Monday 30 September 2013

Tory Boy wants more Slaves

Listening to this year's Conservative Party Conference one could easily be forgiven for thinking that they have not changed at all since the days when they were satirized by Harry Enfield's Tory Boy, see: The coalition chancellor George Osborne has just announced a brand new "work experience" scheme for the long term unemployed, see: From the dawn of the welfare states, in most countries, it has been suggested many times that unemployed people should be forced to do unpaid work on state-controlled labour schemes. For over fifty years these schemes were suggested, trialled and cancelled; this was because of their enormous practical and ethical drawbacks, yet in the last few years in the UK the current government work-for-benefit policies have been pushed through much more vigourously and have now sadly taken hold. The ridiculous and insulting myths about the unemployed have never been propagated more than by the UK's Conservatives. Phrases like "on yer bike!" and "it's all on my money!" are unfortunately still widely circulated. However very few people who have ever experienced unemployment, especially nowadays, actually wants to be unemployed; and I'd categorize those few who do as suffering from self-harm and call a doctor! Also the injection of a huge pool of unpaid labour into the economy will cause enormous damage. Far from solving job-losses, it will make it far worse. In the linked BBC article Osborne has suggested the unemployed people be made to pick up litter; well there are people currently paid to do that who will have to be made redundant in order to create vacancies for these... I'm going to say it, slaves. Perhaps like the unfortunately woman in the photo above, the same staff could start back straight away on Monday! See here for background:

I must say I do marvel at the creative use of Orwellian language by the Tory spin-doctors: "Help to Work"; the Ministry of Truth itself could not have published better! The BBC coverage on the early morning reports of the conference said that this new policy was very favourable in the opinion polls; I find this deeply frustrating. Anybody who supports this policy is forging their own shackles and I urge them to think again. I don't wish to condemn too fiercely; with the kind of media we have, run by highly-trained experts in "public relations", it's hard to resist their propaganda. The bestselling book by Owen Jones, Chavs- the Demonization of the Working Class, explores this propaganda and why it has emerged, see: "Chav", a derogatory word from the Gypsy language, is now used by almost everybody and it has a very loaded meaning. Its effect on individual minds and our culture at large has allowed the Government to get away with what it is doing unhindered, even championed, by those who are most likely to be their victims. We have to speak out now and put a stop to this vicious and devastating nonsense.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

"DNA Industry" Mutilates Women

A young, fit and perfectly healthy accountant, housewife and mother is about to have a double mastectomy; she will have both her breasts surgically removed. Louise Preece from Grove in Oxfordshire will undergo the operation at my old hospital, the John Radcliffe, see: (another silver lining on my dismissal from Hospital Portering!). This is being done despite the fact that she does not have cancer and never has had it. The reason she has taken this drastic decision is to prevent herself from developing breast cancer in the future, a disease from which her own mother is currently dying. Mrs Preece's family history of the disease increases her own chances of getting it manyfold and she can't bear to think of her own son enduring what she had to with her own mum. She has already had her ovaries removed, the equivalent operation to castration in males. This will result in her experiencing premature menopause and possibly problems like osteoporosis, psychological illness and many other conditions caused by hormonal upset. It's difficult to know what to say to people like Mrs Preece, who is faced with this situation in her personal life, with a husband and child to look after and the trauma of watching her own mother's predicament. Inevitably there are aspects of this matter that I would never raise with her in person, but they need to be said nonetheless.

This kind of treatment is highly controversial and some doctors will refuse to carry it out even if their patient demands it. However it is becoming far less controversial every day thanks to the publicity generated by the actress Angelina Jolie. Last February, at the age of just 37, Jolie underwent her own prophylactic double mastectomy amidst a media furore. The result of this has become known as "The Angelina Effect" and it has had a major impact on medical ethics. She had known for some time that the tendency towards breast cancer was in her family because her mother, grandmother and aunt had all died of it, but it was when she had her DNA tested that the clincher emerged. Angelina Jolie has a sequence of DNA in her genome called BRCA1, pronounced "bracker-one", and it is this gene which is said to be the cause of her hereditary tendency to suffer from breast cancer. By one of those strange coincidences that so often occur, Jolie's announcement and subsequent treatment just happened to come at the same time that an unusual court case was underway; the scientific team that had first isolated BRCA1, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences together with a private company called Myriad Genetics, were applying for a patent on the gene. The reason was so that they could then "own" the gene and therefore charge a licence fee for the BRCA1 medical test. This was a unique situation in scientific history; for the first time, a part of the human genome would become the intellectual property of a government and corporation. If they won then they were looking to make billions of dollars. In fact as soon as Jolie made her announcement Myriad Genetics' stock prices skyrocketed! Their case was heard at the US Supreme Court and they lost; however the US application was only one of many around the world, and the Federal Court of Australia ruled in Myriad's favour. Therefore in Australia the company does own this part of the human genome. This means if you're an Australian doctor and you carry out a BRCA1 test on a patient you must buy rights from Myriad or you'll be in breach of Copyright!

