Sunday 29 March 2015

Why’s it called HPANWO?

I’ve had an interesting letter from a regular HPANWO-reader whom I also know from talking to him on an internet forum. He appreciates my contribution very much and reassured me that he was not being derogatory, but he asks something that many other people have over the past few years: “Why have you set up a group called ‘Hospital Porters Against the New World Order’?” People make the point that it’s not really a group at all, it’s just a name for what I do on the internet. That’s true and I’ve never pretended otherwise. My correspondent, I’ll call him “Jerry”, has been discussing this with a friend of his and they had found themselves unable to grasp why I had chosen the acronym HPANWO, partly because it’s misleading; it suggests there are a large number of hospital porters involved. In fact there’s just me, however a few of my Brother and Sister Porters at the John Radcliffe are open-minded to the subjects I discuss and I’ve been contacted by porters in other hospitals who are on my wavelength. Another problem Jerry’s friend had was that I’m “doing myself an injustice”. He put himself in the position of somebody new to the Truth movement and thought they might see the HPANWO brand as a fantasy dreamed up by somebody with “delusions of grandeur”. He fears this could be used to discredit my work, after all the media has trained the general public to react to anything to put on the laughter cue card. I replied thus (notes in parentheses are not in my letter):

Hi Jerry.
Thanks for writing; it's good to put a real name to a username.
Several people have made this comment to me, in fact Tony Topping does in my recent HPANWO Radio interview, see: The origins of the name Hospital Porters Against the New World Order were inspired by a man in America called Jack McLamb who set up a group called "Police and Military Against the New World Order" (McLamb was instrumental in resolving the Ruby Ridge incident; without his negotiating skills the whole Weaver family might have been slaughtered). I thought, if the police and military can have an organization against the NWO, why can’t hospital porters? I was very proud to be a hospital porter and considered myself an essential member of a life-saving team doing one of the most important jobs in the world. There were many who resented my feelings, in the hospital and outside it (I sometimes think we’re not meant to enjoy our jobs or be proud of them. I know people who feel guilty because they like their jobs and those who feel envious of others who do. It’s as if a job, by definition, has to be something you hate doing, a punishment for some kind of inherent crime of being. See here for more details on the hospital portering situation: Of course my feelings were based on something that was factually correct; it is conformism alone that says hospital porters are not allowed to be proud. It's strange and disappointing that this conformism extends into the Truth movement as well. After all Gary Heseltine has an organization called PRUFOS- Police Reporting UFO Sightings, and I don't recall anybody having trouble grasping that. Nobody has ever suggested Gary is doing himself an injustice or having delusions of grandeur. For that matter, nobody ever criticized Jack McLamb for the name of his group either.
I think being in the Truth movement means standing up to all kinds of pathological authoritarianism, including psychological and cultural conformism, (I’m very much inspired by Robert Anton Wilson here, and his philosophy of discordianism) and that is one of the reasons I call HPANWO what it is; and I don't wish to change it. No matter what we do, the elite will find something to put on the laughter cue card; we saw this with the recent Channel 4 UFO programme I wrote about on the forum... a programme which I refused to have anything to do with (See here for more details: Plum Pictures have returned The Great UFO Conspiracy to 4OD and my face is obliterated on the updated cut).
 I'm glad you appreciate my contribution, Jerry, and I hope I've explained myself to your satisfaction. Please pass on my comments to your mate and I hope he will understand too.
Kind regards

Friday 27 March 2015

Universal Credit

The David Cameron UK Government plc are reforming the welfare state in a manner that it has never seen before in its entire seventy year history. The various benefits systems by various organizations will be consolidated into a single scheme of means testing and payment called Universal Credit. This will be operated under the Department of Work and Pensions. Its supporters claim that UC will be simpler and fairer and remove the common situation in which people have to remain unemployed because they will lose money by getting a job through its resulting benefit cuts. It’s even been compared to Basic Income, very erroneously. Basic Income involves no means testing at all and everybody gets paid the same rate regardless of their circumstances, see: Because the system is so revolutionary it’s taking a long time to implement it, in fact the government estimate that the process won’t be complete until at least 2018. All the offices that currently issue housing benefit, working tax credit, child benefit and several others which are organized separately and locally, will be closed down and the Job Centre Plus will deal with everything. This means that everybody in the country who currently receives benefits will need to start from scratch. They’ll have to apply as a new claimant, and for the first time ever all people will have to register online. They’ll have to undergo “one or more” interviews at the Job Centre in order to assess their claim and they might find they’re in a very different situation as they were under the old system. The biggest difference between UC and the old system is that for the first time unemployed claimants will be not be separated from employed claimants. At the moment anybody who is unemployed has to attend the Job Centre at regular intervals and prove they are proactively looking for work in order to claim Income Support and Jobseekers’ Allowance. They often have to undergo “work experience placements”; and I’ve written about that before a lot, see:

On the other hand, employed people who claim benefits are generally left alone; I myself used to get Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Child Tax Credit. To apply for these all I had to do was take a handful of my payslips to the local government offices and fill out a form. Once I’d done that I received the payments for a whole year and there were no other conditions except that I had to sign and return a status update form annually. If Universal Credit had been introduced back then my experience would have been very different. I would have had to visit the Job Centre and be assessed in the very same way unemployed people are, even though I was employed full time in the Hospital Portering Service. If my income were too low because of a generally low rate of pay or that I wasn’t working enough hours I might be told to look for another job otherwise my UC would be “sanctioned”. It makes no difference if this were through no fault of my own. To be realistic, as a porter on full time hours anyway it wouldn’t have been a problem for me because I had a contract for thirty-seven hours a week on a top increment NHS Band 1 hourly rate which is several pounds above the minimum wage. How many people are lucky enough to enjoy conditions like that nowadays? Today millions of people work for the minimum wage on zero-hour contracts; this means that they’re paid as little as possible and their employer can give them as little work as they like. Many hundreds of thousands of people don’t even have a proper job and work for employment agencies which shuffles them from one temporary post to another. This situation would have been unthinkable twenty years ago yet today nobody thinks twice about it. Somebody in those circumstances would have to be a regular visitor at the Job Centre and could have their UC sanctioned in the same way an unemployed person could. They will be subjected to the same “robust interviews” as the unemployed. Those fortunate few on proper contracts might be forced to quit jobs they love for ones they hate just to keep their UC payments coming. Also the employment service in this country is riven with corruption and millions more will be exposed to that; I’ve talked about this issue many times, for example see: The UC system will result in vast increase in state surveillance; people will have their privacy constantly invaded and every aspect of their lives will be scrutinized by official snoopers. The method to achieve this is already planned in the “Universal Jobmatch” system, see: There’s no doubt claimants will be asked to produce ID and as time goes on the system will solidify into a fully-fledged database state, probably involving electronic ID, fingerprinting and even microchip implants, see: Sadly there’s a lot of public support for this new system because of the “lazy scroungers” mythology that has always been promoted since the dawn of the welfare state. In recent years this kind of propaganda has got a lot worse. As Universal Credit began its long roll out, multiple programmes appeared on TV smearing people on benefits, for example see: I don’t think that’s a coincidence. The ultimate objective is to introduce a system of total resource-based economic control, a very extreme form of communism. A day will come when people will be born and have a tattoo branded on them that dictates what jobs they do, how much food and water they are allowed and how many carbon credits they’re entitled to; and even how long they’ll be allowed to live… unless we put a stop to it.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Islamification in Asda?

