Monday 30 June 2014

Time for Disclosure Press Release

Here is the press release for the upcoming Time for Disclosure event on July the 8th in London. We will distribute it to every media organization we can think of. I have also contacted the Metropolitan Police to let them know that the event is taking place, asserting our rights to free speech, but showing willingness to cooperate with the authorities for the purposes of making the event run smoothly.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Time for Disclosure Flyer and Placard

I have designed the flyer and placard for the upcoming Time for Disclosure street event in London, with the help of Heidi King. We're also going to put out a press release. See here for background: Here they are:

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Is Luis Suarez a Zombie?

Luis Suarez is one of the world's top footballers; since his youth debut in 2003 the Liverpool striker has been highly successful and has won a large number of accolades including last season's Player of the Year. Like many top football players he has a very hot-headed personality and he's been involved in a string of controversial incidents. However the penchant Suarez seems to have in expressing his rage is highly unusual and disturbing; he bites people. In last night's World Cup match against Italy, Suarez was playing for Uruguay, his national team, and he was marking the defender Giorgio Chiellini when, for no apparent reason, he leaned over and bit him on the shoulder. The referee missed the incident and so did not react; if he had then Suarez would have received an immediate red card. However the attack was clearly captured on TV and Suarez now faces a possible ban from the tournament; that alone if he's lucky. This is not the first of such incidents. In 2010 Suarez was playing for Ajax in a match against PSV Eindhoven when he bit his opponent Otman Bakkal; and only in the last season he got a ten-match ban for biting a Chelsea player. See: The urge to eat the flesh of living humans is common feature of the zombie in mythology and horror fiction.

Of course I'm really only joking with this article's title. I'm quite sure Luis Suarez is not a zombie... at least by conventional definitions of the word. He clearly has some major psychological problems though and may well be psychotic. The boxer Mike Tyson has exhibited similar behaviour; he had a drink problem, was convicted of raping an eighteen year old beauty queen and also accused of beating his wife. In 1997 he was disqualified from a fight with Evander Holyfield after he bit Holyfield's ear, in a similar incident to the one with Luis Suarez. Of course there are always going to be a few people in this world who will do that sort of thing, but it is such bizarre behaviour we should not expect it to happen this often in such high profile settings. I can't help but wonder if this is in some way connected to the general promotion of zombies and zombie-like themes in culture, politics, journalism and science; a subject I have been observing for some time now, with increasing concern. Is Luis Suarez a part of this agenda, either knowingly or unknowingly?

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Shamanic Freedom Radio 2

I have been interviewed by "Opaque Lens", aka Niall Murphy, on Shamanic Freedom Radio, see:
Subjects discussed include: the philosophy of Robert Anton Wilson, shamanism in Doctor Who, political correctness and other kinds of Orwellian language and much much more. See here for Part 1 of this interview:
I made a brief appearance on one of Niall's previous shows, the one where we were at Avebury with David Icke, see:
Niall has also been a guest on the HPANWO Show, see:

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Max Keiser in Parliament

Russia Today is one of the few decent news stations left in the media, and its financial correspondent is Max Keiser; his programmes like the Keiser Report, which he presents almost daily with his wife Stacey Herbert, are very interesting and alternative compared to the finance coverage you'll see on the BBC or CNN. He's very radical indeed compared to most other popular economists; he's a very harsh critic of state bailouts and "austerity measures" (a very creative Orwellianism that!) and he's not scared to use words like "banksters". He supports the Gold Standard system and he's very keen to endorse BitCoin. He's even created his own currency called MaxCoin. He has called for the arrest, imprisonment, and even execution... jokingly of course... of the heads of the major banks. His style is loud, humourous and lighthearted, but with a tone of bittersweet pessimism sometimes bordering on the apocalyptic. See here for his website: In April this year he appeared at a live event in Parliament which was hosted by George Galloway, and it attracted a huge audience and was filmed, see:

An acquaintance of mine attended this event and told me what the atmosphere was like. A lot of the audience in the queue outside were wearing Guy Fawkes masks; how Parliamentary security handled that I can't imagine. Max has long been predicting that most of the currencies that exist in the world today will collapse in the very near future, a "financial holocaust" that will cause millions to die through poverty and suicide. Karen Hudes sees it as a "currency war", see:, Keiser sees it as a currency Armageddon. At the moment there's a battle going on between the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Germans in the European Central Bank over the role the Bank of England is playing in Britain and Europe. Max blames the Bank of England for various finanncial scandals and crimes like the 2008 crash, drug money laundering, the Lehman Brothers collapse and even the massive fraud committed by Bernie Madoff. Max claims that: "This is what David Cameron doesn't seem to be able to see!" I wonder if perhaps David Cameron does see it, but just doesn't give a damn; perhaps it's what he wants. The current national debt of the UK is 700% of its gross domestic product, double what it was before the 2008 bailout, whereas forecasts expect the national economy to grow at between 2.7 and 2.8% this year. "How can you have capitalism without capital?" as Max says. Good question! The problem is that debt, in the form of "credit bonds" is now almost unbelievably treated as an asset, see here for more details: It turns out that one of Gordon Brown's most significant acts as Chancellor of the Exchequer was to sell 60% of British gold stocks in 2002 at a discount price; again, I don't see this as accidental. Max suggests that it might have been a precursor to the 2008 bailout because the meagre revenue from the sales was used to prop up an ailing New York bank, but this bank remains anonymous (pun intended!). However he has uncovered new evidence that leads him to think Germany now have all that gold; this makes a joke out of Cameron's current spat with Germany. This means in any coming currency collapse Britain will be hit particularly badly and it could be that this was planned as long ago as 2002. The UK Government has since 1982 been buying more and more bonds, a massively expanding market in which prices are rising hundreds of percent, seeing as it has no real capital. This policy is based on fear, according to Max. I'd say it's based on a deliberate plot to commit financial suicide. Bonds are a huge bubble whose value can wither to virtually nothing almost instantly; Max advises anybody who owns any private ones to sell as soon as possible; and if you have a pension invested in them, forget retiring! However, almost paradoxically, states around the world have recently been buying gold, especially China; the UK is an exception. Has the penny dropped that they need a buffer when the bond bubble pops? Or are the Iluminati simply placing the next generation of winners and losers on the starting grid for the world to come after that pop? Maybe this all ties into the gold price manipulation Karen Hudes talks about, see the link above. Max simply suggests raising interest rates to deter governments from borrowing any more; at the moment they're often offered huge loans interest-free. This will of course increase banking profits, but he sees this as a temporary situation. He compares it to a medicine that makes you sick, but does you good.