The most interesting part of the Oxford Mail article was where Mrs Preece says: "the geneticists fear my mum and I may carry a cancer gene, but one they cannot test us for." But they can, in the sense that they are able to, they're just not allowed to yet in this country because Myriad Genetics will lose their cut! I feel infuriated at this situation and I'm frankly more than suspicious about the origins of this article. But this wouldn't be the first time corporate greed has taken advantage of somebody's tragedy; they did it with Angelina Jolie and now they're doing it to Mrs Preece. The difference here is that Jolie can afford the most expensive reconstructive surgery so her feminine appearance will be restored after her mutilation. Mrs Preece will probably have to make do with the off-the-shelf NHS ones which don't look as good. What will the next stage be? Well firstly, they're not going to stop with women; already there are already some men considering having their prostate gland removed prophylactically, see: Do you want to bet we'll soon see Richard Gere or George Clooney having this done? The evil irony is that the same industry behind this media fest is also sitting on very effective anti-cancer treatments because they work too well, see: Apart from the avarice of this emerging "genetics industry" there's a sinister undertone of transhumanism here. They're effectively saying that our own natural bodies might kill us. This is a recurring theme in the transhumanist agenda, it's dressed up as medicine. Nature is not good enough so it must be replaced with something artificial. The end goal of this trend doesn't bear thinking about, but we must do it. I've spoken before about how the Illuminati want to depopulate the Earth, see:, but don't consider yourself lucky if you're in the one-in-ten permitted to live in the New World Order. You will not be living as a natural human, but instead as a cyborg, a genetic modified and semi-mechanical monster, see here for background: Miles Johnston is right; we are indeed probably the last generation which has the power to put a stop to this.

Monday 23 September 2013

Prof. Brian Cox- Watch this Space!

There is a time for laughter and a time to be serious. I've done a bit of comedy recently about an individual called Professor Brian Cox, see:, but the time has come to look more closely and critically at this man and what role he is currently playing in the world today. My impetus to write this article was the launch of his brand new TV series, his fifth or sixth I think, Science Britannica, see: I'm indebted to a friend, fellow researcher and world-leading "Cox-watcher", somebody who does not wish to be named, for a lot of the research that went into this article. Prof. Brian Cox is a particle physicist from the University of Manchester and he has been working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. He became famous in the mid 2000's after he was featured in a guest capacity on a few of the BBC's Horizon documentaries. At some point while analyzing those programmes, the producers of the media must have decided that he had the right ingredients for making a star. Almost overnight he was transformed from a scientist who was interviewed on TV shows, to a presenter of TV shows who happened to be a scientist. The phenomenon of the "pop scientist" has a long and well-developed history; it includes people like Sir Patrick Moore, Arthur C Clarke, Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman. At first glance Cox appears to be just the latest addition to that club, but is he?

Prof. Brian Cox' career has shot up almost overnight; in just the last few years he's become a household name. His media work is almost continuous and if you follow him on Twitter or Facebook you'll see he is constantly jetting off for filming shoots for the BBC or The Discovery Channel. Despite the fact that he's a physicist and not a biologist, Sir David Attenborough has named Cox as his "natural successor". Cox has indeed hosted a programme that a few years ago would almost certainly have been given to Attenborough, The Wonders of Life, see: He has also done a number of live lecture tours all over the world; in fact as I write these words he has just returned from one in Australia. In 2010 he was knighted by the Queen in the New Year's Honours List and is now formerly known as Professor Brian Edward Cox OBE. His youthful and handsome appearance has made him something of a sex symbol and he has an army of female admirers. However some other women I've spoken do not find him appealing at all. His lack of masculinity is unattractive and his arrogance repulsive, something which I too will have to address. I have stated several times, if only in jest, that Prof. Brian Cox was being groomed to take over the role currently played by Prof. Chris French, that of "token media Skeptic"; as indeed French himself took over that role from Dr Susan Blackmore. I thought this, because Cox himself is a very outspoken Skeptic and I once saw him live at a London Skeptics in the Pub event (Before he was really famous of course; today I'd need to pay £30 for a ticket and a pub wouldn't be nearly big enough!) However I think I was wrong. Cox is destined for a very different role, a unique role, one that the gatekeepers of secret science have only recently decided to create; and Cox is the first recruit for the post. It doesn't come out in his carefully-scripted documentaries, but it does in some other places where he has an opportunity to be less tactful; Cox is a zealot. As I said above, he is a Skeptic, but he's a very different kind of Skeptic to the kind normally given a TV studio to play with. Prof Chris French is a staunch Skeptic like Cox, but he is still a reasonably nice guy; he has the ability to empathize and communicate respectfully with those he disagrees with. Cox is very different, he is notoriously rude and aggressive to non-Skeptics, he calls them "nobbers"; I thought this was a slang word from his native Oldham, but in fact it's a word he made up. He also has been recorded calling his opponents "fuckin' morons", "twats" and other such insulting epithets. The people he despises most of all are those who think the moon landings were faked, see:; this includes me. There are some anecdotal stories of him jumping out of taxis in an enraged tantrum when the driver tries to argue with him over the moon landings; these stories are unconfirmed, but I can well believe they happened. In an episode of one of his radio shows, The Infinite Monkey Cage, he used the word "nobber" to describe people who believe in ghosts. It was then that I launched my "Knobs for Cox" campaign, see: Also a few weeks ago he Tweeted this when a non-Skeptic tried to debate with him via email: "Note to nutters. If you want 'we value your opinion', don't use my personal email. I don't value your opinion and I will call you names." I think Cox' bigotry is another crucial ingredient that made his new "employers" realize he was the right man for the job. I doubt if he has been initiated into any real covert science; he's much more likely to be a "useful idiot" who is being sincere in his foolishness. Like so many others, he will be content to be led along by whoever feeds his ego; who cares for what purpose? His latest programme Science Britannica, linked above, is extraordinarily one-sided... well, not by the BBC's standards, but I must still comment on it. It brings up genetically modified food several times and has interviews with scientists working on GM crops in laboratories, explaining how safe GMO's really are and how much good they could do for the world etc etc; but the other side of the story is completely ignored! The only input from the anti-GMO lobby is some library footage of some boiler-suited protesters tearing up the fields at Rothamsted. How about a proper dissenting voice? For example see: The same goes with the segment on animal testing. It features an interview with a neurologist who treats patients with Parkinson's Disease by using a technique developed through the vivisection of Macaques. The doctor interviewed declared how this was a necessary evil, so to speak; nobody wants to kill monkeys, but by killing them we have this remarkable new treatment which has cured so many people. And, once again, the other side of the story was never even looked at, for example see: I predict that the role Professor Brian Cox is due to be assigned is that of a brand new kind of scientific propagandist. It will combine the aforementioned roles of pop scientist, token TV Skeptic and media celebrity; it may also include corruption of the youth through schools and universities. It is taking the Skeptic message to a new level. Why do the keepers of the secrets think this is necessary? Simply because more and more people are waking up to the reality of what is kept from us, and therefore more intense forces of reaction are being needed to keep the lid on that reality. In the end their mission is futile, but they will not go quietly and Prof Brian Cox will be the loudest bugle in their rearguard. His connections to the LHC may be relevant too on an occultist level; will he become the "Beast 666" or "Shiva" who presses the button to begin the Illuminati's Gotterdammerung manoeuvre? I'm not sure, see here for background: But either way, I have no doubt that Prof Brian Cox has great expectations; he is going places like no other and he will become a major figure in media propaganda in the years ahead. I promise I will be keeping a very close eye on him. 