An article was released onto the internet on March the fourth reporting that one of Britain's largest supermarket chains was planning to withdraw alcoholic beverages from sale in some of its stores. This move effects thirteen Asda shops nationwide and is being done at branches in areas with a high Muslim population. These Asda branches are also no longer stocking other non-intoxicating alcohol-based items like aftershave and deodourants. These shops' butchers departments and delicatessens are stopping the sale of pork, bacon, ham, lard or any other product containing ingredients derived from pigs. The call for this policy was initiated by the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Shariah Courts of Britain, and they welcomed this new practice by Asda, see: (Thanks to a Facebook friend for bringing this to my attention). The source page looks like a news story and it is intended to; the website is called BRITISH NEWS / BFNN. However, not a single word of the story is true. None of the names mentioned are real people. Although there is of course a real Asda supermarket and a real Muslim Council of Britain, there is no such organization as the "Islamic Shariah Courts of Britain". This is explained by a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. BRITISH NEWS / BFNN is actually a satirical hoax site. Some it is very funny; there are other posts entitled: Islamic State to open up Embassy in London, Cameron set to Return Falklands to Argentina by 2017 and Jeremy Clarkson said Foreign Cabs "Smell like Sick". These are clearly parodies of the jingoistic and factually precarious stories that sometimes emerge in the popular press. The intention of the website authors seems to be a desire to pull a "Carlos" style hoax on people, similar to this one: This particular prank was so successful that BRITISH NEWS / BFNN had to publish another separate disclaimer later on:; they claimed that millions of people, and even a UKIP branch, Tweeted and Facebooked the story without double-checking whether it was true or false, and even didn't read the article to the end and saw the original disclaimer.

It's very amusing when something like this happens and I myself have been occasionally caught out over photos of ghosts in family photographs or set-dressers walking across the moon landing TV footage. The objective of the BRITISH NEWS / BFNN story was to test the gullibility of the British public and the entire website contains no sources and multiple disclaimers. However, there may be more to this activity than harmless comedy. I'm not accusing the authors of of being motivated by anything other than a quest for mischievous fun, but there are hoaxers in this world with a graver and more sinister agenda, and might be unknowingly aiding them. The Tavistock Institute is the kind of organization that would be very interested in the outcome of this trick and would treat it as a social experiment, even if that was not the objective of the perpetrators. As I've said before many times, the powers-that-be want a civil war in the UK, and indeed all of Western Europe and they're generating the conditions for war by installing radical Wahhabist Islam into the West. They're also creating and running vanguard organizations on both sides, the Muslim extremists and the anti-Islamic nationalists. Their machinations include false flag terrorist attacks, see background links below. Are these psychological warfare operations working? If you put yourself in the position of those engaged in them (not pleasant I know), how could you find out? You would need to gauge the collective consciousness of the populace in terms of anger, suggestibility and malleability. This is how psychological operatives manage to work out the best times and places to play their cards, what city to carry out a false flag shooting or bombing, which racial and class category of people should be given what subliminal messages in TV programmes etc. What days would people respond best to an airliner hijack? Incidents like this Asda Muslim hoax provide a valuable insight and you can bet the Tavistock Institute, and outfits like it, have been studying it very carefully indeed.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

LHC may discover Parallel Universes

As I reported a few weeks ago, the Large Hadron Collider is to be restarted after a three-year refit. Later in the week, proton beams will begin circulating and in a couple of months they'll be at full speed and collision experiments will begin again, see the background link below for essential background. Scientists have long theorized the existence of parallel universes, dating back to physicist Hugh Everett, and in this new LHC experiment they hope to find evidence of them. There are anomalies in our own physical universe, such as dark energy and strange gravitational effects, that could be caused by interference from parallel universes. We will hopefully find the answer to these mysteries with the LHC, although in some months or a year or two's time, not "DAYS!" as this article claims: ...Or is something else going on? As I say in the background article, I'm concerned about the dangers associated with operating the LHC and there's reason to think that these dangers are not side-effects, but the actual objectives. The powers-that-be always drop hints about what they're doing, hence the statue and 666 symbol, see background link. Why? It might be for occult reasons related to karma. By telling us what they're doing they are given a tacit mandate by us which relieves them of accountability, in their belief system. It could also be simple vainglory; the Illuminati feel enormous contempt for ordinary people, they call us goyim- "cattle"; and they get pleasure out of toying with us. This subconscious sense of catastrophe has manifested in other ways. Ahead of this week's start up for "Run Two" the experimental dance troupe Symmetry did a show at CERN and a part of their routine was performed in the LHC. Believe it or not the dance is called Shiva! It couldn't be more blatant, see: A feature film has also been made at CERN. Decay is a zombie movie produced by the scientists there, see: It's a low-budget spoof and quite funny, but this is an odd and disquieting connection with what I've noticed going on in the world, and it reminds me of what I talk about here how zombies are being portrayed as real or semi-real, see:

What will happen when the Large Hadron Collider is powered up to full throttle and it begins collisions at however many giga or tera electron volts the it can do flat out? As I said in the background article, fiddling with the fundamental structure of the universe could have unpredictable and hazardous effects. It's like undermining the foundation of a house. The mini-black hole and strangelet risks are still a worry for me. Even the BBC has had to say something, see here (from the start to about 5 mins and from 49.11 to the end): However the menace posed by "Run Two" sees that and raises it. "Making contact" with a parallel universe could mean all kinds of things. What effect would it have on our own universe? Would it cause some kind of universal quantum wave collapse if alternative universes became physically connected to our own? Could something from "out there" get into "here" with cataclysmic consequences, as in the film The Mist, see: It could also effect the fabric of reality as we know it. Mophie, the American electronics firm have produced a very disturbing TV advert that premiered a few weeks ago during the Superbowl XLIX, a slot that guarantees massive viewing figures. The one-minute commercial shows a world in which all the normal laws of causality and physical consistency break down leading to a surreal apocalypse. At the end of the advert it is revealed that this happened because God did not use a Mophie battery so the inferior normal battery on his mobile phone ran down too quickly, see: Could this chilling vision have some basis in truth? I'm not sure, but I don't want to give you nightmares, dear HPANWO-reader. Like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I believe there are forces for good as well as evil at work in this world. I know there's no such thing as a messiah to sit around waiting for and that we humans are masters of our own destiny; it is up to we, ourselves to create a better world. Nevertheless, if there is some horrible atrocity awaiting us that is beyond our capability to prevent, and if somebody wants to step in and lend a hand, I will happily swallow my pride and accept. Indeed, could this by why the LHC suffered from mysterious technical problems a few years ago? Maybe it will again this time and we are never going to have to face the perils of dimensional haemorrhage. Then the Loomies will never have their Götterdammerung; and they will have to face total defeat.