The effect this will have on the general population will be devastating. Max says pension accounts are being raided at the moment and we know banks are imposing "levies" in some countries, I consider this legalized bank robbery, see: Food and fuel prices will rise as the government desperately tried to save the doomed bond market. We have nothing else to fall back upon because all the real capital, in the form of gold, resources and industrial profit, has gone. Max comes across as a libertarian and sees this mess emerging out of an attempt to regulate capitalism and to "eliminate the boom-bust cycle". However this is a sign that he still sees everything going on as somehow inadvertent, a terrible mess that nobody expected. What if it is intentional, an act of economic vandalism at the most fundamental level? Why? To deconstruct the entire economic system as we know it and rebuild it in a new form. This nightmarish vision is not inevitable and I think Max understands that; he becomes more hopeful towards the end of his address. The disaster that might come hinges completely upon our abdication and cooperation. The solution to this looming crisis is the same one I've suggested many times before: We, the people, have to take sovereign control of our own economic lives through independent banking, LETS schemes, small local currencies and sensible economic structures such as a small business basis and workers cooperatives.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Shamanic Freedom Radio

I have been interviewed by "Opaque Lens", aka Niall Murphy, on Shamanic Freedom Radio, see:
Subjects discussed include: the sudden rise of animosity and infighting within the alternative communities, UKIP, the EU and immigration, science and spirituality, and much much more.
I made a brief appearance on one of Niall's previous shows, the one where we were at Avebury with David Icke, see:
Niall has also been a guest on the HPANWO Show, see:

Monday 16 June 2014

Don Philips at Woodchester Mansion

The phenomenon, or phenomena- plural, which we know as "ghosts" is, or are, far more common than you might think. Most people you know in your social life would be able to tell you their own personal ghost story... if they're reassured that you won't laugh at them. Some places are more prone to this kind of activity than others; these are the places we call a "haunted". Factors that can induce a haunting are a major or recurring amount of human suffering, fear and death; hospitals, battlefields and murder scenes therefore score high on that list. Old buildings are more likely to be the chosen residences of ghosts than newer ones, case in point: Woodchester Mansion. Don Philips of GSI Paranormal UK is one of the top paranormal investigators in this much-neglected field of research and he and I have collaborated on projects several times before, for example see: and: In a forthcoming film he and his team target Woodchester Mansion to see what they can find out about the strange goings on reported there, see here for the trailer:
Woodchester Mansion has a strange history. It sits on land acquired in the 17th Century by First Baronet Sir Robert Ducie, who was Lord Mayor of London and a principle Royal banker. The Ducie family continued to live on the estate until the Victorian age. For quite obscure reasons, they chose to build Woodchester Mansion in the 1850's right at the bottom of a Gloucestershire valley below a steep north-facing slope; this means that the location is in permanent shadow except close to mid-summer. The house was planned in the Gothic Revivalist style complete with weird gargoyles, but it was abandoned unfinished in 1870 and has never been completed. Even some of the original wooden scaffolding is still in place. The reason for the cancellation of the project might have been the death of William Leigh, the architect, but another story is that the builders abandoned the site after being scared witless by creepy apparitions. The locale has been targeted by animal mutilation and ghostly activity is frequently reported to this day.

The cellars are most often nominated as a location of odd goings-on, as indeed Don's team found out. In fact their investigation proved to be one of GSI's most alarming ever. Voices, breathing sounds and loud banging noises emerge and, as you can see in the trailer, the participants flee from the cellar screaming! One of them was so upset that she needed to be temporarily removed from the investigation. Meanwhile, Don and the others were patrolling the upper floors trying to find evidence of spirit intrusion, and they succeed; there was a remarkable incident in the bathroom where voices once again spoke out of thin air. The film is atmospheric and well as informative and is definitely worth watching. I recommend seeing it as soon as it's available. Keep watching the GSI Paranormal UK website for details of its launch: Don is a very controversial figure in the realm of paranormal investigation and is regularly criticized for his unorthodox methods, both from the Skeptic and non-Skeptic sides. One of his most determined detractors is Hayley Stevens, see: The points she makes about electronic voice phenomena- EVP, are that the entire technique is useless because the only sounds gathered are random noise caused by a recorder's auto-gain system. This is a function that raises the microphone's sensitivity when the ambient sounds drop, like when people all sit still when waiting for a spirit voice. The human brain interprets these random noises as recognizable words because our brains are hardwired to pick patterns out of chaotic white noise; this is called apophenia and Trystan Swale has written about the subject here: Another source she claims causes Don's "AVP's" are external interference, nuisance electronic signals which inadvertently cause sounds to appear on the track. Both these arguments are false. In this HPANWO Show Don and I explain why: In this radio show I challenge Trystan himself on this matter, see: Apophenia is simply an audio equivalent of pareidolia, the way our brains' visual centre fools us into thinking we see an organized shape in a meaningless matrix. However it's an explanation that can easily lead to fallacy, see here for details: Interest in paranormal research is increasing at the moment; some of this is due to unprofessional popularization on disreputable TV shows and outright fraud, but not all by any means. I hope we're on the verge of a breakthrough, but I know there are forces of reaction at work too. Nevertheless I'm confident that Don is determined to persevere. If a breakthrough does occur it may well be Don who is behind it.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Flying Girl in Russia