Saturday 21 September 2013

Sick from the Swine Flu Jab

Human memory, if not prompted and refreshed, is short. The Swine Flu "epidemic" is some years ago now, and it has largely been forgotten. But it's definitely not been forgotten by young Lucas and his mother, see: Remember that vaccine? The one we were assured was safe? I was careful not to get vaccinated myself despite the hospital putting every pressure on staff to do it, short of making it absolutely compulsory (although it might become so soon). Either way it doesn't matter to the manufacturers; they've made their billions. All they have to do is wait for the next "pandemic", Flamingo Flu perhaps. Almost everybody got some reaction to the jab. My own brother was sicker from the vaccine than I was from catching Swine Flu, but it looks like he got off lucky; he at least doesn't have narcolepsy.

Is UKIP on Our Side?

There is a rising force of dissent in the LibLabCon, centre-right centre-left... centre-centre one party dictatorship of modern British politics... or apparent dissent; the United Kingdom Independence Party, with its charismatic down-to-Earth leader, Nigel Farage. Here's their official site: It's a party that makes a lot of the right noises, noises which are music to the ears of many British people, myself included: the departure of the country from the European Union, an end to the international impositions on climate change, the refusal to deploy British armed forces in foreign constabulary wars, cancelling HS2 and the localization of the NHS. There have also been several incidents in recent weeks in which UKIP members have made admirable stands against political correctness. Only yesterday Godfrey Bloom, one of their MEP's, was admonished for supposedly making a sexist joke at the ongoing party conference, see: In conventional politics and the media, an accusation like this is of course always indefensible, and without the slightest investigation the accused is universally considered guilty until proven... well, guilty! However, if you listen to the audio clip of the actual incident it paints a different picture; you hear female as well as male voices laughing heartily at what sounds to me like a completely innocuous quip, rather like the kind you hear in a Carry On film any day on prime time TV (see here for background: In August that same Godfrey Bloom MEP referred to UK foreign aid as being sent to "Bongo Bongo-Land"; for people of Bloom's generation and grammar school background this is simply a nickname for any exotic Third World locale and, again, I suspect no harm was intended on his part. Indeed in some parts of Africa the term is complimentary; it comes from a Niger-Congo linguistic root ubongo which means "brain", and that Bongo Bongo is an idiomatic word that means "a place where lots of intelligent people live". However, it is in the video clip in the link above that Bloom truly excels! He beats a reporter over the head with the UKIP Conference brochure when the reporter complains that there are no black people featured in the cover photo... or in other words: there was no limit placed on the number of white people permitted to pose for the cover photo. All in all, this shows that UKIP has developed a remarkable resistance to cultural Marxism. Does this mean they oppose the New World Order and that we should vote for them?

No. As you can see from their official website, UKIP also promote many dangerous myths and pathologies as well as completely ignoring so many genuine issues. They whip up the very same anti-immigration hysteria as the BNP, in fact one of their current headlines is all about making people prove their identity to use the NHS. I've always said that this issue is bait in the trap for Big Brother state powers, see: Also you'll see that UKIP is very keen on developing "shale gas revenues", in other words, fracking, see here for background: Presumably what they call "grown up technologies" does not include the declassification of free energy, see:, of course not! There is also a delegation at their conference from Friends of Israel, a front for Mossad and a lobby group for gaining international support for the frightful military action we've recently seen in Gaza and Lebanon against innocent people. The core of UKIP's manifesto is an immediate one-stage referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and they rebuke the Cameron and Brown governments for continuously promising such a referendum simply to delay it to the following electoral term. However, as Albert Burgess rightly points out, you can't have a referendum on an act of treason, only a criminal prosecution, see: According to the British Constitution, the correct procedure for dealing with Britain's EU membership is simply to tear up all the paperwork thereof and put Blair and Cameron in jail. A referendum can easily be tampered with, as we've seen in Ireland recently with the Lisbon Treaty. In conclusion therefore, I think that UKIP is nothing more than controlled opposition. They're a second layer of containment for anybody with the brains to see through the flannel of the mainstream parties, and they've been set up by the very same forces that established those mainstream parties. I think that the BNP and the Green Party are exactly the same too. The political system we have today is designed to make genuine opposition impossible, even at a mental level like in George Orwell's 1984. We can't vote our way out of this mess. Every time we give our power away to that greedy ballot box we descend deeper and deeper into delusion; and the more radical and progressive the party or politician we vote for sounds, the more sophisticated the fraud we fall for. The only true solution to the world's problems is the rising tide of spiritual and conspiratorial awareness, like the kind I posted about just yesterday:  