Monday 23 March 2015

Oxford Martin School and Geoengineering

The Oxford Martin School occupies one of the most prime locations in the city. It can be found in the old Indian Institute building on the corner of Hollywell and Broad Street, right in what is known as "the Heart of Oxford", the area where many tourist photographs and postcards shots are taken. The Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Square and the Sheldonian Theatre can all be seen from its windows. How did an organization only established in 2005 end up sitting on such a pedestal of prestige? The answer is in their mission statement: "The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is a world-leading centre of pioneering research, debate and policy for a sustainable and inclusive future." See: Whenever you hear words like "sustainable" you know you're in trouble. It continues: "The great challenges of our time, such as rapid globalisation, population growth, emerging pandemics, or climate change share one feature. All refuse to sit neatly within traditional academic disciplines. This common factor makes these challenges difficult to grapple with, whether as individuals, businesses, or governments, and therefore for societies as a whole. Our response is the Oxford Martin School." So the spectres of climate change, population growth and pandemics rear their ugly heads; that is why this new organization has been given a place of such importance in the University not to mention a hundred million pounds per year, and that doesn't include what it might be getting from Oxford University's "black budget". As I perused their official website more Orwellian terminology leapt out at me: inclusive... women's issues... diversity... justice in society... equality... These words sound very cuddly and benign, but they actually translate as: "White, heterosexual males are EEEEEEEvil! We need more authoritarian state control to protect you from them!" It indicates that the Oxford Martin School is a cultural Marxist brainwashing centre. Their YouTube channel is called "21 School", which sounds very similar to Agenda 21.

Since the New Year they've been running series of lectures on climate change which were all recorded and uploaded to their "21 School" channel, for example:
Climate Change- Dealing with Uncertainty:
The ‘Perfect Storm revisited’- Food, Energy and Water security in the context of Climate Change:
Biodiversity and Climate Change- What happens when we turn up the Heat on Nature?
As I viewed this list of lectures it didn't take me long to pick up the undertone. It's the same subtext that I hear whenever George Monbiot or Mark Lynas speak: desperation! The dread and urgency is disguised behind academic poise and staid diplomacy, but it's there: "Something must be done or the Earth will die! Something extreme and drastic! The consequences don't matter, we have to do something or we're DOOOOOOMED!" Dr Mayer Hillman was far less oblique when he spoke at Conway Hall last year: He supported the controversial United Nations Personal Carbon™ Allowances and advocated draconian global regulation of transport for holidays, business and trade. He proposed ideas for the transformation of all sectors of the economy, geared towards organizing it in light of its use of fossil fuels and environmental impact, resembling communism. He proposed food rationing on the model used during World War II and stated: "The democratic process is not sacrosanct... The majority view in the developed world is that people are not prepared to make the lifetstyle choices for the dramatic Carbon™ reductions necessary and their democratic leaders do nothing except pander to their whims to get elected... Do we subscribe to the democratic approach to decision making which has so far failed? Or, in this instance, as I would argue, it has to be set aside. Whether the public like it or not, these changes have to be made!... If these changes are not made, we will assuredly hand over a dying planet to succeeding generations". See background links below. Dr Hillman has never spoken at the Oxford Martin School to my knowledge, but a lot of the points he makes are reiterated by those who have, albeit in a more implicit tone. What bothers me about this is that these climate change events are being held in one of the few institutions in the world that has an official course in geoengineering, see: This makes a sinister combination; the seminar series could be interpreted as a covert promotional scheme for geoengineering projects. Of course geoengineering operations are already going on in the form of chemtrails, but I have a feeling they may go official soon to make them easier to introduce; all they need to do is persuade the people that it's a good thing... or at least a necessary thing. Events like this climate change season at the Oxford Martin School may also be used for recruitment by "talent scouts" for people who are cold and ruthless enough, but also reckless enough; see background links for more details. I notice also that the Oxford Martin School has an interest in transhumanism, see: So I think that the Oxford Martin School is a highly suspicious organization and we should keep a close eye on the material they publish. We must be ready to counter them with our own publications in this information war. In fact I'll print out some flyers to hand out at the door before their next live event.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Sleep Paralysis and Shadow People

Last week I woke up naturally. I wasn't working early so had not set my alarm clock. However, as I emerged from my dreams and opened my eyes I found I couldn't move. My entire body was paralyzed except my eyes. I looked around myself and recognized my bedroom with morning light at the window filtered by the curtains. I struggled as I tried to move and wake up fully. It felt like trying to swim up though a pool of sticky mud. I popped awake with a jolt and sat up; I suddenly felt incredibly drowsy as if the force that had kept me asleep was trying to drag me back down into it again. This is something I experience regularly; it's alarming to go through. I once had it when I was visiting my girlfriend and was lying beside her in bed and she was awake. I called to her for help through my frozen lips and could hear my own voice; however when I finally did wake up she told me that I hadn't made a single sound. This happens to me about once a month, usually when I'm in a light sleep, in the early morning or when I'm napping. It's very common and known to doctors as "sleep paralysis". It's caused by the mechanisms in the body of sleep and wakefulness overlapping. There's a function in our brain which paralyses the skeletal muscles; this prevents us from physically moving in the way we do in our dreams; when this is not working people sleepwalk. Sometimes when we wake up, this paralysing mechanism continues to work when it shouldn't, leaving us wide awake but unable to move. For me this involves just a few minutes of discomfort every so often, but a few times this experience has taken on a sinister additional element. Last year I woke up to find myself in a state of paralysis as usual, but when I opened my eyes and looked around my familiar bedroom I saw that I was not alone. Standing beside my bed was a figure the size and shape of a tall man. It was dressed in a black hooded cowl that completely covered its head, yet it was turned towards me and I sensed that it was looking at me even though I couldn't see its face. Because my bedroom is quite small this being seemed to fill it up with its bulk. It resembled the ring-wraiths from JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, see: Obviously I felt an additional urgency in my struggle to escape sleep paralysis this time, and the moment I jerked awake properly the creature completely vanished. Since then I have encountered this shrouded ghoul on two other occasions. Every time it does the same thing, it just stands there are studies me; it never moves. What is it? The scientific view is simple; because I was only partly awake I was still dreaming and so my sensory input of the world outside became briefly blended with my inner landscape. I've been in this kind of state before without paralysis too; these are known as "hypnopompic experiences", see:

Sufferers of sleep paralysis can be found all over the world and descriptions of the experience date back through all of history. The painting The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli from 1781 is a depiction of sleep paralysis, see background links at the bottom. Oddly enough wherever you go in the world, no matter what culture the sufferer comes from, they often report the same entities in their encounters. One of the most common is the "shadow man", a humanoid that is completely featureless, just a black shape often appearing two dimensional, like a cardboard cut-out; sometimes it wears clothing and a prominent hat. Such creatures are sometimes seen by people in waking life, see: Another being that very regularly haunts people at night is called "the Night Hag". It resembles an elderly woman with a wizened and deformed face. It wears a ragged and dirty black dress and wears a broad-brimmed pointed hat. I find it interesting that the archetype of the Hag closely resembles the Hollywood depiction of a witch, as in The Wizard of Oz and Walt Disney cartoons etc. I really should consider myself lucky because the hooded figure that stands over my bed just looks at me and doesn't harm me, whereas other people report being violently assaulted by these creatures. The Hag in particular has a reputation for extreme cruelty. It will sit on a victim's chest and attempt to stop their breathing; it is said to be very heavy. It will try to strangulate its victim, beat them with its hands or even sexually abuse them, whether they're male and female. The Hag has been reported in places far afield as Fiji, Norway, Nigeria, England and Thailand; in my view this calls into question the official explanation, that these experiences are simply our dreams overlying our waking life, a creation of our imagination. If so then why do people from many different places across the world all encounter the same beings in these experiences? For the official hypothesis to be true then there has to be a physiological explanation, which means that the brains of all human beings are hardwired to create the same images in these circumstances, regardless of their race and culture. How? And Why? Until that question is answered nobody should be criticized for postulating that the sleep paralysis hallucinations might have some objective reality; for me this theory should be taken seriously out of common sense alone. Also it ties in with other areas of research into the world of the spiritual. What goes for sleep paralysis could also apply to other kinds of unusual mental effects, such as psychedelic drug trips, see: Sleep is an altered state of consciousness that we all experience every day. Our only memory of it comes from our dreams and phenomena like sleep paralysis, but it's like a visit to another world. Based on what I've learned, I think it's a world worth exploring. It's a world which may contain many horrors and dangers, see the background links below. However, within its borders lays the answer to something fundamental about who we are and the universe we live in.

Saturday 21 March 2015

Carla Buckle Raided

Last week I reported on how Carla Buckle had been summonsed back to court, see: On the 12th of March, the day before, her home was broken into by two men. They used a power tool and did considerable damage to her front door while forcing entry. They claimed to be bailiffs acting under the authority of a court enabling order, but when Carla asked to see the document they would not let her examine it closely. This was because it had no stamp or signature. Carla called the police and when they turned up the first thing she did was ask the officers if they were acting under their oath of office as constables: to enforce common law, to protect and serve the people, and to fight crime. It is not the duty of the police to aid and abet corporate extortion, see background links below for more details. The police responded that Carla and her friend who was there to help her were "talking jargon!" The bailiffs then informed Carla that they were carrying out a warrant sale on her belongings. This is where they said that they'd come back and confiscate some personal property to sell supposedly in order to make up the penalty fee. This is a ludicrous motive of course; second hand household goods are practically worthless. Warrant sales are nothing more than petty punishment. Sadly the two officers who attended betrayed their oath of office and guarded the two corporate burglars as they made off with some of Carla's belongings. As she herself said: "Agents of the matrix. Its time we hired these bailiffs to harrass the bankers, At least they would be guaranteed their money!" Carla filmed the drama as it unfolded, but when she posted the video on Facebook an argument broke out between different factions of the Truth movement, yet again. In this case it was some people involved in the subject who disputed Carla's case. It makes me sad that casual bickering always accompanies the genuinely important issues, see: Carla will shortly be a guest on the HPANWO Show on HPANWO Radio where we will discuss more details and hopefully give you an update on the situation. See links column.

Friday 20 March 2015

Astrology and the Eclipse

I think I might find out a bit more about astrology. Astrology something I've never really thought much about although I know many people who have, and even practice it. I'm certainly not a positive Skeptic of it at all. An astrology column can be found in every tabloid newspaper; however I'm sure most people know that that is not real astrology and that all seven million Britons born under the sign of Capricorn are not expected to watch their step when dealing with a situation involving transport or a pet cat... or they might not be "...celebrating too!" Astrology dates back the earliest known records of civilization and was practiced alongside astronomy; however in ancient times the attitude towards it was very different. Both astrology and astronomy are words that derive from the Greek asteri meaning "Star", yet their meanings are totally different in English. This says something profound about our modern culture, this division between exact scientific study and mystical belief. Some would even argue that you can be an astronomer or and astrologer, but you can't be both. However in the ancient civilizations like Egypt there was no such contradiction. An astrologer once spoke at an Alternative View conference, Helen Sewell, see: Richard Dawkins is naturally a sceptic and Skeptic of astrology, see: It is intellectually dishonest of him to conflate newspaper astrology with serious astrology, like I say above, but he does ask some legitimate questions. If astrology is real how does it work? We know planets and stars influence each other through their gravitational fields, but astrology can't be that. The truth may lie in some fundamental operation of the working of the universe that may be beyond our understanding. The litmus test is whether it has an effect and many people say it does. I myself had a birth chart done by somebody who doesn't know me and I was impressed at how perceptive it was.