In March 2009 a strange video was uploaded to YouTube, just forty-four seconds long; it was shot on a mobile phone camera in the middle of some woods in Russia. The video is viral and has a number of mirrors, but the original uploader was called "Jevgenij2000" and the vid in question is their only upload, see: There's no information about who the cameraman is, or where exactly in Russia this incident took place. The video description is in very broken English and merely describes what happened. We see a winter forested scene; the cameraman is clearly taking his dog for a walk. The dog runs some distance away and while his owner calls to him. Then the dog takes off to the right down a path, the owner trains the camera to follow him and we're faced with an incredible spectacle. A hundred yards or so down the path stands a woman and about two feet above her head a small girl, of about five or six years old, can be seen hanging in the air with no visible means of support. The woman, I'm guessing she's the girl's mother, looks on and appears completely unfazed, as if the girl's levitation is completely normal and she sees it every day. The dog barks and whimpers, seeming to be frightened by the sight. The cameraman zooms in, but soon after lets the camera drift off its subject. When he manages to reframe, the woman is holding the girl, as if the girl has just dropped down into her arms. She lowers the girl to the ground and they both walk swiftly away as if concerned that they've been spotted.

There's very little literature online about this subject. Even the Skeptics have been fairly quiet about it, but those who have spoken out of course claim that this is a hoax, for example see: These authors even reckon they can see that the girl wearing a harness. It is naturally a possibility that the girl is being suspended above the ground by wires. Wires like that are often used in cinema; they are so thin that they are not captured by the film if the lighting is right; a good example can be seen in this clip from the 1964 Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins, see: In this day and age such physical photographic tricks are not even necessary. The girl could have been filmed separately, balancing on a see-saw or swing etc, and then Photoshopped into the main movie. The Skeptics claim that there's a cut in the film when the camera moves off the subject, but I can't see it myself pausing the vid every few frames. There is also supposedly a frame where a tree trunk is positioned in front of the girl by mistake. More detailed analysis can confirm or dispute this. If this video is a hoax then there has been no confession after over five years. The YouTube user has not uploaded any more vids on that channel since this one in 2009; you'd think he'd have another go at fooling people. Could this video possibly be real? It sounds ridiculous to suggest because it means that the girl was actually levitating above the ground which is supposedly impossible. Watching this enhanced version of the video, we can see that the girl is held in position very securely; she is not swinging around, as she would on a wire, see: She also kicks her legs slightly and rolls in the air around a fulcrum which is roughly on her midriff. She's at an angle, lying obliquely in the air and not upright. Could she be wearing some kind of clothing that allows her to defy gravity? A waistcoat beneath her winter jacket perhaps made of the same lifting material as Viktor Grebennikov's platform, see: Russia is a huge country and people in remote areas of its territory are initiates to many mysteries and secrets, including spiritual traditions virtually unknown in the outside world. The Ringing Cedars of Russia series are books worth reading for more insight into this subject, see: Levitation is a power often professed by people who have reached high levels of spiritual practice; in Tibet, India and other places holy men are said to have been able to overcome even gravity through meditation. There may be a clue in what the man says; unfortunately I can't speak Russian, but if any HPANWO-readers can, could they translate him for me? Either way this is an old case which I've only just heard about, but it seems to have risen and fallen without making a long-term ripple. I still think it deserves to be reopened just in case more information comes to light.

Saturday 14 June 2014

ANYTHING to Save the Planet!

I often get accused of scaremongering when I voice my concerns that the authorities are carrying out secret geoengineering projects and are plotting to "reduce the human population". The question naysayers always ask is: "Come on, Ben! How could they possibly persuade enough people to collaborate with something so terrible?" That's a good question, who on Earth would be willing to do something as horrendous as killing over three quarters of the people in the world and turning our home planet into a genetically modified monster? The answer might be found in this chilling lecture by Dr Mayer Hillman, see: Dr Hillman is deeply concerned by the threat that's posed, as he believes it, by climate change caused through man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, or Carbon™ as it has recently been rebranded. Dr Hillman sees himself as a lone voice crying in the wilderness; a Cassandra who can see doom on the horizon, yet the decadent masses keep ignoring him and demanding that the Government and corporations maintain their fundamental rights of bountiful access to gas-guzzling turbo-charged SUV's and foreign holidays in the sun. There's a strong reek of misanthropy in this event, in Dr Hillman's lecture especially. His "young apprentice... heh heh heh!", Dr Rupert Head of the UK Green Party, is calmer and more subtle in his delivery, and he takes a less overtly alarmist tone, but the actual content of his own lecture is very similar, see: Both these lectures were part of an event at Conway Hall in London, organized by the Centre for Inquiry UK and the British Humanist Association, see: These are both major affiliated international Skeptic and atheo-Skeptic organizations which I've had several dealings with in the past, for example see:

The mistake the naysayers make is that they assume that my point depends on the perpetrators being pure evil, the kind of people who would actually want to slaughter the mass of humanity and alter the Earth atmosphere until it's an unholy toxic mixture; simply for the hell of it, because they enjoy it, because they're so "EEEEEEEvil!". No; I think that the majority of people who would be involved in this hypothetical scheme are very different. Listening to Dr Hillman speak, the overwhelming impression I pick up from him is one of desperation. He sees the current state of the world as a perfect storm of environmental destruction and human apathy; he may not be one of those recruited into covert geoengineering projects and the depopulation agenda, but if he is not then he is still the kind of person who would be approached. If this agenda is real, then those involved will be told what they need to know. The pilots flying the chemtrail planes don't need to know what they're spraying, just like those who mix the chemicals in the factory don't need to know that their concoctions are intended to be sprayed from aircraft. Those at the top who do know everything don't have to be nasty people; they just have to be desperate. They need to be people willing to carry out horrific acts of destruction because they see it as the only option to prevent the Earth dying. Sure, not everybody agrees that human Carbon™ emissions are the cause of climate change; I certainly don't, but that doesn't matter so long as those involved in the agenda do agree with it. There are several institutions with educational courses in geoengineering... only theoretical of course... supposedly... like the Oxford Martin School, see: I suspect that agents will have infiltrated the Oxford Martin School and may have been sitting in the audience at this Conway Hall event, keeping a close eye out for talent. I can picture them sideling up to Dr Hillman at the end of his lecture and having a "quick word". Dr Hillman's reaction at first may be disgust: "No! This is mass murder! It's multiple genocide! I will have no part in it!"... But the agent will persevere: "Come on, Mayer! You know this has to be done! It's not something any of us would wish for, but imagine how much worse it will be if we do not do it!... So, can we count on your support?..." The real reason for geoengineering and depopulation has nothing at all to do with saving the planet, quite the opposite. As I explain in the links below, the whole Carbon™-peak-oil-overpopulation thing is a myth, these people are fighting a phoney war. Even those briefed into the truth about depopulation etc will not all be told this: The real motive for everything is to build a new form of authoritarian world government. And indeed, Drs Hillman and Read both declare openly in their speeches that moves towards post-democracy will be essential if any real progress is to be made. Read is very tactful and talks about appointing benevolent "guardians" to supervise all government environmental policy. Hillman is far more candid; he says that the controversial United Nations Personal Carbon™ Allowances must be implemented "...or we're doomed!" He advocates draconian global regulation of transport for holidays, business and trade. His ideas for the transformation of all sectors of the economy, geared towards organizing it in light of its use of fossil fuels and "environmental impact" resemble communism. He proposes food rationing on the model used during World War II and states (slightly paraphrased): "the democratic process is not sacrosanct... The majority view in the developed world is that people are not prepared to make the lifetstyle choices for the dramatic Carbon™ reductions necessary and their democratic leaders do nothing except pander to their whims to get elected... Do we subscribe to the democratic approach to decision making which has so far failed? Or, in this instance, as I would argue, it has to be set aside. Whether the public like it or not, these changes have to be made!... If these changes are not made, we will assuredly hand over a dying planet to succeeding generations". Along with this new Big Brother-style dictatorship will be fewer people and the use of electronic advancement and biotechnology to create a new world, a more controllable world, a New World Order.

Friday 13 June 2014

Operation Tabarin

A new book has just been published called Operation Tabarin by Stephen Haddelsey with Alan Carroll (The History Press 2014), and it reveals a previously untold story about a mission in 1944 to establish a British military presence in parts of Antarctica. It was very similar in nature to Operation Highjump which took place three years later, except Tabarin was far more low-key. Only two small ships were involved with a core crew of fourteen Royal Navy sailors. One of them was George James who is interviewed in The Daily Telegraph article at the bottom. He describes his life in the bitter cold and isolation of the south polar region. The ships sailed along the coast of Antarctica, setting up scientific bases on the islands and coves that lined the Graham Land Peninsular on the western area of the continent, south of Argentina. The crew were attacked by leopard seals which are fierce predators and even the penguins could be quite aggressive when they outnumbered the humans so much. At one point Mr James ate foul-tasting penguin egg omelettes. They encountered an Argentine base where half the men there had died of starvation; it's a brutal environment where humans are not meant to be, and he was very pleased to return to his native Cardiff where still he still lives today. The book is well-designed and has a foreword by none other than HRH Princess Anne, daughter of her Reptileness the Queen. It is furthermore described by the explorer Sir Ranulph Fienness as "a truly remarkable story". What's more it is praised by Lieutenant Ian Graham, the skipper of HMS William Scoresby, one of Tabarin's ships. After the war Tabarin gradually became semi-demilitarized and morphed directly into the British Antarctic Survey.