Friday 20 September 2013

Tube Workers Strike against Big Brother

This is the perfect answer to those who keep telling me: "We're all doomed!... The New World Order can't be stopped!" etc. These workers on the London Underground have not chosen to take this action over any changes in pay and conditions or pensions etc; they're up in arms about the threat this poses to their civil liberties and their right to anonymity and self-determination in an increasingly monitored and controlled world. This is a manifest beacon of hope; it indicates a rising level of awareness among the population. The need for this awareness struck me head on when it entered my personal life in 2006, see: It is quite apt that this story broke just four days ago; today marks the launch of the new IPhone 5s, and the concerns over its use of biometric identification are mentioned in the article. There's a lot of talk going on about this subject when in pervious times there might not have been. Take heart!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Fake Roswell at a School

This is astounding: I first heard about this from Miles Johnston’s film Bases 30, which features a new interview with Cathi Morgan, see: (Cathi was also a guest on HPANWO Radio too, see:; her own grandchild was one of the youngsters affected by what appears to be a fake “Roswell”. If the children had been a few years older I’d have probably been less concerned, but this is a primary school with children aged five to nine! I wonder exactly what this strange school pageant was all about. I went to the school’s own website and saw that they had published their own page about the event, but when I click it the only thing I could see was: “Alien Invasion??? The children are having a fantastic time investigating the mystery and trying to work out the secret code that has been left in the Spaceship by the Aliens.” Below that the page was blank and there was an error message at the bottom, see: There are only two possibilities I can think of. 1: The teachers at the school have an interest in UFO’s and an understanding of exopolitics and want to subtly pass that information on to the pupils, presumably without the consent of the local education authority. 2: Something else is going on that is sanctioned by the government authorities, but has some kind of psychological purpose. I find the official explanation: “a day-long exercise to test the youngsters’ investigative skills and to fuel their imaginations as part of a school-wide topic looking at space”, rather incredulous. The interesting part is that when word of the “crash” got out the local press and BBC came along; why didn’t the police? Perhaps the military? The school must have let the police know beforehand what was afoot. “Roswells”, are far more common than people think, see: (And this list leaves out a few others I know of, see: In fact “Roswell” has become a common noun for any very significant UFO event in which a large amount of decisive physical evidence is left behind, like a crashed craft and alien bodies, and that this evidence is secretly salvaged by the government and covered up. It’s only a matter of time before the Oxford English Dictionary adds the word to its list under that definition. Why would a British state primary school make its children go through a staged UFO crash-retrieval? What message are they trying to give them? What message are they trying to give us?

Tuesday 17 September 2013

The 9/11 Civil War

Yesterday I had a upsetting but curious experience while talking to other people on Facebook. It all started when I posted this video on my wall: It’s an analysis of the famous video by Michael Hezarkhani which shows… or allegedly shows, the impact of Flight 175 on the WTC South Tower on 9/11. The YouTube analysis video describes two anomalies in the film. The first one is that the wing of the aircraft passes behind a building in the background which is a paradox of perspective; this indicates that it is a fake animated film and not a recording of what really happened which it is purported to be by the media. The second anomaly is one already well-known to 9/11 Truth researchers: the nature of impact of the aircraft looks unnatural, it doesn’t match what is understood about such impacts either through previous experience or what should be theoretically predicted. The first anomaly was a mistake and it’s been swiftly debunked; the building that is supposed to be in the background is actually in the foreground, and you can actually see if you look closely that the smoke from WTC 2 is billowing behind it slightly. The second anomaly is still valid and the attention in the comments box switched to focus on that one. Then something very surprising and dismaying happened.

