Wales, and know that children have an unprecedented linguistic ability to cope easily with two languages, and even three or more. It is true that children not spoken to at all in the first five years of life, and so never get the chance to learn to speak properly themselves, inevitably grow up retarded; but Klingon is today a much richer and more complex language than it used to be since it has grown beyond the scope of the TV series. Even though the copyright for it still belongs to CBS Pictures and new words can only be added to the official dictionary with their permission, "colloquial Klingon" can be as varied as any other natural language. As it happens Alec is now a teenager and has stopped speaking Klingon altogether. The idea that Alec's parents should be considered unfit to be a mother and father for this reason is a gross insult. It's sad that so many people in our world are only too keen to cheer on the agenda to destroy the family structure, ruin the lives of the youngest and most vulnerable people in society, and enslave future generations.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

GMO Spuds poised for Market

Genetically modified potatoes are back in the news: British scientists have developed a GM potato that they say can resist late onset blight. This disease is caused by a fungus that thrives in damp and humid farming conditions and has been blamed for the Irish famine in the 19th century which killed two million people and forced two million more into exile in North America. Currently there are no GMO potatoes certified as fit for human consumption, but that is set to change. Predictably McDonalds are surfing that publicity wave by announcing that they're keen to add any new mutants to their recipe, see: One name that has been skirted around like a muddy puddle is Dr Arpad Pusztai, a Hungarian biochemist who worked for the Rowlett Research Institute for food and nutrition. In 1998 he was tasked by the UK Government to assess the safety of Axis Genetics' NewLeaf™ which are Desiree Red potatoes with a snowdrop gene inserted supposedly to make them immune to insects. He did what he was told and experimented honestly on them, and he discovered that they are not safe; they actually damage the stomach lining and immune system of rats. He was told very bluntly: "Wrong answer, Arpad!" and was forced out of his job; Monsanto was instrumental in the process of ruining him. In 2009 he suffered a stroke and was unable to attend Ian R Crane's Alternative View II Conference at Heathrow Airport, London. His lecture was delivered in proxy by his wife Susan Bardocz, see:

In the BBC link above there's a radio interview with government "rural tsar" Lord Haskins in which he ridicules what he portrays as propaganda over "Frankenstein foods" and "the end of the world!" He riles against the UK and European Union's cautious attitude to GMO research and thinks we should emulate the Americans' no-holds-barred approach. He even suggests that GMO potatoes would suit organic farmers because they need fewer pesticides. This interview was extremely one-sided and no dissenting opinion was presented; the other guest was the equally pro-GM Peter Kendall of the National Farmers' Union. Bringing up the Irish famine was pure scaremongering; if for no other reason than the potato blight was not the real cause of it. The blight did wipe out Ireland's potato crop correlating in mass starvation, but this would not have been half as disastrous if the farms' other produce had not been ring-fenced for export by foreign corporate landowners. There's a direct parallel with Brazil today; it's one of the world's biggest food exporters while a thousand Brazilian children a week die of malnutrition. If genetically modified spuds are wrongly passed as fit for human consumption then other crops might follow, like the controversial Golden Rice™, see: It is essential that we put a stop to this before these genomes reach a level where they are a permanently part of the Earth's biosphere. Only an informed public can achieve this because all the governments and regulators are under the thumb of Monsanto. The good news is that there is a growing public backlash against GMO food. The reason the authorities want to try to get away with not having GM labels on cans and packets etc is because they know damn well that it will rot on the shelves. People simply don't want GMO. Therefore we will all have to get wise to their tricks and insist on top quality GMO-free organic food and accept nothing less.

Monday 24 February 2014

Real Ape-Men

The following information is disturbing, but it must be reported. It concerns the hybridization of human beings and the great apes. A hybrid is an organism whose parents are of two different species; a while ago I wrote about the theory that modern humans are the product of an ancient hybridization of apes and pigs, see: I don't think we've evolved from pigs because hybridization is not possible unless the two parent species are already closely related; but humans and the great apes are very closely related, we are all part of the Hominidae family which includes humans, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Humans and chimpanzees are the most closely related, sharing a common ancestor just five million years ago called Ardipithecus. Technically it is not implausible that hybridization between us is possible. Unlike the parents of mules, horses and donkeys, chimps and humans are not behaviourally inclined to have intercourse together in the wild, but could it be done in a laboratory? Yes. The question is then, has it? How can it not have been done? If it can be, somebody will. Seriously, what do you think will hold these people back, ethics? Not a chance; Dr Moreau is alive and well!