What made me bring this up today is that this morning there was a solar eclipse where I live. Technically it was a partial eclipse because the entire sun was not covered, but over three quarters was. I was lucky because there was thin cloud which the sun could shine through, but it blocked out enough of the light not to be blinding; you should never look at the sun when it's at full brightness because it can damage your eyes. The sun shrank to a thin crescent, like the moon close to its new phase. The light around me changed; it became dimmer as if it were late evening, but it looked strange with the sun so high in the sky. The effect was altogether spooky. After about half an hour it brightened up again and things returned to normal. Solar eclipses happen when the moon moves between the sun and the Earth casting a shadow of itself onto the Earth. They happen every eighteen months or so, but not in the same place every time. This means that each part of the Earth will only experience it on about three or four occasions every century. The next partial eclipse in the UK will be in 2026 and there will be no total one until 2090. I've experienced a solar eclipse before in 1999 when there was once in Britain; this time there was totality but only along the south coast of England. Here in Oxford it was almost total and it was clear weather so we got a better view of people in the "umbra" where there was cloud. I went to an ancient burial mound in the middle of a field with some friends. There were horses in the field and they became agitated as the darkness closed in. One of my friends told me that the eclipse marked the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius"; now of course that's a famous song from the Sixties, but it refers to a real concept. However the "Age" in this case refers to a period of over two thousand years and its "dawn" cannot be pinpointed to a single day or even a single decade (This person turned out to be a generally very dishonest and harmful individual whom I should never have called a friend and a few years later we fell out). These "Ages" are all a part of the "precession of the equinoxes" a cycle that takes 26,000 years! You see how astrology is far deeper and more complex than what you read under your star sign in The Daily Express? Apparently today is very important astrologically because the eclipse has happened on the spring equinox and there's a "new moon in Pisces", see: As you can see though, different astrologers interpret the data in different ways. Here's the viewpoint of one of the most popular: Astrology is not an exact science; in fact when I said this to the lady who did my birth chart she replied indigantly: "It's not a science at all, it's an art!"
The media have covered the eclipse in detail and the BBC had a live broadcast. No prizes for guessing who presented it, see: There was no totality anywhere in the UK and the best place in the country to see it was in Shetland (if Shetland counts as part of the UK at all, see: The umbra of today's eclipse was mostly over the northern oceans and the best place on land to see it was the Faroe Islands. All the planets experience eclipses except Mercury. Sooner or later a planet's view of the sun will be obscured by another planet or one of its own moons. This is really what the transit of Venus was, see: This situation on Earth is unique though because of an incredible cosmic effect. The sun is of course far bigger than the moon, but it is much further away. It is precisely four hundred times as far away as the moon; the moon's diameter is exactly four hundred times smaller than that of the sun. This means that Sun and the moon appear to be exactly the same size on the celestial sphere. So when the moon eclipses the sun it does so with precision. If the moon's apparent size were any smaller not all the sun would be covered and the moon would just transit the sun in the same way Venus does. If the moon's apparent size were a lot bigger then a solar eclipse would look more like a lunar eclipse with the entire sun vanishing for an hour or more. It is only when the two bodies are the exact same apparent size that you get the magnificent effect of the photosphere of the sun being obscured but the solar corona being visible. During totality it's possible to see the solar corona from the Earth's surface, the only time ever that it's not washed out by the extreme glare of the photosphere. Prof Brian Cox has a simple and very typical explanation to this: "Absolute coincidence!" What he says is symptomatic of the modern cultural issue I talked about above. It's is an incredible coincidence considering the vastness of the solar system and the fact that Earth is the only planet known to have life. But there's nothing I can say in response because when a Skeptic cries "coincidence!" nobody can prove them wrong. It's an unfalsifiable hypothesis, a get-out-of-jail-free card. As I've explained before there is nothing physically possible in the universe that is so unlikely that it can never happen. Therefore the Skeptics need to get together with the rest of us and negotiate a statistical ceiling which we can all agree on. Once that cut-off point is decided upon we will all be able to say without any more fuss that anything above that point cannot be coincidence and anything below it might be, see:

Thursday 19 March 2015

The Budget 2015

This year's annual Budget has passed with the traditional lack of excitement and enthralment. Still the Chancellor hasn't even managed to buy himself a new briefcase, yet we're led to believe he can manage the coffers of the nation. We have to endure the meaningless journalistic commentary, and once again the endless Punch and Judy debates between the Prime minister and opposition figures. Because we're approaching a general election, that has of course been an influence on the process too; neither side wants to dump anything to radical on us. The actual data makes very little difference to my own pocket and also, I can guess, to most other people I know, see: There is very little newsworthy in the Budget even worth reporting. The Maralinga and Christmas Island nuclear test victims who have survived to the present day, often euphemistically called "veterans", are to receive a paltry packet of conscience money for having their health ruined by radiation exposure. Predictably the Labour leader, the Fabian Society prince Ed Miliband, has accused the government of making a "budget nobody would believe from a government they don't trust..." The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has boasted about how well the economy has recovered and how much unemployment has fallen. We're all living a much better life today thanks to him... apparently. However he has yet to give details of his planned benefit schedule; will there be significant cuts? Does he have to meet with the Conservative election campaign manager before saying anything? Anyway the minimum wage has been raised... by twenty pence! Generosity Incorporated... The thing is, if Labour had won the last election or formed the coalition then the roles would have been virtually identically reversed. The Labour chancellor would probably be saying pretty much the same things as Osborne and the Tory opposition would be echoing the words of Miliband. Most voters do not comprehend the true scale of deprivation in Britain; I'm not a socialist and I don't believe in forced equality, but I found this shocking, see: What difference will a boost to the basic income tax threshold make on such an enormous pathology? I had a rather frustrating telephone conversation yesterday with some friends of mine who have decided to vote UKIP because they so badly wanted Britain to get out of the European Union. I also think our country should exit the EU, immediately and completely. However I'm not going to vote for what looks to me like a controlled populist front. Farage offers a referendum on the EU when we should not be able to vote on it at all. This is because the UK's entry into the EU was an act of treason. You can't have a referendum on treason. You just tear up the membership papers and jail those responsible. One of my friends asked me: "Who are you going to vote for then?" and I replied "Nobody". He then said: "If you don't vote then you've got no right to an opinion." I was dumbfounded. This is coming from a man who has read three David Icke books and regularly attends conspiratorial conferences like Probe and Alternative View. I asked him: "So let's suppose UKIP win the general election and Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister; what do you think will happen? Do you really think that the 'Men in Grey Suits' will shrug and say: 'OK, well that's our trick rumbled then. We'd better bow to the will of the people'.?" He evaded the question. Luckily most other people in the Conspirasphere are more clued up than my friend. Voting makes no difference; democracy is a fraud. If we could change things by voting they wouldn't let us do it. Indeed the MP Chris Mullin has written a fictional political novel called A Very British Coup which explains this concept. It was adapted into a TV miniseries, see: No genuine improvement will come into our lives until this reality is exposed and dealt with.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Hillsborough- the Truth?

A common refrain I hear in reply to anything I talk about is: "conspiracy theories are never proven true!" Indeed in his book Voodoo Histories David Aaronovitch defines a conspiracy theory as "an explanation posed in place of another more logical and likely one.", see: However despite this, conspiracy theories are being proved to be true every day. In the last few years such revelations are happening more and more often; and one of the most significant of these is connected to the Hillsborough Disaster. On the 15th of April 1989 during an FA Cup tie between the Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football teams at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, a large number of people from the Liverpool contingent entered one of the terraces unexpectedly. The enclosed terrace became so overcrowded that the people inside were crushed under their own collective weight. Almost a hundred people were killed and more than a thousand injured; it was the biggest single loss of life on British soil since the Blitz, and it was all played out on live TV. The original coroner's inquest declared a verdict of accidental death, that the fans themselves had broken into the stadium by forcing a locked gate. The only real action taken were changes to the architecture of football grounds. However this outcome was seriously questioned by survivors and relatives of those who died. They claimed that the police had opened the gate to let the people in, see background links below. The man in command of the police operation at the match that day, David Duckenfield, used to stringently deny this, yet at the current court hearing about the tragedy he finally after twenty-six years admitted, openly and without ambiguity, that he had lied. He went on to admit that this action was the direct cause of all the death and injury that day, see: Will he face further charges and investigations?... I'd like to say certainly, but in this world I'll have to make do with hopefully. Maybe we'll one day get to the bottom of why Duckenfield and the other police officers acted as they did that day. What were their motives and intentions? Was it stupidity and negligence? Or was it mass murder, as Tony Farrell asserts, see: I don't think this story is over yet. Either way this should still, hopefully, be a lesson to conspiracy Skeptics; a large amount of history is simply conspiracy theory looked at with the benefit of hindsight. It has taken twenty-six years for the Hillsborough justice campaigners to squeeze that confession out of Duckenfield; until a few years ago the very suggestion that the disaster was anything other than an unavoidable accident could court accusations of being a "conspiracy theorist!" Right now we're going through the same process when it comes to child abuse in government and the BBC, see: and: How many more ideas that are currently out there which are generally regarded as "conspiracy theories!" are waiting to be proved true?