The UK Government has never made a formal statement about why Operation Tabarin took place and the question has been left to historians to speculate. George James was never briefed into the mission's purpose. It is usually considered a strategic action related to World War II, which was in full spate at the time. Germany was using some of the Antarctic islands as fuelling stations for its U-boats and other ships. Conflict between Germany and other powers over the Nazi seizure of New Swabia in Queen Maud Land had broken out before World War II. There was also concern that Japan would try to annex the Falkland Islands as a base, to enter the Atlantic and the rest of the western hemisphere, or to give them to Argentina; an officially neutral country, but nonetheless very sympathetic to Hitler's Germany. It was even suggested that the whole thing was just a disinformation exercise. The Allies had a top secret information source from breaking the German Enigma code at Bletchley Park. They knew about the Nazi bases and ships in the Southern Ocean from Enigma, but in order not to tip the Germans off, they had to make it look as if the information had been obtained via more conventional methods, purely for appearance's sake. It has also been suggested that Operation Tabarin might have been decided upon because the Foreign Office was concerned by American post-war objectives; this materialized with overwhelming grandiosity in 1946 when Operation Highjump sent a huge fleet of ships into Antarctic waters in order to... well who knows? The theme of Haddelsey's book is that Operation Tabarin, rather than being related to World War II, was instead effectively the first shot in the Falklands War of 1982. Its purpose was to assert British territorial claims to the south polar region and head off Argentina's ambitions to do so. Argentina had placed a base and flown its flag on Deception Island off the coast of Graham Land already, just like they did much later. Indeed, this clash once more came to a head thirty-eight years later when Argentina invaded and occupied the Falklands before being unseated shortly afterwards by a British taskforce. As with Tabarin, the real motives for the Falklands Conflict, on both sides, remain nebulous, and official pronouncements ring of insincerity and deception, see: Another element we must consider comes from the possibility that British military involvement activity in Antarctica did not end with World War II. There are stories of another expedition that took place in 1947-8. This led to an armed confrontation with the remnants of Nazi Germany and I've even met a man who claims to have fought in that war, see: A similar report has been uncovered by James Robert about "Britain's secret war in Antarctica", see: Why did all this happen? Was it to finish off the Nazi's and capture or kill Adolf Hitler? Or is even that a cover story for something else? Something involving extraterrestrials and the notorious "Black Goo"? I state this as a possibility in all seriousness; my friend David Griffin has researched this area thoroughly, see: At the moment it's hard to say, but I think this topic is worth uncovering because the people of the world have a right to know; not least George James and Ian Graham, members of the Operation Tabarin crews who are now very old. I hope they live to see the day when the truth is revealed.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Anti-Homeless Spikes

When you enter a railway station, shopping centre or other large indoor space, you'll often find that all the horizontal surfaces above the ground are covered with short spikes. This is to discourage pigeons and other birds from entering the space by giving them no place to perch. Somebody has decided to apply the same principle to the homeless. A couple of areas where people regularly sleep rough have had the ground covered by rows of spikes to make lying down there too uncomfortable. The first appeared in the doorway of a block of luxury apartments in London, but others have been installed under flyovers and on low window ledges. This has caused a media scandal, see: The subtext is that homeless people are to be treated as a pest like pigeons. They have no place in society; they are even no longer human. I find it ironic that in his book Down and Out in Paris and London George Orwell reveals that the nickname for a homeless hostel in the 1920's was a "spike", see: With increasing poverty more and more people are losing their homes and are forced to sleep outdoors and these spikes are effectively punishing them for that. This is not the first time this kind of thing has been done. There's a park in Oxford near a place called Manzil Way which used to be a gathering place for homeless people, but then the council put in new benches specially designed not to be comfortable to sit on for too long. So the homeless moved elsewhere. Naturally Katie Hopkins supports the spikes... or says she does, see: (I've written about Katie Hopkins before, see: The more I listen to her odious tirades the more I question her sincerity. I wonder if she's acting out a role cast for her by the media, or perhaps she's just stirring up controversy for its own sake; Christopher Hitchens without the brains!) I sometimes read The Big Issue and talk to the vendors about life on the streets. One man told me that he hates begging and wished he didn't have to do it. He says it's nice when people give him a few coins, but it's almost as nice when the decline politely. What really hurts is when they just walk past him without even looking at him, acting as if he's not there. It's dehumanizing, just like those spikes. So always reply to a beggar when they approach you, even if it's just to say "no". 

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Driverless Cars

Cars which can drive themselves have long been a feature of science fiction; in fact the concept goes back virtually to the invention of the motor car. However the practical obstacles, as well as health and safety concerns, means that it is only in recent years that anything close to practical designs have emerged. One of the first licensed to take to the public roads is the Google Car and it has just been launched, see: You might think this is to be expected because driving is so easy for a human to learn; and of course aircraft and ships have been fitted with automatic controls for many decades now. However automating a car is far more difficult; it requires very sophisticated electronics to safely and effectively reproduce the cognitive processes involved in driving. There are two basic models for the introduction of driverless cars. The first is slightly easier technologically, but far harder in terms of organization, this would be where an entire highway is converted, in a single phase, from a regular road into a system solely for automated transport. The individual vehicles would all be controlled by a single database and each one would be logged into an overarching traffic control grid. Some railways are operated like this, not just driverless ones like the Docklands Light Railway, see: On such a network all the traffic would have to be automated and the vehicles' occupants would not have the option of manually controlling their charges if they wanted to. The second model is to leave the roads as they are and instead build cars that are individually capable of everything a human driver can do. In this case there would be no supervising database at all, just normal roads which could be navigated autonomously by these mechanical roadsters. In this case vehicle users could choose whether they wished to use the automated control or not, and could switch to manual control and drive themselves if they preferred. There could also be a dual system whereby the driver could hand over some of the driving to the computer and manage the rest himself. In a way this kind of function can already be found in existing cars with cruise control, auto-stability and lane keeping. A more sophisticated version could be the driver, who might want to rest his feet, opting to handle the steering while the automated system adjusts the accelerator and brakes.