"Humanzee" is a term referring to a hypothetical human-chimp hybrid. Its name is a compound word, which is standard scientific terminology for hybrids, with the exception of existing established terms like "peppermint". In 1960 a chimpanzee turned up at an American training farm. It had been caught in the Congo, along with many others, but this chimpanzee, named Oliver, was different. He walked upright like a human and had far less fur on his head than he should have. He also behaved more like a human being, learning to smile and shake people's hands when he met them; he even learnt to smoke cigarettes. He didn't get along very well with other chimps and preferred the company of humans. In 1976 Oliver became a media sensation, touring the world and appearing on TV shows. At this point scientists began to wonder if Oliver might be a humanzee, one of his parents being human and the other chimp. But in their native Africa, humans and chimps do not care to interact sexually any more than they do elsewhere in the world, so how could such a hybrid be produced? In 1910 the Russian biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov delivered a speech to a biology conference in Graz in which he proposed the creation of an ape-human hybrid. His suggestion was met with revulsion from the audience, but in 1926 the newly-appointed Soviet leader Josef Stalin was only too happy to endorse his proposal and sent him to the Pasteur Institute in Paris to carry out his experiment. In 2006 The Scotsman newspaper claimed to have discovered that Stalin had a goal of creating a race of half-human half-ape creatures to use as slaves or as shock troops in wartime, but the newspaper provides no source for this information, asserting that they are just "secret documents" found in a Russian archive, see: However Ivanov's experiments were real; the Soviets' motives for doing it may have been to bolster Darwin's evolutionary theory and discredit the Russian Orthodox Church which was promoting creationism. The Pasteur Institute sent him to the colony of French Guinea, part of which covers the modern territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He artificially inseminated female chimpanzees with human sperm, but had no success. He then demanded to be allowed to do it the other way round and inseminate human women with chimp sperm, but the Pasteur Institute riled at this and pulled the plug on his experiment. However back home in the Soviet Union he continued his work at a laboratory in the city of Sukhumi, not far from the Winter Olympics venue of Sochi. The women used in the experiment were volunteers recruited by the Communist Academy science department, I imagine for a hefty financial incentive. However, as was often the case under fickle and capricious nature Stalin's rule, Ivanov fell out of favour with the regime and was exiled to Kazakhstan where he died. His experiments with the women never took place. But had he perhaps achieved other results that he left off his official paper? Could Oliver have been the result of Ivanov's work, after all he appeared in the same place? He can't be directly connected because he was only two years old in 1960 more than thirty years after Ivanov was there. Could he be a descendent of one of Ivanov's supposed creations? Unlikely; hybrids are almost always sterile because of their strange chromosomes. Mules are rarely able to produce young themselves even though a horse and a donkey can easily produce a mule. So what is the truth behind Oliver?
A modern DNA test has shown that Oliver is a complete chimp; his strange attributes are caused by a birth deformity. The same goes for other suggested humanzees like Danny Ramoz Gomez, a fur-covered Mexican acrobat with exceptional strength; he is completely human and suffers from a condition called hypertrichosis, excessive body hair. But there are rumours of other experiments done that carry on Ivanov's work, like in China in 1967. Before it was cut short by a riot in the Cultural Revolution the claim is that one chimp was three months pregnant. Also the psychologist Prof. Gordon Gallup claims that a similar experiment took place at the controversial Yerkes primate laboratory in Orange Park, Florida USA. This time a live birth was obtained, but the scientists decided not to go public with their results and "euthanized" the infant. There are major moral considerations with this kind of research relating to politics, culture and psychology, but also cruelty. One of the issues concerns any cloning involved. Clones suffer from poor health and live short lives troubled by illness, but also one must consider their psychological well-being; I did when I considered the plans to clone the Woolly Mammoth, see: A real humanzee would be neither human nor chimpanzee, but stuck in a limbo world in between. It would in all likelihood be rejected by both species and live a very lonely life. However, as I said, this wouldn't concern some of the ruthless and megalomaniacal characters put in positions of scientific power by those in political power who want to use science as a weapon against the population. This has long been the plot of science fiction films and books beginning in 1897 with the novel The Island of Dr Moreau by HG Wells which probably inspired Maureen Duffy's Gor Saga in 1981 and Michael Crichton's Next in 2006, see: and: There have been several TV programmes and films on the subject like the BBC adaptation of Gor Saga called First Born, see:; this was not a very good programme in my view, but Chimera was far better, see: Arthur C Clarke has written many visionary sci-fi novels in which an optimistic future is projected and some of those involve "superchimps", usually shortened to "simps", genetically-engineered intelligent primates created for the sole purpose of serving humanity as slaves. This concept is treated very dispassionately in Clarke's writings and he never considers that there's anything dodgy about it.  

The desire of society for new forms of biology is a strange one and needs analysis. Does it mean, for instance, that existing species are not good enough? Especially the human species? The humanzee issue is not the only kind of story emerging from out of the covert world that involves the altering of human beings on a mental and physical level. The "supersoldier" phenomenon is one such, see: I'm also deeply concerned by the drive for eugenics, transhumanism and the introduction of "pseudolife" through Morgellons Disease and chemtrails, see: If anybody thinks that it wouldn't be so bad being transformed into an extra-strong, extra-fast super-intelligent ubermensch and that the Illuminati are doing us a great favour and are friends of the planet and mankind, then think again! The truth is far more likely to be a situation based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World in which we will be downgraded to dysgenic subhuman morons bred to be able to do only unskilled tasks in the menial sector. You're more likely to end up an "Epsilon" than an immortal robot or an Aryan overlord. Are the governments and scientific institutions of the world actually planning to make this nightmare a reality? I think so. I can't prove it at the moment, but from what we know about their mentality, let's face it; if they could do this, they would do this!