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Cyril Smith was set Free

The BBC News article below contains a very long clip, over seven minutes, and it's one of the most disturbing and remarkable ones that I've ever seen. It talks about a Metropolitan Police investigation in 1980 in which a block of flats in London was wired with CCTV to catch a paedophile ring red handed. It succeeded; footage was gathered of men sexually abusing young boys (I don't envy the task of the coppers who had to watch that) and one of those was Cyril Smith MP. Also identified in the operation were a senior intelligence officer and even some of their fellow policemen. Smith was later arrested at an orgy involving more underage boys, as if they actually needed more evidence against him, but somehow... incredibly, he was released without charge and the detectives on the operation were told to drop the case, see: One of the few people inside the walls of Parliament whom I'd trust with my last farthing, Simon Danczuk MP, has written a book trying to expose what was going on, see: It has taken thirty-five years for the truth to emerge and what strikes me most about the above report is its tone of understatement; as if they don't comprehend the true magnitude of what this means. At the time of writing the story is headlines on the BBC, yet by tomorrow it will have been replaced by something else. Why? This revelation and everything associated with it ought to be front page news for months. People should be weeping in the streets!

Instead we're sitting patiently waiting for Lowell Goddard to walk to London from New Zealand, see: Perhaps it's because what is being exposed today happened so long ago. The word "historic" is often used in association with these stories and it's become rather Orwellian in nature. It gives the impression that this was a terrible thing, yes, but it's OK, it was just a one-off and it happened a long time ago. What the word "historic" really means in this context is that the weight of the truth over time finally broke down the barriers holding it back. However this was not a "one-off" that took place a long time ago; it's something ubiquitous that has always been a part of government, probably for centuries, at least. Witnesses are coming forward claiming they've been sexually abused by very senior people in the political elite much more recently than 1980. In fact all the evidence suggests that these horrors are still going on in secret today. It's good that this massive cover-up now seems to have a limited shelf life and the truth about individual atrocities does come to public attention with this time-delay. But we have to get rid of the time delay and expose what's going on now. We must also understand that these individual atrocities are all constituent parts of a single organized institutional pathology. This reality will be heartbreaking to face up to, but it must be done, for the sake of the children, but also for the sake of the entire world. Those behind the conspiracy will not surrender quietly; in fact another news story was published when the evidence about Parliamentary child abuse was first appearing, see background links at the bottom. David Cameron stated: "There will be lessons from the report and people should study it closely. But I think it is important that it says that there wasn't a cover-up. Some of the people who've been looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere". This is an insult to our intelligence and it's about what I'd expect from Cameron, caught as he is in the headlights of this scandal. The term "conspiracy theory" of course covers most of what I deal with on HPANWO, but it is a loaded phrase wheeled out whenever they want people to avoid rationally examining any information, see: How much longer can the authorities keep reacting like this and getting away with it? It's interesting to see how much priority they give to other cases instead of ones like Cyril Smith. Carla Buckle in trouble again, see: Since then she has been attacked once more in her home; I might be able to write more about this in future posts, but for the moment details are confidential. The authorities didn't hesitate for a moment to use all the weapons in their arsenal to bring Carla to "justice". I long for the day when we get to use them, and more, on the real bad guys in this world.

Monday 16 March 2015

Letters of Complaint

I have written some letters of complaint about the TV programme The Great UFO Conspiracy, see here for background: I've made two separate complaints to Channel 4. The first concerns the legal issue of my image being used in the programme without my permission, indeed against my permission. I positively forbade them from using it. I've also contacted OFCOM, the media standards watchdog about this matter. My second complaint is simply my opinion of the programme's content itself, which as you'll know if you read the background link, is very low indeed.

Here's the first letter:

Dear Sir or Madam

This issue concerns a television programme that was broadcast on More 4 at 9.05 PM on Saturday the 14th of March of this year, entitled The Great UFO Conspiracy. This was an hour-long documentary produced for Channel 4 by Plum Pictures and Hat Trick International. One of the scenes take place at a conference held in rural Wiltshire called Bases at the Barge. I was a delegate at that conference and was present during the filming of that scene. The film crew were invited to attend by the conference organizer and behaved appropriately the whole time they were there. All the delegates were informed that filming was in progress and that the footage gathered might end up being broadcast in the cinematic and/or televised media. Therefore all delegates were assumed by the film crew to have granted their permission for their image to be shown unless they specifically instructed the film crew that they were withholding permission. I was one of those who opted out. I told the director that I did not want my image used in the film in any way, nor my voice to be heard on the soundtrack, and they assured me that it would not be. The director wrote down my name on a form and took a photograph of me for their records, presumably so that the editor could avoid including shots showing me in the broadcast cut, or if including said shots, reducing the resolution of the picture of my face so that I was unrecognizable.

Therefore I was deeply dismayed to see myself in the programme when it went to air last Saturday. It is currently also available to watch on 4OD, Channel 4's online on-demand catch-up service; it will be there for a whole month. (See: I appear at 17 minutes and 26 seconds into the show; I am visible for the rest of the shot which ends during 17:29. I am the large and tall bald man standing at the back of the room wearing a baseball cap and a white T-shirt with the letters "CIA" written on the chest. I am clearly recognizable and several people I know have approached me and let me know that they saw me on TV while watching that programme. I know this is just a cameo shot and I was only visible for a brief period, but I still strongly object. I told the director that I did not want to be filmed and they promised me I would not be, not even in a cameo. Other people featured during the scene had their faces pixilated and I assume they were others who had opted out like I had. The reason I feel so strongly about this is because, in my opinion, The Great UFO Conspiracy is a programme of extremely poor quality. I feel uncomfortable contributing to it, even in such a minor role. I almost feel guilty or dirty. Therefore, how do I go about complaining?

Yours sincerely.

Ben Emlyn-Jones

Here's the second letter:

Dear Channel 4

This issue concerns a television programme that was broadcast on More 4 at 9.05 PM on Saturday the 14th of March of this year, entitled The Great UFO Conspiracy. This was an hour-long documentary produced for Channel 4 by Plum Pictures and Hat Trick International. I have already made a separate complaint about The Great UFO Conspiracy which is a legal issue related to my involvement with the filming of it. This second complaint is my qualitative opinion of the programme. It gave a very misleading picture of the unidentified flying object phenomenon indeed. It sought to ridicule, distort and simplify the subject, ignoring all the significant evidence and trivialized the issues it did decide to cover. For example Timothy Good is an author who has written over twenty books about UFO's beginning in the 1950's yet the show focused on just two aspects of his work. They dismissed his encounter with an extraterrestrial being as "coincidence" without informing the viewer of the depth and complexity of the issue, one which makes such a conclusion very unlikely. Also in one of his books Timothy deals briefly with the possibility that Jesus had been an alien and the star of Bethlehem was a spaceship that gave instructions to the Three Wise Men by telepathy; but why was it that the programme focused on this tiny little aspect of Timothy's research instead of the far larger and more important areas Timothy covers? In fact the "Jesus was an alien!" trope returns several more times over the duration of the programme, and it appears in the programme's blurb. We were shown internet footage of UFO's and aliens that most experts believe is fake and not once were we shown some of the far better material that is more likely to be real; why is that?