I dislike internal Truth Movement politics and it’s something to which I award a very low priority for coverage on HPANWO, in a world where there are so much more important and urgent things to talk about. However occasionally something comes up which demands more attention. What happened yesterday was that somebody joined the comments box who is very opposed to “no-planers”. You may wonder what that term means; I did for a long time! I refers to a 9/11 Truth investigator who believes that no real aircraft were used on 9/11, especially regarding the WTC (the Pentagon is a separate matter). What was used instead, according to these theorists, is holographic projections and the impact sites on the towers were caused by planted static explosives. This is not sci-fi fantasy; the technology to produce solid-looking three-dimensional images in the air has been around for a long time. In fact I remember well as a child on a school trip watching a 3D video of Michael Jackson dancing on a stage in a theme park. The video was created with laser beams shone into a cloud of vapour. Researchers such as Ace Baker and Richard D Hall have done extensive analysis of the 9/11 footage to uncover this, see: The majority of 9/11 Truth researchers and activists don’t believe this. They think real aircraft were seen striking the Twin Towers, either the named airliners under remote control or military drones, and it was only the detonation of thermite and explosives that brought the buildings down in a controlled demolition. For me these two different theories should be a source for discussion in a civilized manner on an intellectual level, but this is not what has happened; instead it’s war! No-planers have been accused of being “nutters” and of doing damage to the credibility of 9/11 Truth, the no-planers have struck back accusing their opponents of being shills and “plane-huggers”. Bear in mind that this “debate” is going on within the 9/11 Truth campaign, among people who all agree that 9/11 was an inside job and the official story is a lie. My own view is that there is indeed a valid reason to doubt real aircraft were used. The above-mentioned Hezarkhani film shows that when the airliner strikes the wall of the South Tower is flies straight through it; it looks almost like it is penetrating the surface of a pool of liquid or a cloud of smoke. There then follows a gigantic explosion on the adjacent side of the tower, but the entry scar is tiny by comparison; and it fits the shape of the plane exactly, almost like what you often see in comedy cartoons when a character crashes through a wall leaving behind a hole shaped exactly like their body. The walls of the WTC were made of heavy steel girders that were a part of the load-bearing skeleton of the building; this is very different to the more common glass-walled skyscrapers with skeletons that are completely internal. The structure of a jet airliner is comparatively very flimsy; it doesn’t need to hold anything up except itself in the air, so it has a structure of aluminium struts covered by a hull of aluminium so thin it’s called a “skin” in the aviation trade, everything is as lightweight as possible. Even taking into account its load of fuel doesn’t make it any more than the equivalent of a half-filled beer can with wings. These facts therefore contradict what we see in the Hezarkhani film. There’s a man called Stephen De’ak who hopes to resolve this conundrum once and for all, see:
By far the best explanation of what happened to the Twin Towers that day has been provided by Dr Judy Wood, a professor of mechanical engineering from South Carolina’s Clemson University, see: Her detailed and highly scientific research indicates that a directed energy weapon was used. You’d think that the “mainstream” 9/11 Truth Movement would welcome her input; one would hope that they’d look carefully at what she’s discovered and wonder whether or not it’s true. If they decide it’s not true then I would assume, seeing that 9/11 Truth is supposedly a matter for mature adults, that they would just shrug and say: “OK, call it as you see it, we’ll just have to differ.” But, no! Instead they have attacked Dr Judy in what has become a civil war, and it’s no exaggeration to say that. This war has split the 9/11 Truth Movement down the middle and yesterday it came to my own shores. As soon as I posted the video, a friend of mine, whom I’ll call “Mike”, immediately admonished me for promoting “this ‘no planes’ crap”; he later posted: “Oh come on! This 'no planes' rubbish is a bigger distraction from the truth than the official story! All these anomalies show is that more went on that day than just 19 hijackers in 4 planes. We don't need sci-fi scenarios to know that evil shit went down… A lot of people are trying to get to the genuine truth of 9/11 and it doesn't help when the media latch on to the 'lunatic fringe' to discredit the entire 9/11 Truth movement.” On the subject of Dr Judy Wood he said: “There's this thing called common sense. Before suggesting that all we saw were holograms or particle beam/energy weapons, perhaps look to a real-world solution i.e. evil bastards wanted to kill thousands of people to promote their diabolical agendas. That's the core of the issue, not whether or not Star Trek weaponry was used, which it wasn't - in my opinion”… (Phrases like “Star Trek weaponry”, “particle beams” or, another favourite, “space lasers” are not quotes from Dr Judy Wood and I think they’re just silly pieces of rhetoric). In the end he left the box with this acidic parting riposte: “Ben, you're mistaking me for somebody who gives a crap. I used to; believe me, I used to. So I'll leave you and your gang to enjoy the game.” I was flabbergasted; I’d never heard Mike address me in a tone like that before. Until yesterday we always got on really well, and we’ve disagreed on matters before perfectly amicably. In the end I wrote to Mike and asked him straight out if he intended to break contact with me over this. He replied very sulkily that he wouldn’t, but he would refuse to talk about the no-planes subject again. What is it about the no-planes question that generates such intense animosity? I think it’s a great shame and utterly baffling. The answer might lie in the realm of psychological propaganda which has been investigated by Dr Judy Wood’s colleague, and an associate of my own, Andrew Johnson. The suspicious rejection to Dr Judy Wood by the “big names” in the 9/11 Truth Movement, like Jim Fetzer and Stephen E Jones, might mean that these men are disinformers. The mainstream 9/11 Truth Movement in the UK also takes a very dim view of Dr Judy; Ian Henshall despises her and Andrew. People like Henshall continuously lecture on how explosives and thermite were used to bring down the Twin Towers without producing any comprehensive evidence, or even a hypothesis. This duplicity has regrettably infected those rare occasions that 9/11 Truth spills over into the mainstream media, see: (I can’t say anything right now, but there will hopefully soon be an important update on this situation). As for Stephen E Jones, this is not the first time he’s been involved in questionable behaviour; his role in the cover-up of “Cold Fusion” in 1989 is important to recognize, see here from 27.40: If the 9/11 Truth Movement has been infiltrated and corrupted into controlled opposition then the chances are the conspirators have used the highly sophisticated government psychological warfare techniques in order to generate ire and distrust among the rank-and-file of that movement, see: I think Mike is one of those targeted by this and he’s not alone. 

Monday 16 September 2013

Cloning the Mammoth

A project has been proposed to clone the woolly mammoth, see: Mammoths are an extinct species of elephant that lived in colder climates than their modern cousins and evolved a thick coat of fur to cope with the cold, hence their name. They were very common in many parts of Europe, Asia and North America during the last ice age. They coexisted with Neanderthal and modern humans who hunted them and used their bones for tools and their ivory for decoration and jewellery. When the ice age ended about 12,000 years ago they slowly became extinct. The last ones died more recently than you might think, only 1600 BC on Wrangel Island off the northern coast of Siberia. Because many of them died in very cold climates their bodies have been preserved in ice and frozen soil. In June it was announced that scientists had discovered a particularly intact specimen in the polar regions of Russia; its liquid blood was found still inside the body and the scientists have managed to extract its DNA. This is of course very interesting for research, but some scientists want to apply that research into resurrecting the animal by cloning it.