Sunday 23 February 2014

Mirage Men Film

The film Mirage Men by John Lundberg and Mark Pilkington is currently available on YouTube; how long it will remain there I don't know, see:  (24/2/14- This link is now dead; it must have been an unauthorized upload and the producers don't want the film put on YouTube yet) See here for its official website: The film is based on Pilkington's book of the same title and I've written a full and detailed review here: The movie has within it some information that is absent from the book and was not previously known to me. I didn't know that Richard Doty attempted to recruit Linda Moulton Howe; luckily Linda was far wilier than Bill Moore or Paul Bennwitz and didn't fall for it. The film also deals more thoroughly with the controversial Majestic 12 documents over which I'm presently undecided, see: It also includes a case that the Project Serpo incident was the creation of Doty, see: I've never found this story very credible and this doesn't surprise me. At the end of the film "special thanks" is given to Jon Ronson, a man who has been involved in what I consider to be some very questionable media works, see: and: As I explain in full in the book review, I disagree with most of its conclusions; I think the film makers are dealing with an elaborate double-bluff that they haven't got to grips with. The movie however is well worth watching.

Saturday 22 February 2014

New Medical Records System

The British Government has announced plans to change the way the NHS stores medical records. Medical records are currently kept at your GP's surgery or in the medical records depot of a primary care trust, if you've been a regular hospital inpatient. These are in the form of good old fashioned paper hardcopy and only duplicated electronically for temporary purposes; this is because of the need for security. Medical records are classified as highly confidential and the depot at my hospital is protected by a double door which is permanently locked and only accessible by a special ID system or through a reception desk. The records themselves come in folders which vary in size, but can be big enough to need cardboard boxes to carry them. These then have to be transported everywhere a patient goes; this was one of the duties of We The Porters. It was quite a task, I can tell you! But we managed it; we got used to it. That system worked. However, you can't stop governments from striving like crazy to fix any thing that is not broken; they've decided to change the system into something involving "Summary Care Records". This is a single electronic database of your basic medical records which can be accessed from any National Health Service carer in the country, see: The idea behind it is that it will allow those carers access to records they wouldn't otherwise get if you are treated at a location you don't normally attend. The proponents of the scheme swear that the database is highly secure and will never be accessed by any unauthorized person. However a large number of access points will be needed; many thousands of hospitals, clinics, care homes and GP surgeries from Land's End to John o'Groats, and probably a number within each of them. Combined with this will be the fact that the access points will be handled by overworked and underpaid NHS doctors and nurses who will inevitably make mistakes. There have been many scandals along these lines, as well as concerns that the government is planning on bringing in an "outside interested party" to handle the records like contractors or service partners. I have a lot of negative experience of this myself from being managed by a private contractor and I can tell you that these entities are invariable unethical, irresponsible and incompetent.

My advice is to opt-out of the scheme; and this can be done easily by filling out a form. This is the NHS' official one, see: Unfortunately since this form was published, further outrages have emerged that show the government is trying to worm us all onto some kind of database, even if you return the above form, see: (Thanks to Andrew Johnson and other members of the Cognoscence Yahoo group for this information). This website has been set up to monitor and campaign on this issue, see: Many doctors and nurses are also unhappy with the Summary Care Records system. It flies in the face of centuries of medical ethics to remove the existing confidentiality classification level without the patient's consent. The justification is that the patient does give consent because the opt-out form is freely available, but as "fmoreton", a member of the Cognoscence group points out, a lack of response at all is interpreted as consent being given. Surely such a radical change in policy instead should be an opt in. I have a strange feeling that at some point a solution will be suggested to make the system workable, internal microchip implants in the patients' bodies. In fact we don't have to wait; such technology already exists and has been successfully trialled, see: It would solve the security and access problems, and also overcome the changes to confidentiality. After all, an implanted chip is probably more secure than the current single remote database. All the authorities need is a public willing to accept it in large numbers. The problem is that this kind of cyborg technology is open to abuse because it can be adapted for other purposes, such as financial, employment, security and almost any other purpose that could give the authorities so much more control over the population than they currently enjoy.

Friday 21 February 2014

Is Nessie Dead?

Authorities, locals and travellers alike have all become concerned in recent years with a sharp drop in reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. The legendary and elusive creature living in the depths of Scotland's biggest lake have swept the world and become the hottest topic in cryptozoology, the search for unknown animals, see: The beast was virtually unheard of before the 20th Century, mostly because there were no major roads allowing access to the Loch; sightings peaked in the middle of the century, sadly as a result of some proven fake photoes. Now, although interest in the subject remains high and even celebrities like Charlie Sheen are involved in the hunt, sightings have declined. The Mail Online article claims that there has been no evidence confirmed as genuine for ninety years; I dispute this, however there is no doubt that the regularity of Nessie reports has thinned out considerably, at least since the turn of the millennium and maybe before. Some people are wondering if the creature has become extinct.

However, I think the lament for Nessie is happily premature. For one thing, what could cause a large animal like the Loch Ness Monster to die out? Any changes to the Loch's environment or food chain would have been spotted immediately by the wildlife monitors and biologists who scan the lake regularly. Also when we're talking about evidence for the Monster's existence we are talking about an admittedly significant signal-to-noise ratio problem; what we've seen is a sharp decline in the noise. Skeptics would say that this is because there never was any signal at all and that all we ever have had is noise, all generated by the series of fakes like the Surgeon's Photo. There have been far fewer fakes ergo there have been far fewer sightings. Again, I don't agree; there are still photoes and film footage appearing occasionally that are perhaps dismissed too hastily, like this one: This is combined with a number of credible eye-witness reports. I doubt very much if Nessie is dead; she is probably as alive and well as she's ever been. The reason for the slump in her profile probably is the lack of modern fakes, and that's something we should rejoice. The wheat is being more easily sorted from the chaff and that can only be a good thing. Loch Ness is filled with opaque peat-stained water and it is huge, over 20 miles long and averaging a mile wide. It's almost a thousand feet deep in places and science knows less about its abyss than it does about some of the outer planets of our solar system. It's not implausible at all that the Loch Ness Monster is swimming somewhere down there, shying away from human contact, waiting to be discovered. I don't accept that Nessie has "moved to Australia". Loch Ness is only one of many places in the world where unknown aquatic creatures have been seen; it is just by far the most famous. What has been reported in Australia is probably one which has always been native to that part of the world, although it could be the same species as Nessie, or something very similar. Who knows, maybe proof of the existence of these beasts will not come from their Scottish heartland, but from somewhere else.