UFO's, or flying saucers, whatever you choose to call them, are a very real phenomenon and a highly serious matter. The evidence is there in the form of official government reports on strange craft interfering with nuclear weapons bases, aircraft and entire cities. We have witness testimony of millions of people who have seen the craft and even encountered the non-human beings that come from inside them. These people include very credible characters like government ministers, military officers, pilots and even a couple of astronauts. I find it deeply dismaying that television stations like Channel 4 are so reluctant to produce serious investigative journalistic reviews of this data. Instead we're treated to silly and gimmicky charades, jocular scores and the contemptuous lampooning of those who do take the bold step of investigating the matter seriously. I've often said that there's a limit to how bad a TV programme can be by accident. This is not an accusation against you, but I can't help feeling that if I were somebody high up in government and I wanted to distract public attention away from UFO's, then I could not do better than arrange for the production of a film like The Great UFO Conspiracy.

Yours sincerely

Ben Emlyn-Jones

I'll keep HPANWO readers posted with updates on this HPANWO Forum thread, however I might need to keep some matters confidential for legal reasons, see:

Saturday 14 March 2015

The Great UFO Conspiracy- review

This is the second of a two-part article. See here for essential background:
It took some serious organizing to sit down and watch the television in my house. I watch it so seldom that the people I live with are used to having it to themselves and consider it shared between the three of them alone. I feel strange about this programme because although, as I said in the background link, I loathe disinformation broadcasts, I felt a strong sense of morbid curiosity. So, with my sick bag ready, I switched the TV onto More 4 at 9.05 PM and waited.

The titles were crude and childish cartoons accompanied by jocular mock-spooky music. The presenter, Dan Schreiber, wanted to know more about "alien conspiracy theories" which most people think are solely an American phenomenon; but Schreiber wanted to show that they are common in Britain too. Schreiber means "writer" in German... as in "story teller"; says a lot! He looks like a hipster with horn rimmed glasses and designer messed-up hair and he makes it clear that he's a Skeptic. But doesn't want to prove us wrong; he is just "fascinated" by us. He calls on Tony Topping (who will shortly be a guest on HPANWO Radio) and Tony gives him a summary of his life as a UFO witness and targeted individual. Schreiber describes him as having "classic conspiracy beliefs". The music changes to a parody of a detective movie score as Tony takes Schreiber to the places where Tony had his experiences, and also to the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which Tony sees as a major part of the cover-up. When Tony describes his encounters with helicopters hovering low over him, Schreiber relates afterwards: "Helicopters are a common sight in the skies over British towns and cities yet Tony has used their appearance to come up with fantastical reasons to confirm his beliefs." This is a ridiculous misrepresentation of Tony's story, and I found that it set the scene for the rest of the programme.

Next stop was the veteran UFO author and investigator Timothy Good. Timothy told the story of what happened to him in the USA in 1963 when he was on tour with his classical orchestra and he encountered a young woman who communicated telepathically with Timothy. She turned out to be an extraterrestrial. He also talked about the Italian "Friendship" case. Schreiber said that he found it extraordinary that Timothy didn't conclude the most likely outcome of his alien encounter was that it was just a coincidence. Again, this completely whitewashes over the depth and complexity of the issue. In one of his books Timothy deals briefly with the possibility that Jesus had been an alien and the star of Bethlehem was a spaceship that gave instructions to the Three Wise Men by telepathy; why was it that Schreiber focused on this tiny little aspect of Timothy's research instead of the far larger and more important areas Timothy covers? In fact Schreiber refers to the "Jesus was an alien!" trope several more times over the duration of the programme, and it appears in the programme's blurb.

Then the location moves to The Barge Inn and the Bases at the Barge event and... of course!... The shot with Jeff Scott that the team were so determined to capture is included. Enter Miles Johnston, who tells Schreiber about crop circles and introduces him to Matthew Williams. "Crop circles were revealed to be a massive hoax in the 1990's!" Schreiber audaciously states... were they now?... But aliens are still involved in making them by influencing the human circle makers. The viewer is shown Win Keech's well known photographs of shadow people in crop circles without a real explanation of what's really going on with them. The same goes for when Miles talks about the black goo outside the MI6 headquarters. Once again there's a dumb trivialization of the subject, see here for a much better description: Schreiber is enthralled and grins inanely like a happy child: "This is like really amazing science fiction in the real world!... Miles Johnston is like Doctor Who!... Does he really believe it or is he making this all up? No way to be sure." There are a few scenes of Dan Schreiber sitting at his computer surfing the internet, and at one point the viewer is shown a clip of some alien autopsy footage from Russia; this one:, which is probably a fake. Why didn't they show this much more interesting one which is far more likely to be real?: Answers on a postcard please. Schreiber then travels to a quiet location under a bridge where he meets up with Max Spiers who informs him about the Reptilian theory and the all-seeing eye in the dollar bill. Just before the last ad break Schreiber tells the viewer that a brand new groundbreaking theory has just emerged that will turn the whole world of alien conspiracy on its head!... It turns out that it's just that old chestnut Mark Pilkington brings up in Mirage Men which I analyze here: and here:

Sorry if the above comes across as scrappy and rough writing. My review is not as intelligently scathing as I hoped. To be honest it's because I'm simply too angry to go back and revise it at the moment; I might come back and edit it tomorrow after I've had a good night's sleep. The Great UFO Conspiracy was not as bad as I thought it would be... but then my expectations of it couldn't really be undercut. However, it was still truly unspeakably dire. It traveled through the world of UFOlogy and exopolitics avoiding all the best research while distorting, simplifying and lampooning all the subject matter they did condescend to feature. One of the reasons I'm annoyed is because I myself am briefly visible in one of the shots when I specifically told the unit who filmed at Bases at the Barge that I did not want to be included. I can only be seen for about a second in a cameo shot, but I was assured I would not be in it at all, even in a shot like that. I'm not sure if I can take any action as a result, but I will be making enquiries into my legal position. At the moment The Great UFO Conspiracy is available on 4OD, see:, watch it if you like, but keep a sick-bag handy like I did. As I've said several times before, there's a limit to how bad TV programmes can be by accident. The intention of this travesty was to mislead and ridicule; it was definitely made for the objective of distracting the viewer away from the UFO and alien subject. Please don't try to tell me there is no conspiracy to cover-up UFO's! In fact it's extraordinary how much time, energy and resources the authorities expend in their effort to discredit the UFO phenomenon. Why would they bother to do that if we were all deluded fools believing in something so obviously non-existent?