The advantages of automated cars are obvious. Computers react faster than humans and so would be far better at emergency stops and avoiding collisions; there would be fewer road traffic accidents and therefore less death and injury, as well as lower insurance costs. Traffic could be managed far better and congestion reduced, especially with the first model of automation. Also with the first model, you could have far higher speed limits and smaller stopping-distance gaps between moving vehicles; this is a far more efficient use of the roads. Cars on a motorway could drive along at a hundred miles per hour with no more space needed between their bumpers than that between the carriages of a train. Many car travellers might enjoy being excused the chores of driving and navigation; they could relax and play a game, like the people in the illustration at the top, or even go to sleep. There would no longer be the need for qualifications; children and blind people could drive them. Also you could get as drunk as you like down the pub and still drive home without any additional danger at all, short of falling over while stepping out onto the pavement. In urban locations you wouldn't need to hunt for parking places any more; you could get your car to drop you off and then drive home and come back later; or cruise round the block until you need it again, at which point you could summon it using a radio signal. You could even go shopping while the car takes itself off to the garage for its MOT.
However there is a dark side to this driverless cars stuff that my conspira-dar has detected. Would you want to forfeit control of your personal transport to a machine? What about the civil liberties angle? This would become especially relevant with the first model; or if a time comes with the second model when automation is so common that the safety and efficiency disadvantages of manual driving are emphasized to a point where there are calls for it to be legally restricted. Jeremy Clarkson will be hopping mad! This situation has been envisaged by Arthur C Clarke in his book Profiles of the Future (Victor Gollancz 1961). A lot of people are concerned that government intelligence agencies can track your movements by the sat-nav in your car, this is true; but with automation they could do a great deal more than just track you, they could take over the controls! Your car would become a vehicle that you only enjoyed conditional dominion over. In its mildest form it could, for instance, mean that visitors to Nevada could no longer travel down the Groom Lake Road to the border of Area 51 because the database would "lock" it to any unauthorized road transport. There's a direct parallel here with digital TV. Digital TV was promoted as something wonderful, and in many ways it is. It allows more TV programmes and channels with far better quality sound and vision, but the downside is the fact that it gives the broadcaster more control over what individual TV set owners can watch, see: In a similar way this is the catch when it comes to automatic cars, not to mention the loss of jobs and the destruction of professions like bus and lorry driving; also the hazards associated with the automatic driving appliances and databases breaking down. This could paralyze an entire transport network and cause chaos which would be very difficult to repair. It could also result in crashes that could kill and maim many passengers. In an ideal world, naturally the automatic car would be a wonderful piece of technology for the reasons I state, but the world we live in is not ideal; it is controlled by forces of authority that have selfish and malevolent intentions. We therefore need to think twice before we agree to automated cars.

Monday 9 June 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 12

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Tommy Woodgate, see:

I appear twenty-two minutes into the programme. Subjects discussed include: Aleister Crowley and his link to British intelligence, the occult in politics, happiness in materialism and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Sunday 8 June 2014

Fracking Loophole

There is currently a legal loophole against the fracking agenda in place in the UK at the moment, and the Cameron Government is, predictably trying to find a way to close it. Therefore we, the people, must take action before he does. Go to this website:, and enter your postcode; if your address lies on land currently earmarked for shale gas extraction then you have the right to refuse. The law currently states that you have jurisdiction over the subterranean world beneath your property "until the rock turns to liquid", in practical terms that's as good as saying you own it right through to the Earth's core. However, do not delay! The door is closing fast as the Government attempt to bring in a "split-estate" law like they have in Australia which means the state owns everything below your property from a depth of six inches.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Illegal Immigrants and Proud

I do not believe that the media is completely controlled by people who want to manipulate our minds; I know not everybody agrees with me, but I maintain that it is true. If the media were completely controlled by a monolithic power-structure which dictates every single thing that comes out of it then it would have a counter-propositional side to it merely in order not to make the manipulation too obvious, but it would be very attenuated and insipid; for any seasoned eye this duplicity would be very transparent. The kinds of productions I talk about in this article could never happen, see:, Some programmes are good, some are truly magnificent. Some are bad, some are very bad... and there are some, like the one I'm going to review now, that make me think that a brick not used to smash the TV screen while it is on is a brick wasted on the pointless task of building.
Illegal Immigrants and Proud can be watched online here. This link will only be live for a limited period of time. If a more permanent one becomes available, I'll edit this article and insert it:

There is obviously an entire ...and Proud series, clearly made for Channel 5 the same production team. This is the third. See here for my reviews of Gypsies on Benefits and Proud:, and On Benefits and Proud: The programme opens with a profile of Daljit Singh, known as "Bobby", an illegal immigrant from India who has been in the country almost twenty years, accompanied by a score of sitar music. The narrator wastes no time getting down to revealing how Bobby has been in jail four times, costing Mr and Mrs Taxpayer £50,000, and that he likes it in jail because the food and services are so luxurious, although he likes to get released so he can watch EastEnders. He has no home and sleeps under some bushes in a cemetery when he's not in prison. He spends his working day stealing, shoplifting and selling his booty on for drugs; the camera gives us a close-up of his smart, expensive trainers. Ironically he now wants to return to India, but can't because he has ditched his original passport; however he can't function in the UK without complete identity and so lives in Limbo, an Orwellian unperson. He got some jobs with a new fake passport for a while; it was only health problems which stopped him working. However he obtained NHS treatment by lying about his status, at huge cost to the taxpayer, naturally. He has had hip replacements in an NHS hospital, even though he's only thirty-four, and a skin graft. Most illegal immigrants in Britain come from a holding area in Calais, France, a huge favella of lean-to tents full of people from all over the Third World waiting for an opportunity to stowaway on the many cross-Channel ships heading for England. One of them, Dawood from Afghanistan, gives the cameraman a tour of the camp. Like Peter from Gypsies, I suspect from his cadence that he can speak better English than he does in the programme and has been coached to sound "all foreign like!". All he wants to do is get to the UK so he can get his hair styled and have some fish and chips. The method they often use is to secrete themselves aboard lorries bound for car ferries. This can involve dangerous actions, like climbing onto the vehicle's axle; many have been killed in accidents. If the stowaway is caught then the driver is always apportioned 100% of the blame, regardless of the circumstances, and is given an on-the-spot £2000 per-person fine. One driver says he thinks illegal immigrants when caught at sea should simply be thrown overboard. His lorry has to go through a myriad of customs checks, including heartbeat scanners, but this is still not enough to stop them. In fact two of the programme's contributors from the camp made it to the UK by these means. Saima, a Syrian woman, is a former assistant to a solicitor who was running a human trafficking business. She was treated badly at work by an office manager, a Mr Ali, who is now in jail for employing illegal immigrants. She got the job on false papers and her boss threatened to report her if she didn't "work like a slave" for almost no pay. The narrator optimistically points out that there are "new laws" in place to stop people like Mr Ali. Saima has now claimed political asylum through official channels; this means she will, of course, receive full benefits. She believes she deserves this because she had "dreams"; she was a law student who wanted to become a barrister on the Queen's Council. Like Saima, some illegal immigrants start off as legal and then outstay their visas, "overstayers" as they're called. These include some from non-Third World countries like Harley Miller, and Australian psychotherapist who was previously married to an EU... not specifically British... resident. She was working in the NHS, but she lost her entitlement to work when her husband divorced her and her spinster's visa expired. Her employers, the Department of Health, face dire legal consequences if they pay anybody like her  a day over that expiration date.

I know what some viewers are thinking while they watch this: They'll be screaming for vengeance and in desperation: "Stop this!... Please!... DO something!... I don't care what it is! Put CCTV in toilets with cameras in the bowls staring up at my arse while I have a shit!... Just please do something... anything... to stop illegal immigration!" And this is exactly what the authorities want to hear. This is the very reason they coopt the media to produce programmes like this. I advise everybody look at what David Icke has written about Problem-Reaction-Solution, see: The problem is illegal immigration, the reaction is outrage... what's the solution? The clues are in the programme: more bureaucracy and official personal documentation; the database state and the need for constant ID checks to perform any function in society such as applying for a job, claiming benefits, gaining a tenancy on a house etc etc etc. The fingerprinting of children at school, the harvesting of DNA, maybe even the agenda to microchip everybody. We will need tighter border controls between the rich West and the impoverished Third World, what I call the New Iron Curtain, see: These moves will turn the entire Earth into a global concentration camp... but who cares? At least there'll be no foreign scroungers eh? This is why the UK Immigration Service is so inefficient. This is why the Border Agency are so incompetent in stopping illegal immigrants into this country. Some liberals will tell you that immigration is simply not a problem at all and we should therefore take no action at all to control it. This is not the opposite of the reaction; on the contrary, it lays out the very flowerbed in which the solution can be sown. I do not say that mass-immigration is not a genuine problem, just that the immigration frying pan can never be so bad that it warrants us jumping out of it into the fire of the New World Order. The real solution to the problem of mass immigration, a real problem, can only come from addressing the real cause. This means we must improve the quality of life in the Third World so that people won't want to leave their homelands; after all, who's going to come to England for the weather? Let nobody kid you into thinking that is not possible; it's actually very easy: Release Third World countries from their economic bondage through the cancellation of debt and land occupation. End all the manipulated wars over oil and other resources in these regions. That alone would probably do the trick, before we even begin delving into the more outlandish elements like the declassification of Free Energy, see:, and natural farming methods like ORMUS and Terra Preta, see: No progress can ever be made, and great harm will definitely be done, by anybody who acts on the disgraceful blatant, and yet also subtle, rhetoric of controlled media travesties like Illegal Immigrants and Proud.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Coxxer goes Nuclear

I've written several times now about Professor Brian Cox and the role he plays in the media, for example, see: Not surprisingly he is back on the television yet again. This time he was opening a new exhibition at the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria. The exhibition tells the story of the Sellafield nuclear facility nearby, see: (Thanks to my friend and fellow researcher Heidi King for bringing this to my attention). Since the late 1940's it has been used to reprocess nuclear materials for weapons, also fuels for nuclear power-plants. In 1957 there was a major fire which resulted in a leak of radioactive gas into the surrounding environment.