Destroyed in Love

Destroyed in Love is a short film by Hannan Anwar and Lawson Dallimore, see: It's a harrowing tale about a young woman called Tanya who is married to a man who has fits of temper where he is violent towards her. She finds help by joining a domestic violence support group and also by confiding in her supportive friend Joe. The reason I'm posting it here is because my daughter Louisa plays Joe. Louisa is approaching her nineteenth birthday and is almost at the end of her drama course at the Oxford and Cherwell Valley College. If anybody reading this is a producer for the stage or screen and wants to hire her, let me know at

Thursday 20 February 2014

Dolphins in India- "non-Human Persons"

The government of India has passed one of the most significant pieces of animal rights legislation in history. It has changed the status of the order Cetacea, that is whales, dolphins and porpoises, from animal to "non-human persons", see: This means that they cannot be kept in captivity or harmed in any way. To do so would be a far more serious offence thana similar action against another species. This move comes out of the understanding that whales and dolphins are highly intelligent and conscious creatures. They have a complex language and give each other names. This is welcome news for me because I've always disliked dolphin displays at theme parks; fish don't mind being kept in an aquarium, but dolphins do suffer even though they're trained to look and act happy for the audience. Hopefully this Declaration of Rights For Cetaceans will be adopted by other countries. Should similar rights be granted to other species? Elephants, for example, are also highly intelligent, sensitive and conscious. Also primates like apes and monkeys. By what criteria do we decide which animal is worthy of this treatment or not?

Wednesday 19 February 2014

EastEnders Murder

A recent news story I came across has upset me deeply, even more than the literal content of the report should normally do, see: This article I've written is highly speculative, but I do not apologize for that and I think my speculation is worth expressing publicly in this case. It seems to denote a psychological and cultural trend I've been examining for many years now, that of the perceived justification of oppression based on the ease by which said oppression can be carried out. In other words, in any parasitic or abusive relationship between two people, or two groups of people, the blame lies with the oppressed party, not the oppressive. Why is that? It all comes down to social Darwinism, a dark vision of mankind that projects onto internal human society the very same forces that drive the biological world in general: natural selection, "survival of the fittest" and "might is right". The morality of this philosophy is simple and stark; during your adult life, if you are violated in any way by any other man or woman then it is completely your own fault for allowing yourself to be violated. The violator is totally innocent. Your own vulnerability to violation is a weakness and transgression on your part; your abuse at the hands of another is your just punishment. Hopefully you will learn from the experience and become more resilient next time; and this resilience must include being an oppressor yourself, for the oppressor or the oppressed are the only two possible interactions any humans can have. I hear you scoff... but think about it! How often have you said, or found yourself thinking: "She really needs to learn to stand up for herself!" or: "Anybody so stupid that they'll fall for a conman like that deserves everything they get!" How are these phrases, in essence, any different from the rapist saying: "She was asking for it!"? There was a Porter at my hospital who was part of a Gen-shift section of four Basics and a Senior, yet he used to do half the work on his section single-handed. He would end every shift exhausted to the point of unconsciousness, even on quiet days when the others would be cooling their heels in the lodge. I once challenged the section about their behaviour and their reply was extremely revealing; they all said, even the Senior: "It's his fault, he lets us do it!" Is social Darwinism an inevitable part of our biological make-up? Are we hardwired for it? Are we talking about an unchangeable thing which is "just human nature, Mate!"