Friday 13 March 2015

Carla Buckle returned to Court

Carla Buckle, is a good friend and anti-NWO comrade who was arrested and jailed a few months ago, see background links. There has been a lot of concern for her because she was summoned back to court today, the unlucky Friday the 13th of March. Perhaps it's not so unlucky because I can now report that Carla is still a free woman. She has not been imprisoned again. I cannot tell you any more in terms of details of the case because it involves confidential information that could be needed in a judicial review. I just wanted to let everybody know who was worried about Carla that she is alright and feels happy over the outcome of today's proceedings.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Being an Empath

Good evening everybody. My name is Ben Emlyn-Jones and I'm an empath... Will a day come when I really will utter those words? Sitting in a circle with a dozen other men at a room in a community centre? Why not? All my life I have been told constantly, in many different ways by many different people, that I have something wrong with me. Do I really suffer from a disorder? If so then the opportunity for a cure is everywhere. The room in the community centre is actually the entire world. I've talked several times about psychopaths and how they are being glamourized and glorified by society, see background links below, but perhaps it's more accurate to say that society is psychopathic. Our world is fundamentally a projection of the psychopathic consciousness. In such a society, empathy is logically regarded with contempt, as we would expect. We're seen as weak and corrupted, barely human at all. I've coined the term "pseudo-psychopath" for somebody who is not a psychopath but exhibits psychopathic personality traits. How many people are pseudo-psychopaths? It's probably more expedient to ask how few are not. They are people who have had the humanity thrashed out of them by the inquisition of the modern social order. Pseudo-psychopaths often suffer enormous emotional pain because of this; I know because I've encountered so many of them. They're the office manager who reprimands one of his staff unfairly because the rulebook tells him he has to. They're the IDF pilot who drops incendiary bombs onto a Palestinian neighbourhood. They're the boy at school who bullies others because he thinks it's the only way to survive in this "dog-eat-dog world, Mate!" The justification is that it's "just human nature, Man!" and that we have to screw others before they screw us. This is a prevailing view in our world which few people question because no alternative is intellectually acceptable. However I would ask why it is that something so natural and essential to our existence needs to be promoted so vigourously in the media and other social engineering facilities; why does it need this constant maintenance? And why then the psychological damage it causes, not just to their victims, but to the pseudo-psychopaths themselves? Why do they feel a deep sense of remorse despite the fact that they're just acting naturally and normally? Why feel ashamed when everybody and everything around them is telling them that they should feel proud, see:

The definitive study on this issue dates back to Dr Robert Hare and his invention of the "psychopath test", which was a first step to deciding whether somebody was a psychopath or normal; but at no time does Dr Hare turn his subject matter on its head and ask an obvious question: what if it's the psychopaths who are normal and the rest of us, the non-psychopaths, who are suffering from a pathology? That question had to wait for the arrival of Prof. Kevin Dutton. His notion is radically different to Hare's; for Dutton a regulated level of psychopathic tendencies in the mind are admirable and positive personality traits. Dutton's own psychopath test is very different to Hare's; if you score too low on it you are not passed as normal, but advised of your shortcomings and given advice on how to improve yourself, see here for more details: The film Saturn 3 is very interesting because its plot revolves around the battle between a psychopath and an empath, see: The same goes for the film Gaslight, which is where the term "gaslighting" comes from, meaning a form of mental abuse in which the attacker tries to fool the victim into believing they are going insane, see: The main difference between these older examples and modern fictional works is that in the older ones the viewer is left in no doubt about the moral perspective; the psychopath is bad and the empath is good, somebody blameless who deserves our support. In modern fiction these roles tend to be much more ambiguous and ever reversed, as is so often the case with TavistockEnders, see: This is having an impact on public opinion. Bernie Madoff was an investment banker who was convicted of the world's biggest act of fraud; he embezzled over sixty-five billion dollars out of his clients. News reports at the time referred to his victims very unsympathetically; they even called them "accomplices". This is not unlike the rapist saying: "she was asking for it!"; it's the very same moral equation. And as the researcher Clive Boddy discovered, companies in the financial sector are actually starting to use Hare's test when interviewing prospective employees; not to screen out psychopaths, but deliberately to recruit them. This has had devastating results on thousands of lives and has ruined the economy, see: and: Dutton's work is incredibly revealing, far more so that even he himself realizes. However, are psychopaths purely a product of Illuminati-occupied society or can they be found elsewhere... not that there's much of that elsewhere left these days? Indigenous peoples like the American Indians or South Sea islanders often have the concept of "men without souls". The difference is that once identified these individuals are immediately banished from the community, whereas in our world they're made the equivalent of chieftain. So we can't blame the Loomies for everything, contrary to what some people think. Don Juan Matus, the elderly medicine man whom Carlos Castaneda describes in his series of books, talks about what he calls the "predators" which are malevolent intelligences that exist beyond our physical world and he says dramatically: "They gave us their mind!" These "predators" are similar in nature to the Archons or what Muslims call the Djinn. Almost every culture in the world has some myth relating to the "Fall of Man", in which we humans fell from a higher spiritual state to a lower one, out of Eden, into the Kali Yuga. Is the presence of psychopaths in the human world a symptom of our fall from grace into that collective lower consciousness? Or perhaps they are the weapons that the predator consciousness uses to penetrate our universe, as Laura Knight-Jadczyk suggests here:

Either way, the result is that being an empath in today's world is difficult. All kinds of obstacles are put in our way and we attract a huge amount of contempt and hostility from many areas. This is a fact I realized long before I realized that I suffered from an empathic disorder. All attempts to treat my condition have failed and I will probably die an empath. Of course I'm being sardonic here. The thoughts and feelings I have relating to being an empath say more about the world we live in than me, myself. There are also plenty of other empaths out there whom I've got in touch with and befriended. Some of them score far lower on the Dutton scale than I do. We've learnt to stick together and fight back. As I said above, empaths are people who are affected emotionally by the wellbeing of others. We have been branded as "weak" and "feeble" and even unworthy of life by a society built upon the foundations of psychopathy. Do we really want to gain the approval of a society like that? Empaths are not weak and feeble, on the contrary; virtually by definition we are tough and resilient. To have reached adulthood with your empathy intact means that you have resisted an extraordinary amount of indoctrination and peer-pressure that is desperately urging you to abandon it. That takes a lot of strength and courage. It is the pseudo-psychopaths who are weak and feeble for it is they who have caved in. If empathy means being affected emotionally by the plight of others people, then it means that you will fight and risk your life out of a sense of justice when others wouldn't dare. Empaths can be heroic, virile and masculine men, and powerful, nurturing and beautiful women. Empathy is not a disorder; it is something admirable and noble, and it's something we should all be proud of.