Nuclear power is extremely controversial for several reasons, especially the dangers of accidents like the one in the Windscale pile at Sellafield. Others have been even worse like Chernobyl, the K-219 submarine disaster and Fukushima. Even without adverse incidents, the nuclear process inevitably produces toxic waste that can poison the environment and cannot be effectively disposed of. It can only be stored in a place where it can never escape... hopefully. It also has to be carefully guarded for security reasons in case somebody tries to steal it and make an illicit nuclear or radioactive bomb. As a result governments and the nuclear power industry have employed a huge propaganda machine to persuade the public to agree to their proposals. They'll use all kinds of carrot-and-stick inducements like the dangers of fossil fuel dependency in terms of climate change and peak oil. I question both those risks, but the important point is that the wider propaganda campaign has insured that most people do not. The nuclear power lobby also claim that nuclear energy will create jobs and they'll visit unemployment-ravaged towns and cities neighbouring proposed sites for nuclear facilities to try and tempt the residents into their camp. The British Government is currently pushing for more nuclear power-plants and more waste storage sites across the whole country, therefore events like this one in Cumbria are not just about casual historical interest; they are highly politicized. Watching Baroness Verma strolling round side by side with Cox confirms it. Prof. Cox is being used once again as a tool of rhetoric; the smiling photogenic "rock star physicist" is promoting nuclear power simply by turning up, let alone giving an opinion. What he says in his video interview on the above news page is purely parroting the flannel the nuclear lobby always delivers. Does Cox believe in it himself? I don't know; and it doesn't matter so much as that many people will hang onto his words either way, especially the youth for whom he is a heroic pop scientist. People will assume he's an expert on nuclear power because of his education and his status as a scientific spokesman. In truth his own speciality is in theoretical particle physics; he's not a nuclear engineer. I'm glad there was a protest outside. Of course Cox laughs at the notion of free energy, a subject I've discussed a lot, see: The whole charade over the question of nuclear power is totally academic and is what Richard D Hall calls a "phoney bone of contention". Maybe that's done deliberately to distract.

Monday 2 June 2014

Pentagon Zombie Plan

Some of you will have seen the live lecture I delivered last year on the terrifying possibility of real zombies in this world. If not, watch it for background:
There has been another update on this situation, it has just been featured on Mindset Daily by my colleague Joe Dunn, see: The US Department of Defence has joined the CDC and Bristol City Council in drawing up a contingency plan on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. The document that has been obtained by news agencies is not classified and freely available in the public domain. This thirty-one page pamphlet has been given the catchy title of CDRUSSTRATCOM CONPLAN 8888-11 Counter Zombie Dominance Operations (U) and is dated the 30th of April 2011. There is a disclaimer in the opening which states that the reason such a "completely-impossible" (sic) scenario was chosen was in case the general public saw a more feasible fictional training plan and thought that it was real. Based on the other evidence I've been studying, see the background link above, I dispute that; it could well be a double-bluff. The document may be unclassified, but there will be those involved who will know the disclaimer is false, while others who are uninitiated into the document's true mission interpret it literally. The stated purpose of the plan is to preserve "non-zombie human lives", to establish a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting human lives from zombies; there will be established a hierarchy of "zombie conditions"- ZOMBIECONS or Z-CONS, so that troops will find it easier by operating under a system of predetermined standing orders depending on the condition set. Another purpose is, if necessary, to conduct military operations to eradicate zombie threats to human safety; according to the instructions of the President or Secretary of Defence. A secondary objective is to aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order, and also preserve the public services infrastructure during a zombie pandemic and in its aftermath. The document also categorizes different kinds of zombies, and this is where it gets really strange. "Pathogenic Zombies" are those created by a disease of some kind, "Radiation Zombies" are people who become zombies when exposed to electromagnetic or particle radiation, "Evil Magic Zombies" are the more traditional kind, engendered by malign supernatural phenomena, and "Space Zombies" are aliens which resemble zombies. All the above exist in current fiction and mythology, but this pamphlet branches out into completely original areas; unbelievably there are "Vegetarian Zombies", zombies which only eat plants; and they therefore pose no direct threat to human life, but can be a hazard if enough of them exist to consume farm produce, like a plague of locusts. The most grotesque category of all are "Chicken Zombies", undead barnyard poultry which become reanimated after being gassed. The document goes on to explain the legal implications of killing zombies because the law must officially denote them as non-human before military operations can be taken against them. After all, in the film Night of the Living Dead one of the characters is shot dead by another who mistakes him for a zombie.

As with the other scenarioes I address in the background link, this document contains many elaborate details that are exclusive to a theorized zombie pandemic situation and it's hard to see how their contingencies could be adapted to any other eventuality, or whose skills emerging out of the training could be applied elsewhere. Alternatively, the entire document could work on a completely higher coded level of information; this is a concept I detail in my lecture. Either way, it's extremely worrying. I think we've come across a governmental plan related directly to the CDC and Bristol ones; the disclaimer might therefore just camouflage. Some Skeptics, like the radio show host Rebecca Watson, claim that the document is indeed coded, but coded because the enemy in this case, signified as the zombies, refers to a current ally, maybe Canada, see: Military strategists do create contingency scenarioes based on very radical transformations of the political order, including friends becoming foes and vice versa; fair enough I suppose, seeing as this has happened a lot in history. In which case coding would be necessary not to cause a diplomatic scandal in the real world. However the Department of Defence already uses code for such fictional training packages; the word "orange" is a common tag (Clancy 1996), but it may refer to a nation which is currently not hostile to the USA, or ever has been. This story has been treated as a novelty by the media, but I think it should be taken seriously and we should be concerned. We now have multiple political and social institutions in at least two countries that are publishing official literature featuring zombies in a very ambiguous and only a mildly tongue-in-cheek way. Combined with this is a raising of the profile of zombies in the fictional media and the relocation of the National Bio and Agro Defence Facility from Plum Island, New York to Manhattan, Kansas, see: I apologize if I've frightened anybody with this news story, but when the facts are considered I think you ought to be much more scared if people in the conspiratorial community were not talking about it.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the MAD Show

I have been interviewed by Martin Beard on his MAD- Mass Action Demand show, see:
Subjects discussed include: Chemtrails, zombie viruses, cultural Marxism, school fingerprinting and much much more.