Cloning is a technique of generating a living organism by copying its genetic pattern. This can sometimes happen naturally as in asexual reproduction or the case of identical twins, but it can now be done artificially by inserting the nucleus of a cell into an ovum and then allowing it to grow into an embryo and baby in the womb of a similar animal. This baby would not be the offspring of the mothering animal, but would be the identical twin of the organism the original cell nucleus came from. This has now been done successfully with many species of modern animals, from frogs, to rats to water buffalo. The first mammal to be cloned was Dolly the sheep in 1996. Many experts claim cloning has a lot of benefits, like saving endangered species from extinction. But this is the first time it’s ever been suggested that an extinct animal be cloned, mostly because the DNA of extinct species is almost non-existent by definition, until now. What the project scientists want to do is place the nucleus of one of the cells from the mammoth body into the ovum of a modern elephant and then let the baby be born to that elephant mother. If this is done enough times there might be enough mammoths for a breeding population; and the Russians already have plans to set them free in one of their national parks.

On one level this idea sounds very appealing, the reintroduction of a creature that died out thousands of years ago; one that many people would be curious to see, including myself. However there are problems associated with this project, both practical and ethical. Firstly, clones are known to suffer from general poor health. Dolly herself was very sickly her whole short life. We could be looking at a major animal cruelty issue here. Another problem, particularly with recreating a mammoth, is that it may not be accepted by other elephants socially. It might even be rejected by its host, which as far as it is concerned is its mother. Elephants are extremely emotional and sensitive creatures as well as highly intelligent. It would be mental agony for a young mammoth to be turned away by its companions to live a life alone. I also am personally much more concerned with the well-being of extant members of the zoological family Elephantidae, which over the ages has included over a hundred species. Today only two species remain, the Asian and African elephants. Both those creatures are endangered from excessive hunting by poachers and the destruction of their natural habitat. It would be a tragedy beyond comprehension if the last of the world’s elephants, these enormous, gentle and beautiful creatures, became as extinct as their temperate cousins. The Mammoth Cloning Project 2013 must cost a lot of money. Perhaps those funds would be better spent on one of the charities trying to save modern elephants from being wiped out, see:

Saturday 14 September 2013

Diana back in the News

Of all the “major” conspiracy theories in the world at the moment, the one that I think is most likely to be exposed, proved true and generally accepted in the coming few years, is the assassination of Princess Diana. The media coverage of this event has been impossible to completely supress and today, thanks to a Facebook friend, another article has come my way, see: It shows that there is evidence being released through contacts in the British special forces organization the SAS, that murder suspicions were circulating endemically. An interview with the ex-special forces officer, and polar explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, carried out by Diana researcher Jon King (see:, shows that the UK Government had a contingency plan for killing people by sabotaging their cars in tunnels. This method, known in the special forces community as “Boston Brakes”, involved planting a small explosive device on a car’s axle which would cause the driver to lose control and the car swerve in one direction or another, like into the path of a lorry for example… or into the walls of a tunnel. In a tunnel hit, there would be assassins hiding nearby to rush into the tunnel and check that the target was dead; if they survived the crash they’d be finished off with a lethal injection. In fact one additional form of this method also involved using a very bright flash-gun which can blind somebody for up to three minutes. This would be shone into the driver’s eyes just before the car reached the tunnel. It’s not only Fiennes who reported this but the renegade MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson, see: This allegation may have been “dismissed”, but without a proper inquest we’ll never know. This comes after many other such stunning revelations over the years, such as the death of the white Fiat Uno driver, see:; it’s odd that somebody shooting themselves would be able to inflict two gunshot wounds to their head.

The closest we’ve come to any kind of investigation, before the current Royal Military Police one, was the 2007 coroner’s inquest in London. This returned a verdict of “Unlawful Killing”; in normal circumstances this would mean the police would be called immediately to investigate further and decide whether there were any suspicious circumstances that might warrant a murder inquiry. This inquest was reported very badly by the media, and there’s only so badly you can report anything in the media by accident! British documentary film-maker Keith Allen has covered this debacle in his astounding 2011 film Unlawful Killing. This was produced in cooperation with Mohammed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi who died with Diana that night in Paris; al-Fayed has tirelessly campaigned to prove that his son was murdered and bring the UK Government to justice. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was listed for distribution, however British lawyers insisted on eighty-seven cuts being made otherwise it would be banned in the United Kingdom; Allen refused and so it was indeed banned, see: Normally at this point I’d post a link to a bootleg video site showing the film, but there’s no point; any such link posted goes dead very quickly, usually within hours. I recommend you just search for it with: “Unlawful, killing, Diana” and it should come up somewhere if you keep looking. I personally remember the night Diana died very well; I was on a night shift at the hospital, and I and other staff crowded round the television in the rest room watching it whenever we had a moment free. One thing I recall very well is the doctors and nurses, a lot of them trained A&E practitioners, saying again and again: “What? Is she still in the tunnel? Why haven’t they moved her from the scene to hospital?” So suspicions were raised straight away. Then we got a call through from the Trust director to go outside and lower the hospital flag to half-mast. It was then a few minutes later that her death was formerly announced.