Despite the title of this article I have no idea what motivated that group of young men to plan the robbery and murder or Dean Mayley; sadly the purpose of our legal system is merely to deal with the questions "what" and "who", never "why?". I gave the article the title that I did because of my feelings for the TV soap opera EastEnders, or as I like to call it, TavistockEnders. This is a programme loaded with multiple themes which promote social Darwinism; there are numerous storylines in which characters who are timid and socially vulnerable who are exploited and abused by other characters who are harder and more aggressive (I won't use the word "strong" because it's inaccurate, even though it would be on most people's lips in that sentence), and this state of play is accepted and even championed. TavistockEnders is definitely not the only offender, there are numerous others; in fact social Darwinism is the basis of most Reality TV series, see: It's very likely that Ryan Beresford and his fellow defendants have been subjected to some of these TV shows over the course of their childhood and teenage years. When we see Phil Mitchell shoving somebody's head down a toilet, does anybody really imagine that nobody is going to think of a person in their own lives to whom they are able to do the same, and not say: "Well, we better do it then!" TavistockEnders portrays the bullying, exploitation and humiliation of other human beings as justified; not only justified, but glorified and glamourous. What Beresford and his accomplices did was in line with what an Alpha-male TavistockEnders character would have done, even if they were not consciously incited by it. Unless we wake up to all this, then a time is coming in which Beresford et al wouldn't even be charged; their actions would not be considered a crime. Indeed, they've provided a worthy service to the New World Order by ridding society of a "useless eater".
You might argue that I'm an idealist who simply dislikes what is quite plainly true and doesn't want to face up to it, but if you do then I have one question: Why is it that this “just human nature, Mate!”, this "natural, survival of the fittest, Man!", requires constant maintenance? The manipulators jump through hoop after hoop and sweat buckets in their effort to keep us at each other’s throats. If it is a natural and inevitable state of affairs, why don’t they just sit back and watch the show as we tear each other to pieces? I think it's the other way round; I think it is social Darwinists who are the idealists. Being a social Darwinist is an enormous weight off one's conscience because it means you never ever have to do anything that is motivated by ethics; and, in my view, this is the psychological reason why some people are drawn to it. You can do anything you want and just shrug your shoulders and say: "It's a dog-eat-dog world, Mate!" That is why this article will make uncomfortable reading for those kinds of people. I can hear them now: "Shut up, Ben!... I don't want to hear it!... I don't want to know!... I don't want to believe that this might be true!" But unfortunately what you want to be true, or untrue, has no bearing at all on what is, or is not, actually true. You can deal with it... or you can bury your head in the sand and pretend it's not there. If you do that then you are acting exactly the way the New World Order wants you to! This subject has lately become a visible subtext of society, even among those who don't acknowledge it knowingly. This is because we feel that we are on the brink of some kind of apocalypse; the "collapse of civilization", "Leviathan will eat itself,", the "downfall" etc. This may be due to predictions of peak oil, climate change, economic catastrophe and many other nightmarish scenarioes, or a combination of them. The vision of a world in which refrigerators don't work, the taps don't give water and there's nothing on the supermarket shelves has made people ask: "what then?" The question of millions of people fighting over a few scraps has slapped the concept of social Darwinism right into our faces. Of course, in such an eventuality Phil Mitchell would prevail. But the mindset that leads to this understanding has been installed by the government media, it's not just something that has emerged with the prospect of the Apocalypse looming. Why is that? Why would the government media need to get us thinking about the Apocalypse before it's even happened? They've even filled our heads with images of zombies, see: I think this is because the Apocalypse, and everything associated with it, is not something inadvertent that is just an unintentional side-effect of our human activities; it is something artificial that is being engineered. All the feared causes of the Apocalypse, the energy crisis, environmental destruction, war, famine, disease etc, are created deliberately and purposively, and therefore can be stopped if the agenda to create them can be exposed, see: If the manipulators of this situation have their way then the propaganda of social Darwinism will be vitally important during the aftermath of Apocalypse. It may surprise you, but when the shops are empty and people are trawling the streets with iron bars and raiding each other's houses for the essentials of survival, images of Phil Mitchell, Sir Alan Sugar yelling "You're fired!" or "You are the weakest link, goodbye!" will emerge from those carefully-implanted lockers of our subconscious. Out of the chaos of the Apocalypse will emerge the order, a New World Order, and social Darwinism will be one of the bricks of its foundation.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

What next for Scottish Independence?

The famous Scottish comedian Billy Connolly has announced that he will not be voting either way in the upcoming referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom, see: This makes him one of the few Scottish celebrities to sit on the fence over this question. Others have loudly announced that they are "'Yes' men" like the singer Annie Lennox, the comedienne Elaine C Smith and the actor Sean Connery. Others have spoken out against it, like rock star Sharleen Spiteri, the tennis player Andy Murray and football coach Sir Alex Fergusson. Indecision is often taken for weakness in this world, but should it? What right do we have to judge Billy Connolly? He's currently recovering from cancer treatment and looks and sounds somewhat frail in the video above; he describes himself as "old and cold" and that he's deaf and can't walk properly. What's more he might be one of many people who are now taking a step back from the approaching vote and rethinking; I sincerely hope so. I suspect that those in the public eye who have expressed a stance on Scottish independence might be doing so for the wrong reasons, those in both the for and against camps. As I've explained in the background articles above, I advise the Scots to vote "No". I'm not a flag-waving British Unionist, but I think that this offer of independence to Scotland is just a scam to get all the nations of the UK under the jackboot of the European Union.  

At the moment the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and locked in a row over what currency an independent Scotland would have. Salmond wants Scotland to enter into a currency union with the UK, a "Sterling zone". Osborne has opposed this as unfair and unworkable, see: Reading through this list of arguments makes me suspicious that at some point a third alternative will be tabled: Scotland joining the Euro. This would mean it could take advantage of all the current Sterling-Euro trade deals and lift the burden of the UK's economy subsidizing Scotland via a parasitic relationship. In fact I suspect that Alex Salmond's current bumbling "man without a plan" attitude is not accidental. We've had David Cameron jumping on that bandwagon; in fact it was he who coined the phrase. So has the former Chancellor Alistair Darling from the Labour side, see:, so once again it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government will win! The current status of Scotland's relationship to the EU is pretty unclear... at least for public consumption it is... The European Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso is doubtful over whether Scotland could sign up. However, as you can see in the background links, Salmond's position is stalwart; he envisions Scotland as being an active participating state of the EU and members of his own government are backing him up. What we might end up with is a new precedent in international law that could pave the way for other former regions of constituent states becoming independent of those states and then sidestepping all the usual wrangles of the EU membership application process. What's more, Scotland's privileged position will be demanded by dozens of others, see: I think that this is why the nationalist movement in Catalonia has escalated in recent years. And they're only one of many; there are also the Venetian separatists, see:, and the myriad across former-Yugoslavia. All previous structures of European political and cultural identity are being broken up, not in order to free those who see themselves as chattel nations of larger countries, but to fragment any element of sovereignty that might have the power to resist forced and complete European integration. The plan is that once Europe is ruled under a single totalitarian bloc, the equivalent continental authorities around the world can be united into a one world fascist/communist tyranny. Any Scot who votes "No" in the upcoming referendum is not a traitor against their country's longing for freedom from the last vestiges of an evil empire, they are the exact opposite.