Friday 13 September 2013

Bases Project live in London

Somerset House seems an odd venue for the kind of event I was attending. The 18th Century neoclassical grandeur of its fa├žade and courtyard looked more fitted to be the location set for another Pride and Prejudice remake than a discussion about cyborgs, underground bases and sentient oil, but I trudged in through the gates eagerly, feeling tired after a long walk around London filming for HPANWO TV. I’m aware that meetings of this nature have taken place before at Somerset House, see: The event was held in a small basement cinema which one could only access via a very unreliable lift. Miles has not broken his stride since the break-up of AMMACH and has continued work on his Bases series of films which is now in its 31st episode. He has done many radio interviews, including a two-part one for HPANWO Radio; see, Part 1:, and Part 2: One of the best things about these kinds of events is that I always catch up with people I know whom I tend not to see very often, and many of my friends were present. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who spoke at Somerset House before, was there too; although I never got to talk to her. She’s never struck me as somebody who is easily approachable so I didn't try to make contact with her, but it was nice to see her there; I didn’t know she was in the country right now. Belinda McKenzie was there too; although we never spoke she didn’t have a go at me, which I was relieved about, and she was very friendly with everybody else. See here for the background of my parting of ways with Belinda:

Miles walked back and forth across the front of the chamber, images from the projector flowing across his face and body as he moved. He told us about his recent research. One of the major dangers we face from the elite is their electronic science; this has now reached a level of sophistication where it can become the ultimate weapon. The real hazard is that this technology is currently being promoted as something beneficial; transhumanism, the “next step in our evolution”. Its supporters poetically describe the future utopia is could bring, immortality, the panacea of all illness, super-intelligence; NASA are already planning to take a “cyborg” into space. They even have a timeline, to have it all ready by 2045, hence the name of their organization, see: Its director, Ray Kurzweil, is a right piece of work, because he is handing us our shackles in such pretty wrapping paper! Miles calls for a moment of pause. Transhumanism, far from bringing about a paradise, could instead generate a dystopian nightmare, one in which we cease to be natural humans at all and instead are robot slaves to the Illuminati elite; he’s not alone in his concerns there, see: If the manipulators of this plot maintain their schedule then this current generation of humans are the last natural humans on Earth; the last ones that can put a stop to it. Miles then went on to talk about the situation leading up to his dismissal from AMMACH. He believes that AMMACH was compromised from the start through Joanne Summerscales. He says Joanne is “reptilian” and warns people to keep their distance from her. Joanne herself has kept a low profile since the split, doing just one interview that I’m aware of with Howard Hughes of The Unexplained Podcast, see: She is joined on the air with her new right hand man, Dave Munro. I’ve not heard her side of the story, indeed she has never told it; I can only go by my own impressions of Joanne. I met her myself at the Rendlesham Forest 30 conference, long before she started broadcasting AMMACH documentaries, see: I found her perfectly friendly and charming, and she very kindly gave me a lift up into the forest after the conference, where I managed to film the tour; but as with Kerry Cassidy, there is something slightly aloof and austere that made me feel, if not uncomfortable with her, slightly wary and I got an instinctive urge to keep her at arm’s length. This could simply be a personality issue and I’m not necessarily endorsing Miles’ criticism of her, but it’s something that struck me. Another thing she has in common with Kerry Cassidy is that she has enormous sex appeal; I’m not alone among men in thinking she’s very attractive. This kind of thing can disarm us considerably; and this could be why the media are making such a star of Prof. Brian Cox, see: I know somebody who distrusts Cox as much as I do and understands that he’s being used to propagandize TV viewers, but she is so obsessively enamoured with him that she can’t act on her misgivings. 

Another major issue facing the world is what is known as “black goo”; I don’t know if this is a term coined by Miles, but it is a very descriptive one because that’s exactly what it is. It is a black viscous liquid resembling crude oil, but it is alive and intelligent. Where it comes from is not completely certain although it is distinguished in its form and name from “grey goo”; grey goo is specifically nanotechnology gone renegade, whereas black goo has more obscure origins. Miles first saw black goo many years ago while working on pirate radio in Ireland. He describes it as covering the equipment, although only he could see it. This infers that black goo can be etheric and not always physical. Black goo has also been reported in London and Nottingham, see: Alistair Martin says he saw it in the London sewers beneath a hotel in Earls Court and that the famous Boots laboratory in Nottingham was studying it when it was released into the environment, either accidentally or deliberately. This information ties in very closely to David Griffin’s discoveries about the Falklands war, see:, that there were operations carried out by British special forces that related to the presence of ET’s and sentient fluid. Also the “BEZERK!” situation in the Gulf of Mexico could well be a black goo event, see: Along with black goo there are also strange apparitions called “scuttlers”, these are insectoid beings that can be seen by psychically sensitive people. From Miles’ description I gather that they are about a foot across and resemble spiders or scorpions.

After the event we went off to a restaurant, which was priced slightly above my budget, and then a pub. My festivity was dampened slightly by my need to catch my coach home to Oxford before midnight when my return ticket expired, but we still had a great meet-up afterwards. I sat on the coach home thinking about what Miles had talked about. To be honest I can’t understand his every point, but there’s no doubt that he’s onto something major. What he says matches what I’ve discovered from many other sources. As I write these words I’m sitting just a few miles away from the laboratory which is said to have originally stored and handled the black goo. Is it currently flowing through the sewers under my feet? If so what effect will it have? Miles talked about an “extinction event”, in which the Illuminati plan to radically alter all life on Earth, and even inorganic matter too. This is something which, again, separate sources claim. This fits in with their own concerns… or professed concerns… to do with overpopulation, see:, and climate change. We hear a lot about Agenda 21 and its links to elite environmental organizations. Could this be bait in the trap for transhumanism and the New World Order? I think so. It’s encouraging to know that this plot will not work if enough people know about it and take action to stop it; that seems to be happening. It doesn’t even need to be everybody, just a critical mass, as Lyall Watson discovered, see: Events like Miles’ live Bases show all add to that mass and shorten the time before it becomes critical. So thanks to Miles for putting it on, and thanks to everybody else who attended. I’m glad to say the event was filmed and is up online, see: Miles had his own camera set up so I hope a better quality official recording will follow soon. 