Monday 17 February 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 8

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes, see:
Here is a YouTube version of the interview: (Coming soon)

I appear in the third hour of the programme, after 125 minutes; once again we're joined by Tommy Woodgate. Subjects discussed include: disappearing bees, Muslims used as boogie-men, biological warfare, population reduction and much much more. See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Saturday 15 February 2014

EVP Ghost Debate- Don Philips with Ben Emlyn-Jones

EVP Ghost Debate- Don Philips with Ben Emlyn-Jones is a new film that has been produced by GSI Paranormal UK, see:
It is based on my live interview with Don Philips on the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio. Much of it was filmed during the interview, but it includes a lot of additional material. We discuss Don's research, his work with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, live spirit voice recordings and other manifestations of ghostly activity in our world. However, something strange happens during the show; it's at 39:48 in the film. When Don and I lose contact due to technical problems, you can clearly hear a man's voice utter the words: "Hey, Don." Neither of us recognizes the voice. Don is going to get the sound of the voice analyzed; I'll keep you posted with any resulting updates.

Friday 14 February 2014

Miracle Boy survives Car Crash

A terrible pedestrian road traffic accident has been captured on CCTV, see: As you can see, a small boy is walking along a pavement hand-in-hand with his grandmother when they are mown down by the parked car, a Chevrolet hatchback, after it is hit by another speeding vehicle. The woman and her grandson were taken to hospital in Anapolis in Brazil where the crash happened, but were found to have only minor injuries. As you can see, the boy, five-year-old Joao Pedro, is happily playing football and pointing to the insignificant nicks on his hips and ear. His grandmother, Vilma Nascimento, suffered a painful ankle and a tiny graze on her lips. As an ex-Hospital Porter, somebody who is accustomed to dealing with people who’ve been killed or badly injured in car crashes, I find this case almost unbelievable. The kind of accident that they suffered should have caused far more serious injuries, if they even survived at all. The way little Joao jumps to his feet and runs to tend his grandmother makes me think the car, which looks as if it’s just crushed his head, was nothing more than an inflatable model. Assuming it was a real car, what happened?
I’m baffled; it’s possibly some kind of miracle, for want of a better word. Most people have heard stories about how somebody walks away from an incident in which it seems impossible for them to do so. These anomalies happen often enough for them to be worthy of investigation; I think this is the first time one of them has been actually captured on film. Can the rules of reality be temporarily relaxed in certain special circumstances? If so, how and why? If the universe really is a hologram then this may lead to the answer. Perhaps this is related to the tales of levitating Tibetan monks or Hawaiian medicine men walking on hot lava flows. But could there be another explanation? This event has similarities to the “crazy Swedish twins” incident; this was the subject of a BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane, see: In May 2008 the police were alerted to the presence of two young women walking along the central reservation of the M6 motorway near Keele, Staffordshire. One of the women ran from the police and was struck by a vehicle. When they were apprehended a second time they both bolted directly into the traffic. This time one of them was crushed under the wheels of a fourteen-ton lorry and the other struck a second time by a car. By rights you’d have to be very lucky to emerge from impacts like that alive, but the woman hit twice by a car appeared unhurt and violently resisted arrest. Even the second woman, who had both her legs shattered, attempted to get to her feet. For anybody familiar with the emergency services, this is unreal. It took a group of six people to subdue Sabina Eriksson, the woman fighting fit, and the paramedics had to hold down her twin sister Ursula. Both twins showed incredible strength and resilience, maybe supernatural strength and resilience. There have been a number of theories posed that attempt to rationalize what happened that day, that the sisters were under the influence of drugs, that they were involved in a secret police surveillance operation; but could something far stranger be afoot? Could they be artificially enhanced in some way, either through the influence of extraterrestrial and/or secret government genetic engineering? The term “supersoldier” is a fairly recent one and is disliked by some people, but it refers to such an individual; see here for more details: We must consider the eventuality that Joao Pedro and his grandmother also might be two examples of enhanced humans. If so then I’m surprised they were allowed contact with the media, unless the two people interviewed on TV were not the pair we saw on the CCTV.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Zombie Bees

The disappearance of bees, officially called “Colony Collapse Disorder”, has been worrying me for a long time; in fact I’m surprised I’ve not written a dedicated article on it before. Beekeepers have noticed that their hives are being ruined. The bees have not died, or at least not died in the hives; they have just left them deserted. A large proportion of the world’s bees have simply vanished and this disquieting epidemic has now spread across the world. Bees are not only delightful creatures in themselves; brightly-coloured herbivores which buzz melodically on warm summer days and provide us with honey, they are an essential part of the food chain, both natural and agricultural. Their hard work props up human civilization as well as the rest of the biosphere. Albert Einstein even warned that “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live”. The real cause of Colony Collapse Disorder has not been agreed on, but many factors have been blamed: cold weather, GM crops, mobile phone transmissions, pesticides and the outbreak of a parasitic mite called Varroa. Whatever the true cause, it interests me that organic beekeepers claim that their own hives are not affected.

Now the story of disappearing bees has taken on a truly nightmarish development: “zombie bees”. So far this phenomenon is confined to North America, but it might spread; it already has a very long way. It started in San Francisco and is now in Vermont, that’s the entire breadth of the continent. This time we’re told that the cause has been positively identified; infestation with a parasite, the eggs of the fly Apocephalus Borealis. The eggs are laid in the bee’s body and the larvae inside hatch out and eat the bee alive. This causes strange behaviour in the bee, understandably! The insects become disorientated and leave their hives, buzzing to and fro randomly; “flight of the living dead” as one beekeeper quipped. In doing so they sometimes infect other hives. The bees’ behaviour is similar in some ways, in comparison to normal bee behaviour, as that of the Romeroesque zombie is in relation to the normal human. Agricultural authorities are currently researching as to what action to take, see: No doubt they will be consulting the experts on Plum Island, but should they? What if Plum Island is the cause of the disaster? What bothers me about this news story is that the emergence of this disease has come on top of so many other assaults on bee wellbeing that I have to ask myself, is it mere coincidence? As I’ve discussed before many times, there is an agenda in this world to fundamentally change human biology, as well as that of the rest of the planet; if Einstein is right then he may have inadvertently given the instigators of this extinction wish an idea of how to achieve their sordid goal, see:

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Bedroom Tax is Dead

See here for essential background:
I’m happy to report that the Spare Room Subsidy or “Bedroom Tax”, the most oppressive and iniquitous financial assault since the Poll Tax, is now in a terminal crisis due to an irreparable legal loophole. This shows how the Tax wasn’t even thought through properly before it was introduced; it’s not only brutally unjust, it’s stupid. Iain Duncan Smith obviously panicked when his lords and masters told him to do it so he rushed the job! There have just been a number of successful appeals based on two very potent bases, see: You might be able to use both of them if you’ve been living in your property since 1996, but even if you haven’t the “bedroom use” basis is watertight. As this post explains, see:, the local authorities can only apply the subsidy to a bedroom. You may think this is a no-brainer, but it isn’t. How do you define a bedroom? A room with a bed in where somebody sleeps? But what if you appeal with a claim that nobody has ever slept in that room and it serves another function? Then it’s not a bedroom and so is not eligible for the subsidy. So if you’ve been hit by the Bedroom Tax, go back to the authorities and tell them you use that extra room in your house for storage, or as an exercise room, or and art studio; anything, it doesn’t matter. Of course this may well be a lie, but how do the local authorities prove that it’s a lie? They’d have to come and inspect your home. But this means, for example, they have to inspect over ten thousand premises in Liverpool; maybe more in other districts. No council in the country has the resources to do that. And even in the highly unlikely event that they do single you out, it wouldn’t be hard to make the room look temporarily used even if it isn’t. To reject your appeal they have to prove that the spare room is actually spare; how do they do that? As this third post points out, this makes the Bedroom Tax the equivalent of a lesser-spotted dodo, see: There is only one possible outcome for the Bedroom Tax now, its prompt and embarrassed repeal; the more people who throw their spanner in the works, the prompter and more embarrassing it will be.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

US and UK Governments’ Vaccine Lies

The other day I was watching this video featuring the famous medico-Skeptic Dr Ben Goldacre, see: Like Prof Brian Cox, Goldacre has all the right ingredients for being an establishment poster boy; youth, good looks, eloquence, poise, sophistication. However synchronicity struck when straight afterwards I came across this: It’s a report by Dr Lucija Tomljenovic, a Canadian medical researcher about documents she obtained from the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and also the minutes of meetings held by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization between 1983 and 2010. She had to use the British Freedom of Information Act to have these documents released. It reveals that these authorities are not the public safety watchdogs that they claim to be, and are instead corruptly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine manufacturers. They acted in the interests of the manufacturers instead of those of the public whom they’re mandated to serve, and also published disinformation designed to confuse and distort the real adverse risks of vaccination. I think this calls into question the whole saga surrounding Dr Andrew Wakefield, see: At the very same time, another document appeared online regarding a similar lawsuit on the other side of the Atlantic. A doctor with an autistic son has squeezed some equally suspicious and incriminating information out of the US Department of Health and Human Services, management of the organization quite wrongly called the Centre for Disease Control and prevention, see: These instances are yet more evidence of deceit on the part of the authorities and the chilling realization that the organizations meant to regulate them and protect the public from them are, at best, culpably negligent. My daughter is now an adult; I agreed to have her vaccinated as a baby because I didn’t know any better. If she were a baby today I would have no hesitation at all in refusing all vaccinations offered. However in other countries, including the United States, refusal is becoming more and more difficult. Despite its professed commitment to more “openness” and accountability, the Obama administration is trying to weaken the FOIA, presumably to prevent more citizens accessing secrets that are in their interest. Hopefully these cases will warn enough people to prevent them getting away with it.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Incoming Planet-Sized Object

Nibiru is back in the news! It has not been given that name by the source, but it has inevitably crept up in the vocabulary of commentators. Nibiru is the planet described in Zecharia Sitchin’s seven-book Earth’s Chronicles series which he wrote between 1976 and 2007. From his analysis of ancient Sumerian texts it is said to be a planet as yet undiscovered by modern astronomers which regularly passes close to the Earth in its long orbit and causes major global natural disasters when it does. In the run up to the Mayan Calendar 2012 date there was a lot of talk about Nibiru returning on that day to engender the Apocalypse. This of course did not happen and we’re all fine. However the prospect of Nibiru returning has not gone away and some people still fear it. I do not for reasons I’ll explain.