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Bedroom Tax condemned by UN

The United Nations have reported that the British Government's "Spare Room Subsidy"... that's the Bedroom Tax to you and me... should be suspended. Raquel Rolnik is a senior UN official in charge of housing rights who constantly travels the world examining the quality of people's homes. She has concluded that the Bedroom Tax breaches Article 25 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. As a signatory to that Declaration the United Kingdom could be issued a resolution against it, and join that motley crew of nations which include China, Apartheid South Africa, Iraq and North Korea. Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has condemned Ms Rolnik's comments as an "absolute disgrace!" His criticism is not aimed so much at Ms Rolnik's points but rather the fact that the UN deployed her independently and did not liaise with the Government beforehand. Secondly, he objects to her calling the policy "the Bedroom Tax" in her report and demands that she uses its correct name, the Spare Room Subsidy. Ms Rolnik has retorted by saying: "Well, that what everybody I spoke to in Britain calls it!"

Friday 6 September 2013

Last Witness of Hitler's Death Dies

The last known living witness to the alleged death of Adolf Hitler has died, see: Rochus Misch was an SS solider and one of Der Fuhrer's inner circle of bodyguards, and he was with Hitler and Eva Braun in the Berlin bunker where Hitler is said to have committed suicide before the place of his last stand was captured by the Red Army. All of his life Misch maintained that on that day, the 30th of April 1945, he went into Hitler's office and saw him slumped over his desk, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Newsreels all over the world then showed footage of the bunker with close-ups of a body that was supposedly Hitler's. In fact the evidence for Hitler's death that day and in that location is far from conclusive; if it had been a politically-neutral police matter then more questions would have been asked I'm sure. This is a big subject and many others have researched it in detail, but there is good reason to believe Adolf Hitler escaped from Berlin, from occupied Germany and from Europe. The full details have been published in several books, like Gerrard Williams' and Simon Dunstan's Grey Wolf, see:; they've got a film out too. David Hatcher Childress has also researched the real fate of the leader of the Nazis, see: Most researchers say that Hitler lived out the rest of his life in Argentina, dying eventually in the 1960's, but it's possible, as a war criminal evading justice, that he might have had to go much further afield. A few years ago I met a man who told me he'd fought in a war in Antarctica that history has not recorded, see: His mission has been to destroy the Nazi stronghold there and capture or kill Adolf Hitler. Who knows what really happened to the world's most wanted man; maybe one day we'll find out.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Charlie Brooker- Skeptopath

The Guardian more than any other newspaper seems to have a knack for employing the most obnoxious little super-liberal poopsies as columnists; latest example: Charlie Brooker. A friend of mine made me aware of this article from his column, albeit a very old one from 2006: In this wicked and putrid diatribe against psychics, Brooker begins by attacking a typical and convenient mainstream media strawman and then afterwards calls for the imprisonment of psychic mediums... for life, without access to light or running water. There's no disclaimer on this statement and no tone of mockery; as far as we know he means it literally. I actually don't have a problem with ignorant people, you can ignore them; but Brooker is different because his ignorance is attached to an incitement to state-sanctioned violence and a contemptuous disregard for civil rights. This cannot be ignored because it could do harm to the psychic community and we will need to defend ourselves legally; I'm sending this article to a solicitor I know who specializes in psychics and the law. Skeptics are mostly harmless, but creeps like Charlie Brooker are more than just Skeptics, they're Skeptopaths and they are dangerous!

An amusingly ironic conclusion to his attack on psychics is that he then advises his readers to visit Ian Rowland's website to find out more about cold reading, see: "Look at the other side of the story." It doesn't work like that, Brooker! You can either inform people or terrorize them, but you can't do both. This is so typical of hard line Skeptics, after the torture session they sit opposite you on a chair with the back facing forward, blow cigarette smoke in your face and say: "OK, let's have a discussion about scientific evidence." What's more they usually have such a wanton lack of introspection that they believe themselves. In fact, this article is yet more proof of what I have long suggested, that if psychic mediums are genuine then the intellectual environment necessary for that fact to be generally-accepted does not exist. See here for background: and: There's no point asking Brooker to explore the other side of the story; he wouldn't even understand what that is. It is an unknown country which lies inside the event horizon of his own moronic bigotry, shielded by a veil of cognitive dissonance. Nevertheless, anybody with half a brain... Brooker probably doesn't even have a quarter of one... will see from a quick flick through the Web that psychics and similar phenomena are actually a serious field of research done by professional sensible, and completely sane, investigators, see: and: The Skeptic Movement very badly misrepresents the subject. However, until now I had no idea how that misrepresentation could drive an unconscious and unthinking man into such maniacal and pernicious rhetoric.
This is the second time in as many weeks I've had run-ins with journalists from The Guardian, see:

Sunday 1 September 2013

Blakes 7 Remake

Blakes 7 was a highly popular BBC TV science fiction drama series that ran from 1978 to 1981, and a new series is now in production for the Syfy channel, see: Another news story says the programme is being made for the Xbox Live, see: I've written about Blakes 7 before because it deals in a surprisingly perceptive way with a lot of the subjects I cover on HPANWO, see: I wonder if the remake could possibly be as good as the original; will it have the same themes and the same level of awareness? The production team are different with Martin Campbell directing and Joe Pokaski as a script writer; will any of the original cast and crew be included at all? They're all a lot older now, but usually in the case of remakes they bring somebody out of retirement, mostly for sentimental reasons but sometimes for the purposes of continuity and authenticity. We shall see; I look forward to the results enormously.