This saga kicked off when a YouTube video was released featuring somebody calling himself Dr Kyle Kaplan, an astronomer at the University of Texas, standing in what looks like the control room of an observatory. We are told that this is the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains in Texas. What’s more Dr Kaplan does exist; he has a webpage at the University of Texas, see: However, I can’t find the video under discussion and there’s been a bit of a copyright tussle between him and some other users; I don’t know why. In the original video Kaplan supposedly announces that a planet-sized object is currently approaching the Earth. He’s not sure if it will actually collide with the Earth, but even if it doesn’t its gravitational field will cause catastrophic geological disturbances that will increase earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis, tectonic displacement, cities sinking into the sea, etc etc etc. The object is incoming at 124 miles per second and is one billion 940 million miles away, that’s already inside the orbit of Pluto; it will be in the vicinity of Earth in August of this year. Kaplan gives its exact coordinates on the celestial sphere. On January the 30th this was in the constellation of Camelopardalis. Right Ascension: 4 hrs 8 mins 8 secs- Declination: 60 degrees 56 arc mins 43 arc secs. I don’t quite understand what these numbers mean, but an astronomer will and all of them in the world can now turn their telescopes on that location and see if they can spot the object; if it’s really “planet-sized” and big enough to harm the Earth, then that shouldn’t be too difficult. We constantly hear stories on the Net about how “Nibiru is coming!... Nibiru is coming!” and most of these consist of videos showing sundogs or lens flare, or crudely-photoshopped composites of tennis balls and eclipses. This one is different; it involves a real expert and exact information that can be either confirmed or denied.
According to this website, the main media outlet for the incident, see: Dr Kaplan was later forced by the University authorities to issue another video denouncing his previous one as a joke, although I can’t find that one either. According to this article, the planet may still be real and the second vid was made to prevent public panic, similar to the initial cover up in the film Deep Impact, see: In my view, by far the most likely explanation is that this was a hoax on Kaplan’s part and he’s gone quiet simply because he’s been given a bollocking by his bosses at the observatory and sent home in disgrace. As I’ve said before, you can’t keep secrets in astronomy, there are simply too many telescopes in the world. Even forcing all the big observatories, like McDonald, to keep shtum would involve an impossibly top-heavy conspiracy; and that’s before you’ve dealt with the many millions of amateur astronomers combing the entire sky from their back garden or a skylight in their attic. Astronomy is the one truly democratic science; there can be no cover-ups in it. If this unknown planet were real, then in the few days since this announcement was made we’d have had a massive torrent of online discussion in the astronomical community, about how its presence had been independently verified. This has not happened.

My advice to readers therefore is, sleep tight. However the question remains, even if what’s been announced is not going to happen, could something like this happen? Yes. The universe is a violent and dynamic place. We don’t yet know where every object in our solar system is and there may well be planets, asteroids and comets out there that we have yet to discover which could pose a threat to the Earth; the dinosaurs were wiped out by one of these objects striking the planet and sooner or later, this danger will return. However, we now have the technology to spot these objects a long time before they come close to the Earth and there are ways and means of dealing with them. There are spacecraft being designed that can deflect any big rock with our name on it onto a new course so that it misses. However the danger doesn’t only concern objects inside our solar system. The imaginary object Kaplan talks about in his prank can’t have been in orbit around the sun. Keplers Laws describe how anything orbiting in space has to travel at a fixed track and speed; this is why I rejected the Nibiru-2012 connection, see: However there are also objects beyond our solar system which are drifting between stars and not orbiting any of them; some comets might be such objects. There are also larger solid bodies, as big as large planets, that are floating randomly through interstellar space, orbiting only the core of the Milky Way along with all the stars. These are called rogue planets or “planemoes” and they might even outnumber the planets we’re familiar with which orbit stars like the Earth does. They’re exactly like normal planets except they’re very cold because they’re so far from any sun. These could pose a hazard in the future to interstellar space missions and planemoes might need to have warning beacons placed on them like rocks at sea have lighthouses to alert ships. What if a planemo drifted into the path of our solar system, or if a fast-moving one passed through it? Sadly, if it was the size of a major planet and definitely on a collision course we would be able to do nothing except get our affairs in order. However the Earth has survived for over six billion years without being bludgeoned by a planemo so clearly this eventuality is extremely unlikely. There is no point in worrying about something we can do nothing about and probably will never happen anyway… And even if it did, maybe the aliens would be able to stop it. I believe we are masters of our own destiny and dismiss the notion of waiting for any “saviours” etc, but if we were in the firing line of a planemo and unable to dodge it, and a kindly passing ET offered to lend a hand, I’d happily swallow my pride and accept!